Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Statement Analysis: Deborah Bradley Press Conference

Here is Deborah Bradley before the camera, October, 2011. At the initial press conference, she gave linguistic indicators of death. What do you find in her statements?


Lulu said...

Does she ever say Lisa's name? I didn't hear it...

Lulu said...

Lots of "we" rather than "I"

Anonymous said...

"We woke up I woke up..."

TMI about the phones, and there were "3" of them

John Mc Gowan said...

Its interesting to note that she is crying..Now that may be because she is involved and regrets her actions or it maybe she is crying for herself and the consequences that follow..

At 3:00 mins watch the way here demeanour changes,she goes from sobbing/to very serious and straight faced when the phones are mentioned,then goes back to sobbing.

For me the phones are significant.

Layla said...

"We...I mean I woke up"

"She means everything to the boys"

OK. I'm sorry but I can't even watch her husband--she is fake but SO IS HE!!! He seems like he is putting on the "I'm so sensitive I couldn't hurt a fly" routine. She keeps looking over at him and I can't tell if it's with the look of "do you buy what I'm saying?" or "am I sticking to our story?"
That dude knows what happened. He is just as much a liar as her. I don't buy his BS routine anymore than I buy her crappy acting.

Layla said...

Oh very interesting:

Did anyone else notice?

Deoborah says "I said call 911! Call 911! And he said "where are the phones?"

So, there was no delay in her telling him to call 911 and him replying "where are the phones?" If there were multiple phones, wouldn't it have taken him some time to look for them and discover they seem to be missing.???