Sunday, October 21, 2012

Baby Gabriel: Statement Analysis

Elizabeth Johnson sent this text:  "I killed him" among others.  When we first covered this, we concluded that she was telling the truth, and wrote that Baby Gabriel was likely dead.  It was met with hostile comments accusing cruelty.  Yet, even that she was able to construct this sentence, using the pronoun, "I" indicates reliability.

She then confirmed her statement with subsequent text messages:

"U will never see Gabriel again, I made sure of that. And you can spend the rest of ur pathetic life wondering about him."

The pronoun "I" is very strong here.  We should note where she uses it, and where she does not use it in an attempt to discern which texts are truthful and which are not. 

"I made sure of that" is also very strong.  Although there is missing information, as seen in "And", which is likely the details, by making an affirmation about her original text, it is very strong.  

Note that she uses his name, "Gabriel" in context of his father never seeing him. 

She should be believed, Statement Analysis wrote back then, and it remains the same today.  Gabriel has never been found.  He had previously suffered abuse under Johnson's care, and in revenge, she killed him to torment Gabriel's father, as well as rid herself of the burden.  She was likely jealous of the attention Gabriel received from others. 

Next notice the change in text messages

"U will never find me im already bording a plane. Out of the country"

The additional word "already" weakens the assertion of "bording" (sic) a plane.  If she said, "I boarded a plane" it would have had the first person singular "I", past tense verb, but the verb tense is not reliable. 

Next, note "out of the country" drops the pronoun, which is not reliable.  We did not believe she was "already boarding" (avoiding past tense) and "out of the country" ejecting the pronoun "I" from her language.  

She was telling the truth about killing Gabriel, but not telling the truth about leaving the country.   

The texts continued:  "You made me do this" attempting to blame the father.  He wrote his natural paternal denial:  "You did not hurt Gabriel" using his name.  Here, he is stating that she is a liar. Her response:

Yes, I did. I suffocated him.  I suffocated him and he turned blue. And I put him in his diaper bag and I put him in the trash can."

Take note of the pronoun, "I" as strong.  Although there is missing information as seen in the word, "And", this may be the location.  

"I suffocated him" is very strong.  First person singular, "I", coupled with past tense verb. 
It is strengthened by the fact that she did not use his name connected to what she did to him. (distancing language pronoun)

"I suffocated him and he turned blue"  Please note the sensitivity of repetition, along with a sensory description accompanying (indication of memory playing) along with the pronoun "I"

Memory is associated by sensory detail.  The smell of chlorine brings me back to being a boy at the community pool.  Rape victims often recall the smell of breath, or the feel of whiskers.  It is an indicator of truth.  Here, she remembers the color of his face as she suffocated him.  She should be believed because she is telling the truth.  She should have had this entered as a confession to murder. 

Notice the next hint of truth:  Where did she put him?

"And I put him in his diaper bag"

Note that the diaper bag was not hers, but his.  It went with him.  Most mothers call diaper bags, "my diaper bag" because they take possession of the child and what accompanies him.  The lack of ownership of the diaper bag (it is not even "the" diaper bag) is indicative of verifying the neglect that Gabriel experienced in his life, under her care. 

Besides the element of neglect, consider this:

Perhaps it was "his" diaper bag because it was was his coffin. 
Or, perhaps it was "his" diaper bag, truthfully, because she no longer had need of it.  

While asking others, most mothers seem to call it, "the" diaper bag, and some will say "my" diaper bag as they put other items in them, but it is not a major point; just something that I found interesting that she called it "his" and did not take ownership of it.  

My own asking of others suggests:

"the" diaper bag for moms who have more than one young child in diapers;
"my" diaper bag for moms who, especially, have other items in it.  

"I put him in the trash can."

Note the strength of this sentence.  She uses the pronoun, "I" and the past tense verb, "put" together, making this highly reliable. 

Note "the" trash can is the first indication of location.  It is a trash can she had previously used and was familiar with.  This is a hint of location.  

Statement Analysis conclusion:  

Elizabeth Johnson suffocated Baby Gabriel until he turned blue, and put him into a garbage container where he eventually went into a land fill making it very difficult to find his remains.  


lisagfinch said...

Off topic..... Hi Peter, have you read/heard about Morgan Ingram stalking/death? Her mom has a blog chronicling day by day her supposed stalking. I would be very interested in your thoughts and opinions. Thanks you!

Anonymous said...

Off the topic, but please read Waiting on justice for our girl facebook page. Shawn Adkins has been threatening and using vulgar, explicit language with anyone that ask him questions regarding Hailey's disappearance. He refuses to answer any questions because he said himself and Billie have already answered. I see now why poor Hailey was scared of him, I'm a grown woman and just by his comments on facebook scares me. I have said this from day one and will continue saying Billie and Shawn are guilty.

Skeptical said...

How callous can one person be? She coldbloodedly told the father how she killed Gabriel, how he looked as he was dying, and what she did with his body. Baby Gabriel was nothing more than an instrument of revenge and torture to this woman. I can usually keep an emotional distance from the analysis reports, but this woman's actions were so blatantly cruel I cried.

MissUnderstood said...

lisagfinch, I've been following Morgan's case as well. I'm interested in Peters thoughts as well!

They are her words spoken/chosen on her blog.

There is also a blogtalkradio interview with the mother, as well as a short news interview.

BostonLady said...

This mother is cruel. She murdered her beautiful baby and then taunted the father with the details. The mother is without any feelings except for herself. No matter how many times I read about a mother killing her child, I will never understand it. I remember when my daughter had to have her first immunizations as an infant and how she went from happy to holding her breath and letting out a cry in pain when the pediatrician gave her the shot. She was crying and so was I. It hurt me to see her upset and in pain. The mothers who intentionally hurt their child must have no feelings, stone cold.

I will never understand.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Boston Lady,

as a mother, would you go back and re-read the analysis and comment on the additional info about the diaper bag?

Other moms: please weigh in.

thank you,


Statement Analysis Blog said...


Regarding Shawn Adkins:

I believe we will see both arrested in the death of Hailey Dunn.

I had written that there was no chance that Billie Dunn hired a private investigator, and sure enough, there is no money: pro bono.


MissUnderstood said...

I think I usually referred to my diaper bag as "the diaper bag".

I have to refill the diaper bag.

Where is the diaper bag?

The _______ is in the diaper bag.

But as you can see I called it "my diaper bag" above ^^.

I don't think I've ever referred to it as the babies diaper bag.

I think it is "the" when speaking to someone you know and are already talking about the bag, but "mine" otherwise.

Anonymous said...

When my kids were babies I always said my diaper bag or the diaper bag. The diaper bag was never "Alexis, Abby or Christopher's diaper bag".,Never really gave it much thought until now. The stuff I. The diaper bag was theirs. ie Abby's blanket, but the bag itself wasn't identified as their bag. This case, like so many others makes me ill. Her own words about what she dis to Gabriel should have been enough to nail her for murder. I have list faith in the justice system :-(

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the typos, my phone keyboard is tiny

John Mc Gowan said...

Peter,could you clear something up for me as Diaper bag in the UK is a bag we put the used diaper in for hygiene when you say diaper bag is that what you mean,or is it a bag that a parent carries diapers,baby wipes , cream Etc ..

Misty said...

LisaGFinch: why, in your post above, did you write, "supposedly" stalked? I googled Morgan when I read your post earlier today, and I've been reading all day every time I get the chance. I am on Morgans 16 th day of stalking, and to me, there is no reason to think she wasn't being stalked. Why include the word " supposedly?" I do want to thank you for sharing her name, though. My heart breaks for her family, but it's very good information regarding staying safe, even when you think you are the safest, at home.

MissUnderstood said...

Hi John. Yes, here in The US, a diaper bag is what we put clean diapers, baby wipes, etc. in.

Anonymous said...

It's a bag used to carry clean diapers, wipes, extra clothes, burp rags, or whatever else might be needed..including dirty diapers (usually placed inside a plastic baggie if no trashcan is nearby).
They can be quite large.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks MissUnderstood..

Rachael said...

It was always 'the diaper bag' in my house. Not mine, not my daughters, not 'ours'.

The diaper bag became the property of Gabriel when it became his shroud.

BostonLady said...

Notice the next hint of truth: Where did she put him?

"And I put him in his diaper bag"

I called it "the" diaper bag. I wouldn't say Jessica's diaper bag or her diaper bag. She was my baby but that was "the" diaper bag. I used the diaper bag for more than just my baby's stuff. I also put my keys and wallet in there so I didn't have to also carry a purse.

Calling it "his" diaper bag, the mother is connecting Gabriel to the bag. If she put him in it, it would then become "his" bag. Or his coffin.

MissUnderstood said...

Misty, there are a lot of inconsistancies in Morgans moms writings. There is a lot of information she is leaving out in regards to Morgans past (health wise, prescriptions, social life etc.). Have you read the police reports, tox reports, autopsy reports? Morgans mom has been deleting anything "negative" about Morgan, from Morgans social network sites.

If you read her newest blog thread - she has left out the most important part of the event. She knows who the text came from. It was from Morgans friend. It says so in the police reports.

I'm not trying to be confrontational about Morgans case. There is just a lot of info the mother is leaving out and changing. She will not answer any legitimate questions, nor approve them on her blog. She only approves comments that are purely in support for her.

She is publicly posting peoples names and accusing them of murder, not only stalking. LE has investigated the people she is accusing. She thinks every single LE involved, the coroner, the funeral home, the autopsy, everything and everyone involved is part of a conspiracy.

I think Mogan was possibly harassed, but not murdered. There is way more to the story, than the mother is providing.

Peter, have you checked into Morgans case? I would really love your analytical view. If there is a reason why you don't want to or can't, I understand. I don't need the reason why, if there is one, but if I knew there was a reason, I'd stop asking lol.

Anonymous said...

I called it "the" diaper bag unless, for example, I was dropping him/her off to daycare or nursery in church. I volunteer in the nursery in our church and think it seems to hold true. If passing someone the baby, they say "here is her bag" or "here is her cup," that kind of thing. If speaking to a spouse when picking up the baby though, it's more along the lines of, "Can you grab the diaper bag?"

mommaklee said...

For me, it is either "my" diaper bag or "the" diaper bag. The baby's things are in the bag, and some of my things, too. The bag, however, is mine.

I wonder if, when a baby feels like a burden to a mom or dad, if the diaper bag is the baby's because if it wasn't for baby, mom and dad wouldn't have to a diaper bag around town. Thus, it is "his" not "mine".

Sometimes, I've known moms who use both a diaper bag and a purse. Then, in that circumstance, you could also see the diaper bag as the baby's possession and not the mother's.

lisagfinch said...

I guess I used the word "supposedly" because there are some who don't believe she was stalked.. I do believe she was stalked.

lisagfinch said...

I agree that there's more to the story than Morgan's mother is telling. I do think she was stalked/harassed, but murdered, no.

Dee said...

I always called it "the " diaper bag. It was never "insert name's " diaper bag.

mommaklee said...

A facebook poll o f mommy friends yielded two out of ten who would sometimes use "the baby's diaper bag". It was called "the diaper bag" most often by most people.

Anonymous said...

As far as the diaper bag..I have 3 grandchildren close in age, but with very different needs, so I often say..grab Ernie's (Liam, Gabes) diaper bag.
I find this mother soo makes me very sad that she was drugging, abusing and ultimately killing him. I can't even begin to wrap my head around it.
I had two daughters that died separately as infants...and to this day (22+ yrs later) I still cry when I think about them. I so desperately wanted them to live,it makes me so sad that a mum with a healthy infant could take such a precious gift and throw it away.

Anonymous said...

I have always used "the diaper bag" or "my diaper bag"however in referencing things I'd put in the bag I'd say "her cup" or "his teddy"

CEC said...

Back in the day, I always said "the diaper bag". Like someone mentioned, the only time it would be "his" diaper bag, is if he were being left at Grandma's house for a bit, I'd say "Here's his diaper bag/stuff." If I were caring for more than one child at a time, which did happen with mine, nieces and nephews, then I'd specify by first name.

Red Ryder said...

I called it "the" diaper bag unless I had to distinguish it from someone else's, then it was "my", never the babes.

Elizabeth said...

OT: Hi Peter, I was surprised to see the almost complete lack of media coverage of the Baby Lisa disappearance one year later. I did find one little blurb and it just doesn't sit right with me. Any chance you or some of the talent around here could take a look and post what you think?


“Every day without her is hard and there is no such thing as normalcy anymore. Every day we wake up hoping it will be the day she comes home to us,” Bradley and Irwin said, according to KMBC . “Until that day happens our family will continue to be incomplete without her…Her two brothers are waiting for her to come home so they can play with her again.”

John Mc Gowan said...

Who is "her"she never mentions Lisa's name,that's just for starters..

John Mc Gowan said...

5 times they could of used Lisa's name and five times they call Lisa "Her" distancing themselves ..

Misty said...

I haven't read the latest post...I am only on day 31 of the stalking, and I am reading it in order, from start to finish...I don't really know which text you are referring to that her mom left out info about...maybe I haven't gotten that far into the story yet?

Unknown said...

The diaper bag is an important tool for a mother who loves her baby. If you think about it, the real purpose of the diaper bag is to give the mother access to almost everything her baby needs to be comfortable and happy while away from home. I'll never forget the excitement I felt anticipating the birth of my son. While pregnant I spent hours picking out the many things I would need once he was born: one of which being MY diaper bag. I wanted a really good diaper bag, one that I felt would be easy to tote while big enough to include everything I thought my son might need at any given time. I ordered one special because I deemed it such a vital tool. I think it was a reflection of the happiness and excitement I felt in having my baby.
As we've all been able to easily discern, there seems to be dis-connect with Elizabeth and the normal emotions a mother feels for her baby. The diaper bag was not hers but Gabriel's. I think most mothers feel their children are an extension of themselves. Taking care of their children is a natural urge we feel and enjoy. It's not a chore. Unfortunately, with Elizabeth Gabriel was not a part of her but an object she either possessed or didn't possess. Maybe the diaper bag was " Gabriel's" because it represented all the "unpleasant chores" that went along with taking care of him. Therefore, it was easy for that monster mom to discard Gabriel like trash along with "his" diaper bag. That poor baby.

MissUndetstood said...

I agree lisagfinch. I think the stalking/harassing could have and most likely contributed to her unhappiness, which lead to her death. I don't think she was murdered though. I think she had many things combined, which caused her death. :(

Amaleen6 said...

With all three of my kids, my husband and I called it "the" diaper bag, as in, "Is the diaper bag in the car?" and, "Could you bring me the diaper bag?"

Re Lisa Irwin's parents' latest statement:

“Every day without her is hard and there is no such thing as normalcy anymore. Every day we wake up hoping it will be the day she comes home to us,” Bradley and Irwin said, according to KMBC . “Until that day happens our family will continue to be incomplete without her…Her two brothers are waiting for her to come home so they can play with her again.”

They not only don't use her name, they do things such as saying the obvious, that "there's no such thing as normalcy anymore." Well, DUH! Isn't that a given? Also, the family isn't complete without her--another DUH. Finally, her brothers are "waiting for her to come home so they can play with her again"--is that all? Just so they have another playmate?

What about Lisa? What might she be feeling? (She's not alive and they know it, but hey, let's at least keep up the pretense.) Why is it all about how they feel about "her"? And, "we" this, "we" that. How "we"ak.

I would expect them to say, if they were innocent in Lisa's disappearance, something along the lines of, "Where is Lisa? Every day, I wake up and wonder where she is, if she's getting enough to eat, is she being treated well, is she scared, what I can do to help her adjust to being with us again, etc."

Anonymous said...

Peter, I agree, I have never referred to my diaper bag as "her" diaper bag that I can recall. I carry one now & I think I refer to it as "the" when someone else is taking the baby. I will say not to forget the diaper bag, or something similar. So "the" or "my" ...but I can't recall a situation where I would use "her" diaper bag.
Before I read your analysis, that statement struck me funny already, but I didn't know why (yet).

I see that people keep sending in comments on the Hailey Dunn case ... can you do another analysis of more recent comments, or maybe a question/answer page since comments or speaking is not done as much. Or maybe why someone thinks she/they are guilty or innocent? I don't know ... there just has to be a break in this case soon.

I can't believe all of these cases that they can not find the evidence to convict ... these people are not that smart for crying out loud!!!! Especially this couple (BD & SA) Have you heard them SPEAK?!!!

Ladyluck WI said...

I referred to it as "the diaper bag" almost all of the time. I probably referred to it as Arielle's diaper bag if taking it to a babysitter. I don't recall ever referring to it as "my diaper bag" however. I didn't tend to put my own things in it, it was usually filled up with all of her stuff so there wasn't any room.

I agree that the details of him turning blue is like guilty knowledge. another part i found disturbing is when logan calls her and asks where she is she says " I dont' exist anymore, I'm a ghost". Its almost like a freudian slip she gives that the possibility of someone not existing or being a ghost is on her mind in the first place. I believe this was part of the same phonecal in which she tells him she killed him. I could be wrong abotu that part but the ghost reference perked my ears. instead of sayign she's on the run, she's out of the country, etc all thsoe things she says she's a ghost

Anonymous said...

Here is an odd comment from Mac, the new PI in Hailey Dunn's case. Now this may shed some light on why Billie has allowed him in her world to further the illusion:
"...As hypocritical as I self admittedly am in many ways, the indisputable fact is that my client is Hailey, and I'll try my best to bring her home. I'm not looking for who did it, why they did it, or what their motivation was, I'm looking for Hailey. If that's reason for personal attack on me, then fire away."

So, he is NOT looking for who did it or why? Wow. Enough said.

SugaCat said...

I think when my son was a baby I referred to it as the Diaper bag. As my husband and I would share using it. When he got older and it wasn't really a diaper bag anymore just a bag with a change of clothes I think I referred to it as his diaper bag as it had his belongings in it. I finally threw the diaper bag away when my son was 9 1/2 years old as it was getting worn out and my mother was harassing me that my son no longer needed a diaper bag. My mom watches my son for me while I'm at work and sometimes they make messes and need a change of clothes.

Ladyluck WI said...

I receive Gerber status updates on my facebook account. Ironically the question they just posted was, "whats the most useful item in your diaper bag?

they also didn't refer to it as giving ownership to the baby either. something i never noticed. to me its "the diaperbag" because both mommy and baby have a use for it

Ladyluck WI said...

Maybe if you look at the Gerber facebook page, and find the question they posted this afternoon you will find plenty of responses that might give us a better understanding of how mom's refer to the diaper bag. I don't have time to research it now but i imagine it could give us a good indication. the only problem was they used "your diaper bag" which is kind of leading into a response but after thinking about the response you intend to write it might fade the urge to copy the language

rob said...

The only time I referred to it as the childs diaper bag, was at the daycare, I would either tell the care-giver, 'there is extra clothes in Justins' diaper bag', or picking him up, 'where is Justins' diaper bag?", because there was 20 diaperbags there. Otherwise it was always 'the diaperbag'

Nic said...

It was always "the" diaper bag.

If we were a bunch of mom's together, it was "that's my diaper bag", or "that one's mine".

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I continue to ask...

Today, I asked about 15 women the same question and got some interesting answers:

all 15 said it was "the" diaper bag.

One pointed out that it is only "his" diaper bag when at Daycare and a Daycare worker identifies it.

Interesting point!


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thank you, Ladyluck and others who took the time to respond; this is useful information. Peter

Ladyluck WI said...

Maybe another interesting call to analyze would be the phone call EJ makes from jail to Tammi Smith, accusing Tammi of concocting a plan and knowing exactly who this mystery couple is. I listened very very closely when they played it in court. hopefully you or someone can find a link. it was a specific call from when Elizabeth was in jail and calmly and accused Tammi of setting up the couple, and calmly denying she knew who they were.

If you listen very closely you can see that Elizabeth slips up a few times. Tammi on the other hand never slipped up as far as exposing that she was lying. (Elizabeth flip flops between accusing Tammi of setting up some couple and planning Elizabeths trip.. moments later Elizabeth admits that Tammi had nothing to do with Elizabeth leaving to Texas but sounded "happy" that she was there.) Tammi always questioned any plan elizabeth referred to instead of accepting it as proof. Elizabeth on the other hand has some slip ups!

Tammi isn't purely innocent in these matters but I don't think she knew where Gabriel truly was during this phone call. I think Elizabeth also lied to Tammi about Logan's involvement in their lives so Tammi felt more justified in sneaking around trying to get away with adopting gabriel

Ladyluck WI said...

There is the conversation I'm referring to but I can't find the audio

MsCabinFever said...

How many different ways can she possibly say she killed this poor baby? I mean, she flat out says it & no one believes her? It's mind boggling!
Usually it's the opposite. These people murder their children & say nothing & everyone tries to coax the truth out of them. This girl not only tells you she did it, but also tells you how. Why in the world doesn't anyone BELIEVE her?

Anonymous said...

This is one of the lowest forms of humanity that ever existed and obviously became sociopathic/psychopathic at a young age, untreated, possibly in her genes from birth. Yes, the genes DO matter, a bad seed does happen; compound that with her childhood tragedies, PMDS, and there you have it, a psychopath. A danger to herself and everyone around her.

No doubt was sired by dope addicts herself, shifted from pillow to post, neglected and unloved for the most part, and sexually abused. For all that, I'm sorry but still is no excuse to kill your innocent helpless sweet baby, the only good thing that ever happened to her. From birth she did not want that baby, despised him and was having no part of him.

Initially she told the truth about what she did with the baby, what I can't understand is why the jury had a problem with that! Stupid, stupid people. She deserves life in prison WOP and sterilization so she can't make another baby with some LE dude or during conjucal visits later on. Of course there'll be some nitwit (among many) who will want to marry her. Don't they always?

The sick b'tch killed the baby and dumped him in the first trash can she came upon where no one was paying attention to her then went on her merry way. THEN was happy to brag about it to the baby's father just to get even with him. And they don't believe her??! Unbelievable! Another tragedy.

I can understand Tammi Smith wanting to take the baby. There sat Elizabeth in an airport, or wherever she was, Tammi is a stranger and sees this beautiful baby and discovers this young mother doesn't want him and realizes the baby can be hers for the taking? It would be hard not to take this baby, which is exactly what she should have done that day, even if it cost her a few bucks, and should have gone straight to the cops with him, instead of plotting some illegal adoption with Elizabeth which ultimately blew up in her face and led to the baby's death. To Elizabeth, Tammi was wasting too much time.

Elizabeth damned well intended to get rid of beautiful Gabe one way or another, that is what she raked money together for, why she went out of town, why she was staying in the motel, and she wasn't going to waste much time doing it either. To hell with Tammi and her "legal" schemes; quick solution, she killed the baby.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question about the diaper bag, although I really don't see much significance in it.

Thinking back however, I don't think I ever referred to the diaper bag as being "MY Diaper Bag" on too many occasions, possibly never since it wasn't. It was the baby's diaper bag.

To refer to it as MY diaper bag would be the same as saying "MY diapers, MY baby dress, MY bottles, MY blankie" and so on.

If I recall correctly, I usually would say something like "did you bring the baby's diaper bag"? "Don't forget the diaper bag" "Did you put the bottles in the diaper bag"? "The diaper bag is ready" or "C's diaper bag is ready". "Have you seen C' diaper bag, or THE diaper bag?" NEVER my diaper bag, etc, etc. To the day care worker, "would you hand me C's diaper bag." To C as she or he got older, "honey can you pick up your diaper bag?" and so on.

I don't think I even thought of it as "MY" diaper bag when I purchased it since I bought it for the baby, a blue one for the boy, a pick one for the girl; the bag always belonged to them. I was just the caretaker of the bag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, I am following up on lisgfinch's request for an analysis of Morgan Ingram's mother.

Misty (and Peter), you can find the police, toxicology & autopsy reports at