His defense is all washed up.
Just moments before jurors were being excused from the courtroom for deliberations in a first-degree murder trial, Jerome Power took a Styrofoam cup filled with water and casually poured it onto his attorney.
Power, 50, who was later found guilty of murder, soaked attorney Steve Addington, KCRG.com reported.
"It should have been a mistrial," Power reportedly said after pouring the water. "You sold me out."
KCRG.com reported that deputies quickly responded.
The jury in Cedar Rapids returned a guilty verdict in the 2010 murder case, convicting Power of first-degree murder in the death of Doris Bevins.
KCRG reports that Power was accused of strangling Bevins in her home in September 2010. Police found Power hiding inside Bevins' apartment behind the entry door as they responded to a 911 call from Bevins' friend, who was talking to her on the phone when she was assaulted.
Prosecutors say Bevins, who was 68, was strangled with pajama pants found in her apartment. They believe it all started as a burglary.
They found Bevins' cellphone and charger in Power's pocket.
Power claims he found Bevins unconscious. His defense attorney told jurors there was no physical evidence, including no DNA, pointing to Power.