Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hailey Dunn's Grandmother's Insight

                                        When a sociopathic killer makes a threat, listen to it.

Did Billie Jean Dunn really threaten to have someone "gang raped"?

Dr. Lillian Glass said that Billie Dunn likely viewed Hailey as a "rival" for Shawn Adkins' affections and may have come upon Adkins engaged in sexual activity with the child, and blew in a drug fueled temper.  Hailey's own grandmother gave us this insight back in January of 2011, on The Nancy Grace Show.

What would cause Hailey's own grandmother to think such a horrific thing?  What in the lives of those surrounding Hailey Dunn would cause her to even consider the possibility of this happening, especially since she had only been "missing" a short time?

 How could a grandmother even accept even a possibility that her beloved grandchild was dead so early on in the investigation?

How could she say such a thing to a live, national audience?

Was she crazy?

She was not.  She observed and she listened, and she knew enough of the lifestyles of those around Hailey to immediately go to this hypothesis, not simply enough to keep it to herself, but:

To tell a nation that she believed her granddaughter, while missing, was really the victim of a sexual homicide and her mother, on TV, was lying about it.

In her shoes, you might consider that even entertaining such a notion would be awful, but to not only be able to articulate it, but to articulate it on national television, only a few weeks after the report shows how deeply embedded this was to the grandmother.  It went against her own natural instincts of denial. It spoke against hope and against common decency, restraint, and boundary.

It caught everyone's attention.

Dunn's overt sexualized behavior, in behavior, dress and confirmed linguistically indicate this.

She went from stripper to possessor of pornographic material, including child pornography, bestiality and 'blood lust' material in her home, to participating in home-made pornography.

When she is challenged as a liar, she resorts to explicitly sexualized language in her insults and threats.  In her mind, sexuality and degradation are organically tied together.

On one hand, she dupes her audience into seeing her as a "victim" and a "hurting mother" of a "missing child", while laughing and holding them in contempt.  The current audience should know that there are other radio hosts of whom Dunn has done this before, including telling the hosts on a live program that she and Adkins were broken up, even as he sat next to her, snickering at the irony.

One the other hand is her behavior and language:

 While her daughter was "missing" she sent 'provocative' and sexualized pictures of herself.  In conversations she revealed her own expected reference point in life:  speaking as if "everyone" has pictures of bestiality (sexual abuse of animals) in their possession.

I don't know anyone who does.

Now she has taken to threatening others with bodily harm.

Take her seriously.

If Dr. Glass is correct, she viewed her own daughter as a rival, who is now no longer among the living.

That she would feign to go on a radio program to advertise for "help" to find her "kidnapped" daughter, but only divert the topic to attacking others, indicates motive.

The innocent mother of a missing child cares for nothing but her child.  She cares nothing about what anyone says about her, thinks about her, or anything else.

Dunn has lots of time and energy for diversion.

Diversions in Deception

It is, technically an avoidance of the question, or, if in the form of a topic, a way to avoid the topic making the topic, itself, "sensitive" to the subject. The ability to quickly move away from the sensitive topic may show skill obtained and practiced since childhood.

Perhaps the lack of discernment on the part of the hosts who give her platform, into understanding the nature of sociopathic behavior helps excuse them, but a few minutes in quiet contemplation of what an innocent mother of a 'kidnapped' child might want to talk about would suffice.

The innocent, hurting mother has no time nor energy to attack others, as the pain, fear and anxiety are far too much to allow for room for anything else.

The hyper sexualized have an enemy in life who's record is complete:  time.

They hyper sexualized must battle time, and the aging impact has upon the body.  As the focus in life has been the outward appearance, its betrayal, even in a short time, is acute.

With age, comes rage.  In Dunn's case, the rage at being called a liar is answered with sexualized language:

If Dunn threatened to have someone "gang raped" it would continue to show the link between sexuality and violence, consistent with her language.   

Violence and Sexuality

Those who have dedicated their lives to sexual perversion grow in rage against their fading appearance, even as the ravages of sin, drugs, and neglect take its toll upon the facial appearances.  Although hormonal decreases in men are often related to the 'cooling' period of murderers (they kill less as they get older, or are in prison), the 'fight against losing the appearance' can increase in women sociopaths.

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."

When Billie Dunn wishes to express her anger towards someone, what language does she employ?

As Dunn reaches into her mind to cast insult or threat upon another, it is done with sexualized language; that is, genitalia is employed to insult or threaten.

Violence and sex.

Sex and violence.

Bestiality is the sexual abuse of animals in which the viewer is sexually stimulated.  She has acknowledged such possession, while denying child pornography, in spite of what the police affidavit sworn to alleges.

Child pornography is the sexual abuse of children for the purpose of sexually stimulated the viewer.

109,000 such deviant images were found in the possession of Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins.

This is a violence that is sexually gratifying to the viewer, against children and against animals.  The pain inflicted upon children and animals sexually arouses those who possess it.

That Dunn should, in less than a micro second, choose words that associate human sexuality with threats and insults, linguistically, does not come from a vacuum.

That Hailey died as a result of a sexual homicide, first told to the nation by her own grandmother on The Nancy Grace Show, nothing from her mother has told us any differently.

Regarding the logistics of that fateful night there is something we do know with certainty:

Beyond the failed polygraphs, drugs, sexual perversion and lies told:

Both parties, Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins, must remain silent.  Neither can effectively reveal what happened without indicating the guilty behavior of both.

Those who believe Dunn only covered up for Adkins, early on, due to fear of him, have since abandoned that position and have seen the continued rage of self interest and self protection on the part of Dunn.  They no longer say that she won't tell police what she knows because she fears Adkins, especially now with her bravado talk 'against' him.

In my opinion, Shawn Adkins would do well to speak to prosecutors about what he knows rather than to continue to wait out, in daily anxiety, for the day when arrests will inevitably be effected.

The truth can set free the troubled soul, presupposing the soul has the ability to be troubled.

The case is not "cold" in that police know that Hailey is dead and know it came at the hands of the two who were left home alone with her that fateful night.  They know the sleepover story came from Nancy Grace's TruCrime Library, and, as Nancy Grace came to see, herself, with each appearance, Billie Dunn took the lead, did the talking, and made the statements which Grace came to see as deceptive.

Her biggest supporter at one time, Marc Klaas, publicly shamed Billie Dunn for the entire nation to hear.

Dunn does not have "a guy" in the FBI, nor in the Texas Rangers.  Each time she calls in to law enforcement, they note every word that comes out of her mouth.

Some cases have taken years to prosecute but for those of faith, there are people across this nation praying for Justice for Hailey.

The best thing that can happen to those of us who are in hope of Justice for Hailey is that her mother, Billie Dunn, keep right on seeking a platform to speak.

The more she speaks, the more she reveals, and law enforcement is recording every word of it.

Beginning with her failed polygraph, and moving on to the changing story and statement analysis, they know.

They've known since the earliest days when the hedging began.  They did not need a New Year's Eve party to know otherwise.



Sexual perversion.

A missing 13 year old.

WD + LD + QD = D

One much closer to the case than the rest of us, in the first weeks of Hailey going "missing", knew enough about the mother and boyfriend to be able to, on live, national television, say that Hailey was, perhaps, a victim of a sexual homicide and that Hailey's own mother, was covering up.

What was the mother's response to this shocking statement that went against maternal instinct?

"This is the first I'm hearing of it...why didn't nobody tell me?"

The response did not deny that Hailey was a victim of a sexual homicide, but was a classic deflection which shifted the conversation from "Sexual Homicide" to the simple withholding of information.

This was a linguistic indicator of just how deep deception runs in the mind of Billie Dunn.  It was an indication of a sociopathic mindset.  Imagine yourself, as an innocent mother, hearing such a terrible thing, no less from a close relative!  As shocking as it was, Dunn's own initial reaction was even more shocking.

She changed the subject from the death of her daughter, to blaming the grandmother for not telling her. She employed deception instinctively, on the fly, under the pressure of national television.

She made Casey Anthony look like an amateur.

Given the setting, and the emotional sensitivity of the facts, I think most mothers would have burst out in tears, screaming denial.

Not Dunn.

She did not deny, but affirmed through silence and was clever enough (skill level is high) to divert the topic from domestic sexual homicide, to communication, without missing a beat.

She is no amateur.

Those who defend Dunn must consider just how much deflection is found in her language.  As she attacks others, don't expect supporters to ask "How does this help find Hailey?" in their questioning. They are not interested in finding Hailey, but will do what it takes to endear Dunn to themselves.


Anonymous said...

If you have ever seen the videos of Clint, Billie, David, and Hailey when they were a family and young, your heart would both shudder and break. I read this article aloud to my husband. I told him about the video I saw, with Billie behind the camera. It was during Christmas. Hailey was a toddler, and Billie was lovingly cooing, " Where's Hailey? Where's my pretty girl?" It broke my heart when I watched it. The love Billie showed for her children and her family was real and genuine. I asked my husband, "What makes a woman turn away from all she had to what she now has? What makes her leave it all for a moment, a moment of what I do not know. Nothingness? A minute of beauty? A second of fame?" Better Billie had encountered some unfortunate fate herself than to live the rest of her life with the loss that she has brought on herself; not just the loss of Hailey, which is more than a mother's heart can bare when innocent, but the loss of innocence itself and the loss of what was all that wad pure and good and sacred. It looks like she had it all for a moment and in a moment, like so many others, she chose to throw it all away for a moment of "pleasure in sin for a season". I can't help but wonder if she looks back on those videos with any regret, shame, and sense of remorse; or does she laugh at them because people like me, the person she use to be, and those whom she exploits remind her that she didn't have to end up like this. I can't help but believe that Billie deep down inside knows that what she did was very, very wrong and longs to be free once again like she was on that Christmas long ago. She thought she was bound with the duties of motherhood, her job, school, and being a wife. She kept an immaculate house. The children were clean. There were loads of presents under the tree. Sadly she realizes that what she believed to be bondage was in reality the freest she would ever be in life. Ironically, All her choices for freedom lead her into the worst kind of bondage where the only way to be free again is to surrender.

Anonymous said...

That sounds awful! However, everyone else that has pornography in their possession gets teachers, preachers, FBI agents, government workers, etc.. Having said that, why haven't these two been arrested? Is 109,000 images not big enough?

How do we know she was the one that actually typed in the threats? (Sounds bad enough for an arrest)I'd beleive it if it
weren't for the fact they haven't been arrested for the 109,000 images. Were these in fact porn, or what everyone else passes to each other on the Internet? (There once was a rank video that I'd consider beastialty on a TV site that most viewed and passed to each other.)

Clearly, she is lying and is denying her lifestyle. However, locating the girl should be the topic, not trying to entrap this teeny-bopper thrity-something.

If she really did threaten to have someone gang raped, it needs to be proven and something done. I wouldn't worry about having fingers broken or stitches, which is something one person could do to someone easily. Getting others involved is like saying my homies will get my back. She lives in Texas! Does she consider herself the leader of some crime pack?

What did someone say to prompt such a reaction?

Anonymous said...

I would have screamed if i heard my daughters grandmother say she was raped and dead. i remmeber that the people on the show were upset at the lack of reacton from billie but now i see that it was diverting the topic away from sexual homicide.

Anonymous said...

When and where did she make this threat? Was it a written or verbal attack?

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: Mark Bridger has officially been charged with the murder of April Jones.

Lis said...

I am so sad to see this, she is definitely gone, although I suspected it, I was hoping she was still alive. The poor little sweetheart, her face is so trusting and innocent.

I read this in another article and I just want to say, I wish more law enforcement would learn how to make the kind of progress that this one did:

"Iwan Jenkins, the district crown prosecutor from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in Wales, said: "I now have to advise that, having carried out a detailed review of the evidence gathered so far by Dyfed-Powys Police, my conclusion is that there is sufficient evidence to charge Mark Bridger with the murder of April Jones, and THAT IT IS IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST TO DO SO."

"I have also concluded that there is sufficient evidence to charge the defendant with attempting to pervert the course of justice and child abduction."

Anonymous said...

I found an old blog post where Clint's grandmother explains the situation: martial arts, clubs with nails, putting hits on people, yadda,yadda, yadda.

Yep! She probably did make that post.

The Texas/Oklahoma climate is comprised mainly of these type characters. It is expected. It, the mentality, is revered. Law enforcement would think nothing of it as they, too, think and behave in a like manner.Their most favorite thing in life is playing mafia as a goal to be seen as the person that caught the big fish.

When I was younger, I thought that one day it would no longer be the case as they would grow out of it. It only got worse!They only got older, too.

I took some classes at a college once and was in a group of all girls. I chose them thinking it would be a serene atmosphere. It wasn't. Before long the self-appointed leader of the group began this crap. She and her boyfriend was into marital arts,too. Of the four, three girls were very mouthy, abrasive, and threatening-the leader in particular. It had progressed to the point that I carried a means to protect myself.

Thinking it was just me because I was in a lot of pain after a recent fall in which I had hurt my leg and wrist, then caught the flu, I thought maybe since I wasn't feeling well and felt threatened that I had blown it out of proportion. I introduced them to someone else as a means of getting a second opinion."Call the police!" was all he said after meeting them. They had toned down a lot when he met them.

I knew if the one kicked me, that would be the end of it for me as my leg was injured enough to be snapped all the way. The last night she followed me into the parking lot and made one last seething comment. Fortunately there was no conflict and I wasn't attacked.I was prepared if I was because I knew I'd be on the ground quickly.

This is a lifestyle for a lot of people. Others make threats that aren't so tacky as that, but threats nonetheless. Professional people, people who have worked within the police sector, even once some woman started screaming like a mad person in the garden section of a local home improvement store when the check-out guy wasn't moving fast enough. A woman that once did my hair threatened that she could kill me. It is a way of life.

As I have aged, it gets to me more and more. Others think it's funny, but it still scares me. They threaten friends, the drive a long ways to threaten relatives, the call and make threats. It's a threatening culture.

The main thing is what they'll do with the corpse once they finally kill you...that is all they concern themselves with.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Lots of questions!

The threat was supposed to be on Facebook and attributed to her. Someone sent a copy/paste to me.

As to no arrests: We saw the affidavit. Only the prosecutors in the 3 counties can tell us why AND we do not find media asking them questions!

As to anonymous who said it is a way of life: you are correct. For her, the sexualized violent language is her norm and routine. It shocks us, but she doesn't even know she is shocking us.

Her hatred towards me seems a bit out of proportion, does it not? She does not hate the man who failed the polygraph and she does not hate the grandmother who said it.

Why would her hatred of me run so hot?

It is not difficult to discern.


Anonymous said...

Well, I don't exactly have any respect for Granma Connie either. This stupid woman knew Hailey was scared to death of Shawn, she had cried to granny Connie and begged her to let her come live with her granny, telling her how scared she was and how Shawn would stalk outside her room at night. She could see his shadow under her closed bedroom door. Imagine the heart palpatations and fear Hailey must have been experiencing late into the night. She knew it was just a matter of time before he got her.

No telling what else Hailey told granny that now she feels too guilty to ever tell anyone about; maybe Shawn had already been raping her and she was afraid the violence was going to get worse. But whatever Hailey told her, what did Grandma Connie do about it? Nothing. She even left town on a vacation with Hailey begging her granny to let her go with her, but no, it was too far out of granny's way to go pick up Hailey.

Did she even tell Clint, her own son, or anyone else how frightened Hailey was? I guess we'll never know the truth about it but I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't. Simply because it didn't matter to her. The low-down POS. She could have saved Hailey's life. Funny, how she came right out and pegged Billie & Shawn for what she believed happened to Hailey. That's because she already KNEW it could happen and expected it.

I do NOT believe that Billie AND CLINT didn't know how scared Hailey was. Hailey told friends, didn't she? Why wouldn't she tell her own mom and dad; with her begging her dad to let her stay with him, while living in fear, and why? Of course she told them and that includes low-life POS pothead Clint and warthog common-law Naomi whose free piece of a-- meant more to Clint than Hailey did, and who hated Hailey because she was so jealous of Hailey wanting to be with her dad.

They are ALL liars. None of them gave a damn what Shawn & Billie did to Hailey, not as long as they didn't have to take her in.

I wish so much Hailey had been able to run away and make a new life for herself. Sadly, they inflicted a violent drug and sex fueled death upon her; this bright and beautiful young lady that any parent should be proud to call their own, before she ever had a chance at a life of her own and nobody gave a damn and they still don't. Granma Connie only spoke out because she wanted Billie & Shawn to know that she knew what they did to Hailey. Hell yeah she knew, and they KNEW she did.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find what she said about you, Peter?

Lemon said...

She does spend an inordinate amount of time and attention talking about you. I would think the time would be more wisely spent making an appeal to whomever she thinks took Hailey, if she were concerned at keeping up the charade.

It is sad that those so undiscerning cannot tell her contempt of them.
She is a tick without a dog, that thinks she has a new dog.

Ivy said...

Billie's reaction to this comment from the grandmother, along with Shawn's reference to Hailey's promiscuity and Billie's (non) reaction to that comment, and Shawn's comment about Hailey's bodily functions are revealing. I thought there was also an odd response from Billie when she was asked about Hailey's fear of Shawn standing outside her door, again kind of a non-response. Among the many red flags in this case, these are way up there.

Nic said...

Child pornography is the sexual abuse of children for the purpose of sexually stimulated the viewer.

109,000 such deviant images were found in the possession of Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins.

Peter, you've said that in order to press charges for child porn, the FBI have to prove that it's real. i.e., not fabricated, as in cut and past various images together.

I challenge this. The purpose of these types of images "fabricated or not" is to stimulate. Thus, shouldn't the intent be challenged and not the "kind" of image?

The images they possessed weren't a cut and past exercise. They were purchased for the intent to peddle and/or stimulate. Period. Possession should be the crime. Not whether the image is "real", i.e., there is a "real" victim.

To me it's like being in possession of pot but it not being a crime because it wasn't being smoked.


Unknown said...

Well said. Beautifully worded.

Unknown said...

They most likely called her on her deception. She's extremely intolerant of anyone who doesn't buy in to her lies.

Forever Curious said...

Re: the diversion, not only did she change the topic from something deadly serious, scandalous and salacious, she changed the identity of the victim from Hailey to herself. Hailey was the victim of grandma was talking about, but when Billie Jean complained of not being told, she took on the role of victim. This is classic with abusers/sociopaths/manipulators.

Unknown said...

She hates you because you see right through her, and you draw attention to her charade so others can know the truth. Like you said Peter, it is the mark of a sociopath. They expect to be believed. In her mind, how dare you question her story and actions.

Anonymous said...

She gains a fan only to have that fan leave because they see thru her lies, because they are taught to discern truth. Then another latches on and they promote her agenda but only for a little while. As long as we are speaking the truth about Hailey the truth will stand and it will prevail.

Anonymous said...

She gains a fan only to have that fan leave because they see thru her lies, because they are taught to discern truth. Then another latches on and they promote her agenda but only for a little while. As long as we are speaking the truth about Hailey the truth will stand and it will prevail.