Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hailey Dunn Hoax Continued

A local online news blog, Big Country, has taken up recently with the case of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn, as a private investigator has volunteered to 'take' the case, which is still open.  Previously they had a "break" in the case:  a letter from a drug addict in prison.  This played right into the hands of deception, yet it was another fake lead that wasted police resources and added up to zero.

Police do not consider the Hailey Dunn case a "who done it?" mystery.  They know who is responsible, yet must find her remains.  Big Country is seeking a story where none exists.

They use quotes to show that 'fanatics' are angry at Billie Dunn, the mother of missing 13 year old, because of blogs where personal opinion is posted.

There are several things wrong with this:

1.  People became angry when police released their affidavit in this case.
2.  Hailey's own paternal grandmother told the nation she believed Hailey was dead and her mother and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, were involved.  This theory, in specifics, stated that Billie Dunn found Adkins sexually molesting Hailey and exploded.  Weeks later, the police released the affidavit and the nation learned just how realistic this opinion was.

Police have made statements to others, besides Big Country, who has ignored this very fact.  Here are some things that are not opinion, but reported by police as fact:

1.  Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins initially refused polygraphs, showed up under the influence, was sent home, but eventually, both took their polygraphs and both failed.

2.  109,000 deviant images were found between the two of them, including child pornography, bestiality, serial killer literature, homemade porn starring Dunn and Adkins, and blood lust videos.

3.  That Adkins had previously threatened Billie Dunn's life and when police spoke to him, he confirmed it and added that he had threatened Hailey's life as well.  Big Country can ask police profilers what they think of those who can verbalize threats, and where this places them, statistically.

4.  That Dunn and Adkins were involved in the drug world, including the stop off at her mother's, to see if mom needed drugs, and then off to an ATM machine, and on to a drug dealer, on the night in question.

5.   That rather than search for Hailey, Dunn and Adkins hosted a New Year's Eve party.

6.  That rather than search for Hailey, Shawn Adkins told police that they should be looking at "both of us" instead.

Now the private investigator tells Big Country that the public should "support" Billie Dunn.

He asks that the mother who failed a polygraph, deliberately moved in a violent boyfriend after calling police on him, involved in the drug and porn world, should have your support.

Since he has gone public asking for support, including adding "verbal" support (sensitivity noted), those of you who had written that Billie Dunn's latest publicity stunt was to raise money for herself may feel somewhat justified.   You are the same who wrote that Billie Dunn did not, and would never "hire" a private investigator to "find" Hailey, and now have heard the words, "pro bono" and have seen his name in media.

The private investigator may want to speak to police and learn, specifically, which questions Billie Dunn failed on her polygraph.  It might help.

As to Big Country:

They might consider speaking to any number of crime experts, ranging from John Douglas to Pat Brown, to any other of our nation's known crime analysts.

They won't find a single one to say that police are wrong in their view that the mother and her boyfriend are responsible.

Not one.

This is why the town manager used the "A plus B equals C" elementary statement.

A missing child.

A lying mother and violent boyfriend.

Porn and drugs.

It walks, looks and quacks like a duck.

Before writing off the PI as one who is simply seeking to broaden his name at the expense of truth, give him time to digest the case, including the life styles of both Persons of Interest, and the police affidavit.
It may be that police might speak to him and if he is trained in analysis, he will know, from the transcripts, what he needs to know about what happened to Hailey.

Let's give him a chance.

Mark Klaas supported Billie Dunn until he publicly called shame down upon her name.  It took awhile to see that he was lied to.

Sociopathic liars are this way from the earliest days of speech.  Liars, those who fabricate reality, hold others in contempt, believing themselves to be smarter than the world, and speak often, and go beyond the boundary of the question, giving us a great deal of information.

There is a reason why not a single expert has lined up in this case opposing the police.  When the case hit national news, the experts saw it.  Not one of them claimed that Hailey was alive and Dunn/Adkins were truthful.

Not one.


Anonymous said...

I pray that little Hailey did not die in vain. Her killers must be brought to justice! LE knows who they are, and should throw the book at them! Both should be in prison NOW!

Anonymous said...

Who were their friends at this New Year's Eve party? Did they not know Hailey was missing or have any concern? "Hey, maybe we should all go search for awhile before getting wasted?" It's all so sad. Rest in Peace, Hailey.

Anonymous said...

These new names being introduced are just deterrents. Funny how they all keep pointing back to some connection to Billie and Shawn. Even the news source had to report that Billie at first said she didn't know them but then changed her mind.

Anonymous said...

And don't you think if Billie owed someone money and they took Hailey as payment, that Billie would be admitting that was a true scenario. She can't "buy into" this story without confirming that she owed someone drug money.

Anonymous said...

On, the jailed ladies sister is speaking out and saying that Hailey's family had a drug debt with the so called killers. It's all too fishy and it will point right back at Billie.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if at least the scenario presented by this woman could be true, at least partially, and someone has found a safe way to present it to the public and Billie. On FB recently, Billie said dogs were brought into her house and forensics done and nothing was found to indicate anything happened there. Just a thought that perhaps this woman is not the real informant, but someone else stepped forward with a true scenario and are not being outed...

Jen said...

The idea that Billie Dunn & Shawn Adkins had a 'drug debt', & that Hailey was the victim of retribution for that debt is laughable...BD & SA are as small time as it gets, pitiful pill heads who spent every penny from their bank account (all of $160 bucks if I remember right) on their addiction the night of Haileys death and every day of their life. They were drug USERS, junkies who eeked by, living day by day, scraping up enough money to stave away withdrawals & numb the pain of their miserable, kiddie porn laced existence. They didn't owe any drug kingpin money...thats movie fodder, not reality!

I've had experience with someone addicted to pain pills and it's mind boggling what happens to their minds & bodies. My husbands college room mate fell victim to Oxicontin addiction, before that he was an intelligent, thoughtful and very likable young man with all of the potential in the world...a few years later he was a predator stealing from anyone he came into contact with & knocking on deaths door physically. The first two years of college he was on the fast track to success, doing well in his engineering classes & working a part-time was a coworker at that job who introduced him to prescription pain meds & he started abusing them. My husband lived with him in a house off campus, and we both bore witness to the devastation that these drugs reaped in his life. When the next semester of school began he applied & received student loans which he cashed & spent on pills, he quit working & spent his days hustling for money...lying, stealing, robbing his own grandmother along with anyone else he came into contact with. He tried many times to get clean & only a few loyal friends stayed in contact because we knew him before he turned into an addict & we believed he would straighten himself out. We wouldn't see him for months & then he would turn up on our doorstep asking to crash for a few days or trying to sell us something (tools, tires, an ATV..all stolen I'm sure), but our friendship ended badly when he was literally sitting in our driveway when we arrived home from our honeymoon with all of his belongings in garbage bags. He asked my husband to give him a job & let him stay with us, but naturally my husband told him that we had only been married for 6 days & that wasn't an option. He told him to go home, straighten himself out & he would give him a call in a month or two when he had a job lined up for him. He left angry & they never spoke again because he died about 6weeks later of an overdose. Now my husband lives with guilt that if he'd moved him in with us that night, he may still be alive.

Drugs don't just destroy the lives of those who use them...they have far reaching impact on anyone in contact with the person. Hailey is a victim of the drug lifestyle...but not because her mom owed money...instead because BD's focus in life was getting her pills, that's what ALL of her money was spent on, that's why she kept SA in her life(he brought in a paycheck=more drugs), and as I've already illustrated above...drugs can take a decent person & erase their morals, turn them against their best friend/family and make them a hollow shell of a human...a machine operating with one purpose, obtaining drugs.

Anonymous said...

How bad does this scenario make BJD look. True or not, she just keeps looking worse than before.

BostonLady said...

The meth addict is sticking to her story that she saw Hailey. A new article is up on Big Country.

BostonLady said...

Jen, sorry your husband was left feeling guilty. It's easy to say he shouldn't but honestly, the boy had choices. Addiction is a difficult thing but people can pull themselves out of it, if they want to. Otherwise, like your story, they bounce from place to place, person to person trying to manipulate or scam to get what they need. Sometimes, being arrested will wake a person up to the fact that they have hit bottom but others never wake up.

I hope your husband can get past the guilt and not let it ruin his life and yours!!! There is help out there for people affected by the addict. Al Anon groups are a great family/friend resource. God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if anyone else heard this or not but did you catch that the reporter asked Billie Dunn if she was aware that this Sonja person stayed with Shawn Adkins at his grandmother's house after Hailey disappeared....

Well, maybe part of her "story" she got right & maybe, just maybe, she heard it directly from the source. Makes ya wonder...

Anonymous said...

Billie Dunn is STILL not willing to tell the truth... She's between publicly, brazenly lying on that Facebook page "Waiting on Justice For Our Girl." One of its posters was repeatedly asking her where she was the night Hailey went missing (we all know the police found put she was buying drugs), and after ignoring the question several times she finally said, "How many times do I have to say I didn't go anywhere that night." DECEPTION. If she was innocent, she would be honest. That's IMHO

Anonymous said...

pillbillie failed a polygraph for good reason.

she first said she did not know this woman but then had to admit that she did (big country said so)

peter, is this the woman that made the 3 way porn movie with shawn adkins and pillbillie dunn?

Anonymous said...

To all who so aptly described the drug addict, and Billie's daily pill/drug usage, I want to add one thing that I know for a fact to be true since I've seen it with my own eyes; That is, the child who was viciously raped during a drug frenzy.

Small time deadbeat users like Bille & Shawn who survive only for their dope by any means they have at their disposal (which most of them are) do not do their drug business through and with a drug kingpin, running up a debt with them, who never lets this happen in the first place: They will trade a child sexually to one of their buddy/suppliers in exchange for drugs, including their own and will be a party to that child's sexual rape and abuse themselves.

It does not have to be a large volume of drugs, just enough to get by for tonight or tomorrow. This is one of their better sources of supply; drugs traded for sex with the child to do with as they please and thrown into the bargain is the violence and porn they so loved to perform.

Do not be surprised to learn someday down the road that there was a THIRD PARTY involved in Hailey's brutal rape, death and disappearance, with all three (or more) participating.

Jen said...

BostonLady:Thanks for your response & your kind words. I often reflect on our friends life & the impact his addiction has had on so many people and I'm always saddened that he didn't make it thru the dark times. Every year on the anniversary of his death we say a prayer that he has finally found peace, and for all those suffering the way he did in life. I only hit the highlights in my post but it was truly pitiful to watch a promising life fall apart in front of my left me angry as much as sad, and anytime I see one of these stories, like Hailey Dunn's, it dredges up those feelings again. Poor Hailey didn't have a chance in that atmosphere and it's infuriating how ALL of the people meant to protect her let her down.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55pm:
As far as the fb page goes, if anyone out there has a shred of doubt left that Billie may be innocent, just follow that page for a little bit.
Keep in mind this "mother" has a 13 yr old daughter (supposedly) just within her reach & she is there to rally support to bring her home & find justice. (Although she said in one article that she didn't care what happened to the person that did this to her daughter, she just wants her daughter home.) Supposedly LE has botched the investigation from the start, & continues to ignore any leads.
What's a frustrated Momma to do? Go on FB & keep reminding people that you are there to "find Hailey". Yet all the while she is constantly changing her fb picture from silly to seductive, flirts with men, avoids answering even the simplest questions, sticks up for Shawn, and joins in the gossiping & fighting amongst the clan calling some members of her family names,etc and fuels the fires. It's like one big circus show!
She repeatedly attacks one guy on there for asking sincere questions & practically incites a lynch mob after him.
I have never seen her show concern for any bit of organizing on there such as; how many need posters? Let's see where they are missing & let's get them out there. Or, here's an email address for a Dateline Producer, let's all keep begging them to give attention to these wrongs! Or, let's gather a search party (even to just show presence) in one area or another.
She is BEGGING for attention & only goes to that page to hear praise & to portray herself as the victim. I have heard her say when someone asked about her being accused of being dishonest of gathering funds, she joked that she needs her rent paid and she aint got not money -hint hint. Or how she hasn't been able to do much because she doesn't have any money. -hint hint
She made a comment that I WISH I saved...she said something like "do I lie? heck yes I lie, but only when I feel it's necessary!"
She is just another circus act in a second rate show.

Anonymous said...

Good comments Anonymous 10:24. I've witnessed the same on fb.

Now think about this. Billie was interviewed a week before the story about the letter was aired. That gave her a full week to get people together to go to the address in the letter, to get her daughter. Billie could have gone to LE, FBI, Texas Rangers and demanded they get off their asses (remember she said the same thing at Hailey's 1 yr vigil at her press conference) and go get her daughter.

Why didn't she do this?

The whole week Billie was on FB, flirting, changing her photos, bashing people who asked questions that were uncomfortable for her to answer (because it would have required her to admit one way or the other, she's been lying), and she was appearing on the ridiculous blogtalk radio show her supporters set up and were running. The radio show is a joke. The people running it sound like they are drunk or high, slurring their words. They accuse innocent people and try to create diversion for Billie and Shawn.

So why didn't Billie go get Hailey from the alleged captors in Odessa?? Because she knows Hailey is not there.

Billie and Shawn know what happened.

When will the truth come out?? When will their be arrests?? The drugs, porn, beastiality, violence have all surrounded this case.

Where is Hailey???

pythia serpentis said...

SO what do you think happened to Hailey then Seamus? Bloodhounds tracked her scent to a hotel about five blocks from her house to a hotel. Do you think mom or the boyfriend walked her to that hotel? Is the hotel indicated in the drug letter the same hotel her scent was tracked to?