Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Robert Cox Out on Bail

A church group came out of a restaurant via the bar section. 

 A 6'8" man cursed at them, threatened them, and attacked them.  
This was seen by witnesses. 
This was caught on video. 

Robert Cox fought the man who hit his head on the cement and went into a coma.  6 months later, he died. 

It would appear that Robert Cox is a hero who acted not only bravely, but in self defense of those with him.  He and several others were wounded by the assailant. 

Now, a prosecutor, one year later, has charged him with "murder."  

Law enforcement officials have not given the public any reason for this charge, other than to say that Cox "lied about throwing a punch."  

Why would a punch make any difference in this case? 

In the few statements we have thus far, from Cox and his wife, there is no deception.  

Why is the prosecutor charging this man with murder?  With eye witnesses and a video tape, why has the prosecutor not reported to the American public his reason for the murder charge?

Prosecutors alleged in court documents that Cox  hit the man “with premeditation and deliberation ... punching ... Link Ellingson in the face.”

Clark County District Attorney's  Office has refused to comment on the case. 

The Las Vegas attorney said that every witness reported the same event.  He needs to see the discovery. 

STOCKTON - After making bail on a murder charge out of Las Vegas, Robert Cox of Manteca walked out of San Joaquin County Jail Monday afternoon.
Cox spent a week incarcerated after being arrested last week at his church in Manteca. He has been charged for an altercation with a Las Vegas man from about a year ago in which Cox insists he was attacked and acted in self defense. The other man, Link Elingson, fell during the incident, hit his head and went into a coma. He died in December.
"I was attacked last year, and now I feel attacked again this year. I don't understand," Cox said. "In October, I got a letter from the district attorney and thought it was over. Everyone thought it was over. Tuesday, I got arrested at my church in front of my students and school."
Cox' Las Vegas attorney is baffled as well, saying the only thing that's changed is Elingson's death. Warren Geller said every eyewitness to the altercation declared Cox was strictly defending himself during an attack.
Cox has a court date in Las Vegas on June 13 on the murder charge. Geller said if the district attorney doesn't drop the charge, a trial is entirely possible, since Cox insists on proving his innocence.


Nic said...

Maybe the prosecutor is trying to make a name for themselves? Is there an election coming up? (Raising their profile?)

valyriew said...

It's ridiculous, it reminds me the plot of the movie Conair. The hero defended his wife and was jailed when the attacker was killed. There's no logic to this.

trustmeigetit said...

So a case like this… the prosecutor has no concerns about pursuing charges.

But Justin Diprieto has lied about Ayla, there was alot blood found in his home, on his shoes and in his car AND took out a life insurance policy. But here we have no charges. We have motive, blood and a missing child and that’s not enough?

But self defense is?

What is wrong with our world where something like this they are going to go after the guy but cases where there was a clearly innocent victim who was likely murdered… we see nothing.

It’s like we need new police officers and prosecutors across the board.

trustmeigetit said...

Also pissed about Oscar Pistorius.

The news today said of it's determined he had a "mental episode at the time of the killing" then the charges could be dismissed.

Why do I feel like he is getting special treatment?

A burglar is not going to break into your home and go lock themselves in a toilet stall. He knew it was Reeva.

I fear he will get off.

That prosecutor needs to come here and take down Billie, Shawn, the Celis's, Justin etc etc

Anonymous said...

It's terribly concerning that this is not in the mainstream media!!! It's not surprising, but concerning, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...


I agree, I do not understand the lack of prosecution in the Ayla case, except I think maybe prosecution is thinking how do we prove which of the 3 did it?
Yet, they could.
1). LIP taken out by Justin
2) previous abuse of Ayla by Justin
3) Justin hiding in bathroom when police showed up
4) Ayla's blood found all over Justin's house.

Maine prosecutors should look at a case just successfully tried in MA.
The case was 20 yrs old, no body ever found, no murder weapon found, original car where blood was seen by a police officer who stopped the car for speeding but never wrote up a report bc passenger told him blood was from him getting in a bar fight never found (only 2 pieces of it) and the guy they tried was not in the car. They had circumstantial evidence and motive (which they have in Ayla case with the LIP) prosecutor said it was tough, complicated case to try but he relied on jurors to connect the dots and they did.

Anonymous said...


The case is the case against Matteo Trotto.

When I read about this case, I thought, if they could successfuly prosecute this case, Maine could prosecute Ayla case,