Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Statement Analysis of Dennis Dechaine

In "what happened", the need to say "why" is highly sensitive.  The innocent do not need to explain why they did anything.  They tell us early and often that they did not do it.  If confronted with something unexplained, they do not feel the burden to explain anything because they did not do it and will tell us so.  

Dennis Dechaine killed Sarah Cherry and his supporters continue to lobby for a new trial.  
These remarks were taken from Dechaine’s supporters’ website, “Trial and Error.”
I hope to publish Statement Analysis from the trial transcripts.  In being interviewed for the documentary, you can wait for Dechaine to tell you that he didn't do it, but you'll out wait the show. 

Applying the same principles applied in all cases will show much.   Dechaine says a great deal, and complains about a lot, but it is expected that the innocent will say so, early and often and will care little for explanations of anything.  His transcripts will indicate the sensitivity in the places that implicate him in the crime.  "They got the wrong man" he said.  

Oh my God, it should never have happened. … Why did I do this?”
I went home and told my wife that I did something bad and she just laughed at me.”
I told her [my wife] I wouldn’t kill myself; besides that’s the easy way out.”
“Please believe me, something inside must have made me do that. Why would I do this?
didn’t think it actually happened till I saw her face on the news, … then it all came back to me. I remembered it. Why did I kill her? … What punishment could they ever give me that would be equal to what I’ve done.
I feel so bad for her. My God, how must her mother and father feel. It was something inside that must have made me do that.
How can I live with myself again?”
Dechaine later said, "they know that's not what I said" but did not tell us what he said.  

Many who commit crimes wonder, aloud, who, inside of them, did this.  They speak as if another person was living inside of them while they were watching from a distance.  Yet, we listen for the subject, himself, to guide us. 

Always note a question within a statement as often the subject may be speaking to himself, or may be that he is 'in the past' reliving the event.


Jo said...

OT - http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/08/world/americas/mexico-cartel-arrest/index.html

Arrest related to David Hartley.

Anonymous said...

Are you SURE this arrest is related to David Hartley? Read the articles posted on Google and they infer that it is speculation that the arrest of The Squirrel COULD be related to the murder of David Hartley, not that evidence has been found.

The Squirrel killed hundreds of people, so they say, so I suppose he could be branded as being responsible for thousands of unsolved murders. Either him admitting he shot David Hartley, or credible witnesses testifying that they SAW him shoot David Hartley, or other credible evidence is the key, not just media hype and speculation.

Anonymous said...

OT: Liysa Northon, a woman who murdered her husband while he slept, leaving Oregon prison today. Liysa was featured in "Ann Rules Heart Full of Lies''

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic.

This gets better and better :)

A group of McDonald’s employees last month filed a civil lawsuit against a co-worker they say defrauded the Maryland Lottery to avoid having to split the $656 million fortune with them, The Baltimore Sun reported.

Mirlande Wilson, 37, became something of an overnight celebrity when she held a press conference last April claiming to be the winner of the huge jackpot. She told reporters that she hid the ticket at the McDonald’s where she worked, but later said she lost it.

"We won"
- Mirlande Wilson allegedly told a few co-workers after the lotto drawing

McDonald's workers at the time said they had pooled their money together and put Wilson in charge of purchasing the tickets. To be sure, the complaint says Wilson even told a few co-workers that "we won," Courhousenews.com reported, citing the complaint.

Three public school educators, however, called the “Three Amigos,” later claimed the winning ticket, the report said. The McDonald’s employees claim that Wilson conspired with the "Three Amigos" in order to keep a larger chunk of the winnings.

"Since that time, defendant Wilson has repeatedly admitted that those individuals were mere nominees, on her behalf, and that arrangements had been made to ensure that she would later receive nearly all the lottery proceeds," the complaint states, according to Courthousenews.com.

Wilson, for her part, told the Baltimore Sun that the claims in the lawsuit are false.

One of three winning tickets for the record-breaking $656 million prize was sold at a 7-Eleven in Milford Mill. The others were sold in Kansas and Illinois. Kansas officials said Friday that the holder of the winning ticket had come forward and were planning a news conference.

Carole Everett, the Maryland Lottery spokeswoman, reportedly said the lawsuit "sounds like wishful thinking from a group who had their hopes unfairly raised by Wilson in the first place."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/10/09/mcdonald-employees-sue-co-worker-for-alleged-lotto-fraud/?test=latestnews#ixzz28oNQkKrk

Anonymous said...

I am going to go OT here- another senseless child death and the killer gets 90 days Jail!SICKENING, worse yet the baby mom breeder is standing by his side!!.....

Jazzie said...

An investigative reporter's/Press Herald Site of Dechaine case to balance the Trial & Error site:


Anonymous said...

I am convinced that Dennis Dechaine killed Sarah Cherry after seeing the documentary on The Documentary Channel a few weeks ago. I believe he was under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol when he committed the crime. When the cops put him in the back of the police car, they asked him if he had keys to his truck. He said "no" but then realized he had the keys. Instead of giving the keys to the cop, or just keeping them in his pocket, Dechaine tried to hide the keys in between the seat of the cop car. Like they would never find the keys in the police car! It reminds me of when you ask a kid if they have gum in their mouth and they say no, but then swallow it. He wouldn't give the truck keys up because he knew there was evidence in there like the rope and some other items (don't recall now exactly what they were) that were found at the body dumping spot. And why would papers from his truck be found in her driveway in the middle of nowhere? No one wanted to "frame" him. Sorry, Dennis, no one cared enough about you to "frame" you. I can't believe he actually has supporters, but I really can't believe how Sandusky and other bottom-feeding criminals have supporters either.

Anonymous said...

PETER!!! Thank you for covering this case! I also watched the documentary and witnessed the slow coming hype and have come to the conclusion soon-because of these DOCUMENTARIES we will soon the door close on cameras-in the courtroom. Don't get me wrong-I love to be able to see on the inside-however it is becoming clear that after the West Memphis Three Documentaries-The Michael Peterson one and now this-cases are being retried after years of hype by media-these documentaries. People forget things and witnesses die. New ideas form and opinions change. FACTS DO NOT. My thoughts about this purely remain with the victim Sarah. What a horrible loss and tragedy for her family. The horror in this case resides in the angelic being and wonderful life Sarah held. My hearts go out to the family and peace in reminding myself-Lady Justice never forgets.

Anonymous said...

***soon see the doors close-on cases like these


Jeff said...

I just read portions of the transcript from Dechaine's trial. Throughout most of his narrative, he used first person singular in describing his actions while "lost" that day. However, during the longer period wherein Sarah Cherry had disappeared, his testimony changed to "we," as in, "We were losing daylight." After he testified to finding his way out of the woods, he again returned to first person singular. That small segment was a very sudden and statling departure from the rest of his speech. Interesting.

Unknown said...

Peter, I can't remember what you taught about a person who doesn't say "I didn't do it", but, that "I am innocent". I thought I remembered a post covering this, but I can not find it even if I use the search engine. Can you post the link or maybe the explanation is brief? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Drugs. Drugs, drugs, DRUGS. Killer drugs.

BTW, some DO hear voices and respond to those voices, even talk out loud to them. It's no joke folks. They are led totally by evil spirits.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hijack this post to put this here (can't find a contact?), but please pick up this story. Something is fishy, and I would love to know your thoughts. http://www.9news.com/news/local/article/293683/222/Missing-girls-family-breaks-their-silence

Skeptical said...

Hobs, just reading in The Mail online about Sir Jimmy Savile. You always keep us updated on concerning matters on your side of the pond. I have a couple of questions. In his heyday, was he the equivalent of America's Dick Clark and is he now the equivalent of Jerry Sandusky?

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi skeptikal.
I am not sure who Dick Clark is.
Savile started off as a dj on radio 1 and was also a presenter of top of the pops a music show that played songs from that weeks charts.
He then went on to do Jim'll fix it. A tv primarlily for children who would write in with a wish and h would grant it be it driving a train or seeing how candy was made. Each child ( and some adults) would get a Jim fixed it for me badge.
He also was a porter in various hospital and also reknowned for doing a lot of charity work and running marathons to raise funds for sundry charitities which is why he got a knighthood.
Rumors had abounded for years and police had investigated but there was never enough evidence to prosecute which is not the same as no evidence.
It would have been a child's word against his and he knew it.
He was high profile in the BBC, one of their stars and he used that as well as the fact if he was charged or it got out all the charitis he supported would lose money.
It was basically you can't touch me because of all the charities and people that would suffer. It is of note that jonathon king and gary glitter are both convicted paedophiles both were in th music business so would have had ties with savile. There will be more to come out.
The BBC also was known to be male orientated and girls of any age were fair game.
LE have now come out and described him as a predatory paedophile, there is a petition to remove his knighthood posthumously(a first)and his family are removing his gravestone to not offend the families of others buried in the cemetary.
As it stands there is a lot of distancing from him by friends, the BC aand sundry charities. They all knew or suspected but said nothing simply because it was good old jimmy savile, charity worker extraordinaire.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I don't mind off topic comments that look for other cases. Peter

skip said...

Not directed at you, Peter, but I wish this sick freak would stop getting airtime (tv, news)... it was clear years ago he was guilty, and he's created a bizarre following of defenders who enable him to keep torturing the victim's family with release pleas and appeals. Every time he's up for appeal, the family have to relive this all over again.
Even finding the body doesn't mean a family can let their loved one rest in peace.
I am glad you're helping the world to see his guilt, clear as day.

-irritated local

Statement Analysis Blog said...


It was just last week that I was asked (again) to look into it. I know Equinox' blog has had the transcripts up for awhile, but I just have not had the time to look into it. Early this evening, I was going through the transcript when I found the pronoun. Heather said that somewhere in the comments section here, someone else has seen it as well.

I am surprised how many locals are passionate in defending him. He has not only killed, but has messed with people for a long time.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


it is a "Reliable Denial" and it is in three components and it is in a lot of articles.

Unknown said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer Peter, I decided to try again & found it in with one of the A. Knox posts ... but you said it was a weak denial, (especially when she used "we" with it) ... I think I better go back and re-read it.

One more question =) Have you ever done analysis on the West Memphis Three? I found just one transcript of one of the confessions if you are interested in a new project ...


Skeptical said...

Hobs, thank you so much. Dick Clark was the TV host and DJ who got his start in Philadelphia with the show American Bandstand. He played the hit records of the week and local teenagers came to the studio to dance and be seen on TV.

Anonymous said...

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