Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tammy and Sidney Moorer: Fraud

Liars cause all sorts of trouble; far more than most people realize, and far more than most people would care to believe.

When I say "liar", I do not mean, "Golly gee, Aunt Polly, your blue hair sure looks nice!", I mean those who lie instinctively, who falsify reality and who are deceptive even when there is no seeming reason to be deceptive.

Liars destroy companies, morale, families, and in short, destroy anything they touch.

Liars are exhaustively selfish and put their own interest above anyone else's, including, quite often, their own children.

Here are a pair of liars who have lived to game the system.  When they did not like how things worked out, they turned to murder.  Note the article lists "Tammy" before "Sidney."  This should be no surprise to readers here.

Tammy and Sidney Moorer, the couple charged with the murder of Heather Elvis, were served warrants Tuesday for allegedly misrepresenting their income to qualify for substantial Medicaid benefits for their family.
Both Moorers have been charged with obtaining signature or property under false pretenses and false statement for application for Medicaid assistance, according to the arrest warrants.
They are accused of concealing or failing to disclose to Medicaid the true household and financial status between January 2007 and March 2013, which caused the Moorers to receive Medicaid benefits they were not entitled to receive. "The value of these benefits were over $10,000," according to investigators.
The couple misrepresented the true financial household status by failing to disclose the income generated by the couple's two businesses, the warrant alleges.
Moorer and her husband, Sidney, are charged in the death of 20-year-old Heather Elvis, last seen Dec. 17. Her body has not been found.


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thebookstalker said...

Hello. Have you ever analyzed the Merritt statements in the McStay case? This is an interview he (Mr. Merritt, supposedly the prime suspect) gave http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2510247/Prime-suspect-McStay-murder-mystery-breaks-silence.html

I thought it was interesting that he said he was the last person Joseph saw. How does he know? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Baxtie said...

Hi Peter, why did you delete so many comments from this post from yesterday & today? I'm just curious.

Baxtie said...

Oh wait. I'm an idiot! I'm on the wrong post! Sorry about that, Peter! (D'oh!)

elf said...

I never noticed til now that most of us who post here always put Tammy's name first. Socially isn't the husbands make supposed trista be first (I.e. Mr and Mrs Sidney and Tammy Moorer) . I wonder why? Are we all using reflective language? Is it because Tammy is our 'main suspect'? Or maybe because Tammy has been more verbal, more dominant?

Lemon said...

It's a game to see who's best.
So glad we cleared that up.


Anon P said...

Oh ok. Thank you for your answer Lemon.

Anonymous said...

Baxtie you r right cause I see a few "removed by admin" posts..

Anonymous said...

silence the opinions that do not support yours!

Anonymous said...

so lame. so preschool.

Anonymous said...

What got deleted?

Tania Cadogan said...

Posting about order of names got me to thinking.

In some cases it boils down torelationship to the subject, if you know person B more than person A you may put their name first.

Names can alsp be placed in order due to say age or based on a particular theme.

I started talking to myself speaking out names of the various people, couples, groups etc of people i know and knew.

As some of you know i often mention in posts a rhythm to the spoken word.
The subject will speak to a pace and beat and when they indicate for deception, the rhythm is interrupted.
it may be a single hiccup, it can be a whole new pattern and beat before reverting to their norm, anyway.

i worked my way through the various combinations of names and whatnots, the order i spoke them naturally and how it sounded and then i changed the order, reversing it for a couple or pair and various combinations depending on the number of people involved.

I noticed that some combinations sounded better than others, it made verbal logical sense, following the syllables.

For example

John and Natasha sounds more fluide to my ears than Natasha and John.
The same with nicknams John and Tishy.

Peter and Heather sounds more fluid than Heather and Peter, i also thought about this combination of names and i noticed that i know a lot of couples called Peter and Heather!

Tammy and sidney sounds more fluid to me than sidney and tammy.
George and cindy, debbie and jeremy, kate and gerry. etc

It is like the short one syllable followed by the multi syllable.

It may just be me seeing and hearing this pattern, if you fancy having a go, try it with the names of people you know, write down how you instinctively refer to them and say it out loud and then swap them round and say it out loud and see which feels more fluent, then try it random names and see what sounds 'better' to your ears.

let me know what you think please, it may be that i am just weird :)

ima.grandma said...

Hobs said
I noticed that some combinations sounded better than others, it made verbal logical sense,...

I find it similar to using correct grammar; it's also more pleasing to the ear. Unless a clear pattern develops i.e. always deferring to the male as a primary and using in language as such, I agree your thoughts have logical merit.

Check the box next to 'weird' for me too. I'll be in good company.

Leila said...

Regarding the 12 yr olds who stabbed the other girl to supposedly win favor with "slenderman", I'm interested if people believe the girls really committed this heinous crime with that motive or do you guys think it was a story they concocted in case they got caught to try to make an excuse/use insanity defense. I believe they were immersed in some kind of pathological beliefs about slenderman (not that it in any way excuses their actions!). My boyfriend says no way, they are using it as an excuse, if they had really stabbed the girl to win favor with slenderman they would not have "betrayed" slenderman so quickly by spilling the whole thing about slenderman to the police. He thinks they're full of it and it was just a ready-made excuse for if they got caught. Opinions?

Unknown said...

Hi Ima.grandma!

I hope you have recovered well from your surgery, and are getting to enjoy the summer with your littles! xoxo

Unknown said...

I'm leaning toward them using it as an excuse.

Unless they are VERY immature 12 year olds, it seems ridiculous. Their claim is akin to them still believing in Santa Claus, and doing things to appease him at 12yo!

I know all kids are different, but I have a 12yo cousin, and she and her friends are FAR more worldly than I was at their age, lol

Leila said...

Jen, That is a good word for it, "ridiculous".
I am torn though between wondering if it was a kind of folie a deux with the one girl being obssessed with the slenderman thing, claiming slenderman visited her in her dreams, teleports, etc and she somehow got the other girl to share these beliefs. My boyfriend agrees with you and thinks it's preposterous. Mind-boggling any way you look at it I guess.

ima.grandma said...

It's good to hear from you Jen Ow. Thanks for the good wishes. It has been a bit tough, I needed a second surgery for the cervical area. But I've been reading, I don't comment very often but I do try to read every day or so. Life is sometimes a struggle but it's worth it.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hugs you tight Ima.Grandma xxx

JerseyJane said...

im.a grandma miss u and think of you often XO