Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Myra Lewis, 2, Missing

Last Sunday evening the Mississippi Highway Patrol issued an Amber Alert for two-year-old Myra Lewis of Camden.
Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said the toddler went missing around 10 a.m. Saturday, but his office didn't receive a phone call until 4 o'clock Saturday afternoon.
The local media reported that the family was too devastated to go on camera Sunday night, but Myra's mother did talk to them over the phone.  I find it disconcerting that the family is not before the camera pleading with the abductor of Myra.  
"I was leaving to go grocery shopping and I saw her walk back into the house with her sister," said Ericka Lewis, mother of the toddler.
Lewis said the child's father was inside the house.
Lewis described the toddler as 34" tall and weighs about 25 pounds.
"We just want her back home. We won't worry about pressing charges, we just want her back home safe," said Lewis.
If you have any information on Myra's whereabouts, please call 855-642-5378.

In order for me to have an opinion on this case, I need statements from the parents.  Without statements, I am in the dark.  I noted that the family did not make a public plea for the child.  This is of a concern, unless, for some reason, law enforcement has asked them not to.  This was not originally noted as an abduction.

I always question substance abuse in any case where a child goes missing and a parent is present.  Substance abuse is behind much of the neglect of children in our country.  Even as marijuana gains popularity and acceptance in society, children will pay the price.

As a dog lover, I note when households with small children have multiple dogs, and the "pack mentality" is in play.  Often, people do not realize that a "pack" of dogs will act very differently than an individual dog, especially around small children.  Supervision is key.

I raised my children around dogs, but even the most trusted of canine companions was not left alone with a child.  Even rough play from a happy, safe, playful pup could physically or psychologically scar a child for life.

Having said this, my children always felt safe with a dog in the house and today, "C.K. Dexter Haven" is the family guardian today.

But what of deception in cases of missing children?

Here is where caution is needed.

There are cases in which a parent may lie to police and not have "done it" to the child.  The deception, if in print, will be picked up in analysis (if in print), but precisely what the parent is being deceptive about is not always clear.


Drugs and children do not mix.

Neglect is the most common form of child abuse, and only takes inactivity to happen.  Substance abuse can cause a parent to pass out on the couch, while a child wanders away.  Even a toddler, today, is at risk from a sex offender, should said toddler wander down the block, as did Breanna Rodriguez did.

The parent may show sensitivity in language, even deception, due to substance abuse, and the desire to not be seen as intoxicated and neglectful.

Objection:  The parent will only care for the child's safety and not protect himself or herself from drug charges.

Answer:  Sadly, self interest is the result of the hyper-self-esteem philosophy that has been predominant in our generation.  A parent can show deception, due to wanting to hide the fact that he was passed out on a couch while his child wandered off, yet still not have "done it" to the child; that is, have directly caused the child's disappearance.


A parent of a missing child, like the loved one of a suicide victim, may show guilt as he asks himself:

"What could have I done differently?"

"What if I had...?"

In analysis of a parent's statement, there are times when, due to a good journalist, questions are adequately directed to the parent and we can tell that the parent possesses guilty knowledge of the child's disappearance.  In cases such as:

Hailey Dunn, Baby Ayla, Baby Lisa, Isabel Celis, and Dylan Redwine, we saw deception directly related to the disappearance, and not deception in general.

Yet we proceed with caution.

In the case of Myra Lewis, the pronoun "we" was used.

The pronoun "we" is used when a parent, for example, is speaking for both parents.  We find this especially when the two parents are seated or standing next to each other.

The pronoun "we" can also be distancing language, as the parent, like a youngster in school, clings to the plural pronoun which may give a feeling of 'hiding' in a crowd, or the 'sharing' of guilt, much like, "Oh, mom, everyone was doing it..." from the school boy.

A missing child is very personal and it is the expected that the mother of a missing child will speak in this manner.

In the case of missing 2 year old Myra Lewis, I do not have enough statements to draw a conclusion.


GeekRad said...

Apparently I missed something. I am not following the reference to dogs in relation to Myra. Perhaps I am a little more dense this morning than usual?

GeekRad said...

Never mind. I see the connection in the earlier thread:)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post Peter. As much as we want words to reveal truth or deception, I agree there simply wasnt enough to go on.

Sus said...

I'm still stuck on, "I was leaving..." Surely LE checked the mother's grocery store receipt(s).

"I saw her WALK..." I note mother gives a position for Myra. Is there a reason the mother tells us Myra can walk?

"I saw her walk BACK INTO...
"Back" leads us to the opposite of the next word, "into". Telling us Myra was out shortly before or as mother left.

"I saw her walk back into the house WITH HER SISTER."
"With" creates distancing or separation from her sister. Could be Myra was resisting going in. No mention of the sister walking. Was this sister in charge of getting Myra in the house?

It's too early to form an opinion, but that statement makes me wonder about Myra's condition as the mother "was leaving."

John Mc Gowan said...

Thank you for this post peter.

It is exactly what i have been thinking.

It goes to show. That i have, at least in my rookie learning years have been guided in the principles of SA and, your patience and expertise to show us this fabulous new way of detecting possible deception in SA.

Long may it continue.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Excellent post Peter. As much as we want words to reveal truth or deception, I agree there simply wasnt enough to go on.
March 4, 2014 at 10:33 AM

Anonymous, thank you...choose a name!

John, thank you as well.

the work will be respected when it is not done by jumping or making wildly speculative conclusions.

If someone "did it" but the words do not reveal it, we shall not be ashamed, but stay to principle.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

interesting observations, particularly "back" and "with."

As to her "leaving", we flag as sensitive the departing of a place.

What she said is different from "I left...",which would have showed her mind was on the leaving aspect.

Sus said...

Are you saying that "was leaving" is not sensitive?

It's not the same as "left", but when I hear that verb tense I have a nagging doubt they actually did the action. The mother did not say she left. She said she was leaving...like she's stuck there.

John Mc Gowan said...

Here here Peter.

Initially when i started to TRY to apply the principles of SA i found it very difficult to NOT jump to conclusions and say, black is white, white is black.

It takes time,(and i am still trying hard to NOT jump to conclusions). But, the more i learn and discern the more i learn.

GeekRad said...

Was leaving could refer to her in the process of leaving as apposed to already walked out the door, got in her car, was driving away (left).

"Saw her walk back into the house". This does not sound like a statement from memory. I would have said "I saw her go in the house or come in the house" (depending on if I were inside or outside.

And yes, as stated by others, the time is concerning. Most anyone would have been frantic and called the police within minutes.

Sus said...


This link gives more detail on the timeline, saying the mother saw Myra about 11:00 am, father noticed her gone at noon, but other children said she went with mother, mother came home at 3:00 pm, they searched till 4:00.

My question is how old are the other children that he relied on for such important info about a two-year old?

Another question is why did the other children think Myra had gone with the mother?

The article also notes that FBI is now leading the investigation.

The father says (not actually quoted) their dogs and police dogs tracked Myra to the road.

Anonymous said...

I am the one who initially pointed out the "BACK INTO THE HOUSE" was sensitive. It is and the mother's info is revealing why. She feels bad she was not sure if the Dad was watching her or not.

Just a thought (not sure if it is right or not), ; If the parents had harmed her I DOUBT they would come up with such a jumbled, complicated alibi.
I am hoping for more statements.

Oh, and you're welcome Peter! Very level-headed article! I will choose a name, just gotta think of one!

Shelley said...

Some more details. Interesting that this was not shared initially. Could have been done on purpose but if not the change would be a red flag.....

MADISON COUNTY, Miss. —The FBI is now leading the investigation into what happened to a missing 2-year-old Madison County girl.

An Amber Alert issued Sunday by the Mississippi Highway Patrol is no longer in effect, but if new information is gathered, a new alert will be issued, authorities said.

Myra Lewis was last seen about 11 a.m. Saturday at her house on Mount Pilgrim Road in Camden, authorities said. The girl's mother told Myra and her sisters to go inside the house and then left for the grocery store, police said. Myra's father was inside the house taking care of a newborn baby, authorities said.

Myra's father, Gregory Lewis, said he noticed she was missing about noon, but the other children told him the toddler was with her mother. He realized Myra was gone when his wife came home about 3 p.m.

Lewis said the family searched the house up and down and then he drove his 4-wheeler around the neighborhood looking for her. The family called police about 4 p.m.

Lewis said the family's dogs, and the dogs used by police, picked up Myra's scent, which ended at the road.

Read more: http://www.wapt.com/news/central-mississippi/parents-believe-2yearold-was-abducted/24780096#ixzz2v127JDUz

Anonymous said...


Interesting. I wonder why they cant ask the kids where they saw Myra go???
I think (and I'm not sure if this is right) but I still think the "alibi" would be too complicated if they were hiding something. Specifically, if the mother had harmed Myra, I wonder why she would not say "Myra was playing outside when I left." Why would she say she told them to go inside? If she is lying, wouldnt simply saying "they were playing outside" be enough in that if she were lying it would be enough to say "oh she must have abducted, because she was outside"?
But what is strange is that the kids (suposedly) told the Dad Myra was with the Mom. Did they see her leave with the Mom or just notice Myra was gone and and think "she must have gone with Mom"?

wreyeter72 said...

I see the sensitivity with the mother's statement pointing to an incident when she was leaving for the grocery store. I see her saying she saw the little girl walk back inside with her sister as a defensive, alibi-building statement. I think this mother may have ran her daughter over, accidentally, perhaps negligently, and panicked, hence the statement, hence the missing report, hence the not reporting until 4 p.m. It's possible there were no other witnesses and even the father doesn't know.

Sus said...


Backtrack on the FBI. Sheriff tucker says the FBI is not leading the investigation, "...they are helping..."

elf said...

How horrible :( I wonder how many kids were there total? It brings back a memory of when I was about 7 or 8 years old,my sister was 4 years younger. My mom laid down for a nap and told me to watch my sister on the playground at our apartments. Some bigger kid pushed my little sister down so like the good big sister I was, I pushed the other kid down. My little sister forgotten. Turns out my little sister had toddled her way to the grocery store behind our apartment complex, filled up a shopping cart with gum, candy, frozen dinners, cheap plastic Barbie dolls, etc. and pushed it halfway back to the apartment complex before she got caught. Luckily the person who caught her recognized her and brought her to our apartment but boy! I got in so much trouble! :/ all 3 of us learned a lesson that day.

Unknown said...

Wreyter72, OMG!

I thought the same thing! I didn't post it because I didn't walk to seem like I was jumping to a guilty conclusion, but when I try to enter the mother's words, and try to imagine what she says happened, it leads me to think it all fits into an accident with the car.

Unknown said...

Want to seem like

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If statements arise, please post for me.

Someone asked recently what I expected when I posted Terry Elvis' poem.

The comments here are what I expected.

Intelligent, meaningful, and polite debate...thoughtfulness.


Sus said...

I almost added to my earlier post, "They should check for damage on the mother's vehicle" , but refrained.

Theresa said...

Based on the timeline from the link Sus posted and quoted, I think something isn't passing the smell test...

"This link gives more detail on the timeline, saying the mother saw Myra about 11:00 am, father noticed her gone at noon, but other children said she went with mother, mother came home at 3:00 pm, they searched till 4:00."

Why would the mother tell the Myra and the other kids to go back in the house, but the kids report that the girl went with the mother? Why would the kids say that if the mother actually made it clear they were to go back in the house? Why would the *children* lie about that? I tend to think that kids don't just lie for the heck of it, they lie when there is an incentive to do so. I wonder the age of these children, to trust their word that Myra went with the mother? I also wonder why the dad couldn't / wouldn't / didn't check with the mom to see for sure? Do they have a cell phone and a landline at the very least? Two cell phones (if so a quick text takes a second).

If the mother left at 11, the father noticed that she was gone at 12, and the mother didn't come home until 3... WHY THE HELL would they search for an hour before reporting this to the police? They KNEW beyond a shadow of a doubt that their tiny toddler... their BABY! was MISSING for 4 hours at 3pm. Why would they waste another hour looking around for her? Are they truly this inept as parents? If so, they aren't responsible to have their remaining children in their home.

Shelley said...

11am: Mom leaves to go “grocery shopping” and states "I saw her walk back into the house with her sister". Now, I have seen articles state ”into the house with her sisterS” and “into her house with her sister”. It needs to be clear. One sister or more than one sister? Also, if they walked back in the house with Myra, the sister or sisters would not be confused about Myra being with mom.

12:00m: Dad notices the 2 year old missing. What was going on for an hour? 2 year olds are usually into everything and require a lot of attention. How was she missed for an hour? I have been around kids my whole life. It is rare that a 2 year old is not into something or making noise. Sure each kid is different, but it is not likely.

Then, the other children tell dad the toddler is with the mother. Other children or just the sister? Again we are seeing contradictions on this. I would think this would be pretty clear. Myra and one sister or Myra and sisters. This needs to be questioned, why he would not say the “sister” and since the sister was told to go inside with Myra, she would not state Myra was with her mother.

3:00pm: Mom returns home and they discover Myra is missing. The new born dad was caring for was born about January 10 based on info from another blog. Moms…. Did you leave your 2 month old for this long to go “grocery shopping”. Yes, I get a lot of moms do a lot of things most wouldn’t when they have new babies, but this is something that I find off if we are talking about the norm. I could understand a job, or errands. But all we have been told was she went “grocery shopping”. If she was doing more than that, I think that would have been shared. But again, that does not always happen.. We have heard very little from them which I find more concerning as time goes on.

4:00pm: They report Myra missing. I am still concerned about the time gap, Even an hour to me is way too long. Especially considering as they claim at this point, no one has seen the child in 4 hours. I would be freaking out!

There is a main road right in front of the home. There are trees everywhere, ponds. So much danger. If I didn’t find her in minutues I would want authorities there to help. I would want everyone helping.

And I am still struggling with them not speaking to media because they are “devastated”. It really brings back memories of the Celis family.

But what sticks in my mind is that this is about how they feel. Not about finding their child.
The little girl is missing. The more news is done, the more people see her face. Elisabeth Smart was found because someone recognized her. This is important.

I just struggle with fact that mom and dad are sitting there feeling sorry for themselves rather than doing eveything they can to find their child.

Anonymous said...

If the child is found safe and we'll,I'd be amazed,this is a truly sad case.My opinion is suspicion of the father.

Juliette said...

When the mother says Myra went BACK into the house, it makes me wonder if Myra came out of the house after going in with the other children.

just Jen said...

I agree with all of you. I'm a newbie at SA, but isn't there something specific with a door and sexual misconduct?

Anonymous said...

What time did the mother return home? And did she actually return woth groceries?

With much respectfulness, I am not sure the "accident by car" theory is probable.
Are people proposing the mother accidentally ran over Myra, but the kids did not see, and the mother did not tell the father about accidentally running over the girl, and that the mother by herself without telling the Dad what had happened, hid the body?

Anonymous said...

I have a question: If Peter or anyone of the posters could answer

When the mother says "I SAW Myra go in the house/back in the house", does the use of the word "SAW" add any truthfulness to the statement?
I am really wondering.
It is different than "I was leaving to go grocery shopping and Myra and her sister went back in the house."
She uses "saw" like "saw it with her own eyes".
Similarly if someone says "I HEARD...."
Less likely they're lying???
Like does the word "saw" or "heard" prove the person is speaking from memory?

JoAnn said...

I can understand some initial confusion in a household with a newborn to care for and a house full of other children. Did I hear or read correctly that there are ten children in that household? It boggles the mind!!! However, I would think that by now, surely, they have interviewed each child separately and pieced together what happened & when Myra was last seen & by whom & with whom. The info seems somewhat vague & there aren't enough direct statements from parents.

Craftymama said...

Thanks for the timeline. I don't know about anyone else, I find 11-3 to be a long time for the mother to just be grocery shopping. It makes me believe there's something missing. I hope she's found safe. I have a two year old and he's never outside unattended. Does anyone know the ages of the siblings?

Juliette said...

If Myra had come back out after going in with her sister or other children, and the mother told her to go back in, I wonder if she could have drove off believing Myra would and did go back in.

Poor little girl, it would be good to hear Myra is found safe and well.

ima.grandma said...

Wreyeter72 and Sus,
You're scaring me. Most young children I've been around gravitate (run) towards Mom, especially when they see her get into the car and want to go bye-bye with. It would explain why sister thought Myra was going with mom and cont'd into house without her. I hope "back" isn't leakage as in "back up" I'll let everyone fill in the blanks as I can't bear to type it.

Sus said...

I feel past tense such as "I saw" is truthful. Then I look at what she saw.

She saw Myra "walk. Why give us her stance and capabity?

She adds "back inside". "Back" tells us the next word will be the opposite of where Myra was. So now we know she was outside as the mother "was leaving."

She also says "with her sister." "With" creates distance. For some reason, mother saw distance between Myra and her sister. Maybe Myra fought not to go back in. Maybe Myra was tagging behind. Maybe Myra chased after mother and the car. I don't know.

I do know that "I was leaving" does not tell me she actually left.

Red Ryder said...

Thank you Peter for this timely post on needing more statements. I get impatient and want to know yesterday where is Myra? There is much that could be speculated but as far as SA, we are limited at the moment. The FBI emergency response team just left home of missing Madison county toddler with at least three evidence bags. pic.twitter.com/OgWeXgx6Dw according to https://twitter.com/radamsWJTV.

ima.grandma said...

I don't know how many times I had to grab one of my gc when they were toddlers from going toward the front door or running toward the car after their mama because they wanted to go bye-bye with her. You have got to be quick and even the most agile people can have a hard time catching those speedy litte legs. I want to cry. I wish we would hear something soon.

ima.grandma said...

Thank you Red Ryder for the update and reminding me not to let my fear get the best of me and yes, I can only speculate at this point.

Juliette said...

That's bad to read, Red Ryder...I was hoping Myra had wandered off and the mother guilty of not making sure she got back in safely. I thought maybe that would possibly explain looking for her for an hour after she got home before calling LE if the mother thought Myra couldn't have gotten far, and the mother's language.

I still have hopes she will be found, safe and well

JoAnn said...

Thank you Red Ryder for updating.
I can't help but remember all the "bags of evidence" removed from the Irwin home, then...nothing...

GeekRad said...

We need more statements. Unfortunately it is unlikely LE will realease the statements of the children. You will recall we never got a statement from David Dunn, only what Billy Dunn told LE he said.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

GeekRad said...
We need more statements. Unfortunately it is unlikely LE will realease the statements of the children. You will recall we never got a statement from David Dunn, only what Billy Dunn told LE he said.

I was referring to statements of the parents.

It is far more common for parents to immediately cry out for the missing child, and plead for safe return, than to be silent.


GeekRad said...

Understood Peter, I knew you were referring to statements of the parents, or the lack thereof. The lack of crying out for help is not expected behavior. I am waiting to hear they have lawyered up.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Geek, I would not be surprised if they do...

Anonymous said...

Sus, Very interesting what you wrote. I had not even noticed her use of the word "walk". Saying I saw her "walk back into the house". To me, this is concerning, bc it is not natural to say it thst way, UNLESS--Do you think with her being 2 years old and perhaps sometimes needing or wanting to be carried by a parent or sibling, could the use of the word "walk" arisen in the mother's mind because Myra is sometimes carried (I am assuming)?

I am eager for other statements. My instincts are telling me this may have been a chaotic situation with 10 kids, and the girl may have wandered off.

Anonymous said...

How do we know they have 10 kids? That certainly would be chaotic

Anonymous said...

I saw someone wrote that here that there were 10 kids.

Red Ryder said...

Bringing this over from the other Myra thread because I posted it under the wrong one:)
"Just bring my baby home, that's all I ask. Just bring my baby home." Dad (While the subject is dead and the statement is alive I would just note that the Dad looked at the ground or off to the side the whole time. He did not meet the reporters eyes at all. He did not appear "broken up" as the reporter described. He came across as nervous and somewhat angry, clenching his jaw.)
Sister of Dad speaking "Just imagine the pain of a loved one being gone. We feel that Myra's in someone else's hands right now. And we pray that they will have the compassion and love to release her. Whether she, they take her to a police department or to a Wal-mart wherever you need to take her to so you can be home and come home to her family safe and sound."
Sister of Dad answering reporters question "Do you believe somebody in the family had anything to do with this?"
" No, not at all. I know that that's routine and I can understand it being routine especially in today's society. But I know my children, I know my brother, I know my sister- in-law. And you know they love their children. They love their children,” she answered.
I wonder if she has older children that were questioned? There were many family members present at this news interview. What was unexpected was no emotion, no calling/reaching out for Myra, the mom did not say anything but was there, I would not have guessed that she was the mom.
I have no link but read in another news piece that Myra has bronchitis and was being treated with breathing treatments.
On SA alone, one thing that stands out for me is the Aunt saying, we feel she is in someone else's hands right now. It is an odd phrase. I guess it is her way of saying not just missing but abducted. If this is an abduction, I think the family might have an idea who it is.


Anonymous said...

Does snyone else think its odd there is only one photo. Granted some sites have 2 but the ones with 2 she is wearing the same clothes and hair.

Most the time with missing kids there are several photos. I know I have several hundred pics just only phone of my kids and would share as many as they would take. In would want to capture different sides, looks etc to help him be recognizable!

To me lack of pics of leads to a reality of neglect. Like the parents just didn't care to take lots of pics

GeekRad said...

Anon, if you Google Myra Lewis there are several photos of her with the same dress and ribbons. I am thinking this the most recent series of pictures of her.

Sus said...

Sheriff Tucker says he is NOT investigating this as an abduction. Parents are cooperating and leads are coming in. They have NOT given up search.

My thoughts:
The mother mentioned "we won't worry about charges" in her first statement to media...hinting at abduction.

The aunt stated family thought it was an abduction.

The father told media outlets dogs followed Myra's scent to the road leading to speculation of an abduction.

The media reported the search for Myra was over and LE is calling this an abduction.

Look carefully at who is playing up the abduction theme ever so subtly.

Shelley said...

Seeing them on video sure does give me more concern. The aunt seems genuine.

But I agree with Red above. David does not seem concerned but rather stressed. Mom doesn't speak and that to be is a red flag. That is her baby. That fear for her saftey should trump Anthing else.

Also note the girl in the back if the aunt on the left (our left). She has some facial expressions that seem odd. And no one seems distraught. But more like they are standing together and facing the media likely due to pressure vs desire.

Yes, SA wide we are still working on limited statements. Although I think having someone else speak for you should always be a big red flag.... But I do not get a good feeling about this family at all.

Shelley said...

I just have to add that I HATE when media puts their own twist on things. Dad says little and the reporter states that dad is heartbroken and begging. I saw no signs of being heart broken and he was not begging. He was asking.

GeekRad said...

Sus, where do you see Tucker saying they are not treating it as an abduction? snipped from a 16 WAPT news article this afternoon

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker said the search for Myra continues. The FBI has now joined the search.

"Until we can prove or disprove one or the other, we've still got to consider every possibility. She may have wandered off or been abducted, we just don't know what (happened) at this point," Tucker said.

Dis I miss something?

Read more: http://www.wapt.com/news/central-mississippi/parents-believe-2yearold-was-abducted/24780096#ixzz2v2QvPsSl

Sus said...

Am I reading that quote correctly, Red Ryder? The aunt listed knowing her "children" first before her brother and sister-in-law?

Sus said...

A twitter. Could be quoted wrong because I didn't watch the press conference. I'll get it.

GeekRad said...

Thanks Sus

Red Ryder said...

Sick baby, only one or two photos...where have we seen that before?

Also, another reporter in a video said that the "mom and dad have 10 children between them", which suggests a blended family. I have no link and have not seen it anywhere else.
SA Dad asks Just-the only thing
bring my baby-possessive my. If this is a blended family I think this is his natural daughter also.

SA the Aunt "Just imagine the pain of a loved one being gone." Grant it I don't know what she was responding to, but why imagine the pain? also a loved one being gone sounds like death to me as opposed to say-missing or abducted? Why such little use of Myra's name? Only once by the Aunt.

I hope they check the neighbor's houses very carefully.

Sus said...

WLBT David Kenny
Abduction reports false says sheriff.

I'm sorry, but I don't know how to bring over an actual tweet to here. Here is one source. Getting the other.

ima.grandma said...



So far there is nothing new as far as what is known about where Myra could have gone, the sheriff said, but officials are looking at some new angles. He made clear that reports that the investigation is classified as a kidnapping did not come from anyone authorized to speak for his office.

“We don’t have any reason to believe that she’s near the home or away from the home. We’re treating it just as it was reported, she is missing, and that’s how we’re going to pursue it,” he said. “I’ve not specifically received a call that she was taken away from the house.”

Tucker said several federal, state and local agencies have been involved in the search, including search dogs and air support from Metro One.

McMullen said the FBI has also brought in several kinds of resources, including scientific and investigative personnel, to help with the investigation.

“We’re looking for little Myra, whether we call it abduction, missing, what have you, we want to know where she is and we don’t know that right now, so all the resources of the county, state resources and federal resources are being brought together to do this,” he said.

Red Ryder said...

Sus said...
Am I reading that quote correctly, Red Ryder? The aunt listed knowing her "children" first before her brother and sister-in-law?

Yes. I transcribed it myself because the transcription on line skipped that part, also the she, they could take her to a police...I know that it is important for SA and in a situation where we have so few statements I thought it would be useful to have some more accurate statements to look at:)
Yes-her children first. It made me wonder if she had an older child. Between her No, not at all and the order and the they love thier children repeated. Well, it's interesting.

Anonymous said...

Four hours to go grocery shopping? I remember another case where that phrase was used when the woman went to buy and use drugs. Or, is the return at THREE o'clock the liar's number?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, people, I think there is a little harsh rush to judgement happening here.
I came from a large family (6 kids) and as the 4th, 5th, 6th kids are born, Mom and Dad stopped taking many pictures. I think this happens in most large families.
Sick kid with bronchitis? Again, are we being a wee bit judgemental? Perfect, doting parents does not always equal perfect, healthy kids. If you look up bronchitis it's cause is a virus or bacteria (and actually bronchitis in a child that age is actually pneumonia which is also caused by either a virus or bacteria but I digress) not bad parents.
Same hair and clothes in pictures? This is not racist, but sometimes black people do style their kids hair and the style will stay in the hair for months. Same clothes: Well, with 10 kids, one or two outfits may be all they have.
We need to stick with factual evidence I would think we need to back up suggestions with actual facts or statement analysis that the parents should be suspected of harming their own child.

Sus said...


Here is an article that is supposed to give the press conference. It says "not JUST an abduction". I can't for the life of me find the original tweet I saw, but either I missed the JUST or news left it out. Probably I missed the just.

Anonymous said...

Peter- you seem to imply that the government protects us from drugs by making them illegal. Prohibition has caused more harm then any substance could ever do. Portugal has decriminalized all drugs and it's an enormous success with drug use going down. Your post failed to mention the dangers of alcohol- by far one of the most dangerous drugs and it's legal. Although prohibition gave us organized crime. Please read Dr. Carl Hart's book High Price for more on the real cost of drugs and the price we pay.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Tucker says he is NOT investigating this case as an abduction. Family is cooperating and leads are coming in

GeekRad said...

Thanks Sus and anon 6:50

Anonymous said...

I fear we have another unsaved case in the works.

Anonymous said...

Meant unsolved case...

Sus said...

Thanks! I guess I can read. Lol. But it seems reporters are putting whatever spin they want on the sheriff's words.

Anonymous said...

SUS. I think you are looking too far into the mom's one vague statement, which is a quote, not something we heard her say. She very well could have told the little girl to go *back* in the house when she came out, and she saw the girl go back into the house she just came out of. I don't think that sentence is as meaningful as you are trying to make it be, and it doesn't imply anything. It very well could just be the moms speaking habit.

Sus said...

I agree. It's only one quote. All it tells me is what I posted.

Why do you think we haven't heard more from the mother of a missing two-year old who hints at her being abducted?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely stunned at how this thread started out as a cooperative thoughtful group of people. And now I am reading all kinds of thoughts that
1) sick kids come from bad parents...didnt your kid ever get sick?
2) these folks have 1 or 2 pics of Myra but bc someone on here says they have taken hundreds of pics onthrir iphone of their kids then parents are neglectful for only having a few pics...is it possible poor people cant afford iphones? Or even afford to develop film? Just something to ponder while we all sit in our ivory towers.
3) Sus says bc this family is speaking in terms of thinking Myra has been abducted, that means they are "subtley playing up the abduction theme"?! Could it be that they simply believe Myra was updated? What reasondoyou have to think it is a manipulative strategical move?

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to write "abducted" not updated in post above

ima.grandma said...

I would hesitate to identify this whole group to associate themselves with an all-inclusive mindset of one or two comments.

I would agree with two of your points based on my experiences:

1) sick kids come from bad parents...didnt your kid ever get sick?

I do agree good and loving responsible parents do have children who become ill by happenstance. Schools are crowded and contagious virus can sometimes run rampant within a small time-frame. Some children have a lower immunity than others. While there are many red flags jumping out, I don't believe this point is relevant to Myra's disappearance.

2) these folks have 1 or 2 pics of Myra but bc someone on here says they have taken hundreds of pics onthrir iphone of their kids then parents are neglectful for only having a few pics...is it possible poor people cant afford iphones? Or even afford to develop film?

My husband and I were and are great parents and we were snap-happy at the birth of our firstborn. This continued but somewhat lessened when our second was born. I was constantly posing the kids in their pretty dresses. By the time my third and fourth came around, I was lucky to even find the camera much less have the money to develop film. All of this happened in five years and my experience tells me that if there are several children in the family, she was probably more worried about getting diapers,making formula and feeding the baby, etc. She did have an infant so I'm sure she had her hands full. The point that she may have had few photos doesn't seem to fit in the category of suspicion.

JoAnn said...

The voice of reason! Thank you.
I agree with your reasoning about a sick child, and also about fewer photos of a younger sibling, particularly in a large family. Our minds cannot help but take that leap sometimes, as we hear facts that remind us of other missing children cases. There just aren't enough direct statements made by the parents themselves, not yet.
I was the one who mentioned in an earlier post that I heard on a news video that this family had ten children. I don't have the source & haven't been able to find it, so I can't be sure this is true. I know that it occurred to me at the time that this mother had an infant & a two-year old (stressful), and also that at least a couple of the older children would be old enough to help watch the younger ones & old enough to interview (IF they were home that day). So much is unknown here.

Nanna Frances said...



Kellie said...


Special news story - Insight into the couple charged with the murder of Heather Elvis. Weds Mar 5th at 6 pm EST


It should be streamed via this link


Red Ryder said...

Red Ryder said, "Sick baby, only one or two photos...where have we seen that before?"
I'm guessing this is the post that Anon read as sick kids comes from bad parents. No where do I say anything about parents here! All kids get sick, mine, yours, theirs, it is the human condition. Yes. The further down the line a child is the fewer photos there are likely to be of said child.
I will try and be more circumspect with my posts. I was alluding to the similarities to Lisa Irwin, Aliyah Lunsford, in terms of "sick"little ones going missing and in Aliyah's case there were few photos (but there again a large family - 6 kids I think?).

Again~I hope they check the neighbor's houses carefully!

Jenny said...

"Even as marijuana gains popularity and acceptance in society, children will pay the price."

I totally agree with this. People act like it's harmless, but it still effects your brain and your ability to react.

Anonymous said...

OT: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/03/04/beauty-queen-miss-nebraska-teen-disappearance/?intcmp=latestnews

"Though her whereabouts are unclear, police do not believe the girl is in danger, WOWT.com"

Why would she not be in danger? She was happy about an upcoming dance and date? It's upsetting to think the police believe she's not in danger. She left without her phone and wasn't dressed for the weather.

ima.grandma said...

Red Ryder listed the following:

Sister of Dad speaking "Just imagine the pain of a loved one being gone. We feel that Myra's in someone else's hands right now. And we pray that they will have the compassion and love to release her. Whether she, they take her to a police department or to a Wal-mart wherever you need to take her to so you can be home and come home to her family safe and sound."

Notice when the aunt says: "Whether she, they take her to a police department or to a Wal-mart ...

She stops herself and changes "she" to "they"
Why does she do this? Does she have reason to believe it is a woman that has taken Myra? Her sentence confuses me as it seems to contain more than one message.

Habundia said...
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Habundia said...

"Jenny said...

"Even as marijuana gains popularity and acceptance in society, children will pay the price."

I totally agree with this. People act like it's harmless, but it still effects your brain and your ability to react."

So does alcohol.
Marijuana does has a medical value and can be helpfull for multiple (mental) illnesses contrary to alcohol (its medical use as medicine is few)
Alcohol has been accepted throughout time, it not always has been, just as marijuana not (yet) is. 
Children have "paid lots of horrible prizes" for the (ab)use of alcohol within their homes throughout centuries. 
Yet I never hear people saying alcohol should be forbidden because it affects the brain and your ability to react.
Where alcohol is to be found in the range of 'hard drugs', marijuana is to be found in the range of 'soft drugs'
I call it hypocritical.