Friday, May 17, 2013

CNN Report Police: Suspects ID'd In Maddie McCann Case

Police: Suspects ID'd in British girl's '07 disappearance

By CNN Staff

Kate and Gerry McCann pose with an artist's impression of how their daughter Madeleine now.
Kate and Gerry McCann pose with an artist's impression of how their daughter Madeleine now.

(CNN) -- British police have identified a number of suspects in the disappearance of British girl Madeleine McCann during a 2007 family vacation in Portugal, London's Metropolitan Police said Friday.
A review was launched in 2011 in an attempt to find out what happened to the British toddler who vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve coast, police told CNN.
Police have been working closely with Portuguese authorities on the case.
"The purpose of the review was to look at the case with fresh eyes and there is always real benefit in doing so. The review has further identified both investigative and forensic opportunities to support the Portuguese," Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell said.
The girl was a few days shy of her fourth birthday when she disappeared.


Tania Cadogan said...

Madeleine McCann: New Suspects Identified

Police have identified a number of suspects in the case of missing Madeleine McCann, Scotland Yard has disclosed.

Officers investigating the case as part of a review have drawn up a list of "people of interest" they wish to speak to in connection with the disappearance of Madeleine in May 2007.

The review was launched in 2011 in an attempt to find out what happened to the toddler who vanished from the family's holiday apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve.

Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell said: "The purpose of the review was to look at the case with fresh eyes and there is always real benefit in doing so. The review has further identified both investigative and forensic opportunities to support the Portuguese.
"There is more than a handful of people of interest which could be explored further if only to be eliminated.

"The key things are to investigate the case and our work is happening to support the Portuguese."

A spokesman for the McCann family, Clarence Mitchell, said: "Kate and Gerry continue to be encouraged by Operation Grange and are very pleased by the work the police are doing. Beyond that they won't be commenting on any operational matters."

The Portuguese authorities' handling of the original investigation was widely criticised.

The police named Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, as suspects but they were cleared in July 2008 when the attorney general ruled there was nothing to link them to their daughter's disappearance.

Madeleine disappeared from the bedroom of the ground floor apartment that she was sharing with her brother and sister Sean and Amelie, who are twins, on the evening of May 3, 2007, just days before her fourth birthday.

Her parents had been enjoying a holiday meal with friends at a tapas restaurant just 130 yards away.

Mr and Mrs McCann, who have campaigned endlessly to find out what happened to their daughter, recently quietly celebrated her tenth birthday.

Speaking at that time, Mrs McCann, a GP, said: "We still celebrate her and her being part of our lives. I go into Madeleine's room and I don’t even have to talk - I can just think. It's as it was really and I’m not ready to change it.

"We always include Madeleine in everything. She is in my head and my heart every minute of every day."

Tania Cadogan said...

What catches my eye is the way it is phrased, more than a handful and the fact they are called persons of interest to be explored if only to be eliminated. They also say they are supporting the Portuguese and it was the Portuguese who made lilo lil and lord muck Arguidos and have called the tapas 7 liars.

Will the gruesome twosome and the pink princess be so nice when it turns out to be them under the microsocope and will be called in to do a police interview?

The only people of interest are the mccanns and their friends, none of the alleged suspects found by their private eyes have either been shown to even exist let alone have any relation to the case although some of the images do look suspiciosly like gerry, russell and even kate with a moustache. the gruesomes refused to even accept the Smith sightuing as they identified the man carrying a child as gerry until they had no choice.

I suspect from the language SY are referring to the group and will be calling them in for interviews possibly even under caution.

The Portuguese police will be present in all likelihood and getting SY to ask relevant questions as to all the discrepencies.

If interviewed under caution , given they are persons of interest, will the tapas 7 continue to lie knowing they will face charges of obstruction of justice, perverting the course of justice and even possibly charges relating to the death and disposal of Maddie.

The pressure is being cranked up, the gruesomes lost the case against Amaral, begged to be allowed to come to a deal that he finds agreeable and now the word is being leaked they are persons of interest in the SY investigation.
They cannot claim inept investigation, they are the ones who demanded SY be involved, hoist by their own petard me thinks.

Lilo lil is close to cracking, will she confess or will she carry out her threat of pressing a button so they ALL be togeather.
Will lord muck ever stop smirking?

John Mc Gowan said...

Sharpen your claws Hobs. :-)

Skeptical said...

Does anyone else find it ironic that the only persons shown under the headline "Suspects ID'd in Maddie McCann Case" are the McCanns? Was that some of the author's truth marbles spilling out?

Excruciating Headache said...

Perhaps they prefer not to accuse someone publicly until they have more solid information. You know, like after questioning the "people of interest".

Law enforcement dropped the ball on this case in the first place. How much more credible are they six years later? Not much.

chris said...

Chris said...

Why not Billie and Shawn?

Anonymous said...

But didn't statement analysis say the parents did it ?

Anonymous said...

Hobnob stop slandering! U Evil høg!

Anonymous said...

Hobnob is keypad bully.

Anonymous said...

So Hob, are you saying the parents & all of their group of friends are in on it. The parents killed the little girl & all their freinds helped cover it up. Wow...that is kind of reaching...I don't have any friends that would help me cover up me killing my kid. My own family wouldn't do that.

Anonymous said...

Brave bully "anon"shush pig!

Anonymous said...

Its "John"^^

Nanna Frances said...

To those who accuse Hobnob of bullying:

Would you leave your child a mere 130 yards away while you dined and drank for hours? Not if you have any sense!

Would you answer any and all questions the police had? You would if you wanted your daughter found.


Excruciating Headache said...

Anons, pick a name! It makes it easier to follow the game.

It's Friday afternoon here and I'm all in.

Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon.

Too darn right i am saying the parents are involved in the death, disappearance and subsequent cover up.

Their behavior from the get go was that of guilt no innocence, their statements indicated deception not truth.

Their refusal to fully co-operate with LE in doing a police reconstruction or lilo lil answering those 48 questions ( questions she has still refused to answer to this day despite pleading for any single thing which might help find Maddie)

Their prompt hiring of defence lawyers closely followed by spin doctors and then extradition lawyers when they ran from Portugal on having their arguidoship lifted (POI)

Their controlling of the UK media, limiting questions in interviews, their threats to sue anyone who disagreed with their version of events and their actual suing of the ex lead detective in the case Goncalo Amaral who did a documentary showing their story simply didn't work ( they then did a mockumentary to counteract it cclaiming it would show what happened & didn't, instead it turned into a family love in, rows about who was where in the street and the actress who played lilo lil being cut as her story was unbelievable according to lord muck) they tried to get his book banned claiming it was libellous and hindered the search even though he had access to all the PJ files ( unlike the gruesomes) they won the 1st round and lost the subsequent ones and are currently trying to cop a deal with him that he is happy with before their libel trial( it is almost unheard of for plaintiffs to ask to do a deal with the defendant as they are the ones suing and have the upper hand) they are terrified of appearing in court since they have to tell the truth or face perjury charges which can carry a life term.

The fact that independant witnesses have made allegations of innapropriate behavior and language in regard to lord muck and david payne alleging paedophilia, the fact a social worker recognised david payne from a case, she couldn't remember in relation to what though, the fact david payne like to bathe little children not just his own.
The deafening silence in regard to the paedophile allegations, the worst thing you can call a man.

The fund which was created within days and used to pay the mortgage and to support the family in everything except apparantly searching.

The non transparency of the fund despite their claims especially after out of the millions a pittance was spent on actual searching.

The monies spent on private detectives, non of whom found anything indicating abduction and who most have been proven to be fraudulent or conmen or both.

The non suing of halligen who conned the fund out of £500,000 and whoo is facing trial in the states.

The cadaver dogs reacting in the apartment, cuddle cat, lilo lil's pants, a child t shirt and the hire car. the blood dogs doing the same.

Claiming the dogs were useless despite a 100% track record including finding remaisn in water and in a burnt out car, the example they used was a american man who murdered his wife, dogs indicated in the garage that a body had lain there. after 30 years he admitted the dogs had been right all along, cue silence from the gruesomes.

The not actually physically searching, the tennis games the following days and the jogging.
the dumping their children in the creche the following day despite the chance it could have been a staff member involved.

Lilo lil's own words telling us Maddie is dead and haunts her, the graphic description of a corpse on a cold slab and her torn perfect little genitals (p.129 in her bewk)

Lord muck's own blog where, on the page about Maddie she warranted 7 little words)
His own blog which was about how good he is , how busy and smart he is, how well he is doing, how the media love him and all the interviews, oh, and occasionally a mention of Maddie when he gets her name right.

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder what hold do they have over the taps 7?
Swinging is no big deal these days.
Sedating the children could cost them their licence to practice, death of a child even accidentally is a certainty along with serious Jail time for abuse and neglect.
Paedophilia again serious time and loss of licence.

They could have faced up to 10 yrs for child neglect resulting in harm except if they were charged with that they couldn't then be charged with homicide, concealing a corpse and filing a false police report.

Medical staff know all too well what can happen to a child in a house, they are hyper vigilant. all the children it seems were in the same room so there could not have been any abduction.
One has to ask why they didn't call 911 if she was injured?
Was it because it could not have been passed off as accidental?
Would an autopsy have revealed incriminating evidence of abuse?

All the evidence points to a death in the apartment,no death has ever been recorded there, a child is missing and cadaverine and blood is found.

They vowed to take a poly then backtracked when taken up on it, setting all sorts of impossible conditions including 100% proof ( if they were innocent they would pass, if they were guilty they wouldn't)

All refused reconstructions citing frivolous reasons ( how would it help find Maddie) or ridiculous demands.

Looking at all this, is this the behavior of innocent parents and friends or rather the behavior of guilty parents and friends.

Do you see their behavior akin to the ramseys, the dipshits, the celis's, the cummings, debbi and jeremy, lena lunsford, terri horman, dunn and adkins,the anthony's, mark redwine etc or do you see them as Trisha reynolds, Desiree Horman, the mother of Ben Needham, Sara Payne etc.

The behavior of an innocent parent follows an expected path, the behavior of a guilty parent also follows an expected path.

The paths are mutually exclusive.

The mccann have with their own words shown us they are deceptive.
Why would they need to be deceptive if they were innocent?

Deceptive people have a reason to be deceptive, it could be guilt or guilty knowledge.

Their priority is, and always has been themselves and their reputations.

s said...

To "Anons"
Stop calling Hobs names. You are the only ones that look like bullies!

Esther said...

I doubt it matters but I agree completely with everything Hobnob has stated. I thought the same thing when I read the article. For anyone asking, yes I think the Mccann's are involved and yes, I think their friends are involved and I think that whole little circle is shady and perverse.

Kerli said...

I agree with Hobs also.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:39 Tonight I learned of a case from my hometown.

The E family. Several years ago one of the sons was drunk and his girlfriend was going to stay the night with him, at his parents' home. The girlfriend was killed that night, with a broken neck, it severed her brain stem. He alleges she fell down the stairs. I have always believed he killed her.

His brother is married and has a daughter. His sister is married and has several children, one of which is a 17 year old son who is now in jail for molesting the little girl. Here's where things get sick and p*ss me off. (Sorry Peter, but once I tell this, you will understand). Little Girl told her parents that cousin is touching her, when she is 4 or 5. The entire family decided to not do anything. The boy was only 14. There were no services given to the boy and no investigation into why he was a predator at 14. The sexual abuse always happened at their Grandma's house. Not only did the family do nothing, they didn't even remove his access to the little girl. Btw, little girl has been labeled with learning disabilities and is in a special school. I believe it is possibly due to arrested development. There is no way of knowing how young she was when the abuse started. Why was he arrested this week? Because she told her teacher. 3.5 years and the family has let it continue and yes, they all covered it up!

Blaze said...

There's always a suspect in May.
Total hogwash.
Clarence Mitchell is still alive??

Anonymous said...

The mghans are guilty.

Lis said...

Great recap, Hobs. Sums it all up.

S + K Mum said...


After millions spent, in money terms and police hours there is no evidence of an abduction.

Regardless of EVERYTHING else, that is an important fact.

They told lies, and everyone knows if you tell lies you have something to hide.

What could two innocent parents want to hide that is more important than their missing daughter? Nothing! Those two make me mad, Clarence Mitchell is like a little lap dog for people with money. Quite a pathetic 'man' really, will say anything for money.

Anonymous said...

S&k mum slanderous cow!

S + K Mum said...

I wonder when the Persons of Interest SY have identified will be interviewed? Or re-interviewed?

Thank you for the kind words anonymous. However, I am not fat, and I am not a cow. I am human and actually rather slim, enjoying the gym numerous times a week :) Not quite into running marathons yet but you never know - it's not out of my reach.

drdebo said...

who is "Lilo lil"?

Tania Cadogan said...

kate mccann :)

Anonymous said...

Lilo lil = hobnob(satan)!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maddie mcann will be found one day With the mystery woman that was seen in Barcelona . I believe that maddie is alive with this Victoria beckham lookalike lady. Or the woman knows what happened to maddie and where she is . I think the mcanns know this woman to .

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 3 june 4:29 on what basis can you believe that? What you mean to say is: I hope she will be found one day and that she will be with this unidentified woman.