Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dylan Redwine: Scent Hit

Dog team finds scent in search for boy

- A team of cadaver dogs working to locate a missing Colorado teen Dylan Redwine has picked up a scent near Vallecito Lake, one of the focal points in the three-month search.
"We had a couple of hits in that area," said Wendy Kessenger of K9 Forensics.  "What we did is we moved it closer to east side of lake where the five branch rivers flow into each on that side and we had many alerts going off there."
The K9 group from Edgewood has been in the Vallecito area for two weeks.  They say while they have gotten scents, they have not found any sign of Dylan.
Dylan disappeared during a court-ordered visit with his father for Thanksgiving.

The group will share their findings with the La Plata County Sheriff's Department, which will then decide what to do next.
K9 Forensics volunteered its services for the search.
"To give closure to families because on such a huge search like this the funds run out, the manpower of overtime, they can't keep up with it," Kessenger said.  "And when they can't make the find, the family is like, 'Well, what next?'  They're kind of left hanging."
The group is expected to search for a couple more days


taicraven said...

"We had a couple of hits in that area"

Is this minimizing language?

John Mc Gowan said...

For me this micro expression of contempt galvanizes my beliefs that Elaine Redwine is not involved with the disappearance of her son Dylan.

Dr Phil says.
"Mark and and Elaine are divorced parents who are really accusing each other of being involved with the disappearance of their 14yr old son Dylan Redwine."

When Dr Phil is saying this the camera switches to Elaine Approx 19mins,she flashes a classic micro expression of contempt at what Dr Phil has said ,in other words Elaine is saying with her expression how dare you suggest that i am involved in the disappearance of my son.

All the way through the show MR does nothing but ridicule,disparage and belittle Elaine,she however just wants to know were he is.
Her priority is Dylan, his is to make her look like a bad Mum.

Unknown said...

One of the first things shown in the Dr. Phil show was MR saying he wants everyone to know how much he loved and cared about that boy and what Dylan was like. Past tense times three plus distancing equals bad outcome for Dylan.

Trigger said...

"Her priority is Dylan, his is to make her look like a bad Mum."

Isn't this the "normal" way a control freak like Mark Redwine behaves towards an ex-wife who won custody?

She wants her son back and Mark wants to take every opportunity to punish Elaine and make out to be negligent and stupid while declaring himself to be innocent and smart.

You won't get away from your guilt, Mark. You can trash Elaine but your guilt will not subside.

Man up and tell LE where you left Dylan's body.

Anonymous said...

John, thank you for the link!

"Dylan didn't really sleep in his bed. He always slept right here on the couch." He always slept, he didn't say, he slept on the couch that day, only what he usually did.

It seems Dylan didn't go to sleep that day.

The father tells his accusation against Elaine with a question tone, even he doesn't believe it to be true, just trying to see if that

"Do you honestly believe that she abducted him from your couch?" -
Calling the father on his bs. His accusation further proves his involvement.

Anita said...

I don't understand why if the police suspect MR they haven't used cadaver dogs in his house on the couch. Does anybody know why not?

I am thinking about what he said in that older interview, about trying to wake Dylan up, he said something to the effect of "I was, ya' know, trying to help him." Like what? trying to "help" him wake up. YOu wake someone up, you don't help them to wake up. Maybe at this point he made a meager attempt to revive him? It was a weird thing to say.

Sus said...

Am I correct in saying this part of the lake takes the flow from the river closest to Mark Redwine's house?

MR has mentioned the river and lake on numerous occasions. He did again on the Dr. Phil show yesterday. MR also consistently speaks of a bridge, campground, and rockwall.

I'm thinking something happened at that campground. Did MR drive on by his house that night to the campground and then have a fight with Dylan? Did he possibly push him into the he did "just some shoving" with his ex-wife? Then throw Dylan's body over the bridge into the river?

They did have McDonald's and MR did want to sit down. Places MR said Dylan liked to hang out: campground, rockwall, river and lake with the bridge over it.

shmi said...

To Trigger,
I don't think he can feel guilt.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the dogs hit on anything relative to this missing child after all these months have passed. If anything, someone took an article of clothing or something that had belonged to him and left the scent in the area for showmanship and media exposure.

Anonymous said...

The dogs hit on human remains. This doesn't apply to your article of clothing scenerio. The human remains could be of any deceased person.

Anonymous said...

I just watched this story on Dr. Phil. I live in Canada and have no idea how things work there but I'm curious...this "mail carrier" who knew Dylan is MR's son (who apparently isn't around too often), who was this other kid with Dylan and how does she not know this kid but remembers Dylan? Her statement just seemed scripted to me. It sounded as though it was being said from memory. I'm not totally convinced the dad had anything to do with the disappearance but I do think he is guilty of being negligent, too laid back and a dead beat. Just a plain asshole. They do need to expand their suspicions though because if MR didn't do it then someone else is getting further and further away while "mom and dad" take shots at eachother!!!!!!! Smarten the fuck up!