Monday, March 10, 2014

Charli's Family Continues Search


Red Ryder said...

Brooke is a great sister and a strong advocate. She will not give up! She touches her heart many times in this interview, this is so deep for her. She is often taking deep, deep breaths as though there is not enough oxygen in the air.
She is a good speaker. When she talks about Steve, it sounds like she is inviting him, "we are not his enemies. We just have questions" She has many questions and will not give up. I could sense her frustration when she spoke about turning someone upside down and shaking them to get information to help find her sister. They know Charli is dead but they are determined/need to find her. God bless their family and I hope they find Charli today.

Red Ryder said...

On Tuesday, police sources told the local news outlet Hawaii News Now that they were waiting for forensic lab reports on some new evidence, that included a human tooth, blood and pieces of bone found near where they had earlier discovered articles of clothing belonging to Carly Scott, as well as gloves and duct tape.

These items have not been confirmed as Charli but this was part of what led to her disappearance being reclassified as a homicide. " a human tooth, blood and pieces of bone " What the heck happened? Seriously. Her poor family, having to hear things like that:(

"No suspect was named, but Scott's ex-boyfriend, who was the last to see her, was named as a person of interest."

I don't know if he was officially a POI before or the difference btw suspect and POI, but they have him in their sights!

S + K Mum said...

Heartbreaking to watch Charli's dad and sister speak. They are trying to be so strong. I hope they find her soon. Hats off to their restraint when talking about Steve.....and at the same time calling him out about his unanswered questions and inconsistencies. He cares more about hostility shown towards him than Charli and his unborn child?! Awful:(

S + K Mum said...

Just read your 2nd post Red Ryder, :( That is really scary, how horrific :(

Nic said...

Red Ryder said:
These items have not been confirmed as Charli but this was part of what led to her disappearance being reclassified as a homicide. " a human tooth, blood and pieces of bone " What the heck happened?

I'm thinking it has something to do with the "extra light tools" he brought to where his car was "stuck". There is no such thing as "extra light tools" and I would ask him what he meant by that. Light/heavy equipment, yes. Tools, not so much unless you're talking about a jack and/or tire wrench. But, he didn't report having a flat tire. He reported being "stuck".

Charli was known to help people because of the car she had. So I'm half wondering if she had a winch or at least a hitch/capability to pull someone out of wherever they would be stuck. Again, she would have whatever she used to "unstick" anyone, i.e, hook, rope, chain as that is how she is known to help people. Why the need for him to have "extra light tools".

In any event, I'm wondering if someone else was involved. How did he get from his abandoned car to his place and whomever helped him then, why couldn't they drive him back out? Or...why couldn't he have just called her from his "stuck" car to come out to where he was having problems?

I spent some of this morning reading more reports about Charli's case and read about her phone pinging. So I googled that and found a timeline up to Charli going missing on Their timeline appears legit as they state where they pulled their information from:

8:00pm … last seen at sister’s house in Haiku
8:30pm … picked up ex-bf at his house (as per ex-bf's interview)
9:30pm … arrived at ex-bf’s truck stuck in Keanae at MM20 (time as per Mom’s interview)
10:30pm … “they got back to Haiku” “he doesn’t know what happened to her” - referring to ex-bf’s words about losing sight of her headlights “around Twin Falls” (quoting from both his & Mom’s interviews)
11:00pm … last GPS ping on Charli’s cell phone at Honomanu (from FindCharliScott FB)

Charli's sister has got her back. I watched with interest her reaction to the reporter saying that the reason why he wasn't helping to look for Charli was because of the hostility he said he felt from the family. She looked incredulous at that. I admired her self-control when she said, "All we want..." (paraphrasing) were answers/clarification to his inconsistencies about what happened that night.

Charli's baby has a name. His name is Joshua. It's sad what his mom posted about the baby "not counting". God speed Charli and Joshua are found quickly and this chapter of their lives be put to rest.

Red Ryder said...

. " a human tooth, blood and pieces of bone " What the heck happened?

Bringing Hobs over from an earlier thread:)from before the finding of above evidence. It's amazing how sensitivity can give clues (possibly) to events.

Hobnob said...
Perhaps he refers to light tools as tools that could not be used as a weapon.
Does this mean then there are tools that could be used as a weapon ie heavy tools?

He introduces light tools making it sensitive to him.

Are we looking at beaten to death with a heavy tool such as hammer/wrench/crowbar/hammer etc?

Hi Nic, interesting theory on a 2nd person. it had also crossed my mind but you are working out the details! I don't think there have been any verbal indications of a 2nd person.

Nic said...

Red Ryder,

You, and everyone else, will find this interesting....

Unforgivable and disgusting – that's how Charli Scott's family members are describing the missing woman's landlord after claims he removed personal items from her home. The five-month pregnant woman has been missing for 11 days now, but family members believe the landlord took her belongings within hours of her disappearance.

[end snip]

As the commentators posted, MPD sound out of their league to not pick up on the landlord picking through her stuff based on (her not coming back?)

Nic said...

"Tools" as per wikipedia

Tools that are used in particular fields or activities may have different designations such as "instrument", "utensil", "implement", "machine", or "apparatus". The set of tools needed to achieve a goal is "equipment". The knowledge of constructing, obtaining and using tools is technology.

Hmmm reference "set of tools needed to achieve a goal is equipment".

I googled light equipment and found a job post for a "light equipment operator". The equipment is defined (but not limited to) "bob cats, bulldozers, excavators, front-end loaders, back hoes, rollers, and graders to move earth. "

What does SC do for a living? Would he have access to this type of equipment?

Nic said...

SC referred to "extra light equipment".

What tools would be needed to get his vehicle from being stuck? (Besides being pulled?) Would that include a shovel?

Nic said...

...Do you think Charli may have had any enemies?"

Steven: "That's hard for me to say. I didn't hang out with her very often. But, I mean, she had kind of a mouth on her -- I could see her pissing somebody off. But again, I don't want to speculate -- I don't know for certain."

He doesn't want to speculate (sensitive), but by saying that, he encourages others to.

SC's reference in regards to "enemy", and to her having "kind of a mouth on her" ...her sister finding bloody clothes a broken tooth. The broken tooth and the disparaging reference to her mouth really bothers me. It sounds like seepage.

I hope they find Charli and Joshua soon.

Anonymous said...

Just a note for those who think this is a new video: That video was posted to Youtube Feb. 14th, 2014.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the tooth and bone, Charli's sister, Brooke, commented in two different places on facebook that those were just rumors. That was about a day before the investigation was officially reclassified from Missing Person to Homicide though.
It's very possible the family is not wanting evidence to become widely known about by the public, especially while they still have a killer/killers actively working against them recovering Charli.

March 6, 2014, in response to a posting of this link:!/more-news-detail/v_9916096?orgId=55

Brooke Scott wrote:
"This article is hurting me. I wish she would stop. Police were out with us yesterday. Her info is from no other source but our worst dreams"
Like · Reply · 11 · March 6 at 9:52am

Juliette said...

OT: Conn. shooter's dad: 'You can't get any more evil'
Associated Press
8 hours ago

In his most extensive comments about the 2012 Connecticut school massacre, the father of gunman Adam Lanza describes his struggle to comprehend what his son did — an act that "couldn't get any more evil" — and how he now wishes that his son had never been born.

Peter Lanza also told The New Yorker magazine in a series of interviews last fall that he believes Adam would have killed him, too, if he had the chance. And he often contemplates what he could have done differently in his relationship with Adam, although he believes the killings couldn't have been predicted.

"Any variation on what I did and how my relationship was had to be good, because no outcome could be worse," Peter Lanza told the magazine in an article dated March 17. "You can't get any more evil. ... How much do I beat up on myself about the fact that he's my son? A lot."

Read more:

CarlaP said...

"although he believes the killings couldn't have been predicted."

Is he serious? The actual target location maybe could not have been predicted, but who (besides him) couldn't have predicted that giving a paranoid, mentally ill person unlimited access to a mass quantity of guns and ammo wouldn't result in murder? I understand the psychological need to distance himself from his son and the atrocity he committed, but he needs to own the fact it was obvious to everyone but the family that is son could snap and kill someone. Hindsight is 20/20, I suppose.

Look at this photo....

If I saw that face coming towards me on the street, I would run. Would you let this person near a gun?!?!

Nic said...

Re anon @ 5:21

I thought about that before posting. However, I think the evidence is relevant and it points to the homicide being personal/known. i.e., in the face.

It's a severe and scary revelation but IMO, I believe it warrants consideration.

Nic said...

Anon @ 5:09
Most every thing was back in February. Sadly Charli and Joshua's case isn't as easy to keep in the public domain. I don't know if it's because they are on an Island and so away from mainstream. I'm just bumping reports to the forefront.

Prayers for Charli, Joshua and family.

Anonymous said...

Nic, that makes sense. And this is does sound like it could be seepage:

"SC's reference in regards to "enemy", and to her having "kind of a mouth on her" ...her sister finding bloody clothes a broken tooth. The broken tooth and the disparaging reference to her mouth really bothers me. It sounds like seepage."

BTW, The reporter didn't retract the tooth and bone information.

MemphisPat said...

If you read the entire New Yorker article, I believe you'll understand that much of what we've read about Adam Lanza's life is untrue. Much was done to diagnose him and the mother used methods that have worked with other autistic kids to help him. No professional was able to predict what would happen. I admire the father for speaking publicly about what will trouble him forever.

Lanah said...


I agree, I can't understand what the mother or father was thinking allowing him to be around guns, buying him guns, and training him to shoot them.
Also, What in the hell was wrong with Adam Lanza? I do kinda agree with the father that asperger's would not make someone like that, I don't think? It really makes you wonder what else was wrong with him??

Lanah said...

Only thing I can figure is that SOME people with asperger's have a reduced ability to feel empathy. That may have contributed? But that lady was just plain out of her mind to think that it would be a good idea to train him to shoot guns and give him guns!!!
He must have had other problems though besides asperger's though judging from just the fact that he had garbage bags taped over his windows and wanted nothing to do with anyone. Maybe schizophrenia?
I'm no expert, but I have a lot of trouble believing asperger's was the only disorder he had.

Red Ryder said...

March 6, 2014, in response to a posting of this link:!/more-news-detail/v_9916096?orgId=55

Brooke Scott wrote:
"This article is hurting me. I wish she would stop. Police were out with us yesterday. Her info is from no other source but our worst dreams"

Re:the tooth/bone fragments. So the reporter invented this info? Or is this something LE did not want released? I'm lost here...

Anonymous said...

Red Ryder, It's not clear at this point if the reporter invented it (based on rumors heard or read by the reporter,) or if LE was the source, or if LE didn't want that info. released.
The sister, Brooke, didn't want that info released, whether it's true or not.

Anonymous said...

Peter or anyone-can you comment on "worst dreams" vs "nightmare". I have seen this before, a loved one of a victim saying this is my worst dream. It strokes me as odd because I personally would refer to it a my worst nightmare and the word dream trips me up when I see it in this context. A dream to me is not bad, a nightmare is. Am I just dramatic? Thanks, my3angels.

elf said...

Adam lanzas asbergers did not cause him to go on a shooting spree.

CarlaP said...


My comments were not in reference to Aspergers or anything on the Autism spectrum. Completely unrelated. I'm saying it's clear from the later photos of him that there was evidence of mental illness, psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia which would indicate a propensity for violence.

CarlaP said...

I said "paranoid, mentally ill person"

I did not state or infer that it was in any way related to his diagnosis of Aspergers's Syndrome.

I'm speaking of a mental illness completely separate and unrelated to anything relating to Asperger's or ASD.

Nic said...

Anon @ 12:06

I'm not sure. From what I have read, the Scotts are very spiritual. There is a certain spiritualness associated with the islands. Aloha I equate to "irie" - another island, another time but the same sort of language. :0)

There are references to rainbows, unicorns, goth imaging, etc.

Good dreams, bad dreams. I don't know if nightmares factor into their paradigm. The family, mom especially, appear settled on Charli and Joshua being on another realm. Thereby nothing being bad about that. jmo

Nic said...

The mom's reference to not being in front of the camera more (there not being a pic of her and Charli because she shied away from the lens,) hit home, big time.

Lesson learned. I am changing that effective today.

Anonymous said...

OT: Shawn Morgan pled guilty to BreeAnn Rodriguez' murder and kidnapping today. He was sentenced to two concurrent LWOP plus 10yrs for criminal action. It's been 3 years I think.

Anonymous said...

OT: From

Crazed kitty attacks baby, forces family to call 911
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 5:25 PM CST Updated: Mar 10, 2014 11:31 PM CST
By Paul Craig


A fat cat with a bad attitude attacked a baby and forced a Portland family to hide in a bedroom before calling 911.

Police were called out to deal with the crazed kitty at The Yards at Union Station complex on Northwest Naito Parkway just before 8 p.m. Sunday.

The man who called 911 told the dispatcher the cat "went over the edge," and was charging at them every time they opened the door. Lee Palmer, his girlfriend, Teresa Barker and their son, Jesse, were taking cover in the bedroom.

"He's trying to attack us," he said. "He's very, very, very, very hostile."


"He's got kind of a history of violence," the caller told a 911 dispatcher. "He's kind of a violent cat already. But he's really bad right now."

By Monday, everything had calmed down. Lux was hiding under a blanket when a Fox 12 crew arrived at the scene.

"It's only funny when it's not happening to you," said Teresa Barker, with a laugh. "When this happens to you, I assure you, you will do the same thing."

Anonymous asks: Anyone else think this was a hoax?

Anonymous said...

At 3:35 in the video, the reporter asks "And any result on the shirt and ... the blood was?" (missing a word or inaudible)

Charli's father and Brooke seem to confirm there was blood, but also not want to discuss it. It is unclear whether the blood was on the shirt, the aforementioned pants found in a different area, or just at the scene.

This was early in the search- before Feb. 14th. The case wasn't classified as a homicide until March 7th. LE possibly received forensic reports about the blood in the meantime, or the change in classification was based on other evidence.

shelley said...


not sure if this was posted bht I dont recall seing it. the article was from late 2013 regarding Ayla. Trista was the speaker. Its worse than I realized and more alarming there has not been arrests.

"What I thought right off my head was it was a murder scene," Reynolds told CNN in a network exclusive interview, referring to police photographs.

"There was just like Ayla's blood ... everywhere," she added.

Reynolds told CNN she was shown photographs of what appeared to be her daughter's blood discovered on the child's slippers and on a doll in her bedroom, and a silver-dollar-sized stain on a living room sofa.

Mother reveals secret evidence
2012: Who was inside Ayla's house?
2012: Blood found in home of Ayla's dad
2012: Ayla mystery deepens

In the basement, where Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, slept, Reynolds says police allegedly found more of Ayla's blood and on the walls, the floor, in a "fist-sized stain" on the mattress and sheets, on the tongue of DiPietro's sneakers and on a wood pallet leaning against a wall.

An additional spot of what appeared to be Ayla's blood was found on a child's car seat in DiPietro's vehicle.

Reynolds said police showed her some photographs of purported blood stains visible in the photos only because of chemical called luminal.

She said those images in particular were so disturbing, she could bear to see only a few.

"I had to actually... I shut it off. I asked them to stop. And there were three or four more pictures that they wanted to show me, and I just...I...I couldn't," she told CNN, her voice trailing off.

shelley said...

I think a jury would convict Justin.

there is no excuse for that amount of blood.

my son is 6 and has had cuts, scraps and bloody noses but I have no blood anywhere with or with out luminal.

a spot maybe, but if those pictures are how I imagine I believe tthe DA could get a guilty verdict with out her lil body.