Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Reality Versus Articulated Reality in Analysis

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Hailey Dunn, 13 went missing in December of 2010, from her home in Texas.  Within a week, we had linguistic indicators of her death as well as indicators of drug use on the part of her mother and her mother's boyfriend.  In the first two questions posed to the mother on The Nancy Grace Show, the mother indicated knowledge of Hailey's death, as well as a need for her to establish an alibi. This was not lost on investigators.  

 Also on  national television, Hailey's paternal grandmother said she believed that Hailey's mother's boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, had raped and killed Hailey and that the mother was covering up.  

Statement analysis is the study of a subject's perception of reality; it is not a study of  the reality, itself.

Here are a few examples that highlight this principle:

Brushing Teeth

Everyone brushes their teeth.  Statement Analysis is not dealing with the reality that everyone brushes their teeth.  We see that the activity of brushing one's teeth only enters in 10% or less of statements.  Since it is an activity that likely approaches 100%, why doesn't everyone include it?

Answer:  In an activity that reaches close to 100%, most people do not feel it important enough to add to their statement.  Everyone of us must edit what we put in our answer to the question, "What did you do today?"

Few people will say, "I woke up, brushed my teeth, and went to work."  In fact, less than 10% will.  Of this small minority, we must recognize the principle:

Any unimportant information is doubly important to the analyst.  Psychologically, there is a close relation to the inclusion of this activity in a statement, with concealed information of a personal nature, which may end up being domestic violence.  It makes sense.  A victim of domestic violence feels as if her life is out of control, that is, she is "walking on eggshells" fearful of saying or doing the 'wrong' thing and being attacked for it.  For this victim, the few minutes of being in the bathroom with the door locked, feels safe.  When she tends to her own personal hygiene, she feels in control, at least for a few minutes.  To her, it is important, so much so, that not only does she do it, like everyone else, but she mentions it in her statement.  As you look back on your day, it is not so important to you, but when she looks back on her day, she recalls it.  Associated with brushing her teeth is a feeling of safety, with the door to the bathroom often locked.

Most people do not think it is important enough to add to an answer.  When someone does, the addition of this short activity becomes critical to us.

The same can be said of showering or bathing.  It is more common to hear, "I got up, took a shower, got dressed and went to work" in a statement about a full day's activity.  What we do not hear is this:

"I woke up, took a shower, dried off with a towel, got dressed and went to work."

The activity of drying off with a towel, when it enters a statement, is of vital importance to the analyst.  This has a strong link to post traumatic stress disorder, as well as sexual abuse.  To the subject, the covering of a towel is vital.  We do not expect to hear it in a statement, as everyone dries off with a towel, but for some, a few only, it is important enough to mention it in a statement.  It is critical for therapists to have this training, to recognize these vital important sentences which can drift pass the untrained ear.

"I Love You"

I once flagged the following sentence in a statement being analyzed by a small group:

"and I said, 'I love you' to my daughter and put her to bed" as a very important sentence, indicating that the interviewer needed to explore, through questioning, what was going on between mother and daughter, for it was a strong signal that something was wrong in the relationship. 

It led to an embarrassing moment where a woman said, "I disagree that this sentence is important" and this led to my explanation that most all of us say 'I love you' to our children, but that it is rare to find it in statements, therefore, it is important.  I said, "It is likely that the mother has a need to portray herself in a very positive manner, indicating trouble."

She said, 'I disagree.  I love my daughter, and I would put it in a statement about my day."

There was an awkward silence as two of her co workers looked at each other with knowing glances. Prior to the meeting, they had debated whether or not they were required to make a child protective report against the woman in regards to her abusive handling of her daughter.  The relationship between the mother and her young daughter was explosive.

I knew of the troubled relationship too,  and it was a very rough moment, as you can imagine. I said, "ok, let's just move on..." and kept going with the statement that we were working on as a joint project.

When someone has the need to include the saying of "I love you" in their written statement, there is usually a need to do so.  Since most all of us say "I love you" to our kids, we are not likely to add it in a statement.  It is only a need to persuade, or a need to portray a relationship better than it is, that we deal with.  This is verbalized reality that we face; not the reality of the quality of the relationship.  This is something that skillful therapists are able to recognize:  the need to present.  

"I'm a Wonderful Mother"

Child protective workers hear this often from abusive mothers.  It is not a statement that most mothers make, but it is one that comes from mothers who have been found to have Neglected their children, more than other types of findings (Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse).  For whatever reason, it is not something that a mother who is physically abusive often says, but it is common for neglectful mothers to say this phrase, or something similar to it.

This is a good example of how we deal with verbalized reality in analysis, and not with reality.  We are not dealing  with the reality of whether or not a woman is a "wonderful mother" or not.  We are dealing with her need to make the declaration.

"Hailey is an important person", said Billie Dunn, on August 25, 2012.

Not only do we have a deceptive mother calling her deceased daughter a "person", but we have the declaration that Hailey is "important."  Astute commentators have already written on how this indicates just how "unimportant" Hailey was to her mother, while alive.

How unimportant was she?

The police affidavit makes it clear.  Hailey's mother reported her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, to the police because he had threatened them harm.  When confronted, Adkins boasted that not only did he threaten Billie Dunn and Clint Dunn, her ex, but he had threatened Hailey, as well.

 What did Hailey's mother do with the threat?

A month or so later, she had him move into her home.

What came into the life of Hailey, just 13 years of age, when Adkins moved in?

Child pornography.
Serial killer literature.
Blood lust killing videos.

Failure to protect?  She invited hell into her "important person's" life.  When confronted with the release of the police affidavit, she responded by declaring herself to be a "wonderful mother."

Billie Dunn failed to protect Hailey by inviting in this dangerous man.  If she has, as claiming yet once again, to be "done" with Adkins, it may be that Dunn will find some redemption in going to police and telling them what she knows about what happened that night, and why she lied for Shawn Adkins.

Sadly, I doubt it, especially after watching the video clip of her saying "we need to get..."

Who is the "we" she is referring to?

"Hope for Hailey" is soft-headed emotionalism at best.  When the town manager said the obvious, that 2 plus 2 equals 4, some of the Dunn followers protested loudly that he did not have "proof" that Hailey was deceased.

The failed polygraphs, the child pornography, the animal abuse videos, the drugs...the lying story of a sleepover...the need to lie and deceive...the alibi building of going to work, saying nothing, leaving moments later, and lying about where he went...

Drugs plus child porn plus a missing child and a mother who referenced Hailey in the past tense told investigators all they needed to know about Hailey being deceased.  It was not a mystery.

Yet, the case still has questions that need answers:

How did Hailey die?
Where was she dumped?
What role did the mother play?
Why did the mother consistently lie for the boyfriend?

How is it that more than "109,000 deviant images" were found, yet without a single arrest?  Adkins claimed up to 10 people had access to his computer and was willing to share guilt and responsibility with his own grandmother.

The man child in the Halloween mask, with his need to scare others, and his penchant for prepubescent children for sex, along with his love of deer gutting and drugs, all combine to tell a story; a story that did not have a happy ever after ending for Hailey.


Anonymous said...

What has LE told you or others who have asked as to why there had not been an arrest in the child porn? Surely someone has asked and an answer given.

Anonymous said...

I too wonder about the child porn. Is there no confirmed child porn or is LE still trying to prove who downloaded it?

Anonymous said...

Anons @ 6:27 and 9:13; I can tell you why we've heard nothing and why nothings' been done about it, and that's because no one is going to bat for our precious lost, abused, murdered and missing children. NO ONE.

No one is demanding answers, no one is speaking up for them. Where is their voice in Congress? Whose protecting them? They have no voice, no leader, no clout in court, no one is paying high priced attornies to fight for them.

It's not like the old days when we drew the line in the sand and had civil rights workers fighting for the rights of minorities who were helpless to being discriminated against and many even murdered when they tried to speak up.

NOW, no one cares enough about our precious children and THEIR rights to get involved. They HAVE no rights, not even with LE agencies and the courts who are supposed to protect them, prosecute and incarcerate their offenders. Not one loud voice (who could) cares enough to get involved, gather up momentum, speak up and fight for them.

And THAT'S why there have been no prosecutions in Hailey's murder or any of the crimes that were comitted by Shawn & Billie that we KNOW destroyed her life with their filthy (provable) despicable crimes, and might never be, or in any of these other missing child cases either.

Anonymous said...

I agree with a poster in the blog below about Shawn... I too think something is moving. Billie came out of nowhere and suddenly is talking about HER FBI guy and the PI she is working with. I don't have a thing in the world against that guy, but as far as I can see, his investigative background seems to be in the area of debt collection and his missing persons investigative experience seems to be no more than a hobby. That said, I wish him well. But I'm personally thinking that Billie is suddenly getting nervous about... something. She's trying to duck line. And the pervo pix that Shawn sent to her own cousin nthe Sunday before Hailey went missing are VERY sensitive to Billie.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

GOLDEN, Colo. – Prosecutors say a teenager who allegedly confessed to killing a 10-year-old Colorado girl and attacking a runner also sexually assaulted the girl.

Seventeen-year-old Austin Sigg was charged as an adult with 17 counts in both cases Tuesday. They include four murder charges, including one for both murder and sexual assault.

Sigg didn't speak during the brief court hearing in Golden and didn't look at his relatives in the audience.

Eight relatives of Jessica Ridgeway of Westminster also watched proceedings, including her mother. Each wore purple, Jessica's favorite color.

Defense attorneys anticipate asking the judge to send the case to juvenile court.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/10/30/colorado-teen-charged-as-adult-in-killing-10-year-old-girl/?intcmp=trending#ixzz2AoHVAtit

Anonymous said...

I do hope something is moving but I have serious doubts. Billie is just looking for attention, maybe even money from her supporters. And I seriously doubt that PI will solve a case that the FBI and Texas Rangers have not

MsCabinFever said...

It cracks me up that you always use the worst shots available of Billie Dunn! You are probably the reason she changes her fb profile picture so much. You are making her self-conscious Peter.
She has proven to be number one a liar, but a close second is her vanity! It must be unnerving for her to see these pictures where she looks like such an old dog, so haggard & repulsive & in a jumpsuit no less =)
She should probably get used to it though...her days of freedom are now numbered.

We are all waiting of justice for Hailey Dunn....

Anonymous said...

Hobnob, I copy/pasted the link you supplied, but I just see the information you supplied in your post. Am I doing something wrong?

Anonymous said...

Peter, as you have often said, "Kids and drugs don't mix."

Drugs dull the natural parental instinct. Especially in women, drugs dull the powerful maternal instinct.

Anonymous said...

The sworn affidavits say there was child porn linked to Shawn's e-mail, wouldn't that be enough to make an arrest? On the PI, that man is more worried about what is being said on fb and spends his time threatening to out peoples personal info if they dare talk ill of Billie! When does he even look for Hailey? He sure isn't going to find her on the net! MOO he is making himself and Hope For Hailey look bad since they are the ones that put Billie in contact with the clown

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anonymous 8:58pm. I was hoping this pi would see thru Billie's bs but he seems to have bought it completely. He is emailing with members of the Hailey Dunn Search & Destroy group. This is the group Billie is the administrator.

The pi did threaten anyone who said anything negative about Billie would have HIM to deal with. Is this a good use of his time? Chasing down FB bullcrap? I thought he was looking for Hailey?

Listening to the blog talk radio show that the search/destroy group put on was sickening. The one lead spent the entire time talking about using pot for her physical ailment but what she doesn't notice is that she never stops talking. And what did this have to do with Hailey? At one point she said that she rubs the weed lotion all over her body and the pi said "I didn't help ha ha" and Billie remarked "You better not!". This was a good indication of the interaction with Billie. Again, nothing about Hailey.

I am losing hope that anything is going to change. The new pi said he's driven almost 3,000 miles looking for Hailey. 3,000 miles?? And Billie tells everyone that "my pi calls me 3 or 4 times a day".

The pi told everyone he has been getting death threats and if they want to "Bring it on" he has an arsenal of weapons, so just try. Death threats? From ? He didn't say.

The other thing that was floating on the same group is that the body found in March was that of Hailey and LE won't admit it. Now why. WHY would they withhold that information?? That doesn't make any sense. Everything is a conspiracy. Everyone lies except for the person who was CONVICTED of lying. Billie Jean.

I pray that Hailey is found and justice is finally served.

Anonymous said...

BJD is probably sleeping with him. Enough said.

MsCabinFever said...

I would like to hear your opinion about the body that was found Peter, do you think it was actually Hailey's and this is a deliberate move by LE for some reason? But why?

Anonymous said...

I think any rumor about the body found in March being Hailey - is just smoke and mirrors by BJD to create "reasonable doubt" about her or Shawn's involvement in Hailey's death.

Regarding this new PI, he sounds like he has the maturity of a tse-tse fly. As anon 11:48 said, BJD is probably sleeping with him. I always felt she was in the rack with the atty. who got arrested for fighting and drunk driving.

Anonymous said...

I wonder... If LE stated they found a body that they believe is Haileys... But don't offer a single other peice of information... Then have officers stake out both Billie and Sean.. What would happen. Would they go to the location theY put the body, to check??

Anonymous said...

And there has to be something with LE that has kept them From arresting them for child pornography. It's a felony.

And it amazes me. Dr Jeffrey macdonald, ivy league school, dr, green beret can't get away with murder. But Billie and Sean.. Well 2 years later.. Even with child pornography are walking free!

Anonymous said...

And there has to be something with LE that has kept them From arresting them for child pornography. It's a felony.

And it amazes me. Dr Jeffrey macdonald, ivy league school, dr, green beret can't get away with murder. But Billie and Sean.. Well 2 years later.. Even with child pornography are walking free!

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Are you referring to the body found near there months back?


MsCabinFever said...

Yes Peter, I think they said it was found by workers & they covered it with a concrete slab until LE arrived. I think it was said to be along the path that Shawn took that morning. Supposedly they said it was a small body with brown hair. Then I think I read LE thought it may be a male, but they couldn't confirm.

But then it was quiet. I am wondering if you think it really was Hailey, but how would that help their case? I thought maybe you had heard them speak about it previously ...

Anonymous said...

Bonnie the remains were found by Shawn's moms house, the remains were covered with an oil tanker lid or something like that

Anonymous said...

By now they should have identified the body. It has been close to seven months since the body was discovered. When the body was first discovered, one worker came out and said It was a young girl. I still wonder if it was indeed Hailey's body.

MsCabinFever said...

Anon 11:14am: yes, this is what I remembered reading but didn't have the energy to look up the link.
I am just so disturbed that these complete morons have been running free for nearly 2 years.
I hope that this is Hailey & they are using the most intense forensic scientists to find how/when she died, DNA, or whatever so they make SURE Billie & Shawn do not escape justice.