Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dylan Redwine: Shocking Statements on Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil Show.

Elaine knows that Mark has killed Dylan.  The thought is killing her.  She fears his bones are just left "out there."


She is brave.

Could this lead to Mark's arrest?

He attempted to divert attention away from him, by accusing Elaine of traveling in and kidnapping him.

Dr. Phil looked at it as the joke it is; a transparent way to attempt to take away attention from himself.

Do watchers of the program know they are listening to a killer?

"Where is Dylan, Mark?"

Dr Phil:  "Mark, are you interested in finding your son?"

Mark:  "very much so.,"

Weakness noted.  

Mark is unable to issue a reliable denial. 

He wants the audience to believe that Elaine has criminal friends and abducted Dylan.  Dr. Phil is ridiculing him, subtly, via his questioning.

Mark is a violent, controlling man.

What I cannot help thinking while watching is this:

Do people know that they are watching a killer on TV right now, feigning concern over his son?

Mark Redwine is loving the attention.  Narcissistic personality.  Sociopath.  This was a temper/control killing.

"I know you know where Dylan is.  You need to bring him home.  I hope you did not hurt him.  I hope you did not hurt him."

Mark just glared.


At this point, 40 minutes into the show, do people know, without training, that they are watching a man who killed his child?

If Elaine had any doubts that Mark deliberately killed Dylan, her meeting with him on TV must have removed them.

"I didn't find it odd that he wasn't sitting there when I got back."  Mark Redwine

Heather:  "We mark time in life about things that happen, not on things that did not happen.  He is deceptive.  It was the same with Billie Jean Dunn:

"I didn't get worried when I didn't hear from Hailey."

Where were you on 911?  This is a common question.  It shows how we mark time by what does happen, and not what has not happened.

Elaine:  "Did you hurt him?"

Mark:  "I wouldn't hurt him."  Unreliable denial.

Next Tuesday:  Crime Wire will have Elaine on the show as we call for Justice for Dylan!

Dr. Phil did not get taken.

He wants Mark to take a polygraph.  Mark disparaged the polygrapher.

Will Joe Tacopina swoop in now that he saw Mark on national television with high drama?

This would shoot down the cause of justice for Dylan.


Sus said...

I feel sick watching him. He is actually enjoying torturing the mother of his son. That is a glimpse of what Elaine lived through with the murderer.

Lynn said...

Oh I am so angry and sick watching this!! Poor Elaine! :(

Layla said...

I saw the 2nd half of the show. The poor mother. I believe most watching would realize that they are looking at a killer. One thing that was said jumped out at me the most: the part about Mark putting a dead rodent in Elaine's car to get back at her. In Lundy Bancroft's book Why Does He Do That? about abusive men he breaks abusive men up into different types--one type is called " The Terrorist" and Mark (and his dead rodent terror tactic) fits right into this category. This is a very dangerous type of abuser who can escalate to killing. Lundy writes that this type often seems to be sadistic and takes pleasure in terrifying their partner or ex-partner. My heart goes out to this mother. Dr Phil is doing a good job of exposing Mark for what he is.

Layla said...

Also, at one part in the show, he let down his facade, and you could see homicidal rage come out of him. I can't remember what provoked it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I can watch this show. How horrifying.

Anonymous said...

From the brief part I watched - Mark was visibly most irritated by the "I know you know where Dylan is" comment. When she made that statement, she exerted power over Mark instead of the other way around. He was stumped by that because he was restrained by the cameras. That conversation would have been much different if we weren't watching (IMO).

Lis said...


I hope they are searching that area that he referred to with a fine toothed comb.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully, I didn't see the show.

Since I've heard about Dylan's disappearance, I thought Justin DiPietro 2.0. As sad as that is.

Just reading what I have about the case, my gut says he (Mark) will do himself in before he gives the location of Dylan. He will try to do himself in before the police arrest him.

I hope police are watching him very, very closely.

He is a psychpath who has been burning a candle at both ends for too long now.

Underneath his outward "cool" is a powder keg about to be ignited by that candle.

Sus said...

How Dr. Phil played MR on the polygraph was priceless. Who would possibly be taken in by that ruse but a narcissist? Well played Dr. Phil, well played.

Rebecca said...

How could you not feel at fault when your child was in your care when he goes missing?

Anonymous said...

Sus (or anyone else):

How did he play MR about the polygraph? Didn't see the show. (Don't watch TV much.)

Enquiring minds want to know.

Sus said...

MR said he didn't pass the polygraph (and laughed about that!). Then he said LE said it was inconclusive and there was a question about whether the person giving it was qualified. Dr. Phil displayed mock horror and said that wasn't fair to Mark, that he deserved to have his name cleared. Dr. Phil then offered a polygraph with his own expert, the very best in the world.

Frannie said...

While you are at it hook Billie Dunn up with Dr. Phil's expert. She has a habbit of blaming her failed polygraphs on the person giving the test...not that she was on pills, or that she flat out failed it! Always so easy to lay blame else where.

Frannie said...

Is Dylan's mom remarried? I wondering if she has "protection" from her ex. If the protection is a male friend, boyfriend, brother, etc... If in his eyes she embarased him on tv he may go after her, like many think happened to Michelle Parker after she went on Peoples Court with her ex.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sus!!!

Dr Phil did play him like a fiddle!

Someone was saying there's a part 2 tomorrow - is that right?

Layla said...

I agree with anon @ 5:18--Mark looks like his psychopathic ways have him about to come unhinged. I think he may do himself in also. Also, I see in his reactions to Elaine asking so desperately "did you hurt Dylan?" he looks at her snd just glares--it is like he actually WANTS to tell her he did hurt him to watch her pain. I feel like he has been tormenting her with the "unknown", but wants to admit he hurt him to cause her more pain. I do believe he is mentally ill as well as evil and this may cause him to blurt out what he's done on or off camera to hurt her.

Vita said...

Anon, tomorrow the 2nd part is to air.

The questionable - of?
Polygraphed Mark, taking one upon Dr. Phil's people, or the one he did take ...

Two part, two tapings -
The show that aired today, I am sure that LE is watching over and over. Each word said, and too the body language of each parent. All is being studied and compared to the collected they have had since day one.

Where is Dylan?
He did not vanish himself

Pam said...

I work while Dr. Phil is on. I tried youtube and Dr. Phil's website, no luck. Where can one go to watch the interview?

domino said...

Agree, Layla. I felt the same coming from him - he's just dying to tell her and he probably fantasizes about how much pain she'll be in when she finds out the truth. That is the stare and the glare - basically, the eyes - of a domestic abuser.

I'm glad Elaine made the point that he is always blaming everyone else. Hearing him blame the fact that he didn't pass the poloygraph b/c of questions that the person who adminstered it was not qualified really stood out. What a ridiculous claim, said with a smirk. He lies like a pre-schooler, so obvious and immature.

Jen C said...

My son is 12 right now. I can't imagine how horrible it would be to go through what Dylan's mother is going through now. My heart hurts just reading about it. Poor Dylan. I hope Elaine can find some peace and healing.

Layla said...

Domino--It is so true--he did this to hurt her, and he wants to tell her. My heart breaks for her.
I agree I was also happy she pointed out that he is always blaming everyone else--she has him figured out. The polygraph excuse was mind-blowing. I also just froze with horror when he tried to shift the blame for Dylan "disappearing" and probably meeting a bad fate (because of course he is not stating what he did to him) by blaming Elaine for not packing a winter coat!!! She must have wanted to throttle him! I can't even imagine how angry she must have felt.

Lis said...

Imagine being such a hollow person that you could murder your own son and feel nothing about it. Imagine being so bereft of all that makes us human. No wonder he is filled with rage, he knows he is missing his soul and he takes it out on those he is jealous of.

~ABC said...

When MR said, "I wouldn't hurt him", my suspicion that he killed Dylan became a knowing...

Jen said...

Agreed ABC-

The word 'wouldn't' is SO telling in this circumstance, as they are not having a hypothetical conversation...Elaine has made it crystal clear she believes that Mark has killed (or in her words 'hurt' Dylan, as she can barely bring herself to utter the words). She outright accused him saying, 'Mark, you know where Dylan is'..'did you hurt him'..etc. This is the perfect chance for MR to simply say, 'Elaine, I did not kill Dylan', or 'I did not hurt him'..but he doesn't.

Also MR's constant use of past tense language regarding Dylan was really emphasized on the Dr Phil show today..EVERY word he said about Dylan..whether in a pre-taped segment, news clip or speaking to Dr Phil was sadly spoken in the same tone...and that tone was clear, Dylan is no more. I would think even someone with no knowledge of SA would find that troubling. So sad!

~ABC said...

Elaine has the passion of knowing how this man operates. You can see it all over her. He, like all liars, thinks she can't know the truth he is hiding, but she does know it. She knows all his tells.

Red Ryder said...

I didn't see the interview so thanks all for sharing. I am not a Dr.Phil fan, however my opinion of him has definitely improved after his handling of the whole polygraph affair. Masterful! Exactly the way to catch a narcissist~by their own indignant pride.
Elaine wanted to protect Dylan from M, took him away but the law opened that door and what could she do? Go fugitive?
I commend her for having the strength, sanity, courage, grace, support or whatever it was that took to get her and the kids out in the first place.

rob said...

Can a 13 yr old not tell the court 'I dont' want to visit him, I don't feel safe'?
Our courts are more hindrence than help. If he is arrested, it will not be said in court, he has taken his children before, he has been violent with spouses. Something needs to change. All benefits are for the accused, none for the victim.

Anonymous said...

He is EXACTLY like Daniel Porter of Independence Missouri. Sam and Lindsey Porter were murdered by their father just to torture the mother Tina.

mmmagique said...

Dr. Phil confronts Mark about refusing to take a polygraph. Click on the link, scroll about half way down to the video titled "must see video"


Red Ryder said...

Hi Rob! From experience of family and friends, as well as many good articles on the subject online, it looks like courts are reluctant to deny a parent access to their child (even in the face of abusive behavior sometimes). According to one article children are considered legal incompetents and unable to make decisions like this until age 18, though around age 14 some courts will start to take into account their feelings and try to work with them in it. Poor kids!
It read as if , if you could PROVE abuse and/or harm to the child and petitioned the court you might be able to get visits taken away or supervised. But again, courts are reluctant to interfere with parental rights it sounds like. If someone knows how things really work please let us know��.

mmmagique said...

Dr. Phil offers to help Mr. Redwine, regardless of what has happened. Mark claims he is not a violent person.


Dlaine said...

Dylan didn't live past 10:00 pm on the first night of his visit with his dad. His text messages stopped at 9:30pm. Redwine said of Dylan on that interview, "I cared for him very much." GUILTY!!!!!

~ABC said...

Another slip. MR says, "As parents we owe it to OURSELVES to blah blah blah. NO. A parent owes it, whatever it is, to their CHILDREN to blah blah blah.... He is most concerned with his IMAGE as a parent... Because he knows.....

Jen said...


I caught that slip too! When he said that I yelled at the TV, 'NO, YOU OWE IT TO DYLAN'!

Elaine was right, he doesn't know enough as a father (or even as a human being) to lie accurately. He is mimicking what he thinks he should be feeling, because he feels nothing but contempt and satisfaction with his handy work. He knows he 'won'. He destroyed Elaine and all of her future happiness by killing Dylan, and no matter what his consequences-he knows her pain will never end.

~ABC said...

Hi Jen :)

There is a pathological liar in my family group. MR's facial expressions and wormy talk are all too familiar to me. You are exactly right about the mimicking. That's all they know how to do. It's disturbing to me when I'm seeing that mimicking behavior. I can feel Elaine's pain on that matter. She knows this man's routine so well.

It is maddening to me when I can see that family member's deception, but others around seem unable to see it or choose not to see it. It's hard to know which is the case.

I pray for Elaine to find peace amidst this hailstorm of anguish.

I pray for Dylan to be found and I wish I could believe he may be found alive somehow.

I pray for Mark to be stricken by a crisis of conscience that no amount of alcohol or drugs can silence. A torment that only telling the truth will free him from.

Carma13 said...

I am not trained in analysis however following crime and forensics is something I pursue with great interest and I had Mark pegged as the killer of his son in more than 15 minutes. Everything I have researched since seeing the Dr Phil show just cements that belief.

Carma13 said...

I am not trained in analysis however following crime and forensics is something I pursue with great interest and I had Mark pegged as the killer of his son in more than 15 minutes. Everything I have researched since seeing the Dr Phil show just cements that belief.

Anonymous said...

That father is guilty look at his eyes he cannot lie he is Guilty.
I pray for that little boy mother and brother.