Thursday, November 8, 2012

Melinda Duckett Interivew.

Always note stuttering from non-stutterers.

What do her answers tell you?

Hint:  Follow the pronouns!


MissUnderstood said...

Sorry to be OT.

Anoyone following Morgan Ingrams case, her parents will be on Dr. Phil Monday, Nov. 12th.

Peter, maybe you could apply SA? Please! :D

John Mc Gowan said...

Peter,you said "follow the pronouns"

Most of the interview she uses the pronoun "I" taking ownership of her words, albeit she is stuttering in a lot of places.

I picked on two areas were she uses the the pronouns "WE" and " WERE"

She says:

"We did flyers"

"Were going to find"

I would expect her to say "I" am going to find him"

Given it is her son she should take ownership of him,yet she wants to share him, distancing herself..

John Mc Gowan said...

Peter,you may find this intersesting.

Melinda Duckett's Letters to Melissa Jones
In a previous article (click here) FDLE interrogated Melissa Jones a friend of Melinda's who was incarcerated for dealing drugs. It mentioned that Melinda had written letters to Melissa.

I have refrained from publishing Melissa's letters to Melinda as they contained very foul language and she was extremely jealous of her boyfriend Mike Dingus and falsely accused him of having sex with Melinda. Mike said it never happened, and Melinda's list of men in her life did NOT contain Mike's name. Here is the myspace reference to her friends in jail.

There are a few letters below.

Anonymous said...

Melinda says "even afterwards I don't care what people says". She rambles. After "WHAT"?

In her use of We and We're, she never explains who is WE? She is a single mother living alone with her child; WHO IS this "we" she refers too in the video as well as in her interviews with Nancy disGrace? (Clearly, I can see how Nancy would get her buttons pushed by Melinda in her interviews).

Melinda's stuttering is definitely noteworthy inasmuch as she is not a natural stutterer. She is used to demanding and getting her own way. She is sick with her hatred of Josh. I don't doubt that she also hated Trenton. Now she is in over her head and already realizes she has no way out.

She has an opportunity earlier on in the video to say "I did not do it" when the interviewer asks her outright if she had anything to do with Trenton missing, telling her that people are wondering if she had anything to do with Trenton missing, instead she rambles on and on, looking down, closing her eyes, impatiently snickering, avoiding the question.

Towards the end she says "absolutely not" but still does not say "I did not do it". She never shows concern for Trenton, is not worried about him, does not miss or even think of him, only herself and how "busy" she keeps herself.

This girl was a real piece of work. I hate speaking ill of the dead, but this sorry POS was raising her little boy in such a reckless horrid fashion, exposing him to up-close lurid sex, AND sick hatred for his father, that he would have likely grown up to be a violent sex monster who hates women and wants to destroy them, having lived a distorted and hate filled life. She was creating a monster.

Poor little boy. He never had a chance of a normal life with her, not even for one day of his pathetic little life. It's too bad she slipped through the fingers of the FBI, they were only steps away from cracking her.

I wonder what she did with little Trenton? Did she sell him off to a baby pedophile porn maker/distributor? She would be capable of doing this and would have realized that he was worth money to her in the drug/sex/video trade business if she hadn't already realized this. Or did she take him off into the woods and kill him, then throw him into a body of water? Or did she just throw him out alive to an alligator?

Again I come back to "WE". WHO is WE?

Lara Martinez said...

"I..I..I.." She never says Trenton, my son, my baby, my child.

She also stutters "I..I..I." and then closes her eyes and doesn't finish her statements.

Pak31 said...

So many people blame Nancy Grace for her suicide. After seeing this again and knowing the life she led and what she probably did to Trenton, NG didn't cause her to take her life, she was being backed into a corner she couldn't get out of, death was her only option(in her mind)and she took it. I totally see how saying we is much more distant than saying I. She couldn't be honest with herself. So tragic.

Maytruthprevail said...

Since I have purchased the public records from FDLE on this case including the letters to Melissa Jones referred to by John referencing my website duckettbucket, the person Melinda believed who took Trenton, was Josh's mother and her 6'8" boyfriend Jason. It's all spelled out on the website, motive, and how it was carried out. Melinda was set up just like she was set up for the baker act and the threatening email and the items in the trash. She had those items packed in a suitcase, ready to pick up at a later date and someone decided to place the suitcase in the trash. I have pictures and documents to back up everything I said here.