Sunday, November 4, 2012

Chad Evans Case: Part Three

Upon receiving a request to perform analysis in the case of Chad Evans, my initial analysis showed that Chad Evans was deceptive, but also that he hated Kassidy.   Please see my original analysis here.

Below is a portion of the response to Evans by New Hampshire's Attorney General of last month outlining his reason why Evans will not get a new trial.  It is found here in its entirety. 

Begin by reading the original analysis, learning just how much information his words revealed about him, what he did, and how he views women, including Kassidy, who's gender he referenced.  Compare what his words reveal to this document.  Note what terror he inflicted and the impact of his terror, including torture for his own gratification: 

"My review of Amanda Bortner's information included not only what she said during the investigative phase, but what she actually testified to at your trial. Portions of her trial testimony included the following:

Amanda witnessed you grab Kassidy's face five or six times, hard enough to leave bruises. Amanda told you to stop. You were frustrated when you grabbed Kassidy's face;
You would pick Kassidy up and roughly put her in the comer for a "time out;"
You would grab Kassidy by the back of the neck and toss her into the corner. This was done many times by you and could have been three times a week in the month before Kassidy died;
On more than one occasion, you picked up Kassidy, sometimes jerking her arm, and threw her on the bed because she wasn't standing in the comer you had placed her in;
You would get frustrated and lose your temper with Kassidy;
You made the statement that you wished Kassidy wasn't around, possibly that you wished she had never been born;
You used water to stop Kassidy from crying and afterwards, Kassidy was "scared of the kitchen sink when... [she] went to wash her hands;"
, "--Chad Evans Page Five August 21,2012
You said that Kassidy was "being a little bitch," and that Kassidy was "kind of slow, retarded;"
You and Amanda made up the "trampoline story" to hide the fact that you had caused bruises to Kassidy's face. Other excuses that were used to hide the bruises you inflicted to Kassidy included claiming that Kassidy hit her head against a wall, that another child hit her with a toy, and that she fell down;
Amanda was concerned about taking Kassidy to daycare with the bruises you inflicted on her because Amanda didn't want people to think she was doing anything to Kassidy;
You voiced concerns about members of your family seeing the bruising you'd inflicted on Kassidy;
You poked Kassidy's throat with your finger, making her gag. Amanda was mad that you did that and yelled at you. Amanda told the police you "probably did that a couple of times;"
You were concerned about Amanda's mother seeing a bruise on Kassidy's face and had a discussion with Amanda about not taking Kassidy to her grandmother's because "she might think something;"
Amanda told you at one point that she was sick of Kassidy getting hurt when she was with you;
You grabbed Amanda by the throat and had her against the couch. Amanda:
• Cut it out; • You know what gets me going; • You know what makes my temper; and • It's like you're looking for it.
You told Amanda that she "had to try to work" with your temper;
You said to
On the night you told Amanda the story about Kassidy being hit by a whiffle ball, you told Amanda that she should take Kassidy to the doctor's, but not until "the bruises clear[ed] up;
Chad Evans Page Six August 21,2012
On the morning Kassidy died, Amanda said that when she went in to get Kassidy ready to go to the babysitter's, Kassidy was laying down in bed, crying. She had a messy diaper and as Amanda changed her, Kassidy was "quiet," she did not have much energy, and "was a lot different" than she usually was in the morning; and
When Amanda dropped Kassidy off that morning, she said that Kassidy's face "looks like shit."


Unknown said...

I'm not well-versed in this case - did this mother face any criminal consequences for her own actions? Just curious.

sidewalk super said...

Reading this horrific story , I think this is probably what little Ayla went through at the hands of her dipietro relatives and their hangers-on, before they hid her body.

shmi said...

I can't imagine that mother putting up with that POS!!!

He kept hurting her BABY!

Kassidy knew no peace, no love, only pain. My heart breaks for her.
I hope all involved, including mom's failure to protect, are behind bars for a long time,oh yea, castrated, too, so they can't produce more unloved children that will likely test their patience.

Anonymous said...

Free Chad Evans-HA-Fry Chad Evans!!

Vita said...

Wreyeter72, I read on the " Save Chad" site, Amanda received 16 months in prison/jail. Then I have read in pressers she was sentenced 2 yrs, maybe it was two, then she got out in 16 months.

The background of the two, is they met and within a months time they were living together. He to have his son, living with his ex and Amanda to have Kassidy. He treated his son like gold? was this the clincher? that Amanda thought she had landed " boy wonder" in a months time. ( SMH)

Met in June 2000, July 2000 they moved in with each other. The 3 lived together, Amanda, Kassidy and Chad.

November 9, 2000 Kassidy was pronounced dead. She was said to be 21 months old at death.

Her mother wrote in her pleading to the court, that Chad was innocent. That she wrote Kassidy was a mini me and copied everything I did. She to write Kassidy's birthday was February fourth. I thought that was odd, she to write out fourth. Even more disturbing was her words, that Kassidy copied everything I did.

Appears her mother did not do much to save her daughter who was at the hands of a monster on a daily basis. She hid Kassidy from the public. She would not enroll her into day care ( bruises/abuse) to protect Chad Evans.

A flip switch trick she allowed into Kassidy's life. Why? because she was " In love"? Kassidy who?
Jazzie (regular here) found Amanda Bortner's written statement to the Judge, pleading for Chad's mercy.

Wreyeter72, the link to Amanda Bortner's letter to the Judge. It's nauseating.

Unknown said...

Oh my, thank you Vita. It is nauseating. Amanda either had mental health issues to begin with - and I think she certainly did - or Chad Evans is one of those men who are able to manipulate and control women easily - almost a psychopath in my opinion.

MsCabinFever said...

I think Amanda should have received a much longer sentence. I guess I should be thankful that the justice system was finally able to get a conviction for another crappy birthing unit.
It's amazing to me how all of these child killers even convince ONE person, let alone gain enough for a following of any web address or otherwise.
I realize that sometimes emotions cloud judgement, but, the elements listed here can not be denied. It's strange that the person who wrote that glowing letter of Chad (in a prior post) is the same person who's testimony is quoted here speaking of the horrible abuse that her own flesh-and-blood suffered. In reality, I am sure it was much more than was listed....
I hope he lives a very long life and rots in that prison.
New Hampshire still has death by hanging in that State ... hmmm. That's a thought.

Jazzie said...

Wondering about Amanda? - read Pg 6:

While Amanda claims in her recent email that you were not physically abusive to Kassidy, that claim is refuted by her sworn trial testimony; testimony that was given under oath, in open court, under a grant of immunity, while Amanda had legal counsel, was subject to cross examination by your lawyers, and testified without prodding or suggestion by the police or prosecutors. All these circumstances contradict the claim that Amanda's testimony amounted to a "false confession."

You recently questioned why Amanda would still lie to protect you. As you put it,"I can understand why the police may have assumed, at least initially, that Amanda would lie to protect me but what would she gain by lying today?"(footnote 6) One likely answer is
that Amanda is lying today about what you did to Kassidy because if she admits that you caused Kassidy's death, she would be admitting her own culpability in Kassidy's murder, something she refused to do. (footnote 7)

6: This is from an October 12, 2011 letter sent to United States Senator Jeanne Shaheen, copied to Attorney General Michael A. Delaney.
7: Amanda was held partially responsible for her role in Kassidy's death when she was convicted of two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. See State v. Bortner, 150 N.H. 504 (2004).

MsCabinFever said...
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Vita said...

5 pages of gasps

This POS was in Kassidy's life for less than 90 days. She to be slowly tortured, her to die as result of him, his actions, his mental abuse, verbal abuse "Contact with her"

His accounts as written, the life and times of, He and Kassidy.
This written by him, in his defense.
O Snap
I ask again is he in Solitaire?
He should have a tattoo on his forehead that say's "Teflon" and thrown in Gen Pop.

Skeptical said...

That monster likely hit Kassidy in her abdomen or stomach and she probably died from internal bleeding. Her life could have been saved if only her mother had had enough gumption to take her to the doctor in spite of the consequences of doing so.

There is an old Irish blessing that is my favorite that warns us of evil doers amongst us:

"May those who love us, love us.
And those who don't love us, may God turn their hearts, and if He doesn't turn their heart, may he turn their ankles so we'll know them by their limping."

For this man, I think a full body cast would be more appropriate.

Tania Cadogan said...

I read the attorney generals letter, it is clear and unequivicable, he is guilty as charged.

I wonder what promises and threats were made to amanda to get her to recant her testimony and praise him up?

Kassidy was not his bio child and as is often the case with violent step parents, the non bio child must be removed from the 'nest' the same as in the wild where new males kill the offspring of the old males so as to bring the females into heat and this pass on their own genes.

Chad's son was safe and always would have been, he would be protecting his own genes.
Kassidy was not his and so he begrudged supporting and caring for another males child, especially a girl.

Chad loathed women, he treated them as slaves and worse than dirt. They were there to keep him happy, food and sex on tap and total and abbject obediance at all times. if anything upset him it would be her fault.
His sons would be safe, he would 'train' them to be 'real men' and thus pass on his abuseive relationship with women.

It may have been he promised amanda he wouldn't abuse her nor kyle, if she had any kids and they were boys and his they too would have been safe, if she had had a girl the cycle would have repeated even though it was his.
She was desperate for any attention and like all abused women would accept it all being her fault if he got mad.
If only she didn't answer back, worked harder etc etc if would be the perfect family.
No self esteem means anyone is better than no one even if it means allowing her own child to be murdered.

Did he promise to change if she would only say how good he was and it was all her fault?
Did he threaten her if she didn't lie she would be next?

Where was Kyle's mom in all this , that he got custody not her?
Was she too abused to fight for custody i wonder?

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
T.Hartley consistantly uses present tense: "he's", how can she know the difference between an exit/entrance bullet hole? What if "he's" allive?

T. HARTLEY: IT'S my husband. HE'S my love. HE'S my life. HE'S EVERYTHING TO ME. And once I saw him flying off, I didn't know where he was shot. But I knew he couldn't have been good. And there was no way I was going to not go and try to help him.

GRIFFIN: Can I ask you where he was shot?

T. HARTLEY: In the back of the head, but it came out in the front, forehead.

T. HARTLEY: Yes, he was thrown off the jet ski and I couldn't pick him up and get him on mine. HE'S -- HE'S just too big.

Lara Martinez said...

This case has sickened me so much I'm tempted to write to Chad's fellow prisoners to share with them the true nature of their co-inmate.

To torture a baby to death is pure evil.

On his website, it's all about him: his "achievments," he talks about being fat and bloated due to "thyroid issues"--he's vain! It boggles the mind that he thinks he is a victim.

He should never get out of prison and never be around a baby ever again. He is a psychopath and narcissist--it really shocks me that someone so lacking in intelligence and physical attractiveness could be narcissistic, but he is.

Lis said...

Sidewalk Super, I think that is likely, also.

Jen said...

I had never even heard of this case until reading the analysis of his interrogation...thanks to all of the commenters who posted additional info, I found it impossible to stop reading! As far as Chad Evans being wrongly convicted...please! I say he deserves worse than a prison cell-what a monster, torturing and beating a 21mo baby, terrorizing her with water so bad she was scared to wash her little hands!

Her last pitiful hours on earth spent alone in her bed, crying in pain with her own mother dumping her off to another abuser and the last words used to describe her as 'looks like shit'. If there was any 'justice for Kassidy' then Chad Evans & Amanda Botner would spend the rest of their miserable lives writhing in the same pain they inflicted on this defenseless little girl. I pray she now has the peace that she never did in her short life & that authorities have intervened to remove the baby Amanda spoke of having with her fiancé, she should be sterilized.

Anonymous said...

Wreyeter72 said...
a psychopath in my opinion.

I agree; I lived with a psychopath for awhile, he told me that he “could have fun with me”, it was easy to recognize his “fun” was my “pain”. I LEFT with mild PTSD.

Anonymous said...

Just my two cents.... if you think something is wrong, it probably is. Trust your gut instinct and err on the side of the child's safety. 1-800-4A CHILD can give you more advice.