Monday, June 16, 2014

Statement Analysis: Tammy Moorer's Attorney On Pregnancy

People often struggle to believe what an attorney says.  It is a reputation that some say is well deserved when it comes to the truth and "straight talk" from someone in the profession.  

The following is a statement by Tammy Moorer's attorney, Greg McCollum, asserting that Tammy Moorer is pregnant. 

Ask yourself what you would say if your client was pregnant. 

I would say, "My client is pregnant."  

Yet, I would only say this if I believed it to be true.  

If I had a doubt, I would say, 

"I believe my client is pregnant."

Simply by adding the word "believe", I indicate that there is room for doubt:  for someone to "believe" otherwise, or even for me to believe otherwise.  The statement:

"My client is pregnant" is now weakened by "I believe my client is pregnant."

Does Tammy Moorer's attorney know she is pregnant?  Does he believe it? 

What if I said, "I really believe my client is pregnant"?

This would now weaken the assertion even further by adding the word, "really" to it. Enough qualifiers in a sentence and you will likely hear someone say, "Liar, Liar!"

Here is McCollum's statement on Tammy being pregnant: 

"She's been examined at two different hospitals by two different doctors.  Two different medical staffs and they both say that she's pregnant. We believe that to be true, and it's really hard for us to imagine it any other way."

1.  Note the order:  

a.  Two different hospitals
b.  Two different doctors
c.  Two different medical staffs

2.  Note the change in language;   from "doctors" to "medical staffs" without any apparent justification within the statement.  

3.  Note the emphasis that is added with "both"

4.  Note that he does not say "I believe" but "we" believe, making it so that he is not alone with this belief, but with others, in a crowd, so to speak. 

5.  The word "that" is distancing language.  He does not say "I believe this to be true", but uses the word "that", which indicates, 'far away' and not close, as "this" indicates closeness. 

6.   "hard" is "really hard", and only in imagination.  Why would it be so "really hard"?  

7.  "imagine" is "imagination" in work.  Why would "imagine" be part of a sentence on pregnancy.  Is she "just a little pregnant"?

The statement shows that the subject is trying to persuade and is going about it a long way, rather than simply say, "My client is pregnant."  He has a ready made answer for the charge, "You knew she was not pregnant" with "two doctors..."

As much as people complain about lawyers not telling the truth, they should be commended for all the Statement Analysis practice they generously donate to us.  


GeekRad said...

"As much as people complain about lawyers not telling the truth, they should be commended for all the Statement Analysis practice they generously donate to us."

I love that line. It made me laugh:). We should know soon enough if she is pregnant, she'll either be showing. Or we will hear the story that she "lost" the baby.

elf said...

I wonder if there's some suspicion of an hysterical pregnancy? Maybe that's why he wont commit to his statement. Its really a cut and dried condition so why all the distancing?

Anonymous said...

Adams' family remains positive despite search effort yielding few results
Posted: June 11, 2014 - 10:58pm | Updated: June 11, 2014 - 11:20pm

Peninsula Clarion
When Kenai resident Dennis Gifford heard his niece Rebecca Adams, two daughters and boyfriend were reported missing he went out into the woods near their North Kenai residence and yelled out their names. Despite the swarm of mosquitoes that pestered Dennis Gifford and his daughter Audre Gifford they were determined to find them.

It has been two weeks since the family last talked to Rebecca Adams. The last phone conversation with her sister Lanell Adams, happened around Memorial Day weekend. Lanell Adams flew up from Washington State to aid the search, which has expanded every day with no trace of the family of four or the family dog.

Gifford said the more the family tries to piece clues together it is still a mystery.

“We have talked about it for hours trying to think what clues…anything leading up to them leaving,” he said. “We just can’t understand. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Along with 22-year-old Rebecca Adams are her two daughters Michelle Hundley, 5, and Jaracca Hundley, 3, and Adams’ boyfriend Brandon Jividen, 37.

What started with a few family members has grown to a community wide search effort in the surrounding ground area from their apartment on California Avenue. The Kenai Police Department has organized the search with the assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, search and rescue teams, the Kenai and Nikiski Fire Departments, Kenai Peninsula Borough volunteer teams and the National Guard stationed in Kenai.

Investigators have used ribbons on trees to mark searched areas and have taken advantage of long hours of daylight. Dennis Gifford said he has been hanging posters from Cooper Landing to Kasilof and said everyone in the community has been supportive. He thanked the police for their diligent search efforts.

“Last night (Tuesday) I came to the police station at 10:30 p.m. and police were still here working,” Gifford said. “They have been doing an incredible job.”

On Wednesday, Kenai Police Chief Gus Sandahl said there had been no significant information to add after his third day of briefings. A specialized canine scent detection team from outside Alaska will arrive Friday to search the wooded areas through the weekend. He asked members of the community to not search on their own because it would disrupt their efforts.

“We will need the wooded areas and trails cleared to allow the canine team to effectively do their job,” Sandahl said. “We urge people to please refrain from any proactive searches for that sustained period of time.”

Anonymous said...

While police authorities will not get into specifics on the information they have gathered in their investigation, little is known about Jividen before he moved to Alaska from West Virginia. According to Department of Defense data, Jividen served in the United States Air Force from May 1997 to May 2001.

Lanell Adams said Jividen and her cousin Rebecca Adams had been in a relationship for about a year in a half.

Dennis Gifford said Rebecca Adams was born and raised in Alaska. Her daughter Michelle Hundley attended Kindergarten at Mountain View Elementary School.

“Every couple goes through issues and disagreements but nothing that red flagged us…but normal couple stuff,” Dennis Gifford said. “We don’t understand what could have happened.”

He said the family being gone this long is not like them.

“(Adams) was very responsible and a great mother,” he said. “This is just so out of character.”

Despite so much uncertainty as each day passes with no knowledge of their whereabouts, Dennis Gifford said they remain hopeful they will return safe.

“We have days one of us goes dark and thinks the worst, but the rest of us are there to cheer them up and get back to thinking positive,” he said. “I’m hoping they will roll in and go ‘what in the world is going on’ and we are all embarrassed this happened. That’s OK we will hug them and kick their butts later.”

Reach Dan Balmer at

Anonymous said...

Peter, the lawyer saying "it is really hard for us to imagine it any other way" is in response to the veracity of her pregnancy being challenged, therefore I don't see the sensitivity.
The "belief" that Tammy is pregnant has been challenged, and the lawyer is responding.
I believe that Tammy is pregnant.
The attorney for the state's statement questioning Tammy's pregnancy showed that he believed she was pregnant, but was trying to build a case denying the "viability" of her pregnancy based on her alleged lack of cooperation with prison medical care. The desccription of a pregnancy as being of questionable viability shows that the state's attorney has actual knowledge that she is in fact pregnant.
Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Missing Mother’s Family Says the Situation is Mysterious
Posted: June 11, 2014 at 4:59 pm
The Kenai Police Department had few new developments in the case of the missing Kenai family however some of their relatives did attend the media briefing.

Rebecca Adams’ uncle, Dennis Gifford told us the entire situation is mind-boggling.

Gifford: “Again that’s some of the things that we’ve talked about I think every couple goes through, issues and arguments, I don’t even want to say arguments but disagreements, there was nothing that red flagged us as anything else going on but normal couple stuff, like I said, we don’t understand what happened or what could’ve.”

He said that the community has been outstanding in their outpouring of support and that their family is working to stay positive.

Gifford: “There’s days where one of us will go dark and think the worst and the rest of us are there to cheer them up and cheer lead, get us back thinking positive and be hopeful, that’s where we’re staying, we’re staying hopeful that it’s going to be resolved and they’ll be home. We’re hoping they’ll roll in and they’ll go, what in the world is going on and we’re all going to be embarrassed that all this happened but that’s ok, we’ll hug them and then we’ll kick their butts, we’re hoping that that happens that’s our hope and we have to stay with that.”

Kenai Police along with various other agencies continue to work to locate Brandon Jividen, Rebecca Adams, and Adams’ two daughters: Jarraca Hundley and Michelle Hundley.

Police Chief Gus Sandahl has said that this is their top priority.

Anonymous said...

how could the lawyer KNOW with absolute conviction she is pregnant? the lawyer doesn't have that intimate knowledge. all he has to go on is that two tests said she is pregnant, in these early stages if a group of tests lean toward positive results but are overall inconclusive - anybody would have to allow for uncertainly in stating the most likely concusion.

Anonymous said...

if the guards say Tammy refused prenatal vitamins that means the prison attempted to administer her prenatal vitamins. the prison would only attempt to administer prenatal vitamins to Tammy if they had evidence that she was pregnant that satisfied their standards. I don't know how they prove an inmate is pregnant but I'd bet it takes more than the inmate telling them they think they might be.

Dave said...

Anonymous said...
There is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. :)

I bet they know she's pregnant by her new healthy, brighter, skin glow, beautiful shiny hair, bigger breasts, softer curves, and the "new life LIGHT" that her eyes reflect.....everytime one looks at her. Congratulations Tammy and Sidney!

sex is also better with pregnant women.

Atlchanel said...

If her lawyer is such a good lawyer why didn't he bring more proof to court? All they need is a current ultrasound to prove this. If she is so worried why isn't she having an ultrasound to see if everything is ok. That usually is the norm in the second trimester, especially at her age.
My opinion is that the pregnancy did not take and she is so crazy she refuses to believe it. I think the woman is crazy. I do think it might be a histrionic pregnancy. She may want Sidney to believe that she is so he won't rollover on her.

skeptic said...

"it is really hard for us to imagine it any other way" is like writing a novel at the end of all that other explanation, lol. Alibi-building, IMO, with the lawyer already thinking ahead to how he's going to explain that Tammy was never pregnant to a jury if it is brought into the discussion. For decades the definition of "female hysteria" was "imagined pain". I feel like the lawyer is "finding it really hard to imagine anyone buying this story."

Anonymous said...

she prob was pregnant and maybe it's not proceeding well.

Anonymous said...

do you guys think she did the physical murder or just approved of/covered for Sydney doing it for her?

I tend to think it's the latter.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic BBM

By Nigel Moore

Gerry McCann: Errr... We're exasperated that the hearing has been cancelled, errr... once again, errr... at Mr Amaral's request. This is the fourth time that this has happened, when we've travelled to Portugal. The legal case has been running now for over 5 years and we want to get justice for Madeleine. Today is a blatant and cynical attempt to wear us down and it's Madeleine who's suffering. Errm... We're not gonna give up; gonna keep going. Thank you.

Male Portuguese Reporter 1: Do you think this was a strategy?

Kate McCann: Can I... can I just add, I mean, I think we need to make it clear to people we... we took on this case because of the pain and stress that Mr Amaral has brought to us and our children. And every time he postpones the case, like this, it brings us more pain and distress, Every time we come here we have to make arrangements for our children to be looked after, we have to book flights, we have to book hotels, we have to take time off work to come here. Now Mr Amaral handed that letter in, apparently, around 9 o'clock this morning. That letter could have been handed in before we left the country and this has happened now about four times, as Gerry said this can't be seen as anything but blatant and cynical. We just want justice. This is not fair.

Male Portuguese Reporter 2: You will return? You will return?

Gerry McCann: Yes.

Male Portuguese Reporter 1: Do you think this was a strategy from Goncalo Amaral?

Gerry McCann: Clearly.

Kate McCann: Yes.

Male Portuguese Reporter 3: Do you think Madeleine is alive?

Gerry McCann: What we know for certain is there is no evidence Madeleine is dead and until we find her...

Kate McCann: [interrupting] She deserves... she deserves the right to be found. We believe that Mr Amaral is trying to stop her that human right of being looked for and found. It's happened to other children, it can happen to Madeleine.

Female Portuguese Reporter: Don't you think he may be in pain too, Mr Amaral?

Kate McCann: Why?

Female Portuguese Reporter: Because, errr... all the things he has [indecipherable] too.

Kate McCann: Mr Amaral is not the victim in this.

Male Portuguese Reporter 4: About the searches in Praia da Luz, with Scotland Yard...

Gerry McCann: We're not commenting on the investigation. That's a job for the Judicial Police and Scotland Yard. Thank you.

Male Portuguese Reporter 4: But you still hope Madeleine is gonna... gonna be fine?

Gerry McCann: Well, what... what is clear is that the searches haven't found any evidence that Madeleine has been seriously injured or is dead. So, as far as we are concerned, there's a good chance she's still alive and we have to keep searching for her. That's why we're here.

Male Portuguese Reporter 5: What do you think about the results of the searching of the British police last week in Portugal.

Gerry McCann: It's the same thing, you know. There've been multiple searches - there's no sign of Madeleine. There is no evidence that she's been seriously harmed or dead, and that's the important thing. There's a missing child, and...

Kate McCann: [trying to interrupt] Either way... either way...

Gerry McCann: [continues] ...and, you know, what... what is absolutely clear and we want to... people can have their own opinions of us but Madeleine is completely innocent in all of this. This is what it's about - an innocent child who's missing.

Male English Reporter: If Mr Amaral is watching this, what would you say to him?

Gerry McCann: We're not speaking to Mr Amaral. Thank you very much for your patience. [turns and walks off]

Anonymous said...

i think Sydney maybe was trying to get back with Heather that night and Heather called his cell knowing she'd get Tammy and told her keep your husband away from me he's coming round again. this resulted in so much embarassment for syd and so much rage for tammy - sydney went and murdered heather that night to punish her for exposing him and also to win Tammy back by finally proving he's fully commited to her.
it's my current theory,. ..

Tania Cadogan said...

Watching their body language in the video is interesting.

Alsoi wonder how many snorted when kate complained about having to arrange childcare, the forums are rife with giggling and snorts of derision.

Unknown said...

I wonder if they will skip the rescheduled hearing with an excuse about how they are done being jerked around, Madeline deserves better, etc?

Anonymous said...

Statement analysis of state's lawyer says she's pregnant.
Why is state's lawyer denying "viability" of pregnancy? Delay tactic perhaps. Lawyers build arguments against things they know are true all the time.
One thing I have wondered: How long till these 2 go to trial? Are Tammy and Sidney's lawyers delaying things? I have heard no explanation for when trial will occur.

~mj said...

The State's attorney was speaking with words chosen based on their knowledge that a medical professional has confirmed a positive test result and has also confirmed that TM's hCG levels had not (at that time) increased at a rate that would have a high probability to produce a viable pregnancy. Most of us know that to mean, A) TM was pregnant (for a moment or for a few weeks) and she miscarried, B) was and is currently, pregnant or C) TM was not pregnant and there were other reasons for elevated hCG levels.

TM's attorney has chosen words that indicate that the attorney most likely does not personally believe TM to be pregnant at that court appearance but is leaving the idea on the table as a maneuver to get TM out on bail and is setting up for being able to explain later, should the need arise, why there is no baby.

It all seems quite clear and while I do not agree with that sort of deception from lawyers, I understand why.

Anonymous said...


Your explanation is reasonable and intelligent. The only problem with the logic is that, had Tammy miscarried in prison, there is a high probability this would be known by other prisoners as well as medical staff.
I believe Tammy is pregnant but the state does not want her getting out on bail. I am not arguing against their stance, simply stating why I believe they are disputing the "reality" of the pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

if she miscarried in first couple months of pregnancy prob nobody but maybe Tammy herself knows for sure,

IMO what does it matter? it's attourneys job to fight with everything they've got. it's defendants right to seek freedom via their attorney using everything they've got.

& people don't get released from jail cause of pregnancy so it's - moot.

I believe that she was trying to get pregnant. isn't that, at this point more interesting?? might she and Sydney believed she was pregnant at time of murder?how would that play into everything?

Anonymous said...

Tammy's been in jail for 4 months now, either she is showing or she isn't.

Why do lawyers get to lie?

~mj said...

I don't agree with the mantra "the defendants right to seek freedom via their attorney with everything they've got" - within legal, honest limits, yes - I agree a defendant should be allowed to seek their freedom. I am not sure exactly how anon@ 8:05 meant this comment, but we have seen all too often these defense attorneys take the low-ballin'liars road all in the name of the RIGHT to a defense.

I do not believe that is what was intended when our justice system was being built. People needed their rights protected as a defendant back then and now it has been turned into a giant circus with lies oozing out of most defense attorneys pie holes and prosecutors that are so gun shy they seem to scamper and hide at the slightest hint of defeat. Its disgusting.

No matter which way you flip it, by word-choice alone it is obvious that TM's attorney does not have confidence in TM being currently pregnant. What does that mean? A host of possibilities, and yes one of those possibilities is that TM is in fact pregnant.

I do agree with anon@ 8:05 that it is far more interesting, if in fact it is true, that the Moorers were trying to get pregnant before whatever it is that they did to poor Heather (of course, I am basing this on the assumption of their guilt, which I feel compelled to point out is not proven yet) ... there of course is always the very real possibility that the idea of the Moorers trying for a baby is a giant lie too. Although it would satisfy the big buzz about Heather being pregnant, the rumor mill may have started churning on that point due to Tammy having a positive result...just a thought.

Anonymous said...

im anon 8:05. i just meant in terms of attorneys - its the legal expectation that each side fights as hard as they can to aqiut or convict respectively. but i dont care too much about it. glad you agree its interesting to consider if the moorers were indeed trying to get pregnsnt. and that yoy wont assume theie guilt. and await more clarity. i agree on that point too.

C5H11ONO said...

I would venture to guess that based on the attorney's statements, it will be likely that a "miscarriage" will happen to poor old Tammy, whereby she loses her unborn child. Tragically she flushes it down the toilet while she was sitting in the crapper and there will be no "evidence" of a fetus. She was too distraught and angry that she was not given the proper prenatal care she needed to have a viable pregnancy. The pregnancy she told Sydney she had prior to her arrest, therefore she had to keep the charade going. We're dealing with sickos here. Sickos that make weird pacts to show their "love", like allowing themselves to be tied to the bed. Who is to say she didn't talk him in to killing Heather because she told him she was pregnant and needed to know how loyal he was to her. That may explain why Sydney was the one to call Heather that night and tell her he was leaving Tammers.

trustmeigetit said...

It is sad. The effort that they now put in.

The comment I'm most bother by was:

Gerry said “what is clear is that the searches haven't found any evidence that Madeleine has been seriously injured or is dead. So, as far as we are concerned, there's a good chance she's still alive and we have to keep searching for her. That's why we're here.”

Again, they are there to testify at a trial to sue someone over an opinion.

Not to look for Madeleine. Not to search for clues.
They are there ONLY to try to win a lawsuit.

This is so blatant that anyone that still thinks they are innocent is not paying any attention.

If you won’t look for your child but you will spend time and money to fight someone’s theory, to me it looks like the only concern is the theory. Not Madeleine.

I despise these 2!

trustmeigetit said...

This is one thing that can be proven.
The lawyer should not have any question in his mind. The fact that he does I think is likely due to the lack if truth.

Nothing else makes any sense.

He could simply state "Tammy is pregnant. Two tests were done and both were positive".

Nothing more is needed.

A woman may have a false positive with an at home test but not with a doctor. Not that I have ever heard of anyways.

Then Tammy refusing prenatal vitamins? She's trying to get sympathy yet refuses one very important thing to support her pregnancy.

But then based on what was said about their home nasty and dirty, she doesn't care about the well being of her kids.