Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dylan Redwine's 14th Birthday Marked

The suspicion of Mark Redwine, Dylan Redwine's father, is something the family is becoming more comfortable with in public.  
Mark Redwine has not given a reliable denial in the disappearance of his son.  

What was supposed to be a day of celebration was another day of gut-wrenching pain for the family of Dylan Redwine, a Monument boy who vanished in southwest Colorado while visiting his father over Thanksgiving break.
Dylan turned 14 on Wednesday. His family and friends sang happy birthday, ate cake with white and blue frosting, played music and blew up balloons.
But they didn’t celebrate. Without the guest of honor, they couldn’t.
Instead, more than 50 people marked Dylan’s birthday during a somber gathering at Limbach Park, shining lights — or “beams of hope” — into the dark sky as a light snow began to fall. Similar gatherings were held in Farmington, N.M., and Bayfield, the town in southwest Colorado where Dylan once lived.
Dylan disappeared during a visit with his father, Mark Redwine, in the Vallecito area near Bayfield. Authorities have said they don’t believe Dylan ran away, but extensive searches in Vallecito have turned up few clues as to his whereabouts.
Family members believe Mark Redwine isn’t telling investigators everything he knows about Dylan’s whereabouts.
“No child disappears just like poof. It’s impossible,” said Dylan’s 76-year-old grandmother, Maria Goodall.
Goodall, who has terminal cancer, said she had celebrated every birthday with Dylan since he was born.
“I want to see him before I die, and it won’t be long anymore, so I have to see him,” she said.
Wednesday’s gathering started with a prayer by Dylan’s older brother, Cory, who asked the Lord to bring his little brother back home safely.
“We’re all very, very sad he can’t be here to join us. It’s probably the hardest day out of all of them so far in the past 2 ½ months,” Cory told the crowd.
Elaine Redwine, Dylan’s mother, said she wanted to have a birthday gathering for all the people who love and care for Dylan.
“It’s important to keep his face out there and keep his story out there so that anybody who knows anything or sees anything can bring Dylan home, help us bring Dylan home,” she said.
Elaine Redwine said she and her older son have been pleading with Dylan’s father.
“Dr. Phil is offering to put us on this Wednesday,” she said, referring to daytime talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw.
“I would love for (Mark Redwine) to join us,” she said. “It’s very important that we get this information about Dylan out there. As I’ve said all along, this is only about finding Dylan, and we need to work together as a team to do this.”


mommaklee said...

OT question: What if instead of an unreliable denial of wrongdoing, someone refuses to assert they told the truth? I recently read a blog about a woman who escaped from a cult. As she tells her story, especially the contemporary part, she triggers my BS filter. She apparently triggers others as well. Rather than proclaiming, "I am telling the truth and what I write on my blog is true." She instead responds to criticism and doubt with, "Believe what you want to believe, I am not going to try and convince you."

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

KEARNEY, Neb. – A Nebraska woman accused of prostituting her 7- and 14-year-old daughters has been given up to 20 more years in prison.

The Hastings Tribune says ( ) the 36-year-old was sentenced earlier this week in Furnas County District Court to 12 to 20 years for conspiracy to commit a felony.

The woman already had been sentenced in Buffalo County to 80 to 90 years in prison. She'd pleaded no contest and was convicted of conspiracy to commit child sexual assault and of two felony counts of child pornography possession.

The Associated Press is not using her name to protect the identity of the girls. The AP does not usually identify the victims of sex crimes.

The girls' mother has pleaded no contest to nine similar felony counts in Franklin County.

Read more:

Dee said...

OT re: Hobs post...How sickening. Those poor girls.

BC said...

Mark Redwine, Dylan's father, didn't even bother attending the birthday event held in his own hometown. What does that say?

Happy birthday, Dylan
Bayfield, other towns remember missing boy, who turned 14

Photo by: STEVE LEWIS/Durango Herald
“Hopefully we’re going to bring him home soon,” said Bayfield resident Cindy Miller, left, who came to Joe Stephenson Park in Bayfield on Wednesday evening for a celebration of Dylan Redwine’s 14th birthday. Miller was joined by Maighan Bielenda, center, Lorrie Valencia and about 50 others.


By Emery Cowan Herald staff writer

Beams of at least 50 flashlights lit up the sky Wednesday night at Joe Stephenson Park in Bayfield as community members gathered to celebrate and remember the 14th birthday of Dylan Redwine.

Wednesday marked 80 days since Dylan went missing from his father’s house in Vallecito.

“I know that a lot of you, like myself, never thought we would be standing here 80 days later with still no word and nothing to go on except hope,” said Denise Hess, a devoted family friend who has spearheaded most of the local efforts to find the boy. “That’s what we’re here to do tonight, is to show the world and show Elaine (Redwine, Dylan’s mother) and show Dylan’s family and show this community that we still hope.”

Hess emphasized the importance of social media in the search for the missing teenager and celebrated the fact that the Find Missing Dylan Redwine Facebook page had received more than 10,000 “likes” as of Tuesday.

Several other community members spoke about maintaining hope and keeping the search alive.

“I want my own children to know I would never stop looking for them,” said Julia Hollingsworth.

At 7 p.m., people in the crowd turned their flashlights to the stars and sang “Happy Birthday” in hopes that their lights and voices would join others across the area.

Community members in three other cities – Farmington, Monument and Westminster – also held rallies called “Beams of Hope Birthday Blaze” to honor Dylan’s birthday.

Elaine Redwine was expected to attend the event in Monument, where the family moved last summer. The Westminster celebration was held at the park memorializing Jessica Ridgeway, the 10-year-old who was kidnapped and killed in October, Hess said.

In Bayfield, two birthday cakes awaited the crowd when they finished singing. One cake was decorated with the scene of a river, one of Redwine’s favorite places, and the other read: “Beams of Hope for Dylan.”

Attendees also signed posters for Dylan, and his friends videotaped the event with the goal of compiling the entire search process into a video for Dylan when he returns, Ryan Nava said.

Mark Redwine, Dylan’s father, did not attend the Bayfield event to the dismay of some community members.

Earlier Wednesday, Central Dispatch and the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office began receiving calls from Front Range and New Mexico media outlets asking if Dylan’s body had been found. Dan Bender, spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office, said those are rumors, and they are completely false.

“We haven’t even sent deputies out on an unattended death today,” he said. “Sometimes people can hear one of those calls and misinterpret it, then with phone trees and social media, it gets all twisted. But I don’t know where today’s rumors started.”

Bender said his office didn’t know whether the rumors were started “as a cruel prank on Dylan’s birthday, or if they were simply gross misinformation.”

With information about Dylan’s disappearance still sparse, an Edgewood, N.M.-based canine forensics organization announced it will lend its services to look for Dylan’s body. According to a report in The Gazette of Colorado Springs, Wendy Kessinger, owner of the nonprofit Special Operations Inc., K-9 Forensics, will spend a few weeks in Vallecito and provide the entire service for free.

Vita said...

Dylan's mother, " Whenever Cadaver Dogs are looking for your child.." (?) Myriad of Scents that the dogs are searching for, are able to detect. Her to say, I hope they do not find anything, her statement is an oxymoron. Dylan to be found, tracked, traced, by these dogs in any fashion would be relief to a mother would it not?

Cadaver dogs to search for missing Monument boy, 2/6/2013

A volunteer group offering Cadaver Dog K9's to aid in SAR for Dylan Redwine.

The nonprofit, Special Operations Inc., K-9 Forensics, will do the search at no charge, said owner Wendy Kessinger.

“I plan to live up there for two weeks,” she said. “I’m hoping within that time we will be done, but if I have to stay up there longer, I will. This is not a one-shot deal. If he’s there, we will find him.”

It will be a hard two weeks for the Redwine family. More than 1,000 have signed up to attend in Monument, where Dylan lives with his mother, Elaine and her fiance, Mike Hall.

“There’s a myriad of scents that they are going to be searching for,” said Elaine. “But they are cadaver dogs as well and it is very scary and I hope they don’t find anything. Whenever cadaver dogs are looking for your child, it’s gut-wrenching, but I can’t just pretend it’s not a possibility.”

Dylan’s father, Mark, did not return telephone calls.

Kessinger, a retired Florida firefighter, said she has done searches for 10 years. In December, her dogs located a suicide victim in the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico in two days. She has one bloodhound that is trained to track and three border collies trained to find cadavers. The snow and rugged terrain will make the search difficult, she said. But the border collies have trained in the snow and water and have done cadaver work for eight years.

Kessinger said she will meet with Elaine, Dylan’s older brother Cory, and Hall on Saturday. She will meet with Dylan’s father Mark on Friday or Saturday.

Interviewing the family, she said, is critical to this kind of search.

“I get to know Dylan,” she said. “I want more information on Dylan himself, his tendencies, what kind of athlete he was, what kind of a kid he was, how angry he might have been.”

Read more:

Anonymous said...

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Apple said...

anonymous said:
" I do believe this is a great site"
do believe- reduces this is a great site

"I will come back
once again since I bookmarked it"
so, since, therefore - shows sensitivity, trying to explain

You can delete, Peter. I was practicing. :)

Vita said...

Snips from article, 2/6/2013

Shari Paredes-Moyer, a Franklin Avenue resident, is the sister of Redwine’s mother Elaine.

“She’s taking it day by day, minute by minute,” Paredes-Moyer said. “I haven’t seen Dylan for two years, but the last time my sister saw him was right before Thanksgiving when she was forced to put him on a plane to go visit his father.

“It was court ordered. It was at the end of a long custody battle and (Elaine) won, but the visitation schedule said Dylan’s father got him for Thanksgiving and that’s when he disappeared.”

Redwine disappeared Nov. 19, the day after his father, Mark Redwine, had picked him up at the airport, traveling from Colorado Springs to Durango for his holiday visit.

Paredes-Moyer said she and her family had planned to visit Elaine and the rest of their family, including their mother who is battling stage IV cancer, for the holiday so Dylan Redwine didn’t want to go to Durango and miss the family gathering.

She and the rest of her family do not believe Mark Redwine would hurt Dylan, Paredes-Moyer said. But blaming someone makes it easier than not knowing where Dylan Redwine is.

Mark Redwine was the last known person to see Dylan on the morning of Nov. 19.

“I don’t want to speculate, but my family is at the point where they would rather feel that the father did something because if Mark did something with him, we know he would never intentionally hurt his son. So it is easier to believe. I mean, what would you rather believe, that his dad had him or a stranger? If it was his dad, at least he would care about his son. It’s better than the alternative. And it’s a choice. Mark is doing the same thing. He blames Elaine because it’s easier than thinking a stranger has him.

“If Dylan was dead, that would be awful and we would all grieve and mourn. But for him to be missing, no one wants to think of what the possibilities could be, or what could be happening to him. It’s just horrible what runs through your mind. Blaming someone makes it easier.”

The case has since caught the attention of national media, including “Good Morning America” and Nancy Grace, and Dylan Redwine’s disappearance is the No. 1 FBI case in Colorado. Both parents have denied involvement in the disappearance, according to several news outlets in Colorado.

“Dylan loves to ride bikes, play video games, he was really into the trick bikes. He loved baseball and the outdoors and his brother,” his aunt recalls. “We’re trying to encourage anyone to report it if they have seen him or seen a boy that even looks like him. If someone has him, he has to be in a remote location. Because he’s a teenager and he knows how to use a phone. He’s smart. We also think maybe someone took him to another country, like Mexico, where he can’t use a phone.”

Paredes-Moyer moved to Astoria in 1996. Dylan Redwine and his mother, as well as the rest of their family, had planned a trip to Astoria this summer for Paredes-Moyer’s daughter’s graduation. She hopes Dylan will come home so he can visit Astoria.

For more information, or to donate to the search efforts, visit

Lulu said...

Peter, I really hope you do analysis on the uncut interview of Mark Redwine. I am looking forward to your thoughts.

John Mc Gowan said...


My SA radar kicked in when i read this.

Stuart Hall Vows To Fight 'Callous' Sex Charges
The broadcaster says he has been in a "living nightmare" and would have considered suicide if it hadn't been for his family.

Video: Hall: I Will Fight 'Cruel' Claims.

Veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall has vowed to fight sex offence charges and "regain my reputation".

He said he had been through a "living nightmare" and questioned why the allegations had taken so long to surface.

The 83-year-old was speaking after a brief appearance at Preston Magistrates Court.

He told reporters: "The allegations are pernicious and callous and cruel and, above all, spurious. I'm not guilty and I will be defending (myself against) the accusations.

"Like a lot of other people in this country today, I'm wondering why it's taken 30 and 40 years for the allegations to surface.

"The last two months of my life have been a living nightmare. I've never gone through so much stress in my life and I’m finding it difficult to sustain.

"Fortunately I have a very loving family and they're very supportive and I think but for their love I might have been constrained to take my own life.

"But they've encouraged me to fight on and fight the charges, regain my reputation and good name, whatever I've represented to this country down the years.

"I was a healthy 83-year-old but I'm now incubating a heart complaint and I'll be very lucky to survive another couple of years.

"But I hope to survive those two years and regain my honour and reputation and more than ever, my life."

Hall faces one charge of raping a 22-year-old woman in 1976 and a further 14 charges of indecently assaulting 10 girls aged nine to 16 between 1967 and 1986.

Hall, of Prestbury Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, appeared at the same court last month to face separate charges of historic sex offences.

He pleaded not guilty on January 7 to three indecent assault charges dating between 1974 and 1984.

At today's hearing, he spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address and was bailed to appear at Preston Crown Court on March 1.

Hall has been a familiar face and voice in British broadcasting for half a century and was last year awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours.

Anonymous said...

Apple, lol

Elaine doesn't want the dogs to alert on her son's body, she wants a trail to a live Dylan. She just didn't articulate it.

He has been missing too long. I hope he's ok.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi John I agree.

There was no strong first person singular event specific denial ( i did not rape those girls etc) He if can't make the denial, we can't do it for him.

He told reporters: "The allegations are pernicious and callous and cruel and, above all, spurious. I'm not guilty and I will be defending (myself against) the accusations.
Order is important, he doesn't tell us they are untrue only that they are emotionally unpleasant.
he is not guilty since only a jury in a court of law can make that pronouncement. Until then he is not guilty in the eyes of the law.

"Like a lot of other people in this country today, I'm wondering why it's taken 30 and 40 years for the allegations to surface
Did he think after this time it was all forgotten and forgiven?
Did he think the statute of limitations had passed?
Is his reason for wondering why it has taken so long the same as ours?

"The last two months of my life have been a living nightmare. I've never gone through so much stress in my life and I’m finding it difficult to sustain.
What is the 'IT' he is finding difficult to sustain?
Why a living nightmare rather than a nightmare? is there a dead nightmare?

"Fortunately I have a very loving family and they're very supportive and I think but for their love I might have been constrained to take my own life.
Not the addition of the word VERY in relation to supportive which weakens it. Are there family members who aren't as supportive?
I THINK leaves it open for others to think otherwise.
Why would an innocent person take their own life or think of taking their own life?
They would be determined to clear their name and would shout their innocence from the roof tops, by suiciding there would always be the stain of the allegation against their name.

"But they've encouraged me to fight on and fight the charges, regain my reputation and good name, whatever I've represented to this country down the years.

But negates the previous which is their support and love.
Fight is repeated twice indicating sensitivity. Fighting on and fighting the charges. What is the difference between the two?
What is the difference between his good name and his reputation?
Are they different to whatever he has represented to the country?
Is he telling us his public persona is different to his private persona?
Why use the word represented?
He has represented to this country not done for this country.

"I was a healthy 83-year-old but I'm now incubating a heart complaint and I'll be very lucky to survive another couple of years.
"But I hope to survive those two years and regain my honour and reputation and more than ever, my life."

Is he now playing the sympathy card i wonder?
He changes language from a couple of years to those two years.
A change in language indicates a change in reality.
But negates the previous which concerns his heart complaint.
Incubating is a strange term to use in relation to a heart problem, why not clearly state he now has a heart complaint,incubate means there is growth and a 'hatching' what will happen at the end of incubation?
Order is impotant honor comes first followed by reputation and finally life.
Is his persona and how he is perceived more important than life?
His ego is speaking.

What is missing in no strong reliable denial and also no concern for his alleged victims.

John Mc Gowan said...

Thanks hobs,

I caught the latter end of this on sky news and when i read his statement i thought oh oh here we go again..

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic yet educational BBM

A mother who claimed she had been attacked by a knife-wielding intruder in her own home faked the attack to get her husband's attention, a court heard.
Amy Tatton, 29, told police she had come face to face with an armed man in her kitchen after getting out of bed at 3am for a glass of water.
Her lies cost taxpayers £1,238.71 in police time as investigations and forensic tests on the knife revealed her account to be false.

She told investigators and her local newspaper that the burglar shoved her against the kitchen worktop and struck her across the face.
She also claimed the man grabbed a vegetable knife and scraped it down her arm before fleeing empty handed and said her husband Timothy, 26, slept through the incident in June last year.
Tatton claimed the suspect was 5ft 7in tall, with short blond hair, and was wearing dark trousers and jacket.
Officers even showed her dozens of pictures of burglars from their database in a bid to catch the culprit.

Tatton, from Lincoln, admitted wasting police time on June 20 last year in an appearance before Lincoln magistrates yesterday.
The former chef even tried to blame her husband, moaning to officers about him neglecting her and not showing her enough attention.

She was ordered to pay Lincolnshire Police £500 in compensation.

Daniel Paulson, prosecuting, said: 'No offender was ever identified for that burglary because it never happened.
'She was arrested and in her police interview she admitted she made it up to get her husband’s attention. She was reprimanded on a previous occasion for wasting police time.'
Tatton, who has a 21-month-old daughter and is expecting a son this June, was arrested in September after holes in her account emerged and was charged in November.
Judith Brennan, defending, said Tatton lied as a result of the pressures of her family life.

Tania Cadogan said...

She told the court; 'She was feeling extremely guilty about having to leave her daughter in childcare which she and her husband were struggling to afford. She was also having issues at work because her daughter was poorly

'She had got up and gone to get a drink. She thought she saw a shadow at the back door.
'She decided to unlock it and left it open.
'She ran to the bedroom and told her husband someone had been in the house.
'He went downstairs, locked the back door and called the police as he went back up.
'A short while later police turned up and by that stage she felt she could not confess all.
'It was one of those rollercoaster things.
'When she was arrested she immediately told police her statement was false and once at the station she did not hold up the procedure in any way, and she made a full admission.'

Speaking yesterday, Tatton, now a volunteer with a toddler group and the Boys’ Brigade, said: 'I just want to forget about it.'

After making up the burglary, Tatton gave a false account during an interview with the Lincolnshire Echo.
She told them: 'I came downstairs to get a drink, turned the kitchen light on and he was standing there.
'He shoved me up against the worktop, put a hand around my throat, hit the side of my face, grabbed a small vegetable knife and scraped it down my left arm. Luckily it just scratched me. He got away with nothing.
'He didn’t say a word but it was so frightening. You don’t expect to go downstairs to find a burglar in your house.
'I think I startled him. I was thinking, what did he want and what was he going to do?
'I was just grateful my 14-month-old daughter Gracie was staying at a relative's.'
Her husband, a warehouse worker, told the newspaper: 'Amy came in the bedroom afterwards crying and holding her arm. She told me what had happened.
'My first thought was, "Where is he?" I rushed downstairs to see if I could see anyone.'
Following the burglary Lincolnshire Police urged home owners in the city to check unlocked doors and windows, and be more security conscious.
Yesterday an unnamed neighbour said: '[Tatton] is quite well known for being a battleaxe of a wife around here.
'I can't believe she would waste police time pretending someone had held a knife to her throat though, that is taking it too far.
'It just shows how selfish she is. Those officers could have been working on something important but instead they were looking into her stupid lies.
'I don't know how her husband puts up with her to be honest. If it was me she would be out the door.
'He's quite mild mannered but has his head in the clouds a bit

Read more:

Lis said...

OT: Anyone reading Jordan Dorner's manifesto? "Fired LAPD cop Christopher Jordan Dorner, accused of killing a police officer and two others, says in an online manifesto, 'I do not fear death as I died long ago.'"

His manifesto is posted

I started reading it and one thing popped out at me immediately. He says, "You are saying to yourself that this is completely out of character of the man you knew who always wore a smile wherever he was seen." My first thought was, this man only wore a smile when he was seen. This was an unhappy man.

There is lots more worth analyzing.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic and amusing as heck

Former attorney for Drew Peterson sues, claims current lawyer defamed him in letter to media
Published February 07, 2013
Associated Press

CHICAGO – A public quarrel between one former and one current attorney for Drew Peterson over who is to blame for the suburban Chicago police officer's murder conviction has escalated again.

Joel Brodsky, Peterson's lead trial attorney who has since stepped down from the legal team, filed a 31-page defamation lawsuit this week that hurls bitter denunciations wrapped in legalese at Steve Greenberg, a co-counsel at the trial who is still representing Peterson. Peterson was convicted in September.

The burgeoning feud comes weeks before a Will County judge is set to rule on a defense motion for a new trial based on allegations of Brodsky's inadequate representation. If the judge rejects the motion, Peterson would immediately be sentenced for killing his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Peterson is also suspect in the 2007 disappearance of his fourth wide, Stacy Peterson, though he has never been charged.

Brodsky's lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Cook County Court, singles out a letter Greenberg released to the media in September accusing Brodsky of "single-handedly" losing the trial. The letter provides an unflattering account of Brodsky's leadership at trial, saying he insisted on other lawyers calling him "coach."

The lawsuit says Greenberg "developed animus, hatred and resentment of Brodsky which caused him to ignore the best interest of Peterson and become irrationally fixated and obsessed with destroying Brodsky."

Greenberg developed a grudge, it says, because Brodsky told him to stop appearing on national TV shows during the trial.

The alleged defamation by Greenberg, the suit claims, held Brodsky up to "great public scorn, hatred, contempt, ridicule, humiliation, distress, anguish, anxiety, disgrace, and suffer great injury to his dignity, honor, personal and reputation ..."

In his Sept. 24 letter, Greenberg hit equally hard.

"You wafted the greatest case by ignorance, obduracy and ineptitude," Greenberg wrote. "Your effort to blame me is suggestive of a six-year-old child changing the rules of the game when he falls behind. ... You are nothing more than a bully."

The lawsuit also names the Chicago Tribune and AOL's Patch news website, both of which closely covered the yawning rift between Brodsky and Greenberg that started just hours after the trial ended.

The Tribune didn't have an immediate comment. AOL Patch didn't return a message seeking comment.

Follow Michael Tarm at

Read more:

Popcorn and sodas are available from the corner kiosk :)

Apple said...

That is hilarious.

John Mc Gowan said...


Alaska Serial Killer Keyes' Chilling Poetry.

Chilling, rambling poetry found under the body of a serial killer who slit his wrists and strangled himself in jail is released.Newly-released blood-stained notes recovered from serial killer Israel Keyes' Alaskan prison cell contain chilling poetry about his victims and superficiality in American society.

But the rambling tracts found under the 34-year-old's body contain no specific details about his crimes, or the names of additional victims.

Keyes, suspected of murdering 18-year-old Anchorage barista Samantha Koenig and several other people across the US, slit his wrists and strangled himself with a bedsheet in jail in December.

His poetry refers to a person under his control, the person's obvious fear, and inevitable doom.

"You are my love at first sight, and though you're scared to be near me, my words penetrate your thought now in an intimate prelude," he wrote.

"Your face framed in dark curls like a portrait, the sun shone through highlights of red. What color I wonder, and how straight will it turn plastered back with the sweat of your blood.

"Your wet lips were a promise of a secret unspoken, nervous laugh as it burst like a pulse of blood from your throat. There will be no more laughter here."

The yellow legal pad was at first too bloody to read, so it was sent to an FBI laboratory in Virginia and restored.

Agents determined Keyes left behind no code or hidden message in his writings - but the first two pages make reference to his hatred for US consumerism.

"Land of the free, home of the lie, land of the scheme, Americanize! Consume what you don't need, stars you idolize, pursue what you adore it is a dream, then its American die," Keyes wrote.

CCTV of Samantha Koenig's abduction by Keyes
Miss Koenig was abducted at gunpoint from a coffee stand last February, sparking a massive police hunt.

Keyes was arrested in March in Lufkin, Texas, after using her debit card. Her dismembered body was eventually fished out of an Alaskan lake.

Before he died - and before he could be tried - Keyes confessed to the killings of at least seven more people.

The FBI is working closely with state and local law enforcement agencies to identify other victims.

Anonymous said...

Lis, I am curious as to whether he was being truthful about Evans kicking a suspect. This is what brought upon all the violence, since the. BOR fired him for falsely accusing an officer of kicking a suspect.

Anonymous said...

From the manifesto:

During the BOR an officer named, Sgt. XXXX, from Los Angeles Port Police testified on behalf of the LAPD. XXXX stated for the BOR that he arrived at the location of the UOF shortly before I cuffed the suspect. He also stated that he assisted in cuffing the suspect and that’s old the BOR he told me to fix my tie. All of those statements were LIES!!! XXXX, you arrived at the UOF location up to 30 seconds after I had cuffed Mr.XXXX. All you did was help me lift the suspect to his feet as it was difficult for me to do by myself because of his heavy weight. You did not tell me to fix my tie as the BOR members and everyone else in the room know you lied because the photographic evidence from the UOF scene where XXXX’s injuries were photographed clearly shows me wearing a class B uniform on that day. A class B uniform is a short sleeved uniform blouse. A short sleeved uniform blouse for the LAPD does not have a tie included. This is not Super Troopers uniform, you jackass. Why did you feel the need to embellish and lie about your involvement in the UOF? Are you ashamed that you could not get hired on by any other department other than port police? Do you have delusions of grandeur? What you did was perjury, exactly what XXXX did when she stated she did not kick XXXX.
What they failed to mention in the BOR was XXXX own use of force history during her career on the LAPD. She has admitted that she has a lengthy use of force record and has been flagged several times by risk management. She has a very well known nickname, Chupacabra, which she was very proud to flaunt around the division. She found it very funny and entertaining to draw blood from suspects and arrestees. At one point she even intentionally ripped the flesh off the arm of a woman we had arrested for battery (sprayed her neighbor with a garden water hose). Knowing the woman had thin elastic skin, she performed and Indian burn to the woman’s arm after cuffing her. That woman was in her mid-70’s, a mother and grandmother, and was angry at her tenants who failed to pay rent on time. Something I can completely understand and I am sure many have wanted to do toward tenants who do not pay their rent. XXXX was also demoted from a senior lead officer rank/position for performance issues. During my two months of working patrol with XXXX, I found her as a woman who was very angry that she had been pulled from patrol for a short time because of a domestic violence report made by Long Beach Police Department because of an incident involving her active LAPD officer boyfriend, XXXX, and herself. XXXX is the same officer investigated for witness tampering. She also was visibly angry on a daily basis that she was going to have to file for bankruptcy because her ex-husband, a former LAPD officer and not XXXX, who had left the department, state, and was nowhere to be found had left her with a tax bill and debt that she was unable to pay because of a lack of financial means. XXXX, you are a POS and you lied right to the BOR panel when XXXX asked you if you kicked XXXX. You destroyed my life and name because of your actions. Time is up. The time is now to confess to Chief Beck.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting the impression that his anger is stemmed towards the female officer he accused of kicking a suspect, butnot because she kicked the suspect. He considers her "a woman" not an officer, and he is disparaging her regarding her relationships with boyfriends, ex-husbands, etc. I think he was angry that he couldn't get to go out with her, so he reports her for her abusive behavior towards a suspect.

I also think he was frustrated that he was just a port police and felt better than that. The reason is that in this manifesto he chose to question another officer about being ashamed that he could not be hired by another department except the port police and also questioned if he had delusions of grandeur? Maybe he was asked these same questions during the investigation by a psychologist? It struck a nerve?

Ivy said...

People have referred to this. I'm not sure if anyone posted the link yet? I haven't watched all of it, but...a lot of past tense references, and explanations about the key portion of time -- didn't visit someone, only called. Some victim disparagement. Like I said, I didn't get through all of it, but the most concerning portion to me was when he was explaining what he was doing after he left Dylan at home, saying he needed to stop at the store to get stuff for Thanksgiving and suggesting to the interviewer that he was trying to call Dylan to see what he'd decided to do for Thanksgiving and that Dylan didn't understand that you would need to shop for stuff, etc. because he's 13. To me, the suggestion that it's up to Dylan what they do for Thanksgiving, that it's somehow a problem that he hasn't "decided" and that his dad is the grownup who is going shopping for food or whatever during the critical time period, checking in on irresponsible young Dylan for a decision doesn't sit right. Here is the link. The interviewer isn't great, but she's not terrible either, especially considering how young she seems.

Lulu said...

Ivy, I didn't care for the interviewer. She's not young - she sounds as though she is. So like, lots of ummms...

Lemon said...

~ files away 'animus, hatred and resentment' and 'ignorance, obduracy and ineptitude' for future reference ~

Jen said...

Hi Lemon-

I know right...where do lawyers come up with half of these words!? Another thing that strikes me is the dishonesty...he obviously didn't feel or suffer ALL of those things due to a co-counsels criticism (if he did he's in the wrong business). As far as I could tell all of Drew Peterson's attorneys were cocky and more interested in getting in their camera time than anything to do with the trial.