Sunday, October 14, 2012

"I Didn't Do That" in Statement Analysis

Last month, Psychology Today had an article about "This and That", saying, when someone lies about not doing "that", it means that a "this" exists.  The subject didn't do "that", but did do "this", without "that" being defined.  This violates principle #3 of the reliable denial.  

Here is an example from  politicians.  Note how close they come to issuing a reliable denial but cannot:

Claiming she spent a marathon 12 consecutive days in Albany on “legislative business,” Queens Assemblywoman Vivian Cook pocketed $171 for each reported overnight stay — a total $2,197 in taxpayer money from March 21 to April 1, 2010.
The Legislature was in session just three of those days — and Cook was absent for all three, records show.
Me? You’re kidding! No! I didn’t do that,” she told The Post.

Note the response with a question is a pause due to the sensitive question. 
Note that this is not a reliable denial. 
First Person Singular, "I" is used;
Past Tense Verb, "didn't" is used; but..

She cannot bring herself to identify the specific allegation/event, instead calling it "that"; indicating that she did "this" instead, which may prove to be a slight detail off from "that."
I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, and I don’t steal,” said Cook, whose nonprofit Rockaway Boulevard Local Development Corp. prompted an investigation for allegedly misusing taxpayer funds.

Note the change from past tense to present tense.  Present tense is not reliable. 
In 2010 and 2011, Cook collected a total $17,035 in daily and overnight stipends, plus other travel expenses — on top of her $79,500-a-year state salary. During the 2010 legislative session, she missed 51 meetings of the Assembly, 63 percent of the sessions.
I was sick for a very long time,” she said of her absences, but could not recall the dates.
She’s one of scores of legislators who claim more than $10,000 a year in “per diems” — a daily payment lawmakers can collect if they sleep over in Albany or travel more than 50 miles from home on legislative business.
The sleepovers add up. The Assembly and the Senate have socked taxpayers with more than $32 million in travel-related expenses in the past decade.
The Post obtained vouchers and receipts submitted by all Assembly members for parts of 2009, 2010 and 2011 through a Freedom of Information Law request.
The per diem system grants state senators and Assembly members $165 a night, reduced from $171 last year, for food and lodging. Lawmakers who stay in apartments or second homes in Albany can still collect it.
If they don’t spend the night, they get a $61 per diem.
Those who drive can also get 55.5 cents a mile, plus repayment for tolls. Taxi, train and plane rides are reimbursed. Some lawmakers submit travel receipts; many don’t.
But the policy requires no proof that they hit the hay in the capital.
In one case, Queens Assemblyman Bill Scarborough submitted vouchers claiming $825 for spending five nights in a row in Albany: Sunday, March 13 to Thursday, March 17, 2011.
That Thursday, he attended a town meeting from 6 to 9 p.m. at York College in Jamaica, Queens, according to news accounts. Jamaica is three hours from Albany by car.
“I may very well have gone to that meeting, turned around and gone back to Albany that night,” Scarborough said. “If we arrive in Albany before midnight, we’re entitled to put in for the night.”
Scarborough, chairman of the Assembly’s Small Business Committee, said he attended meetings before going home again on Friday.
He was not required to submit any hotel receipts, he told The Post, and said it was too long ago to look for one.
“I don’t think I have to give you proof,” he said.
In 2010 and 2011, Scarborough racked up $59,085 in per diem payments, plus other travel expenses.
The highest per diem collector is Long Island Assemblywoman Earlene Hooper. In one week she submitted two $58 Amtrak tickets, one to Albany on Jan 17, 2011. The return-trip stub to Penn Station is dated Jan. 19. But Hooper also claimed $165 for spending the night in Albany on Jan. 19.
That must be a mistake by Amtrak,” Hooper said. “I have never, ever put in for something for which I am not entitled.”

signal of deception
But she conceded she may have “messed up” that week’s voucher.
In 2010 and 2011, Hooper claimed $61,592 in per diems, and another $12,000 in travel expenses.
In an ongoing probe, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is scrutinizing the travel records of Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr., who was indicted last year on federal corruption charges.
Assembly and court documents show that Boyland in 2010 claimed multiple per diems for work in Albany on days he met with undercover FBI agents in Brooklyn and Manhattan to discuss bribes.
Boyland collected $46,685 in per diems in 2010 and 2010, plus at least $7,340 for other travel. His lawyer, Michael Bachrach, declined to comment.
The system is ripe for abuse, said one Assembly member who asked to remain anonymous, because lawmakers can claim expenses on days when there is no session, or if they play hooky.
You can spend a lot of time in Albany — or you could lie about it,” he said. Fraudulent vouchers, which are signed by lawmakers, “may be a felony or misdemeanor offense,” the Assembly travel policy states.
Gov. Cuomo may seek to end or curb per diems after the November elections, when lawmakers are expected to seek a pay hike to $100,000 a year.


Anonymous said...

I don't have a political bone to pick with you Peter, but to be fair, why not show a list of Republicans who also cheated? There's a very LOOOOOONG one. And not just black liars and cheaters. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I will however, make one comment in the defense of those listed above, Peter:

This is NOT a racial comment, but I have worked with many many black clients in a professional capacity over a long period of time, and it's a fact that most of them are the worst record keepers you could ever imagine. They really DO have to look for their receipts and every other piece of paper that is pertinent to the issue. Sometimes they never find them at all, then you've got to somehow come up with duplicates.

Typically, they are NOT good business managers. So many (in fact, most), with the exception of a handful; I have first had to spend considerable time straightening out their financial affairs before we could even get off the ground. It can turn into a frenzy of epic porportion. (Could this be the fault of the white man/woman who never taught them sound economics from the beginning? Quite possibly).

But because I understood, had patience, and was willing to help them my business grew by leaps and bounds as they referred more and more black clients to me. They became excellent clients because they realized they could not pull any punches with me and would lay the cards on the table right up front. I never had a single one foul me up, expect me to do something illegal, or try to cheat me. Can't say the same for all my white clients or even some of my relatives.

I only had one who attempted to hide his bankruptcies (two!) and lied to me about it, which I discovered through the CB before we wasted much time together. I probably could have helped him anyway but I was so PO'ed because he'd lied to me that I refused. He should have realized I was a member of the CB and had all credit records at my fingertips with or without his knowledge. I don't think he ever got his problems solved because I later learned from a competitor that he tried the same lie in their office. The dummy, didn't realize that most of us are friends. We talk.

None of this is prejudicial as many of my black clients also became my lifelong friends. In fact, many of my black friends I would trust more than some of my white friends, relatives and clients. They make the best and most loyal friends you could ever hope for.

Anonymous said...

The content of this blog post is almost entirely taken directly from a New York Post online article posted October 14, 2012, and the choice of individual politicians was that of the original authors (cf.

I am curious, by the way, why calls for fairness arise when Democrats or blacks are singled out for negative criticism.

MommaKlee said...

That WAS a racist comment Anon@ 6:28. Meanwhile the article did not bring up race.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Always note that which is reported in the negative as important.

Some of my best friends report that in the negative.


Lemon said...

Anon, what you state in the negative is important. "This is NOT a racial comment" is sensitive, then you follow it with "but..." which negates what precedes it.

It IS a racial comment, and you are aware it will be perceived as such.

If I were a psychic, I would predict you will argue and get defensive.
I am not, so I won't. :)

Tania Cadogan said...

I to am not psychic i forecast you didn't :)

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that a lot of people assume that republican views are racist and against diverse ethnic inclusion when the republican party has historically defended the rights of people from all ethnic backgrounds. and not only that, the republican party is comprised of individuals of diverse ethnic backgrounds. as an independent voter, it's that rediculas.

Anonymous said...

You're danged right I'm defensive, Lemon. If anyone ever had rocks in their hard head it's you. My use of the word "NOT" was used in a manner to clarify and simply because I knew in advance there would be those like yourself who would sling mud at me and try to negate my personal experiences with black people, which are VAST and numerous. Like it, lump it, good, bad or indifferent, they ARE what they are.

NO, neither that or anything else I said is a racial comment. If you don't like me defending black people then that's YOUR problem. Deal with it. You make my skin crawl, being petty, always critiquing, trying to stir up trouble, showing your mean spirit. Yuk. Hows that? Is THAT negative enough for you? Hope so.

MommaKlee, are you awake this morning, or just blind as a bat? The article didn't have to bring up race, it was right there staring us in the face. Not to negate the obvious of course, that they are all democrats, not one republican in the bunch. How's that for being racially and politically slanted; but did I get rude about it? NO I DID NOT.

If you want to take my comments as racial, look again. Fact is, I don't give a rat's butt; BUT, the only photos Peter posted were of BLACK PEOPLE, all democrats. Wake up and smell the coffee dear. This is the real world. And a VERY beautiful Sunday morning, peaceful, lovely, in case you and the bitter Lemon hadn't noticed!

Yall have a good day now, ya hear?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 9:18, Just in case you misread me, I did NOT say or imply (being 'negative' again) that the republican views are racist and against diverse ethnic inclusion; nor that they do not have a history of defending any or all ethnic backgrounds, etc., etc., nor do I assume that replublicans separately or as a whole do these things; BUT, I just wanted to clarify that. Compren'de?

Anonymous said...

I also believe that it is not in the democrats best interest to play the invisible race card.
1. The assertion that republicans are racist is a lie.
2. The lie is being told in hopes that voters are ignorant.

there is proof that a negative and a negative equals a positive.
do the math.

Tania Cadogan said...

AnonymousOctober 14, 2012 9:31 AM

In case you hadn't noticed, this is a statement analysis site.
This means we analyse statements.

The statements we analayse also include that of the commentators.

You are a commentator.
Ipso facto your statement can and will be analysed.

One of the precepts of analysis is
Anything in the negative is sensitive.

Another is But negates the previous words.

Perhaps i can suggest you hae a browse through the basics of statement analysis so as to give you an idea of what to watch for when you make statements since i will give you advance notice anything you say can and will be analysed, critqued and subsequntly ignored.

Please also note that the topic is copied from an article on another website, i trust you will also becommenting on their site as well.
Peter and we have commentated on the article, perhaps you should vent your ire on the journalist who wrote the article, the sub editor and editor and perhaps the owner as well for good measure ( in fact why not shout at the whole lot, this way no one feels left out regardless of race, gender etc)

When the subject resorts to insults and name calling they have admitted they have no reasoned, civil response and will now throw their toys out the pram and have a tantrum before stomping off in a cloud of epithets vowing never to return until the next time.

Have a pleasant day anon. i await with interest any polite and logical response you have.

Anonymous said...

Day in the life of, Anonymous October 14, 2012 6:28 AM, 9:31 AM

Archie: Git outta my chair,,,,uses Meathead, uses.. Edit, where's my beer hah??

Edith: OWE Arrrchie, I don't think Anon meant what he/she said, that All people should be treated by their character, not their skin culller ...

Meathead: You're right Ma, Anon didn't say that.

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, it does not go unnnoticed by me that you just can't wait to give a big long response to anything and everything Lemon posts, always justifying her and yourself. Obviously big buddies, and THAT's very prejudicial in her favor regardless as to how rude she gets to others. You are intelligent, no dummy, but you show your true colors.

Based on your slanted posts always in Lemon's fighting corner, do you honestly think that I pay much attention to your posts? You gotta be kidding. Besides which, you don't even believe there is a God. ANOTHER big turnoff so far as anything you say having any credibility with me. How can you possibly give any sincere guidance to anyone else? Lack of wisdom. BUT, that's just me.

Anonymous said...

A lot if racists use the fact that they have personal dealings or relationships with people of a different race to nullify their racist responses. I am racist. I hate it. I fight it. The fact remains though that I struggle. I was the victim of a personal crime perpetrated by someone of a different race and I have not overcome this yet. I especially panic if I am in the position of being surrounded by people of this ethnicity if they are speaking their native language. Oddly, I am of a different ethnicity, but my skin color is Caucasian, so I no longer suffer from predjudism of my culture at a personal level because few people in my new community know my ethnic background. I hear negative comments about my people though and it is still hurtful. Once in awhile I will say something and then people are shocked and then start making comments like yours trying to prove they are not racist.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my response was in the wrong place. I was responding to the one who doth protest too much.

Tania Cadogan said...

AnonymousOctober 14, 2012 2:24 PM
Hobnob, it does not go unnnoticed by me that you just can't wait to give a big long r esponse to anything and everything Lemon posts, always justifying her and yourself. Obviously big buddies, and THAT's very prejudicial in her favor regardless as to how rude she gets to others. You are intelligent, no dummy, but you show your true colors.

Based on your slanted posts always in Lemon's fighting corner, do you honestly think that I pay much attention to your posts? You gotta be kidding. Besides which, you don't even believe there is a God. ANOTHER big turnoff so far as anything you say having any credibility with me. How can you possibly give any sincere guidance to anyone else? Lack of wisdom. BUT, that's just me

Anything in the negative is sensitive.
Since you so helpfully point out (incorrectly) that my "Slanted posts" always in Lemon's fighting corner, it does in fact tell me that you do in fact pay a lot of attention to my posts, i kid ye not.
If you didn't pay attention to my posts they would not show up as sensitive, introducing the qualifier honestly in regard to paying attention to my posts weakening the negation to paying attention to my posts.
How does my non belief in a god affect my answers?
Does non belief in god (presumably your god) apply to everyone else who doesn't believe in god, or any god have any bearing on whether what is said has any credibilty with you?
An interesting concept.
Presumably you ask everyone you come in contact with about their faith before deciding whether they are able to give a credible answer?
"Before i ask you if it is going to rain today and will i ned an umbrella, i need to ask if you believe in god, in particular the same god as me?"
If they don't presumably you will not give their answer any credibility and end up soaked.
Are you the same with Police officers, Doctors, nurses and so on, refusing their advice if they are a different denomination?

I would like to know what my true colors are since you seem to know me better than i know myself, I do hope they are wide ranging and bright, i so like to stand out in a crowd.

I do apologise for what would be yet another long post, but then you do point out so well just how much i like to do them.
I do like to be consistent, it keeps thing simple when commentators respond.
Please define also a lack of wisdom.
A lack of wisdom in what?
You do not say so i can't assume.
Is there a difference between sincere guidance and guidance?
Do i have to be solemn when giving "Sincere Guidance", perhaps bowing my head or can i act the same when giving guidance?
I would like to know so as to act appropriately when giving the different types of guidance.
In fact, i would like your sincere guidance on this just to make sure.
You say lack of wisdom but you do not say by whom, however you do follow it with but, which negates the previous words which tells me i do not have a lack of wisdom.
You though do add, interestingly "that's just me" so you are telling me that you yourself have a lack of wisdom.

It take a wise person to admit they have a lack of wisdom.
I applaud you on your admission, it is the first step to enlightement.
There are many here Peter and Heather in particular who will help you on your question to seek wisdom when it comes to statement analysis.
We will answer any polite and reasoned questions you have in regard to analysis.

As a postscript, Lemon's is old enough, intelligent enough and patient enough to pick and choose her "Fights".
Also if you wish to deride, scorn and demean it would be polite to choose a name and take ownership of your posts rather than hiding behind anonymous, unless, of course you don't want to take ownership of your comments and the responsibilty.
Perhaps this site is not the site you seek for enlightenment, perhaps you can google and find one more to your own liking or better yet, create your own site.

Have a pleasant evening Anonymous

Anonymous said...

It's sad that you were victimized. everyone at some point either witnesses someone being bullied, is bullied themself, or is the bully. we all have to make choices in life. if we are the bully it is guaranteed that in response we will be sorted out and shored up sooner or later. hopefully the sorting and shoring will be kind, appropriately responsive and thoughtful in such a way that the bully will be receptive of and educated from.

if we have been bullied hopefully we realize the bullying was less about us and more about the bully, to which the color of skin makes no difference. we are all human beings.

lastly, if anyone witnesses bullying and decides to do nothing about it then those persons are, in my opinion, as guilty of the bullying as the bully themselves.

Anonymous said...

I should add that I have relatives who are democrats and relatives that are republicans. regardless of political affiliation or skin color we are family who are proud to be American.

Forever Curious said...

From the headline I thought this was going to be about Jerice Hunter who, when told she was under arrest for the murder of her daughter, said, "But I didn't do that."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Seamus, more please . . .

Anonymous said...

he he.... I read the first and last paragraphs of your big long billy-do post above Hobnob. There you go again! Interjecting what you believe to be your 'intelligent' post in Lemon's favor, always sucking up and inviting ME to leave this blog site as you've done on many other occasions. NOT yours to rule over, NOR is it yours to tell me HOW to post, or whether I need to chose a name or not.

THAT my dear, is MY choice. Just like it is yours to use the fake name "hobnob' which is neither YOUR real name either. Just a fake. Me thinks thou doest protest too much! However unfortunately, you and MIZ Lemon have a few here who toss their hat in the ring and follow along with you, unbeknowest that they are following trouble makers.

Well. Lookie here lady (I suppose you are a lady), this is NOT your blog site. You are not the grand master here. It is owned, bought and paid for by Peter Hyatt, viz a viz Seamus O'Riley, and exclusively under his (and Heather's) control. I have as much right to read, follow, post and learn statement analysis here under PETER'S direction (NOT YOURS or the bitter Lemon's!) as you or anyone else does. You (and MIZ Lemon) have the attitude that this is YOUR site, that YOU have the all-seeing eye and it is YOUR job to critique, correct and criticize. Well, you don't; so put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

BTW, don't you have your own blog site? Why don't you stay there? See how ridiculous that is, me trying to tell you where to post and not to post? THAT is not my choice to make, neither is it yours to tell ME where to post and not to post, how, or if to post, think or feel.

However, I DO have the choice whether to read your posts or not, some which I rather enjoy; and whether to respect you or not (which for the personal part, I don't, since I find you lacking in wisdom); same as you have the right not to read my posts. So why do you, then get yourself all riled up in your reponses? Sheeeesh.... You must like trying to rule the day even if it gets your feathers all ruffled, or do you just love being in a snit in matters that don't even concern you like you think they do?

Why don't you two just give yourselves a break and enjoy your day like I do? Not everyone's stupid you know, like you and the bitter Lemon might think they are; and we really don't need or welcome your so-called 'guidance'. Lighten up, live and let live. Thank you!

dadgum said...

"They make the best and most loyal friends you could ever hope for. "

'They' who? All black people? People who are poor record keepers? People you have worked with? People who have been through bankruptcy? Racism is generalizing based on race, which I think this statement does. Loyal, like what, black labs? Geesh.

Anonymous said...

No ma'am, that was NOT a racist post. Read my posts above; go back and read the article, look at the photos, look at their political party affiliation. All democrates. All black. I only responded in likewise fashion.

I might add however, that I did attempt to go to bat for them in ways that I am familiar with. I certainly haven't seen anyone else here doing that.

Unknown said...

Off topic - well off the commenters' topic anyway - I really enjoyed the pieces done on Dennis Dechaine and Ted Bundy. I'd like to see more statement analysis done on ones who've already been convicted - especially those who still claim innocence.

Unknown said...

And now I feel the irrational need to explain - I cover a lot of trials for the newapaper and I've found them quite a bit more interesting when I listen to testimony with statemr analysis in mind. It gets me through the boring bits. ;)

Anonymous said...

Recently I made a comment about something someone said. (not here.) I disagreed with the way the persons(s) were presenting (exploiting) and taking possession of a common phrase. (common to me as it is a phrase I heard my grandmother use.)
I was and still am offended by the person(s) presentation and my response was/is ":my grandmother used that same phrase.
i've had similar comments about clothing. (blushes). I bought a dress that I thought might look good on me but as to date I've yet had the courage to wear. I'd seen another gal wearing that same dress and I told my friend, " I have that same dress!" the gal looked terrific in the dress. had she looked awful my response would have been the same except I would have added oh yuck. (lol.)

is "i didn't do that." a reliable denial?
I believe it could be if the "that" is clearly defined, found offensive and there is credible explanation of the facts.

Anonymous said...

Somebody needs a hug?

Anonymous said...

Anon above, MommaKlee is right. You continue to prove her point with your ignorance.
Your "went to bat for them" is racist at its finest, proven by your inability and unwillingness to see it.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

Lis said...

We should also be sure to get some black Democratic cheating bike racers and child killers to keep things evened out. Lol.

Lis said...

“Me? You’re kidding! No! I didn’t do that,” she told The Post.

Answering a question with a question; buying time to think of an answer.
"You're kidding!" is also a flag but I forget what it is classed as?
No! is a sentence fragment; does not refer to anything in specific.
I didn't do "that" - what is the definition of "that" to her? if one slight detail is wrong or if it is characterized differently than the subject wants it to be seen, then they can use the word "that" even if they did, indeed, do what is being alleged.

“I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, and I don’t steal,” said Cook

Present tense "don't"- maybe she just turned over a new leaf that moment
Not event specific denial.

“I was sick for a very long time,” she said of her absences, but could not recall the dates.

How does she define "very long time"? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? This statement is made hoping the listener will impute the time frame of the events and assume that sickness was the reason, but she has not said so. Good interviewer- followed it up asking for dates, apparently,and she could "not recall"- pleading poor memory is another flag.

"Some lawmakers submit travel receipts; many don’t. But the policy requires no proof that they hit the hay in the capital."

"Some" submit receipts, "many" don't.

“I may very well have gone to that meeting, turned around and gone back to Albany that night,” Scarborough said. “If we arrive in Albany before midnight, we’re entitled to put in for the night.”

"I" becomes "we" when they are "entitled" to put in for a fraudulent claim

“I don’t think I have to give you proof,” he said.

If a person is innocent, wouldn't they be anxious to show the proof?

“That must be a mistake by Amtrak,” Hooper said. “I have never, ever put in for something for which I am not entitled.” "But she conceded she may have “messed up” that week’s voucher."

"That" referring to what? Did Amtrak date her tickets wrong? That seems unlikely.
"Never, ever" is not a denial.
"Something for which I am not entitled"- she may feel she is entitled to these funds.
"Messed up" referring to- what? That she did put in for something she was not entitled to, on that week's voucher? or?

WOW! said...

Gee Anon, I'll bet all of your life long 'black' friends are grateful that a smart white person (with a full size brain, because as you know theirs are smaller) is there to help them navigate the complicated twists & turns of record keeping. Thank God they all have their excellent dance skills to fall back on since the white people haven't taught them sound economics. Maybe if they are lucky they'll all find a nice white person to teach them to wipe their a$$ too!

Your RACISM is glaring...if you really believe you are 'defending black people', as you say in your follow up post then there's nothing more to say, you can't argue with ......

Anonymous said...

WOW! you speak as one with wisdom...

Shelley said...


Above you noted deception by this response:

Me? You’re kidding! No! I didn’t do that,” she told The Post.

So.... my boyfriend used to be really jeolous in the first couple years of our relationship and always thought I was still interested in my ex and always was accusing me of still talking to him.

I had not talked to my ex at any time since I began dating my boyfriend and still to this day have not talked to him.

At first, I would just talk to him and be like, "no i have not talked to him and im talking to him". But after numerous accusations.. I know at one point i replied something like the lady above...

"are you serious? we are really having this conversation again".

I was not talking to him. I was not lying. But I was annoyed that yet again he was accussing me of this.

Now I guess you can say that this was "sensitive" but had nothing to do with deception on my end.

So just curious about viewing this as deception.

I was not lying or hiding anything. I was just so pissed that again we were having this same issue when I had not done anything at all to make him question me.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time Dadgum, I admired your intelligence. Now I see just how unlearned you really are. Unable to comprehend basic comprehension skills. The subject I used in my post concerned my relationship with black people which you ALL are well aware of. Got it now? Human beings, BLACK PEOPLE, not bankruptcy records, not dogs.

Racist? Call it whatever you'll like, just get it right.

Were we racists during the civil rights marches and protests? I guess we were then, (FOR THEM!) and proud to say so! Because of US and THEM, (they) willing to die for their rights; (BLACK, people of color, Dadgum), today they have civil rights they never had before; they can get public jobs with benefits, can attend any public school, can visit a white doctor's office any day of the week coming right through the front door, (NOT the backdoor on Wednesday afternoons only), can sit down to eat in any restaurant;

can take any seat on any public transportation that is available, can check into a motel without having to look for one hidden off a dark roadside, can have a drink of water from a public water fountain and so much more. Unbelievably, they even had a separate gasoline pump marked "colored", that is, when they could find one. If they ran out of gas before they could find one, they were shyt-outta luck, walking for miles. No more.

So then, right or wrong; I'm happy to be called a racist because I sure as he!! AM, in THEIR FAVOR as I most assuredly DID go to bat for them, publically; will in the future, and would do it all over again.

So long as I have a breath left in my body I will stand up for and fight for that which is right. Call me whatever you'd like, just get it straight. I am FOR them, (people of color, Dadgum) not against and not offensive to them. It is MY life I have to give an account for, MY words and deeds, MY actions, not you or yours or anyone elses. I suggest you all be prepared for the same judgment.

Anonymous said...

Ashamed? Let's hope you're not ashamed in the judgement.

Anonymous said...

You don't still have this same boyfriend, do you Shelley? Jealousy is an indication of mistrust, and mistrust is an insult. Insults lead to MORE insults and accusations, and that leads to extreme hostility, possibly even violence when the insultor refuses to believe you.

Jealousy is not an indication of love, jealousy becomes the opposite of love when that person grabs you by the throat all because they didn't believe you. They never will believe you because they are not a trusting person. It will be you who pays for this persons' insecurities that will always be there.

Lis said...

Shelley, as you say, it showed "sensitivity"- anyone would be sensitive being asked those same questions over and over! Sensitivity, as I understand statement analysis, does not automatically indicate deception- it indicates an area that needs to be further explored. In your case, further questions would have revealed that you were tired of being badgered by this question. I guess it would be interesting to think, what if you had answered this way the very first time he asked?

Nicole said...


Anonymous said...

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