Sunday, June 8, 2014

Kaine Horman Gets Custody


The father of a Portland boy who disappeared four years ago has settled a custody case with a former wife, the last person known to have seen the child alive.
Kyron Horman vanished from school on June 4, 2010, after his stepmother, Terri Horman, brought him there early that day to attend a science fair. The 7-year-old boy never made it to his regular class, but he wasn’t reported missing until later that afternoon when he didn’t return home on the school bus.
A massive search came up empty, and no arrests have been made. Investigators have long focused on Terri Horman, although they have not named her as a suspect.
In a settlement signed Tuesday, Kaine Horman got custody of 5-year-old Kiara Horman, the daughter he had with Terri Horman.
Kaine Horman filed for divorce about a month after Kyron disappeared and obtained a restraining order that prohibited Terri Horman from having parenting time with Kiara, who was 19 months old at the time. The divorce was finalized Dec. 31, 2013.
The custody settlement made public on the fourth anniversary of Kyron’s disappearance allows Terri Horman eventual visits with her daughter.
The process begins with the girl’s enrollment in counseling with a developmental specialist who will facilitate the child’s relationship with her mother.
The initial contact between Terri Horman and Kiara will be through an exchange of letters and cards. It will then expand to videoconferencing and supervised visits.
“Preliminary maternal contact shall be relatively short and time limited, progressing on to longer duration as warranted by Kiara’s response,” the agreement states.
The settlement requires Terri Horman to attend parental training and restricts her from going within 150 feet of her ex-husband’s house, gym and workplace.


Anonymous said...

I would not want that which anywhere near Kiara.

GeekRad said...

I love that photo of Kyron with the sunflower packet. Even if it breaks my heart.

~mj said...

What an impossible situation for the courts... I support the need to make effective attempts to nurture a relationship between child and parent, but this case is a rats nest. I would not want to be the judge overseeing this.

Unknown said...

Agreed mj-

Talk about a mine field!

trustmeigetit said...

The whole thing with Kyron missing and Terry not speaking makes me anger and I am glad she has no rights to take this other child.

It still makes me so angry that there is the legal option to say nothing.

There is a child missing. I think you should be required to speak. Not be protected from doing so.

Our laws in some ways make no sense.

To me, the silence should be cause to charge someone. If you refuse to speak, let’s arrest you until you tell us where you were.

While I get you can choose not to speak or to lie, being able to simple not speak legally is just flat out BS.

This woman did something to Kyron and like many others may just get away with it.

Its so not fair!

Mary said...

Even for those who didn't follow this case, it's very telling when a mother would rather give up custody of her daughter than tell what she knows about Kyron's disappearence. RIP Kyron. In the arms of angels, now, where that ***** can never hurt him again :(

Mary said...

I should've added Terri gave up custody up until this point, rather than tell what she knows. My bad! Also, time flies: Kiara is five years old now. Hard to believe!

~mj said...

My thoughts exactly!

Unknown said...

Trustmeigetit said it should be required to speak of possible knowledge regarding whereabouts of a missing child, but the little fact he is forgetting and we must not, is that in America, you have the right to avoid incriminating yourself.

There are many great reasons the founding fathers gave us this right, namely so someone calling themselves king couldn't demand we fdefend charges and execute us for lying etc.

However, the fact is there is only one type of person who would choose to remain silent when dealing with any missing child, much less the missing child of the person they supposedly love....

the guilty type

We get so wrapped up in evidence and the audacity of a story, especially one far fetched enough to be harder to believe it was made up... We get so wrapped up, that we don't stop to take a very logical and simple look at what isREALLY going on...

We have the known last person to have the little boy who vanishes just minutes after being seen with someone who is now UNWILLING TO BREAK SILENCE.

It's open and shut. But if she is charged, do we lose the very thing that makes America so amazing?

Without a cause of death, or a body Search for DNA and other clues there is nothing to connect her to his disappearance.

With double jeopardy, does America want to risk a trial without all the evidence, risk a not guilty verdict, and then risk finding the smoking gun piece of evidence which will absolutely convict her... WHOOPS pump the brakes...

Already not guilty. No more trials. She can now officially scream how and why while laughing at her own ability to mimic his last screams of pain... And there ain't a thing anyone can do about it...

That is why there cannot be a law to make someone talk.. They have the right to the best defense, and they themselves might be detrimental to their own defense