Monday, September 17, 2012

Ayla Reynolds Evidence Processed

Online Sentinel is reporting that police tell him that the evidence in the case is "processed" with no new news or leads. Ayla Reynolds was reported missing 9 months ago. 

Her father, Justin DiPietro, reportedly failed a polygraph and had taken out a large life insurance policy against his daughter's life, who was found with an untreated broken arm in his care.  

Among the evidence processed was Ayla's blood in the basement.  McCausland won't discuss the lab findings, particularly items found in the Kennebec River on April 25, 2012, and May 8, 2012.  

"The vast majority of those items have been reviewed by crime lab personnel, and that info has been passed on to investigators," Steve McCauseland said. "The work continues on all fronts -- whether it's the crime lab, whether it's the detectives, whether it's work that is coordinated with Waterville police -- all of that work continues."
Police announced that evidence indicated Ayla was dead, meeting "foul play" in the basement.  Sister of Justin DiPietro, Elisha DiPietro also reportedly failed her polygraph, while girlfriend, Courtney Roberts refused to cooperate with police. 
Police also stated that all three adults were lying, via withholding information about what happened to Ayla.  

Police have reportedly had to follow up on hundreds of psychic tips without success. 
No arrests have been effected to date. 


John Mc Gowan said...


Local doctor denies poisoning wife's coffee.
By Ken Nicholson, Host/Producer - bio | email

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, TN. (WRCB) -- A local doctor, whose wife claims he poisoned her coffee, is speaking out.

Liesa Hill filed an order of protection against her husband Dr. Hal Hill last week.

She claims to have seen him pour something in her coffee.

Test results show her coffee contained high levels of barium, a toxic heavy metal.

Channel 3 learned authorities have searched the couple's home and at least one vehicle.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and Lookout Mountain police are investigating.

Wednesday, Dr. Hal Hill's attorney, Lee Davis, issued a statement on his behalf, saying Liesa Hill and her attorney made "false reports" to the media.

Davis says Dr. Hill denies the allegations, and a full and fair investigation is welcomed.

Here is the entire statement released by Dr. Hill's attorney:

"Today we have contacted the Lookout Mountain Police, Hamilton County Sheriff's Department and the District Attorneys office and requested a meeting, reports Lee Davis. We have offered our cooperation and assistance in gathering facts in this matter."

"I think law enforcement and the community are aware of how a hasty, media fueled investigation can sometimes lead to an unfair and wrong conclusion.

Just look at the mistakes and false accusations generated by the tragic Palmgren investigation of a year ago," said Lee Davis. "While law enforcement does their job, we will be conducting our own investigation to respond to the allegations raised by Liesa Hill and her lawyer.

John Mc Gowan said...


Arizona man receives strange murder mystery letter.

JoJo said...

Hmmm. If you need to do an investigation to respond to allegations, that's probably not a good thing. If you didn't do it, you can simply say so, no investigation necessary. His lawyer didn't say he didn't do it, so we can't say it for him. I also note that contrary to what the article states, the lawyer did NOT say the wife and her lawyer made false accusations. That is a perfect example of interpreting instead of listening. His lawyer made no attempt to say he didn't do it, that the allegations are false, that they can't prove anything, nothing even close to it!

JoJo said...

Sorry, that was meant to post in response to John's snippet, not as a comment to the Ayla article.

Anonymous said...

thank you to John for the postings. I enjoy your comments and the OT links of other crime stories. John, do you think there will be arrests in the baby ayla case?

JoJo said...

McCausland did not say everything had been processed at this point. I'm hoping that means there is still something somewhere, some speck of dna that hasn't been found yet. There's still hope for justice for Ayla. I hope it happens soon.

Anonymous said...

I read that about the Lookout Mountain woman. I beleive her. Why would she say she saw him doing it if she were really trying to kill herself? That's a slow painful way to die just to have some psychobabbling entourage push their Munchausen(sp) disease.

But, then again, that's how it works. A certain percentage must accept a mental illness if the prescriptions are to continue.

This "M" disease applies to groups seeking to protect themselves.

At least the friend of Palmgren still has her horse up and running. Lol!

This infectious diesease will probably also surface around Issac victims.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he works in the medical field jusdging from the white coat. Perhaps the self-draft is becoming popular among PIs and pseudo-homicide detectives. Or, at least among those who wish to anaysis letters. Having the ability to read and write is an asset.

Florida said...

Unless I have misunderstood something; it is NOT RIGHT that LE won't
release their findings in accordance with their investigation and the
results of investigative lab analysis they have obtained thus far.

It gives the appearance of a cover up by local LE! Anon in Sunny Fla.

Florida said...

JoJo, count me as being negative, but I no longer believe there is hope for justice for
Ayla. I'll believe it when I see it. At this point, I think we have been played.

Anon in Sunny Fla...

Anonymous said...

He owns a crimescene website. More than likely another of his online groupies mailed that letter. They are only trying to get others to solve old crimes as a distraction to today's world.

Theater works.

They are problably using theatrics to trick, rob, and possibly murder people.

Who cares about someone dead that long ago when people are being killed dailey?
That ranks right up there with throwing new stuffed animals on a site where a child has been killed when there are living children that could enjoy them instead of letting the toys rot in the weather.

Just a diversion for something.

Anonymous said...

OT just saw Jeffrey Macdonald is back in court today arguing for a new trial. On my phone so can't post the link

Anonymous said...

Maine doesn't even rank among the missing and murdered children when compared to Florida, Texas, California-especially Florida. Their ability to produce state of the art campaigns pales in comparison. But, just wait, they'll get there someday.

I doubt this childs demise had anything to do with the insurance policy as any agent would push it at the time.

More than likely he didn't want 18 years of responsiblity.

Florida said...

Anon at 7:16, I don't have anything to do with the missing and child
murdered statistics in Florida or anywhere else. I just live here,
one little tadpole in a big mud/sand puddle.

I too question whether the life insurance policy had anything to do with
little Ayla's obvious demise. For one thing, you can't collect on a
life insurance policy if you have killed the child or when the child goes
missing. Also, the fact that insurance sales agents are just that.
Insurance agents. That's what they do. They sell insurance. All kinds
of insurance, including those for infants that also include cash benefits
when the child reaches eighteen (or earlier), or starts college.

I know. I had one. I viewed it much like going to the bank periodically
and making deposits into my Christmas Club Account, then I've have money
to spend at christmas time. It was a way of forcing me to save money so
as to not find myself broke at a crucial time, but I also defeated myself
because I go could back and draw from it anytime I wanted too and did.

But I was young and dumb then and didn't realize that had I saved the same
amount monthly that I was paying on the insurance premium, it would have
added up to more than the cash value of the policy. But there was also
another reason; I felt that if something unexpected happened to my child
I would at least have enough for a proper burial. At the time, it all made
sense. In Justin's case, I can't imagine how he thought he'd ever collect
on the life insurance policy if he was the cause of Ayla's disappearance.
Dumb ass! Anon in Fla....

Anonymous said...

some things to consider:

When someone missing is declared dead, the insurance can be collected upon.

Why does Justin DiPietro still make payments on her, missing for all these months? Wasn't it Pat Brown who said that it might not be a motive but was likely something in the back of his mind as he had to make child support payments?

I just cannot get passed this very thing: a guy with no job buys a policy against a child who is reported missing a few weeks later. C'mon now.

Anonymous said...

one other thing to parents who have kids on their policy:

did you buy it when you were unemployed?
did you buy it as a drug dealer?
did you buy it on one child, but not the other?
did your child go missing weeks later?

Denver said...

Pychics are 0 for 300+ in this case.

I cant imagine a system with a track record this horrendous being given any attention. I think they do it to cover their butts but it is ridiculous. When a missing person is found a nutjob comes out of the woodwork and says she told the police to go to that spot.

Hmm, I see water, and darkness, and oh, high grass and she is crying...she is so alone.

This sums up every psychic prediction Ihave ever read. such bs.

MsCabinFever said...

There were 3 small ones living in the house (whether full time & Part time). I would be curious to know if all 3 children have life insurance policies, or just Ayla. I saw a picture of Justin's "longtime" girlfriend, and another with her son & Ayla. He looks to be around the same age as Ayla.

MsCabinFever said...

if you refer back to the analysis of the text messages between Justin & Ayla's Mother you will see that he says he is still making the payments.

MissUnderstood said...

The majority of evidence processed, no new news or leads. :(

BostonLady said...

I'm confused. If the evidence is processed, does that mean they are ready to make charges and go to trial ? Or does that mean, the case is cold ?

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't get by with that stuff where I live. Everyone is thouroghly investigated-constantly. If you have a daycare center, they dive through your trash and follow you around. If you lose vegetation in one of the firstorms, the investigators will pick up some fish food while investigating that person and leave for someone else's dog to eat. If your caught in a hell storm, they'll come by and pick up your mail and check out anyone and everyone working in the neighborhood. They'll even tail contractors employees through the stores and even break into their homes and get into their wallets just to let them know they are being "watched."

Nope. That would never happen if they had the same system there.

Anonymous said...

Sheesh! Where do you live?

Nic said...

Police have reportedly had to follow up on hundreds of psychic tips without success.

LE might not have had to do that if they had had the babies put into foster care because of child endangerment and/or the DA had the you-know-whats to arrest the three liars.

As it is, the time to strike is lost and here we sit in waiting.

Anonymous said...

Where everyone is a topnotch undercover secret agent with connections in high places.

Lis said...

There sure are some kooky comments on here these days.

Anonymous said...

Psychic tips, again! Does anyone believe the LE involved in this case followed psychic tips? They said they "got" psychic tips, third of their tips were this kind...but does anyone believe the cops followed them?

"I had a dream of Ayla Reynolds on a merry-go-round. Nearby was a large mouse wearing people's clothes."
"Thank you madam/sir! We'll immediately investigate all Disney theme parks."

Anonymous said...

Off topic: I just read that Libyan security gave the Embassy a three day heads up prior to the attack. Rice denies these accusations and still blames "Innocence of the Muslims" ( A film I have not yet critiqued and probably never will).

They've exposed the filmakers face and are now seaching for someone else since this guy is an informant.

Wonder if they tried the white pages?

Anonymous said... sometimes it helps to look back at the events in the order they happened to try to gain perspective

Anonymous said...

Talk about taking avantage of the weak and helpless and those who cannot defend themselves-here's a good one:

Tania Cadogan said...

Re Jeffrey Macdonald

For more than 40 years, Jeffrey MacDonald has never wavered from his claim that intruders killed his pregnant wife and two daughters.

On Monday, the former Green Beret doctor came to federal court with new evidence he hopes will clear his name.
The evidence involves DNA from hair fibers found in the family's apartment at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and a statement from a deputy U.S. marshal.

The marshal said a woman told him she was in the apartment in the early morning hours of February 17, 1970, when Colette, Kimberly and Kristen MacDonald were stabbed and beaten to death.
MacDonald, 68, has always maintained that he awoke on a sofa in the home as three men attacked his family and a woman, wearing a blonde wig and a floppy hat, chanted 'acid is groovy, kill the pigs'.

Testimony on Monday focused on the statement from Marshal Jimmy Britt and on Helena Stoeckley - a drug addict and troubled woman who repeatedly said outside of court that she was in the MacDonald home.

She testified in court however that she didn't remember where she was that night.
MacDonald's attorneys said jurors wouldn't have found him guilty in 1979 if they could have considered the marshal's statement.
DNA evidence also shows three hairs found in the home on the night of the killings did not belonging to any family member.

Those who believe MacDonald committed the killings have said the hairs could have come from anyone - neighbors or other people who had been in the home.
Wade Smith, one of MacDonald's trial attorneys, testified on Monday that Mr Britt came to him in 2005 to say Miss Stoeckley told him she was in the apartment when the MacDonalds were killed.

Britt also said he heard the prosecutor, Jim Blackburn, tell Stoeckley that he would charge her in the case if she testified to that on the stand.
Britt, who has since died, came forward because 'he wanted to unload his heart and his soul,' Smith testified. Stoeckley is also dead.
Blackburn, who later went into private practice, was disbarred and served a prison sentence for ethical violations. He is expected to be called as a witness.
Mr Smith also said a day before the trial that Stoeckley never said anything in his presence that helped prove MacDonald's innocence.

Tania Cadogan said...

'I was absolutely devoted to the case and upheld my role as counsel,' Smith said. 'I'm still devoted to the case. But I did not hear Helena Stoeckley say useful things for us.'
Smith said it was possible Stoeckley said something outside his presence.
MacDonald's lead attorney at the time, Bernard Segal, had indicated to the trial judge that Stoeckley made several statements to the defense that were helpful, including that she remembered standing at the end of the couch where MacDonald was sleeping. But she did not say that on the stand, and Smith said he didn't hear her say that.
Smith testified for most of Monday as prosecutors questioned him about inaccuracies in Britt's five statements.
He said at various times that he picked up Stoeckley in Greenville, S.C., or Charleston, S.C., and that he dropped Stoeckley off at a hotel when she was in custody. He later said he took her to the jail.
Britt's ex-wife, Mary, was the last witness of the day. She talked about how excited Britt was when he came home from picking up Stoeckley and how upset he was when MacDonald was found guilty.

Stoeckley, he told her, described the MacDonalds' apartment 'to a T,' she said.
After the verdict, his supervisor asked him to lock up MacDonald, he said.

'I told him I was not doing any more of the dirty work,' her husband told her. Instead, he left work early.
The murders came six months after the Manson Family slayings in California, feeding into fears that Manson-type killers were on the loose in North Carolina.

The word 'pig' was written in blood on a headboard at the MacDonald home; the same was on the door of pregnant Manson victim Sharon Tate's house in Los Angeles.
The crime became the basis of Joe McGinniss' best-selling book Fatal Vision and a made-for-TV drama.
MacDonald's wife, Kathryn, was in the courtroom, as is Colette MacDonald's brother, Bob Stevenson

Read more:

Florida said...

Anon @ 5:57 p.m., I'm not making light of the situation, but you can
always expect the unexpected at Walmart. Have you ever downloaded
"The People of Walmart"? Try it, see for yourself. Hilarious!

You won't find a rape in progress but you'll certainly see some strange
goins' on. One homeless person even lived inside a Walmart for several
weeks, also tailgaters have set up camp in some parking lots; one
unemployed woman who had lost everything lived out of her car and wrote
news items about living on the outer fringes of Walmart that landed her
a good paying job. It seems to be the new home away from home for some.

Murderers, thugs, kidnappers, dope dealers making sales and child rapists
have been nabbed inside and outside various Walmart outlets. And I'd
betcha this wasn't the first rape at a Walmart either. Anon in Fla

Florida said...

Now that I think of it, Lisa Croslin was nabbed for shoplifting a purse in Walmart, was prosecuted and served time for her theft.

Too bad Ronald Cummings didn't practice his many and numerous dirty works at Walmart prior to killing little Haleigh, then he'd have already been in prison where he belonged and sweet Haleigh would still be alive today.

THAT's one missing child case I will NEVER be able to accept as it was presented to us by local LE and the media.

Ronald Cummings is the one who killed that precious child; I doubt Misty Croslin was even on the premises that night prior to being tracked down by Teflon Ron's slut of a mother.

Teresa Neves was the one there when that first call was made to a secret and private # at the PCSO at 2:13 a.m. when Haleigh was FIRST reported missing. SHE, RC, and likely the big white whale Grandma Sykes, including G'ma's daughter who died, are the ones who know exactly what happened to that child and where she was disposed of; and I wouldn't doubt that some in the PCSO ALSO know. They all played everybody to be fools, got away with it and continue to.

Oh well. Life sure has some evil turns that appear to win the day. Anon in Fla

Jazzie said...

Posted on U4A:
Anon (Retired 30 yrs as LE) says:
September 18, 2012 at 4:50 pm
I’m trying to find the proper/polite words to answer your question without offending anyone, if I don’t succeed I apologize in advance.
In my opinon & my opinon only, I don’t think LE will find Ayla; but I think they have enough evidence to prove that Ayla is no longer with us & to bring the proper charges against those responsible. Its not going to happen tomorrow, theres still alot to do; but it will happen. jmo

Anon says:
September 18, 2012 at 5:17 pm
CG says:
September 18, 2012 at 5:01 pm
LE Anon, I was looking at an old news article from one of the Boston stations I believe. Just clarifying it’s not NG. Source seemed to be unnamed investigators and there was a reference to Justin leaving police stAtion when confronted with evidence someone tried to clean up blood and blood spatter. What kind of force is required for blood spAtter to occur and is a weapon necessary or could there be blood spAtter from an injury inflicted by human hands?
Hi CG – Out of respect for the families & fellow bloggers I don’t want to get too in depth with an answer; but it takes an object to cause blood splatter.

Jazzie said...

I try to keep my heart and mind open. But I keep going back to my gut instinct.

Where is Ayla? Why doesn't anyone come forward with the truth? What are people afraid of? Please, it is an innocent child that is missing. Please come forward with any knowledge or evidence. Please do it for Ayla.

Anonymous said...

A new news report today says MSP say a substantial amount of Ayla's blood was found in the DiPietro's basement. It's by WGME but I don't have the link handy.

Anonymous said...

And then there's this:

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I hadn't heard that it was her own Dad who it is speculated killed little Haleigh! Why? Did he do it for vengeance against her mom, was he stoned out of his mind, did he want to get rid of responsibility? So did he set up Misty to take the fall? Do you know where I could read anything about this theory? I'm really interested in learning more.

Jazzie said...

"This is my prayer – that she’s found alive,” said Selena Johnson of Augusta, sister of Justin DiPietro’s mother, Phoebe DiPietro.
Johnson learned about the blood in the basement at the vigil.
“I don’t know how to feel, other than that I really want to talk to my family,” he said tearfully. She and her sister were later seen hugging.
She added that her sister’s advice to her was not to read the news reports about Ayla’s disappearance.
“She said she’s going to give her faith to God and the FBI,” Johnson said"

I know how to feel about this... I give my faith to God, FBI, MSP and all supporting agencies:
That you all will find the truth about AYLA REYNOLDS.
This I am certain.
Justice will be served for AYLA.
Courage, strength and peace to you all who seek justice for AYLA.