Sunday, October 14, 2012

Will Lance Armstrong Now Face Prison?

The USADA said the 41-year-old Armstrong, who won the Tour de France seven times, was part of the "most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping program that sport has ever seen".

From 1998 until now, Lance Armstrong has pummeled anyone who dared intimate that he used performance enhancing drugs.

He, and his team, would characterize the subject in a variety of negative ways.  In one case, he took the young, 29 year old female team assistant from Ireland, Emma O'Reilly who's job duties ranged from massage, laundry, to transporting drugs across borders, as an alcoholic prostitute, and filed a suit against her when she finally spoke to David Walsh who went on to write, "LA Confidential" exposing the vast conspiratorial nature of Armstrong's network of drugging.  He filed suit against her, as he not only threatened, but carried out against her and others.  He won an "apology" from Walsh's magazine.

More here on Emma O'Reilly

"If you say I used, I will sue you" was not an idle threat.  Armstrong's massive fortune allowed him to go ahead with these threats and file suits in which those named could not afford to defend themselves in prolong litigation.  It was a tactic of the wealthy.

While witnesses were tied up in court, he had his people slander their names and make sure their livelihood was threatened.

He told Greg Lemond that he would pay 10 riders to say they saw him drug.  This, after threatening his life, his wife, kids, and business.

Armstrong donated a fortune to the cycling body that oversaw drug testing so they could 'purchase' sophisticated equipment to catch users.  In return, he had flunked tests thrown out, and always had ample time to take saline to balance his test results out. Whether it was an hour's advance notice of a "random" test, or secret payoffs and silence that was both broad and deep, Armstrong's money allowed him to bully and pummel his critics into oblivion.

Will he now face law suits?

Take a look at the comments regarding David Walsh's book at Amazon where "book reviews" show that the writers did not read the book, yet decried the book as fraudulent.

What may be of interest to readers here is this:

Lance Armstrong earned his money off the suffering he caused others.  He lied, repeatedly, but then went to the "next step" of lying which reveals a certain character:

The threat.

We have seen this before.

The deceptive person can bear all sorts of insult.  "Druggie, immoral, neglectful..." and so on, but cannot bear being revealed as a liar; therefore, they strike back, even if it means their own demise.

The sociopathic liar will file suit against the exposer, even if it means his (or her) ruin under oath:  perjury, or worse, being forced to admit guilt.

Someone accused of murder, for example, who appears to have 'gotten away with it' is seen as a drug addict, immoral, vile deviant.  No problem.


expose her lies and...she threatens law suit.  Should she go forward with a lawsuit, she would be forced to answer questions under oath, while law enforcement listens carefully, ready to pounce in the murder case.

She may cut off her nose to spite her face.

So it is with Lance Armstrong.

He was not content with denying allegations with lies and unreliable denials.  He had to go further.  He had to vilify and malign anyone who dared speak out against him.

He did not stop there.

It was not enough to say "he's already a convicted liar and a user", Armstrong had to go further and use his money bought influence to harm his accusers' ability to earn a living.

He would 'tear the legs off' his rivals; on the bike and off.

This is indicative of a sociopathic personality where one cannot bear being seen as deceptive.

Will those he sued, pummeled, punished, and maligned now file law suits against him.

I think so.  Next:

Will Armstrong face jail time?

*Intimidated witnesses
*Used Federal money (USPS) for drugs
*sought others to perjure
*transported drugs across state lines
*international drug across national borders

The federal prosecutors who suddenly dropped the case are now red-faced:  how do they defend their decision when:

11 Teammates gave eye witness accounts, including Armstrong's best and closest friends?

The drug tests, themselves, can always be challenged as tainted.  This was successfully done by Ryan Braun, the major league baseball player who continues to benefit from the muscle built by drugs.  (see statement analysis of his 'denial'.)

Marion Jones went to jail, and so could Lance Armstrong.

Donates went up in the days following the announcement, but may now, with the release of the 1,000 page document, change dramatically as the ugliest of details and the depth of deception is seen.

Perjury, alone, could give Armstrong 5 years in prison, but it is difficult to, at this time, even number the crimes that he is alleged to have committed or conspired to commit, nationally and internationally.

Among investigators, including the Dept. of Justice, Armstrong will face insurance fraud investigators, due to payouts made on the premise that Armstrong was not using.

The cost of deception?  The drive to be number one?

The USADA said the 41-year-old Armstrong, who won the Tour de France seven times, was part of the "most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping programme that sport has ever seen".
This could lead to sophisticated, professional and ultimately successful investigation into doping in sports that we have ever seen.


Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

I'm watching the numpty plannig on setting a world record leaping from a ballon and breaing the sound barrier with nothing but a spacesuit and reinforced undies.

I wonder when the wheeee will become arggggggggh followed by oh crap oh crap oh crap...

if it were me i wouldn't just be sponsored by red bull (it gives you wings)but also persil, clorax and stain devils hehe

Anonymous said...

I hope all the drugging and doping was worth it to Lance.... maybe those hormonal supplements contributed to his testicular cancer? That may come back (as cancers often do) to bite him in the fanny. Karma, baby, karma.

Anonymous said...

He should be prosecuted and serve time for his crimes. If there's any cause for reimbursing restitution, he should have to do that too.

He's no better than Marion Jones and a host of others who've comittted some of the same crimes, only worse. But he probably won't since he's still very wealthy.

Have you ever noticed how so many of them get away with their crimes, including murder? Then some only serve the minimum amount of time. (I knew one who deliberately plotted and killed his wife with drugs who was never even investigated. His attys and the county coroner made sure to have records altered and hidden. He was their fair-haired boy. I know, I saw the records, also read her diary).

The one big IF that Armstrong might be prosecuted is that IF the cockroaches get hold of him (and they WILL;, they will use it as a way to bleed him dry, THEN he might find himself serving a little time after there's no longer any money they can squeeze out of him. THEN and only then, they will throw up their hands and quit. It's going to get interesting, watching how fast and deviously they can scramble around. BUT, that's just my opinion.

Amaleen6 said...

And Depends adult diapers, lol!

Skeptical said...

Prosecute them all. Lance, the doctors who provided the drugs, the riders on the team. I am tired of people getting away with crimes because they are willing to testify for the prosecution. Prosecute them all, find them guilty and administer the appropriate sentences. They all said yes to drugs.

Tania Cadogan said...

A lot of depends with Scooby motifs

impulsive said...

OT: from the "Waiting on Justice for Our Girl H.D." facebook page today:

Waiting On Justice For Our Girl H.D.
I have question sent in for Billie and I am going to start posting them again. Here is one

Billie do you know why people believe that you and Hailey got into a fight the night she disappeared and what the fight was suppose to be about?
Like · · Share · 15 minutes ago

Kara Conner omg.
11 minutes ago · Like · 1

Billie Jean Ostrander No Idk why ppl believe that or what it was suppose to be about,but it never happened. Being mother & child,we disagree,but nothing went wrong that night,noone was fighting or arguing. Ppl tt her on the phone & said she was happy & LE said xbox took pics of her laughing & smiling. We we're happy campers,actually this was all Sunday. I didn't even see her Monday night,the night she went missing.
10 minutes ago via mobile · Like · 3

Interesting she says all this about "the night she disappeared" only to correct herself afterward...

Anonymous said...

Of course it never happened. Hailey was on her computer. Billie Jean & Shawn drugged Hailey and dragged her into their bedroom and in a drugged induced frenzy they viciously/violently raped her to death while they forced her to watch violent videos.

Knowing what they'd done, they wraped and dragged her body out to Shawn's car where they stashed her in the trunk for the rest of the night, then Shawn hauled her off and dumped her the next morning bright and early; THAT IS, if he/they hadn't already dumped her during the night to avoid any lasting decomp odors eminating from the car or the house.

Most likely they dumped her that same night and Shawn went back out to the dumping ground the next morning and took care of making sure she'd never be found.

No one can EVER convince me that Billie wasn't involved in Hailey's brutal death. She's a liar.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, ever since I saw the video of Lance blowing off his daughter I have not had a hard time believing the allegations against him. His true character (or lack thereof) was totally revealed. What an arrogant piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:10 PM I agree! What he did was so cold-hearted towards his daughter. What a complete jerk! And a liar! It seems that his dopping has altered his personality and he has become passive aggressive towards others. I'm sure he is an embarrassment to his family for what he has put them through and also with his fans as well. Lance is finally getting what he deserves. Your crimes will always come to a haulting stop when the truth comes out. He isn't as smart as he thought he was. IMHO

Lily said...

OT: have you done an SA on Robbie Walters? I saw a segment on 48 hours last night about him. He's a piece of work. Scary young man.

Jazzie said...

Watched an episode of MASH tonight - "The Best of Enemies"
Quote from Col. Potter:
"The only thing worse than a pervert is a cheat."

Periwinkle Paisley said...

God what a huge mess that all is. And for what?

Anonymous said...

Right you are Periwinkle. All those years of hard work down the drain, all for nothing. Now he will lose it all, never to recapture any of it. Sad loss. Likely quite a few others will too. Lives, careers, health and years wasted.

Anonymous said...

He hides behind LiveStrong as if he should get a pass.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Skeptical. They should ALL be presecuted, lose their benefits, trophies, and endorsements, given fines and serve sentences whether they cut deals with the prosecution or not. Perhaps lighter sentences for those who come forward, like those that now witness against Lance but who also comitted doping crimes themselves.

There is no other way to stop these athletic doping crimes once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:10, 10/14, I see what you mean. OMG, WHAT an A-hole. Complete jerk. There is NO WAY he didn't see his little daughter standing there holding out a medal to him, and not hear her yelling "dad, dad". He walked right by her, could have touched her, could have stopped to hug her, could have picked her up.

All he cared about was basking in his own glory. Even as she ran behind him calling out to him, he acts like she's not even on the face of the planet. He was ashamed of her! How very humiliating for this child, shunned by her own father publically.

I can just imagine how he demeans her off the tracks too, his own flesh and blood daughter. The b'stard! I hope he gets his full payback when he's sitting behind bars; hoping that he DOES land behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Lance Armstrong is an arrogant bully who is reaping exactly what he has sown. Karma will not be mocked.

No wealth or position can long endure unless built upon Truth and Justice ~Napoleon Hill

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure how true this statement is, Anon @ 12:04 a.m. I've known some who were quite wealthy, were deceiful and dishonet, continued in it to the grave then left their wealth to their close-knit heirs who also continued in their wealth, dishonsety and deceit. It doesn't seem to stop with many of the masses.

Napoleon must have meant beyond the grave?

Anonymous said...

Did you also notice the reason for the "fight" that didn't happen that day?
Post from Cindy, relative of BD: "the sunday before Hailey went missing me and Hailey were texting off and on all day.i was at the park fishing with my boy and a friend.i got a text from a 325 area code asking me if i wanted to share dirty pics. i said who is this?they said do u want to or not.again i said who is this.they said u know me cindy. then i started getting obscene pics of some dudes private parts.i showed my male friend whom i was fishing with.before i could even text back they had sent a total of 5 or 6 pics.i said i was gonna call the police if they didnt leave me alone.they so oh i guess you didnt want to play.i said who is this.they said lets just say its Casey..i was i looked at the pics again and noticed that they were taken in Billies bathroom.i called hailey and asked her what SA number was.she told me and it was the same number.i told her to tell billie to call me when she got home.around 8 i got a text that said this is billie i cant talk cause im almost out of minutes.i told her what happened.she said that SA meant to send them to her.then i get a text from SA number saying the same thing.i texted back one was. prick.i have 2 witnesses that saw all the pics and texts.also the texas rangers and FBI Agent sorry.i dont kbow how he got my number.i never liked sorry Billie. bur thats what happened Sunday at 8:48pm via mobile · Like · 1"
BD's response: "I never messaged her either. I was told by LE it was one pic. Idc how many pics it was,all I care about is she doesn't need to say she spoke to me,bc she didn't & she didn't hear me & Hailey fighting bc that didn't happen
Sunday at 8:58pm via mobile · Like"
Yeah, so there. She didn't care that he was sending all the pictures of his private parts to her relatives, what she cares about is that Cindy better not say she talked with BD. Got it? That's what's really important here! Sheesh.

I thought it was interesting to now have a glimpse in to Hailey's last few hours, the beginning of the end, and it's plain to see what was on Shawn's mind (not that there was much of a doubt already). BD claims she was not the one to respond to the relative & didn't know about the pictures until LE told her about one that was sent. The relative goes back then to insist she was positive it was 5 or 6 pictures. I doubt it was phone numbers that Shawn was quickly erasing before handing his phone in to LE...

To actually see what is possibly the start of the demise in black & white is sad and disturbing all over again.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon @ 11:34 AM :-)

Judgements based on what we are "told" by others is a very narrow and shallow judgement. We can't possibly know all the intimate details of someone's personal life and mind, and what we are told by the media and history books is often 99% hype.

I trust Napoleon's statement because I trust the power of truth to always make itself evident. And just for fun, do a little research on how many "wealthy" people either commit suicide or die under "mysterious circumstances." It's pretty interesting......

brosnanfan said...

IF there is any justice in the world, Armstrong will serve time. However...he is rich and famous, and often that is enough.

I would love to hear from his ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response Anon @5:05 p.m., but you failed to understand that I said I KNEW some wealthy who had gotten away with their deceit and dishonesty til their death and then their heirs continued in the dishonesty and deceit. Add criminal activities to that. I said KNEW them. I did not say I read or heard about them. And there are MANY, not all, but many. I have no criticism to make of the wealthy just because they are wealthy as I'm sure many of them earned every dime they accrued.

Yes, it is true that some wealthy commit suicide, and some die under mysterious circumstances, but it is no more true for them than it is for those of lesser means, and probably considerably less. It is not their wealth per se' that leads them to suicide, it is their lifes' dissapointments, hurts and despondency, sometimes the web they spun themselves, seeing no other way out that leads them to suicide.

I feel sorry for anyone who comes to that crossroads in life and takes the wrong turn. It's because they don't know Jesus, that leads them into this final mistake. IFF they did, they would come to trust Him and NOT take such a drastic step. THAT is the real sorrow of it.

I do not need to do any further research than I've already done, Anon. I trust totally in the magnificent Word of God and none other. I do not trust in Napoleon's statement or any other man made statement, unless God said it first as we are easily deceived. Man does not know the truth unless it comes from God and is revealed by Him. It rains on the just and the unjust; we all come to the same end, that being the dust from which we came. And then the judgment where we all must stand and face this God so many of us defied.

I feel sorry for the wealthy, and others, who do not realize that they got their rewards while on this earth from a God who loved them, but there will be no reward for them in the great everlasting beyond. That is not to be envied, THAT is very sad.

The power of truth does not necessarily make itself evident on this earth, not always and not necessarily in a timely fashion that might have saved lives and souls; not unless one is looking for it and has the knowledge to discern between truth and evil, and even then it is too late to have taken a proper course of action. The power of truth does not come from Napoleon or any other man, it comes from God/Jesus and none other; but man must be able to recognize this to understand the difference between truth, deceit, good and evil.

Over the centuries, there have been many who suffered tragic lives and tragic deaths, never to be revealed or resolved. No truth came forward for them; it didn't then and it never will, not on this earth. I am somewhat into anthropology, it being an interest and a hobby of mine. History and the Bible are full of those for centuries who never received justice or even the acknowdgement of truth while on this earth. It is yet to come, then ALL truth will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right?

I'd love to hear all the nitty gritty details from Lance's ex wife too, Brosnanfan!

Am getting tired of looking at his face in the yellow shirt riding the bicycle. Look at that face. It's starting to sicken me. He looks like a man possessed!

Anonymous said...

Hi again Anon October 17, 2012 4:34 AM

ummmmm. Ohhhh kayyyyy. Touchy much?

You know what you know and I know what I know. I trust the statement.

Anonymous said...

PS Anon October 17, 2012 4:34 AM
It is you who seems to define wealth entirely in terms of money. Seems a bit of a hypocritical perspective for someone who proselytized for several paragraphs... :/

And since you seem to be so blind sided by your narrow vision let me help you out, Napoleon's statement is nothing more than a restatement of the same thing stated in a book I will assume you're familiar with, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap".

Anonymous said...

Okay anon @ 5:49 on 10/17, have it your way, only this: my vision is very broadminded, and not blindsided. I have already looked into all these matters and came back to REAL knowledge. Remember this; Jesus said "take heed that you follow no man lest you both fall into the ditch"; and that's what you are doing, following a man. He said, "Follow me. I am the truth, the light and the way". "He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear". "None cometh to the father but by me". Read the REAL book. It was JESUS who said, "whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap", that was NOT a coined phrase made by Napoleon. Give credibility to the ONE to whom it belongs.

BTW, it was YOU who first brought up the word "wealth" in your first post, giving credit and belief in the statement of a Napoleon, who would appear to be your leader in matters of spirit and philosophy. Next you told me to do a "little research on the wealthy" appropo to suicide. I merely did a take off on the original statements made and quoted by you.

Yep. YOu might say I'm a little touchy when it comes to standing up for Jesus and HIS works, and giving credit to none other; our ONLY way out of this place and beyond. But to each his own.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. Wonder why my last response to you has disappeared. Oh well. It's obvious that your thinking and mine are worlds apart and I don't suffer intolerant religiosity very well. So again, have a great day!!