Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mark Redwine : "We're Going To Take Polygraph"

Follow the pronouns.

He went to the pronoun "we" instead of "I"...

Did Mark Redwine drink a half bottle of Jim Beam believing he would be disqualified from the polygraph?

in the end, he knew he could not pass the test and could not dare go through with it.  Reason overruled his need to control.  He knew law enforcement was watching the show, and he appears to understand that the walls are closing on him. 

What did he do to Dylan?

Did it start with "you're not going with your friends; you're here with me!" and escalate to Dylan defending his mother's name and honor?

After the first session, in which Mark Redwine failed to deny killing his son, the drama continued as Dr. Phil had challenged Mark Redwine to take a polygraph. 

Readership weighed in on whether or not Mark Redwine would, in deed, take the polygraph. 

Not a chance. 

Mark Redwine attempted to divert attention away from himself, even blaming his ex wife, before Dr. Phil went directly after him. 

Dr Phil:  “If you have your son stashed somewhere, or if God forbid you flew into a rage and you hurt him accidentally and he’s dead, if something has happened, I will help you deal with it now, and we will go recover that young man right now … but my offer has a shelf life.”

“Just know that I offered,” said Dr. Phil.

Mark Redwine did not issue a reliable denial, nor has he since he first started speaking to the press. 

He has been unable to say he didn't do it, and in Statement Analysis we have a rule:

If someone is unable or unwilling to say he did not do it, we are not permitted to say it for him. 

A reliable denial is made up of three components; not two, and not four.  Add to a denial, and it is no longer reliable.  The innocent say so early and often, and without additional language or sensitivity. 

1.  First Person Singular, "I"
2.  Past Tense Verb  "did not" or "didn't"
3.  Allegation specific

"I’m not involved in this no matter how I come across, I’m not involved,” said Mark Redwine,

Note that this is present tense.  

Dr. Phil:  “If you’re not involved in this then there is something seriously wrong with you, because your reaction to this, something’s seriously wrong with you.”

Redwine reneged on his agreement to polygraph.  This was not a surprise to many.  The test administered by law enforcement led Redwine to disparage the polygrapher, taking a page out of Billie Jean Dunn and Justin DiPietro's playbooks. 

Dr. Phil said he had never encountered a parent of a missing child who refused a polygraph.  



Laurie said...

I watched this today and even though I expected it I still could not believe it. I feel so bad for Dylan's mom and brother. Praying that Dylan is found and Mark Redwine brought to justice.

Jen said...

I watched both shows and DVR'd them as well. I checked the Dr Phil website for transcripts but didn't find one (suggestions welcome) I can go back and transcribe Mark's portions for analysis if anyone is interested.

Mark killed Dylan and he will be found in the lake. I base this mostly on Marks words, but the fact that cadaver dogs hit there definitely solidifies my opinion. Mark desperately clings to two points...that the postal worker saw two boys and the fishing pole being gone. He is telling us how this is going to end within his lies. The postal worker sighting was ruled out by police in the first days of the investigation and today Dylan's older brother calls Mark out revealing his story makes no sense based on the set up of Marks home.

Mark claims the reason he was not alarmed by Dylan being gone, was his fishing pole was 'missing' and he thought he may have walked up to the lake to fish (btw-it was also revealed that the lake is nearly 6miles from Marks cabin-so very unlikely Dylan walked there in Nov, without a winter coat). Cory confronts Mark saying the fishing pole (which Dylan couldn't even thread on his own) was stored in the garage. Also Mark does not enter his home through the garage to notice the pole missing according to Cory, who also says Dylan had a bike in the garage (so why would he set out to walk any distance when he had a bike available)

Now we learn that Mark FAILED the polygraph from LE...Elaine passed. Mark tries to make excuses and changes his claims of the results from failed, to 'inconclusive'. He says 'there's a question' about the polygrapher's training/ability (his passivity shows the question is his..not law enforcements). Then when offered the opportunity to clear his name, he takes the challenge of a polygraph..but as expected he cowers and declines twice, then blames the polygrapher for dis-qualifying him based on his responses. I'm disgusted by watching his delight in controlling and hurting Elaine (and even Cory). He's toying with them, taunting them...'what kind if mother are you to even think that'...'YOU didn't even send him with a winter coat'.. 'why do we need LE involved, with you two on the case', etc. Dr Phil is right on this one, there is something VERY wrong with this man.

Anonymous said...

I hope, I pray that LE has MR in custody at this point.

MR is loosing it before our very eyes.

I'm very concerned that MR will try to hurt himself so that his ex-wife will never have Dylan's earthly body. To give Dylan a proper burial and so that some healing can start for Elaine & Cory.

It would be the ultimate revenge in this guy's eyes.

I hope I'm wrong.

Anita said...

Good points, Jen. I also noticed that 'what kind of mother are you to even think that'

'What kind of father do you think I am?' is what I think we all thought he was going to say there.

Instead, he said what he said,... What? on earth?

What kind of mother Elaine is has nothing to do with his hurting Dylan. He also called Elaine "mom" in an interivew. Super creepy. And when he called her Mrs. Redwine I thought I was going to puke. It was a show of ownership. He is incapable of letting go of this woman, his 'mom' as he sees her. In his mind MR is a more important 'kid' than Dylan was, and his needs more pressing.

Astounding! He is a man in diapers! Competing with his own children for 'mom's" attention!

I think he looks scared now.

Pak31 said...

I am just astounded that no one has been able to break this guy yet. I guess I watch too much t.v. but seriously, how long can a person go on with a lie like this?? If he can,he must be a very cold heartless person to do so.

Jen said...

Hi Anita-

You are exactly right, he was showing ownership over Elaine by referring to her as 'Mrs Redwine'. When I first heard it, I thought he was trying to get in a he was refusing to even address her in a friendly way, but I think you nailed it.

I think the confirmation of his alcoholism also brings clarity to what has transpired throughout their divorce and relationship (especially in light if the fact that he attempted to paint Elaine as the problem drinker in front of a national audience). Then Mark shows up disheveled and drunk for the polygraph he bows out of taking for the second time. His excuses and grumblings about how 'maybe it's not the right time', and 'he feels rushed and like he being pushed off a cliff', removed any doubt that he is only interested in covering his tracks.

He was already making excuses in the car on the way to the first polygraph for why he would fail, (his blood pressure is up, he needs time to process and think about what happened, he's mad at Elaine and Cory, and Dr Phil for letting Cory express his anger toward him, etc). When Mark asked to wait, he didn't mean until morning...he wanted to get away from there and never come back..then blame Dr Phil for never following through later.

Mark spent the night drinking and trying to figure a way out of taking the test without refusing it. The next morning when he was staring down the polygraph again and knew he was about to reveal to the world his guilt so he disqualified himself and then blamed the polygrapher. His attempt to shift the blame is alcoholic reasoning 101. He can now pretend that he had every intention of taking the test, but when the polygrapher asked him if he was 'well enough' and he answered 'NO', it was out of his hands. His indignant and repeated claims that he's 'not afraid of the truth', are laughable. The only truth to that statement is that sadly, I think he would LOVE to tell Elaine exactly what he did and delight in seeing her misery.

Ney said...

Lemon said...

Mark Redwine flapped and blathered on about Elaine. He did the same with what Cory said to him and how it affected him, Mark. He was hurt.

The conflict with Elaine was a smokescreen to hide behind.

Given the opportunity on national TV, what Mark Redwine did NOT do was make an appeal to "whoever" took Dylan. He did NOT talk about what his son might be going through.

It was all about Mark.
Dylan, Dylan who?

John Mc Gowan said...


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The claim by Alison Smith contradicts accounts from Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg and the party's senior leadership that no formal allegations were made about Lord Rennard.

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Gambler777 said...

What gave Mark the bright idea of the fishing rod. If Dylan went fishing, why would he take the rest of his things with him as well. If what I read was correct, none of Dylan's belongings were there. From the first time I read about the fishing rod story, I immediately thought, did Mark put him in the water? By mentioning the fishing rod, he would lead searchers to the water. When/if Dylans remains are recovered, there's the explaination, he fell in while fishing.
I was surprised he agreed to take the polygraph. As soon as he started saying he wasn't really ready for it, I thought he's looking for an excuse to bail.
In doing so, Mark showed he was more worried about himself then finding Dylan.

John Mc Gowan said...

New clue surfaces in search for Dylan Redwine

Posted at: 02/27/2013 5:13 PM | Updated at: 02/27/2013 8:23 PM
By: Eddie Garcia, KOB Eyewitness News 4

After more than three months of disappointment and dead ends, a new clue has surfaced in the search for missing Colorado teen Dylan Redwine.

It came from the East Mountain search-and-rescue group KOB Eyewitness News 4 introduced to the Redwine family.

It's nothing but ice, snow and sub-zero temperatures at Vallecito Lake - but K-9 Forensics says they are making some headway.

A hound picked up on a scent on the east side of the lake.

The La Plata County Sheriff's Office hadn't heard about the hit when we called them this morning, but they do say a lot of new tips have come flooding in lately.

"Every now and then we'll get one that will be classified as a tip and we're still sorting through those," said Sgt. Dan Bender.

The renewed interest is because of a recent interview with the family on national television.

In just the last day over a hundred of tips have flooded the sheriff's office.

"Any time there is any regional or national coverage in our search for Dylan we get a spike in calls," said Bender.

Although this latest clue, this hit on the east side of Vallecito Lake could be anything - investigators hope some light will be shed on this case and that it will lead them to Dylan.

The La Plata County Sheriff's Office says they've searched the east side of the lake with divers and sonar in the past and weren't able to find anything.

John Mc Gowan said...


Am correcting in thinking that you invited Elaine Redwine on next weeks Crime Wire and she accepted?.

I was wondering if you contacted Mark also to invite him on the show in the future.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Dr Phil say's "I will bring you Jack Tremarco he is the best of the best he train's the FBI Polygraph operators"

MR "Obviously i'm not a professional in that but iv'e NEVER NOT been willing to co-operate"

"NEVER NOT" In S/A with note which is said in the negative.Here we have not one but to negatives in the same sentence and right next to each other which makes it more sensitive.,and as we have seen MR went on to NOT do the polygraph.

Don't yeah just love S/A...

John Mc Gowan said...

Again @ 25:15 RE Polygraph.

Dr Phil:"Its something you should absolutely should do"

MR:"And you know iv'e NEVER NOT been willing to do it"

Unknown said...

The only glimmer of emotion (other than cat-that-ate-the-canary glee) from Mark that I saw was he ALMOST teared up a lil bit when he told Dr. Phil it hurt him to hear Cory say he hated him.....but that was all about Mark gettin' dissed. And how dare Elaine and how dare Cory and how dare even Dr. Phil not correct Cory about it!!! Seems to me Mark "corrected" Cory about it and told Cory he thought it was disrespectful. Some may think mom should have told Cory not to speak to his father that way, and in other circumstances maybe she should have? but she could be so sick of Mark and really believing that Mark has done away with Dylan she can't bring herself to defend Mark any more.
Dr. Phil made it pretty clear he thinks something is hinky with Mark, he came right out and told him something was seriously wrong with him.

Vita said...

I missed the first show, actually watched them backwards. The link where you can find both shows same as Ney posted:

Show 2, Mark's day of follies. Leaving everyone not on baited breath. I knew he was not going to go through with the poly. How did I know? he in the car in route, he complaining to who ever he was speaking to. He was in fight or flight mode as in I need to go drink. He says it himself.
He wanted to absorb what HE had
been through on the stage. Concessions 101 -MR's way or the highway.

MR tells the man who is about to test him, it's not that I am refusing, but, I am not feeling it. My blood is boiling something to this paraphrasing. He is upset that fingers were pointed by Elaine and that Cory told him, he hated him. Break out the violins.

He works it out with Mr. Poly and Dr. Phil to take the poly after a good nights rest. The poly no longer on Mr. Poly man's turf, it is to be held at the studio, next am.

Next am, Mark shows up, looking like a hung over scrub. Hair plastered upside his head, wearing a ball cap, t-shirt, jeans. He in the lobby they show him, he is talking to himself. He becomes a
WE, he calls himself WE. He says we don't want to do this, okay We're going to do this. His alter ego? he becomes two people?

He tells Mr. Poly he had less than or only 3 hours of sleep, that he drank 1/2 a bottle of Jim Beam (the night after leaving his office). Why bring this into the equation? he coming in looking plowed, little to no sleep. He does not use the drinking as an excuse of why he cannot take the poly. He downplays the drinking. Later reduces the 1/2 bottle of Beam to a pint, a 1/2 pint. Alcohol is a sensitive to him. He becomes who on booze? Jekyll & Hyde.

Dylan was picked up late from the airport. Immediately we went to Walmart. Walmart was planned (by MR) to pick up things to sustain us for a day or two. Like booze? Who was US? since he is a we.

Then MR's plan was to go to a sit down restaurant. For MR to have a talk with Dylan. Yes, with his buddies, Jim and Jack free flowing, as this is what I have said before. He wanted to drink. Dylan knew this. MR wanted to control and contain Dylan (sit down restaurant) to have his man to man talk.

He wanted to go to McDonald's wasn't my first choice (enters devil face MR interview), what 13 yr old doesn't want to go to McDonald's. He did not know his son. Elaine: Dylan watches MTV

An argument ensued in the truck, Mark drove through the McDonald's in a rage, I don't believe they bought food. MR's plan was that Dylan was presented very few options. His father's overt obsession of destroying Elaine, pure hate, is viable, visual, audible on Dr. Phil.

Dylan as PH wrote here earlier, I agree, Dylan stood up for his mom. I believe it did happen around the time of McDonald's as well. He, MR, verbally, psychically escalated unto Dylan, once he had him isolated inside his home.

Was MR chugging down a bottle on the ride to his house? quite possible, his purchase at Walmart.
He becomes a WE under the influence. This why when he is sober, he is not accountable for his actions. As Dr. Phil said to him, there is something wrong with you. Dr. Phil tie hanging (back stage) he stands up to Mark, and Mark's shoulders do sink like a scolded boy. Had Dr. Phil been Elaine, Elaine would have been flattened on the floor. Dr. Phil his size, his intelligence, was no contender for MR to wise ass back to, nor react to in a physical way. His not taking the Poly was expected. His going on the show, what came of it, is now the Nation knows Dylan Redwine is not only missing, but a victim of filicide.
He is probably with his atty today trying to figure out how to sue Elaine & Cory for defamation. Dylan who?

Vita said...

Julie, Cory standing up and directly saying to Mark's face, I hate you. He said something just prior to I hate you. The I hate you was a matter of fact for Cory.

I believe it was because he knows his father, his emotions running high, yes. This the first time in 9 years the 3 of them have been present in the same room.

He watching his father, his body language, and surely detecting the way he was eying Elaine, (what we could not see) brought out Cory's true feelings. I commend him for saying his felt, as it was not easy for him to say. Children of abusive parents can easily revert to being a tender age, in seconds. He didn't do this. His spoken, was a defining moment for Cory, who he is today, you no longer possess me. You cannot control me. Dylan's missing to empower him, as Mark showed himself unaffected, not engaged and is the root of who/why/how Dylan is vanished.

He was 8 yrs old when Dylan was born. He, Cory is a survivor. He has witnessed the ugliest of his donor, his parents most heated and ugly times. He is not a father, MR isn't. He is a bully and a coward.

Cory was not only a participant in the group on stage: Dr. Phil, Elaine, Mark, himself and the ex girlfriend.

Cory's role was not big brother, not in an alcoholic home. During, his parents in the divorce, after, he was to Dylan an active father figure, role model. He in essence by standing up to him was not Son to Father, but Father to Father.

The video that was said to be Dylan's favorite, Puddle of Mudd. It's all right there, the video is the life of the Redwines. Dylan could relate to this, as it was his life. You have a little boy being torn into two different worlds. You have the mother being abused by the alcoholic male. You have the teen brother who is autonomous, has broken away. He to play with the little boy, invest time with him, treat him as he is valued. This is Cory, the role of father, giving Dylan unconditional love. He though has to hand him back to the " abusive duo" living in dysfunction. Which renders him, Cory, helpless. He stood up yesterday and said, you don't control me any longer. Cory knows as he was the eyes, ears, witness of, the broken dynamic their family: MR and his alcoholic verbal, physical abuse to be the control. Elephant for years, on Cory's back.

To MR, Dylan was the weakest link to get to, to hurt, gut Elaine's soul, this why he is no longer.
It's heart breaking to watch this video, and apply this to Dylan's world. It is Dylan's song. His mother to share this on Facebook.

Jen said...

Good call Vita-

I was intrigued by his change to 'WE', while lamenting his predicament in the lobby on day two of facing the poly. Just as he has so many times in previous interviews, he refers to himself alone as 'WE' is so bizarre and I think you may be right about its relation to alcohol. Once he is lubricated, Mark switches to 'WE' in order to share responsibility for his negative actions while intoxicated. I also think it may be a protective step, as he fears his tongue may be loosened and his anger may get the best of him. His inflated ego is a mask he hides behind, he knows who he really is, but the booze reassures him that he's smart, witty, likeable, entertaining, and he keeps talking. They don't call it liquid courage for nothing!

Jen said...

Another thing I find so interesting is the contrast between Mark's persona on stage, when the accusations were actually being made and when he was REALLY on the hot seat. While he's being accused of hurting his son by basically everyone, he remains cold, sarcastic & focused on throwing barbs at Elaine (and Cory.) He never appeals to Dylan's kidnappers, he only wants 'this country' to keep their eyes open 'a little' for anything suspicious (not Dylan). He argues with both ex-wives but with Elaine its different..he taunts her and enjoys her anguish as he focuses on everything BUT Dylan. This IS a game to Mark, so he seeks to trump Elaine with every word he speaks...SHE is a drunk, SHE hangs around criminals, SHE isn't looking for Dylan, SHE didn't even send Dylan a coat, SHE is behind his kidnapping..and so on, until Dr Phil mocks him and his theory. Did he forget why they were find Dylan? Not hardly, in fact when confronted by Dr Phil backstage about saying the show wasn't focused on Dylan, he angrily attempts to put his words in context by telling Dr Phil that he was upset that the situation between himself, Elaine and Cory wasn't further addressed. So apparantly, despite his claims of not wanting a 'Jerry Springer' type atmosphere...he DID come to the show with the intention of airing his issues with Elaine and was angry he wasn't allowed to disparage her more!

Now contrast that with his complete unravelling once he was facing the polygraph. From the car ride to the back-stage wrap up, HE WAS LOSING IT...making excuse after excuse for why he would fail or refuse the poly. When the focus turned to him, with no facade of conflict to hide behind and no Elaine to throw insults at, he started to self-destruct. Every time he grumbled about his discomfort I'm like, what about Dylan...what is he going through? Why is your 'comfort' taking priority over Dylan's safety and well being? Sadly, we all know the answer :(

Anonymous said...

With no opportunistic lawyer between him and LE, why hasn't LE been able to come up with an arrest?

Unknown said...

I've heard Mark say "we" when he should have used "I" many times (either he thinks he is using the "Royal We" or he has a mouse in his pocket.) Sometimes in recounting 'what happened' he says "WE picked up Dylan at the airport" and wasn't he alone for that too? Maybe he thinks he is more than one person.

Anonymous said...

Mark Redwine from the news excerpt at the beginning of Dr Phil Show #1:

"I want everyone to know, how much I loved that boy... how much I cared about him. He was such a wonderful boy."

Anonymous said...

"Betsy," asking about inconsistent stories from the day Dylan went missing:


You said you went to Tristan's house and talked to him, then you said you went to Tristan's house and Tristan wasn't there.

Redwine's answer: Fishing pole.

Vita said...

Jen - your own words.

Now contrast that with his complete unravelling once he was facing the polygraph. From the car ride to the back-stage wrap up, HE WAS LOSING IT...making excuse after excuse for why he would fail or refuse the poly. When the focus turned to him, with no facade of conflict to hide behind and no Elaine to throw insults at, he started to self-destruct.
You are correct, he was losing it once segregated. His power of control was " ON" as he was in control, he engaged only, he focused upon Elaine squirming on stage. His actions, his words, he is bi-polar. Diagnosed (?). His person swings from extreme to extreme in seconds as he showed himself. He has no balance, as he owns zero empathy for Dylan, zero empathy in the very least for our Nation who is neutral. The parents out there watching that have lived or are living this horror, their child missing and or exploited by someone.

He lives in ID. Instant satisfaction and gratification is his priority, his world. Like the lyrics of the Rolling Stones.

You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need.

He could not " get " Dylan. What was his need? he successfully fulfilled his need, he planned and predicated this upon winning the TG visitation. His need was and remains to be, destroying Elaine's entire being. This is how desperately sick his mind is. He had not seen Elaine in physical presence in 9 yrs! until the shows taped. From afar he continued to stoke the fire, continued to contain it, she his object of obsession.

He not only by taking what was her most precious asset, Dylan. He admonishes her, her character, for loving Dy, for caring that Dylan is missing, vanished. He is relishing every second Elaine's pain of not knowing. I believe this is what happened. Dylan said his peace, that MR was not needed nor necessary. He had a new life, with Mom and Mike and he was happy. This split his mind wide open on top of his manifested hate of Elaine. Dylan was to him, an object, not his flesh and blood. Dy represented Marks contempt for Elaine. Dy is the spitting image of Elaine. MR: Sociopath fits here.

He THINKS he is in control, the fact he holds all the cards (?) his power felt. I wish him luck with this, as he rots from the inside out. No sun in his world ever again. His now world resides in the dark. The reality is, he doesn't own anything. He has no control. He knows this.

Elaine's love, the love only she knows as Dylan's mother out weighs him, out weighs everything. Love conquers all. She, her love for Dylan trumps ALL, all that he did to Dylan and does not do for Dy in present time - is his, not hers.

Her Love for Dylan is the Knot that he cannot undo.

This love is untouchable, unbreakable. She, her wants and needs are selfless, to bring Dylan home, that he is given his dignity. DY no matter what, forever lives in her heart, no one can take this away from her. No one, not even her own self. She cannot guilt-ed into Mark's world, that she failed him, her son, Dylan. Won't happen.

Anita said...

Vita, I think he had a need beyond destroying Elaine's entire being. That was a result. I think his need was for Elaine to be his Mommy and take responsibility for his life. When she wouldn't do this, he struck out in anger. He took out his competition for Mommy. Elaine did for her son what she wouldn't do for him. MR saw himself as a child equal and more deserving than Dylan. He was jealous of Dylan. Dylan had the relationship with Mommy MR wanted.

BostonLady said...

Mark's story is coming undone and at the same time, he is doing the same. I hope he doesn't kill himself in order to cause the ultimate hurt to Dylan's mother and brother by taking the location of where he put Dylan with him.

Trigger said...

"I think his need was for Elaine to be his mommy and take responsibility for his life."

I agree, Anita.

Mark seems to have an attitude of smug entitlement that allows him to get rid of anything that stands in his way, including his son.

Mark is a lot like Josh Powell in that regard.

Trigger said...

I am in agreement with you, Boston Lady.

Mark is coming undone. I can see Mark attempting to kill himself, in an effort to ensure that he has the last sardonic laugh, just like Josh Powell.

Unknown said...

Its so hard to assume anything at this point.. his father made himself seem so damn guilty on Dr.Phil show that its hard not to think he has something to do with it. He kept using past tense 'i lovED him' why the hell would you use past tense unless you knew for damn sure? I dont know. As a mother, there isnt a damn thing in this world i would not do if something happened to one of my babies and Mark just doesnt seem to give a shit. Its just a screwy story. I pray for the Redwine family everyday.

Tania Cadogan said...

i watched the show live last night whilst in FB with John.
We both picked up on the we, and the fact he was drunk before during and after the show and the polygraphs. I said to John he will not take it citing sleep, drink, whatever.

We both watched his behavior and body language.
It was all about control, he has control over Elaine because he has knowledge she wants.

watching closely there was contempt for Elaine, smirks when he was playing the victim and when she made the accusations, we both also picked on a couple of micro expressions, blink and you would have missed it, one was a head nod when he was accused of hurting Dylan and the other was a head shake when he tried to deny it.

I also noted that Elaine, Cory and Dr.Phil were all siting bolt upright whilst mark was slouched down, their position was of dominance his was of sujection, they were in control of the interview and he knew it.

The lake is sensitive to mark and i wonder if Dylan even made it home. The fishing pole is important so i wonder if he has a favorite fishing spot?

When i said mark reminded of drew peterson standing outside with his coffee John agreed, is was his posture and mouth, he is cocky.

We both also think that mark is a suicide risk, he was painted into a corner re the polygraph, he demeaned the polygrapher and LE and said taking it wouldn't eliminate anyone telling us right there he was going to fail, he knows his actions and words have shown him for what he is, a child murderer, he now has nothing to lose, it is game over, he knows LE know. He still thinks he owns Elaine as we saw in the way h referred to her. In his eyes the only way he can really exert power and control over Elaine now is to kill himself taking Dylan's dumping site to the grave, the only way she will ever get him back is by accidental discovery. ity is the ultimate hold he has over her.

I suggested to John that a male won't make him talk, I think if it is a woman who interrogates him, she attacks his masculinity, the fact he cannot get it up, that he isn't a real man he will flip and open mouth before engaging brain.
Watching him we saw the rage burning just below his skin, it occasionally flashed when he was pressed, the fact he was on tv made him keep it in check.

He sees himself as god's gift to women, he is the master, he is a stud, women flock to him. press the right buttons and he will spill the beans, his ego will compell him to prove how much of a man he is, I did this to Dylan i can do the same damn thing to you.
His fists do the talking.

Tania Cadogan said...

There was a lot of past tense usage from Mark. Loved not loves.

Given he said he spent up to an hour trying to wake him, i think he was trying to resuscitate him, he knew he had gone too far.

If Dylan was in the house there will be traces of blood, so blood dogs and luminol should be used also cadaver dogs since he would have to move the body from the house to the vehicle and thence to the dump site.

I would also be checking his clothing and shoes for blood and cadaverine ( is a favorite item of clothing he is known to wear or boots missing?) If Dylan never even made it home then it is likely there will be traces of his blood in mark's vehicle and since mark has made no mention of Dylan having any cuts , grazes etc should ghis blood be found it's game over.

Can they get mark to talk before he does anything to himself to stop Elaine getting Dylan back?

Blood gets everywhere and a microscopic drop can be enough to prove he murdered Dylan ( we had a case in the UK where a microscopic drop on a trainer nailed the killer) the soles, the material, the laces, the eyelets.

I would also take cadaver dogs around every boat, canoe, dinghy and other water vehicle.

If Dylan is found expect mark's defence to be Dylan attacked him and he lashed out in self defence or he was drunk and it was an accident and he panicked, My feeling is this was premeditated, he forced Dylan to visit, he had no intention of letting him go back to his mom.

Lemon said...

If I were Elaine I would change my last name, especially after Mark called her 'Mrs. REDWINE'. He taunts like the bully he is. He is a living, breathing ball of contempt.

Red Ryder said...

Lemon that is a great idea! I wonder how much it would cost for Elaine to change her name and her i.d.? Maybe Cory would want to do that too?
That would be something I would donate towards, helping them to severe any remaining connection if they wanted.
The selfishness of MR is remniscent of Josh Powell. I hope there is someone who can reach through to him though. It doesn't have to end the same way. Even though Dylan is gone, he has a chance to bring him home, be a man, a dad, and do what's right still....

Lemon said...

Thanks RR. I would donate towards it as well.

~ABC said...

It's a simple court request to remove the last name of an ex-spouse. At least it was for me ;)
The court will ask for a legitimate reason and I don't think Elaine would have any problem with that! Same with the son. He could adopt the surname of his mother. It is perfectly acceptable, and supported by law, to disassociate yourself from an undesirable.

Anita said...

Lemon, me, too. I would change that last name. I am wondering why she never did. I wonder if it was wishful thinking, not to be with MR, but wishing he could and would be the person she needed him to be for the boys.

She might fit the profile of of "Women Who Love Psychopaths." This is the title of a book written by Sandra Brown. She found that women who love psychopaths tend to rate hight in the following characteristics which make them vulnerable to people like MR:

o Friendly so she is approachable
o Compassionate so she can connect to his ‘struggles in life’
o Tolerant so she can endure his antics
o Supportive so she can help to him
o Empathetic so she never stops listening, helping and hoping

These women are also resourceful, responsible and self directed - making them an attractive target for a psychopath.The women also tend to be sentimental.

Sus said...

I believe Elain's name is no longer Redwine, or she no longer goes by that. She calls herself Elain Hatfield. That may be exactly why MR called her Mrs. Redwine.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you've read what eyes for lies has said on this case. She commented that she disagrees with your analysis. You use different methods. Any idea why you don't come to the same conclusion? I love both of the blogs.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I haven't read Eyes for LIes on this case.

She doesn't think Mark Redwine did it??

Can you post a link? This would come as a great surprise.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Elaine Redwine shows no indication of deception regarding the disappearance of her son.

Having interviewed hundreds of mothers who have had to let their children visit dangerous fathers, they tell themselves that they have no problem with it, thinking that their denial will keep the child safe. Superstition at best.

As to a mother believing her child is dead: She has had her reasons from the beginning, including nervousness.

THere is no greater indicator of truth and deception than our words. This is ancient in belief: "out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" and is why S/A has such a high rate of accuracy.

Elaine does not possess guilty knowledge of her son's death. She knows the analysis here, and knows that Mark is lying. She knew he would not take the polygraph. Her own denial that Dylan is gone has crumbled over the period of time that has passed, fueled by not only Mark's own behavior and words, but by his history.

Renee is wrong about this one, but I have read her before and respect her work. I don't think she has had experience with these acrimonious divorce cases where women fear the ex but tell themselves and others that they don't.

They do.

I think that Dylan wanted to be with his friends and dad said something along the lines of 'you're not wanting to be with me because of your mother' and Dylan defended her, and sent Mark into a rage.

He is a narcissistic raging liar. He is a control freak and an abuser.

He took his son's life.


Anonymous said...

She feels Elaine is inconsistent. Read the comments.

~ABC said...

Amen Peter!

MR is all that and more. He cares only for himself, his feelings, his thoughts, his ego! And that is the sum total of his reality...

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. I was curious about the outcome of opinion with the methods used.

BostonLady said...

Eyes for Lies clearly states the following about Elaine. It is far from believing she is guilty of the crime. I see it more like Peter's statement where Elaine has displayed guilt, but it's not because she abducted or murdered her son, Dylan. Some on this blog have seen some inconsistencies with Elaine but that isn't the same as "deception" we are seeing with Mark.

"Many people assume when I don't trust someone that it means I believe they are guilty of a crime. That is an incorrect assumption. A person can be inconsistent and uninvolved, or inconsistent and knowledgeable of more facts than they are letting on, or inconsistent and involved. I am not psychic and do not claim to know what inconsistencies ultimately reveal."

Anonymous said...

@ Boston Lady
That is what I said, she felt
Elaine was inconsistent. But she also says in the comments that she respectfully disagrees with Peter.

BostonLady said...

Eyes didn't only say inconsistent. She said she doesn't trust her. Then she went on to explain what that means. And it doesn't mean that she thinks the mother is guilty. But she doesn't agree with Peter's analysis of Mark. I think what Eyes has said is she can't call this. But distrusts the mother more than the father. Where Peter has done s.a. and finds that Mark is deceptive, guilty and took it further to say Mark killed Dylan.

So far, s.a. has been shown to be correct in other cases. We'll have to wait and see how this turns out.

Anonymous said...

I commented several times about Elaine talking about Dylan in the past tense in the very beginning on Nancy Grace.

Anonymous said...

Distrusts the mother more than the father!!!??? That's insane!

~ABC said...

Me too Anon @12:45. I don't believe Elaine had anything to do with whatever has happened to Dylan, but I do believe there is more she isn't telling, ie; deception about something.

Anonymous said...

@ Boston Lady. I didn't say that was all Eyes said. I was asking Peter why he thought she disagreed with his analysis. I didn't need to cover everything she said about Elaine to ask that question. I read both blogs and usually they agree. I was curious about Peter's perspective on why they did not agree this time.

Anonymous said...

Is Eyes for Lies a leftist? What makes Peter's analysis excellent and relevant is his core beliefs. He has the objectivity of a love for the truth. When someone loves the truth it gives them the perfect objectivity.

I don't read Eyes for Lies, but I went over to her blog after reading these comments and I noted a subjectivity in her analysis, which would mean she loves herself and her perceptions more than the truth.

YOu can't attach yourself to your perceptions to do SA well. YOu have to detach from them.

rich said...

Hard to believe there's as much commentary as there is here. "Statement Analysis " is a well-known junk science--a pseuodoscience, as it were. Go to Skeptical Inquirer and search "Statement Analysis".......its no more scientific than astrology, psychics, or therapeutic touch. Arm yourselves with knowledge! This whole thread is based on non -peer reviewed, non -empirical non-tested (or used, by mental health professionals OR law enforcement) nonsense that has NO place in a rational discussion dealing with criminal guilt or innocence.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Mark Redwine is being clever , He thinks, when he uses "We". You are all right that he is using "we" as if he is with someone or disassociates hisself with his actions. But it goes deeper. He will contest that when he drinks in his head there are 2 people. one voice who speaks to him & makes him do terrible things or that the other voice is the one who did this very terrible vicious thing & then there is himself. This is when his insanity plea will begin. I have seen this in him since his 1st interview at his home. I hope they give him the death penalty . S.P.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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