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Trista Reynolds Letter Calling for Justice for Baby Ayla

An unemployed father of two children, from two different mothers, takes out a large life insurance policy against, not for, one of those children.  

He texts the mother his concern about this child being taken. He does not express concern about the other child, the one of whom he did not take a life insurance policy against.  

Weeks later, the child of whom he took out a life insurance policy against  is reported "taken"; and he has "no idea" what happened.  Shortly later, he had an "idea" and said that someone who did not agree with his parenting, kidnapped her.  This narrowed down the list of suspects from infinity to a handful.  

Police find no evidence of an intruder, but do find the baby's blood throughout the house. 

The father's statement shows deception.

Police state publicly that the father, along with his girlfriend and his sister, are all withholding information about what happened to the baby that night. 

The father "smoked" his polygraph.  

Yet, no consequences have fallen upon the father.  

[Editors note: This letter, dated March 24, 2014, was mailed to the Morning Sentinel, 31 Front St., Waterville, as a Letter to the Editor by Trista Reynolds, now of Biddeford, Maine. It was not edited for content, though misspellings were corrected.]

I am Trista Reynolds, the mother of Ayla Reynolds. Ayla went missing from her father's home on December 17, 2011. She was only 20 months old when she went missing.

I have had to accept that my daughter, in the words of the Maine State Police, will likely not be found alive. What I cannot accept is that her father has not been prosecuted. At the time of her disappearance she was staying with her father, Justin DiPietro on Violette Avenue in Waterville. There was so much of Ayla's blood found at the time that it is obvious a crime was committed there. My daughters blood was found on the car seat in Justins vehicle, on Aylas slipper, on a sofa upstairs, on her doll, on a fan cord downstairs in the basement, on a plastic tote, on a blanket found inside the tote (the Maine State Police said the blanket was used to clean-up the blood), inside Justins sneakers, a fist size stainon Justin's mattress and sheets, on the cement floor and wall beside Justin's bed (the MSP blood analysts determined that the blood splatters were created by intense projectile vomiting and/or blunt force trauma) and on a wood pallet in the basement. My daughter suffered and suffered greatly while in the care of her father yet he has not been held accountable.

I want to know, why hasnt Justin been charged with Endangering the Welfare of a Child? According to 17-A M.R.S.A S.554, a person is guilty of endangering the welfare of a child if being the parent, or having the care and custody of the child, cruelly treats that child by abuse, neglect or extreme punishment; being the parent of the child, knowingly deprives the child of necessary health care, with the result that the child is placed in danger of serious harm; or recklessly endangers the health, safety or welfare of a child by violating the duty of care. Endangering the Welfare of a Child is a Class D crime. However, Endangering the Welfare of a Child is a Class C crime when a parent recklessly fails to take reasonable measures to protect the child from the risk of further bodily injury after knowing that the child had, in fact, sustained bodily injury under circumstances posing a substantial risk of serious bodily injury or such bodily injury was, in fact, caused by the unlawful use of physical force by another person. You don't need a body to prosecute this crime; there is enough blood evidence to prove this crime was committed.

Maeghan Maloney, as the District Attorney for Kennebec County, you have a duty to prosecute crimes that occur within your jurisdiction. An incredibly heinous crime occurred on your watch yet Justin is allowed to walk free. You may not have the authority to prosecute Justin for murder but you do have the authority, and the obligation, to prosecute him for other crimes. The statute of limitations to prosecute Justin and others on the lesser Class D crime expires in less than 9 months.
Who can argue that Ayla was not a victim of heinous abuse? Her father had a duty to protect her and he did not and for that he needs to be prosecuted. I call upon Maeghan Maloney to begin the prosecution of Justin DiPietro before time runs out. 


Frannie said...

How can your heart not go out to Trista? I do not live in Maine so for those of you reading this that do please flood Maeghan Maloney's office with letters so she will provide a public explanation of why her office has not yet acted.
Hugs and prayers to Trista

Misty said...

I am so happy to hear that Trista has not given up. Justin needs to be held accountable for what he did that his daughter. If he ends up not being held accountable here, during his time on Earth, I am certain he will be punished when he is gone.

John Mc Gowan said...

Trista Reynolds calls for child endangerment charges in Ayla disappearance
As the missing Waterville child’s fourth birthday approaches, a grieving mother is pushing for answers.


She said she knows she must accept that Ayla, in the words of state police, probably will not be found alive.

I hate it, but I’ve got to keep faith and be strong, and I’ve got two little boys here at home,” she said in Thursday’s phone interview. “My daughter’s life right now is in state police hands, and I have to trust them as best I can. It’s been hard being patient, but I’m doing my best at it. I’ve got to keep it together, but some days are harder than others. This week is a little rough because it was the week before having her — of having mini-contractions. It’s a lot of memories, having her and being pregnant with Raymond.

“It’s a lot of things running through my head lately, and it’s sad.”

What i noticed in this part of her statement is the strong use of possessive pronouns.

Even after the years have passed she still owns her words and her Daughter Ayla. There is no "we, Our" etc. Now i don't know if, it is accepted that she would slip into this type of language given the passage of time, and even if so, she doesn't. Unlike some people i could mention. ms dunn!

getthem said...


Angelina said...

Trista's strength in going up against an evil which even the justice system of Maine is not strong enough to prosecute reminds me of the story of David fighting the giant Goliath with nothing more than a slingshot.
Trista is a brave human being and I hope that, just as in the biblical story where the evil giant is defeated by David's great courage, I hope Trista prevails. My prayers are with her.

H said...

Before everyone floods Maeghan Maloney's office with letters, you should read the entire article which states she does not have jurisdiction of this case. Letters to the correct office may be more helpful...

Nanna Frances said...

Is this the correct district attorney?

District Attorney
18 Colby St Ste 3, Waterville, ME 04901
(207) 873-7317

Anonymous said...

Nanna, no they're saying Bill Stokes in the AG's office has jurisdiction.

Anonymous said...

I still think the LIP is a giant red herring.

How would DiPietro collect on the poilicy? Ayla's body would have to be found. And JD doesn't want that... above all things.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I don't think the LIP is a red herring. Derek initiated the sale of the LIP right after Ayla moved in with Justin. Therefore, I don't think the LIP is a red herring, rather it just makes me suspect Derek had involvement along with Justin and Phoebe (as she initiated the kidnapping of Ayla from Trista's sister).

Nic said...

Last I heard they only mentioned the "amount" of blood found in the basement (at the bottom of the stairs?) That's sick what happened to Ayla. Maine should take a page out of Florida/Heather Elvis's case and prosecute him/three on a lesser crime. Additionally, why weren't the other kids taken away in the beginning? The inertia boggles my mind.

Anonymous said...

Anon, 7:16...again, how would Justin collect on this insurance policy without a body? Wait seven years until Ayla can be declared legally dead? Forwartd thinking on Justin's part, and patience, too.

Would Justin have to prove enough blood was spilled in his house by the kidnapper to prove Ayla dead?

Sorry, but I can't see it. How does the guy collect?

I do agree that his pal, DT, is heavily involved in at least disposing of the body.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how those responsible, and those in the know, can live with themselves. Trista will never give up, that's obvious. I wish her some closure. I don't know how she moves forward with all the unknowns, she a strong mother, who will continue to seek justice for her daughter.

The LE and AG statements make it seem like they are working Ayla's case on a daily basis. They make it seem like they will, and plan to prosecute the guilty, but with their examples of cases being successfully prosecuted years and years later, it becomes disheartening. I don't know how long a mother can wait for such a prosecution, especially when knowing there is blood evidence of your daughter all over someones house.

Should it really take that long? I don't think a confession is in the future, and what if her body is never found? I wonder how long they are willing to wait?

Anonymous said...

Trista released the info of the locations, which was provided to her by le.

lulu said...

Does anyone else fantasize about torturing Douchebag DiPietro until he admits what he's done?

Nic said...

If I was living in Maine, I would be writing a letter. It's unacceptable that so much time has lapsed and there has been no movement on Ayla's behalf when there has been ample opportunity/cause to do *something*. (As per Trista's letter above and at least pull the other toddler out of the house right after Ayla went missing.) Wasn't there a situation concerning drugs? There was another missed opportunity.

shmi said...

I am so proud of Trista, and so glad she will not give up! Keep putting the pressure on them, one day they will crack!

I will repeat this in hopes Trista sees this: Go to law School Trista, then fight them with every roadblock they have put up. You would be a great advocate for missing children.

Anonymous said...


Anon said...

Anon @ 8:25, The most I can figure is that Derek was trying to do something illegal as far as collecting the money. There has to be a reason he initiated the sale immediately after Ayla moved in and there is no other logical reason except trying to collect on Ayla's life. I actually believe it is a strong possibility Derek and Phoebe were in some kind of alliance. It was these 3 vultures (Derek, Phoebe, Justin) who swooped down on Ayla. Derek worked for his Dad. Who knows what he was planning, but I imagine, something illegal as far as getting the money out of the life insurance.

Sus said...

So what's the correct office, address and email? TIA.

Even if they don't prosecute, it may force someone to speak on why not.

Sus said...

And I think out-of-staters should also write the prosecutor. Let them know we all care about Ayla. Let the prosecutor know he/she is on a bigger stage than only their county or the state of Maine.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think justin was counting on the body being found, way down river, and Ayla being declared dead by the kidnapper.
He gets to mourn and collect the money.

I do not think he saw the media frenzy it would turn into.

He did not make plans to be interviewed ,or even how to act. He is a stupid kid.


Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking just heartbreaking.An innocent,vulnerable little baby girl murdered so a nasty evil "adult"can "buy"things just for"pleasure"I wish this ba****d only pain,suffering,,,then DEATH.

heartbroken said...

I think Ayla was murdered, burned and her ashes were dumped in the river.
I wish there was a petition to fire or force Stokes into retirement. He's too old and been in his position wayyyyyyy toooooo long. He was good in his day but he has no guts to take on the Dips, seriously??

Anonymous said...

Stokes said the fact that no body has been found is a large part of why there haven’t been charges.

“We certainly have prosecuted cases without a body,” he said. “We did the Buddy Robinson case in Lewiston, and we eventually did find the body after the trial."

“We have done it, so not having the body is not an absolute bar to prosecution; but it does present problems. It does present challenges,” Stokes said this week.

“The government could be wearing you down — wearing a defendant out who has limited resources. Typically, you want to bring the charges that you can bring concerning an incident or conduct all at the same time, rather than piecemeal.”

Anonymous said...

IMO Trista should request an additional (new) lead detective on Ayla's case from another state. That would mean new interviews, new searches, etc. new chances to find Ayla.

Anonymous said...

IMO Trista should request an additional (new) lead detective on Ayla's case from another state.

Maybe Sheriff Tucker who's investigating Myra Lewis's disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Peter, even as a dumb kid, could Justin count on the river not sweeping Ayla's body to the sea and never being found? It seems a bit of a haphazard plan for not much money.
Could it, the LIP, be a place to launder drug money?

Anonymous said...

trustmeigetit said...

I think most of us believe that Justin planned to kill Ayla to get that life insurance policy.

However, I think that he tried to make look like an accident. Maybe a fall down the stairs.

I however think it didn’t work and she didn’t die initially but was just seriously hurt. I think it is similar to what occurred with Elaina. She was hurt so bad that it could not be excused and they killed the child. I think she was hurt but did not die from the “accident” and he then attempted to kill her another way and he realized that there was too much damage done to the body to now claim accident.

And I think it happened well before the day he reported her missing.

Look at the time line.

12-8 was the last time Trista was able to speak with Ayla. She called Justin several times and each time he told her she was sleeping, playing etc. I can almost understand sleeping, but not playing. Mommy is very important at that age, she would have wanted to talk to her playing or not.

12-12 Ayla had a follow up doctors appointment for her broken arm. THIS WAS VERY IMPORTANT. Justin never took her to this appointment.

While I can not find the date other than a “few days before” she went missing, Justin texts Trista that he is worried someone may kidnap her

12-15 Trista filed for full custody.

12-16 is supposedly the last day Ayla is seen

12-17 Justin calls 911

I think something happened on or before 12-8.

I think missing the doctor’s appointment happened because she was no longer alive to go.. There would be no excuse other wise. She had a broken arm and needed medical attention to ensure it healed properly. This appointment was important and the fact he missed it is huge.

I think he then sent the text to Trista that he was worried someone may kidnap her to set up the theory which honestly… if someone did that, I would immediately be on alert.

I then think her filing for custody on the 16th made him realize he had to do something quick since Ayla was gone.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Ayla "disappeared" days before 12/16, but I still do not understand how he would collect the insurance. The LIP is such a paltry sum for murder. I am wondering how long before he would have reprted her missing. I think Trista filing made him realize someone would be coming for Ayla and he had no more time. Ayla had to disappear before some court officer came to do a wellness check or before Trista gor the cops to take Ayla back. His family and girlfriend had to be the only "witnesses" to her vanishing. And from where he and family lived.

The neighbors didn't know Ayla existed. They thought the missing child was his sister's toddler.

If she disappeared before on or even before the 8th, no wonder no traces of her could be found.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The insurance policy is not a small amount for not only Maine, but for Justin.
In fact, it would be a bonanza for a drug seller.

He took it out against her, not for her, and against only one of his two children.

He reported her missing weeks after.

Not a lot of mystery here. The body floats downstream and is found and the "kidnapper" is blamed.

By the way, did you know about his g/f's sister drug cache bust?

Check out the amount she owed a drug dealer.

Anonymous said...

What's Suspect?
* DiPietro never had a hand in raising Ayla. He allegedly saw her only five times from Dec. 2010 until Oct. 17, 2011 when he brought Ayla to his home. On Oct. 20, he agreed to return Ayla to her mother's full-time care Oct. 22, Trista said.
* Although the DiPietro-Reynolds agreement, said to have been made with DHHS input, called for DiPietro to care for Ayla for a total of five days, more than two of which had already passed, he purchased insurance on her life. He also reneged on returning Ayla to Trista, she said.
* Ayla suffered a serious injury within days of the insurance purchase. Trista places the purchase in the approximate window Oct. 17 to 24. Ayla's arm appears to have been broken Oct. 19 or 20.

* DiPietro said Ayla's arm broke on a rainy night before the last day of his truck driver class at Lawrence Adult Education. That class ran Tuesdays and Thursdays for 16 sessions starting Sept. 6, placing the class end date Oct. 27.

* According to weather underground, the only nights it rained in Waterville, Maine between Oct. 17 and Nov. 5 were Oct 19, 20, and 22. Of those dates, only Oct. 19 preceded a scheduled class day of the truck driver class. Because driving sessions were sometimes held on Fridays, Oct. 20 is arguably a possible date for Ayla to have broken her arm. Oct. 22, a Saturday, would not fit the night before the last class scenario.
* Trista said DiPietro notified her Saturday Nov. 5 that he and his mother were taking Ayla to the emergency room. If Trista's account is correct, either DiPietro waited far longer than overnight, as he claimed, to seek treatment or the injury did not occur on a rainy night before his last truck driver class.
* Doctors initially expressed suspicion about Ayla's arm, Trista told Nancy Grace, but ultimately decided an accident was possible.
* Even with the spotlight on him due to treatment delay and the suspect nature of the injury, DiPietro skipped Ayla's follow-up appointments, according to Trista and her sister Jessica.
* DiPietro spoke to the condition of Ayla's arm before he reported her missing, "She wasn't bending it, but she would take (the splint) off sometimes, and she was getting to the point where she was starting to use that arm again." The report that a 20-month-old removed her splint seems questionable.
* Six weeks after buying life insurance, DiPietro reported Ayla missing. Police told WGME his kidnapping story doesn't meet the straight face test.
Whether the insurance policy was the motive for Ayla's reported disappearance or not, the circumstances surrounding its purchase are highly suspicious, and anything but ordinary.

Anonymous said...

Find Ayla Reynolds Missing Since 12/16/2011 From Waterville, Maine
Missing Baby Ayla Reynolds' Father Allegedly Took a 2-Hour Trip Before Reporting Her Missing: Missing toddler Ayla Reynolds' step-grandfather, Jeff Hanson, offered startling new revelations concerning her reported disappearance in an e-mail exchange Tuesday. Acting as family spokesperson, Hanson wants to share with the public some of the information Trista Reynolds, the baby's mother, learned from conversations with Maine State Police investigators. Among that information, Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, took a 160-mile drive before dialing 911.
Where Did DiPietro Go?
At 8:41 a.m. Dec. 17, 2011, DiPietro dialed 911, reporting Ayla missing from her bed in his mother's Waterville home. A family friend, Angela Harry, claims to have told Justin's version of events at a now-removed blog post, preserved on a statement analysis website. The discovery Ayla was gone occurred about 8:30, Harry wrote. In the corrected version of the story, she said DiPietro's sister, Elisha, told his girlfriend Courtney Roberts, who'd spent the night with DiPietro, that Ayla was missing, and Roberts went downstairs to tell DiPietro.
What Hanson says investigators told Reynolds happened that morning conflicts with the version of events published by Harry. Before making that 911 call, DiPietro allegedly took a trip of approximately 160 miles, to Portland and back.
"He told police he drove to Portland because he thought Trista had taken Ayla," Hanson said. But not only was Trista living in South Portland rather than Portland, DiPietro did not contact her or any of her family that morning.
Both DiPietro and Roberts rented apartments in Portland, but Hanson did not know if one of those apartments was DiPietro's destination. He said investigators are considering the possibility the trip's purpose was disposal of Ayla's body.

Angelina said...

With LIP, I think I read way back when this case was being discussed that Justin coukd try to collect after 7 years of Ayla being missing? That may be what him Derek and Phoebe planned from the start.
Look how things went down: Phoebe had Justin kidnap Ayla from Trista's sister. Then Derek asks Justin if he wants to buy life insurance on Ayla. Is it possible Phoebe suggested to Derek or Derek's mommy that Derek should offer to sell Justin life insurance? Because SHE wanted the money?

Angelina said...

I also wonder if Phoebe was planning on maybe increasing the monthly payments so that the LIP payout would be more but then when Trista filed for parental rights and responsibilitues Phoebe didnt have time to increase the monthly payments?

heartbroken said...

I think Derek is in DEEP and he would be smart enough to totally get rid of Ayla. His bro and sis enacted police scenes that they recorded and posted on youtube. Derek planned the perfect "disappearance" of Ayla. They have been so smug and hateful with the prove it attitude. That's really what they've done, they didn't look for or cry for her they sat back and said prove I did it. They knew there was no way for Ayla to be found. There's a special place in Hell for those that harm children. I have Faith Ayla will have Justice one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

" They knew there was no way for Ayla to be found."

I agree and the whole extended DiPietro family (plus Tudelas, made sure that Ayla's body will not be found. They're not Mensa candidates, any of these people, but crafty enough to know that the weak-jointed Maine AG will not prosecute without Ayla's body. They made sure she will never be found.

Some of the pro-DiPietro posters on the blogs are still deflecting to Trista as the culprit in Ayla's "vanishing". Others simply point to the moral supremacy of the DiPietros in contrast to Trista's pathetic "lifestyle"...which is the biggest laugh of all, if anything in this case can be said to have amusing elements.

Angelina said...

Heartbroken, I agree with you Derek is in deep and most likely came up with the plan and, I believe very likely could have been involved in killing Ayla. Wasn't he over at Justin's during the day before the night Ayla disappeared supposedly for like a playdate or sonething?

Anonymous said...

Are comments closed for this post?

Anonymous said...

OMG you really think the broken arm was the first attempt to kill Ayla in a way that would look like an accident. Is is possible that he took her to his house and kept her there purely to murder her? He is demonic.

Trista's letter is painful to read. So much blood in so many locations. How can he not be charged???