Saturday, February 23, 2013

Memory Loss and Deception

Jodi Arias was recently indicated for deception in her "memory" struggles and memory loss.

There are certain things that help us understand the deception behind, "I don't recall" and "I forgot..."

One of these principles is that order speaks to priority.

What is wrong with this statement?

"The man yelled at me.  He humiliated and frightened me.  He robbed me of my wallet.  He got everything I had and now I am broke.  Oh, and, I forgot to tell you, he shot my wife."

It is goofy.

Order speaks to priority.

The expectation is that his wife's shooting would be first and, possibly, little else would follow.

Dr. Paul Ekman wrote that "I don't recall" is the number one deceptive answer in court.  Liars, when caught, often say, "uh, I forgot to tell you..."

Here is one such example from 2011.  It is a shame Big Country did not include the quote.

Billie Dunn Says She Has Protective Order against Shawn Adkins

Billie Dunn, whose 13-year-old daughter has been missing since last December, says she has a protective order against Shawn Adkins, her former live-in boyfriend and the only named suspect in Hailey Dunn's disappearance.

Billie Dunn called KTAB reporter Priscilla Luong to inform her of the protective order, saying she had forgotten to mention it in the news conference she gave this afternoon.

Not only had she "forgotten" an Order of Protection, but she had forgotten to "mention" it. 
One can only wonder if these were the precise words employed. 
Dunn was arrested Thursday night after police came to her house looking for Adkins, and she lied to investigators, telling them he wasn't inside.  She was charged with hindering apprehension or prosecution, false report to a police officer, and possession of dangerous drugs.  She was released Friday morning on $6,500 bond.

The protective order was filed as a direct result of what happened last night, Dunn told Luong.  The filing cannot be confirmed at this time because the courts are closed.

Dunn admitted to lying to police on Thursday night, but would not explain why.  She said Adkins was at her house because he wanted to talk to her about something, but she didn't specify what.

One might venture a guess on what Adkins wanted to talk about, and why Dunn declined to say what it was.  

One might. 
According to Dunn, Adkins cannot come near property for a year under the protective order.  She said she has no plans to see him again and will not rekindle a relationship with him in the future


Trigger said...

She has "no plans" to see him again and will not "rekindle" the relationship.

This woman is not committed to this statement.

She does not have make plans to see Shawn, her will find her without her having to plan it.

She does not have to rekindle something that is burning hot.

JerseyJane said...

Good going,Trigger, right on!

Who needs plans when he is right there in her face? Hehe!!

Same excuse for killing/hurting or whatever her part was in Hailey's death.... (twirling her finger in her cheek) I didn't plan to kill/hurt Hailey, so I did not kill/hurt her!

Game playing in life is all they know.

Deejay said...

I'm going to guess she never does a day in prison for her daughter's murder. She will turn state's evidence in a heartbeat and claim abuse, or brain injury or something.
Shawn, if you read tea leaves, you better confess first.

Anonymous said...

Agree deejay, Shawn is basically Billie's you know what and will have to do whatever she says until the day he dies to prevent her from turning him in and blaming the murder and cover up on him. Big scary Shawn is nothing but a puppy on a leash now, probably needs to get permission to take a leak.

BostonLady said...

Deejay, Billie has already turned on Shawn. It is just that she flip flops depending upon the day. Billie was just on another blog talk radio show and she took the first shot right off the bat at Shawn. Billie states that she now believes "most" of what the investigators told her. But if anyone looks back over all of her statements, she has said this each time more negative information was revealed. i.e. child porn.. beastiality..etc. And then immediately, she is back with Shawn.

The interview the other night was nothing but Billie lying and saying she couldn't really remember details. Funny because she changed the details. How is it that people who have only followed the case are able to remember what she has spewed and she cannot?? Because she lies so often, she can't remember what she said to who or when. Something we learn in s.a. that it is not coming from her memory.

Billie couldn't answer why after 2 years she still has not spoken with Maribeth's mother. One would think that would have been the first person Billie would have approached about where her daughter was supposed to be that night. Why can't she ask now?

Another thing Billie stated is that David Dunn has never taken a polygraph and yet he seems to be the last non suspect who saw Hailey before she disappeared. Yes, Shawn states he saw Hailey at 3pm on Monday but based on what has been revealed, he did not. Does David know what happened to Hailey ? David left the home at 9pm on Sunday night and wasn't home until 5pm the next day (Monday). Why didn't Billie call Hailey on Monday at noon to tell her to text David to get home, like she did to David on Tuesday for Hailey???? I wonder if LE asked her the same thing.

Billie will continue to lie because she has a group of enablers who tell her she's a good mom. They told Billie that she was a good mom for taking David to a Mushroom Head concert. And, how wonderful it was that Billie and David were able to talk about Hailey with the band and got her in the mainstream. Seriously. Has anyone seen a news article about this? Did either David or Billie wear a Hailey missing t shirt to get her name out there?? Did the enabler think that Billie and David did that? Billie later stated she "mentioned" Hailey. Lies. And what the heck was the satanic group going to do with a mention? If you don't know this band, look up their lyrics. They are shocking.

This is Billie who stated "I feel like I'm a wonderful mom. Although I lost my daughter, I did the best I could and I will continue to do so.”

Anonymous said...

Just framing sick!!!!! Ughhh u rot in hell Bilkie Jean Dunn for what u did to Hailey !!!!!

Trigger said...

There is an Old English term for a woman like Billie who has Shawn by the you know whats.

She would be called the "cockhold."

Anonymous said...

What interviews?

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