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Kaaryn Gough: Mark Redwine

We have all heard Mark Redwine'  description of being unable to wake Dylan up.  Here we hear his words about "struggle" and "beat up" and know:  these words come from somewhere.  "Struggle" and "beat up" are in context of missing 13 year old, Dylan Redwine.

Here is Statement Analyst, Kaaryn Gough weighing in on the issue.  Please note that the statement Kaaryn uses is quite upsetting, emotionally.  

I have asked Kaaryn to join us on Crime Wire Tuesday night with special guest Elaine Redwine, as we seek to keep the case strongly in the public's eye, crying out for Justice for Dylan.

If anyone doubted Mark Redwine's guilt in this case, he did his very best to remove doubt when he appeared on the Dr. Phil Show, reneging on his agreement to polygraph, using the word
"we" inappropriately (he was by himself).

Pronouns do not lie and are instinctive.  Here are some of Kaaryn's observations and analysis from the statements made by Mark Redwine.   Note the abbreviation, "MR" is Mark Redwine.


I think we all agree MR had something to do with Dylan's disappearance and sadly, MR's words are painting a picture that Dylan is not alive. I think the focus of our SA efforts should now be on finding the verbal clues that will help lead to Dylan's remains.

Language is not accidental. Our words don't fly out of our mouths or from our fingers in random selection. Everything we speak/write comes from what our brain knows (the truth). It is the brain's default position to  reveal what it knows. MR's brain is trying to tell what it knows.

From the January 31, 2013 interview with KUSA

Do you blame yourself too, a little bit? 

normally wouldn’t , but I do, I do blame myself . I relive this a thousand times and every time it comes back to  I-- s-seeing him laying on the couch and I didn’t try hard enough, maybe, to wake him up to have him come with me knowing that he had talked about going to spend time with his friends and letting him sleep like he does so many time before, I beat myself up over that constantly. But that’s not helping me. And it’s not helping Dylan. I mean, it’s hard enough for any parent to have to deal with something like this and to sit here and beat yourself up over and over and over again about what you could have done differently, could have made the difference is a—not helping me stay strong which is what I feel like what I need to do for Dylan. I don’t know how to do it and I struggle with that every day, but it’s something that I believe I have to dig down deeper and deeper every day and find the will and find the strength to stay strong for him because I believe that he needs both of his parents. He needs me to do that for him and I know he needs his mom to do that for him.

Note the choice and order of words: 

"I normally wouldn't"--"normally"--there is something about this situation that is different from previous ones. What other events have occurred similar to this one? Is there a history of his children 'disappearing'? Has he been accused before of harming his children? 

"I relive this"--"relive" speaks to a specific moment in time where an event of note took place. We don't "relive" hum-drum, day-to-day, non-important moments.

His brain holds onto this moment. Why?

"seeing him laying on the couch"--not "sleeping"

"beat myself up"--physical violence. The question was "Do you blame yourself?" and he acknowledged he did blamehimself. But then he moves to saying "I beat myself up" indicating that for him, blame and beating up are connected. 

"beat yourself up"--no longer, "myself". He has distanced himself from this action. Still, he uses "beat up", a physically violent action.

"struggle" - He is having a difficult time either mentally, emotionally, physically, or all three. Deciding what to do. Deciding what story to tell. Deciding how to dispose of the body. Deciding where to dispose the body. Moving/hiding the body would be a struggle. Deciding to bury the body. Doing the actual digging would be a struggle. The act of shoveling the dirt back into the grave would likely be an emotional struggle (knowing this is the last time he'll see his son)

"dig down deeper and deeper"--not just "deep" but "deeper and deeper" suggesting he got to one level but then decided he had to dig further. He got to another level and decided he still had to go further.


Vita said...

Uncut interview, Mark Redwine

I noticed MR on Dr Phil, he uses the phrase, in response, " But you know, Or "Well But" as his own
" Wing Man speak" words of his passive aggressive nocturnal side. He wanting to sway who is speaking questioning him,..leading them OFF the subject of crucial (DY) being the focus. He wants it turned back to HIM, as he is the victim, being victimized. BUT is his Key Word of his own pacify. He uses it, inching out of accountability, of what DID happen. As he was present. He asked a question what happened after the movie, what was Dylan doing?,, his account, all is rambling, Dylan not even of his account. Dylan is not present. He is an object, that was in the room? or was taken out " of his account" by the time the movie ended?

14:28 -, the movie, being finished, at some point, I was pacing the floor, and got up, and was taking care of a few little things, you know, over here at the Kitchen table, while we were doing that,, but you know, it's shortly after the ending of that movie which my guess, and I don't recall, because I don't keep track of the Clock, you know, and it must of been, I thought it was earlier in the beginning because I was fairly tired anyway and I know Dylan was tired because he had indicated to me, that he had been up to till 4oclock the night before, and that he had spent most of the day at the airport, traveling to get here.. that he was tired, and you know it's seems to me, that it had to be around 10:30'ish maybe by the time the movie got done, somewhere in there,

and you know shortly after that, I ran up and went to bed, and he finished up doing whatever he was doing, watching Nickelodeon, or whatever
he was watching ....and you know

I get up to go run my errands cos I had a payroll issue that needed to be dealt with first thing Monday Morning, cos that's when payroll goes in, and
so it was important for me to get down there

as early as possible, well I wanted to leave at 6:30 so I would be there at 7:30 when they opened the doors, you know, I spent 45mins an hour trying to get Dylan to waaake up.. helping him, saying you know Dylan, I am going down, cos he had talked to me about seeing his friend Ryan that morning ....

John Mc Gowan said...

"Beat yourself up OVER and OVER and OVER again"

He uses the word "OVER" 3 Times making it very sensitive.

Peter/Karyn,could this be the severity of the beating he gave Dylan?


I do hope it is untrue the picture painted is very disturbing.

Great Analysis Kaaryn..

BostonLady said...

Dylan wanted to visit with his friends. Dylan would have been up and ready to go if he really had the option of going to visit his friend. There would be no "struggle" to wake him up.

Mark Redwyne in his statements tells what happened. Another child murdered by a parent. Tragic.

Lis said...

I wonder if he found it was possible to dig down deep enough or if he abandoned that plan for a different one.

Lis said...

Vita- "I spent 45mins an hour trying to get Dylan to waaake up"

Is this when he realized, Dylan could not "wake up"?

Anita said...

I took out a lot of his extra words to see what came up. This is what I got. There is an embedded statement of "I am going down." (Also he used the word UP 5 times before that:

He got UP
he had been UP
I ran UP
I get UP
trying to get Dylan to wake UP

it was important for me to get DOWN there
I am going DOWN)

The movie finished around 10:30'ish.

I went to bed, and he finished doing whatever

I go run my errands

I wanted to leave at 6:30. I spent 45mins an hour trying to get Dylan to wake up, saying Dylan, I am going down.


Also how do you get UP after you are pacing the floor. Aren't you already UP? His order is off here.

His few direct statements:

I was pacing the floor.

I know Dylan was tired.

It had to be around 10:30ish. (Is this when Dylan died? When the movie "being finished" "got done?" "the ending of the movie")

I ran up and went to bed.

It was important for me to get down there as early as possible.

I wanted to leave at 6:30.

He had talked to me about seeing his friend Ryan that morning.

Trigger said...

I agree with Boston Lady,

A 13 year-old who wants to visit his friends will be up and dressed before it's time to go.

"There would be no struggle to wake him up."

Layla said...

I just watched the 2nd Dr Phil: Did anyone else catch this? When Mark's ex-wife is confronting him about how he keeps changing stores about what happened when Dylan went missing and ge went up to Dylan's friend's house to see if he was there. The ex-wife says "1st you said someone came to the door and said Dylan wasn't there and then later you said noone was even there.". So Mark starts rambling trying to talk his way out of it, and says something to the effect of "well, I didn't know if they had gone up to the lake. The fishing pole still hasn't been found, and I didn't know if they were STILL IN THE WATER....". This JUMPED out at me!!! I think he may be in water from Mark's words and also the missing fishing pole. It seems like Mark may be trying to set up some kind of excuse like "he must have fallen in while he was fishing". I HOPE I AM WRONG!!!!

Vita said...

Mark Redwine his person = Dichotomy
This is tough stuff for me to write, as I can find my own childhood within Dylan's life.

Wingman = WE
MR has manifested himself within two worlds. His one side, is he is a trucker, he is his own Man. His main priority not Dylan that am, so it is his said, his payroll. Making sure he had his hours in, that his payroll would be met. * his side that is his only accountable, his work side* He nails the time line down, his tone changes when he speaks of his "$" plans, as he had made them.

It is all he has to be held accountable for. He does what on the road? he thinks. He spends 90 percent of his brain power on the woes of his unkempt life. Who is responsible in his mind? Elaine

Why? because his income of his entire life that he has pissed away and did not save, is her fault too. Atty's cost money. Child support is money. There is a factor here that is of his CRAW.
Elaine rectified herself. She gained a college degree and a position, career of substance. No longer was she under him, of his control, his payout. She could hold up her end all by herself. Take care of Dy too. She took it upon herself and she became stronger for it. He didn't like this. You are nothing without me Elaine, " I raised you", you didn't raise you.

He called her MOM, because he is to her, a father figure. She was always to him his subordinate, his paper towel to wipe his hands upon. She was not to be of an identity outside of MRS. Redwine.

She today is 44 and he is 51. He married prior to E, had children with another, divorced prior. His ex-wife to say he wasn't a good husband, wasn't a positive father figure. He was abusive to her and did take her children hostage, more than once, to prove himself ? how? that he is who he is, a property owner and he pays the mortgage.

She GREW and blossomed upon their divorce. When they " divorced" she became Elaine. He his felt is, this is why he is who he is today, empty shell, is she used him. E is rubbing it in his face, her success by leaving him. His brain is how it works: he is the victimized

All he got out of it, his mind, was the lousy t-shirt? he was left with a pile of debt. Two sons that cannot stand him, nor stand by him, because Elaine poisoned them against him. In order for him to go on, he created within himself his alter ego. His Wingman. He is his own Wingman. He has no friends, he has no life outside of his own. He likes it this way. He creates the law to his own satisfaction. His spouse today is in the height of 12 inches with a dress made of, a wrapper of white and red letters: Jim Beam

She understands him, takes him as he is, never complains, she complies and tells him in the morning you're going to regret this. He says' no worry Darling it was worth the tango'.. we dance do we dance. Live with an alcoholic father for the majority of your life, embroiled within himself that he finds his spouse the cause of his failures, I have lived it.

One replaces the other, that the person takes and drinks the hate for their spouse, so they do not do to her " physically" what they wish they could do to her. They do it in their mind, under the influence, play it out, plan it out, plot it out. Never did they go through with it, nor did they cross that boundary. They will take it out on another male their size or punch a hole in the wall. It's not theirs to cross, because they at some unwitting point they know, she is not worth it.

MR is a man of no boundaries, as he has gotten away with too much in his lifetime. He escalated. In his defense, he manifested a partner, to maintain his polarity. One side of him is white, the other is black. NO GRAY in his world.

He has a mondo ego, he has zero self esteem. His life is of no rewards upon his own undoing. He, his coping mechanism, is his anterior self, he is his own Wingman. His, WE, his Wingman is his guide, to protect him now that he not only did it, he thinks he got away with it.

Jen said...

Hi Layla-

I watched it and I have it recorded on my DVR. I didnt notice that he said IN THE WATER, so I'll play it back..thanks for the tip. I did notice he answered his first ex-wifes question about Tristan with about the fifth mention of the fishing pole. I wrote an earlier comment saying I think Dylan will be found in the lake, based both on MR's words and the cadaver dog hits. Plus, I think Mark would find it a huge struggle to dig a grave in late Nov...the ground would be hard and frozen and the site would be visible for months due to the disturbed frozen earth.

MR's fixating on the fishing pole and the 'sighting' of two boys walking between his house and the lake basically spells it out, considering the other info revealed on the show (the lake was almost 6 miles away, Dylan didn't have his winter coat, Dylan was not big into fishing and fishing would be pointless in late Nov anyway). Dylan will likely be found at/around the lake and MR planted the fishing pole to provide a reason for why he will eventually be found there. The frozen lake has aided MR, but he knows his days are numbered and he's deliberately reinforcing the false idea that Dylan left to fish in the winter to explain his eventual discovery.

Sus said...

Yes Layla, MR said IN THE WATER.

I have been trying to find written transcripts of the shows...anyone found them?

I think Elain might have said that the 9:37 text was not completed, but I cannot remember for sure. It was just kind of mumbled.

Skeptical said...

I was wondering if MR beat Dylan up at night and around 10:30 left Dylan on the sofa and went up to bed. During the night Dylan died of his injuries and the morning after MR had to spend the time getting rid of Dylan's body. He is so cold he might even have had Dylan's body in the truck when he went to take care of the payroll.

Layla said...

Jen--I 100% agree with what you have written. I mean what happened to the fishing pole? Why is it "still missing"? Because he threw it in the lake. I believe Dylan is in water. I hope he is not though--I hope I am wrong!
I do like to look at these cases from every angle, so I'm going to give one other thought. In the 2nd Dr Phil it comes out that he has a history of kidnapping kids from both of his marriages--once hid the kids in a "ghetto motel", the other time at someone's house I think (can't remember what was said). So, this does introduce the fact that this is something Mark Redwine does--he kidnaps his kids. Now, I don't know if anyone remembers that case from a couple of years ago where that guy over in Europe hid his daughter for years in a cellar room he had built claiming she had "run away with a cult"!!! In this case, my mind goes there to that example, not thinking that he has Dylan hid in a cellar room, but could he be hiding him somewhere? I guess the only way to really figure it out is to look at the narrative that he is construing. The difficult thing is that according to his ex-girlfriend "Dylan WAS difficult to wake up, would sleep on the couch, etc."--my reason for bringing this up is that Mark truly is not giving many clues--he's kind of sticking to this story that is "the run of the mill Dylan sleeping over story". That makes me think there is SOME possibility that he is hiding Dylan somewhere. I don't know if this makes sense--it is that something about his story is just TOO run of the mill--including the fact that when he came home and realized Dylan was "missing" he laid down and TOOK A NAP!!! So, the question is: is Mark one of the most cold-blooded killers ever or is he hiding Dylan somewhere???

Skeptical said...

Renee of Eyes for Lies had some interesting comments on Elaine Redwine in her February 27, 2013, blog. Did SA pick up any inconsistencies in what she said or her demeanor. I didn't see the Dr. Phil programs, so I was interested if anyone else picked up on anything unusual.

John Mc Gowan said...


I read that article earlier its interesting.I think that E/R is holding something back however,i believe its something to do with her not being able to help Dylan and is riddled with guilt.Maybe some of the mud that M/R is slinging at her is true, and she doesn't want to admit to it on national Tv for fear of being ridiculed for not protecting Dylan.

Layla said...

Skeptical I just read the article--but she is not giving any examples of these inconsistencies.
The one thing I have wondered, and it comes from something Elaine said in a previous interview (not dr. Phil)--she said something to the effect of "Dylan would have texted if he had taken off or not successfully gotten to a friend's house. She says "I have lots of friends in the area and Dylan could have texted them and they would have come pick him up." (I am paraphrasing--this is NOT a direct quote). So I wonder if maybe she had told Dylan "Hey if you don't want to be with your Dad call one of my friends and they will come pick you up" WHICH IF SHE DID SAY THAT I AM SURE IT WAS OUT OF CONCERN FOR DYLAN'S SAFETY AROUND HIS DAD EVEN IF ONLY FOR PROTECTING HIS MENTAL WELL-BEING. Maybe she feels like if she says that then Mark will completely try to shift the blame onto her. I believe Mark is responsible for Dylan's disappearance.

Jen said...

Hi Sus-

I also looked for transcripts with no luck..suggestions anyone?

Also here are the text messages published by his friend Ryan. It appears Dylan doesn't reply to Ryan's last message @ 9:27pm, so that would place Dylan's last completed text around 8:01pm when the two boys exchange several texts regarding their plans for the morning. I have also wondered if it's possible that MR is the author of the later texts(after McDonalds) in order to establish an alibi, and a motive for Dylan leaving the house without his knowledge the next day.

Arrives at Durango Airport: 5:46 pm

Texts to Dylan Redwine's phone:
Ryan: 6:43 pm : I'm in pagosa coming
Dylan: can't come srry ill hang tomorrow
Ryan: ok

Arrives @ Walmart: 7:05pm

Ryan: 7:09 pm: why
Dylan: idk

McDonald's drive-thru:7:22pm ??(no way they got in and out of Walmart, plus traveled to McDonalds in 13min)

Ryan : 7:45pm: did your dad say no
Dylan: 8:01pm: yea
Ryan : oh ok
Dylan: can I come over early like 6:30 early tomarrow
Ryan : yeah
Dylan: you better let me in
Ryan: I will
Ryan : I will be at my gmas
Dylan : I will call all day if you don't
Ryan: ok
Dylan: will you gma care or be up
Ryan: just come around to where the sliding door is were that room is and knocking it and I will wake up

Last text from Ryan @ 9:27pm:

Ryan: call me when you get here too.
(no response from Dylan)

Anonymous said...

"dig down deeper and deeper every day and find the will..."

Are there any wells in that area?

John Mc Gowan said...


Derby Fire Deaths: Tapes Played In Court.

The Philpotts are heard in tapes played in court discussing what they told police after the fire that killed their children.9:34pm UK, Thursday 28 February 2013
Paul Mosley, pictured, denies six counts of manslaughter

Parents accused of killing their six children in a house fire discussed what they had told officers after the blaze, according to covert recordings of their conversations that were played in court.

The discussions between Mick and Mairead Philpott took place in a bugged hotel room.

Officers monitoring the couple also caught on tape what appears to be sexual activity between them and friend Paul Mosley.

All three are accused of the manslaughter of the Philpotts' six young children in the fatal fire in Allenton, Derby, which engulfed the family home on May 11 last year.

Five days after the fire - and also after Mairead Philpott had talked to police - Mick Philpott is heard asking his wife: "What did you say about me trying to get in?"

She is heard replying: "You tried everything you could to get in, like I said to them, I wanted to run through the flames up the stairs."

Philpott asks: "Was you crying when you said it? How bad?"

She replies: "Not really, really bad, but I was crying."

Mosley visited the couple in their Premier Inn room and parts of recordings played in court showed what prosecutors said was sexual activity between the three of them.

The children's funeral in June
On one occasion, on May 19, Philpott, 56, refers to his wife performing a sex act on Mosley, which prosecutor Richard Latham QC said was aimed at keeping Mosley on side.

On the night before the couple held a news conference to appeal for witnesses, Mick Philpott was heard to say: "My main thing tomorrow is to thank everybody."

The same night, the tape hears Philpott murmur to his wife: "You make sure you stick to your story."

Jade, 10, and her brothers John, nine, Jack, eight, Jesse, six, Jayden, five, and Duwayne, 13, all perished after the fire at their home in Victory Road.

Earlier in court, a witness said she had heard Mosley bragging for "being on bail for six counts of murder".

Melissa John, the girlfriend of Mosley's nephew, told Nottingham Crown Court that she saw the 45-year-old after he was released on police bail.

Ms John told the jury: "He was bragging ... about being on bail for six counts of murder."

She said Mosley said he would wait for the charges to be dropped "then he'd go public and tell everyone".

The Philpotts deny wrongdoing
Ms John said Mosley later asked her: "What if I was to tell you we actually rehearsed this six weeks ago?"

She said Mosley went on to claim that the Philpotts were to be inside the house when the fire was started, that he was to "kick the back door in" and then the couple were to run out front and scream for help.

But she claimed he said it "didn't go to plan".

Ms John said Mosley told her Mick had wanted a bigger house, and Mairead had written a suicide note saying "next time she'll take her children with her".

Mairead was to take the blame for the fire, Ms John told the court.

The prosecution allege that the trio - who deny wrongdoing - started the fire to "frame" Mick Philpott's ex-mistress and regain access to their children.

Jen said...

Hi Layla-

I think Elaine showed a huge amount of strength and restraint on the Dr Phil show...she refused to be sucked into Mark's game and stayed focused on Dylan. ('Where is Dylan', 'I know you know where he is', 'I don't trust you and I hope you didn't hurt him'). She endured his attacks against her character on national television because she KNOWS HIM, and she knows that he is attacking her as a mother, drinker, criminal, etc, only to provoke a reaction and take the focus off of him. Despite his feigned 'worries', he absolutely wanted a Jerry Springer, mud slinging session to divert the attention to Elaine's behavior, rather than his.

I believe the only thing Elaine is holding back is revealing the ugly truth about Mark, and getting down in the mud with him. She could bring up his alcoholism, his abuse, his control, his lack of relationship with his boys, the fact that she feared him harming Dylan and that Dylan didn't want to go for the court ordered visit. She could tell about every sick thing he's ever said or done...but it won't get her any closer to getting Dylan back. She knows Mark and to get anything from him she must massage his ego, allow him to feel his coveted control and place herself at his mercy.

I also hope Dylan is just stowed away somewhere, but based on his past actions and his intense hatred...I'm afraid he has escalated from temporary kidnapping, to permanent removal of his son.

Layla said...

Hi Jen--I agree! Mark is abusive as hell and uses abuser tactics. I don't agree with Eyes for Lies, and quite frankly, don't understand for a second how she could say that Mark HAS been consistent in his story?!? And also don't understand why she is saying Elaine has been inconsistent?!
All Mark does is weave inconsistencies, distractions, blame games, and deflections together in a knot that appears ready to come unraveled at any moment.
He is a practiced liar, but not a skilled one. My guess is that he has "charmed" his way out of many difficulties, but, as I think Mark is discovering, he will not be able to "charm" his way out of this one, particularly after mixing bottles of Jim Bean into his system.
Elaine knows from years of horrible experience with him how his mind works and she did an unbelievably good job of not letting him bait her or distract everyone away from the main question "Where is Dylan and what has he done with Dylan?"
If I were her I would have wanted to throttle Mark!!! I can't believe how much torment he is putting her through and the strength that she showed by not absolutely exploding with anger when he said such things as "well you are the one who didn't pack Dylan a winter jacket" is astounding.
Mark appears to be coming apart at the seams, showing up totally hung over and disheveled for the polygraph, refusing to take it in front of the whole country. He has made himself look terrible. One can only hope that he admits what he has done.

Vita said...

Had Mark put Dylan somewhere safe and not harmed would see a confident MR, not a ridiculing MR. He would be smug and overtly confident, and in control of himself. He was not in control on the stage. He was less than, not more than. He had nothing to back him to make him feel self important. He was monitoring his own self, and monitoring each response he gave. He is a raw talent.

He, MR, had his own shelf life too, it ended after the first hour of the first show - as Dr Phil offered him help *after, it comes with a shelf life, had he admitted his involvement.

He told the world who he is, MR did, he showed the world who he is - The second day
He with his hair plastered upside his head, his disheveled self, not the prim and proper manicured self with a TIE, he was made to be. This is him. I don't care how I appear in front of anyone.. He doesn't care. He in his mind has nothing to lose. This is not a confidant man, this is a man who is utilizing the only thing he knows that works: Excuses for his own benefits and betrayals

He is not hiding, what Dylan doesn't mean to him is his shown. " Nothing" is his matter. Had Dylan mattered to him, he would have done what he said. Went back to his Hotel, had a hot meal, rest, arrived pressed presentable the next am. He could not commit to the very least he requested.

He wasn't given an ultimatum.
He was thrown a rope, a life saver - you didn't do anything wrong, as you have said, you're telling the world you were crucified by a failed technician -

Here you go, your chance to clear your name, if you have nothing to hide. Roll with it, do it, take the test, within a neutral territory. NO local LE, no FBI, it's a test of detection, proving you as you say you are, " clean" cleared of Dylan's vanishing.

Naw, cannot do that, once no, not twice, not even three times. It's against my principles his bottom line. He to beat himself up for 10+hours making this decision. Umkay this then was upon him, not Dylan. He felt he needed to find, prepare for his best interest first. HIS believed that Dylan was kidnapped, his revelation 1st show, E is possibly involved.

If E was involved and he is not, why not take the damn Poly?

People tell you who they are -
He given a opportunity to prove himself, what did he do? he self destructed in order to bring his worst to the table. This was his plan? he to get wrecked made him
" unaccountable" ? Yet the trip, kicker here is he didn't use it, getting plowed as an excuse. Therefore he lives this, it is his normal. He is a maintained working addict. This is the scariest part of all. This were black outs, white outs take over, and are unmemorable moments.

My interpretation of the poly offered, his felt was this Poly was of a rip cord. Not a rope nor life saver to aid him. Either I am damned if the shoot opens or if it doesn't =same outcome= GUILTY.
As he is withholding

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...


Are you aware of any analysis done by Avinoam Sapir.?

I for one would dearly love to read what his analysis and thought's are on MR and ER.

Layla said...

Right--Vita absolutely I agree!
Weird thing is, Mark's "story" seems so normal. It's almost like, well, with other parents whose kids go missing and they have harmed them, maybe I am wrong, but their stories have oddities, serious oddities, like take the Ramsey's, they find a "note" ( and this "note" is absolutely where the narrative becomes "abnormal"--keep in mind they have written the note), call police, etc, they are not continuing with their "normal" daily routine, they did not take a "nap" upon finding JonBenet missing. Mark's story absolutely has inconsistencies, particulary with the "friend's house", it's got concerning language, the "missing fishing pole" but the narrative he puts forth is of a "normal" night and then "normal" morning/day which only becomes "abnormal" when he discovers Dylan is not there at home when he comes back, but even then he takes a nap (which is more "normal"). I don't know. This is one thing I noticed is just that his story seems from beginning to end (except, obviously, for Dylan going missing) to be "normal". His ex-girlfriend confirmed this by saying she had spent a week with Mark and Dylan and saying that that was "normal"--Dylan sleeps on the couch, then in the morning, he keeps sleeping and can't be woken up (not something that hard to believe with a teenager). My point is, I just wonder if he is, in fact, hiding Dylan, as there just doesn't seem to be a point in the narrative where one can say "OK, here's where it gets off track". AT 1st it seems like OK maybe something happend at McDonald's, maybe before the movie, etc. But the narrative continues "normally". This is just something I noticed, kind of a gut instinct thing.
Also, the fact that he fought through the courts to take Dylan for Thanksgiving. Meaning, Dylan as a "possession" had value to him. Maybe could it be something like he was stewing before the holidays Thanksgiving/Christmas that he would spend them alone and then in his mind he decides he will hide Dylan somewhere?
I don't know if anyone else noticed that his description of the night before and the next day seem very "normal". In other missing child cases where the child has been harmed ( and not merely hidden) by the parents is this the case???

Layla said...

I guess what I'm trying to say is: where is the hypervigilance (for lack of a better word) in Mark's narrative?
Take the Celis's--it is a normal narrative until Sergio discovers Isabel missing RIGHT AFTER HIS WIFE HAS GONE TO WORK. He calls the wife to come back home, (brags about doing so to the 911 operator) his son and wife running around looking for her, he calls 911 with his silly/snotty attitude--but still--there is the hypervigilance in the narrative--where things go awry within the normalcy of the narrative.

Anonymous said...

Dang Vita- you're good. I think you have MR figured out - to a t.

~ABC said...

I believe if Dylan ran away he would let his Mom know. It seems to me they are just that close. He sent her the sad face text. He wouldn't have done that if he didn't trust her.

The more I let the interview sink in and I see the look in MR's eyes I am certain he has done something to Dylan. The smirky way he looks at Elaine is very telling. He is wallowing in self-pity and I'm sure if he ever comes clean it will be all about how he didn't MEAN to do it. Oh feel sorry for me for this horrible thing I have been forced to do!

Anonymous said...

One possibility might be that the father let the boy drink with him=to be buds; let him be a man like him.

Son gets drunk and falls in water. Drowns.

Perhaps he couldn't get him out. Not in time anyway.

Anonymous said...

I did not like Mark's ex-girlfriend. I thought she was "blaming the victim", that is Dylan, the way she talked about "this kid"...referring to Dylan, but not using his name. She was distancing herself from Dylan.

She continued to blame Dylan for being a heavy sleeper and not being able to wake him up when she spent a week with Mark and "the kid".
Something very fishy about her coming in to defend Mark while sort of blaming Dylan.

Mainah said...

"... and find the will and find the strength to stay strong..."

sensitive: repeats "and" (missing info, x2), also "find", also x2, followed by "strength to stay strong" which he mentions twice as well. He states he is being strong in the present tense and wants to continue to "stay" strong. stay = to remain. He repeats this while saying he is "not feeling well enough" to complete a polygraph (also two times).

Sounds like the "emotionally incapable" Justin DiPietro and his "staying strong" girlfriend, Courtney Roberts.

I "replay" events(memories)not "relive" them. "relive" means to live again, to un-die(?).

Thank you for the advance warning, Peter, this is full of emotionally upsetting statements. I appreciate your perseverance for justice.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

As murder charges are filed against Jeffrey Trevino, the husband of missing St.Paul woman Kira Trevino, a disturbing picture has come to light on his Facebook page in which he depicts his wife as a Zombie.
The unnerving image showing his wife as the undead comes as Trevino, 39, was charged this morning with two counts of second-degree murder - despite the fact that the body of his 30-year-old wife is still to be found.
Having been booked into Ramsey COunty Jail on suspicion of murder on Tuesday, Trevino was charged after police found blood in his wife's abandoned car and in the bedroom the couple shared in the Minnesota home. Bail was set at $1 million.

'Based on the amount of blood found in her home and the vehicle and based on the fact that it is highly uncharacteristic of her to be missing for nearly a full week without any contact with friends, family or coworkers, there is probably cause to conclude that she is dead,' said the criminal complaint against Trevino.
Trevino’s attorney, John Conard, declined to comment while leaving the courthouse. During the hearing, Conard argued for a lower bail, noting that Trevino has no criminal history and had served in the Army.
According to the charges against him, Trevino claims that his wife had been suffering a mid-life crisis and that she had been leaving their home for two or three days at a time according to MyFoxTwin Cities.

He also said that he recently learned his wife had been lying about where she was staying and it has emerged that family and friends both informed the police that the couple were having relationship problems.
Trevino told police that he and his wife met up on February 21st at the Mall of America, where Kira was a manager of a clothing store and had dinner and went bowling before she came back to the home they shared.

He said they watched a movie and then got into bed and that the last time he saw her was at 8.30 a.m. on Friday morning as she left to go to work.
Kira did not go to work on Friday nor did she arrive to work on Saturday and Trevino did not report her missing until Sunday - the same day he told her family that he could not locate her.
The Mall of America security cameras located Kira Trevino's white Chevy Cobalt in a remote part of the shopping centers parking lot but when they told her family the car had been backed up they said that couldn't be the case because Kira could not perform that maneuver.
Marcie Steger said her daughter’s car was backed into the parking space, a maneuver she said her daughter couldn’t execute.
Upon searching the car they found blood near the trunk opening and inside the lining of the car.

Turning their attention to the home the couple shared in St. Paul, police found evidence of a gruesome crime scene in the master bedroom: blood on the floor, box spring, mattress, bed frame, bookshelf, closet door, baseboard trim and the wall.
Crime scene investigators also cut-out a large section of carpet in the bedroom, finding a blood stain in the shape of a body on the backside.
Processing of the home found 'evidence of extensive cleanup efforts,' including furniture moved to hide evidence, a basket of freshly-washed towels, a spray bottle of bleach solution and a carpet cleaning machine.
Investigators found large amounts of blood in the main floor living room, hallways, bathroom and stairs leading down to the basement laundry room - revealing evidence of a long and brutal struggle.
According to the criminal complaint, investigators searched the couple’s home Monday and found 'copious' amounts of blood evidence and of an extensive effort to clean it up.

Tania Cadogan said...

A carpet cleaner had what appeared to be blood and human tissue inside of it, and investigators also found bleach, bleach-stained towels and a mop and bucket in the hallway.
Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said Trevino hasn’t told police where his wife’s body might be, but he is confident prosecutors can prove she was killed, even without a body.
'All the schemes and his efforts to cover up his crime have been foiled by a lot of hard work by the investigators involved in this case,' Choi said.
On Wednesday, police in Bloomington recovered video from the Mall of America that showed Kira Trevino’s car entering the parking lot Friday morning.

The video isn’t clear enough to show who was in the car, but it shows someone at the back of the vehicle throwing what appears to be a trunk liner away from the car.
The person then got into a cab, which had a GPS tracker, and was dropped off near Trevino’s home, the complaint said.

Adding to the sense of unease is the disturbing image showing Kira as a zombie - inspired by the AMC series 'The Walking Dead' which charts the progress of a desperate group of survivors struggling in a post-apocalyptic world filled with Zombies.
It is unclear what significance this image has to the couple or Trevino's state of mind.

Kira Trevino met her husband in Wausau, Wisconsin, where her family is from, when he was in town working on the construction of a hospital. They married about three years ago.
Jeffrey Trevino, 39, is being held at Ramsey County Jail following the disappearance of his wife, a manager at the Mall of America, who has not been seen since last Friday.
Her abandoned car was found in a Mall of America parking lot on Monday morning with her cell-phone and purse still inside and subsequently officers performed executed a search warrant at the couple's home in the 500 block of Iowa Avenue E in St. Paul.
Upon conducting that search on Monday evening, investigators said they found evidence at the house that a crime had been committed.
Despite the arrest of Jeffrey Trevino, police still consider Kira Trevino a missing person.
Her family, who have made relentless media appearances as they try to raise awareness of missing Kira, were notified of the arrest this evening.
'I actually just saw him, Jeff, Wednesday evening at my house in Wausau,' said Kira's mother Marcie Steger to CBS Local.
'As far as we know, he was the last person to see her.'
Kira Trevino, 30, was last seen by her husband, Jeff Trevino, at the couple's St Paul house on Friday and Trevino's family said that her cell phone and purse were discovered in her white 2010 Chevy Cobalt.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension searched the home on Monday evening as family and friends made desperate pleas for Kira, who is a manager at Delia’s, a clothing store for teenage girls in the world-famous mall to return home

Mall security noticed her car in a parking ramp on the west side of the mall at about 4:55 a.m. Monday and called police.
Tara Hall, a colleague who said she is Trevino's best friend, told the Star Tribune that it's perfectly normal for Kira to park where the car was found, but not specifically in the isolated location under a ramp where police found the vehicle.
However, family members told Fox 9 News that it was neatly parked in a place that she never usually stopped in and struck them as odd, because Kira was not skilled at parking.

Tania Cadogan said...

Authorities canvassed the car and said there was 'evidence that concerned investigators,' but they wouldn’t elaborate further on what that meant.
Security personel are reviewing surveillance footage for any clues that could shed light on Trevino's disappearance.
'This is absolutely 100 percent out of character for her,' said her friend Jackie Arrando.

'She would never, ever just not show up for work or go somewhere without letting people know. Never.'

'We've been friends for a long time, everyone is really worried.'

Family members have flown in from around Wisconsin and Texas and spent yesterday with investigators.

'Kira, if you're watching this, I hope you're safe and I hope you come home. We're just very worried and concerned and we're going to do everything we can to find you,' Kira's Sister Keri Anne Steger told KARE 11.

Kira was first reported missing on Saturday after she failed to turn up for work on Saturday - leaving her husband as the last person to see her.

'We are looking to see if any suspicious activity is related to this disappearance, as we do with any missing persons case,' said St. Paul Police Sgt. Paul Paulos.
'She is an adult, but she has been reported missing, and this is an active case. We recognize that this is important to her family and to her friends, and it’s important to us as well.'

Trevino’s husband, Jeff Trevino, confirmed that police found the car but would not take questions about the case, saying he didn’t want to hinder the investigation.

A 'Find Kira Trevino' Facebook page that already has gotten more than 2,600 likes is online now with pictures, posts, and comments.

Read more:

Tania Cadogan said...

Not one of the photos of him with his wife show him smiling

Layla said...

Anon @ 8:29--The ex-girlfriend is very fishy. She is a victim blamer with an abusive mentality. (Although what she reports about Dylan typically sleeping on the couch, etc. may be true) this does not take away from her victim blaming--"they" are being so unfair to Mark, how dare they accuse him WITHOUT PROOF?! That statement jumped out at me! This is something the guilty sometimes say. "How dare you accuse me without proof!" BUT it is this ex-girlfriend defending Mark. What is even stranger: Mark's ex-wives report serious physical abuse. Now, perhaps this relationship with this ex-girlfriend did not become serious enough for Mark to "show his true colors" but the relationship did end somehow--if Mark ended it, I doubt he behaved in a "gentlemanly" way during the ending of the relationship--rather his abusive side would have shown if only through verbal abuse. If she ended it, Mark would have reacted badly to that, or, at the very least, this ex-girlfriend who ended it would have done so for a reason and likely harbored few fond memories of Mark since he is alcoholic, abusive, etc.
How odd that she comes to the Dr. Phil show to defend him!!! The relationship ended somehow, and Mark is not a normal man--the kind you want to stay "friends" with.
So, what's going on?
It sounds farfetched, but I wonder if she could have some involvement--hiding Dylan or something?
She needs to be asked by LE about WHY the relationship ended, who ended it, etc. because something definitely is fishy that there is still some connection--even if simply "emotional fondness"for Mark of all people!!! To the point where she defends his integrity! So, she had a great impression of Mark as an honest man and as a good father??? So, who ended the relationship? Her? Who thinks he's such a great man? Or Mark? Who would have surely shown at least verbal abuse, and yet she still thinks he's just great?! There's some connection there that doesn't make sense with a man like Mark.

Lis said...

If MR was hiding Dylan somewhere, I don't think he would be talking about him in past tense.

Lemon said...

Good point, Lis.

Anonymous said...

Layla, I am Anon 8:29. I, too, wondered if MR's galpal was involved in Dylan's disappearance. What is in it for her to come and defend Mark and blame Dylan? The audience was not on he side.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how it would be possible to hide Dylan. MR or someone would have to be caring for him. MR can't afford to have people trailing him.

Jen said...

Layla you make some great points about Mark's 'girlfriend'..

She comes forward to defend Mark because she feels he isn't getting a fair shake in the media (she mentions the media, so maybe appearing on the Dr Phil show and placing herself in the spotlight is her agenda). She claims that they are no longer involved and she gained all of her insight into Mark's character and his excellent loving relationship with Dylan during their 6 MONTH, long distance relationship! She says Mark spent most of his time on the road and the extent of her exposure to he and Dylan TOGETHER was when she traveled to visit Mark for a week while Dylan was there.

Obviously Mark would be on his best behavior while his new girlfriend was visiting..but more curious to me is WHY WOULD SHE BE VISITING during his coveted Dylan time? Remember, he claimed he doesn't have people coming in and out of his life because when Dylan is with's just him and Dylan, and everything he does is devoted to 'that boy'.

Bottom line, a long distance GF of 6 months has no business weighing in on Dylan, or on Elaine's accusations against Mark. She knows a fraction of the 'facts' regarding Marks role as a father and all she knows of Elaine is whatever Mark chooses to tell her, so she should have kept her mouth shut, especially in regard to what 'kind of kid' Dylan is.

Anonymous said...

OT: Lena Lunsford update:

The mother of a 3-year-old West Virginia girl who vanished in September 2011 is out of prison.

U.S. Bureau of Prison records showed Wednesday that Lena Lunsford was released from a Maryland facility after serving eight months for welfare fraud.

It's unclear whether she's returning to West Virginia. Lawyers who have previously worked with Lunsford won't return phone calls or emails.

Lunsford was living with her mother before she went to prison. Her mother has since died, and Lunsford filed for divorce from husband Ralph.

No one has been charged in the disappearance of Aliayah Lunsford.

Lunsford's other six children are in state care. Earlier this month, the state Supreme Court unanimously upheld a Lewis County judge's order terminating her parental rights.

brosnanfan said...

While searching for the transcript, I found this article:

In it was this quote:

"I didn't notice his backpack not being there," Mark Redwine told Dr. Phil. "There was a fishing pole at the house, and it was Dylan's fishing pole. That fishing pole was never found."

Do I remember right, that anything "not noticed" is a red flag? Such as, not noticing what is not there?

Could he have buried/sank Dylan somewhere where there is fishing? A marina, isolated lake, by a creek, by a dock, from a boat? I know he repeatedly referenced burying deeper and deeper, but could Dylan also have sank deeper and deeper?

Then, in the follow-up article, was this:

Cadaver dogs have hit on a point at Vallecito Lake several times, but so far they have not lead to Dylan.

brosnanfan said...

Something else I found:

Day 7: Saturday, Nov. 24
Afternoon: Law-enforcement teams with cadaver dogs search Vallecito Reservoir. The dogs “hit” on several spots near the dam while aboard a watercraft.
Day 7: Sunday, Nov. 25
A dive team from New Mexico State Police searches the area targeted by cadaver dogs Saturday near the dam at Vallecito Reservoir. No body is found.
Day 9: Monday, Nov. 26
Three law-enforcement boats equipped with sonar trace patterns search three points on Vallecito Reservoir near the dam that cadaver dogs on Saturday indicated were points of interest. Nothing unusual is found.

Unfortunately, I think Dylan and his fishing pole are at the bottom of the reservoir. I think what happened was this:

I think maybe MR beat Dylan until he was dead or nearly dead, then dumped his body somewhere were people fish or somewhere that has something to do with fishing. I think this because of MR mentioning that Dylan's fishing pole was missing from the house and never found. He also mentioned Dylan's backpack wasn't there. And, in his interview, he kept mentioning digging deeper and deeper; struggling; beating up; laying on the couch.

There was an argument (as Peter has said, possibly over Dylan standing up for his mother and not letting her be put down; bullies can't stand this kind of thing). Dylan and his father got physical, and MR beat Dylan up really badly. Dylan was laying on the couch, and MR couldn't revive him from his stupor or unconscious state. MR dug up dirt, sand, rocks, concrete, bricks, or something heavy and filled Dylan's bag with it/them. He loaded Dylan and his fishing pole into his vehicle and drove to the reservoir, and whether by boat or bridge or some other way he dumped Dylan in the water, possibly alive (struggling) to sink.

I apologize if these have already been posted; I have read some comments but not all yet.

I think ultimately the point is to hurt his ex-wife, and poor Dylan was the "thing" used to do so. MR, like most conceited abusers, thinks he is smarter than everyone and will get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Okay. I have been a lonely dissenter in the comments on this case, but I am ready to make the turn. I did not state that I believed Mr. Redwine to be innocent. I only stated that I believed there was not enough to just pull his comments out and call him a killer. I am ready to make a concession.

In Mr. Redwine's behavior on the aired show, I see an all-too-familiar face. I have been married to that man. Not Mr. Redwine, himself, of course, but the man that he is. Nearly every behavior and utterance harbored striking similarities to my own ex-husband, and the "father" of my two children. I know that kind of man. And, when the time comes, he will finally blame the alcohol, I'll guess. But, this is not his problem. My ex-husband was everything Mr. Redwine appears to be, EXCEPT a drinker (and, as of yet, not a killer, also). Alcohol may exacerbate Mr. Redwine's behaviors, but they are NOT the root cause of it. The man speaks in the same maddening circles that I am used to wading through. He sets up the same tired excuses that I have called out for years. He issues the same disgusting smirk that my ex-husband issued when I couldn't PROVE the abuse because the things he'd done to me were not the kinds of things that leave distinguishing bruises. Ripping hair, pushing me into things (easily explained away by stating that I tripped and fell into those objects/furniture/walls), grabbing me by my clothing to fling me into something, kicking over the chair I was rocking the baby in, etc. Oh sure, the courts had my written logs of the abuse, but no photographs of black eyes, no busted lips, no handprint bruises...and no ER records, because the threat to my children if I made a report was too great to chance. And, the smirk that appeared on that man's face when these facts left me with nothing more than a he-said/she-said situation is a look I'll recognize ANYWHERE, on ANYONE.

Additionally, I believe Vita has Mr. Redwine pegged for what he is, and through these interviews, I've been able to see more clearly who he really is, as well. Eye-opening, to say the very least!

I would also like to point out that this very type of case is what just drives people crazy. Mom (or, sometimes Dad) gathers kids and gets them all to safety, and then tries to go through court to ensure it. Dad (sometimes, Mom) shows up behaving like a perfect parent; we all know the song-and-dance. Judge, of course, knows nothing except what is before him, and Dad (or Mom) is given a chance. Sometimes, that chance leads to years of prolonged emotional abuse and severe neglect. Sometimes, that chance leads to physical abuse. Sometimes, that chance is given to the Josh Powells, and I don't have to recount the ending there. When will an abused mother and her abused children be heard and protected? What does it take? When will the wife-moving-on/taking-the-kids/husband-has-history-of-controlling-violence combo finally be recognized legally and handled properly? When the husband has displayed the capacity to exact abusive control over the wife, then it ought to stand to reason that giving him access to the most important things the wife has (her children) is a sure-fire recipe for danger.

Anonymous said...

"didn't know if they were still in the water"(MR)..."THEY"???? I suspect a double murder!!
My name is marple!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon, sadly the THEY most likely mean: Dylan and the fishing pole. So sad.
If they assume there is a fishing pole close to him, a metal detector could help in the search. If a fishing rod has enough metal in it.

John Mc Gowan said...


Husband of missing Mall of America manager arrested
By Katherine Cavazini
updated 4:29 PM EST, Wed February 27, 2013

Mall of America store manager vanished Friday, missed work
Car found near parking lot, but no sign of missing woman
Husband was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of homicide

Authorities in Minnesota have arrested the husband of a missing Mall of America store manager on suspicion of homicide.

Jeffrey Trevino, 37, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of probable cause homicide. He is cooperating with investigators, police said.

Kira Trevino, 30, went missing Friday after failing to show up for work at a Delia’s clothing store in Bloomington.

Saturday, authorities located the missing woman’s white Chevy Cobalt near the mall’s parking area.

“The car was towed and processed by the St. Paul police department, and potential evidence was found in the car,” police spokesman Sgt. Paul Paulos said at a press conference Tuesday.

“We are not going to elaborate what if anything was found in the car BECAUSE of the investigation that is currently going on,” Sgt. Paulos added.


Note: When there is a need to explain in an open statement it is noted as highly sensitive and is given the color BLUE.

During the execution of a search warrant at the couple’s St. Paul home, Sgt. Paulos said authorities “located enough evidence to show that a crime had been committed in the house.”

However, officials did not elaborate on the evidence found, citing the continuing investigation.

“Investigators continue to look at everything…what happened in the moments before, after and during the disappearance. This is an active investigation,” Sgt. Paulos said.

“The body has not been located. She is still considered a missing person,” Sgt. Paulos added.

Kira is described as 5 feet, 4 inches tall with blonde hair and green eyes. She weighs approximately 110 pounds.

St. Paul police investigators are asking anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Kira Trevino to call the police homicide unit at 651-266-5650.

Jeffrey Trevino has not been assigned an attorney as of Wednesday afternoon, the Ramsey County Public Defender’s Office told HLN.

Maria said...

I avoided watching the Dr Phil show until today, because even reading about this case has given me nightmares. I finally watched a few minutes of it today, specifically the part where MR says that he suspects Elaine. It made me so upset that I had to turn it off. He is clearly lying and enjoying himself so much. He is arrogant and thinks he can get away with it. I hope more people can see that now and the public will pressure the authorities into taking action.

I don't know how US law enforcement works but do they need to arrest someone in order to question them? In most countries that's not the case so why don't they have MR in an interrogation room, questioning him until he gives something? I can't believe that LE doesnt see that he is lying and knows what happened. Are they afraid that he will refuse to cooperate or that he will get a lawyer? Why aren't they focusing more on him? That's something that my simple mind can't understand.

Thanks Peter and everyone for this blog. I am learning so much and it opened my eyes to realities i wasn't too keen on seeing. I commend you for your courage and your perseverance, standing up for these children, those that love them, and for justice. It must have a huge emotional toll and it makes you even more admirable for doing it for all this time.

And an off topic request:
Can someone recommend any statement analysis resources in other languages - if there are any. I can see how a lot of the principles apply to my native Greek as well, but there are also some major differences, especially pronouns and what would be considered a proper introduction etc. If anyone knows of any reading material or other resources I would really appreciate it.

Layla said...

Jen--That is an excellent question! Why did "ex-girlfriend" go stay with Mark for a week WHILE DYLAN WAS THERE?
I didn't know all the dynamics of their relationship, but being long-distance, this would be the oddest time to go stay with him (while his son is there for the week).
One thing I will hazard a guess about: I'll bet she is still involved with Mark as his girlfriend.

Layla said...

Also, Mark hs clearly told his girlfriend countless sob stories about how "cruel" his ex-wife is and poor him he has to fight through the courts to see Dylan who is his "whole world".
She has clearly been brainwashed into thinking "gentle Mark" is the victim.
Enough to go on national TV and insult the mother of a missing child.
Also. And this may sound cruel, but Mark's ex-wife is much more attractive than the "girlfriend". The "girlfriend" may not have a line of suitors in front of her house and, along w being made to feel sorry for Mark, could possibly feel like she'll do whatever it takes to hold onto this awesome catch Mark.
Very odd that she would say "Don't accuse him WITHOUT PROOF.". I think she knows something.

John Mc Gowan said...

Iv'e just watched the Vt again and MR's ex Karen said"Mark LOVED Dylan"

Does she believe Dylan is dead,or does she have guilty knowledge?

Kippy said...

First of all, Maria thanks for putting into words my exact sentiments towards Peter and the wonderful work he does. Thanks, Peter!

When I watched the earlier 45 minute interview at MR's house something that stuck out for me was when he mentioned in passing that the location of the couch had changed since Dylan was there. I seem to recall that no hits were found on the couch. Could it be a different couch? Was ditching the couch and replacing it one of Mark's "errands"?

I also raised an eyebrow at how the ex-gf stuck up for Mark on Dr. Phil's show, but I'm sure he painted Elaine as a villain to her at every turn as his type will often do to gain sympathy. His twisted view then becomes reality through her eyes, a reality where he is the victim.

Layla said...

John--Wow she said that?! I think she does have guilty knowledge.

John Mc Gowan said...


At 8;42 in the vt thats were she say's,"Mark loved Dylan"