Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hailey Dunn Hoax in Media

Big Country has "breaking news" and a possible "break" in the case of missing 13 year old Hailey dunn,  because a drug addict said she saw Hailey.

No, this is not an old report from the mother's account on the Nancy Grace Show, this is something Big Country's staff "uncovered" two months ago but law enforcement asked them not to publish it until they could look into it.  They have been given the go-ahead to publish their story as it was another dead end which led police to a drug addict seeking attention.  It was not a surprise to them that an addict would lie, nor would investigators be taken off the trail of the knowledge that they have been on since the mother, Billie Dunn, first told the nation what happened on The Nancy Grace Show.

Prior to this, world famous 'psychic' was joining the search for Hailey, and then they reported that Billie Dunn "hired" a private investigator because she 'believed' Hailey was still alive.  This quickly changed to "pro bono" volunteer work.

                            None of this is of any consequence other than another diversion.

The disappearance of Hailey Dunn is not a mystery of "who done it?" to investigators, it is only a case they hope to find her remains so they can prosecute the two responsible.  Investigators have known since the mother went on television.  In fact, within the first 5 minutes of the mother's appearance, they knew.

                                                                   They knew.

One week after reported Hailey missing, her mother, Billie Dunn, appeared on the Nancy Grace Show.
Nancy Grace asked her two questions:

  How far did Hailey have to go to the sleep over?
  What happened?

In just the first 3 sentences of the mother's two answers, the mother told law enforcement the following two major points of the case:

1.  Hailey is deceased.
2.  Mother is in need of an alibi.

                                  Here are the answers with Statement Analysis in bold type.

Nancy Grace:  "How far did she have to go to get to the little sleep over."

Billie Dunn:   "Four or five blocks.  It wasn't unusual for Hailey to walk that far.  She wasn't allowed to walk at night..."

Statement Analysis:  The answer to the question is "four to five blocks" but Dunn went "out of bounds" of the question to reveal valuable information.  She should have stopped when she answered the question, "How far?"  By speaking of her 'missing' child in the past tense, she showed police that she knew that Hailey was deceased.  Police had not told her anything to this point to lead her to believe that Hailey was deceased. 

Principle:  When someone goes beyond the boundary of the question, the information given is sensitive to the subject; vital to the investigators. 

Next, Nancy Grace said,
"Miss Dunn, tell me what happened."

Dunn:  "Hailey went missing while I was at work."

Dunn was asked "what" happened, but answered "when", instead, showing the need to establish that whatever happened to Hailey, even though no time had been established, had to have happened while the mother was at work; not after 5PM, or at night, but during work hours.  This set priority.  

Statement Analysis:  Dunn was not asked "when" this happened, but "what happened?" but went outside the boundary of the question to answer. 

Principle:  When someone goes beyond the boundary of the question, the information given is sensitive to the subject; vital to the investigators.  

The best question for any investigation is "What happened?" because it forces the subject into the Free Editing Process, that is, the subject can freely choose her own words, and can begin her story wherever she wants to begin it.  We always listen for the first sentences of an answer as it shows priority.  For Dunn, her priority was to make sure, first and foremost, that Nancy Grace and the American audience knew that whatever it is that happened to Hailey, happened while she was at work.  This is indicative of alibi building.  It shows a need to immediately distance herself from the event.  She could have begun her story anywhere, instead, she began it with an alibi. 

The child is dead and the mother is in need of an alibi.  This was known since the first 5 minutes of Billie Dunn's appearance on the Nancy Grace Show.  

Note that Billie Dunn spends her time disparaging anyone who dares question her story, rather than playing the role of the mother that cares only for her daughter and could not care less about what anyone says.  This was the same pattern that Lance Armstrong used for 10 years until it caught up to him.  It was not enough to lie, but he used diversion as a tactic, condemning anyone who dared question his story.  Dunn does the same on social media. 

Dunn lifted her story, just as she told Nancy Grace, from the true crime library about a girl who goes for a sleepover and is murdered.  

In this initial show, she also implicated her young boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, in the death of Hailey. 

This is something law enforcement knows, but prosecutors are demanding her remains be found before going to trial.  

There is no "breaking news" and Big Country's staff has not "uncovered" anything.  

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins failed their polygraphs. 
Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins were into drugs.
Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins were found in possession of 109,000 deviant pornographic images, serial killer literature and bestiality, child porn, and home made porn. 
Shawn Adkins previously threatened them, but Dunn moved him in anyway.  

If the private investigator has training, he will recognize that the first five minutes of the first television appearance on The Nancy Grace Show gives him what he needs to know to crack the case.  He will then be faced with an ethical dilemma since he is working for the mother.  

Eventually, Hailey's own grandmother, Connie, said on national television, that Hailey was killed after being sexually assaulted by Shawn Adkins.  11 times the story was covered, with each time Billie Dunn being caught and seen as deceptive, only to return to more humiliation as she attempted to press her story.  

Sexual violence, drugs, failed polygraphs and a 'missing' 13 year old girl all spelled doom for Hailey.  

They remain the only named "Persons of Interest" in the case and investigators only need to know where Adkins, on the morning that he drove to work to show his face for five minutes, dumped the body.  This is their only remaining mystery.  


Anonymous said...

If the PI is legit, maybe BJD will lead him to the bones of Hailey.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Good point, Anonymous.

If the P.I. has training, or common sense, he will know that in the first 5 minutes of the Nancy Grace Show, Billie Dunn 'solved' the case for investigators.


impulsive said...

I'm hoping he turns out like Tom Grant (who was hired by Courtney Love to investigate Kurt Cobain's death) He knew something was up and actually called out Courtney on it + publicly accused her of wrongdoing. That would be fantastic in this case.

Anonymous said...

It won't matter whether the PI is legit ot not, BJD is NOT going to lead the PI to Hailey's bones. Hasn't she already proved that she's smarter than everyone else on the planet, and is a crafty liar who will carry her lies to the grave and beyond? She will die lying and denying. The PI is just another front and a minion to her.

She will, and has already, made a fool out of him. Just the mere fact that he took her on in support of her proves once again how clever she is. To this much I'll give her credit, she has already proved she is smarter than he is.

Anonymous said...

There IS one thing I disagree about with Connie Jones' statement that Shawn Adkins raped and killed Hailey, and that is; not by himself, he didn't. Miz Jones leaves out Billie Jean's part in Hailey's rape and violent death. Although he did it, they both did; Shawn Adkins did NOT act alone.

Billie was right there and was just as involved in Hailey's death as Shawn was. Anyone who thinks she WASN'T involved is kidding themselves. BJD would have had no reason to lie and cover up for Shawn Adkins all this time had she NOT been involved herself; when all she would have had to say is: "I was asleep. I don't know what Shawn did to her"; OR "I was at work. How could I know what Shawn did to her, all I know is what he told me" BUT NO, she came out lying for the BOTH of them right from the beginning.

That is the one thing LE should have kept well in mind when Shawn said "you need to look at the both of us."

Connie Jones is conveniently covering up her OWN guilt and the knowledge that she already KNEW that Hailey was scared to death of Shawn, WHICH she ignored; so just what ELSE is Miz Jones hiding, that Hailey was ALSO afraid of her mother? And what is she conveniently hiding that might also reveal some guilty knowledge her own son Clint might be hiding? It is all too convenient for Miz Connie Jones to have blamed it all on Shawn Adkins.

Anonymous said...

If only Shawn would speak up even now, tell the truth about what he and Billie did to Hailey that night, lead LE to her disposal/dumping ground and fully expose Billie's part in her daughter's brutal murder;

I believe it might go easier on Shawn than it would if he continues to maintain his silence; thereby ALSO allowing Billie to get away with Hailey's murder, but NOT easier on Billie if Shawn would tell the truth about Billie's part in Hailey's death.

BostonLady said...

Here is a new article with quotes from Billie Jean Dunn regarding social media support. So far Billie has been proclaiming "MY p.i." when the p.i. has stated he is working for HAILEY and HAILEY only. But to Billie it's about her. Now she is quoted saying about the social media = "They've done so much" "They've been supportive of ME"

It's all about Billie, still. Almost 2 years later, nothing has changed.


From news and updates, to calls for help and prayer, social media has been a driving force keeping the search efforts for Hailey Dunn alive.

Multiple Facebook pages titled "Find Hailey Dunn" and "Hope for Hailey" have gathered thousands of "likes" from all over Texas, and the nation.

Giving everyone a chance to stay connected in the latest efforts, and keeping Hailey on everyone's mind.

"They've done so much," said Billie Dunn, Hailey's mother. "They've been supportive of me."

From media coverage to YouTube photo-montages on Facebook, Billie Dunn says it's been extremely helpful in the search to find her daughter.

"Mostly fundraising, support. They found the P.I. for me," Billie explained. "They do so much research themselves on all these new ideas. They always working on getting some scent dogs brought in. They're constantly working behind the scenes."

But social media freedom also means all sides, and all opinions can be posted.

As long as she's still missing, social media groups and Facebook pages alike will continue in their efforts.

Anonymous said...

When we mention the name Sonjia Renee, Billie Dunn first says she doesn't know the name, but the she changes her mind.

Billie said, "No, even the Sonjia name is new to me, it's recent with in the last couple of weeks, I just dont know much about these people."

concerning the letter;

Billie continues to say, "It sounds like she is talking about Hailey and it sounds like she has seen her. There is so many other people, I had heard that the number was in the seventies of people who said I've seen Hailey and they gave writen statements. I understand if law enforcement can't comfirm that with me becasue they dont want us to let it out there that they're on to these people, I dont know. It fits in to everything that I am worried about. I think we are close, I think we are going to get her back."

Unknown said...

So sad thankyou for keeping Hailey in mind an thanks to the commentaters .I feel a break round a bout the festive season involveing more violence on Adkins part will give the investigaters the break they need to move foward in this case.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

WESTMINSTER, Colo. – Police are saying that the abduction and killing of a 10-year-old girl in suburban Denver this month is connected to a kidnapping attempt against a young woman earlier this year.

Authorities aren't releasing any details about that link but Westminster investigator Trevor Materasso said Tuesday that they're looking for a suspect in connection with both cases that they describe as "a light-skinned man" between 18 and his mid-30s of average height and build.

Jessica Ridgeway disappeared Oct. 5 after leaving for school. Her body was found five days later in a nearby field.

And police say a 22-year-old woman reported escaping from an attacker who grabbed her from behind and put a rag over her mouth that had a chemical smell as she was jogging past Jessica's school in May.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/10/23/police-say-abduction-and-killing-10-year-old-girl-linked-to-attempted-abduction/#ixzz2A8jaryUW

MsCabinFever said...

Peter, I have a question about this answer given when asked how far Hailey had to walk to her friend's house:

Billie Dunn: "Four or five blocks. It wasn't unusual for Hailey to walk that far. She wasn't allowed to walk at night..."

You have said when extra info is added that it should be considered sensitive. Well, if Hailey left @315pm as they said then why the need to mention walking at night? It is obvious that it is daylight at 3pm anywhere.

Does "walk" stand for tension the same as "sit" "stand" etc?

Apple said...

Hobs- i read about that. They matched the perp's DNA to both crime scenes.

Anonymous said...

“Every day that they don’t find something is good for me.“ Billie Dunn

it's hard to pick just ONE strange statement that BD makes! haha

Ladyluck WI said...

Bonnie Blue 12:38... what a GREAT point!!!
Anonymouse 12:51.... wow. monster!

Ladyluck WI said...

My other thought about PI saying he doesn't care about what happend to her, just finding her, is like an invitation to those who hold guilty knowledge that they can come forward with it instead of fearing all the trouble they could be in. depending on who knows what they might get in trouble still but like i said its an invitation that eases their fears for the moment and they might give something up. the only problem is that theres a good chance billie and shawn are the only ones who know something. although i have to believe the younger brother and shawn's family might have seen or heard something strange but maybe its already been reported and nothing else can come from it

Anonymous said...

Heavens Possie, You "feel"? Why are you forcasting that LE will get a break during festivities performed by Shawn around Halloween time?

Ewwww... Are you claimig to be psychic or some such nonsense.

Lemon said...

Boston said:
"It's all about Billie, still. Almost 2 years later, nothing has changed."

An excellent point Boston.

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented on FB for ages, and had stopped reading all of this until a couple of months ago. Billie Dunn is commenting on certain FB pages, answering questions and I find that intriguing.

Billie said in the beginning that on Sunday the 26th, it was a normal day and they all had lunch/supper at home and just lazed about. However, someone commented on FB recently that Hailey had been talking to and texting a Cindy (her aunt?) that day and it was said that Shawn, at the same time, was concurrently sending obscene photos to this same aunt from his phone. The original poster said that this aunt asked Haiey if it was Shawn's # and Hailey said it was. Then the poster said this aunt Cindy said she could hear a big fight on the phone when she called back to talk to Billie. This Cindy aunt, then came to FB (this was in the last few days) and said she never said she talked to Billie, but told Hailey to have her mother call her when she got home. Some astute poster asked what she meant by "when Billie got hom" and where had she been and for how long...because Billie had said no one went anywhere that day (during or after the 2pm lunch).

Then this aunt retracted that part about asking Hailey to have her mom call her when she got home. She then couldn't remember exactly what she said. (???) Also, an excerpt from an older issue of OK magazine was posted wherein another aunt Theresa was quoted as saying Hailey had a huge fight with her mom several days before she disappeared and she told her she did not want to go home. Then this Theresa aunt came to the FB group and said OK magazine lied and that that happened the day before Hailey disappeared (which was also Sunday the 26th). Another astued poster asked where was Hailey when she spoke with this aunt Theresa and told her she was afraid to go home (on the 26th --day before she officially went missing--which was Monday) and Bilie will not answer that question or the other. She accuses people of hounding her, but it has not escaped the notice of several people that she has not answered these questions. Sunday appears to be sensitive. The one aunt confirmed Shawn did send photos of his private parts and wanted to talk to Billie but she neve did. She said she received a text from Billie's phone saying she didn't have enough minutes left and the pics where intended for her. Shawn also sent her a text apologizing and saying the same thing. An astute poster asked Billie if she was indeed at home at that time and the photos were intended for her, whey didn't she just walk into the bathroom where Shawn was and look at his private parts in person.

Also, when I came back to reading the FB pages, I noticed there was much emphasis being placed on the reward money, including by Billie.

Most importantly, it was posted by a few people who have been researching since the beginning,that they have been handing over all their research to billie's family members who told them they were giving it to Billie who would then give it to LE. (WHAT???) Billie said she never got any of it!!! (Huh???)

Also, Billie was right there on FB asking searchers if they had searched the lake area? (HUH?) Have searchers been telling her where they've been searching all along and everyone else giving her other info???

Anonymous said...

I just want to say again,when I found out about the letter,when victor read parts of it to me,he did not tell me the tragic ending. I got my hopes up & it was completely shocking to me to find out the being talked about was overdosed. I won't stop looking for answers,I am far from giving up hope. Clint & I do have eachothers backs,he has just been understandably depressed & not wanting to talk about this. When we meet with FBI this week I will not be able to discuss what happend in this meeting,just please understand finding Hailey is what is most important. I am very upset that Ktab felt releasing this news was more important than Hailey's safety. If there was any truth to that letter,if Hailey is alive then Ktab completely jeopardized her safety. I'll never give up,I will get answers no matter what it takes. This was just one of thousands of tips that LE says was a dead end. I want answers,I want my daughter.
Thank u. Don't stop with the prayers & never accept that there are no answers!

Ladyluck WI said...

"I won't stop looking for answers,I am far from giving up hope"

Stated in the negative and should say "not far" from giving up hope due to extra language.

never accept that there are no answers the repetitiveness of the "no answers" seems like she is trying to shift blame on police for "not doing their job"

sounds like elizabeth johnson

Apple said...


Anonymous said...

Answers to what, I missed the question. She won't stop looking for "answers" but she should be looking for is her daughter!

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

Two teenage brothers were charged Tuesday with murdering a 12-year-old girl who had been missing since the weekend, prompting a frantic search by her small hometown until her body was found stuffed into a home recycling bin.

The boys' mother played a part in cracking the case involving Autumn Pasquale, Gloucester County prosecutor Sean Dalton said at a news conference. She came forward with information about a posting on a son's Facebook account, leading police to the boys, Dalton said.

The girl died in a manner consistent with strangulation, he said. She had been riding her bicycle before she disappeared and was lured to the boys' house, where belongings including her bicycle were found, Dalton said. There were no signs of sexual assault.

Three teenage brothers live at the home, said, Na'eem Williams and Jodie Robinson, both 16. One of the teens in the home traded BMX bike parts, according to a young man, Corey Hewes, 19, who said he was among those who traded with him.

The house was a place where teens frequently hung out and had parties, some neighbors said.

Autumn's body was found around 10 p.m. Monday in the bin just blocks from her house and from Borough Hall, where thousands of people gathered earlier in the evening for a tearful candlelight vigil to pray for her safe return.

"The search for Autumn is over," Dalton said Tuesday. He called Clayton a safe community but said parents should continue to keep close watch on their children.

The girl's great-uncle, Paul Spadofora, thanked the community for its help in the search. The victim's parents did not attend.

"There's evil everywhere, even in the small town of Clayton," Spadofora said.

Crime scene investigators arrived shortly before 9 a.m. in the neighborhood where the body was found.

But Tuesday was trash collection day, and many residents had dragged their trash cans and recycling bins to the curb the night before. The covered recycling bins are collected by an automated truck that picks them up and dumps the contents into the back.

Police barricaded the block, and friends and neighbors came by to see. Some mothers said they were keeping their kids out of school for the day. Even before the body was found, students reported that Spirit Week had been canceled because of the sorrow.

One young man rode a bike up, sat on a porch of a home and cried, then biked away.

Clayton Mayor Thomas Bianco walked to the scene, cried, hugged a police officer and gave a brief statement to the gathered reporters.

"You hear about it in other places but never think it would happen in our little town," he said.

Howard Kowgill, 60, who lives in town and, like many, knows members of Autumn's family, said the discovery of the body changes the nature of the town.

"Until they find out who did it, you don't let your kids out," he said.

Autumn was last seen around 12:30 p.m. Saturday pedaling her bike away from the home where she lives with her father, her two siblings, her father's girlfriend and the girlfriend's children, authorities said.

Relatives said they believed she was heading to see a friend, and they became worried only after she did not return by her 8 p.m. curfew.

Sunday morning, her disappearance became not only a crisis but a town-wide cause in Clayton, a town 25 miles south of Philadelphia. Volunteers by the hundred joined the search, scouring malls, nearby towns and passing out fliers.

By Monday evening, officials were thanking the volunteers for their help but asking them to call it a night.

Hundreds of people returned Monday for the vigil. Spadofora, the great-uncle, said he hoped the town could gather again a week later, with Autumn back, with candles to mark her birthday.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/10/23/teenage-brothers-15-and-17-charged-in-death-nj-missing-since-weekend/#ixzz2AAEys9lf

MsCabinFever said...

OT: Kyron Horman's civil trial, Terri Horman's friend pleads 5th

Unknown said...

Heavens Possie, You "feel"? Why are you forcasting that LE will get a break during festivities performed by Shawn around Halloween time?

Ewwww... Are you claimig to be psychic or some such nonsense.

October 23, 2012 1:29 PM
No I have no time for phycics..My feelings are based on human nature an insticts tell me..The Festive season an holidays are known to highten tension .Billie is used to holding her emotions in check ...Adkins is going to act out some how some where an within the next few months just an educated prediction not a vision or an such balony ..

Lemon said...


It appears your post is a quote today made by Billie Jean Ostrander on Waiting For Justice for Our Girl H.D. facebook page.

Anonymous said...


and here is the video of the interview with this lady:

Unknown said...

In Billie's statement are the words, "there are no answers." That would be a true statement since she and Shawn will never admit the truth.

Anonymous said...

New video of Billie

You may already have this, but just in case...

Anonymous said...

This PI can make whatever kind of hypocritical statements he wants too, now that he's been found to be a hypocrite, claiming he's representing Hailey, but that is not what he said when he and Billie first took on each other.

While Billie was swooning that she'd hired a PI to find Hailey; he SAID something to the affect that he was on board to help Billie find Hailey, (don't have the exact quote in front of me), that Billie was just a mother who wanted to find her daughter. He BELIEVES HER?

Now he makes it appear his efforts are all for Hailey who can't even speak for herself. Liar. AND an idiot. If it's non-consequental to him when and HOW Hailey died, at whose hands and where she was dumped, how the hell does he ever expect to find her?

He has no beginning reference point from where to begin without some knowledge of what happened to Hailey. He believes Billie's lies, that Hailey ran away, somebody snatched her? He's going to visit all the brothel houses in Mexico and peep under the covers?

He SURE won't get any honest info from Billie Dunn, his pro bono client. What? Does he think Hailey's just wandering around out there waiting to be found, or standing on a corner near Greyhound for almost two years? He's going to walk right up to her like she's been standing there waiting just for him all this time? Fool.

Anonymous said...

The pictures that Shawn sent to Cindy Glasco on Sunday the 26th are VERY sensitive to Billie Dunn. She has publicly stated that she never left home that day, yet she clearly wasn't home when Cindy was texting Hailey and when she received the obscene texts from Shawn. He also clearely knew who he was sending the texts to since he mentioned Cindy by name in the texts. Billie was asked if Hailey told her to call and she said no (on fb). She is beign very vague and not answering questions about her ACTUAL whereabouts that day. Her new found "fame" among a handful of admirers on fb is truly difficult to watch ... (and yet I continue to watch anyway.) While I believe Billie is emboldened by her merry band of followers, I also believe there is an increasing fear. There are still people asking pointed questions and she doesn't address them -- only the ones she feels more comfortable answering. I also believe the attacks on Shawn -- should they continue -- may cause him to snap and start talking. He's not getting the support Billie does is receiving. "Her PI" appears to have most of his experience in the area of debt collection. I'm not criticizing him for "taking" the case, but it's more of a hobby for him. Also, Billie does occasionally slip and refer to her daughter in the past tense no matter how hard she tries.

Anonymous said...

OT Arrest in death of Jessica Ridegeway


Anonymous said...


raw interview of Billie's latest interview
it's interesting

Anonymous said...

I went to the link of Billie have this man tell her that someone has seen Hailey. (He doesn't mention that it was a year ago that this woman supposedly saw Hailey).

When he said this woman saw Hailey, I was waiting for Billie to burst out in to tears with excitement at the thought that there was a "live" sighting ....

I am still waiting ....

Peter, please listen to her statements concerning David...could he have known all along what really happened?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:58. She didn't even ask if the police had checked it out.

Anonymous said...

She didn't even have a reaction when she was told this Callahan lady might have been staying at the house in Dunn.

BostonLady said...

Peter, you made the Texas news.


The popular blog seamusoriley.com has had close to 7 million views. It analysis cases, word for word, and uses statement analysis to read between the lines.

The author has broken down transcripts from JonBenet Ramsey, Casey Anthony and Billie Dunn.

On August 26, the blog author analyzed Billie Dunn's first appearance on Nancy Grace from January 3, 2011, just days after the disappearance of her 13 year old daughter.

"Grace: Miss Dunn, how far did she have to go to get to the little sleepover?
Dunn: Four to five blocks. It wasn't rare for Hailey to walk a short distance during the daylight. She wasn't allowed out after dark especially to walk..."

The analysis emphasizes Billie Dunn's use of past tense verbs and flatly states that she has "alerted those listening carefully that the child is dead and that she is withholding information."

"Grace: Tell me what happened the day she went missing Miss Dunn.
Dunn: She went missing on Monday while I was at work."

The author states that this is a rehearsed alibi building statement.

Although these views are cleanly that of personal opinion and do not reflect facts, it's this negative media that gets the attention of not only the average social media fanatic but also that of the possible suspects.

"The people who we suspect are involved are closely monitoring everything that's going on," says Mac Sanford, Billie Dunn's private investigator.

Mr. Sanford doesn't believe the internet affects cases in a positive way, claiming that, "it's just a cesspool of rumors and misinformation. So there's a lot of opinions on there, flying around."

He urges people to get off line and help support the Dunn family.

"Billie and the Dunn family need your support. They need prayer, they need verbal support. They're coming across online, they're getting tons of negative reactions online just from the way the case has been handled so far, to no fault of their own," he says.

Whether the internet is viewed in a good or bad light, it is present now more than ever. Perhaps in the future the internet will become a more consistent tool of facts but for now, public opinion rules the virtual wave.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the raw video of the interview with Billie Dunn and Victor from KTab. I am shocked at the lack of reaction Billie had when Victor was reading the letter. She stopped the cameras to talk to him and came back as flat as she was before.

If it were me and I would have been shaking,screaming, begging Victor to tell me what he knows. Billie sat there and nodded her head and then started in again on LE slamming the FBI, FBI slamming the DA investigators. Why would she even think about that? Why wouldn't her one thought be HAILEY???

Someone asked Billie on FB:

I find it interesting that Sonja Callahan was living at Shawn's grandmother's house in Dunn. I wonder if she's a friend of Carla Norwood Rodriguez.

Billie's response: Sonja is no connection to shawns family,I believe it was said just to be able to throw shawns name in it

I notice Billie said in present tense, Sonja "is" no connection instead of "has" no connection. Is she being deceptive by keeping it in the present when the connection was supposedly 2 years ago?

Where is Hailey??