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Statement Analysis: Tammy Moorer' Mother

Statement Analysis is in bold type, with quotes in italics, with emphasis added. 

In Tammy Moorer's language, we have seen violence and deception. 
In Tammy's father's language, we have seen inability to issue a denial of the Moorer's involvement. 
In Tammy Moorer's teenage son, we see sensitivity about truth, and about threat.  

Now we have Tammy Moorer's mother's language to view.  

the article is from ""

 — Family of the couple facing charges in the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis say the pair are good parents who were working to improve their relationship and are innocent.
Alice “Polly” Caison is the mother of 42-year-old Tammy Moorer who, along with her 38-year-old husband Sidney Moorer, is charged with murder, kidnapping, obstruction of justice and two-counts of indecent exposure in connection with the Elvis case.
Polly Caison said her daughter and son-in-law couldn’t have committed such crimes, that they are good parents who wouldn’t hurt a fly and should be home with their three children. Tammy is a stay-at-home mother who homeschooled the couples’ three children — two boys ages 8 and 15, and a girl age 12, while running a part-time travel agency. Sidney Moorer owns Palmetto Maintenance, LLC.
You can ask anybody, Tammy is a good mother,” she said. “Tammy would not have done something like this to put her kids in jeopardy.”
The expected:  "Tammy didn't kill Heather Elvis"
Instead of the expected, we have "would not" have done "something like this" and not even "this."
Please note that the subject tells us why she believes Tammy would not have done something like this:
not because it is violent or it is murder, but because it put her kids in jeopardy.  This is not a denial and it is not a removal from violence.  One should consider that there may be generational familiarity with violence.  This was confirmed not only in Tammy's father's language, but in the record of violence against a neighbor.  She can accept the possibility of her daughter's involvement in violence, but not in allowing her children to be without her.  
Caison said she hopes for a fair trial if the charges aren’t dropped.
“I promise you one thing, whatever happened to that girl it did not happen here,” she said. “God help him [Terry Elvis] find his daughter because my family did not have anything to do with it,” she said. “I hope they find her and I hope she comes home.”
Note "I promise" which is a weak statement due to the need for emphasis.
Note "that girl" is distancing language from the victim. 
Note "here" is the location.  She does not say "Tammy didn't do it", in any form.  
Note "happen" indicates that something did "happen" but just not here.  Note that she is also only able to say "anything to do with  it" as a weak denial. 
Does she believe Heather Elvis is still alive?
"I hope they find her" would suggest that Heather can be found:
"I hope she comes home" is then said after the first statement.  Could Heather be found and not come home?
One should consider that the subject knows or believes that Heather is not coming home alive. 
Terry Elvis could not be reached for comment.
Heather Elvis was last seen the night of Dec. 17 and last heard from early on Dec. 18, according to authorities. She was reported missing Dec. 19 after Horry County police found her car, which was registered to her father, parked at the Peachtree boat landing. Elvis’ keys, cellphone and purse were not found in the locked car and she remains missing.
Police on Feb. 24, charged the Moorers with murder and kidnapping related to Elvis’ death.
During the initial bond hearing, prosecutors pointed to cellphone records and video surveillance – which showed a truck authorities said belonged to the Moorers – to build their case against the couple. But defense attorneys call the evidence is circumstantial, with no link to tie the couple to Elvis’ disappearance.
Polly Caison said the truck police referred to never left the yard and that police didn’t spend enough time looking for other suspects, but instead targeted the Moorers, whose home sits behind the Caison home on the same property off Secondary Highway 814.
Horry County police along with attorneys involved in the case are under a gag order and blocked from talking about the case, but in a court hearing in May, Horry County senior solicitor Donna Elder said authorities took time to investigate before filing charges.
“This is not a case where law enforcement rushed to make an arrest,” Elder said. “Contrary to public pressure . . . they arrested them over two months later after a full investigation.”
Attorneys for both Moorers have said repeatedly that there is no evidence against their clients in the case.
There is no evidence at all to link Tammy Moorer to the possible disappearance or death of Heather Elvis,” said Greg McCollum, Moorer‘s attorney said during a bond hearing in May. “She’s innocent, not just presumed innocent, but innocent.”
This would have sounded stronger had he not said, "possible disappearance."  That Heather "disappeared" is not in question by either side.  This weakens his assertion of being "innocent."
Also note that he does not say "there is no evidence at all to link the Moorers to..."
The simple words "at all" added weaken the assertion.  Powerful would have been:
"There's no evidence to link Tammy Moorer to the disappearance" but with the additional wording of, "at all" and "possible", we see that the brain adds words in to the statement in an attempt to sound stronger and persuade the listener.  
This is actually weak, rather than being strong.  Short sentences are powerful as they lack any need to persuade.  
Ashley Caison, Tammy’s younger sister, said Sidney Moorer’s alleged affair with Elvis isn’t reason enough to accuse the couple. She said the affair was over when Elvis was reported missing.
During a bond hearing prosecutors said that Elvis and Sidney Moorer had begun a relationship in June 2013 and ended it in October. Prosecutors said when Tammy Moorer found out about the affair she began to harass Heather Elvis.
Heather was in fact fearful of Tammy during this time period,” Elder said, during the March hearing. Elder said after learning of the affair, Tammy Moorer handcuffed her husband to the bed at night, a condition he agreed to for a six-month probationary period.
Violence was a part of generational life for this family. 
Polly Caison said she didn’t know about the affair until the investigation.
“Tammy and Sidney decided to put their life back together,” she said. “They went on vacation for three weeks and when they came back this thing started against them. They were over it ... they had forgiven each other and decided to put things aside and that’s why Tammy was trying to get pregnant.”
"back together" indicates that their life (singular, according to the subject, who sees them as "one") had fallen apart.  
Note that "this thing started against them."  What is "this" and what is "thing"?  A 20 year old had gone missing.  This is an indication that Polly Caison recognizes the involvement of Sidney and Tammy Moorer with the disappearance and is the perfect place to say that Sidney and Tammy did not cause Heather Elvis to disappear.  
"They were over it" as it was "against them."  This is not the language of an affair.   They had "forgiven" each other and this is "why" Tammy was trying to get pregnant.  Note the reason for bringing another life into the world, according to the subject.  This allows the reader to enter into their world, their way of thinking in life.   
Tammy Moorer used the pregnancy as a basis for her second request for bond, which was made in May, but bond was again denied. Her attorney had requested that bond be reconsidered citing pregnancy, a prior miscarriage and concern that the stress of being jailed could jeopardize her current pregnancy.
Prosecutors said that Moorer refused subsequent treatment and testing and is not taking prenatal vitamins offered by jail staffers.
Polly Caison said her daughter won’t take prenatal vitamins because they were the cause of a miscarriage before the birth of her eldest child, now 15.
She said she is afraid for her daughter and son-in-law and that her family has been terrorized in the community where they have found signs including one with an x over her husband William Caison, saying “One down... Rot in hell.” Another sign showed Tammy Moorer with a bullet hole on her forehead. Ashley and Polly Caison said police reports have been filed, but the threats have not ceased.
William Caison died in March, and his wife said she’s certain the stress of this situation caused the death.
“It’s hard for me to go out,” she said. “It’s hard for me to go to sleep. You don’t never know who might pull a gun on you. We don’t trust anybody anymore. You don’t know who you can trust. It’s terrible. It’s like living a nightmare.”
Very strong is the personal pronoun, "I" (or "me") when there is a threat.  
1. Going out
2. Sleeping
Both "going out" and "sleeping" are "hard" for the subject.  But what of the threat?
3.  Gun
"You don't never know who might pull a gun on you" uses the distancing language of "you." Since she began with "me", the expected, should she fear a gunman, would be, "I don't never know who is going to pull a gun on me", which would have continued the strong statement.  Instead, we have distancing language in the pronoun.  This should be considered that although is is "hard" for her to go out and for her to sleep, the fear of a gunman is not as "hard" as sleeping or going out.  
People who fear for their lives use strong language as our own life is critically important to us; it is unclose and personal.  It is to "live a nightmare" and not "like" a nightmare.  
She said her grandchildren don’t want to leave the house often. She said that fear began before the arrests when police arrived to search the home in February, where the family of five was found sleeping in one room.
Being locked away from family is hurting Tammy Moorer, according to her mother.
“It’s running her crazy,” she said. “You can tell by reading her letters. She loves her kids and she’s happy about this baby coming.”
She does not say, strongly, "I can tell by reading her letters" but "you" can tell.  
Despite negative chatter in the community, particularly on social media, about the Moorers, Polly Caison said her family has a large group of support, including some family that she said had to sit on the prosecution side during the initial bond hearing.
This may be why she does not fear a gunman in the language above. 
Polly and Ashley Caison said they hope the truth surfaces soon.
Why not simply state the truth now?  
Statement Analysis of Tammy Moorer's now deceased father indicated knowledge of Heather Elvis' death. 
Polly Caison said her house and the Moorer house each were searched twice, including once with a search warrant. Police took boxes of belongings, but she said she’s sure there wasn’t any evidence in either house to support the charges.
“There’s no way that my child done this and I’m sick and tired of every time I see the news or read the paper it says my kids are charged with murder,” she said. “There’s no way the child could do anything like that.”
Our language gives us away.  This is in spite of regionalism or education.  The words we choose, and the change in language reveals us.  Here, she refers to Tammy as:
"my child", "my kids" (plural) and finally, "the child."
The word "child" is often associated in language with child abuse and risk.   Tammy is "my child" and then becomes "the child", and perhaps it is that "my kids" are Tammy and Sidney.  
That Tammy Moorer was abused as a child would not be a surprise given not only what she is charged with, but her own words reveal a very troubled, violent person.  
We have heard three generations of this family speak and there are similarities within them.  

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Terrence said...

The Moorer's are the poster child for SA.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thank You for analyzing this statement Peter.

It was the change in language from "child" to "Kids" and then back again to "child" that i was concerned about.

Kellie said...

Peter wrote:
This would have sounded stronger had he not said, "possible disappearance." That Heather "disappeared" is not in question by either side. This weakens his assertion of being "innocent."

My thought is this would indicate the attorney knows or suspects the cause of Heather's disappearance! I would have expected him to instead say, disappearance (no qualifier) and possible murder.

Unknown said...

Agreed Terrence!

John Mc Gowan said...

Terrence said...

The Moorer's are the poster child for SA.

Jen Ow said...

Agreed Terrence!

Along with BJD.

Unknown said...

Exactly John!

They all have one thing in common...they can't shut up!

The Moorer/Caison half-wits called a press conference to complain about the press coverage, and public backlash. That's a little bit counterproductive don'tcha think?!

The more they talk, the more they reveal, so I say keep those lips flapping Caison's, Dunn's, Celis', Bradley's, Dip's, etc. We're hanging on your every word!

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Jen,

If memory serves me correct,i maybe wrong. I think Peter uses one of BJDs statements for learning, and teaching people this wonderful science of SA.

SA 101 Lol.

Mary said...

Thank you, Peter! Those who support this violent family of thugs can scream from the court house steps at high noon of Tammy's innocence & just how kind & loving the whole family are, and although they can deny the murder of an innocent girl, the fact remains it takes a very violent family to beat a man while another family member holds him down.

What kind of family would do that, let alone to actively teach their kids that kind of thuggery? I've only read of such violence from articles in big city newspapers & it always involved drugs or gang members.

Baxtie said...


Madeleine McCann mystery: Police to dig in Portugal wasteland

Anonymous said...

Polly Caison said the truck police referred to never left the yard

This is interesting that Polly said the truck police refer to never left the yard. She does not qualify this statement. perhaps this is factual. perhaps the truck is not the right clue.

Anonymous said...

Polly Caison said the truck police referred to never left the yard
reporters words maybe? need a quote of question and the answer.

Katprint said...

OFF TOPIC: statement by Casey Kasem's wife in news article:

Claiming that the courts are trying to "rip him away from his family," Jean Kasem called her husband an "American treasure" and added, "He wanted to go out strong…he wanted to leave beautiful memories. That was all gone today."

When I read Casey Kasem's wife's statement in that article, I immediately thought "Holy Cow! She really did take him out of the nursing home in Santa Monica and hide him away from his family so that they couldn't stop her from killing him." I don't believe for a second that HE wanted to "go out strong" by leaving the hospital and being medically neglected so as to develop bed sores and infections in his lungs and bladder. Also her calling him a "treasure" is consistent with her apparent desire to inherit his fortune.

Also very interesting: Casey Kasem Hospitalized After Dramatic Scene Unfolds at Home

Anonymous said...

it's very likely none of the family knows what happened.

Anonymous said...

John I think you are correct about BJD's statements being used for training purposes.

Does anyone know if SA can be used as evidence in court? A jury really needs to hear all the circumstantial evidence and I think SA should qualify as a form of evidence (dislaimer- I am not n attorney or SA expert{obviously lol})

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
it's very likely none of the family knows what happened.

June 2, 2014 at 4:25 PM

Exactly! And it is so implausible to believe that Polly loves her daughter and wants to believe in her innocence? Jeez -- she's her MOTHER. What do you expect her to do?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody really contest thar the moorers are being harrassed invluding getting death threats? these things are happening so whats wrong with the moorers sayin you or i when describing the experience if beibg harrassed?

Anonymous said...

Peter, I think the lawyer's statement is strong.
The mother's response seemed to be, I am assuming, in response to a question about Tammy's mothering skills and that may be why she focused on "Tammy would not have done something like this to put her kids in jeopardy.
I believe the mother's statement reveal ignorance of whether they did it or didn't.
I don't know why you feel skeptical that the Moorer family feel unsafe to go out since there was a call from Terry for vigilante justice (in the past), and, quite simply they know they are hated by many.

Anonymous said...

I think the lawyer's statement "they have no evidence AT ALL" simply means they have weak circumstantial evidence but nothing solid, this would explain the AT ALL.

Sella35 said...

There is no evidence... This stood out to me, it reminds me of criminals who say.."You can't prove it,...You have nothing...You have zero evidence..."

Sella35 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sella35 said...

@anons 6:43 and 6:48-

I do not believe that they have had lives threatened, gun-slinging vigilantes at their front door nor gun-toters shooting at vehicles. This is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone here able to analyze this statement by Elliot Rogers childhood friend?

Anonymous said...

Sella, Um...I believe the family's lives were threatened in terms of people on social media making such threats. There has also been a lot of talk of a mob mentality against them on social media, meaning people wanting to justice into their own hands. I don't think it's outlandish that the family states they don't feel safe and it is believable there may have been threats made against them. There were threats made on social media towards the Moorer family, so, it seems they are telling the truth about that regardless of whether you believe Moorers are guilty, still, there could be some sympathy regarding their family not feeling safe.

Anonymous said...

Sella 8:04, This is the 1st place a lawyer's mind will go though: is there or isnt there evidence against his client. He can't build a case to defend his client without, in fact, focusing on what the evidence is and/or on whether there is any evidence. He also states Tammy is innocent, therefore I don't see how the lawyer's statement is comparable to the manipulative criminal who does not assert his innocence, rather just says "you can't prove it".

Sella35 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sella35 said...

@anon 10:48- You are talking on social media..a bunch of anonymous people making threats? Are you sure it was real threats or could it be threats from the "TM Camp?"

I listen to talk radio. Sometimes people claim to be from a particular party to get on-air,...then they start showing their true colors.

Anyone could log on anon and make death-threats towards her (TM Family). It would gain at least two things, Sympathy from those who are naive and publicity to try to gain sympathy, from those who are naive.

I could be wrong, but I think I recall the Moorer family had tons of video cameras. They could take some of those and film these so-called vigilantes. They would be stupid to do it and stupider if they do not. If they have access to something that can help further their claims, they should do it.

I stand behind my statement. I do not think they have been threatened by a vigilante group. I do not think their kids or grandma is under threat.

June 2, 2014 at 11:09 PM Delete

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

"Tammy is a good mother,"

"She loves her kids"

"We flag both self praise and terms of endearment in Statement Analysis as troublesome points."

Peter, does this also apply when it comes from a family member?.

elf said...

John, I think if a family member, friend,acquaintance, etc.. states that someone else is a good mom or that they love their kids, that would be an opinion. It may be true in their opinion, ya know? I wouldn't flag it for sensitivity unless it was repeated. Each of us has a different yardstick we measure things by. For example, one of my weaknesses as a mother is I have sensory issues. There are some foods that I CANNOT STAND (the feel and smell of those orangey yellow cheese slices for sandwiches is disgusting, the smell of scrambled eggs is nauseating) that are healthy for my kids, some people may look down on me for not serving these things enthusiastically. Some people may say I'm a bad mom because Im not on the Kraft mac-n-cheese bandwagon. Well I say I'm an ok mom :) my kids are healthy despite my issues. My 5 year old handles her own cheese ;) I think other peoples judgements about parenting are subjective, Tammy's mom may think her daughter is a good mom, maybe her standard is higher or lower than mine or yours. If she thinks that what makes a good mother is taking kids on expensive vacations then according to her personal dictionary she would be telling the truth that she thinks Tammy is a good mom. I would disagree. My personal opinion is different. My yardstick is different.
I think a good parent not only makes mistakes, but admits them and tries to correct or learn from them.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Elf,

I can understand if it is a friend or an acquaintance. They may only see what is portrayed to them outside of the family home. But, with close family, ie, the Moorers parents, they have a better in site as to what goes on behind closed doors.

So, when TMs Mother tells us that she is a good parent, is she seeing all that's going on, and if she does, is she then trying to convince us they are good parents, because i know my late Mother would not tolerate any of my family behaving like them.

Maybe its her maternal instincts to protect her family, as i'm sure we all would to a certain degree.

Thus making her endearments sensitive?.

Again i maybe wrong Elf, as you say it may all come down to opinions and interpretation. ( internal dictionary)

Anonymous said...

Sella, it's pretty well known that, for a time at least, the idea of some kind of vigilante justice against the Moorer's was being stirred up on social media. Combine that with the fact that the Moorer parents are very hated now by much of the community, and it is easy to understand how their kids could feel frightened or threatened.
Again, you can believe TM and SM are guilty and still have some sympathy for their kids' predicament. I don't feel these kids are lying or exagerating about feeling fear.

Anonymous said...

@ elf
"despite my issues"
mental illnesses
no wonder you can't understand that the people you bash are innocent, you are all fkn nuts.

Kosmo said...

I really wish people would pick a name on here so they can be addressed as they address the ones with names...

Besides that I think that the kids feel the fear because of what others have told them and discussed in front of them! Why would you even think about taking them to the court hearings over the VERY ADULT conversations in front of them??? Of course they are scared.

elf said...

I mean by Tammy's mom's standards Tammy may be a good mom. If (by her standards) Tammy is a good mom then her language would show that SHE believes she's telling the truth, not that Tammy is beyond a doubt a good mother. I think that's her personal truth. Or maybe she just feels like its what she can say truthfully because she's unable to say honestly (people hate to lie) that Tammy and Sidney moorer did not murder Heather Elvis. Kind of like that old saying 'if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all'. :)

Baxtie said...


This happened in Wisconsin.

Charges detail Waukesha pre-teens' attempt to kill classmate

There are some quotes from the girls in this article.

Baxtie said...

Still OT...

This is a blog post on the website where the girls in Wisconsin got the idea to kill. Lots of quotes from the blogger.,_Reality,_and_You

John Mc Gowan said...


Don't click on links that are highlighted in blue.

Hi Baxie, i say this because, in the past highlighted blue links have taken people to unsavory sites.

I can vouch for that. Early on in my SA enthusiasm, i clicked a blue link and it took me to a porn site.

Yours maybe innocent, however, given my past experiences with said links. I will not take that chance again.

Ps, welcome to SA. :-)

elf said...

Minimizing language duly noted. You sat potato, I say eat me. My peculiarities are not an indication of my intelligence, merely the fallout from childhood trauma.
Choose a name before you come at me.

elf said...

*say not sat

Unknown said...

Polly consistently uses "this" (closeness) when referring to the murder of Heather Elvis.

Except here:
“There’s no way that my child done this and I’m sick and tired of every time I see the news or read the paper it says my kids are charged with murder,” she said. “There’s no way the child could do anything like that.”

Peter, I would expect her to use "that" (distancing language) every single time she refers to that event. Wouldn't you?

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi Elf,

Don't you love SA. :-)

It becomes second nature. :-)

Doffs hat.

elf said...

Lol I do love it john :) even when I get analyzed.

Anonymous said...

Off-Topic -

Hailey Dunn section on Websleuths has been closed until moderator has "time to review" section

Does this mean there is movement in the case? An impending arrest or impending indictment?

Katprint said...

OFF TOPIC: more statements by Casey Kasem's wife

Danny Deraney, a spokesman for Kerri Kasem, said Jean Kasem tossed a package of ground meat at her stepdaughter.

"If you need to know why I did it -- when a person is about to pass away, there are always rabid dogs," Jean Kasem told reporters in response to a question after Monday's court session.

So, according to his wife, it appears that after she took him out of the nursing home in Santa Monica, Casey Kasem's medical condition seriously worsened until he was "about to pass away." And she would have gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for those meddling kids who interfered and prevented him from dying like she had planned.

trustmeigetit said...

I just read the story about the 12 year old girls that stabbed their friend.

This story is frightening. 12 is so young. But sounds like mom and dad are possible a little sick themselves. Still hard to even grasp that level of evil so young.

But it reaffirms my belief that the police need to be watching Hannah Anderson. That girl is not innocent. How much she was involved is yet to be seen, but I do not for one second think she was a victim.

It angers me that everyone keeps acting like because shes young she is innocent.

She lied and said she was asleep the entire time. No way that happened. Ambien does not knock you out cold.

She said at the river Jim was “signaling for help”. WHAT? Didn’t you just say you life was in danger if you tried to get help. So what, a few minutes later he was signaling for help?

Those are just the 2 more glaring lies let the San Diego police call her a victim.

That police force clearly needs to clean house. If those cops can’t see the most glaring lies and contradictions then they have no business being in that line of work.

Baxtie said...


I'm sorry, I didn't mean to freak anyone out. I was trying to be helpful by coding my link. However, your point is well taken: I won't do so going forward. All good!

For future reference, you can hover over any blue link (anywhere on the web) and look at the bottom of your browser to see the actual URL it's linking to before clicking it. Another way of safe surfing is to highlight the blue link with your mouse (click & drag over it) and, if it seems legit, then right click your mouse and choose "Go to www.etc..." That will take you to the written URL as opposed to whatever was coded into the blue link. I hope that makes sense.

Your friendly neighborhood web-geek,

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks Baxtie. :-)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie, That is a very interesting observation.
However, I feel that there are idiosyncracies in the use of English that are more complex than this=close, that=distant although as a general rule of thumb the rule is fairly accurate.
But I will say what I think is going on with the mother's language. I think the mother initially uses the word "this" because she is addressing the topic "up close". However, when she changes to the word "that" it is because she has expanded the denial to "ANYTHING LIKE THAT". At this point I believe the idiosyncracies of the English language come into play where "anything like that" is the phrase that is used. Why? Were one to use the phrase "anything like THIS" there is an inherent admission in the word "this" when used in the phrase "anything like THIS". It is subtle but "this" is used when Tammy's mother is addressing the topic "up close". However, when she makes a more wide-ranging denial "anything like THAT" she is pushing back and distancing as a result of her desire to deny Tammy would do anything like the crime Tammy is being accused of.

John Mc Gowan said...

trustmeigetit said.

"The police need to be watching Hannah Anderson"

Hi, i think it is only a matter of time before she gets a knock on her door, and in my opinion rightly so.

trustmeigetit said...

So that site I just posted. She did screen shots of Hannah’s ask FM page and so I just took a look.

I found 2 things that she said it appears within an hour of each other that again are clear contradictions.

I have the exact questions and her exact response below.

Q. how did you get hurt? That had to be hard not getting help? Was Jim trying to reach for help for your aid?

A. No why would he. And, I had the backpacks on and I have bad knees and I had to bend down under a really low branch and it like twisted it pretty bad.

Then another post with in the same time window.

Q. why were you and Jim needing help? SOS? Why?

A. I was hurt and couldn’t help him get to the river anymore

And yet another post with in the same time window.

Q. I thought the gun fire was to get help for you?

A. Yes, the fire wasn’t working so mentioned the gun sos thing

So first she basically says “why would Jim get me help” then that contradicts her “I was hurt and couldn’t help him so that is why he did the SOS for help but the fire didn’t work so I mentioned using a gun”


This girl is clearly struggling to keep her story straight. I hope the police are investigating. This is clearly concerning.

Most kidnappers are not going to threaten your life if you seek help then a short while later signal for help cause you “hurt your leg”.

Sorry, this is such BS.

Philly Deb said...

Moorers charged with Medicaid fraud

hannahisguilty said...

she said she hurt her knee walking to the helicopter after her "rescue" which was after Jim was murdered by the swat team.
i like your catch on why would she be scared he would kill her or the horseback riders with his gun, and then later send an SOS with his gun.
is there something going on about her "truths" whether Jim even had a gun?

Yukari said...

trustmeigetit, I agree. It is, for many, difficult to accept the fact that there exist 10- or 12-year-olds that are capable of murder and extreme violence, even though they have grown up in what most of us would consider sheltered, good middle-class (or above) environments with no obvious causes (such as domestic violence, local gang culture etc.). On the Websleuths board, there was an interesting discussion thread on this when James Kolar published his theory on Jon Benet Ramsey´s brother being involved in her death. That theory aside, the discussion contained a lot of great information and links on children capable of violence. Of course these children are exceptions but age alone does not make one innocent. Sadly.