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Statement Analysis of Pastor Charged With Murder

Statement Analysis is in bold type.  

Based upon what has been released to the public, this case is puzzling.  

Given the fact that they have a video, and lots of witnesses, and the passage of one year, I am curious to analyze the statements of the prosecution as to what they believe they have, and are doing.  They have charged him with "murder"; not manslaughter, which will warrant explanation.  They also have two others, besides the pastor, who were injured in the altercation. 

This first article is from, author Keith Reid.  The second, with quotes, is AP. 

My concern is obvious to readership:  People of faith are being demonized today, and I am suspicious of the motives of the prosecution on something this puzzling.  If the video tape shows legal "murder", it still begs the question as to why they waited one year.  If, as they claim, the pastor lied about throwing a punch, it is still not "murder" as even a punch is self defense.  

Why is a "punch" part of this case, anyway?

We have seen malicious prosecution before, (Duke Lacrosse case) just as we have seen legal  bullying (Kevin Fox, father of Riley Fox) but the delay of one year raises many questions.  We have seen some prosecutors fearful of losing cases allowing for no justice, far more than we've seen those who are malicious in prosecution. 

What are your thoughts on this case?  We obviously must be lacking some information...right?

"A Manteca pastor who was arrested on an outstanding warrant by Manteca police on Tuesday and charged with murder related to a Las Vegas fight a year ago has posted bail and could soon be released from the San Joaquin County Jail, his attorney said.
Robert Cox 55, a youth pastor at The Place of Refuge church in Manteca, was with two interns and his wife, Julie Cox, on a Las Vegas ministry trip in June when he became engaged in a fight with a man named Link Ellingson, according to a letter written by Pastor Mike Dillman on the church's website,

"Following the service, the group went together to eat dinner. After finishing their meal, and while preparing to continue their trip to Texas, a very large man assaulted Rob and two of our interns," Dillman wrote. "The man declared that he was going to 'kill' Rob. In self-defense and in an effort to protect the interns, Rob used his weight to push the man back causing him to fall and he hit his head on the concrete. Rob and the interns were treated at the local hospital, Rob for a broken finger and two of the interns for concussions."

Cox's Las Vegas-based attorney, Warren Geller, said Ellingson died in December after being in a coma and undergoing several brain surgeries.
Geller said that from all accounts, Cox acted in self-defense. He said Cox had never been arrested previously and has a reputation of being kind and gentle.
Dillman and his church are supporting Cox. The church's website now has a banner that says "Bring Justice I Support Pastor Rob" and has a link to a fundraising website where people can donate.
Gellar said he has posted $100,000 bail in Clark County and expects Cox to be released from the San Joaquin County Jail.
"Bail in San Joaquin County is $1 million, but what will happen now is the local prosecutor here will inform the district attorney and sheriff in California that satisfactory bail has been posted, and he'll be released to travel back to Las Vegas on his own for arraignment," Geller said.
Geller said he is still researching the facts of the case and is unsure why Las Vegas authorities took so long to press murder charges against Cox.
An arraignment date had been scheduled for Thursday but has been canceled, according to the Clark County Superior Court website. The date has yet to be rescheduled."
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In this article, statement analysis is in bold type. 

MANTECA – A local youth pastor arrested on an outstanding warrant for murder in Las Vegas said he is innocent and acted in self-defense.
Robert Cox spoke over the phone from behind the walls of San Joaquin County Jail, where he's been since Tuesday.
"I was blindsided and totally shocked," Cox said.
In truthful statements, we look for the pronoun "I" or "me" for strength.  Being "shocked" is sensitive.  "I was blindsided" is very straight forward.  Use of pronoun "I" is strong.   The shock is sensitive, with "totally"...
The murder charge stems from an incident last June. Cox, a youth minister for The Place of Refuge Church in Manteca, was with his wife and about 20 interns in Las Vegas on a ministry trip.
They had dinner at the Four Kegs Sports Pub when Cox said another man at the restaurant, Link Ellingson, started threatening the group out of the blue.
Cox said he had to protect his group.
"When somebody says they are going f**ing kill me and they attack me and choke me and punch me in the face and go after my students and give a student a concussion..." Cox described.
This is not to say "He did" such and such with "when somebody says", but the pronouns are reliable:  "me, me, me" and "my"
This is to explain why he did something rather than report what happened.  Note that his quote is cut off.  

Cox said he grabbed Ellingson by the waist and both of them fell down.
But court documents and the police report state that Cox punched Ellingson in the head, leaving him with a severe brain injury as seen in pictures shared by Ellingson's niece, Gina Hardy. Ellingson died in December.
"I've never had such heartbreak," Hardy described.
"No, I did not throw a punch," Cox said.
This is a very strong denial on its own.  If the question is, "Did you throw  a punch?" and the answer enters the language of the interviewer, it reduces reliability.  We look for this statement in an open, freely edited statement. 
Cox's wife, Julie, gave News10 a picture of her husband showing what she says are choke marks on Cox's neck from that night.
His wife says she fought to amend the police report back then but got nowhere. She thought they were in the clear when she got a letter from the Clark County District Attorney's office in October stating that charges wouldn't be filed. Now, they are fighting the charge.
His lawyer posted a $100,000 bail for him and they're waiting for him to be released from jail.
Cox has a court hearing on Monday where his family hopes he will be released on bail.
The Clark County District Attorney's Office is not commenting on the case


Russ said...

From what has been released, there doesn't seem to be a case. I'm not sure what the rules are in the US but in the UK you are allowed to use reasonable force:
"A person may use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances for the purposes of:
self-defence; or
defence of another; or
defence of property; or
prevention of crime; or
lawful arrest.
In assessing the reasonableness of the force used, prosecutors should ask two questions:
Was the use of force necessary in the circumstances, i.e. Was there a need for any force at all? and
Was the force used reasonable in the circumstances?

Does anyone know what is the law in the US?

Anonymous said...

"... even a punch is self defense."
Actually, no, not at all.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Peter said,

"No, I did not throw a punch," Cox said.

This is a very strong denial.

Hi Peter, in the vt below @1:12

Cox is asked "Did you throw a punch?

His response is, as you stated above.

"No, I did not throw a punch.

This a yes, no question. He answers "No", then goes beyond the question with, "I did not throw a punch"

Is this not reflective language and considered unreliable?.

And if he was attacked and he did throw a punch resulting in Ellison falling and banging his head. Then surely if he was protecting himself his family and friends, then, any charges if brought forward, should be at most, involuntary manslaughter.

CG said...

The fight was in June but the man did not die from his injuries until December. Acc. to the Las Vegas Sun, the autopsy report said blunt force trauma from the fight was a significant contributing factor to the man's death by hemorrhage.

With the delay in death, the need to wait for an autopsy report, and the autopsy report considering the blunt force trauma to the head only partially responsible for the death, it is not surprising to me it would take some time to file charges.

Also, Cox allegedly first claimed to punch the man in the head then later denied it. His wife denies that, but his broken finger is apparently considered an indicator he threw a punch.

Video footage is not entirely clear but from what the Sun says, it doesn't seem to support Cox's version of events.

He is also considered a fugitive from justice- possibly they couldn't find him to arrest him when the charges were leveled?

Russ said...

Cox's wife's comments in the video seem unreliable to me:

"He's 100% innocent. He acted in full-on self defense."

full-on is a strange choice of words because it can mean "holding nothing back" as well as "complete".

Also "I did not throw a punch" sounds reflective as John points out:

Wouldn't "No" or "No, I did not punch the man" be stronger?

To throw a punch is a diminished version of to punch, which is what he's accused of doing.

elf said...

Wouldn't a reliable denial be ' I didn't punch xxzx'? No I did not throw a punch could leave things open I think... the pastor didn't say who he didn't punch. Then again everyone above could be right and its reflective language.
I'm not big on religion or religious types but I think the pastor acted out of instinct in self defense. It's not like the pastor is George Zimmerman lol
I wonder if the deceased had a history of violence or alcohol abuse coupled with aggressive behavior?

Mary said...

Thanks for another great entry, Peter. This case seems like a long shot. I couldn't agree more about Christians being demonized. I believe in science & the Bible and people have a hard time understanding that but I'd feel a fool to deny findings of scients after scientist, yet science will never trump my faith. Leaving comments such as "My prayers are with Jane," will bring athiests out in a heartbeat. Why are they so thereatened by my faith? Or anyone else's faith?

Thanks again, Peter.

deleted said...

Deleted said...

Unknown said...

Russ I am also a UK Resident at the moment being a scot.

From what I can understand re self defence/Castle Doctrine /Stand Your Ground. ect.

It depends on wich State the allegged self defence occoured IN.

Race if self defencee was caucasian an the alleged agressor A.A Hispanic or any mixture of any type of minorite .

Then if the case is even investigated.

MOST ARE NOT.....................................................1

Then the brave upstanding ..white citizen doesnt face charges as its deemed.

A Good Kill.

However even the few that do meander through the judiciuaprudecial court face the call a fair impartial hearing. L O L L O L L O L.

They end up walking through rasisst jurys or the get out of jail free card.


technicaly we own u pleps an unlesss u want to become the next...DISSAPEARED never to reapear .Thats how we sew our fear .WE call you far and near an pretend we have clear insight into the human condition.

When in fact you should all be tried for sedition .

Speading false information the P T B..
From Alexander Pharos Ceasor Ceopatra Mark Antoony Aybrham Lincon they rulord not by decree but by decisivenes Napolean Hitler Stalin Winston Churchill all were ruthlss.

And deciceive Robert E Lee

Shermans Scortched Earth polices were exactly the way the RAOMANS DECIMATED FOES THE sPARTANS THE ORIGINAL fACISTS AS WELL.

Theres a few brilliant brave artists an poets amonst the carnage of war whom can create bruty in verse an languge.
Otheres whom paint or in recent conflicts photo ?film moments of beuty amomgst the carnage.

This eminates from there souls and not the war surrounding them.

The Chardge og the light brigade the landings on D DAY were so over powering ...

And te War to end all wars was the BIGGEST MISNOMAR EVER IN THE HISTORY OF LANGUGE .



going back to cave paintings to the dead sea scrollls......

And the answer to ending all this bull shit iss at ooiur fingertips/

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Dacea said...

Today I watched a missing persons show about a tv anchor that has been missing for almost 20 years. She went missing in Mason City, IA. Her coworker seemed evasive and deceptive on the show, so I did some googling and found this. Would anyone care to analyze it?

Unknown said...

OH Yes if your a minorite and shoot a white person its murder.
Though reverse it and its justified is what I see playing out .
Heck White men can soot up cars fulll of AA at gas stations for playng rap mucic .
Or follow unarmed Black Youth through a gated comunity an gun an unarmed teen returning home commiting no crime .
And not even face arrest

An even when arrested still get aquitted .

SDo if your black you attack and getblown aback

If your white then might is right an you get to kill them AA ON SIGHT.

Dacea said...

I'm sorry, I misspoke in my previous comment. She showed more sensitivity than deception on the program I watched but she was evasive and odd. I've been doing more investigation throughout the evening and realize it was likely because she didn't like the victim but it would be distasteful to say so given the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

oh ya Amy Kuns sounds very guilty, "Sorry!"

she called her and talked to her -- and then woke her up. --- thats red flag -- not a realistic order of things,

she's bitter for not being invited ot work party. maybe she had some weird jealousy resentment crush on Jodie, very amanda knox/ single white female.

John Mc Gowan said...


Ive posted a few reports, as some journalist have reported more that others.

Pastor Facing Murder Charge Released from Jail

Manteca pastor released on bond

Manteca pastor charged with murder free for now

Anonymous said...

My comment's probably so late that no one will see it, but it strikes me (no pun intended) that "I did not throw a punch" is an extremely precise denial. He doesn't say he didn't hit, or punch, or strike the other man; just that he did not throw a punch. It reminds me of Clinton's denial re Lewinski and the need to enter the interviewee's lexicon to understand their definitions.