Sunday, February 3, 2013

Statement For Analysis

For analysis:

"I have been wickedly manipulated by treacherous friends."


Eliza said...

My first impression (I am not an expert nor I have much experience in SA) is that the subject uses too many words. "wickedly" is a qualification (?), he/she is trying to sound like a victim.

The tense is also strange... He/She is still manipulated? He/she didn't say "I was manipulated"

Trigger said...

first person singular

past tense verb usage

but not specific as to accusation

treacherous friends is an oxymoron

treacherous people, acquaintances, cohorts, thugs, etc. would be more appropriate nouns.

He is lying.

John Mc Gowan said...


Justice Minister Says He Smacked Own Children
Chris Grayling admits to having occasionally smacked his two children when they were young, saying it "sends a message".

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling has defended parents' right to smack their children - and admitted he did it to his own.

The Conservative Cabinet minister said he was not opposed to smacking youngsters, saying sometimes it "sends a message".

Mr Grayling has two children, aged 20 and 16, with his wife Susan.

He admitted to occasionally smacking them when they were younger.

"You chastise children when they are bad, as my parents did me," he told the Mail on Sunday.

"I'm not opposed to smacking. It is to be used occasionally. Sometimes it sends a message - but I don't hanker for the days when children were severely beaten at school."

Following his comments, sources close to the minister said he used the punishment only when "really warranted".

In a statement the NSPCC said: "Whilst parents are currently allowed to smack their children, the evidence is continuing to build that it is ineffective and harmful to children.

"There are more positive and constructive ways to discipline children and a clear message that hitting anyone is not right would benefit all of society."

mommaklee said...

Gut reaction is that there are too many words either for story building/convincing.

"have been" sounds more passive than
"was". If the manipulation was "wicked" and the friends were "treacherous" I would expect things to be more strongly stated. I guess what I'm seeing is a strange combo of passivity and strong language.

The more I think about it, the more I am going to agree with Trigger that the subject is exaggerating at best and lying at worst.

mommaklee said...

Off Topic:

My husband and I watched the movie "Groundhog Day" last night.

One of the characters says of a deceased co-worker, "He was a really really great guy. I really really liked him, a lot."

We smiled at eachother and we were both thinking of statement analysis.

Apple said...

Uh oh Hobs,
Someone is upset at your SA's...

LisaB said...

John Mc Gowan said...


Did i read somewhere that Peter is writing a book on SA?
If so does anyone Know when its being published?


ME said...
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BostonLady said...

"I have been wickedly manipulated by treacherous friends."

I = First person singular

have been = past verbs

wickedly = is this a new england descriptor (wicked)

manipulated = passive

treacherous friends = friends would not be treacherous, they would be enemies.

I'm going to take a guess that this statement is deceptive and should be flagged. It is a blaming statement and the author starts out strong with "I have been" but then weakens the statement with the extra words and mixed message of "treacherous friends"

Anonymous said...

"I was wickedly manipulated by treacherous FORMER friends and colleagues who victimized me..."
- I believe this is the correct quote. And it goes on.

The subject is not taking responsibility for their actions and trying to cast blame onto others.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Does anyone know who said it?


Anonymous said...

I believe Jim Baker did.

Anonymous said...

Googled it & here's what I came up with :

I sorrowfully acknowledge that seven years ago.... I was wickedly manipulated by treacherous former friends and colleagues who victimized me with the aid of a female confederate. They conspired to betray me into a sexual encounter at a time of great stress in my marital life.... I was set up as part of a scheme to co-opt me and obtain some advantage for themselves over me in connection with their hope for position in the ministry. -- Jim Bakker, I Was Wrong

Sus said...

Too many qualifiers
This person takes no responsibility for his/her actions
Calls who ever led him/her astray "friends", thus claiming a closeness with them.

Sus said...

"Treacherous friends"
people he is close to that he knew were wrong to be with....a danger to some part of his life (marriage, career, etc )

Vita said...

Wickedly - or Wicked

PH didn't you once write here that wicked is a term known to Mainer's?

Wicked Cold

Is this along the same terminology?
or no?

I watched a food channel show, competition, and a woman participating was from Maine. She used it, the term " Wicked" and it brought me back to your once written here.

Tania Cadogan said...

Apple said...
Uh oh Hobs,
Someone is upset at your SA's...

Oh dear, i am heartbroken and ashamed.
It is always the same when discrepancies are pointed out, analysis of words spoken by the subject hit a sensitive spot,

all they succeed in doing is focusing my attention on what has caused them to respond and cause me to get the large pointy stick of nosiness and prod them with it to see who bites and about what.

Anonymous said...

I miss friends dropping by….

Anonymous said...

Hey anon that was a few posts back! I too am lucky with friends, and miss the days before iphones and other electronics usurped real face to face human interaction.

Lis said...

I was wickedly manipulated

passive: wickedness occurred but on the part of those who manipulated me, not me, I am just a passive receiver of this manipulation

by treacherous friends

This person refers to friends as treacherous, yet still refers to them as friends.

I think the person is projecting blame for something the subject did onto others.