Friday, February 1, 2013

Dylan Redwine's Father's Denial

Mark Redwine has not issued a reliable denial in the involvement in the disappearance.  He was asked directly and did NOT issue a reliable denial.  He avoided past tense and reliability.

Both parents were asked the same question about having anything to do with his disappearance.
Mother used past tense "had", while father used present tense "have"; Mother has guilt, but
it does not appear to be judicial or criminal guilt, rather maternal guilt.

What happened to Dylan Redwine?

KUSA - Dylan Redwine's 14th birthday is next week, but his family is planning a vigil instead of a party. The teen disappeared Nov. 19, 2012, from the Vallecito Lake resort area in southwestern Colorado.
Dylan Redwine Task Force investigators said they searched miles of countryside and interviewed hundreds of people, but developments in the case have now dwindled. They have no named suspects and no confirmed sightings of Dylan.
In an exclusive interview with 9Wants to Know, the father of the missing boy says everyone, including both parents, remains a suspect in the disappearance.
"They need to look at everybody," said Mark Redwine, who was the last known person to see Dylan.
"Dylan is not here," said Dylan's mom, Elaine Redwine, in a separate interview. "We don't know where Dylan is."
Elaine has blamed her ex-husband for losing their son.
"I'm not interested in blaming anyone," Mark said. "I think once we find Dylan it will bring all the answers to the questions we don't have."
Both parents, who had battled over divorce and custody for several years, deny any involvement in the disappearance.
"I would never do anything to harm that boy," Mark said. "I know they are looking at me for being involved at some sort of kidnapping scheme, which is one of the reasons I want them to look closely at me. The more they look at me, the more they are going to realize I have nothing to do with this."

"would" and "never" are unreliable and the most commonly used in deception.  When Mark says they are looking at him, this is a perfect time for him to say he was not involved.  He also has other reasons he wants police to look at him, as he mentioned "one of them"

"I have" nothing is in the present tense.  

The news reporter would have done police a service had Mark been the focus of the interview.  

This is very concerning. 
"I wish I did because then he would be home," Elaine said. "I mean, I wish I could relive that day and do things a lot differently. I had absolutely nothing to do with his disappearance."
The Redwines do have some history of family violence. Dylan's older brother Cory claimed that several years ago Mark took them.
"He took me and Dylan once or twice and would not tell us where my mom was at," Cory said.
Mark Redwine's first wife Elizabeth made similar accusations. 9Wants to Know obtained a police report from 1990. It alleges Mark failed to return their kids on time after visitation and claims he made statements about not returning the children.
La Plata County Sheriff's officials say they are aware of the old claims, and they say these kinds of things are common during custody disputes.
A 13-year-old gone without a trace is not common.
"The only possibility that we've ruled out due to the passage of time is that Dylan is a runaway," La Plata County Sheriff's Office spokesman Dan Bender said.
According to a new timeline released by the investigators, Dylan arrived at the Durango airport at 5:46 p.m. on Nov. 18, the night before he vanished.
His dad took him to a nearby Walmart where he was captured by security cameras at 7:05. At 7:22, they stopped at the Durango McDonald's.
Dylan sent text messages throughout the evening. Investigators say the last text went out at 9:37 p.m. Mark Redwine says he watched a movie with his son until about 10:30 p.m., and he went upstairs to bed as Dylan settled in for the night on the couch.
Mark says he last saw his son at 7:30 the next morning. He said he planned to drop Dylan off at a friend's house on the way, but Dylan was still snoozing when it was time to go.
Mark says he handled a payroll issue at his company's office and met with his divorce attorney, and when he got home at 11:30 a.m. Dylan was gone.
Investigators say Dylan's cell phone has not sent out a signal since he vanished. A black Hurley backpack, containing all the clothes Dylan packed for his Thanksgiving visit, also disappeared.
"For him to just take off walking or be abducted or whatever it's like - with a backpack?" questioned Elaine. "Then to find nothing up in that area, not a sock, not anything that belonged to Dylan? Very strange."
"When Dylan left, did he take everything because he knew where he was going and who he was with?" Mark wondered.
Dylan's friends say that he had hitchhiked into town before, but no one remembers seeing Dylan along the one county road leaving Vallecito Lake.
"He either left the house and someone abducted him or something happened while he was still at the house. I could not think of a 3rd possibility," said Dan Bender, spokesman from the La Plata County Sheriff's Office.
Investigators searched Mark's house and trucks. They looked through phone records and gave him a polygraph examination. They also took computers to search from Elaine's home in Monument and gave her a polygraph test. The Sheriff's Office has not released the results of those searches and tests.
Dylan Redwine is 5 feet tall and weighs 105 pounds. He has blond hair and blue eyes. When he disappeared, he may have been wearing a Duke Blue Devils baseball hat, a black Nike T-shirt and black basketball shorts.
Durango-La Plata Crime Stoppers is offering a reward up to $50,450 for information leading to Dylan's whereabouts.
Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at 970-247-1112 or the La Plata County Sheriff's Dylan Tip Line at 970-382-7511.

The news reporter said he wasn't going to compare the two parents' statements.

Foolish arrogance.  


Dee said...

Off Topic...
I found this link posted in the comments at the eyes for lies blog. The post at the link is older but I had never seen this before. It's an interesting statistical analysis of the handwriting in the ransom note in the JBR case.

Dee said...

"I would never do anything to harm that boy," Mark said. "I know they are looking at me for being involved at some sort of kidnapping scheme, which is one of the reasons I want them to look closely at me. The more they look at me, the more they are going to realize I have nothing to do with this."

Since reading here, I cringe when I hear someone say "I would never harm..." I also wonder why he WANTS the authorities to be looking closely at him, that seems weird. I think, as a parent, my reaction would be - look at me, test me but hurry so you can discount me and concentrate on finding my kid.

"I wish I did because then he would be home," Elaine said. "I mean, I wish I could relive that day and do things a lot differently. I had absolutely nothing to do with his disappearance."

I believe Elaine. She had nothing to do with Dylan's disappearance but she feels guilty. Would have, could have, should have...a mothers guilt over not being there to protect her son.

Lulu said...

Dylan's family really holds on the hope that he is hidden somewhere...are there any linguistic indicators as to whether Dylan is alive or not? I have caught dad's evasive answers from the beginning, but I still can't decide if there is any hope for this little guy.

BostonLady said...

"I would never do anything to harm that boy" This statement seems to be universal in the missing children cases of late. Shawn Adkins said " I would never do anything to hurt her," Same future tense. No reliable denial.

The other thing that bothers me with Dylan's dad's statement is the same that Peter highlighted

"The more they look at me, the more they are going to realize I have nothing to do with this." "This"??? What exactly is "this"? Most parents would work to clear themselves as quickly as possible and not want LE to continue to waste their time on them. Dylan's dad seems to invite it.

Skeptical said...

The part of this case that bothers me the most is that he last used his cell the night before he went missing. Whatever time he woke up, he would be on his cell texting. If only to connect with his friends to tell them he was hitchhiking in and when to expect him.

Tania Cadogan said...

"I would never do anything to harm that boy," Mark said. "I know they are looking at me for being involved at some sort of kidnapping scheme, which is one of the reasons I want them to look closely at me. The more they look at me, the more they are going to realize I have nothing to do with this."

Has he been polygraphed ? wahat was the result?

"I would never do anything to harm that boy," Mark said.
Future conditional, since he is missing he would not hurt him and should he be found alive he is likely to be unable to harm him due to lack of access.
Harm is a minimising word, Guilty parents who kill their child use hurt or harm rather than kill.
This is close that is distancing. Why does hedistance himself from Dylan?
Why refer to him as that boy rather than my son or Dylan?
The term used indicates a poor relationship between him and Dylan

"I know they are looking at me for being involved at some sort of kidnapping scheme, which is one of the reasons I want them to look closely at me.
How many sorts of kidnapping schemes does he think there are?
Since there is no ransom note, kidnap by crimanals for money is discounted. Another option is parental kidnap due to custody battles, again unlikeky since he has shown no interest in his son and the visit was court ordered.
Kidnap to get back at the other parent is possible but inlikely, what would he have to gain from it and it would involve others who given Dylan's age would find it difficult to keep him hidden and stop him from calling friends etc.
Kidnap to avoid child support payments? Unlikely. Would he and friends stage a fake kidnap amd face serious jail time when he could go through the courts or seek custody and then have the mom pay support.
If Dylan ran away why has he not contacted his friends at least to say he is ok especially since he texted frequently.
if he was kidnapped by a stranger than it is likely for a sexual reason, in which case why isn't the father being more vocal, helping the search and co-operating fully?
The logical conclusion is that F Dylan is dead at the hands of his father sometime the night he arrived.
Accidents do happn so why was 911 not called which would be the normal response?
A non accidental death.
An autopsy would reveal the cause and thus mean manslaughter or murder thus a need to conceal the body and file a false report.
If kidnappingis one of the reasons he wants police looking at him, what are the other reasons?
Has he passed a polygraph? have blood and cadaver dogs checked his house and vehicle?

The more they look at me, the more they are going to realize I have nothing to do with this."
This is close that is distancing, he places himself close to the disappearance.
Realise is passive.

The dad knows more than he is saying.
When someone is dceptive the have a reason to be deceptive.
was it an accidental death or was it preplanned?
The death of Dylan means no more child support payments, no unwanted visits, no contact with the ex.

Anonymous said...

What about the mother's statements? When she was asked if she had anything to do with her son's disappearance, what was her answer? Her response didn't sound like a reliable denial to me!!

I think they will discover Dylan soon. His disappearance is just too strange.

Jazzie said...

Dylan's mom interview with Denver 9 News @ 5:41 marker:

Denver 9: "Have they (LE) said that you're clear?"
Dylan's mom: " No, no, they have not."
Denver 9: " Did you have anything what so ever to do with Dylan's disappearance?"
Dylan's mom: "You know, I wish I did, because then he'd be home. I mean, I wish I could relive that day, and, and, and, do things a lot differently. Um, I had absolutely, nothing to do with Dylan's disappearance. And I really feel sorry for the person who did."

How is Dylan's mom statement different than his dad's? I ask simply because I am seeing the same kind of statement from both parents.

Tania Cadogan said...

Both show deception.
What we don't know is the reason for the deception.

It could be guilty knowledge due to involvement of the crime.

It could be due to parental guilt - the why didn't i do this instead of that.

It could be guilt in relation to their relationship with their ex.

What we need to look for is where the deception shows and it's sensitivity to the subject.

We know Dylan made it his father, we have him on cctv at the airport, the store and the restaurant.
This, for the moment, excludes the mother taking Dylan although it cannot exclude her hiring someone.

The father's responses, his history and his being the last person to see Dylan alive are sufficient to cause LE to look closely at him and his possible involvement.
Passing a polygraph (as long as the right questions are asked) will help to clear him, as will no reactions from blood or cadaver dogs and no evidence of foul play in the home and vehicles he has access to.
An interview by a statement analyst or someone training in analysis can further clear him.

If he fails the polygraph, there is forensic evidence of foul play or an analysts finds deception in the relevant areas concerning what happened to Dylan will narrow down the investigation to him.

If he is not involved, it is in his interest to fully co-operate with LE.
if he is involved we will see the usual behavior we have seen in similar cases, obstruction, lawyering up, demeaning of the victim etc.

As it stands, the father is the likely suspect and i need to hear the 911 call and further statements from him to see why he is being deceptive.

Anonymous said...

"that boy I despise when these people say THAT and gender..I recall the Anthony's always calling Caylee..THAT LITTLE GIRL..../uggg I told my mom, if they loved her so much why does the mom, grandma and grandpa always say..That little girl??.../ugg not a term of endearment..on the other side, my mom calls all us girls "sis"....She phones and it is not hi daughter, it is HI sis..... Maybe these people grew up different from me...I dont know

Anonymous said...

Mark Redwine didn't call 911....he waited until 6pm the day Dylan supposedly went missing, then drove to the sheriffs office to report Dylan missing. He took an LDT and LE told him it was inconclusive. LE told Elaine she passed her LDT.

Anonymous said...

From what we know Dylan didn't want to go see his dad. I think he got there and let his dad know that. I think he told his dad he wanted to go home or was going to leave and his dad was hurt and angry and said, FIne, I'll take you to the airport. I think his dad felt him slipping away, and blamed the mom. I also think because the mom seemed as if she was starting a new family with a new guy and Mark's kids, and Mark was upset she was moving on when he was still stuck in the past.

So I think he told Dylan he was taking him to the airport and instead took him somewhere and killed him. To get revenge on Dylan and his wife for both hurting him, in his mind.

Anonymous said...

"The more they look at me, the more they are going to realize I have nothing to do with this."

If he killed Dylan, this statement could mean he blames his wife for it.

Sus said...

I think the mother's statement does show guilt. But because she makes other statements calling out to her son, I believe her guilt involves letting Dylan go to his father's.

On December 4 the mother said she passed a polygraph. The father's was inconclusive. Sources are still reporting this is correct, but police will not comment so as "not to tip off any suspect."

I wish the mother would go back to her first instinct and pressure her ex. Keep blaming him till he blows up and speaks.

Jazzie said...

"Ryan and friends Fernando Stubbs and Wesley Herring... The boys said Dylan wasn’t shy about hitching rides."

Dylan's dad speaks:
"For the love of God, if you have any compassion in your heart, you will do the right thing and let him come home to his family."

Perhaps why the polygraph was inconclusive:
"At the same time, Mark Redwine has been thrust into the public spotlight, something he's not used to...“I tend to be more of a private person,” he explained. “I keep things bottled up inside.”

Dad's statement of "bottled up" could indicate drinking (alcohol) therefore a result in an "inconclusive" polygraph?
Trista Reynolds' polygraph was inconclusive but not an indicator of guilt in the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds, yes?

JerseyJane said...

Oooh, Daddy isn't too private! Having drunkard sex with a family friend(think wife's BF) on his family home's lawn for his wife and sons to see.... I can see some oversexed 20-something pulling stunts like that but ......

Very good, Trigger.. Finding Bottled up...
Bottled Up and ready to explode!!! Yup...

JerseyJane said...

Sorry^ for Jazzie...

I agree with ur findings...:-)

Anonymous said...

I think he had sex on the lawn not for sport but to punish his wife. Which shows he was not afraid to hurt his children in his war with his wife. THis is why I think he killed Dylan. To hurt and punish his wife.

Anonymous said...

Wow does anyone see a pattern with mom and dad? Did anyone think it was known but out of there control? There is a bigger picture here but no one wants to listen. Neither parent had anyway of preventing this now. One parent is responsible for this happening for something that happened years ago possibly before Dylan was here. This parent didn't know what was in the mix of there agreement thinking it would actually never truly happen. Power behind why Dylan is gone is more than most understand or will ever believe is out there until the day comes they have no choice but to be governed by it. One person messaged me saying I don't know how to get him safely. After a series of events and uncovering others to see the whole picture. La Plata won't ever find this boy they could of instead told the one who told them where to look it was searched and any further help would result in a warrant for there arrest in CO. People need to realize how many kids go missing from CO and think about the city below them. Who is behind that city not good people........not good people at all.

Anonymous said...

The dad killed him...... no i mean no parent would ever not take a polygraph to help clear themselves especially if it helped find their child... Dr Phil has the best resources and the money to help him... He's guilty!!!! & the truth will come out and make alot of people that believed him sick!!!! Watch he's going to crack the ex wife is the key to making him crack he hates her and blames her for everything... You want the truth put in in a room with her and he will explode.... Watch he can't control his anger when it comes to her..... Trust me she's the key to finding Dylan!