Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dylan Redwine's Parents to Appear On Dr. Phil

Update:  Dylan's case will be on Dr. Phil.

We hope to have Elaine Redwine on Crime Wire after the Dr. Phil broadcast; keeping Dylan's name and face in the public's view.

.  Please stay tuned for announcement.


John Mc Gowan said...


John Mc Gowan said...

Family continues to search for Dylan Redwine: Mom's heart aches but doesn't give up hope.

Her son just turned 14 but he wasn't home to celebrate it with his family.
Dylan Redwine had a birthday on Feb. 6 but instead of having cake and opening presents with his loved ones, his family is still trying to find him after he disappeared without a trace.
The teen disappeared on Nov. 19 after going to visit his dad in Vallecito for Thanksgiving. His mom, Elaine Redwine, said when she first got the news that he was missing she thought he would be back the next day. But now it's nearly three months later and Dylan has not been found.
“I've followed all the missing people cases. I've followed the missing children, the missing women and my heart ached for them. You never think it's going to be you in that position,” Redwine cried. “When I was driving up to Durango I thought we'll get a call from one of his friends or we'll find him up in the mountains or something and when it was prolonged I knew someone else was involved because two-and-a-half months later Dylan couldn't have done this himself.”
Redwine said the investigators are doing what they can despite the little information they have. She doesn't believe Dylan just walked away or that he went off somewhere and hitched a ride.
“Vallecito is a small area and if he would have gotten a ride with somebody or if he would have been up in the woods all by himself we would have found something by now,” Redwine said.

John Mc Gowan said...


She added that if Dylan would have left on his own he would have called her or texted his friends. She said he was looking forward to going to visit his friends. His last text was at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Nov. 18. His phone went missing along with his backpack that contained his belongings.
Redwine didn't come out and say her ex-husband Mark Redwine had anything to do with Dylan's disappearance but she does believe he knows more than he's telling anyone.
“I think that those last hours that we can account for Dylan are crucial. I have so many questions and no answers. And everything that he is saying is so uncharacteristic of Dylan,” Redwine said.
When Dylan first went missing Elaine Redwine was interviewed by Good Morning America and Nancy Grace and now the family has an opportunity to be featured on the Dr. Phil show Feb. 13 to get the word out about Dylan however Redwine said her ex wouldn't agree and said he could do it at the end of the month instead.
“It really frustrates me because that's two weeks longer and we could do it next Wednesday. Cory (Dylan's older brother) and I are up for that. Whatever it takes to bring Dylan home we're there,” she said. “We need to come together collectively to find Dylan.”
Keeping the word out
Redwine said it's important to keep Dylan's face out there. Several rallies have taken place with the most recent one on Dylan's birthday in Limbach Park in Monument.
“We have to do something to keep Dylan out there and keep his story and his face out there. I don't want to hold any more rallies I just want him to come home,” an emotional Redwine said. “But if that's what we have to do to keep him out there then that's what we'll do.”
Redwine said they moved to Colorado Springs from Bayfield in July and then eventually moved into their home in Monument. She said the amount of support they have received from the communities is humbling. A spaghetti fundraiser took place at Lewis-Palmer High School recently and brought a lot of money in to go towards the reward. The reward is now more than $50,000.
Dylan Redwine is an eighth grade student at Lewis-Palmer Middle School and Redwine said he was enjoying school and had made a lot of friends. She said he is looking forward to high school next year.
Holding on to hope

John Mc Gowan said...


Redwine said other stories about missing children that have returned home give her hope that her son will return home.
“I have to cling to hope. It's not something you can touch, it's not something you can see. It's something you feel. I have hope that Dylan will come home safe.”
Every time the phone rings she has a glimmer of hope that it will be Dylan calling. Their weekends are spent going down to Durango searching for him, visiting the sheriff's office for any information.
Until Dylan comes home life is on hold. Elaine Redwine has returned to her job but her thoughts are consumed with finding her son, wondering what happened to him. She said they didn't celebrate Christmas but only gathered together as a family for the sake of her mom who has terminal cancer.
“We just want someone to come forward and let us know. Any little tidbit may help us, may crack it (the case) right open. We just want Dylan home,” she said.

Tania Cadogan said...

Excellent, i look forward to the show.

JerseyJane said...

OFF TOPIC : Bob Menendez, Politician at his best!

Love up on this denial ! It's a record-breaker!

John Mc Gowan said...

From above.

JerseyJane said.
Bob Menendez, Politician at his best!

Love up on this denial ! It's a record-breaker!

Those are lies intended to slander me, and they’re COMPLETELY … NOT ONLY ABSURD, BUT COMPLETELY FALSE.

Here was his oppotunity to give a reliable denial.

shmi said...

Hi Peter,
Is this interview going to happen tonight?

I was hoping you could ask her a question.

Was there any evidence found that Dylan was in his father's home at all on that visit?

Please let her know that I pray Dylan will come home alive and soon.

John Mc Gowan said...


More from Hannah Thompsons Staement.

‘Like the whole time, when he was, like, touching me and stuff, he had, like, this smirk on his face and a look in his eyes like he was comfortable with it, like he had done it before, like he knew he could get away with it,’ Thompson said.
‘I don’t think he should be allowed to be a police officer,’ she said. ‘I feel like, if he does this kind of stuff, who knows what else he could be involved in?’

Read more:
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Anonymous said...

OT- story about Ayla.

Jen said...

What the heck could Mark Redwine have going on that's more important than taking the search for his missing son on a popular national television show? Isn't this the same guy who complained about the local channels not providing enough coverage of the story?

I notice when the reporter offered him a chance to get out ANY message he wanted to the public, he used the opportunity to tell the public, "not to concentrate on him". Mark Redwine clearly does not want Dylan to be found.

Shelley said...

I agree with Jen. What could be more important. Especially needing 2 more weeks? Its not like the date they wanted he was doing something else to find his son.

And like SHMI - that too i think is a great question. Is there proof they ever made it to the house. I have a feeling like Peter highlighted, he may have met his demise in the drunk by the dam. And maybe he did go back and died that night... but that would be a great question.

All this points to his guilt to me...

hes not looking, just buying time hoping the focus comes off him so he can go back to his life. even to me if there was an "accident" you would see the horror at least come out from that.

To me he seems like he just wants to move on. Like Billie, The Celis's, and of course, Zaharas father (forget his name). He even left her belongings while she was still missing) after being forced to move. No parent would ever leave their childs stuff. He showed then there was no love or attachment.

I just wish these people would stop having kids. There are surgeries and birth control pills are cheaper than feeding a kid.

Anonymous said...

I have the same question as shmi and Shelley.

"Was there any evidence found that Dylan was in his father's home at all that night?"

Sus said...

OT: According to the article you cited, John, there is "unequivocal evidence " that Ayla Reynolds died in the Dipietro house that night.

Can anyone make sense of that?
...Trista did not recognize the blankets shown her which were pulled from the overspill.
...If Ayla's DNA was found on the blankets, it still doesn't prove she died in the house.
...We already knew Ayla lost so much blood she PROBABLY didn't SURVIVE, but not proof positive.

Why are they so certain now?
I'm sorry to be so crude, but there could have been more than blood found at the brain matter. But I think we would have heard that along with the blood amount.

It may leave only one possibility ...someone is talking. Someone who witnessed something or was told something, but was not privy to where Ayla's body was hidden.

Just my thoughts and conjecture.

Tania Cadogan said...

Like the whole time, when he was, like, touching me and stuff

What is the stuff she talks about since it is distinct from the touching?

‘I don’t think he should be allowed to be a police officer,’ she said. ‘I feel like, if he does this kind of stuff, who knows what else he could be involved in?’
I would expect the stronger "he shouldn't be allowed to be a police officer"
"I think" leaves it open for others to think otherwise

I still wonder what she is not telling us in regard to the sobriety tests and the pot. She tells us she had 1 glass of wine despite saying she was pregnant and not allowed to drink, i would ask about the contradiction.
If she passed the sobriety tests and was compliant there would be no need for her to be cuffed and placed in the car. She totally omits any denial of the pot smell.
If she can't deny we can't do it for her.

I hope there is video footage which will reveal what actually happened.
He could well be a bad cop, i would need his statement to see what is revealed. As it stands, the woman is being decepive by ommission (the sobriety and pot) It might end up that she gets off because of his actions.

taicraven said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Honore said...

On the raw video Vita talked about Mark Redwine said the below which I find to be disturbing (in our lifetime).

"One of the goals that I've had...and this goes back to Cory as of the things I wanted to do in our lifetime was to be able to go to every baseball stadium in the country and every Nascar track in the country."

Anonymous said...

Honore, I noticed that too and was similarly disturbed about the "our lifetime". Tragically, I think Mark's use of the singular "lifetime" reveals that there is only one lifetime left--his but not Dylan's. I pray I am wrong. I hope Dylan ran away (is a runaway).

~ABC said...

Possible scenario. Dylan may be a runaway. MR may have caused Dylan to believe that he was going to take custody of him and that was that. Dylan may have felt so trapped that he just left.

At the same time MR is most assuredly being deceptive and his language is loaded with violence.

~ABC said...

Why is mom speaking of Dylan in past tense????

He wore.... He liked..... He always thought.... He talked.... Nearly everything she is saying is in the past tense. Someone help me understand please.

~ABC said...

Okay. This is getting really odd for me. When the reporter asked Mom if she had anything to do with Dylan's disappearance WHY didn't she just say NO! If I'm understanding anything at alll about SA then she is being deceptive and evasive too! 14:43

Pam said...

Mark Redwine is spinning again.

“It’s frustrating for all of us because there’s so little to go on,” said Mark Redwine. “The tensions are very high between all of us.”

“Basically they want to come up here and eliminate the Vallecito area as a possibility for where Dylan could be so we can focus our search efforts on other places that he could possibly be,” said Mark Redwine.

Without any clues there are still countless unanswered questions. The La Plata County Sheriff’s Office said it doesn’t have a suspect.

A divided family is in the middle of the tragic situation.

“My ex-wife and I both agree that Dylan is not the kind of kid that would run away but I also think that there’s a possibility that Dylan was torn between his parents,” said Mark Redwine.

I have read that the visit to Mark was court ordered, and that Dylan did not want to go. I am skeptical that a 14 year old is hiding out during a Colorado winter because he's torn between his parents.

IMO this case is about revenge and control. MR is very good at acting as though he doesn't want to say anything negative about his ex wife, then turns around and gets his digs out there anyway. MR is enjoying his ex wife's pain. What better way to get back at her for rejecting him than taking away what she loves most?

Anonymous said...

ABC--I watched the interview with the Mom and she does deny any involvement. She says "I had absolutely nothing to do with Dylan's disappearance." I believe her too. You can tell she is torn apart by not knowing where Dylan is.
I am wondering and hoping that there is some remote chance that Dylan may have run away. Maybe he was afraid Mark would take custody of him.
It seems extremely odd that Dylan wanted to go visit his friend at 6:30 in the morning and was insistent saying you're sure it won't be any problem I'll call and call if you don't answer the door (or something along those lines--I am paraphrasing that is what I felt he was saying in the texts).
One can infer from this that Dylan wanted to get to the friend's house as soon as possible. The Dad had told him no about going there that night so he was OK I'll be there at 6:30 in the morning. BUT I don't get the feeling Mark Redwine was an "early bird" up at the crack of dawn and that Dylan was thinking the Dad would drive him there that early. So, is there any chance Dylan was preparing to take off in the middle of the night--early morning hours--to get to the friend's house. It seems something was up as far as how was he planning to get there at 6:30 in the morning? Is there any possibility that he attempted to walk or hitchhike? Or that, God forbid, he had met someone like over the internet or something who had "promised to give him a ride"??? If he did in fact attempt to walk/hitchhike to the friend's, could someone have harmed him on the way over there or kidnapped him? It just does seem from the texts that Dylan was planning on somehow independently getting over to the friend's house PROBABLY while the Dad was sleeping. Does anyone think that it is possible that Dylan did leave Mark's house on foot (or getting picked up in a car by someone) in the early morning hours (before 6:30 in the morning)????

Jen said...


Im not an expert but i'll try to explain. In SA statements are analyzed for sensitivity which can be due to many different factors. In the case of Dylans Mom, she doesn't appear to be deceptive in her statements (as in deceptively withholding info, like the father) but does appear to show sensitivity toward her belief whether Dylan is still alive.

If you remember his moms first instinct was that her ex had 'removed Dylan from the situation', so it's not surprising as time goes on and the possibilities narrow that she subconsciously starts to accept that Dylan is likely gone, although she still holds out hope as any mother would until she gets confirmation.

Anonymous said...

Another question: Did anyone else notice how Dylan's Dad said on the video that Dylan was tired from being up since 4 in the morning. This jumped out at me as odd bc teenagers are never up at 4 in the morning. Then, Dylan makes plans with his friend for 6:30 in the morning meaning that he was planning again on getting up very early. I guess my thought is why was he getting up so early in the morning???
Somehow, b.c I think that this is very unusual behavior for a teenager that is is somehow a clue in this case???
I also noticed Dylan's MOm said that in their new town, Dylan was up "early" everyday b/c he was so excited for school. I just find this odd.

Lemon said...


“My fear is he’s out there somewhere, able to see what’s going on and he sees the conflict going on between his mom and I,” said Mark Redwine. “I think that’s a huge concern. But who knows what goes through a 13-year-old’s head.” [Mark Redwine]

Dylan’s 14th birthday was last week. Dozens gathered to celebrate in Monument in his absence with cake and balloons, holding out hope he will be found soon.

If Dylan were alive he would be 14. I find it unexpected MR would refer to his missing son as "a 13 year old(s) head", if he believed he were alive.

Why does he mention Dylan's head? This is another reference to Dylan's head, the other being "bang him in the head".

~ABC said...

Thanks Anon @11:11 and Jen for your comments.

I see that she does eventually deny involvement in this interview, but it is the way she denys it and that is what SA is all about unless I've missed something huge. She was asked specifically if she had anything to do with his disappearance and there was a lonnng pause before she said "I wish I had been involved because he would be home by now" That is a VERY odd response to me. Plus she didn't answer the question.

It seems that everyone's attention is on MR and even I have to admit this is the first time that I've watched an interview with the mother myself. I was certain as I began watching her of her sincerity, but as I'm understanding SA it isn't about her emotional displays. It's about the words, the statement, and some of her's are definitely out of order to me, meaning unexpected. When the question was posed I felt myself saying NO and expected the same of her, but she went another way.

And as for her speaking of Dylan so very often in the past tense. Isn't it making excuses for her to say it must be because she fear's he is dead? Would we make the same excuse for MR? The bottom line is she is speaking of Dylan in the past tense almost constantly. Even parents who know for certain their child is dead have a difficult time doing that, don't they?

~ABC said...

Good call Lemon. He does seem to be obsessed with all things concerning heads and banging them!

Deejay said...

ABC- She knows what her ex-husband is capable of...

~ABC said...

Hi Deejay

I don't disagree with anything anyone is saying about her possible reasons, but if I follow what I understand of the SA guidelines we are told that the subject is dead and the statement is alive. This means to me we are not to make any assumptions on behalf of the subject making the statement. We are to only pay attention to the words. If my understanding of this is wrong please correct me. Peter? It would be great to get your feedback on this.

Sus said...

"My fear is he's out there somewhere, able to see what's going on..."

These might be the oddest words I have ever heard from the parent of a missing child. MR prays to his missing son and fears he's out there.

Jen said...


You are correct in the guidelines of SA, but as I mentioned before there can be many reasons for sensitivity other than deception. To understand the reason for the sensitivity, more information is this case Elaine Redwine provided this information outright in her first statement when she stated she believed her ex was responsible for Dylan's disappearance. She later expressed hope he was 'hiding out' somewhere (which seemed like an effort to maintain some kind of communication and co-operation from Mark Redwine) but recently said she no longer believed Dylan left on his own (paraphrased) and seems (in her language) to be struggling with the knowledge of what her ex is capable of, and not wanting to allow herself to believe her worst fears may be reality.

Although the mothers statements show sensitivity, it appears in the expected areas (concern for her sons well being, knowing that after this long a 14yo would make contact, her belief her ex was involved, etc.), whereas the father shows extreme sensitivity about their activities after he picked up Dylan and deceptive withholding of information regarding his time with Dylan, especially in light of the newly published texts showing there was a disagreement less than an hour after Dylans plane arrived. MR avoids answering the reporters direct question about his involvement, doesn't address finding Dylan until prompted by the reporter (and even then he speaks of the news coverage and not HIS efforts to find Dylan). Also, concentration on the father, rather than the mother is warranted, because even according to MR, he was the last person to be with Dylan.

Anonymous said...

Well, ABC, I'm no expert, but you've made PRECISELY the points I couldn't help but think throughout this entire comment thread.

Thank you for not being biased and bringing a voice of reason to this discussion. I think Mr. Redwine is one odd bird. But, I've known several truck drivers, and have found them to be somewhat odd birds as a general rule. I don't mean this to be derogatory. I am thinking specifically of seven men and women that I have known during my life who each spent significant time driving the big rigs. All seven are very unique, rough-around-the-edges (in an endearing way), road-educated individuals who are outspoken, however not eloquent. Considering them each, I've known all of them to be frequently misunderstood in their statements, only to later have someone say, "You know, I didn't quite get that thing you said. What's that about," and to have them explain further once they realized they'd been misunderstood. Of course, many people are like this; it's just interesting that, as I consider Mr. Redwine and his interesting statements, I also must consider the individual from which they come.

Now, why in the world would Mr. Redwine's insistence that the focus be placed on Dylan instead of himself mean he "clearly doesn't want Dylan found?" If one looks solely at the statement alone, and did not presume to interpret it, then the statement states, with no uncertainty, that, in the context of Dylan's mother's barrage of persistent insinuation and the media's tendency to report whatever sounds the most like a scandal, Mr. Redwine demands that people quit looking for reasons to blame him and make some real headway toward locating his son and whomever may have been involved in taking him.

If someone is helping you look for the bag of a million dollars that you've misplaced in Texas, and they continue to insist that Delaware must be thoroughly searched, you would likely make a similarly applicable statement to your "helpers," that their "help" is not actually helping since you have not been to Delaware with your million dollars.

ABC, I agree further with you, that Dylan's mother makes EXACTLY the same types of statements as Dylan's father, and yet no one here is willing to use the same SA procedures on her that they have on him. If it is fishy for Dylan's father to refer to him in the past-tense, then it is also fishy for her to do so, CORRECT, SA?

Dylan's mother states, "I wish I had been involved because he would be home by now." Guys, let's be totally honest. If Mr. Redwine had uttered this sentence, y'all'd be ALL over it, declaring it a near-confession. We'd be reading, "No one can bring themselves to say the words, 'I wish I'd been involved [in my son's disappearance and/or harm/murder].'" And, in fact, you'd be making a logical reasoning why not when the MOTHER says it? I cannot fathom making such a statement while my child is missing. What of that? If the same SA isn't applied to both parents, then any and all "conclusions" against Mr. Redwine are intentionally biased and blatantly unfair.

~ABC said...

Ahhh Okay Jen. So I need to get more clear on the difference between sensitivity and deception. One doesn't necessarily imply the other. Gothca! and thanks :)

~ABC said...

Hi Anon @ 3:31

You are exactly on track with my thinking, but Jen's last response does have me looking at this from a bit different perspective now.

Some of the comments do seem to be biased against MR, including some of my own before I watched the video of the mother. I'm sure now there must be some finer points concerning sensitivity vs deception that I'm just not entirely clear on.

John Mc Gowan said...


When this case first broke Dylans Mum,and i stand to be corrected was the first of his parents to refer to Dylan in the past tense,i jumped all over this and a few other members did also.However since this case has progressed people seem to have dissmissed this.

When i go by the rules of SA this is not natural for a parent to say of a missing son/daughter.

As peter in the past has said,even when a parent finds their Son/Daughter dead they still find it hard to accept that they are dead up until the point of the paramedics/doctors declare they are.
I see your point and totally agree that this has been forgotten.
i will add also that Dylans friends have also refered to Dylan in the past tense.

Anonymous said...

I believe Mark Redwine is an abuser, but I'm not convinced he's a killer.
In my opinion, since Dylan's texts spell out that he was planning on getting to his friend's house at a very early morning hour (6:30), there is reason to believe Dylan was planning on getting there independantly. This means Dylan may have left the house on his own.
In the interview with the Mom, she says about Mark Redwine, "I just don't think he really knew Dylan. I think he underestimated him."
Going on Dylan's texts and the Mom's statements, I believe Dylan left his Dad's house on his own and that he is either hiding out somewhere or harmed or kidnapped from someone who picked him up while walking to the friend's house.

shmi said...

Dylan's mom was asked if she was involved in his dissapearance, not death. She states she wishes she was. I take this to mean that if she were to have gone over there and taken him in the middle of the night, then she would know where he is. She probably wishes she had done just that. She fought for custody, she knew what kind of man Dylan's father was. Remember, he had sex on the lawn outside her bedroom window, and the older son went out and punched him. He's a sick puppy, a drunk, selfish controlling egotistical narcisist. And yes, I based all that on his having sex outside his wife's window while she and the kids are home.

This is another case of the legal system failing a child. MR got court ordered visitation. Did anyone think to see what kind of hell he put his wife through? Anyone who would abuse their spouse, in all probability would also abuse their kids. Certainly there were allegations, shouldn't someone with the child's best interest in mind look into them? She moved, changed jobs, sought to hide her new job location from him. (he to then proudly announce on tv where she is working) No one does that unless they are trying to protect their kids, or to get away from a toxic abusive situation Moving, new job, new school, all very stressful events,but she sought a way to get away from the drama with her ex to find peace, offer Dylan safety.

All my opinion only. I have nothing to back this rant up, except for my memory of things that were written here or other websites.

Anonymous said...

shmi--He had sex outside his wife's window?! Sounds like we're talking about a sociopath here.

Shelley said...

To taicraven that was not at all what I was saying....

I was speaking in general of these parents that we know killed their kids. I was not talking about Dylans mom who I belive loves her son.

But that was a comment I made after referring to the Celis family, Billie Jean, Zharas father. Those parents specifically that do not hold their children as the most important thing in the world to them. That they could kill them (which most of us belive happened on this site) and to go about life.

So please read what I am saying before assuming that that comment was meant for everyone. I clearly never have stated any negative view about Dylans mother. Only his father.

Shelley said...


I too am curious what you think about the moms constant use of past tense....

Even with the fear she may have what the father is cabable of... Like others have said, she has no proof and often even in cases where parents have proof (body) they still struggle for years to speak of them in past tense.

Just curious for more input on this from you...

shmi said...

I needed to look up my reference of MR, and yard sex. I found something on, and it seems to be someone blogging. So, take that for what it's worth.

I cannot verify it, but I won't discount it yet, either.

I think it would be a great question to ask Elaine Redwine, though. If true, it does show MR character, or lack there of. It's like a big FU to the whole family!

Anonymous said...

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