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Statement Analysis of Shawn Adkins

Here is statement analysis of an interview with Shawn Adkins, who, along with Billie Dunn, are the two Persons of Interest in the disappearance of 13 year old, Hailey Dunn, who went missing on December 27th, 2010.  

Both mother (Dunn) and mother's boyfriend (Adkins) failed their polygraphs and were found in possession of pornography, including bestiality and child pornography.  Adkins admitted that they were out purchasing drugs the night of Hailey's disappearance. 

Statement Analysis is in bold type.  Highlight of blue indicate the highest level of sensitivity, particularly when a person tells us "why" they did something, instead of simply reported what they did. 

REPORTER: Shawn Adkins, did you at all have anything to do with Hailey’s disappearance, or do you know anything more?

Note the compound question is something Interviewers must avoid. The compound question allows the subject to pick and choose which question to answer.

SHAWN ADKINS: No, ma’am, I don’t.

We do not know which question he answers. Because it is rare to lie in an open statement, we do not know which question he is thinking of while speaking. 

 Please note the verb tense of

"I don't" as present tense.  This is not a denial of what had already taken place, in the past. 

REPORTER: Can you kind of give me just a recap of the day that Hailey went missing?

SHAWN ADKINS: Yes. That morning, I drove to work. I quit my job. turned in my belongings, and I didn’t speak to nobody at work, and I left work.

Readers who know Statement Analysis from other cases know the indicators here. Those of you who may have started here on this case, I encourage you to look at other cases to see these same principles in known liars, such as Casey Anthony.

The repeated "I" shows stress and anxiety. There are 4 here, which shows very high anxiety.  This repeated use of "I" speaks of rehearsal.

Note that he tells us he dropped off his stuff at work. At least twice, Billie Dunn told us that he dropped off his overalls. Why did she feel the need to tell us his "overalls"? It is important to her, but why?

Could they need washing by the professional at work? DNA evidence? 

Adkins likened killing a child to gutting a deer.   Gutting a deer is messy and warrants clean up.  The repetition speaks to importance. 

Note the negative:  "I didn't speak to nobody"  He should tell us what he did, not what he did not do.  Not talking to anyone is very important to Adkins.  He had a need to be seen.

Note that "left" when used as a connecting verb indicates withheld information; 70% likely due to time pressure, traffic, work, etc; 30% deliberately withheld critical (sensitive) information. Since this was at an early hour and he does not tell us he was in a rush or that it was heavy traffic, it indicates that he is withholding critical information here.  His leaving work is critical to his story as seen here in the sensitivity indicator. 

Where did he go from the leaving of work?

I believe that this is when Hailey's body was moved.

Next note "I didn't speak..." is that he tells us what didn't happen indicating sensitivity.

In this opening part of his statement, we have enough to conclude that he is being deceptive.

I stopped by this residence.

Note that he calls it "this residence."  He only "stopped by" here.  

"Nobody was here, so I continued going towards C. City, 

He stopped by "here" where "nobody" was, which caused him to tell why he continued towards C City (Colorado City) indicating that he had a set plan of travel, which each stop being only for 5 minutes.  

This suggests alibi establishment.  He went to work for 5 minutes, made sure he was seen, and then went to this residence and now has the need to explain why he went towards (not to) C City.  This makes the area of sensitivity somewhere between "this residence" and C City.  

and I got on I-20, and I went to Big Springs, to my mother’s house, and I made calls on my cell phone to my mom, letting her know that I quit my job and everything,"

Here the alibi setting continues.  He gave his direction to Big Springs, to his mother's house, and the emphasis "I made calls on my cell phone to my mom" show deliberate use of a cell phone to let police be able to verify he was in these locations. 

This is alibi establishing.  

Note the heavy use of the pronoun, "I" as, again, is indicating rehearsal of what he did.  It is likely this plan that was set forth before he left to go to "work" and set pattern of which he and Dunn knew could be followed by police.  

The alibi planning is not sophisticated. 

Note that he tells us in the negative, that no one was home but he said "no one was here"; and then says "so".

In Statement Analysis, we highlight "so, since, therefore, because, hence, etc" as sensitive since the subject is supposed to be telling us what happened and now "why" something happened. This is out of bounds of the question indicating that it is sensitive to Adkins.

Note that he feels the need to emphasis on what phone he called his mother.

Note calls is plural
Note that he told his mother about his job "and everything". 

We would want to ask him what else he told his mother.

and I got to my mom’s house that day,

Please note that "and" indicates a connecting to information, but in his statement, he already got to his mother's and already made calls.  That he steps out of chronological order tells us that he is simply repeating what he rehearsed to say.  

Was he thinking of any other day in his out of chronological answer?

and I got on the internet, looking up unemployment to see if I could get, you know, an unemployment check till I could get back on my feet and everything,

Here he tells us why he got on the internet, which is not something he was asked. 

Note that he quit his job, without saying anything to anyone. Now he says he is seeking unemployment to get back on his feet "and everything."

and that was my day, and then I came home, around, I guess like 3 o’clock I got there,

Note "that was my day" seeks to end the discussion. This means that from the time he got there until 3PM is a very sensitive period of time that he does not want to be explored. This is why the cell phone pings became so important. Because he quickly deleted calls from his cell phone, police would then subpoena the phone company and know every call he made. This is likely a point of anxiety for him and whoever he called besides his mother.
note the anxiety of the repetition of "I"
note that he only "guess"

note "3" is the liar's number

If a child you had known for almost 3 years went missing and you were the last to speak to her, your sensory details would be on high alert. You would know what she said, and what time it was.

and Hailey was there watching T.V. in the living room, 

Please note the extra word, "there" as unnecessary.  If Hailey was watching TV, she would, indeed, be "there."  This shows a need to emphasize Hailey's presence in an awkward way, leading to the question:

Why the need to emphasize that Hailey was there?

and I went into me and Billie’s bedroom, and she came in there and told me that she was going to her father’s house, and that she was staying the night with a friend, and then she left, and then I was there by myself for maybe an hour at the most,

Note that "she came in there"; there shows distance and the additional words are not necessary
Note that she was staying with "a" friend; one not named nor known, otherwise it would have been "her" friend, or "Marybeth"

It is the sentence
"I was there by myself" that is not necessary which makes it doubly important. Since no one was home, why did he need to say this?

This is a juvenile-like emphasis to make sure his story is straight.  

and then David and a friend came over, and they went to his room,

He left out that David broke a window to get in.
Clint said that David told him this, and that he instructed David to tell the police, but instead of telling the police, he told his mother. Clint said that David knows something and that he may have lost his sister and is now afraid to lose his mother too, which may be why he never searched for Hailey but instead, according to Clint, played video games while Clint and Naomi searched.

and they were playing video games and so forth,

What is "so forth"?
Note that this is when David said Shawn looked like
 "a deer in the headlights"

and Billie called me and told me that, that her relief got there, and that she was gonna get to leave a little early, so I was up there at the hospital in Snyder around 6 o’clock to pick her up, and then we came back, and then we went to bed shortly after that.

Note the passive language "I was up there" without telling us how he got there. If he drove, it is simple to say so. Because he left out driving, this should be considered sensitive including the vehicle he drove "up there" to.

Note the desire to jump from driving her home at dinner to going to bed.  This is a skipping of time that may be related to substance abuse. 

REPORTER: And this whole time, you were thinking Hailey was at a friend’s house?

Note that the Interviewer gives the thought to Shawn making it a yes or no question, which is easier to lie to. Instead, the Interviewer could have asked, "what were you thinking at such and such time?". Interviewers must not give information to the subject.


She told him what he was thinking and he simply said "yes".
REPORTER: About what time did she say she was leaving?

Note the word "about" which presupposes estimate. The Interviewer must not presuppose anything. "What time did she say she was leaving?" is better. By calling for an estimate, she has now guided the question.

SHAWN ADKINS: About what time Hailey was leaving?
Note that he answered a question with a question. The question was about what time Hailey said--"say" she was leaving.

If Hailey is deceased, she cannot "say" anything. Shawn rephrased the question.

It appears that Shawn Adkins was not prepared for this question. 

REPORTER: um hmm (affirmative)

SHAWN ADKINS: guess it was sometime between three and 3:30 when she said she was leaving. It was, like, shortly after I got there. I’m not real sure about a time.

Note that a child is missing and the subject has been named a suspect in a criminal investigation. However, he can only "guess" that it was between three and 3:30PM
Note the qualifiers reducing commitment:  

1.  He can only "guess", even though he had no problem with his time line having to do with work, his mothers and his driving. 
2.  He only reports, not her leaving, but she 'said' she was leaving
3.  "like"
4.  "shortly after"
5.  Not "real" sure

Adkins is running away from commitment.  This appears that he is not speaking from experiential memory.

It may be that he is speaking from memory of the story Billie Dunn told him, but not from experiential memory of what took place.  This story is deceptive.  It came from the original True Crime Library that Billie Dunn downloaded and printed out at work.  At the first appearance of Billie Dunn on The Nancy Grace Show, Grace mentioned the story.

In prior analysis, I concluded that this story is just that; a story that is fabricated and they needed to choose a time to lie and they chose "the liar's number" (Mark McClish). McClish says that when someone is going to fabricate and need a number, they gravitate towards 3. 3PM, 3rd floor, 3 boats shooting at me, 3 men chased me...and so on.

Please note here that there are two parts of speech exempt from personal, internal subjective dictionary: pronouns and articles.  

Pronouns and articles are instinctive in our language, and guide us accurately.  With articles, a subject will use the article "a" when introducing something, and then the article "the" after identification. 

"A man told me to give him my money.  The man ran off..."  This is common.  When the articles are reversed, deception is indicted.

Here, Adkins had already referenced time, but since he is not speaking from experiential memory, the article "a" comes later, indicating deception.

Because this story does not come from experiential memory, he says "a" time. He has no connection to it other than his own account (this is why people will say "like I said" as a self-reference).

"I have a toy" becomes "the" toy after it is identified. He has told this story before, yet he fails to connect to it.

Hailey did not tell anyone that she was going to dads and Marybeth's at 3PM or at any other time. She never spoke these words.

It is a fabrication of Dunn's (see the first analysis of her appearance on Nancy Grace) and Shawn Adkins is repeating Dunn's story.  He is attempting to enter into Dunn's language, but fails at the article because it is not something he experienced, so he has no memory connected to it of his own, only the words Billie Dunn gave him. 

REPORTER: Does she normally call and check in every so often, or is it normal to not hear from her every so often?

SHAWN ADKINS: It’s pretty normal for her to just not call, ’cause she usually just does that though,

Note that it's "pretty" normal for her to "just not call" telling us what doesn't happen, but then he gives the reason why it was "pretty normal" for her "not to call": because she usually does just that.

It's normal not to call because she calls.

The trouble with lying (among other things) that causes stress is how it taxes the memory.

Here, the high sensitivity is due to having no experience with what is normal and what is not, therefore he says it was only "pretty"normal for to to not call, which is then mixed up with "she usually does just that though" leaving the interviewer wondering what he just said. 

The reason it sounds confusing is simple:  it did not take place, therefore, in this earlier interview, the rehearsal has not been complete.  Later, they can work together to firm up the story, and can speak from memory of what they said earlier. 

cause she does stay the night at a friend’s house, she’ll be back the next morning, she, that’s very common of her, and if she goes over to her dad’s, then, you know, she usually won’t call either, ’cause she’ll, she’s just right across the street from where Billie lives.

The sensitivity is noted again as he feels the pressure of lying:  he needs to explain "why" Hailey does things.  

Please note that he speaks in the present tense, of what she does, and not of what she did, as was asked.   Now it is "very common" of her and that he reports what she does not do: call.  Yet, the sensitivity continues as he has the need to explain "why" she does not call (in blue)

Analysis:  This story did not happen.  The language is not proceeding from memory.  

REPORTER: Now, you just said right now that you quit your job but originally, you had said that you got into a fight with a boss, and was fired from your job.

SHAWN ADKINS: Ah, now that was, uh, that was untrue too. I told investigators I quit my job, but I told Billie that I got fired, because I didn’t, I didn’t want her knowing that I quit my job.

Note that it was "untrue" but also that it was untrue "too".  This means that what else he said was also "untrue" since the word "too" entered his vocabulary.  

Humans do not like to lie outright.  It is easier to lie to "yes or no" questions, or just say that one does not remember, but in this case, he had just previously said that she went to a sleep over, and when asked about work, he said that what he said was "untrue too"; coupling his untrue story of work with what he just previously spoke about:  the sleep over. 

In following his language, we can say that the story of him quitting his job was also untrue as also was his story of Hailey going to a sleep over was untrue.

I was trying to keep it from her, but, you know, investigators found out that I didn’t get fired, ’cause of Billie had told them that originally, and then they brought that up to me, and I was like, “Yeah. I quit my job for reasons.”, and I just didn’t tell Billie for fear of it cause a big fight, and I didn’t wanna ruin the peace that’s been happening over the past six months.
I just wanted to keep the peace, try to find another job, and then let her know.

He must lie to keep the peace. 

A 13 year old is missing and he must lie to keep the peace.  

This is critical and tells us what their relationship is like.

Please note that he had other "reasons" for leaving his job that day.  

Please note that quitting his job meant that his overalls had to be handed in to the professional washing so that they could be given to another.  

REPORTER: So also, according to the affidavits, you had originally said that when you quit your job, you went straight to Big Springs, but then there were cell phone actual pings in Colorado City.

SHAWN ADKINS: Well, that, the investigators asked me. They never asked which specific places I went. They go, “Where did you go Monday, when Hailey supposedly disappeared?”, and I told them I went to Big Spring, and that’s where I was at.

Here he acknowledges deceiving police. They didn't ask him how he got to point b from point a.

Hailey is likely in the pathways from point a to point b, likely buried (see prior analysis) perhaps early on, but moved, or put somewhere underground or beneath the surface.

"They never asked specific places I went" so he withheld the specifics from them. This is an admission of deception.

Please carefully note his specific response:

"I told them I went to Big Spring and that's where I was at" uses the additional words "I was at" instead of where he went.  This tells us that he ended up at Big Spring, but he went somewhere else that he leaves out of his answer.  He will only tell him where he ended up being "at" but he will not tell them where he went. 

Where he went is where Hailey's body will be found. 

Here, he not only confirms his deception, but he blames police for not asking.  This speaks to his personality:  

They didn’t ask, “Which way did you go to your Mom’s house?”, or anything like that. They just asked where I was, so they could verify that, so that’s, that’s…

He actually tells the reporter that the police should have asked him which route he took! 

REPORTER: So you’re saying the affidavits, the majority of what we read in there, is completely incorrect?

SHAWN ADKINS: Yes, and there’s another thing in the affidavits, that I deleted messages or phone calls off my phone, and that is incorrect also. That never happened.

Unreliable denial.  

Had he said, "I did not delete messages" it would have been reliable.  The word "never" does not mean "did not" and should not be taken for it.  It is common to use "never" in a lie rather than use the pronoun "I" and the past tense "did not."

"I never doped"  Lance Armstrong
"I never used" Marion Jones
"I never stole" confessed thief. 

REPORTER: So have you, I mean, even Billie has told me that you are not cooperating with the police. If you have nothing to hide, if there isn’t anything there, why aren’t you cooperating with them?

SHAWN ADKINS: I cooperated with them at first, and then I just feel like I couldn’t trust the police anymore, and that’s when I decided to get a lawyer, and then my lawyers told me just to lay low, keep quiet.

That’s what I did, and then today, I’m supposed to talk to somebody from Colorado City, a law enforcement officer. I’m supposed to talk to FBI today, just to clear up some more things.

1.  He cooperated with police at first, when they bought his story.  
2.  He stopped cooperating with them when they asked him to take a polygraph.  

This was where they first began to suspect Billie Dunn, as she began to cling to Adkins, indicating shared guilt, rather than the window of opportunity she had that allowed her to blame Adkins and distance herself from him.  Eventually, both failed polygraphs.  

Note that he reports that he is "supposed"to talk to law enforcement and the FBI, not that he is going to.  

Note that "just" is used to compare two or more things.  In context, he is "just" going to "clear" things up rather than refute his lies.  

REPORTER: Understandable, if your lawyer told you that, that’s obviously what you’re going to do, but coming from just the point of a normal person, we’re all out here looking for Hailey. We all want the same thing, so if there’s anything that you could do to help them, or to help with the investigation, why wouldn’t you do it?

SHAWN ADKINS: I felt that I gave them all the information I had, and which I really did, and like I said, I just felt like it was a witch hunt at the time, and they were just trying to pin it on somebody. Which was me, and I didn’t want that happening so I just stopped talking to them.

Note that a parent of a missing child does not feel that they have told all.  He is not a parent, but a parent's boyfriend, yet by saying he gave all he "had", indicates that he wanted the flow of information to stop even while Hailey was missing. 

Note "like I said" indicates he is self referencing rather than working from memory of what happened. 

Note "hunt" ("witch hunt") is used, even though Hailey was missing yet he says they were going to "pin it" on somebody; rather than "find Hailey."  If he had been innocent, he would have been searching for Hailey rather than avoiding the police who were not trying to find Hailey, but, in his language, pin "it" on him.   "Which was me."  

He did not want this happening, so, therefore, he stopped talking to police.  

This indicates that he knows that if he continued to talk to police, they would have pinned it on him.  

Note the absence of anything regarding finding Hailey.  Since he was reportedly to be the last person to see her alive, his flow of information would be the most important.  Police recognized that he stopped the flow of information. 

He acknowledges, himself, that he had to stop talking to them otherwise they would have been able to pin it on him.  

This is a linguistic admission of guilt. 

REPORTER: I know that a lot of people have said – it was even on Nancy Grace – that this whole time, stories keep changing. It goes from one thing to another to another. The affidavits show that stories have changed. I mean, what do you say about that? Has your story changed at all?

When a story does not come from experiential memory, it changes materially and significantly.  

SHAWN ADKINS: If it has, it was because I remembered something, and then I let the investigators know, but that’s how they say my story has changed, then that’s how it changed, ’cause there’s been some things that I didn’t remember to tell them at the time, but later I did remember, and then I told them. That’s how my story could have changed, but no, my story hasn’t changed, other than that.

The changing story is something very sensitive to Adkins.  It bothers him and it is likely that he does not feel as smart as Billie Dunn.  She was the one who convinced him that he could, using tranquilizers, beat the polygraph, and when he didn't, he likely blamed her.  He owns that his "story" changes, but attempts to justify it with memory.  

Memory adds to an account, and does not change a story. 

Memory gives additional details, and does not contradict truthful accounts.  

Story telling is not proceeding from experiential memory and is very difficult to keep track of.  

REPORTER: You know, again, they say your relationship with Hailey was completely fine, but yet, when, we know that you had, in the affidavit, said something about Clint’s uncle said, “Who could ever hurt a little girl?”, you said something to the effect of, “Yeah. It’s like killing a baby deer.”, and according to those affidavits and the uncle, you do also talk about killing baby deers all the time.

SHAWN ADKINS: No, that’s incorrect too. I had a talk with that uncle, and he said he never said that either, and I never said that. I love animals. I wouldn’t hurt animals either.

Please note that he was found to have bestiality, which is the sexual abuse, torture, and killing of animals for sexual gratification.  
Note the soft language of "incorrect."  Had he not said it was like killing a deer, he would have had an opportunity to say, "that's a lie!" and employ strong language.  He does not, and he appears to not want to speak against Billie Dunn's brother.  

Note that "never" does not mean "did not."

Note that he said, "I wouldn't hurt animals" is different than saying "I did not hurt animals" and is not a reliable denial. 

REPORTER: So basically, it seems like everything that you’re saying completely contradicts the affidavits. So everything that the police used to obtain a warrant to build their case is completely inaccurate.

SHAWN ADKINS: Absolutely. It is, ’cause like I said, I’ve sat down and looked through that affidavit, and a lot of things are incorrect. Some of it is, but a lot of it isn’t.

The reporter used hyperbole saying "everything" in the affidavit is "completely inaccurate" which Adkins agrees to, but then contradicts it:

1.  Note "I've sat down" brings his body posture into the statement, indicating an increase of tension.  

2.  Note that it is not "false" or "untrue" or even "lies" but only "incorrect" but then goes even further to tell us that some is "incorrect" but a lot of it is not incorrect. 

REPORTER: If it’s incorrect, how were they able to obtain their warrants?

SHAWN ADKINS: I have no clue. I really don’t.

REPORTER: Now all signs are kind of pointing to you right now. What do you say about that?

The reporter did a good job trying to get Adkins to say he didn't do it.  This is the perfect opportunity to tell us that he did not kill Hailey:

SHAWN ADKINS: You know, I’m just gonna do my best to get the focus back on Hailey and off of me, and you know, like I said, I have nothing to hide. I was just advised by my lawyers to do what I been doing, and now I’m gonna talk, and get everything cleared up about me so they can get back to looking for Hailey.

Shawn Adkins said he would do his best to "just" or only get the focus off of himself.  This is his priority.   

Shawn Adkins was not able to bring himself to say "I didn't kill Hailey" or even "I didn't cause Hailey to go missing" even though he was given opportunity after opportunity. 

Here is our rule:

If Shawn Adkins is unable or unwilling to say that he didn't do it, we are unable to say it for him. 

A reliable denial has 3 components:
1.  Pronoun "I"
2.  Past Tense verb:  "did not"
3.  Specific event:   "kill Hailey" or "cause Hailey's disapperance.  

He cannot put together this full sentence.  

REPORTER: Shawn, do you know anything about Hailey’s disappearance?

SHAWN ADKINS: No, I don’t.

REPORTER: And could you, or did you, hurt Hailey in any way?

SHAWN ADKINS: No I didn’t.

He still cannot put together this single full sentence:  "I did not hurt Hailey."

REPORTER: And when people say that that’s something that you would do, and that it’s in your mindframe to do that kind of thing, what do you say to that?

SHAWN ADKINS: I’m just thinking that people want somebody to blame, and they’re gonna blame me.

REPORTER: Can you see why people would point the finger at you?

Please note that innocent people do not give allowance for guilt that does not belong to them:  

SHAWN ADKINS: I can have an idea, but I just think it’s, I think it’s unfair, ’cause this could happen to anybody, what’s happening to me, and how would they feel if they’re in my shoes? That’s just how I feel.

Above, he has "no idea" why they want to look at him, but here he appears to have an idea why.  It is not a "wrong" idea, only an "unfair" (soft language) idea and he gives the reason why:

What happened to him, in his dealing with Hailey, could have happened to anyone. 

He wants people to know how he feels.  He does not express concern for how Hailey might be feeling. 

REPORTER: What do you really want people to know?

SHAWN ADKINS: That I’m not a monster like a lot of people made me out to be. I’m just a regular guy, and I love my girlfriend. I love Hailey and David. I would never do anything to hurt her, nor him, nor anybody, and I just want all of this to be over with and Hailey home, so we can go on with our lives.

Note anxiety of "I" repeated.
Note "would" rather than "did".
Note that "regular" guy is same as "normal"; when a subject tells us that they are a "normal" or a "regular" guy, it means that they have been told previously that they are not normal or regular. This should lead police to research his mental health history. Note that he tells us what he is not: a "monster" and by introducing "monster" and "normal" it is likely that these two descriptions are related. Interviewing past girlfriends and contacts may show that he has been called a "monster" before and has been anything but "regular".

Note the order of what he wants:

1. all this to be over with

2. Hailey

He even tells us why he wants Hailey home:  so he can go on with his life. 

REPORTER: Now if, last question, and I’m just kind of gonna ask again, if you knew anything about Hailey’s disappearance, and you are not telling police, to find Hailey, would you come forward and them give the information?

SHAWN ADKINS: Yes, I would. If I had any knowledge of her whereabouts, I would definitely come forward and tell them.

Note that he did tell them that they needed to look at him and Billie and in the county he mentioned.

Anywhere in the interview he could have said that he did not cause Hailey's disappearance with his own words, but he does not.  He reflects back the interviewers words.

                                                           Analysis conclusion:

Shawn Adkins is repeating a story given to him.  It does not come from experiential memory, but is a rehearsed story.  

Shawn Adkins is deceptive about what happened to Hailey Dunn. 

Shawn Adkins is deceptive about Hailey Dunn's whereabouts.  


Anonymous said...

I am still baffled that LE have not solved this case. Shawn and Billie are not the brightest bulbs on the tree. And they didn't have much time to dispose of the eveidence. They have to have made a mistake. Local anon in the Hialey Dunn case

BostonLady said...

Billie is on facebook as bold as ever telling everyone she is a damn good mother. She also said she raised her children. Does this mean she's done raising Hailey?

Billie Jean Ostrander Do they hold a candle to my parenting? Do their children make at least a,b honor roll every year,do their kids lie to them do their children show respect & responsibility? Stick up for family? That's my kids,that I raised

Billie Jean Ostrander But that's enough,I'll stop,I'm not usually yelling hey look at me,but I know I'm a Damn good mom & I know I'm demanding answers & attn for Hailey!

Billie making a statement yesterday on polygraphs :

Billie Jean Ostrander But if the examiner wants u to pass,ur gonna pass,if they want u to fail,ur gonna fail.

Anonymous said...

Now that Billie has a PI that she seems to adore and an FBI person that she calls HER FBI guy is she now willing to take that poly?

Newby74 said...

He is so dumb! I can't even read it all. And I don't need to read it all to know. How can someone resign from a job without talking to anyone at work? And note to Billy: in Texas, unemployment insurance is only for those who are involuntarily seperated from their job, not for those who turn in a resignation. Even the dumbest Texan knows that. When I first saw Hailey's missing photo I was terrified to even drive my children across that stretch of I-20. After reading this blog I'm even more scared-of the inept criminal justice system we have here!!

MsCabinFever said...

Coincidentally, I watched this interview this morning, and I think I like the "docile" rehearsed Shawn better- it is a far cry from the real Shawn that shows himself on facebook. He says he likes this page, ironically enough it's called "waiting on justice for hailey dunn". You know Shawn, we are too!
The real Shawn Adkins can hardly control his mouth when it comes to showing the contempt he feels for women. I guess we have an idea of the monster Hailey was forced to live with. As far as Billie goes, "birds of a feather, flock together".

Jenny Wilson: Hey Shawn where is Hailey? Just answer that ONE question and trust me we won't ask you anything else....My word. Then you can quit getting all crazy and stuff. Well crazier anyways.
8 hours ago via mobile · Like
Jenny Wilson: Billie are you scared of Shawn. Don't it make you sick of what all they found on that computer at his mothers and on the memory stick?
Shawn Casey Adkins: Hey Jenny why dont you stick your head in a fire and tell me if you see hell!!
8 hours ago · Like
**and next, we see Billie's cue to the admin of that page to DELETE this conversation:
Billie Jean Ostrander: And just don't get on this page after 10. The woj admins will see all the negativity these ppl post to try to bring us down when all of this wonderful stuff is happening, & they will remove it. They don't allow the bs. But from now on its best not to post here after about 10
8 hours ago via mobile · Like ·
Billie Jean Ostrander Unless they start banning ppl.
Jenny Wilson Why didn't LE charge your mom with all that sick dtuf on that computer since it was in your moms house? Or charge everyone that had access to it?
8 hours ago via mobile · Like
Jenny Wilson Billie people are gonna speak their opinions on this and to be shut down or dismissed for it is actually disrespectful. For Shawn to get on here and talk like he is to others really proves people right on what "type" of person he is. But to what kinda ground?
8 hours ago via mobile · Like
Shawn Casey Adkins One last thing Billie...and Im terribly sorry. But Jenny why dont you stick your head up your ass and see if it fits you nasty hooker.
8 hours ago · Like
Shawn Casey Adkins Nobody is going to acknowledge your negative remarks and believe me your hours are numbered here...One of the admin's is going to ban you soon. are ugly Jenny. It looks like your face caught on fire and the doctor had to put it out with an axe. Anyways, have fun talking to yourself Dectective Wilson lol...Nite Nite.
8 hours ago · Like · 1
Jenny Wilson Shawn you don't take someone mouthing you very well. Anyone knows how big of an attitude and a mouth a 15 year old could have....did she say the wrong things to piss you off shawn? Did you snap at her like you have all along this thread?
8 hours ago via mobile · Like
Shawn Casey Adkins You brought this on your self Jenny..for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, you need to learn your place and stop trying to be a comedian because you are lame as fuck.
8 hours ago · Like · 1

His mother must be proud!

Anonymous said...

Well there you go. There's your proof BJD and SA may are still together in some capacity. SA is allowed to post whatever he wants and not be blocked while people asking legit questions are banned? Proof positive if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

I feel from Facebook, where Billie posts, what's being said, her getting a PI, that something's brewing, and has been for a good month or so. Like either there is movement wirhin LE that she is aware of, or she and her cohorts are trying to convince someone , (right now it's the FB community, and hence possibly the public), that someone else is responsible. On a FB page where Bilie is an admin, her cohorts are concoting some story, or piecing events together to make it seem Patricia Tr.....l had Hailey trafficked out. Who are these people really? And what is really going on? What has all of the sudden precipitated all of this???

Skeptical said...

That picture of Shawn makes my blood run cold. What could he have done to Hailey's body with a knife like that. I wonder if they ever sent cadaver dogs to that storm cellar. If I remember correctly, it was at his grandmother's house.

Lemon said...

It must be really frustrating for Shawn, wanting to be famous and everyone know his name, when Billie is the one getting all the attention.

She's the one with interviews.
She's the one with a Texas Ranger.
She's the one with an FBI guy.
She's the one with a PI.

She doesn't even drink Dr. Pepper anymore?
What a shame.

MsCabinFever said...

Hi Peter, you said that Hailey's body was in one place, then likely moved and buried (by Shawn). But I missed the indicators as to what brought you to this conclusion. Could you please explain further?

Jen said...

Ick, every time I see a pic of SA dressed up in his murderer costume I'm his immaturity & the idea that this monster was the last thing Hailey ever saw. The thought is heart-wrenching & I didn't even know Hailey, so in my mind there's no doubt whether BD was 'in on it'...there's no other reason that a child's own mother would stand by a 'man' suspected of such hideous things.

Remember Amber Dubois' mother- when the police accused her husband & father of her younger child of being involved in Amber's disappearance she moved him out. Later when John Gardner was found to be the killer she said that she didn't regret what she had done & would do it again, because she was focused on her missing daughter & that was all that mattered at the time. A perfect example of what Peter says- the mother of a missing child cares for nothing but the child....not live-in boyfriends, challenging people on Facebook, New Year's parties or drugs.

BIllie Dunn is 'in on it' up to her eyeballs, and as far as I can tell she cares only for HERSELF, her dope, her PI, her FBI guy, her Facebook page, her being 'a damn good mom'. She even challenges whether others 'hold a candle to her parenting', which made me laugh out loud. I guess in her book having your 15yo daughter gone, 'missing', gets canceled out by honor roll?! I agree with the poster who said, something is up...they are trying to do damage control & portray themselves as 'searching', doing everything they can to find Hailey. FAIL!

MsCabinFever said...

in case you missed this one:

MsCabinFever said...

sorry, I hit "post" too soon. When Shawn is asked WHY he would be upset if he heard Billie accepted a "plea bargain" his response is:

SHAWN ADKINS: Because I believe in my heart that she had nothing to do with it just as well as I did. And like I said, I believe that she had nothing to do with it and if she made a plea bargain that would be implicating her guilt on it and that would just totally ruin me to know that she made a plea bargain.

There are many things in this that cause alarm, but not only can he only believe of her innocence only in his heart, but,
"just as well as I did?"
Well, yes Shawn, you are correct. It will ruin you. And ruin her too. Well said.

Anonymous said...

His comment makes no sense. "Just as I did"?. But then he is isn't very bright.

MsCabinFever said...

What he probably meant to say is:
I believe in my heart that she had everything to do with it, just as I did.
That makes more sense to me! haha

Anonymous said...

DM claims to have just had a phone conversation with BOTH Bivns AND Chief Owens where they stated to her that they have turned Hailey's case over to the FBI.
does this mean they are moving forward to arresting Shawn and Billie for Hailey's murder?
the crime must be at a federal level for some reason that gives FBI jurisdiction over the case. is that why CCPD surrendered the case to the FBI?

This is a recent post on one of the fb pages for Hailey.
Let's hope the FBI can make some sense of this and arrest them sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Who is DM?