Sunday, March 16, 2014

Did Hailey Die From Blow To Head?

Did Hailey die as a result of a blow to the head?  Was this something learned through the forensic testing done on the remains?

Officials have not released the remains to the mother for a year now.

They have a reason for not doing so.

Much has been speculated about the murder of Hailey Dunn, though no one has speculated regarding the responsibility for her death, as the mother, Billie Jean Dunn, and her former boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, have repeatedly indicated guilty knowledge in the death, but how exactly Hailey died has remained open for discussion and has been broadly discussed.

This has never been a "who done it?" but a "how was it done?"  With the "where is the body?" question known now, and even prior, when we knew it would be within the driving perimeter between Hailey's home, Shawn's work, and Shawn's family houses, there was not much mystery there, either.

We saw specifically sensitive language from the mother about describing her daughter on that fateful night,  and judging by the language and the known aspects of the case, she fell victim to a sexual homicide or a sexually charged homicide inside the home on that fateful night, the day before being reported missing, Dec 27, 2010.

There are some things we know:

1.  The mother was deceptive, from the very beginning, and while feigning her child to be "missing", actually revealed that Hailey was deceased, and that she, the mother, was in need of an alibi, quickly separating herself from the murder by declaring "she went missing while I was at work"  to Nancy Grace.

"She wasn't allowed to go out by herself at night..."  in the past tense, not the present tense.  This was not the only time she slipped out a past tense reference in the first few weeks after reporting Hailey "missing."

Perhaps it is, as many have said, that a jealous, enraged mother, fighting back the effects of aging upon the only thing she has known to be of value, her body, came upon her young, pretty daughter, being with Shawn Adkins.

Should this seem bizarre to them?  It may be bizarre to you and to me, but think about the "Norms" of their home, and not the norms of your own home:

  Sexual Perversion was in the home:

Police said that more than 100,000 "deviant images" were found among their belongings, including child pornography.  This means that they enjoyed seeing children and animals abused.  What is meant by "enjoyed"?  Perhaps the stronger term will help:

They were sexually aroused by these things.  They 'enjoyed' the sexual abuse of children and animals. This has a powerful desensitizing process upon the brain, though it may have impacted Dunn quite a bit differently than Adkins.

Had Adkins drugged Hailey?

This has been widely discussed as well, questioning if Hailey had been made compliant by chemical restraint.  Drugs were a part of the lifestyle, just as sexuality and violence were organically connected.

Drugs numb the soul. This house was ripe with substance abuse, enough to abuse and more to sell to others.  These were people so familiar with drugs that Dunn attempted to persuade Adkins that they could pass a polygraph under the influence.

She was wrong.  They both failed.

The desensitization process was well in play in this home, with the mother having told radio interviewers that she had been prostituted out as a child, by her own father.  This act of betrayal, at a young age, interferes with normal brain development.  The victim does not think as you or I think, but the brain is, in fact, very different.  Later, even years later, pornography would have a very different affect upon her as well.

To view this, we must understand how a child develops and what the trauma of incest does to the child's development.

Note boundaries.

Children will run around the home naked, and not think twice.  Suddenly, they reach a point in life where they want privacy and want to be covered up.  Children who are sexually abused do not have the same sense of "self", privacy, and boundary.  They do not know where their own body ends and another begins because of the sexual abuse.  Later, women testify to the fact that their body (limbs) often feels as if it was not a part of them, and that even while being abused, they "watched" themselves, as if "floating" above themselves.  This is called disassociation.

The child's brain is desperate to protect itself from sexual assault by disassociating.  Often, these women are above average in intelligence and seek out help, in their 30's, for this abuse.

Please note that disassociation can show up in language as passivity.

The child's  self worth is so very low, that self loathing often dictates day to day living, and suicidal ideation is constant.

Dunn told the radio reporters that she was subject to early childhood sexual abuse by her father.

It is like the perfect storm to create a sociopath.  The one missing element is:


 Violence was in the home with not only the report of calling the police on Adkins just a few months prior, nor his threat to kill Hailey and her mother, but they imported violence in the form of blood lust videos; that is, the "enjoyment" of watching violence done to others.

A sociopathic mind operates differently than the rest of the population.  In this home, sexual perversion, violence, and substance abuse conspired together to bring Hailey's life to a screeching halt.

When a woman in her mid 30's seeks out help, it is usually for depression, or another issue, and it is later learned that she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

The brain knows the trauma, and the suffering goes on and on.  When the violence of sexual abuse is done against a child is coupled with sexual perversion, violence and substance abuse, it is the most ripened dangerous situation a child could be in.

The Colorado City Manager said that it was like A plus B equaling C...that simple.

What is it that Billie Dunn's brain attempted to tell us?

Did she come upon Shawn Adkins sexually abusing Hailey and instead of attempting to protect her daughter, she blamed her daughter, as her "rival" and attacked her, striking her in the head?

If so, this would leave physical evidence for investigators to want to keep the body for forensic tests.

Listen to the  words of the mother, when she was on the Nancy Grace Show.

Here is the exchange between Billie Dunn and Nancy Grace, who has at this time grown frustrated with the deceptive responses and does not believe Dunn any longer:
GRACE: Well, I don`t know what to believe, either, because I`m getting all these different stories about you having a New Year`s Eve party, and you`re high when you go take the polygraph. Let me ask you this. Let`s get back to the facts. When was the last time you absolutely are positive you saw Hailey?

Note that Nancy Grace frames the words "you having a New Year's Eve party" within her sentence recognizing that the gathering, the serving of alcohol, and the watching of the ball drop define a party, even if Dunn wishes to deny. She moves past this, but then asks the simple question about the last time Dunn saw Hailey. 

BILLIE DUNN: I saw her Sunday night.

This is an example of a truthful statement as she has no need for additional language nor qualifiers as she has in so many other statements.  It is unusual for the mother to answer something so plainly. This makes it important.  Please carefully note that this is a truthful sentence.  It's structure shows truth:

1.  Pronoun "I" making it strong.
2.  past tense verb, "saw"
3.  Time period given without qualification.

This is a truthful statement and it is the last time she saw her daughter...alive.

GRACE: What time, 10:00 PM?

Mistake.  She should ask "what time?" without giving the subject the answer. 

BILLIE DUNN: Probably around 10:00.

Two qualifiers for 10:00, "probably" and "around" making it a weak assertion.  The mother says that this was the last time she saw the victim.  Would you remember the last time you saw your missing child?  This is the "expected."

GRACE: Now, was that when you looked in her room and it is was dark and you thought she was lying in her bed?

What follows are some of the most important words spoken by Billie Jean Dunn, regarding Hailey Dunn.  
BILLIE DUNN:   "I did see her in her room, but I saw her watching TV. 

Monday morning, I looked in her room and it was dark and it looked like she was laying in bed. But I didn`t go touch her, make sure that was her. I just peeked in to make sure she was in bed to ease my mind and..."
Do you notice something about this?

When was the last time you saw your daughter?  10PM that night. Now, she says she saw her the next morning on the way to work. 

If the last time she saw her daughter was 10PM that night, what she sees now is not her daughter.  
1.  "I did see her in her room, but..."  The word "but" can refute, negate, or minimize what preceded it.  What has caused her to make comparison by putting a pause in her sentence and insert, in less than a micro-second, the word "but"? This is allegedly Sunday night.

2.  We have since learned that pornography made by Billie Dunn, was stored on the children's X- box.

3.  The subject feels it is important enough to add in "TV"

4.  The need to explain why:

In the SCAN technique from LSI, we give "so, since, to, therefore, because" the color coding blue as the highest level of sensitivity that can be found in a statement of someone reported what happened.  It is here that the person has a need to tell us "why" something was done.  This is often the solving of a case.  A single "blue" is a strong sensitivity indicator but two or more "blues" is called a "cluster of blues" in which the information contained with the cluster is the most critical information of a case.  Just as we highlight "left" in blue, we highlight "because" in any form that seeks to explain why something was done.

If a question is "what did you do?" and it is answered with an explanation "why", it is critical.  The subject is anticipating being asked "why" even before being asked.

Here we have three blues in one short statement and come to the most important part of everything she had told us.

We are at the most critical point of what happened to Hailey, as described by her mother.

Note that she doesn't tell us that Hailey was laying in bed, but rather says it looked like she was laying in bed.   This is how she appeared to her mother.

Most might say "she was laying in bed" but she said it only "looked like she was laying in bed"; as if she is viewing a corpse, who looks peaceful, like as if she is sleeping.  She could not bring herself to say she was laying in bed because Hailey was deceased and her corpse looked "like" rather than "was laying" in bed.

This one small word, "like", means to compare, is critical and it is why attorneys do not let guilty clients speak out on television.

She was viewing a corpse.

What do most people NOT do to a corpse?  (this is the same when you see people come upon a dead dog or dead cat on the side of the road. What do most people NOT do when they come upon a corpse?)

This is how we describe a dead a child at a funeral home who says, "Grandpa looks like he is sleeping" and they don't want to touch him.

It is the same here.

She is consistent here:
Next the mother states what she didn't do, touch her.

That which is reported in the negative is always important for the subject to use additional words to make a statement:  the mother didn't touch what looked like, but was not, someone sleeping.

The mother didn't touch what looked like it was sleeping in the bed.  She only "looked" like, and she was not actually asleep.

Ask yourself in what circumstance you would touch something to make sure what it was.

 Would you touch your child to make sure it was him or her in bed?

We sometimes touch pets we think have died, only to find them sleeping.  Have you ever said that you didn't touch your sleeping child?  It sounds awkward because it is awkward.  Those with no deception detection training feel how awkward she sounds because she is being deceptive.

At this point in the account, the victim is dead and the mother cannot bring herself to enter the room and touch her.

She cannot do it.  I would not have been able to, either.

She is telling the truth.

She saw Hailey.

Hailey looked as if she was lying down.

She did not touch Hailey.

I believe her.

Most people do not like touching a dead body.  Dead bodies can look "like" they are sleeping but people do not like to touch them.  Even a dead dog in the street:  people often poke it with a stick, rather than directly touch it.  It is a common description from children who attend wakes: "she just looked like she was sleeping."

The mother is speaking from memory.   The mother is taking you, the listener, in with her, back to the next morning that, whatever happened the night before, the victim did not wake up and now is there, as if she was "like" laying in bed but she was not asleep.  The words are slipping out even as she attempts to control them, like marbles in a cabinet (Gough), the words are difficult to control while answering a question.

For her, the body looked "like" it was asleep.

She didn't go in and touch her to see if it was her, as if there were lots of other 13 year old girls sleeping over and she needed to touch her to make sure it was Hailey??  It sounds foolish because it is foolish, unless...

Hailey was dead.

Then it makes sense.  

Now note that the victim "peeked in" to make sure she was in bed to ease her mind.  I believe this is true.  She needed to tell us why she did something.  This is critical for all statement analysis.

 Why did the mother need to ease her mind?

There was no report of a missing child.
There was no sleep over.
There was no friends over.
 There was nothing that we know of, according to her story, that would cause her a need for comfort.

Something had happened  that the mother was in need of comfort and something to ease her mind.  

The Marking of Time.

We mark time by what happens, not by what does not happen.  There is an infinite number of things that did not happen.  When the mother marked time by what she did not feel, what did not happen, it sounds awkward and without sense because it is the artificial placement of emotions.

"Where were you when President Reagan was shot?"
"Where were you when the terrorists attacked on 9/11?"

These questions 'mark time' based upon things that happened; not upon things that didn't happen.

"I didn't get worried when I didn't hear from her" the mother said indicating an artificial placement of the absence of emotions.

From near 10PM Sunday night until Monday morning is the time period in which the victim was killed in a manner that involved both mother and boyfriend.


JerseyJane said...

"I didn't worry when I didn't hear from her."

Every mom worries when they don't hear from their child no matter if the child is still a child or has become an adult.
I feel Billie Dunn's above statement shows how Billie thinks of Hailey as a rival, a girlfriend, not a child in mom's eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Peter wrote
"We mark time by what happens, not by what does not happen. There is an infinite number of things that did not happen. When the mother marked time by what she did not feel, what did not happen, it sounds awkward and without sense because it is the artificial placement of emotions."

This caught my attention. I find it astute and very well expressed. There is someone else in one of the cases being discussed who also did this when recounting events. I agree, there is an awkward quality to it, subtle yet distinct.

GeekRad said...

I will listen and post tomorrow.. My darling husband and I chose to keep the light in tonite. So much black in our life this month. But I will not give up on Hailey or this blog and all of you. Just need a cry for my friend and cry for my cat for a few minutes. Carry on and I will be back to support.

GeekRad said...

Ok that sounded so bad.. All of you, find a lite moment and don' t agress Peter or anyone here . We all have something in our heart and head we believe and have to deal with. Sleep well, I know I need to sleep well.

Skeptical said...

Billie Dunn has read this blog before. It must feel to her as if Peter is reading her mind - for someone to take the very words out of her mouth and reconstruct what happened to Hailey.

MemphisPat said...

Peter, I wonder if you might permanently block some of the more juvenile and attention-seeking among us? I so enjoy the intelligent analysis that happens here but they make me sad. Thanks.

just Jen said...

GeekRad, I wish you peace, love and comfort. I'm sorry for your friend and your cat. Life can be brutal, but there is always goodness and light, and thankfully for you, a darling husband.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hope for Hailey shared Macey Meriggi- CBS 7 News's photo.
9 hours ago.

It's been a year since the body of Hailey Dunn was found. Still no arrests have been made and her murderer walks free.

Tonight we hear from Hailey's mom, Billie Jean Dunn, who seeks justice for her daughter's death and wants to bring her baby home.

Hailey Dunn: One Year Later, Still No Arrests Made 3/16/14

ima.grandma said...

Love you Geek xoxoxoxo

GeekRad said...

Billie at it again in her statement last night on the CBS7 link. Yeah, I bet she feels physically ill sometimes. I think it was Nic who said it, Billie tells us what we want to hear.

GeekRad said...

CBS 7 reports the the FBI is no longer the lead, a Scurry County Sherriif is. If that is true it is not good news for an arrest.

Nic said...

Peter, I have a theory.

Two things: 1) BJD always displays "better parenting" when it comes to David. She is demonstratively indulging and protective of him. 2) There was another marked time in BJD's story -- when David left to sleepover at his friend's.

I've always judged BJD around "allowing" David, a 15 year old at the time, to leave so late to go out for the night.

What if that is the time, (right after Hailey was hurt), that BDJ got David out of the house so he didn't see/witness what would happen next? David might not have known how gravely hurt Hailey was when he left - or maybe he did. Clint noted that he didn't look for Hailey, either.

Was he investigated? BJD made sure he had an alibi and two, he was whisked away by authorities for his "protection". LE would not have looked at a kid who "wasn't even there when Hailey ran away/went missing".


Nic said...


This sticks in my craw so badly. LE made that statement before they found Hailey and implied that they needed Hailey in order to move forward.

The deviant/porn images and beastality should have been enough to arrest one person, specifically the POI, Shawn Adkins. However, here we are 3.5 years later, evidence in hand and Hailey and there has been zero movement in Hailey's case.

Nic said...

I think there was a huge fight and Hailey threatened to go to the authorities about BJD and SA's lifestyle which included Hailey testifying that she was being sexually abused by SA. There was no way that BJD was going to let Hailey destroy her "happy family life".

Hailey was already very vocal about not wanting to live at home/move to her dad's or grandmother's and was already interviewed by child protective services in this regard. But her fear wasn't enough to get her removed from the house when they took into account Clint's drug use, etc.

In the end, I think Hailey had an ace up her sleeve (pregnancy) and there would be no disputing that everything she reported in the past was true and BJD stood to lose it "all" (Shawn). I think Hailey threatened BJD with the undisputed truth and BJD lost it on her. jmo

I have another theory why the remains haven't been released. DNA testing isn't *yet* sophisticated enough to DNA test a decomposed fetus/prove who the father was.

This is my opinion and speculation based on my research about DNA testing, observations of the players and LE activities and statements I've read made by BJD, SA, LE as well as reports I've read concerning the case of Hailey Darlene Dunn.


John Mc Gowan said...


“I’M READY for an arrest to be made. I'M READY for law enforcement to show that they’re actively working the case,” says mother Billie Jean Dunn.

She tells us that she is "Ready". Why now?. Why not from the begining of Hailey's remains being recovered and identified.

She repeats "I'm ready" making it sensitive. Is she really ready for an arrest to be made. Is she that confident it won't involve her being arrested.

“It makes me START TO FEEL physically ill if I think on it too long.

To "start to feel physically ill" is not the same as being physically ill.

"IF I think on it too long".

She only tells us "IF" she thinks on it to long. Not that she does think on it.

Shen goes on to tell us.

I try not to but, OF COURSE, occasionally I do.

When one says "of course", the subject wants you to believe without questioning. Literally, she is saying "accept what I say"

It is to impress upon the listener that they should not question the subject.

Why does she feel the need for us not to question her?

I can’t get it out of my head. It worries me every time there’s a missing child in Texas or, of course, anywhere but I’m ALWAYS worried that could be the same person who murdered my daughter BECAUSE they’re still walking around free.”

"ALWAYS worried" The additional use of the word "Always", is in my opinion unnecessary, and is used to convince us that this is at the forefront of here mind, Always.

I’m ALWAYS worried that could be the same person who murdered my daughter BECAUSE they’re still walking around free.”

"Because" Is given the highest level of sensitivity along with "So, therefore, to" . And the word "Left"

She feels the need to explain why she is worried, Is this Billie leaking marbles that she is worried for herself also, along with the "Person" she believes is responsible for Hailey's death "walking around free".

“WE finally know where she is spiritually but WE also know that her remains are somewhere they’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. They’re in Ft. Worth, they’re not with her family, and they’re not with her mom where she belongs,” says Dunn.

"not supposed to be"

We note anything in the negative as sensitive. Why would LE holding onto Hailey's remains be sensitive to her?.

"Her remains are somewhere they’re not supposed to be"

If she is that determined that she wants the killer of her daughter to be arrested and charged, then Hailey's remains are exactly where they are supposed to be. LE want to collect all evidence they can against the person who murdered Hailey and her remains are vital for this.

If they hand over her remains. I believe Hailey will be cremated almost immediately and vital evidence will be lost. Is this what Billie wants?


John Mc Gowan said...

To Add.

ALWAYS worried that could be the same person who murdered my daughter.

Is this worry for herself too?.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hailey's remains are exactly where they are supposed to be.

Edit: For now.

GeekRad said...

I was convinced when I first heard Billie's story about Hailey looking like she was laying in bed, followed by looking in on her in the morning but not touching her, that Hailey was dead.

Nic, I agree, David's actions were odd to me. I don't know if LE interviewed him as he was a minor at the time but surely they must have. There have no statements from David that I have seen. The reference to him seeing Shawn with a deer in the headlights look are Billie's words in her affidavit. It has always bothered me that he did not search for Hailey. I wondered if he went to his freind's so late becuase there was an arguement and he wanted to get out of the house. I wonder what, if anything, he told LE.

elf said...

"I did see her in her room BUT I saw her watching TV."
The more I think about this sentence the more I think Billie didn't see Hailey watching TV in her room. Its like she added 'watching TV" in place of what Hailey was really doing. A more truthful feeling statement may have been 'I saw her watching TV in her room' or ' I did see her in her room and she was watching tv' or 'she was in her room watching tv'.

Nic said...

John said:

She tells us that she is "Ready". Why now?. Why not from the begining of Hailey's remains being recovered and identified.

She repeats "I'm ready" making it sensitive. Is she really ready for an arrest to be made. Is she that confident it won't involve her being arrested.

Now, because she is no longer with SA/"in love" with him, so therefore she is no longer protecting him. She is ready because she has a story ready that, in her mind, will address any and all objections.

1) She was at work.
2) David was at his friend's.
3) Shawn is the one that has to account for his whereabouts/activities on the Monday/is the one to have supposedly see Hailey last.

I’m ALWAYS worried that could be the same person who murdered my daughter BECAUSE they’re still walking around free.

There is only one "person" named as POI in Hailey's death and that is Shawn Atkins -- who, I may add, is still walking around free. She **names** him by saying, "the 'same' person".


Shelley said...


I was watching a Nancy Grace mystery on baby Ayla and also did a little more reading on the timeline.

Now it’s possible it was talked about here and I missed it, but I did not realize that Justin avoided letting Trista speak with Ayla for about a week. Always an excuse, she’s sleeping, playing etc… And he also missed a scheduled doctor’s appointment for her broken arm I think 2 days prior to her going “missing”.

Now, not that I ever thought he was innocent…. But that to me says she was missing much longer than he claims….

When I also heard them talk about how blood on the walls was mixed with her saliva and that it was possibly coughed up, it made me wonder if he maybe tried to make her death look like an “accident” such a fall down the stairs, but then she didn’t die and he panicked and she ultimately died of asphyxiation (by Justin or Phoebe).

Part of my thought process….. since I think most of us believe he took out that life insurance policy for a reason… that he planned to have her death known. But it was an “accident”.

That would then explain why he had to now get rid of the body since it would show she was murdered vs an “accident”.

I also think he didn’t know what to do and stalled for days. Then the day before he reported her missing, since Trista had filed for custody, he likely knew he was out of time…… And so then called 911.

Also what I find interesting, Aylas “step” grandfather is more concerned about Ayla that her own father and paternal grandmother Phoebe.

Nic said...

GeekRad, David has been conspicuously absent and quiet, and I believe it's because circumstances where orchestrated to keep him from the public's eyes and ears. Anything 'from' David is purely what BJD said he said. His alibi is solid. Although I do believe David and his friend surprised Shawn by entering the house via a broken window instead of turning around and going someplace else because the front door was locked. I think it wasn't so much about David seeing anything as it could be his friend/s.

Which is another thing that bothered me about that set-up. The kids didn't have a key to their own house, let a lone a phone in case of emergency. There was no land line and the cell phone stayed with BJD (on her person) safe the day that David had to call "the little girl" to get the wheels in motion re Hailey "missing".

BJD's earlier 911 call on Shawn substantiates this.

Nic said...

“WE finally know where she is spiritually but WE also know that her remains are somewhere they’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. They’re in Ft. Worth, they’re not with her family, and they’re not with her mom where she belongs,” says Dunn.

Hailey remains are suppose to be where they were found. And if not there, then with family or her.

Fort Worth stands between Hailey's remains and being with her family. Interesting that BJD sets herself apart from family.

I don't understand the "finally know where she is spiritually". Unless she means that it's finally confirmed that Hailey is dead?

Nic said...

To add to my post above, she distances herself as much as possible from "Fort Worth".

"her mom" is referring to herself in the third person which is even more distancing.

GeekRad said...

Nic, I agree with your response to John regarding what Billie will use as her story. She thinks she is in the clear.

I have often wondered what, if anything, David's friend said about the whole thing. Billie has always spoken for David, but has anyone spoken for his friend? These kids are no longer minors. Investigators should be visiting, or re-visiting, their accounts. I find it hard to believe they have not questioned them. At some point I think all the kids in Hailey's school were questioned so the kids were questioned.

Shelley said...

elf said...

"I did see her in her room BUT I saw her watching TV."
The more I think about this sentence the more I think Billie didn't see Hailey watching TV in her room. Its like she added 'watching TV" in place of what Hailey was really doing.


This is a very odd statement and its clear she wants to change reality. What she actually saw vs what she reported.

I wonder if she walked in on Shawn forcing himself on Hailey….. And rather than be mad a Shawn, I think she blamed Hailey (she may in her eyes think Hailey came on to him) and she may have then hurt her in a way that caused her death.

This would then implicate them both.

Shawns DNA on her body in a place it should never be and a death that would be a far stretch to call an “accident”

Nic said...

I can’t get it out of my head. It worries me every time there’s a missing child in Texas or, of course, anywhere but I’m ALWAYS worried that could be the same person who murdered my daughter BECAUSE they’re still walking around free.”

John, I think you found the crux of how.

"out of my head" (something is stuck there)
"missing child in Texas" (Hailey was 'a missing child (abused) in Texas
"the same person who murdered my daughter**because** they're still walking around free (POI/SA)


Was Hailey "winning" (on top of her mother) and SA hit her on her head to make her stop/knock her out? (Speculation.)

I need to go through old statements and find the one that BJD gave about "everyone got what they wanted" wherein she describes the mood of the day.

elf said...

I'm thinking along the same lines, Shelly. Shawn did at one point tell someone (investigators or a reporter?) that Hailey was promiscuous or boy crazy, isn't that what pedophiles and rapist say about their victims? Like 'o she was a s*+t' 'she was just asking for it because she wore those clothes' etc.. and in the post from waiting on justice Billie mentioned several times that Naomi was jealous of Hailey. That doesn't ring true with me. Naomi had the new baby and all the attention that goes with having a baby under a year old. Grown women usually aren't jealous of teen age girls, step daughters may annoy, but being jealous? Nah. Billie was the jealous.

elf said...

*Billie was the jealous one.

Shelley said...

Has anyone heard any follow up on the Erica Parsons case. Aside from the “human remains” alerts by the dogs, they had found “human teeth” in October.

I have not been able to find any updates.

I was wondering if Erica had even ever been taken to the dentist. Considering they clearly didn’t care for this poor child. I just feel like that was possibly the one thing that could conflict them if those are linked to Erica.

The only update I have found was from the end of January where the judge told them that unless they tell the truth about Erica, their other children will not be returned to them.

Nic said...

When asked to describe Hailey, Billie said, “Hailey is bubbly. She is loud. She’s a blast to be around. She catches her attitude sometimes, but for the most part, she’s a really good kid, very smart.

Dropped pronoun. She doesn't entirely assign smart to Hailey. There is someone else as smart or smarter than Hailey in BJD's mind.

“She likes to have fun. We like making each other, and other people, laugh. We like to laugh around here. We haven’t been able to do much of that.”

There is she and there is "we". (BJD, SA, David)

Before Hailey went missing Billie said that her life was finally on track. “It was finally perfect,” she said. “I had a good relationship with Shawn. He had a good relationship with the kids. We were able to get them what they wanted for Christmas. We were able to go on trips.

Perfect = good relationship with Shawn and kids, presents and trips.

“Everybody had just been getting along well for the past six months, before Hailey went and disappeared, before she disappeared, and I just really thought my life was finally good.”

'just' is a comparison so I would suggest that "everyone" wasn't always getting along. ... before Hailey went and disappeared, before she disappeared.

Disappeared is repeated and therefore sensitive. BJD refers to Hailey disappearing before she "disappeared". The first is what Hailey did "to herself" ("she went and disappeared" is blaming Hailey for something Hailey had control over, so Hailey was changed, not the same person who BJD thought she knew) the second is what happened to her via a third party (disappeared).

... and I just really thought my life was finally good. (after Hailey was disappeared by a third party)[end snip]


Also, BJD reported to LE that her and Hailey were fighting before she "disappeared".

Unknown said...

Hi Geekrad,

I'm saying a prayer for your troubles, both spoken and unspoken.

Nanna Frances said...


Hugs to you and your husband.

Nic said...

finally perfect versus finally good

Change in reality.

Nic said...

GeekRad, I missed yesterday's post. Prayers to you and yours.

Shelley said...

Nic said “Also, BJD reported to LE that her and Hailey were fighting before she "disappeared".

Nic - Do you have the article still about this? I don’t recall it. But it sure is interesting.


I think this did happen. I think that using facts in the middle of a lie it helps to ease your mind. Use as much truth.


I recall lying to my mom in high school. I had gotten drunk and panicked when got home, she was still awake and I then I fell and knocked over some stuff on the table. I was clearly not sober.

I then lied and said “I think someone put something in my drink” to avoid getting in trouble. Note first off I said “IO think”. If I was drunk, and had not done that…. Someone did do that.

What I recall (it worked by the way) is telling the story and I used a lot of things that did happen that night just altering one part. How I got alcohol in my body.

So, in line with my theory above… that would also fit….

Billie blamed Hailey for what Shawn was doing to her and “fought her” and killed her.

Thus implicating them both. Billie for murder and Shawn for DNA that would be found that would at least lead to charges of child

Red Ryder said...

Quote from Terry Elvis that most succinctly epitomizes the emotional landscape of a loving and innocent parent living the nightmare of a missing child. If you have ever "missed" a child for 5 minutes, an hour, a day, had one run away~ you know whereof he speaks. Your heart feels like it will burst with the panic and pain but it doesn't . I cannot fathom how awful it must be to bear this burden that so many good parents (and brothers and sisters) like the Elvises or the Powells have had to. I don't think there are any words that could possibly begin to help.

"The emotions change a dozen times a day," he said. "What you believe, what you want to believe, what you're afraid to believe. Those things are constantly changing places."

elf said...

Did Billie ever make a plea to whoever supposedly took Hailey or to Hailey herself? I'm trying to remember but I'm coming up blank...I can't think of a single thing I've read or heard on YouTube and I don't think she ever did.

John Mc Gowan said...


Toddler reported missing on South Side.

March 17, 2014 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- A 1-year-old girl is missing after her family says she disappeared from her home near 35th and Rhodes Sunday around 5:30 p.m.

Police say Amierah Roberson's mother was at work, and the girl was being watched by another adult. That person said they turned their attention from Amierah for a minute and she was gone.

Anyone with information is asked to call chicago police.
Amierah lives with her mother and grandmother in Calumet City. Neither woman was caring for the 19-month-old when she disappeared.

"My daughter called me frantic yesterday evening about 5:40, saying when she went to pick Amierah up they were supposed to be waiting for her downstairs because the building is a high-rise building. She pulled up to get Amierah and then she was informed that Amierah was missing," said Bernadette Madison, Amierah's grandmother.

Amierah is tall for her age - often mistaken for being older than she is. That's one reason Madison fears the toddler found dead Sunday in Riverdale could be the little girl who affectionately calls her "Ma."

"It's a little ironic that on the day she went missing another child was found dead," Madison said.

Madison wouldn't name the person who was caring for Amierah while the toddler's mother was at work because the investigation is ongoing.

GeekRad said...

Thanks for the kind words all. I'll be sure not to post anymore juvenile and attention seeking posts in the future.

Elf, no Billie really never made a plea for Hailey. She did do a lot of interviews but most of those dealt with her (I,I, I, Me, me, Me) and her frustration that LE wasn't doing and saying enough. Not the pleas you would expect.

Those of you looking back should try the Big Country homepage. It has an excellent archive of articles related to Hailey. In my opinion it was the best local coverage at the start. The best overall coverage was this site, which is why I came to this site. Unfortunately we don't have the links to 2011 for the early investigation.

Pointhunter, I hope you are still following. I respect your silience

JoAnn said...

Does anyone have a live link for the Moorer hearing?
Following on Twitter & it sounds like some info is being released. It would be better to see & hear it live...

Nic said...

Joanne, I don't have a live feed but I found this so they must be updating as the hearing goes along:

WPDE NewsChannel 15's Marc Liverman is in the courtroom. Here's what we're learning from him so far.

Prosecutors say on December 17, after 1 a.m., Sidney Moorer called Heather Elvis, and they spoke for about four minutes. They say Heather then called Sidney two more times from home with no response. Prosecutors say the two finally spoke after 3:17 a.m. They say Heather was home for those calls and left after the 3:17 a.m. call for the Peachtree Boat Landing.

That's where her car was found shortly after she was reported missing.

Prosecutors say Tammy Moorer knew her husband was having an affair with Heather.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT. The Moorer's

This is interesting. Their Atty talks to a journalist as to why they should be released.

JoAnn said...

Thanks Nic :)

Lemon said...

Texts, phone calls unveiled in bond hearing for couple in Heather Elvis case

Lemon said...


In court Monday, the prosecutor introduced two texts from November:

To Heather.. someone's about to get their ass beat down.. your bitch is about to take his last breath...

you can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way... that way wont have a great turn out for you... I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one.

To Heather.. I've been having Sidney followed since Jan. 2012.. it's best you call back and speak to me, save yourself. He sweetie you ready to me the MRS?

Heather responds... I think you are a little obsessed with me. I'm nobody you need to worry about anymore.

Nov. 3, 2013

To Heather.. by the way dad no longer owns a phone.

The prosecutor also presented timeline of several phone calls and video that was captured the night/morning that Heather Elvis disappeared from Peachtree Boat Landing.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Moorer's

Reporters are tweeting live from the courthouse

JoAnn said...

Moorer bond denied. Relief.

Anonymous said...

Bond has been denied both of the Moorer's.

Lemon said...

Link for above:

Theresa said...

Very interesting post, Peter.

Re: Billie not touching Hailey... that is foreign to me. I can't imagine NOT touching my daughter when I check on her. I can recall being late for work many times when I worked outside the home, because I'd go to check on my little one before leaving, cover her up, and make sure she had her stuffed animal. I couldn't resist hugging her or rubbing her back while she slept and giving her a kiss goodbye. Sometimes I'd accidentally wake her up and need to get her back to sleep (I left for work super early 4am) before I could leave! I would never leave my house without giving my daughter a kiss and a snuggle.

Anonymous said...

Nic said...

Shelley - it's a third party reference. There is so much to sift through. Maybe you can find the direct quote.

[snip] That friend later told police that she had no plans with Hailey Dunn to spend the night and was unaware that the girl was coming over. Billie Dunn later told police she had fought with her daughter before she went missing.

Colorado City police, along with the Texas Rangers, the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office and other law enforcement departments in the region, conducted several searches for Dunn, but found no sign of her. [end snip]

Lemon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lemon said...

OT (snipped)

According to prosecutors, the Moorers talked about buying land near Orlando, moving to Belize, or running to Canada. The state then asked the judge that bond be denied because they are a flight risk and the danger to them from the community.

ima.grandma said...

SHAWN ADKINS:  I know that sooner or later all of this will blow over and life will go on.

BILLIE DUNN: They still follow up on leads. The community are still doing the searches. 

BILLIE DUNN: I`m still looking for a living, breathing Hailey.
The above separate statements stood out to indicate Shawn and Billie's initial assumptions they would get away with their crime; that Hailey would be listed as a runaway, LE and others would perform limited searches and after awhile Hailey's missing status would be chalked up to a teen's irresponsible behavior.
GRACE: With me tonight, taking your calls, Hailey`s mother, Billie Dunn. Billie, tell us what your days are like now. What do you spend your time doing all day?

BILLIE DUNN: Well, today I got out with Marc for a while, and it was really good for me. It was better to get out. We got out and we were able to find a button machine to make some buttons for Hailey. And it was just good for me to get out. And yesterday, I got out and met some of the volunteer searchers.
DUNN: ... And Nancy, I wanted to get a message out to Hailey, if she is watching and she happens to get to a phone, to call 911. Because I do not have my cell phone. 

GRACE: And what is your message? To call 911? 

DUNN: Yes. Get out there, if you can get to a phone, run to a phone and call 911. Because I don`t have my cell phone with me. And I know she knows that number. 

Repetition reflects sensitivity. Notice how many times Billie references 'got/get out' in the first section. She seems to want to emphasize the fact she doesn't have her cell so there is no need for Hailey (or anyone else) to dial her phone in the second section.

Philly Deb said...

Snipped from
Re: phone calls and video surveillance

Here is the timeline that the prosecution presented of Dec. 18:

1:35 am.. phone call from pay phone by Sidney to Heather.. call is 4:53 minutes

1:44 Heather calls (person unidentified) who is in Florida at the time. And says Sidney just called and is leaving Tammy. Heather appears upset because she had been trying to get her life back on track after the affair and the harassment by Tammy. Heather is still at her home when she makes this call. The call lasts 2:20 minutes.

2:29 Heather attempts to call the number Sidney called from which is a pay phone. Several times it does not appear anyone answered.

3:16 am Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone with no response.

3:17 am .. Heather calls Sidney's phone and has a 4:15 minutes conversation with Sidney. Heather is at her home at this point. Sidney is at his home which is approx. 3 miles from the boat landing. After this conversation, Heather gets into her car and drives directly to Peachtree Boat Landing. Sidney also denies this conversation until police confront him with Heather's phone record and then he says he did talk to her but it was just to tell her to quit calling and leave them alone.

3:38 am.. Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone. She has arrived at the boat landing at the time of this call. She attempts to call at 3:39, 3:39:46 and 3:41..

Her phone data ends at that point.

3:36 am.. A private residence video surveillance captures a vehicle coming from the direction of Sidney's headed towards the boat landing. This camera is 1.7 miles from the Moorer's residence.

3:39 am ... a business video surveillance a mile from the first camera closer to the landing captures this vehicle still proceeding in the direction of the boat landing.

3:45 am.. same business video surveillance captures the vehicle coming from the boat landing headed towards the Moorer residence. The camera is approximately 1.2 miles from the landing.

3:46 am the private residence video surveillance captures the vehicle headed from the boat landing to the Moorer residence.

Philly Deb said...

Snipped from Facebook page Moorer Murder Trial

The prosecution said that Tammy sent a text a month after Heather disappeared that said, "I'm packing my camper and heading to Canada"

They also had more than 10K in a safe in their home.

Red Ryder said...

cannot fathom how awful it must be to bear this burden that so many good parents (and brothers and sisters) like the Elvises or the Powells have had to. I don't think there are any words that could possibly begin to help.

From post earlier : I think I had a blow to the head! I apologize to the Cox family for mixing up their name with the one who killed their child. I remember Susan Cox and pray for her to be found. The list is long:(

Red Ryder said...

Moorer bond denied. Relief.
Joann, so many times I wish there was a way to thumbs up posts here! Both thumbs way up!

JoAnn said...

I've seen on both Twitter & FB that the police chief stated that they had responded to the Moorer property 39 times. I can't find it on a news story link. Has anybody else seen that? I wonder what period of time that refers to. Interesting the choice of words "responded to" rather than "were called to" (that's one reason I'm looking for news story, for the exact wording). If this turns out to be incorrect, I will delete.

JoAnn said...

Rd Ryder,
Bakatya! :)

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Well said, Red Ryder.

This is why the anti Elvis family comments are deleted.

They've suffered more than any of us could describe.


Anonymous said...

The timeline presents a picture of absolute horror. Heather Elvis, god rest her soul and that of her loved ones. The terror she experienced at her end is unfathomable and though justice is sought and will be won, it won't be a victory. May her family and all those who cared for her someday find peace, find a way to sleep, find a way to stop their imaginations from wandering into the territory of trying to feel her pain and terror in her last hours. These vicious "people" didn't want to simply kill her and I can only imagine what they might have done to her, and how long she suffered.

Terry Elvis will not smile when the guilty verdicts come. He will not smile when they are sentenced. He will continue to pain, perhaps the closest to happiness will be a feeling of calm that justice is as served as it can be. He will remain strong and solid, he has since this began and will continue to do so. I hope he has moments in his future where he accidentally laughs like he once did, but his smiles will never be the same.

Victory is when this never happens to anyone again.

Red Ryder said...

Nov. 1, 2013

To Heather.. someone's about to get their a-- beat down.. your b--- is about to take his last breath... You can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way... that way wont have a great turn out for you... I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one.

This illustrates well the narcissistic ownership TM had of SM. To her,he was her "bitch". She lacked the ability to envision a different type of relationship. TM seems to have assumed it was the same for HE. It really is dog eat dog in TMs world with "alphas" and "bitches". We all know who she considered the "bitch" between her and SM. To withdraw any further doubt of ownership she tagged her named on him in a prominent and sexually dominating position.

To Heather.. I've been having Sidney followed since Jan. 2012.. it's best you call back and speak to me, save yourself. Hey ...... you ready to meet the MRS?

TM does not hide the threat in her text. She is mean and her violent nature is palpable(ass beat, bitch, last breath, right now or, last chance, save yourself ).

Heather responds...
I think you are a little obsessed with me. I'm nobody you need to worry about anymore.

Heather was right:(

Nov. 3, 2013

To Heather.. by the way dad no longer owns a phone

I suspect TM began to ridicule SM and call him Dad, at least in talking about HE t shame remind him of their age difference. Prior to this TM usually referred to SM as her much younger, young pup of a husband.

JoAnn said...


(Re: one year old Ameirah Roberson)
......The Cook County Medical Examiner's office says an autopsy rules the deat a homicide, saying it was a result of a subdural hematoma.
The girl's parents were being interviewed by Area South police Monday afternoon. It was not clear why the child was not reported missing until after the body was found.

Trigger said...

"I didn't worry when I didn't hear from her."

Was BJD referring to Monday "after dark" because she was sure that Hailey was safe at a sleep over, even though Hailey was not allowed out of the house after dark and didn't ask permission for that activity? or that Hailey was safely deceased?

This sentence contains two thoughts expressed in the negative and it sounds awkward.

I would have made a phone call to the sleep over and told my 13 year-old daughter that she needed to be waiting for me to pick her up because she was out of line by not asking for permission for that sleepover.

But, I was not preoccupied with drugs, violence, sex, hobbies, and porn, when my daughter was 13.

Bille Jean is a fraud. Hailey's demise was a relief for her so she had no need for worry.

Trigger said...

Nic has expressed a theory that a fight began and escalated with threats from Hailey to expose criminal acts by Shawn and Bille Jean, thus ending Hailey's life to keep her quiet.

It is hard for me to believe that a 13 year-old girl would talk to anyone about anything sexual that had been initiated by her mother's boyfriend.

Victims just don't come right out and talk about those things until they are older because there is so much confusion, embarrassment, shame, and curiosity about sexual matters at that age.

It takes a lot of time in therapy for a child to feel safe enough to speak about the "secrets" especially when the threat of violence is present in the home.

Did Hailey die from blow to head?

Strangulation/suffocation is a more peaceful way to kill children without leaving any blood evidence or evidence of violence.

Wouldn't a head injury bleed a lot and leave behind blood splatter or other blood evidence?

All Shawn would have had to do is express sexual interest in Hailey and BJ would have considered it in an effort to keep Shawn in her bed. Hailey would have been a small sacrifice to that end. The thought of ensuring Shawn's presence in BJ's home and keeping him focused on the fun "hobbies" in her bed was a full time activity.

BJ isn't the first mother to betray her daughter for the man she loves then cover it up.

Tania Cadogan said...

“WE finally know where she is spiritually but WE also know that her remains are somewhere they’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. They’re in Ft. Worth, they’re not with her family, and they’re not with her mom where she belongs,” says Dunn.

order is important.
WE also know that her remains are somewhere they’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE
This stands out for me for not the expected reason when you look at the rest of the statement.

Think about it for a moment and she is leaking mega marbles.

Anything in the negative is sensitive.
here she tells us the remains are not where they are supposed to be.

Now, if you are innocent of the death of your child then you would expect the parent to say this meaning the remains are not buried/ cremated.
They have not had a funeral.

Now, think of this from the point of a guilty killer.

it takes on a whole different meaning.

The remains are not where they are supposed to be.
The remains are supposed to be still hidden, unfound. No remains leaves a hope the missing person is still alive, no matter how impossible. Undiscovered remains means the killer can still have a sense of security, they are looking for a live victim not a dead victim. dead people to tell their story if you listen to what the remains are saying.

Billie is scared, very scared and angry. With no remians she could hide behind the facade, the fake sightings, the donations . A dead hailey meant no more money, no more charades, the knowledge the game is over and awaiting the knock on the door.
Will shawn talk first and throw me under the bus.

No remains meant safety for billie.

next look at the order
hHer remains are somewhere they’re NOT SUPPOSED TO BE. They’re in Ft. Worth, they’re not with her family, and they’re not with her mom where she belongs,”
Haileys remains are as far away from billie as they can be. This is unexpected.
I would imagine that an innocent parent would want to be close linguistically to the remains of her daughter yet they aren't.
She tells us they are in Ft. Worth. She then says they are not with her family and finally she tells us they are not with her mom.
Why does billie distance herself from the family, is she no longer considered part of the family?
Why does she say her mom rather than the expected me?
Does billie not consider herself has Hailey's mom?
What then does billie consider herself to be in relation to Hailey?
Hailey's killer, hailey's love rival?
Why the referencing her and not using Hailey's name?
This is further distancing between billie and the remains of her daughter Hailey.

Billie knows what human remains can reveal with modern forensics, she knows a single fibre could link her to the disposal of the remains, a fingerprint, a hair in the ground that couldn't have gotten there unless she was involved.

She talks the talk and avoids the walk.

pointhunter said...

I can not believe it has been a year, and still no arrests!

Nic said...

Trigger, Hailey had already talked to child protection services (whatever the American org's proper name is) and they investigated her allegations. Nothing could be proven and, regardless of her fear, the 911 calls against Shawn, etc., she was made to stay put. Clint wasn't able to support her - he couldn't support his girlfriend and baby on welfare. Hailey begged her grandmother. Still no help. She was made to stay with her mom.

She did try. Many times.

I think the only way Hailey would be able to get out/away was if she could prove she was vulnerable/had been violated. Which in turn would ruin her mom's "perfect life".


Nic said...

Also don't forget, BJD viewed Hailey as competition. BJD may not admit publicly that she rejected her daughter. But all you have to do is look at the picture of them on the couch at Christmas and see, Hailey was the outsider/rejected.

Anonymous said...

"Did Hailey Die From Blow To Head?"

Ok where did the blow to the head come from?

Nic said...

Trigger said:
Wouldn't a head injury bleed a lot and leave behind blood splatter or other blood evidence?

They were allowed to remove a couch from the house shortly after Hailey "ran away". They also painted and redecorated. Nothing that luminol wouldn't reveal; except that a couch was removed from the living room. That might have revealed a lot. We'll never know.

Nic said...

Hobnob, I agree with your analysis. Lots of distancing.

Nic said...

Wow, Philly Deb. Thanks for the link.

It's the first I read that the Moorers withdrew $5k from their account on Dec 18.

Anonymous said...

"She added that she 'won't have full closure' until arrests are made - and plans to cremate Hailey's remains once they are turned over to the family."

Lemon said...

We agree, Pointhunter.

Red Ryder said...

Nic, it astounded me and still does that they were able to get rid of the couch so quickly! i thought maybe LE secretly took possession of it for evidence but i guess not. Ditto on the painting. I mean, COME ON!
Pointhunter, it's nice to hear from you even it is under the frustrating circumstances of no one charged yet, for anything.

Anonymous said...

Point hunter, good to see your name. I look forward to seeing the forensic results of your finding at the trial. It will come to fruition

GeekRad said...

Good to see you here Pointhunter

elf said...

Thanks imagrandma:) I forgot about this appearance on Nancy grace. Not much of a plea at all...

GeekRad said...

Elf, I think by that time Billie was being couched on how to act. Otherwise she never would even made that plea.

Trigger said...

Hi Nic,

Thanks for the clarity.

It is hard for me to grasp that the child protective services didn't remove Hailey for allegations of sexual abuse and/or violence at the hands of Shawn, the mother's boyfriend.

Did Hailey recant? because of pressure from BJ? and Clint? Is that why the child protective services dropped the ball?

Was Hailey was left to fend for herself by the adults she turned to because she recanted?

Anonymous said...

Did Child Protective Services drop the ball? Now that it is known that Hailey is dead, if CPS failed Hailey, can there be an open investigation on CPS. Can those records be made public now?

Anonymous said...

Looking at CPS records may shed some light on the case.

pointhunter said...

I have been here reading for a while, but after a year of the case going nowhere I figured I would post a little bit.

As far as the couch being removed, I have often wondered if it was dumped on the side of the road?

Anonymous said...

High pointhunter. The couch went to the landfill. And it has always bothered me.

Trigger said...

If Hailey recanted, then an investigation of CPS would be a moot endeavor.

Trigger said...

If Hailey died from a blow to the head, what was the weapon?

Maybe she was pulling away from someone and hit her head on something hard like a chair or the lower edge of the couch? or broke her neck by connecting with something hard in an effort to escape someone's grasp?

Maybe her mother grabbed her hair and jerked so hard that her neck broke?

Logical said...

Quote by BD:
"[It's] hell, just pure hell," Hailey Dunn's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, told The Huffington Post of what her life has been like since last year.

"It's hard waking up in the morning when the first thing you think is, 'We don’t have our daughter anymore,' and then going to sleep that night and having it be the last thing on your mind," Billie Dunn said.

IMO, Billie wants Haileys remains back so she can file a claim with the state of Texas's crime victims' compensation program.

Those big hearted women arrived, fawned over Billie.... and Billie and her org used them, just as she used everyone else in the past. When they first circulated the petition in the fall, the public response was lack-luster. Billie then backed off and quit posting it on her hope 4 Hailey Dunn page.

Sadly, those women don't see the fact that Hailey wouldn't need MEDIA ATTENTION if her parents had provided better parenting.

Sadly, those woman are so busy/proud of themselves/preening....and they are missing the fact that they are making Billie Dunn look bad (again) because she never advocates for her daughter. Nor has she ever advocated, since day one Hailey went missing. Nor did she ever physically search for Hailey. Yada, yada, yada. Justice for Hailey

Logical said...

I remember reading that the couch was inspected by LE. I'll look on facebook and see if I can find it.

Logical said...

I found this on Webslueths. There is too much data to search through on Facebook, so I gave up looking for the former info. 'Redcat' is that red haired friend of Billies who stands by Billie

Originally Posted by Redcat
COUCH UPDATE!!!!! I just talked to my friend. (her initials are DH if you know who I am talking about.) There was a Texas Ranger there at the house when the couches were hauled off...they had aleady been examined.

^ It's not much. ;)

Kellie said...

BJD said - "It's hard waking up in the morning when the first thing you think is, 'We don’t have our daughter anymore,' and then going to sleep that night and having it be the last thing on your mind," Billie Dunn said.
I don't recall hearing her express similar feelings when Hailey was "missing". Only since her bones were discovered! BJD isn't in CONTROL anymore and that's the hell she's living in.

Anonymous said...

Two people on Hailey's websleuths section - one a pal of BJD's who is considered an "insider" to the case and posted numerous messages trashing Peter - are contending Hailey had a sexual relationship with SA

Why aren't people who post comments like that investigated for having "inside" "knowledge" of the crime?