Monday, March 17, 2014

Will Sidney Moorer Seek a Plea Bargain?

Wonder which Moorer was the instigator and leader?

It may be that Sidney Moorer, now separated and free from the dominance of the shrewd Tammy, will  turn against Tammy Moorer, and seek a plea bargain.

Any plea bargain would have to include the location of Heather's remains.

Those who commit violent crimes often articulate their desires beforehand.  Note the words of Tammy Moorer, and take another look at her rant against Heather, with the knowledge of murder as context.

Nov. 1, 2013
To Heather.. someone's about to get their a-- beat down.. your b--- is about to take his last breath... You can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way... that way wont have a great turn out for you... I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one.
To Heather.. I've been having Sidney followed since Jan. 2012.. it's best you call back and speak to me, save yourself. Hey ...... you ready to meet the MRS?
Heather responds...
I think you are a little obsessed with me. I'm nobody you need to worry about anymore.

Nov. 3, 2013
To Heather.. by the way dad no longer owns a phone.
The prosecutor also presented timeline of several phone calls and video that was captured the night/morning that Heather Elvis disappeared from Peachtree Boat Landing.
Here is the timeline that the prosecution presented of Dec. 18:
1:35 am.. phone call from pay phone by Sidney to Heather.. call is 4:53 minutes
 1:44 Heather calls (person unidentified) who is in Florida at the time. And says Sidney just called and is leaving Tammy. Heather appears upset because she had been trying to get her life back on track after the affair and the harassment by Tammy. Heather is still at her home when she makes this call. The call lasts 2:20 minutes.
 2:29 Heather attempts to call the number Sidney called from which is a pay phone. Several times it does not appear anyone answered.
 3:16 am Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone with no response.
 3:17 am .. Heather calls Sidney's phone and has a 4:15 minutes conversation with Sidney. Heather is at her home at this point. Sidney is at his home which is approx. 3 miles from the boat landing. After this conversation, Heather gets into her car and drives directly to Peachtree Boat Landing. Sidney also denies this conversation until police confront him with Heather's phone record and then he says he did talk to her but it was just to tell her to quit calling and leave them alone. 
3:38 am.. Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone. She has arrived at the boat landing at the time of this call. She attempts to call at 3:39, 3:39:46 and 3:41..
Her phone data ends at that point. 3:41 am.
3:36 am.. A private residence video surveillance captures a vehicle coming from the direction of Sidney's headed towards the boat landing. This camera is 1.7 miles from the Moorer's residence.
 3:39 am ... a business video surveillance a mile from the first camera closer to the landing captures this vehicle still proceeding in the direction of the boat landing.
 3:45 am.. same business video surveillance captures the vehicle coming from the boat landing headed towards the Moorer residence. The camera is approximately 1.2 miles from the landing.
 3:46 am the private residence video surveillance captures the vehicle headed from the boat landing to the Moorer residence.
In his decision to withhold bond, the Judge John said he did so because of the seriousness of the charges, the nature of case and the potential penalty that the defendants face.
The judge also said he was concerned with potential of violence whether caused by defendants or victim's side.  


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Anonymous said...

Any plea bargaining should be exploited by the prosecution.Let them blame each other....then use THEIR poisonous testimonies.

Nic said...

If Heather and Sidney were "over" as of October, why was Tammy taunting/threatening Heather?

Why refer to Sidney as "dad" to Heather. (Rhetorical)

Technically Sidney (dad) didn't have a phone anymore, so calling Sidney's # meant that she had to go through Tammy to get to Sidney. Tammy may not have known that Sidney called Heather.

So did Tammy lose it? Did she pull a gun on Sidney and make him choose? Tell him to "get in the car and drive"? Did she lay down in the back seat and "surprise" Heather after she got in his car to "talk"?

Did Tammy hold both hostage and instruct Sidney to drive (to dad's?)

All speculation. However, LE did make it a point to talk about the guns out in the open in the Moorer house.

Anonymous said...

if they took heather at gun point she very likely would not have locked her car,

Anonymous said...

WHYwould heather call Sidny's cell if she knew Tammy was the one using it?

are we sure it was Heather placing those calls? and not somebody else using her phone just after killing her?

the procecution has their work cut out for them.

Unknown said...

Interesting, and BEYOND coincidence...

"3:38 am.. Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone. She has arrived at the boat landing at the time of this call. She attempts to call at 3:39, 3:39:46 and 3:41.

Her phone data ends at that point. 3:41 am."

(Now look what time Sidney Moorer would have arrived at the boat landing based on the video surveillance):

"-3:39 am ... a business video surveillance a mile from the first camera closer to the landing captures this vehicle still proceeding in the direction of the boat landing." (1.2m from the landing)

**(HERE is when Sidney would have arrived at the landing. Between 3:39-3:45. He passed the business camera at 3:39, he was 1.2m from the landing (1-2 min away), placing him there at approximately 3:41 am. He is captured on his way back from the landing at 3:45. It would have taken him 1-2min to get from the landing, back to where the camera is located. This places Sidney with Heather at the landing within moments of when her communications ceased!)

"- 3:45 am.. same business video surveillance captures the vehicle coming from the boat landing headed towards the Moorer residence. The camera is approximately 1.2 miles from the landing."

Anonymous said...

Sidney was upset Heather was seeing a new, younger man. Tammy knew he was upset. Proof he desired Heather on any level. Hence, renewed rage.

JoAnn said...

In the text where TM uses the word "Dad" to reference (supposedly) Sidney, is she referring to him this way to disparage the relationship between him & Heather? Could she be using "dad" to reference something more concrete? I want to pry her head open & understand what could cause the fermentation of such evil in a person - I'm pretty sure it's a nightmare in there.

Nic said...

" her crazy daddy is threatening to kill my children and Sidney, therefore making Sidney stupid."

If I recall correctly, Heather's dad didn't threaten to kill anybody. If I recall correctly, it was a "friend" on Facebook who suggested someone "kidnap" one of Terry and Sidney's kids to entice them to reveal where Heather was. As in "an eye for an eye". They said 'kidnap", Tammy said "kill". Seepage.

I will not tolerate anyone hurting my children because my husband banged a hoe 3 times in the backseat of her car and nothing more.

... "and nothing more" = and that's all I know. Except that there is *a lot* more to what was between Sidney and Heather, else, Tammy wouldn't have bothered to harass Heather the first week of November. And Sidney wouldn't have called Heather in *December* saying he wanted to leave his wife.

She will not tolerate "anyone" coming from Sidney "banging a hoe" hurting her children.

Anonymous said...

maybe Tammy was using Sidneys phone and somebody else was using Heather's phone.

I have a hard time believing heather would call Sidneys phone expecting to get Sidney -- esp when Sidney just called her using a pay phone,.

heather would be very aware at this point that it was Tammy at the other end.

Unknown said...

Just to clarify, I said Sidney, since he was the one Heather was calling, but I believe both Tammy and Sidney were in the vehicle

Anonymous said...

interesting about the renewed rage -- possible - but i wonder how he would know about the date,

also -- maybe it's just my personal perspective -- young people go on casual dates all the time. it doesn't mean a relationship is starting. i can't imagine that was heather's only date for all these months, -- it's hard for me to imagine such passion over dinner and a movie.

but maybe it ws there --

Nic said...

JoAnn, Tammy could be using "dad" to infer that he is too old/old enough to be her dad - so back off.

I think it is Tammy projecting that she/Tammy is old enough to be Heather's mom (and no amount of war paint will recapture her youth.)

Unknown said...

Agreed Joann!

It is so disturbing to me because Tammy is a mother! She has a daughter of her own, and her eldest son is just a few years younger than Heather. How could a mother be capable of such hated and evil toward a girl barely out of her teens? It's a chilling thought.

GeekRad said...

I am confused by the calls. Tammy says she has the phone now, Sidney admits he talked to Heather to say leave us alone but called Heather from pay phone. Is Sidney covering for Tammy or did he get possession of the phone? It does not make sense. I fear it won't make sense to a jury.

Anonymous said...

i think she's calling him dad prob cause she calls him that in context of herfamily -- and to drive home he's got children don'r be a home wrecker etc.

Tammy sure isn't all that clear in her texts tho.

Nic said...

Also, JoAnn, it's interesting that Tammy calls Sidney "dad" but she treats him like a child. (Confiscates his phone.)

Some couples refer to each other as "mom" and "dad" when speaking to their kids. Maybe she knew something we don't.

JoAnn said...

Thanks, yes, that makes sense to me. The four-year age difference between Tammy & Sidney allowed Tammy to brag about her "younger husband," while also giving her some kind of upper hand in their uneven relationship. Her rage upon finding out he was seeing a young, beautiful girl must have been epic.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember where I read it -- -but I believe Tammy is quoted as saying it was she who spoke to heather on Sidney's phone just to say - leave up alone stop calling.

so they both separately claimed to be the one to say that,

Nic said...

Anonymous @5:21, my scenario has Heather getting into Sidney's car and Tammy hiding in the back seat. (Ambush)

Was Heather's car locked?

Shades of Green said...

Tammy sent her threatening texts on November 1st.

Here's what Heather (Moonchild)retweeted on November 5th, "hey married fellas, you can either cheat on your wife OR murder her. never both. that's when you get caught."

Sidney isn't making a plea deal. He was probably the one who killed Heather. Most likely, the Moorers convinced each other (WRONGLY) from November through December that Heather was a threat to Tammy's life. Remember Amy Fisher?

These two need to pay for their crimes, but things are not nearly as black and white as you'd like them to be. Why else is the prosecution not seeking the death penalty?

GeekRad said...

Thanks anon. Even more curious that both would claim it.

Anonymous said...

Guys and gals, what do you all think of the 2 min phone call to the friend after Sidney called from payphone saying he's leaving Tammy. Friend says she cried and poured out her upset feelings. Really?! In 2 minutes! Is this friend being honest about the nature of the call? 2 min is only enough time to convey basic info. I hate to say it, but basic info like where and when to meet someone. Could the payphone caller have told ger to call this friend who would tell her "where and when" to meet the payphone caller. I just dont get how Heather could have been pouring out hervheart and crying to this friend for only 2 min

Anonymous said...

I think it's very llikely that car could have arrived at landing when heather's phone stopped being in use, the timing is indeed spot on.

but what does that mean? do other aspects fall in line with kidnapping?

the car is seen returning four minutes later. 1.7 miles from landing.

that's a really fast turnaround. when/where did an actual murder happen?

how is it possible that heather wasn't more on guard entering into this isiolated rendesvous knowing she was talking on a phone Tammy monitored?? she must have know Tammy knew where she was --- it doesn't make sense to me heather would walk into that trap. with no wor to even a friend -- hey I'm meeting him alone in middle of dark and that evil wife is surely rt behind him him so please check up on me.. etc.

Anonymous said...

yeah her car was locked and there was no disturbance within or outside her car noted, this is both in her father's and police's original account.,

Nic said...

Anonymous @5:26

Why... because she was bold and inexperienced. She had an affair with a married man why would calling him via his wife make a difference to her.

Her ex (married) lover called her out of the blue and said that he was leaving his wife. There is a lapse between when he called and when she tried to call him back (at the pay phone). She made a phone call to her friend and obviously thought about what she wanted to do before calling back the pay phone number. At that point I could see her being defiant and wanting him then and there.

Was that what she was suppose to do? Think about it and call him back.../come get him? But he gave up because she took "too long" and went home to his wife?

If she knew he loved her and wanted to be with her and she loved him and wanted to be with him, I could see her being bold and calling his "old number".

Hearing his wife rage at the "news" he'd know what Heather's answer would be.

All just speculation.

Anonymous said...

I think the friend was not honestly reporting what was said on the phone in the 2 min phone call. This is not enough time for Heather to describe being upset, so we do not know what the payphone caller said.

Anonymous said...

Please someone explain how 120 seconds is enough time to confide in a friend that you are upset bc married ex-lover says they are leaving wife. How do we know what payphone caller really said?

Anonymous said...

as a gal --

you know what? you are right, it's odd/

if I was making a call like that to a friend i might talk for a hour or more, I'd have tons of intense feelings. Id want to go back to the guy/ know better / id ask my friend to encourage me to be strong she'd remind me of what hell i'd been throgh -- she'd say don't make it so easy for him you can do better -- I'd say but I love him i can't stop - I just want to run to him but i don't even know if he Means it -- I hate him too,. … on and on on

ugh -- that just took me more than two minutes to write and I"m sure the'yed go on for way way longer. you are really right -- never heard of a crisis like that covered in only two minutes between two young women who are close are have "cuddle sessions" as roommate reported. never. I dunno that i'd think the roommate is lying but itis strange.

here's something I've wondered from beginning but kinda always tossed out --- could heather have been lying? not maliciously -- but just saying "he wants to leave his wife" because somehowe she needs to believe it in moment -- in contrast to whatever he really said.

i don't know what to make of it -- but yes 2 minutes on that topic between ~20 yr old girls. without other factors at play - no way.

Nic said...

For all we know the call to friend could be "he loves me! He wants to be with me! What should I do!?!"

(Are you crazy?!?!

You figure it out. It's your life.)

I don't thing the locked car door means anything one way or the other. Either she locked it getting out of her car and going to Sidney's (as habit) or it was locked for her to make it look like she left of her own volition.

She could have kept calling the old number to desperately indicate that she was where she said she would be.

Anonymous said...

nic - I think thats possible.,

maybe the haste in the phone call with roommate was about haste to get to him.

I think the time inbetween was prob her getting dressed/ she would want to look good/ hotter than she had in that texted pic from earlier in the night.

but i still think she' gotta know Tammy was gonna be rt there . hmm. maybe she was blinded by her haste, maybe

Nic said...

Wasn't the friend away for Christmas? Maybe she was perturbed Heather called her in the middle of the night and disrupted her parents/family and got off of the phone quickly for the simple reason that Heather's "love life" wasn't an emergency/worth losing her sleep over. No doubt the roomie had been listening to all of the goings on before she left for the holidays.

Anonymous said...

girls don't say to each other - you figure it out it's your life, not at that age, as new roommates.

it's the fabric of their bond that they would support each other through this. ask anybody who's ever been a girl that age.

however -- there could have been some other reason the phone call was so short. like heather feeling she had to hurryto get there..

Nic said...

Anonymous, I'm with you. Especially since Heather's brother revealed that Tammy had already confronted Heather/punched her. So she knew that Tammy was capable of violence.

Then again, Heather had the 'balls' to post the things she did in a public forum and didn't care who read them. So it could be that it boiled down to, "He wants *me* and I'm going for it."

I'm too old to think like a 20 year-old who is full of reckless abandon.

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 6:14 I agree that girls that age go on and on and are supportive and listen non-stop to each other's angst. (Been there.) Keep in mind that the roomie had been listing to her every day for over a month and getting a call in the middle of the night while she's away for the holidays might have been "same 'ol, same 'ol" and selfishly she brushed Heather off. 20 year olds are pretty i-centric.

Maybe the roomie feels guilty that she didn't keep her on the phone or talked her out of even going. I would.

Anonymous said...

:) fortunately/unfortunately I remember all to well myself.

but I can't presume to know - specifically her personal choices.

I do know the impulse could be wildly strong -- she could put on her best jeans, paint her face and get down to that landing with only one thing on her mind -- love/desire forfilled. all "morality" & safety aside'

but I believe that's only if she wasn't aware that Tammy literally knew what was happening.

she's not gonna forget that obstacle, she's gonna attempt to handle that part with strategy.

it's a cog in the wheel of all of this. i'm not sure of the answer.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

By Lolly Bowean Tribune reporter

3:28 p.m. CDT, March 17, 2014

The body of a child found in Riverdale is that of a toddler reported missing Sunday in Chicago, family members of the girl have said.

Amierah Roberson, 1, was reported missing after her mother went to pick her up at from the 3500 block of South Rhodes and was told the girl was gone, according to the girl’s aunt, Tamika Vaughen.

Chicago police have upgraded the missing person report to a death investigation, said Officer Janel Sedevic, a spokeswoman in News Affairs. Chicago police are working with Illinois State Police, Riverdale Police and the South Suburban Crime Taskforce to investigate the toddler’s death, Sedevic said.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office would not reveal the identity of the child but said an autopsy found the toddler died of subdural hematoma and closed head injuries due to an assault. The child's death was ruled a homicide, according to the medical examiner's office.

On Monday, Amierah's family gathered at the home of the girl’s mother and grandmother in Calumet City to offer other comfort and to grieve, Vaughen said.

“She was a very happy baby,” Vaughen said. “She didn’t deserve this at all.”

Family learned the child was missing on Sunday evening when her mother called them, frantic, Vaughen said. The woman told her family that she left the girl with her boyfriend in the Ida B. Wells/ Darrow Homes neighborhood and he was supposed to care for her.

When she went to pick up the girl around 5 p.m., the boyfriend told her Amierah was just there, then he turned his back and she was gone. On Sunday evening, police searched cars and buildings in the neighborhood looking for the child.

Earlier, among 3:25 p.m., police in Riverdale were called when someone spotted what appeared to be the body of a toddler, according to a statement from the suburb.

The girl’s mother and her boyfriend are being questioned by police, Vaughen said. The two went to high school together and had been dating for about seven months.

“This is ridiculous. I can’t even believe it,” Vaughen said.

Deanese Williams-Harris contributed to this report.,0,7912719.story

Anonymous said...

nic - ya -- it's hrd to know, I feel like that wouldn't happen -- between the roommates, but -- i can't for sure know, what you are saying is possible too.

Nic said...

I agree, Anon. What was she thinking is anybody's guess.

What is certain is that the boat launch was intimate to Sidney and Heather (where they went to watch the submarine races?).

Tammy reports Sidney banging Heather in her back sea (3 times). So "habitually" he got in her car according to Tammy.

Why did Heather get in Sidney's this time?

Why is LE vague about the vehicle coming/going/not reporting how was in it, but implies that Heather left in "Sidney's" car? Was Sidney even in the car? More speculation.

Anonymous said...

have they even identified the car? could it still be anybodies drivingto an fro for any reason?

hmm. it's so suspicious and so inconclusive.

Anonymous said...

how did they not miss any fragment of evidence. or the cops not find any. even tiny blood splatters should be caught by dogs, etc,

it's diabolical.

esp for two very messy people.

Anonymous said...

With the 2 min phone call, it could not have ended in haste bc she was in a hurry to meet him, as the timeline indicates Heather did not succeed in reaching Sidney on his cell until 2 hours later I believe. At that point, she allegedly left for the dock.
Here are some things I am wondering:

1) Why did Sidney call from payphone to begin luring Heather if he was willing to pick up his cell phone to answer one of Heather's calls hours later having it on record that he had talked to her, and even more incriminating, right before she allegedly went to the dock did he talk to her from his cell?

2) Is it a coincidence that whoever plotted to harm Heather waited until Heather was living on her own, and even more significantly, waited until the friend was supposedly in Florida? Who had knowledge of her vulnerable situation, that the friend was gone and she was alone?

3) I believe the friend may not be reporting honestly what was said. There simply is not enough time in the 2 minute phone call for Heather to have described the situation. 120 seconds is not enough to even explain what Sidney had suspposedly said to her.

5) Is there a possibility that since we do not know if friend was honestly reporting what was said, or that Heather may have been exaggerating, is it possible the payphone caller was not Sidney? Why would he have picked up his cell incriminating himself? Someone who bothers to call from a payphone to keep it off the record they have communicated with the victim is not going to then pick up their cell right before attacking the victim. It makes no sense and is not in the perpetrator's best interest.

6) Why is there not mention of Heather's car caught on camera driving to the dock? There is only the record of what is alleged to be the Moorer car driving to dock and then quickly returning along same path? The allegations claim she called Sidney from the dock. Can they pinpoint her location that accurately? I am going to assume they can. And here is a possible scenario. Could Heather's car have gone to the dock, called Sidney and then left when he doesn't answer? Heather is then kidnapped and harmed from or at another location and someone dumps her car there and walks away from the scene?

(more thoughts to follow)

Anonymous said...


Is there a possibility Heather was Kidnapped from her residence and was driven in her own car to the dock, a call was made to Sidney from her phone, not necessarily from her. Another car was waiting there. It could have been sitting there for hours. Heather is forced into the other car which leaves. Heather's car is left there at the dock.

My most important suspicion is that the payphone caller was not Sidney (had he bothered to call from the payphone, he would NOT have incriminating himself by answering his cell right before victim is attacked or kidnapped.
What was allegedly reported to the friend about what was said by the payphone caller is suspicious in that it would take more than 2 min to report what the friend claims Heather told her about the payphone call. There are many indicators the payphone caller may not have been Sidney, and other indicators that we do not know what the payphone caller actually said or who they were.

I wonder if the payphone caller could have been another individual telling her "Sidney just called me and said he wants to leave his wife for you." Whoever this caller was would simply have had to have been someone who knew she had deep feelings for Sidney, so someone close to her or someone she had confided in.

Anonymous said...

great points.

I wonder how conclusive some of this police info is. it seems it's not the bare bones of facts but some padding of presumption.

wow - that there were two hours that passed -- well now i just really don't believe she was lured,

I believe she went to somebody else for help. her roommate was too far away/sleepy/ who knows, but Heather needed someone to talk to -- so she went to somebody. I'll leave it unsaid who it could be. as -- really I don't know. but I think she would have turned to somebody for help because she realized things were getting out of controll.

I believe whoever she turned to (for all i knw it could have been the ex boyfriend, or somebody we don't know about ) - that person was so jealous/enraged learning of the affair they killed her in blind rage - and then wanted to go after Sidney - and used heather's phone to call sidney -- trying to pose as heather -- ready to get further revenge. but without success resloved just to leave heathers car there -- and then .. the rest is recent history.

Sidney or tammy may even have done a drive by of landing to see who was calling. but turned around immediately when they say it wasn't heather.

Anonymous said...

"I believe she was betrayed by somebody she trusted"

JoAnn said...

Anonymous 6:51
It appears that 3 phone calls were made from Heather's phone from the Peachtree Landing location. The phone data is what police must be using to place her at that location, as there is no mention of her car being spotted on surveillance. The camera footage seems to be at two locations between the Moorer home & Peachtree Landing.

Anonymous said...

Anon that is really interesting thought that she may have gone to meet someone to talk to. This person may have been the one to harm her and called Sidney either to frame him or go after him as you said.
120 seconds would be enough time for her to tell a friend "Oh my God so and so just called me to say that Sidney told him or her he was leaving his wife for me...I gotta go...I gotta try to call him and see what's going on."
She may have redialed the payphone number attempting to speak to the original caller to ask "Is it OK if I call Sidney?" or something like that. Obviously noone answered at the payphone number as in police report so she may have just begun calling his number and he doesnt answer the first couple calls.

If Sidney was payphone caller and trying to lure her, why would he have waited passively, not answering several of her calls, finally answering one and purportedly saying, meet me at the dock. He would not have passively waited to throw out the ultimate lure which would be to meet him at the dock.

I think someone tried, and succeeded at framing him. There are too many things pointing to this:
Calling from payphone but then incriminating himself by answering his cell phone.
Purportedly setting about luring her beginning with the payphone call but waiting passively for hours not answering phone before he sets his plan in motion to get her to meet him at the dock.

JoAnn said...

Young girls can convey a lot of emotion & information in a short period of time, even two minutes. If you have ever observed teenage girls between classes at school ( that sounds a little creepy, but I meant as a teacher), they can give each other a complete rundown of volumes of information. Especially if one of the girls is upset. It usually goes something like this (words running together)
OMG you won't believe who just called me, he said this & this& this, I've been so so upset, what should I do? OMG, I can't even talk right now, gotta shower & change, he wants to see me. Gotta hang up, call u tomorrow. Love u!"
I've seen it, heard it & been amazed by it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:51
It appears that 3 phone calls were made from Heather's phone from the Peachtree Landing location. The phone data is what police must be using to place her at that location, as there is no mention of her car being spotted on surveillance. The camera footage seems to be at two locations between the Moorer home & Peachtree Landing.

This is odd that her car is not spotted going there during the time frame. I'm thinking maybe someone dumped it there later and then walked away from the scene. Maybe she was actually in the car with the person who was spotted driving there and quickly leaving and then maybe her car was dumped there later.

Anonymous said...

heather must have reached out to somebody during those two hours, she didn't just sit down and twittle her thumbs. but ther are no records of phone use, and nop online chatting. / she must have driven to see someone in person. whoever she went to seek help/ council from -- -did not say they saw her that night. The must be involved in her dissapearance,

there has to be at least one other person involved in all of this, whoever she went to to talk to during those two hours,

Shelley said...

Did I miss something more on the roommate?

The only thing I can find about that call was that she said Heather “seemed like she was crying and upset” and that she did tell her he wanted to leave his wife.

Now that does not seem to me like anyone is saying this was a long deep conversation. She was not even sure she was crying and upset. Just that she “seemed like she was crying and upset”. The call sounds like it was cut short and that was what she got from the brief 2 minutes.

It is possible that Heather said she had to go and she would fill her in later.

Sometimes if I am excited, I have made a quick phone call just to be like “omg this just happened… ok I gotta go but I will fill you in on the rest later”

If Heather loved this tool bag, It’s very possible this was what she had been waiting and hoping for and was excited. Maybe the friend was discouraging, which some friends are. My best friend has always brutally honest with me. Even telling me once I “he is not right for you” because she knew me so well and I often would get blinded by what I wanted to see. But it depends on the real nature of the friendship.

If her friend was discouraging, even if they planned already to meet, its possible Heather didn’t want to hear this and decided not to tell her more….

Just a thought.

I just think too much emphasis is being put on that call.

I think outside of the comment that he was leaving his wife, there isn’t anything else relevant.

But I do think that him telling Heather that, if she was for sure murdered, leads more towards 1st degree murder and planning.

I can see him telling her to meet him at the landing…. Having her get in his car to talk to him and they left….

I don’t think the murder happened there. Not sure why. Just don’t think so.

I think they left and went somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

JoAnn- I hear you. I can see girls doing that, but do they talk like that when they have nowhere to rush off to? if they have all night and nothing else planned - do they say - gotta go!!

I'd say -- if they say gotta go -- it's because they really gotta go -- there's somewhere they gotta get to,

I believe heather went to talk to somebody else in thos two hours

JoAnn said...

Your conclusion that Heather went to see someone else during that two hour period is a strange leap. she could just as easily (and more believably) have been painting her nails, playing old songs that remind her of her time with Sidney, reading old communications from Sidney, writing a poem, grooming her hair.....endless possibilities & nothing to point to Heather leaving and seeking out someone else.
Why look for something other than what the police & prosecutor have stated in court happened that night?

Anonymous said...

Could payphone caller have said something like he was at the dock with Sidney drinking beers or something and Sidney is saying he wants to leave his wife for her? Heather freaks out calls friend, tries calling back payphone number, tries calling Sidney's cell, he finally answers, says "stop calling me", at that point she rushes down to the dock to see if he is still there as she believes he has told a friend he would leave wife, sees he isn't there, tries to call him 3 times, he doesn't answer, she leaves, and drives to talk to payphone caller??? Whoever payphone caller was??? And payphone caller harms her and dumps her car at the dock?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
heather must have reached out to somebody during those two hours, she didn't just sit down and twittle her thumbs. but ther are no records of phone use, and nop online chatting. / she must have driven to see someone in person. whoever she went to seek help/ council from -- -did not say they saw her that night. The must be involved in her dissapearance,

there has to be at least one other person involved in all of this, whoever she went to to talk to during those two hours,

March 17, 2014 at 7:24 PM

Now THIS is a good point. A 2 hour lull in communication when she had gotten off the phone with friend in haste, and made some frantic calls, then nothing. What was she doing? I bet she did drive to talk to someone. Maybe at that late hour, she felt she couldn't call to talk to the person (maybe their phone was off, I know I always shut mine off all night) but could drive there

Anonymous said...

JoAnn -- I'm apt to try to fill in all gaps. if there's two hours of unaccounted for time -- in a hectic night that leads to the dissapearance of a person -- I'm gonna explore all possabilities of what happened during those two hours,

it's possible she was painting her nails.

If I were her I'd be way too jittery to sit alone and do that.

If I were her -- I'd wanto drive somwhere -- I'd want to feel in action. I'd either want to get to Sidney or get away from Tammy. but I'd also be really freaked out/stirred up and I would not want to sit in my apartment by myeslf.

me personally - i'd drive to somebody -- I'd say I'm having a really intense time -- can you help me out.

Anonymous said...

Anon I think you're onto something. Now I wonder, who did she go drive to see? Who would be available at that hour?

JoAnn said...

I understand what you are saying. I think we have to be very careful not to project our own feelings onto someone else in an effort to understand what they "might have" done. We don't really know that Heather ended the phone call in haste, we only know that the call lasted two minutes. Heather could have been crying and upset for two hours, alone at home. There are too many other facts that lead straight to the Moorers to be distracted by the length of a phone call.

Anonymous said...

ya. I mean I've had a suspicion on that that doesn't need repeating.

however, man are there a lot of options -- she grew up in this town, there must be tons of friends/people she might turn to in a crisis.

for example -- who did she party with? there's alwas some action somewhere,. did she try to go get high?

did she know some dude who was a softy and would always take her in and let her cry on his shoulder?

did she have old girl friends?

she likely was seeking protection as well as understanding and advice --

I dunno - somebody she knew and trusted.

somebody who she felt she could wake up at that hour -- or might already be up.

JerseyJane said...

Maybe Heather went down there for the opposite reason. Heather had fun on date, was staying clear of the two Moorers...but when Sidney said to Heather over the phone, " I'm leaving my wife!" maybe Heather really realized OMG what have I done,( her religious teachings kicked in) I'm breaking up a marriage with children involved... The tears, yes, were genuine because Heather really did fall in love with Sidney... Maybe she was eager to be face to face to end it.. To send him back to his wife....

Just something else to consider, folks, and ponder..

I believe she was sitting or leaning on her car waiting with her keys on her and whatever else police report said was left in car. So u can guess what she may have had in her possession..

Anonymous said...

JoAnn - you are absolutely right, there's zero proof she went to see somebody,

I would - maybe she wouldn't.

I still think it's a possability to consider. esp so long as where she is rmains a mystery. I think we should consider every possability.

JerseyJane said...

Heather is in an apartment complex. Police made it "known" Heather drove herself there to landing... That sounds like police got that info from apartment neighbors that saw. So my guess is that idea of leaving to see and talk to a friend to talk of her situation is something that DIDNT happen...

Anonymous said...

I understand what you are saying. I think we have to be very careful not to project our own feelings onto someone else in an effort to understand what they "might have" done. We don't really know that Heather ended the phone call in haste, we only know that the call lasted two minutes. Heather could have been crying and upset for two hours, alone at home. There are too many other facts that lead straight to the Moorers to be distracted by the length of a phone call.

Joann, I get what you're saying about the phone call. We can't know why it ended so quickly. We can't put too much on it.
I am more interested in the 2 hour lull in communication.
I also think people have to ask why an alleged perpetrator is not acting in their own best interest (awful to have to think in those terms of what would be in a perpetrator's best interest but it can be helpful.)
A perpetrator who goes out of their way to use a payphone is serious about not having their communication with the victim on record. They don't want to be linked to the victim. They are being careful. They would not then pick up their cell to talk to the victim right before the kidnapping/attack.

Anonymous said...

are thre witnesses that say she didn't drive anywhere until she drove to landing? you are right -- if that's the case that would make it much less likely she went to anybody else.

I'd only read they said they believed she drove herself to the landing because theey had no reason to think otherwise.

Anonymous said...

JerseyJane, no neighbors saw her leave. There has been no report of this. My guess is that police simply didn't find fingerprints that shouldn't have been in the car? I don't think it is possible for them to know for sure if she drove herself. I mean, there isn't even video of her driving there in that time period. She may have been in the car that is on video that went there and quickly left. Her car may have been dumped there at some time after.

Anonymous said...

Could someone have shown up at her door during the 2 hour lull? A friend stopping by?

JerseyJane said...

Sounds like enough of apartment dwellers would have known if her car left twice vs. once.. Maybe her on phone placed her in her apartment, not out finding a friend to visit and talk too.

Anonymous said...

sure she could have walked somewhre as well as driven

JerseyJane said...

The police don't tell the public about all possible leads.. The report was the intial report.. Police don't report to news and public all knowledge and leads..

Anonymous said...

I just can't understand why he would be careful not to be caught by calling on payphone and then pick up his cell phone right before a kidnapping.
I don't understand how he set the plan in motion if he called from the payphone but passively waited not answering her calls to actually throw out the lure to meet him at the dock.
I mean, a huge problem the prosecution is going to have is explaining why they only have the alleged Moorer vehicle driving to and from the dock. They are going to have to explain to the jury how Heather's car got there, and since they are claiming she drove herself there and also called from that time period from the Peachtree Landing, they have a huge problem bc there is not video of her car driving there, only the alleged Moorer vehicle. So how the heck did her car get there? Her or her phone could have been in the alleged Moorer behicle but there is simply no explanation for how she would have driven her car there!

JerseyJane said...

ALL the video and evidence isn't out there on a silver plater for the public!!!! U got to be kidding right? They may have video of Heather, you can't say they don't......

Anonymous said...

Tammy hijacked Sidney's phone --

not out of realm of possability soebody hijacked Heather's phone. and that's why Sidney/Tammy answered -- it was unexpected -- a counter attack. somebody was attempting to beat them at their own game.

we don't know for a fact when heather was killed, if thats' what happened to her. it could have been earlier in the night. anytime after she spoke with her roommate. christ -- the boy on the date could have lurked around and done it -- he did mess up the time of when he dropped her off. maybe Sidney DID call while on the date and it made him crazy jealous cause he was thinking she was available.

jeez - I'd never thought of that.

in any event --- it's classic to try to make calls from victims phone to throw off time of murder.

Sella35 said...

I'm trying to read the posts and getting confused....where is this 2 hour "lull" everyone speaks of? I see about a 30 minute..lull, if you will. Does everyone just assume that the first call to her from SM was speaking about hooking up? I do not think she had any plans to meet with him until the 3:17am call. Or did I miss something somewhere?

Also, if her friend was working in a bar that night (just a thought since heather worked in a bar/rest.), and she called at last call/closing time, then maybe the friend had no choice but to hang-up and speak later.

JoAnn said...

Local Horry County news reported that police said in interviews that they knew Heather Elvis drove herself to Peachtree Landing because of information gathered from her social media and her phone records.
Good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

JerseyJane, they must not have presented it to the judge. It's not in the timeline they presented.

One other thing that is odd. The payphone caller waited to make their call until Heather was home from her date right?
Looking at the timeline, hadn't she kinda just gotten home or am I wrong cause I'm going on memory.
Was this someone who was stalking her? It certainly must have been someone who at least knew she wasn't home, she was out on a date so probably wouldn't be back until after midnight. If the payphone caller was Sidney, unless he was stalking her, how would he know to put off the call till early morning because she was out on a date?

Anonymous said...

Sella, the friend was in Florida, not at work.

Anonymous said...

my mind just exploded, it really could have been the boy who took her on the date, she could have gotten the call from sidney in front of him/ in fact she kinda had to given timing of his initial report.

however he later said he was mistaken about timing -- and I believed it - and maybe it was true.

but just for a moment. my mind has to think about this ---

he coulda done away with her body in that two hour time , and then started caling Sindey on heather's phone to try to set it all up. and frame them. etc.

it's probably wrong. they clearned him. but my mind has to be exploded for a sec.

Anonymous said...

Anon, absolutely I just saw a 20/20 the other night where this guy left his phone at his buddy's house during their Tues "game night" for several hours, went home, killed his wife, went back, got his phone and his buddy's lied for him. But his phone pinged from the friend's house the whole time (3 hours) he was gone killing his wife even though he wasn't with the phone.

Anonymous said...

Anon, it could have been the date. You're right, Sidney/payphone caller called while she was on the date. I thought it was weird how they cleared him so quickly, not saying I think he did it, but how does a person get cleared that quickly?

Anonymous said...

it always seemed really weird that he dropped her from his car -- didn't even walk her to door or come in for minute. they are 20 for chist sake -- why don't they make out at end of date - when you are free spirired and 20.

unless the sidney call put major damper on things.

Unknown said...

Hi Sella-

No-you didn't miss anything and you are correct. It's frustrating and confusing to see reckless speculation and incorrect interpretations repeatedly posted, as if they are facts.

Anonymous said...

could date have even been in apt with heather when she called friend and that's why the call was so short?

Anonymous said...

was there not a two hour lull? what was the exact lull?

ima.grandma said...

Sella35, I believe there is only one person using the term 2 hour "lull" and I'm not able to figure out where she came up with that assumption either. Anon, if you don't mind, please share how you determined this "lull" was two hours. I am not following your train of thought.

ima.grandma said...

Hi Jen :)

Anonymous said...

somebody posted it above, somebody said there was a two hour lull and I assumed they hads done the math.

Unknown said...

Hey-hope you are having a good day!

Anonymous said...

hm., I can't find it now. maybe it was in other article, well -- it's math so it can't be too debatable -- now I don't know how long the lull was.

JoAnn said...

Jen Ow & Sella,
It's more than just frustrating and confusing. Someone determined to push their agenda is hijacking the blog, making any intelligent sharing of ideas difficult. This person is intent on pointing a finger in any direction, as long as it leads away from the Moorers. Maybe those comments would be better placed on The Moorers are Innocent facebook, or whatever it's called.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I thought it was weird the date didn't come in. One thing I also thought was weird, and this may sound strange but it is that they drove around and looked at Christmas lights and then he gave her a lesson on driving a stick shift on their FIRST DATE. These are odd things to do on a first date in my opinion. These are more like if it's your long term boyfriend or something you would do that kind of stuff. I've done that kind of stuff with my boyfriend I've been with 10 yrs but never on a first date. I don't know what to make of it. WAs he just a shy kind of guy and didn't ever go on many dates?

JerseyJane said...

Are u two Anons the ones that want to ban the use of the tinfoil hat? Mmmmmm. LoL messing w/ ya!

Great dectives do still wear them, u know!

The whole complete timeline did not have to be presented before the judge just enought the police felt would help make the judge decide against letting them bond out or have a high bond.
The trail is where u may experience a complete whole timeline.

Anonymous said...

now I think the date did it, and tried to frame the moorers, and pitted the moorers and elvises against eachother and drove everybody insane.

I think he lied when he said he didn't witness payphone call from Sidney,

and that's why sidney picked up his cell -- there was no murder plot on his end -- he actually wanted to leave his wife. but couldn't say so with Tammy listening in. and the calls made Tammy venemous again.

Unknown said...

There is no 'lull'..

The time line shows Heather was at her home making calls up until she left to drive to the boat landing.
3:17 am .. Heather calls Sidney's phone and has a 4:15 minutes conversation with Sidney. Heather is at her home at this point. Sidney is at his home which is approx. 3 miles from the boat landing. After this conversation, Heather gets into her car and drives directly to Peachtree Boat Landing. Sidney also denies this conversation until police confront him with Heather's phone record and then he says he did talk to her but it was just to tell her to quit calling and leave them alone. 

3:38 am.. Heather attempts to call Sidney's phone. She has arrived at the boat landing at the time of this call. She attempts to call at 3:39, 3:39:46 and 3:41..

Her phone data ends at that point. 3:41 am.

-She calls Sidney from her home at 3:17am, and talks to him for a little over 4min. She leaves and drives to the landing and begins making calls from there at 3:39-3:41am, when her communications end.

Nic said...

What is known and verified via, Sidney himself, texts between Tammy and Heather, 3rd party phone records, video surveillance and GPS:

Tammy confiscated Sidney's phone.

Sidney called Heather from a pay phone

Heather was at the boat launch waiting for someone at the other end of Sidney's "old" telephone number.

What LE wasn't forthcoming about was who was driving "Sidney's" car to the boat launch.

However, they were clear that Heather was at the boat launch. They were clear about who/what number she was calling and how many times. And that she stopped using her phone at 3:41

" 3:39 am ... a business video surveillance a mile from the first camera closer to the landing captures this vehicle still proceeding in the direction of the boat landing"

So we can presume that it took approx. 2 minutes for "the vehicle" to get to the boat launch where Heather was waiting.

Four minutes later, (3:45) Heather was captured on video leaving in the vehicle which arrived to meet her. LE doesn't say with whom. But there was cause for concern because the re-enacted the last few minutes Heather was there.

She locked her door. Why? 1) So when she returned, it would still be there and she could get home. Or, 2) It was secured for her making it look like she was coming back/there was no struggle.

Whether she left of her own volition and what happened afterwards is the unknown.

Anonymous said...

the moorers can stay in jail for as long as they want to keep them, i;m not worried about the moorers, I'm just driven to figure out who really did the murder, and it doesn't seem conclusive that the moorers did it. if it becomes conclusive they did it -- then yay -- mystery solved. I wanna solve the mystery. no poison. just intense curiosity.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:47, I had noticed that that the date has said he had no recollection of a call from Sidney or any call coming in while she was with him, yet she would have had to have taken a call during that time.

He may have done it. It would NOT be the first time cops have cleared someone initially. There are killers who killed many people and cops have said "oh no, it couldn't be him, he's cleared" then years down the road, they realize oh, it was him. NOt saying the guy did it, just saying cops clearing someone doesn't always mean a lot and it is odd he claims Sidney did not call her while he was with her when he did.

Unknown said...

Indeed Joann,

This quote seems apt:

"What gets us into trouble is not what we don't know. It's what we know for sure that just ain't so."

Mark Twain

ima.grandma said...

Yes, I am preparing for back surgery tomorrow. It will be a few days before I'll be discharged and several more days before I'll be able to type but I will be reading. You girls hold down the fort while I'm recuperating. I need to get some things in order tonight so I'll be checking in for updates. Everyone, take care. I'll be thinking of Mr. and Mrs. Elvis and saying special prayers for our missing little ones.

Ms. GeekRad, I hope you are feeling a little stronger today. I thought of you several times today.

Anonymous said...

I almost wonder if Tammy was waiting in her back seat with a gun could explain the numerous phone calls. He wasn't at the meeting spot where he was supposed to be so she used heathers phone to call Sidney multiple times and destroyed it when he arrived. She also may lock heathers car as a force of habit or to keep her from trying to get back in.

Nic said...

I feel pretty confident in saying that Heather was waiting for Sidney.

I feel pretty confident in saying what LE doesn't say, is sensitive. i.e., they're not saying Sidney was the one driving the vehicle or that she left "with Sidney".

It was either someone else, or someone with Sidney. They have two persons in custody, both of whom are charged identically. The only thing LE doesn't have is Heather.

ima.grandma said...

Hey there JoAnn, I didn't see you here. I hope you and Nic are staying warm.

Jersey you are so perceptive and always knows when to trust your instincts.

JoAnn said...

Sending good thoughts your way, from me, onward & outward through the "interwebs." Wishing you a speedy recovery & looking forward to "seeing" your voice very soon.

Anonymous said...

It's weird, I'll admit it I wear a tinfoil hat ;) But throughout this case, you pick up certain things in your gut

Well, I did.

Here they are, these are things my gut said "that's weird".

1) The activities done on the first date.
2) Date denies Sidney called Heather.
3) Why'd Sidney call her THAT night to say he wants to leave wife?
4) Friends report of phone call even before I knew it was 2 minutes. (something wasn't right maybe it was the friend saying it "seemed" like she was crying)
5) The way her car was parked sideways. Even Terry said he feels someone parked it that way on purpose.
6) The fact car was locked.
7) Why did cop show up at Terry's door?
8) Why didn't Terry or cops go to her apartment?

Red Ryder said...

There are a lot of theories here but in the end, after their home was searched and evidence was found( by the officials who represent us) the prosecution of Horry County thinks it is sufficient to charge TM and SM saying they did " unlawfully, without just or sufficient cause, murder Heather Elvis with malice forethought...did unlawfully seize, confine, kidnap, abduct or carry away Heather Elvis by any means whatsoever without the authority of the law."
Prosecution would not "Go" without decent evidence. We saw what they needed to get bond denied. I think prosecution showed they are a danger to society, they didn't even have to go to flight risk (right? I didn't watch.)
I think someone else linked this earlier, I'm not sure who~so thanks to all for the great links!
It's a challenge but clearly possible.

Unknown said...

I'll say a prayer for your quick recovery, and I hope that you will be back in your feet (and the blog) in no time!

Anonymous said...

Oh my good Lord, I just read down my list of gut feelings about things that my gut told me were weird about this case and something dawned on me as I read down the list:

Could the date have been the one that called her from a payphone while he was on the date with her? Told her he had to go to the bathroom or something and called her from a payphone and said he was Sidney?
I'm using SA here, please don't ignore this: The date said he did not see Heather answer a phone call from anyone while he was on the date with her EVEN THOUGH SHE DID. If he was the one who made the call from a payphone he would not have seen her take a call!!!!!

JoAnn said...

Jen Ow, the quote! Mark Twain had an abundance of common sense!!!

Unknown said...

You are absolutely right Jersey, we the public only knows a fraction of the evidence at this stage. This is supported by the Pros. petition for a 'gag order', suppressing both sides from releasing or discussing the evidence until the trial.

The Pros. does not 'try' their case during a bond hearing. They do not present ALL of their evidence, or proof of their assertions by presenting footage, records, etc. That is done at trial.

Bond hearings are for the judge to read and explain the charges to the defendant, and decide whether the defendant poses a risk to themselves or others, and also whether the defendant is a likely flight risk.

Anonymous said...

"To Heather.. someone's about to get their a-- beat down.. your b--- is about to take his last breath... You can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way... that way wont have a great turn out for you... I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one."

Maybe I haven't followed this case closely enough. Is this a threat to beat up Heather and kill her baby?

Anonymous said...

If the date dude was innocent, why wouldn't he have gladly shared the info that Sidney had called Heather while he was on a date with her. I mean, wouldn't you if you were under a cloud of suspicion, wouldn't you say "oh yeah this other dude called her". The date dude was under suspicion intitially, being interviewed cause Heather went missing. What reason had he to deny Sidney's call to Heather? To deny she received any call? The ONLY thing that makes sense is that he may have been the one who called her from a payphone. This would make him want to say, oh no, I didn't notice her take a call. I would have noticed.

Anonymous said...

Anon, I too had asked what b--- means. I figured it had to be a curse word because of the way it was written b---. What does it mean? I wondered if it meant "babe" as in Heather's "babe" Sidney was about to get beatdown by Tammy, but I really don't get why the letters would be replaced with dashes.

Anonymous said...

How did she know any communications from Tammy were actually from Tammy and not from Sidney pretending to be Tammy to scare her off?

Anonymous said...

I think it's important to figure out what it means.
I wonder if the text was sent while Sidney was physically with Heather at a certain location. Tammy's saying Heather had better tell her where (they) are or her babe Sidney is going to get a beat down and take his last breath???

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't know. The whole phone confiscation thing is so strange. What woman can successfully take a man's phone and actually keep it from him. Then, supposedly Tammy sent graphic pictures of herself from Sidney's phone? I mean, I just can't follow the phone confiscation thing!

Anonymous said...

"If Sidney was payphone caller and trying to lure her, why would he have waited passively, not answering several of her calls, finally answering one and purportedly saying, meet me at the dock. He would not have passively waited to throw out the ultimate lure which would be to meet him at the dock."

Remember he knows this woman. He probably has a good sense of how she will react to his not picking up. So he thinks she'll come to where he is... but when she keeps calling, he changes gears and answers because he's not sure anymore. JMO.

Unknown said...

I think a better question would be, if the date was framing Sidney as you speculate...why would he not tell police about the call?


Unknown said...

Sorry Red Ryder! I don't know how I mixed you up with Jersey Jane!

Nic said...

Waving to ima.grandma!

Coldest St. Paddy's day on record.

I'm so tired of the cold and feeling like a popsicle.

The great lakes are frozen over and even Niagara Falls is frozen. They are forecasting the "cooling trend" to continue.

Global warming my behind!

Nic said...

Sidney Moorer looks "resigned" to the fact that he's stuck.

I would be very surprised if Sidney rolled over on Tammy. I think he's thinking he saw what trying to leave the fist time happened could happen to him and he's scared sh!tless. As in if he rolls over on his wife, he'll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.

Somehow I think Tammy thinks it was worth it and she will get off.

Unknown said...

Tammy texted that "dad' no longer owns a phone" on Nov 3...Heather disappeared on Dec 18.

I wouldn't think TM would have his phone a month and a half later, (if she ever actually did). She states he no longer 'owns' a phone, not that she confiscated it. I think she just wanted Heather to stop calling him.

Anonymous said...

Heather being pregnant would affect Tammy in multiple ways. Not only the humiliation of her man cheating but her kids having a half-sibling and the money being spread thinner. I suspect killing the baby was what the threat was. Was the word "bastard" and did it mean that literally?

Unknown said...

Yes! I love him, his quotes are so witty.

Anonymous said...

Well I sure hope they have some actual evidence. Based on what is public knowledge they walk easily.

JoAnn said...

Jen Ow,
You're right, when Tammy says "dad no longer 'owns' a phone, it could mean that she is "in charge" of his phone bill from now on, or that she has physically destroyed his actual phone, or that she has taken his phone away while he was sleeping or otherwise unaware. A grown man with children & a job (not to mention a girlfriend) would either get his phone back or go get a replacement before a month passed.

Lemon said...

"Wonder which Moorer was the instigator and leader?"-PH

"The discovery of the relationship between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis prompted Tammy Moorer, according to prosecutors, to allegedly go to work with her husband, monitor all cell phone activity and handcuff him."

I say the leader is the one who does the handcuffing, not the one being handcuffed. Tammy is the bully, and Sidney is whipped. I'm glad they denied the Disney Duo bond.

link for snip:

Red Ryder said...


" President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia signed a decree on Monday formally recognizing Crimea as a “sovereign and independent state,” laying the groundwork for annexation and defying the United States and Europe just hours after they imposed their first financial sanctions against Moscow since the crisis in Ukraine began.
Highlighting the tensions, the Ukrainian Parliament in Kiev approved a presidential decree authorizing the call-up of 20,000 reservists, and another 20,000 for a newly formed national guard.
The bravado in Moscow struck some American officials as bluster masking real concern about the consequences of Russian actions, and there is some evidence that Russians are anxiously pulling tens of billions of dollars out of American accounts. Nearly $105 billion was shifted out of Treasury custodial accounts by foreign central banks or other institutions in the week ending last Wednesday, more than three times that of any other recent week."Read more in the link

America has imposed some financial sanctions and have targeted 3 groups for more sanctions. The Ukraine seems to be gearing up for a different kind of sanction. oh my.

Unknown said...

Yeah JoAnn, that seems unlikely.

After seeing the timeline it's clear that Tammy Moorer lied when she said she didn't even know about Heather until weeks prior to her disappearance. Also, this text being sent to Heather with the word 'dad', along with the text Heather previously sent SM with just a (.) period, leads in an obvious direction that I have thought the likely motive from the start.

Something drove the Moorer's to commit this terrible crime, and an unintended pregnancy, tying Sidney to Heather for life seems more and more like a possibility. It's such a sad thought.

Floridamomma said...

my turn for back surgery is Thursday :( good luck!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I see your angle. Good point! But still, why didnt he tell cops that Sidney had called?
I wonder if this guy knew of her infatuation with Sidney, she may have been telling him about it on the date and he went to a payphone called her and said he was Sidney. They were practicing driving outside of mall, maybe pay phone there or who knows pay phone at or near restaurant or driving around looking at xmass lights. Jen, from the timeline, Heather would have also had to have called the friend in Florida to talk about Sidney calling in front of the date, yet he doesnt tell cops about that either. Something's not right there!

Anonymous said...

True. Very true, but you gotta wonder why did he kerp itvoff record by going to payphone and then speak to her from his cell??

Anonymous said...

How do you overpower a man and put handcuffs on him? Hypothetically if I ever tried to handcuff my boyfrienf it would be impossible cause he's way stronger than me.

CarlaP said...

Regarding the short phone call to her roommate: I would bet she was texting her roommate all the details of her chat with Sidney before the call. The roommate could tell she was upset, and asked if she was ok, and Heather probably made a quick call to say she was fine, upset but fine and had to get off the phone because she was going to pick him up. A lot of people that age loathe talking on the phone and prefer texting. There was probably a lengthy text conversation before the call.

Anonymous said...

Think about it.Her date was driving her all around. Iit seemed like their date centered on driving. Maybe he hung and offered to drive her to the dock. If he was the one who originally calked from payphone, there you have it.

JoAnn said...

Anonymous, she did not overpower him. He agreed to be handcuffed to the bed at night as part of a six month probation period after TM learned of the affair.
Seriously kinky folks.

Anonymous said...

And the date didnt notice any of that since it was would have been when she was with him?

JoAnn said... has a photo gallery of today's hearing.
Photos of Sidney walking behind Tammy: she who looks defiant, followed by Sidney, whose lower lip is sticking out so he looks sullen & pouty.
Sidney is wearing what looks like a Mickey Mouse tie.
The Moorer children were present in court. :(

elf said...

Wow. I knew it was gonna be bad. I wonder if any of the moorers own surveillance contained evidence? One thing is for certain -Tammy is famous (or is it infamous? ) now.
Horry county is setting a new standard, I hope, for law enforcement agencies and prosecutors everywhere.
While we fans of statement analysis are all spinning over the new statements provided from today's hearing, lets all send some positive energy, healing thoughts,and prayers for the Elvis family. Today is still another hollow defeat, heather is still gone.

Anonymous said...

Just because she was on a date doesn't mean the call came in in front of the date. One of them could have been in the rest room when the call came in. One of them could have walked across a room to say hi to someone or to check out something interesting. A date doesn't mean they were glued to each other's side every moment.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, when someone agrees with "the date did it" theory, they'll let you know. No need to beat us over the head with it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting - if you look at the photos at the link to the Myrtle Beach online you can read the texts uncensored. the b--- is "bitch".

Anonymous said...

Yeah OK, I'm just wondering about inconsistencies, why it was reported initially that she had called the FL friend and said she had an awesome time and couldnt wait to see him again but now we see in the timeline she was still on the date when she made the call?

Anonymous said...

What inconsistencies? She was home from her date by midnight.

JoAnn said...

The timeline I have seen from news sources clearly says Heather called her friend FROM her APARTMENT at 1:44.

It has been stated many times that her date dropped her off "some time before" 2 am. So he could have dropped her off at 1:30 or so.

Anonymous said...

Anon, interesting so what did Tammy mean by "your bitch is about to take his last breath"? It sounds like she is calling Sidney a "bitch". Is there a chance she thought Sidney was having a gay/homosexual relationship? It sounds like she thinks she's texting a man or something???

Anonymous said...

My mistake, the date said he dropped her off between 2-2:30am.

Anonymous said...

My mistake, the date said he dropped her off between 2-2:30am.

JoAnn said...

No inconsistency.

anonymous101 said...

Anonymous, it is hard to take someone, who was earlier trying to find guilt with TE, serious when you are now switching over to blaming her date. It seems like you are resisting and refuting LEs findings. Do you have more knowledge than the professionals or inside info into the case? It appears you are debating for the sake of itself. Imagination isn't going to hold up in court, it is most effective in the land of Disney though.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Tammy thinks she's texting a guy. Did she know who she was texting? Had Sidney had gay affairs? Didnt someone send a male teenager obscene picture from Sidney's phone?

JoAnn said...

We are talking about a man who agrees to let his wife handcuff him to a bed at night. It's not too big of a stretch to think that same wife might refer to him as a "bitch."

Anonymous said...

I'm just stating it's obvious Tammy thinks she's texting a guy that's why she's saying Sidney is his "bitch"

Anonymous said...

Joann, it's odd language. One thing if she thinks he's her "bitch" but very strange to refer to him as another woman's "bitch", if it's a gay affair that would make sense.

JoAnn said...

I do believe that Tammy is saying Sidney is anybody & everybody's "bitch," but most especially her very own.

Anonymous said...

Might explain the "open relationship" too if Sidney's gay or bi.

JoAnn said...

Bitch: a modern- day servant; one who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in nature

Wasn't Sidney the maintenance man where Heather worked?

JerseyJane said...

Ima.grandma much love to you! Thanks for "getting" me and understanding that I have to post like a "simple ass simpleton" because I cant see what I had just typed. Funny though, all my curse words always come out spelled correctly! LoL Soon that is all changing, my son bought me a laptop and I'm finally retiring my 1st edition Apple iPhone! Hehe I always found an excuse to not get with it in this category in my life. My son ain't having it anymore, I'm getting the beat down! Hehe I am going to miss the send button and the fear of not knowing how my post will come across. Not... I appreciate ur ongoing faith in me, Ima.grandma. Beyond the length of thought itself is where my prayers for you will be!!

Floridamomma, I hear ya! Go get some good on Thursday! Prayers for ur positive.

Anons, you guys would be great in the jury box! Especially when the jury gathers and discusses the case for the first time! ! Imagine that!! LoL

JoAnn said...

^^^above definition from the Urban Dictionary.

I do not personally consider maintenance work to be degrading. But someone like TM, who puffs and fluffs her description of her life on social media so it sounds super grand, might think it degrading.

Red Ryder said...

To Heather.. someone's about to get their a-- beat down.. your b--- is about to take his last breath... You can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way... that way wont have a great turn out for you... I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one.

To Heather.. I've been having Sidney followed since Jan. 2012.. it's best you call back and speak to me, save yourself. Hey ...... you ready to meet the MRS?

These 2 texts illustrate for me the base and violent nature of TM. I think the b word is b*tch. It makes sense. In her dog eat dog world you are an alpha or a b*tch, I think that is how she is able to see male-female relationships, maybe she assumes it is that way for others (HE) or maybe she is being crude to offend.

TM proves her narcissistic ownership of SM by tagging him with her name prominently above his private area so there can be no mistake who he belongs to. If he were to turn on TM I think he would need to build a relationship with someone he could trust (to replace his Tammy alpha but in a good and freeing way) and be assured that she could never reach him again.

The threat of violence is strong: beat down, last breath, tell right now or (else),last chance, only one, save yourself.
It is clear that the only one who matters here is the MRS. That is how she sees herself, looming in large capital letters in people's lives.

Heather responds...
I think you are a little obsessed with me. I'm nobody you need to worry about anymore.

If only Heather had known the level of malevolence that she was dealing with but her years had likely not yet shown her that such exists. I find it hard to believe and I am more than twice Heather's age and far more experienced.

Nov. 3, 2013
To Heather.. by the way dad no longer owns a phone.

I suppose there are several ways to read this. my opinion is that TM mocked SM by calling him dad when she found out about Heather, to make him feel old and inappropriate, I can hear it,"You're old enough to be her dad!" I think TM is pointing out to Heather that SM is old.

The text images of her body, if true, are shocking, offensive and further show the baseness of her character, if to a minor, then criminal also.

JoAnn said...

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Sidney was responsible for the housework in the home where he was willingly dominated. Perhaps the home fell into a terrible state because Sidney fell into a similar state after Heather was murdered.

Unknown said...

You too FLmomma!?!

Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery for you too!

JerseyJane said...

Joann, so right.. I believe she used bitch to describe him.. It's common for over-powering woman like her to speak like that. Hell, she had him under her thumb, her and papa's roof.. She ran her man!
Picture this: the Valentines Day pic of whip. Didn't she claim Sidney got it? Ain't it hard to imagine Valentine's Day lovemaking in that house of a mess? That was probably the Valentines dinner Sidney made molding on the island in the kitchen! My lord, imagine that ugly scene! It truly shows the insanity of this Tammy. The house is nearly unlivable, poor children confined to sleep in master bedroom with parents but Tammy making sure America believes she is carved for by her Sidney thru play-acting. When really later with arrests a truer picture is revealed. My God, the Tammy is one crazy beast!! Clearly Heather had no chance to excape this Tammy rage, heryouth and
beauty turned something on in Tammy that wasn't stopping and was going to kill Heather , nothing could change that...lastly, very sad their children were in that courtroom..
Tammy got off on playing the all controlling. There's men that talk that way to their woman and woman that talk that way about their man.

Red Ryder said...

Jersey Jane said "There's men that talk that way to their woman and woman that talk that way about their man."
You have a nice way of summing it up in a sentence! Such a lack of love whoever it's from.

It's an abusive relationship. We are not used to seeing the man as the abused (getting his a** beat down, having his phone taken away, allowing himself to be handcuffed to the bed at night, having his abusers name tattooed right above his privates, the whip).

This is not to excuse SM in any action against Heather it just makes it somewhat understandable that he even went along with it and it makes him pitiful.

JerseyJane said...

So on the money, Red Ryder and JoAnn..

Anons went for battery change. Or coffee lube. LoL
I like everyone who is on here. It makes it interesting, I guess is the word. They are fast lil' buggers! I love when Jen Ow puts their brakes on with a single sensible solution sentence of hers!! Soo cute!! LoL

Veruca said...

Hey jersey jane how ya doing? Good post as usual. I'm wondering if you know why Peter is deleting all of my posts? I've been here for a long time and never caused a prob. Maybe cursed once or twice but for the most part I'm tame? Any idea?

Anonymous said...

ya I want more evidence.

I started the date did it theory back there and I am now moving off it cause I remembered that heather didn't mention the date being there - in her conversation with her roommate - when she got the call. I kinda feel like that would be mentioned.

tho of course not sure.

I also think -- it's new news that Sidney called from a pay phone to tell he he was leaving his wife, we didn't know that was the pay phone call before. -- it's strange -- to me is suggests he was genuinely attempting to leave his wife. more so than that it was a lure,

but given context it may have indeed been a lure.

I still it's likely went to seek council from a third party before the phone calls were made from the landing. there is a stretch of time in there - from around 2:30 to 6 a.m.

but maybe she was texting that whole time and that info is yet to be released.

things look very suspicious for moorers but not conclusive. that's where I can sum, up mu own opinion at moment.

also caught that bit about me being a mind poisoner. if I really have that power --- I gotta harness it and put it to more profitable use. maybe i should be selling my secrets to the military,

& for anybody going into surgery -- you might not like me - but may I humbly suggest drinking tons of peppermint tea!!! it keeps you from getting infection in those dengerous times,. saved my friends life - we are both sure of it.


Anonymous said...

p.s. -- to the other anonymous who ran with my date theory, I still got your back . & even tho I pulled back on it I think like the theory :)

also -- my boyfriend is reading the site rt now - because all i'm doing is posting -- and complaining that i can't stop posting -- and he can't tell difference between me and other anonymous sometimes!! so for all those wh've thought we are all one person -- I guess it could be confusing.

JerseyJane said...

Cool, Lemon and JoAnn got us thinking more in that direction today of how dominating Tammy is even her appearance in court it showed... I know in past posts it was brought up weeks and weeks ago. But with the current knowledge of a timeline with some texts from Tammy brought it more full circle. Tammy is surely rising to the top like fat.. Maybe people in social media will stop attacking the dead victim, Heather.

JerseyJane said...

Veruca, I think at one time or another it was happening to someone else that was around for a long time too. I'm trying to remember the solution. He addressed It once before. I do remember it not being anything about the poster themselves.. Maybe someone will answer this problem, like Lemon, John, etc... I'll sleep on it.. I do know it has happened to others.

Unknown said...

Every article I could find from that far back said he dropped her off around 2am. Her date SS said he was sure he dropped her off "BY 2am", based on what time he later arrived home. That doesn't sound to me like a definitive or accurate way to establish Heather's home arrival time.

However, the phone calls placed from Heather while in her home (as outlined on the timeline) ARE reliable. She was in her home calling her roommate at 1:44. The phone call from Sidney by pay phone was received at 1:35, and lasted 4:53min, placing the call ending at approx 1:40...4min before she called her roommate from her home. Based on this, it's likely that Heather had already been dropped off, (or was at least out of his car) by the time the payphone call came in.

Heather also posted 10x on her Tumbler social media acct. between 1:53-2:09am. Something she would not likely do while still on her date. All known indications suggest that Heather was indeed home from her date a bit earlier than 2am.

elf said...

The evidence released intodays hearing appears to be not only incredibly damning but also very concrete. Phone pings, messages, videotapes, one of the moorers trucks, motive, opportunity, the moorers own words, these are for the most part all physical evidence, except for the motive. All they are missing is Heather. I think Sidney will tell. I also predict a suicide watch on Sidney, if he doesn't kill hisself before they catch him.

Anonymous said...

was the vehicle in video moorers truck?

Unknown said...

Lol, Jersey

I admit, I have had to pump MY brakes A LOT today. I've erased more posts than I've published, lol.

I try to always be respectful, but I don't understand this runaway train of 'what-if, maybe' scenarios. Why not just discuss the newly unveiled timeline, and small taste of the Pros evidence, rather than completely unsupported speculation!?!

Anonymous said...

i forgot about those tumbler posts -- ya -- the date is not the guy.

Anonymous said...

I LOve what ifs cause it's the way to eliminate all possibilities. like Sherlock holmes -- once you eliminate all possabitities whatever remains however improbable must be it,

so any possability i can thin of i wanna play out -- could that have been it, and then if indeed it couldn't then -- back to what remains possible. and what remains possible looks more likely,.

the evidence against moorers doesn't seem super strong (at least what the've shone so far) -- however IF no other scenario is possible than then doing it - then that in itself leads to demonstrate their guilt.

playing out every other angle is part of proving and disproving guilt, both prorecution and defence are gonna do it too,. the prosecution behind closeds doors to be prepared for defense to do it in court,

if indeed they are guilty the case should stand up to all of that, the truth rises the more questions you ask - no matter what the questions,
IMO. -- that;s why I like to do it.

Unknown said...

Hi Veruca-

First, I'm not saying you have done this, but it's possible they are not being manually deleted.

Peter explained a while back that we should not respond at all to 'troll' comments (like the turd, what color are your car doors, foul language, or any other posts that will obviously be deleted).

He said after posts from an IP address are deleted repeatedly, all posts from that IP will eventually go to the spam folder, and if your responses to the comments must also be deleted, then your IP may be identified as spam, and your posts be lost as well.

Anonymous said...

in science when you have a theory and you want to make it a fact -- what you must do is throw it through the ringer -- you do everything you can to disprove it - you try every other explanation for the data you've got. IF after all that you can't disprove the theory - it becomes fact,

but an untested theory remains a theory.

throwing wild ideas against the wall to see if they stick -- is in fact a respect for the original idea you are trying to contradict, -- you are attempting to disprove it -- because you recognize ithas a chance to be proven.

it's not a bad thing, it's literally the scientific method.

granted it could be more sensative when talking about living people surroundnig a crime. bt it's (my) intent is to solve the crime., not hurt anybody,

Sus said...

Ima.grandma and flmomma, good luck in your surgeries.

JoAnn, Jersey Jane, Red Ryder. I agree that Sidney Moorer was/is abused by TM. I'm not sure how it plays into Heather's murder, but I feel it does.

I also want to point out Heather's response to TM, "I think you are a little obsessed with me. I'm nobody you need to worry about anymore." This is the type of statement that would infuriate someone like TM rather than calm her. To point out she's obsessed is to tell her she's envious...not a good idea. And to say ANYMORE is like saying "I was, but I don't want him now." I could really see this response setting TM on a murderous rampage.

somanyways said...

lots of photos of courtroom today

Red Ryder said...

Jen Ow said, "
I try to always be respectful, but I don't understand this runaway train of 'what-if, maybe' scenarios. Why not just discuss the newly unveiled timeline, and small taste of the Pros evidence, rather than completely unsupported speculation!?!"

I agree. There are a number of sites that are more geared towards sleuthing, like Scared Monkeys or Websleuths etc. They are fine and can be a useful source of info and links. People get very involved and there is that runaway train sense I have seen when new info comes out and everyone tries to Sherlock it into place. It can be fun but here, unmoderated, it could get out of hand, be disrespectful, spread misinformation and take away from the stated nature of the site.
I do get emotionally invested in many of the cases here but I come here primarily to learn statement analysis.

Anon 12:44 it is easy to choose a name. You don't have to sign up, just choose Name/URL whenever you put up a post so everyone knows who's who:) and Welcome! Statement Analysis is amazing. It has changed the way I read and hear what people say (my kids don't like it all the time though:)

somanyways said...

:) thank you!

but I'm the anon Peter hates. I'm somanyways. / anon 12:44 etc.

I"m really quite harmless -- if any of you could see me i'm sure you'd get over thikning i can poinin everybodies brains.

but --- while I realize all my posts will eventually get deleaeted sooner or later -- i'm posting anolymous rt now so i have a chance to at least hand in discussion before great nothing of deleating comes and swallows mne up again.

I've been posting on here for years, this just seems to be first case i have a differeing theory than most -- and boy did it cause a riff.

thanks for nice words!!

somanyways said...

I've been posting on here since amanda knox and casey anthony. I'm addicted too. I find it so interesting -- even being villlivied as i have been on this one -- I still got the itch to read and add things.

Anonymous said...

To clear it up even more. im an LA girl. i like sushi and yoga. i woke up to a crazy intense earthquake this am ten kind forgot about it. ive never been to the carolinas. never lived in a small town. i work in movies. Im obsessed with true crimefor the dialigue and stories. im no devil except for the fact that maybe everybody i hollywood is a devil. its hard to take theshunning on here seriously when i know my own innocuous intentions. but that said i love it on here too. its a real part of my life :-) so even with all the deleating and what not. i have warm feelings for you all.

VioletBaby said...

The fact that he didn't initially answer her calls from Heather to his cell phone isn't suspicious to me. He used a pay phone at first and didn't want to link himself to Heather that night. Here's what I think happened: he calls her from pay phone, says he wants to meet her at landing at 3:30ish. Perhaps this was a regular meeting spot for them when they were together. Her being a girl, a young one at that, is confused and anxious and wants to know more from him about his decision to leave. Hence, her calling back the pay phone number several times. I think as she's waiting for that meeting time she's getting anxious and impatient and wants to know more. Perhaps she was nervous and was seeking reassurance that it was going to be alright to meet given how crazy Tammy had been previously in those texts. Her calling him on the cell phone was not part of his plan. Perhaps he didn't anticipate that a young girl would not just sit and wait until the meeting time with no further explanation. I think he finally answered the cell phone because Tammy was pushing for a resolution that night and he needed to reassure Heather more to get her to meet him at landing. They (SM and TM) aren't the smartest tools in the shed these two. But thank goodness for that because they left a trail behind that has identified Heather's killers. I truly hope Sidney finds a conscience and tells LE where Heather is. I have no faith that Tammy will reveal this.

John Mc Gowan said...

To Heather.. someone's about to get their a-- beat down.. your b--- is about to take his last breath... You can tell me where you are right now or I will find out another way... that way wont have a great turn out for you... I am giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person.. only one.

Just to throw another spanner in the works.

"your b---(<Baby) is about to take his last breath"

Was Heather pregnant with Sydneys baby?

VioletBaby said...

I completely agree Jen, I'm not understanding the strange new accusations and suspicions anout an unknown predator instead of the Moorers in the comments. We got some concrete evidence in these articles from LE that places the Moorers at the landing as well as past communications between Tammy and Heather. Not understanding these left field speculations

VioleyBaby said...

In the news article images, the b word was actually "bitch"

John Mc Gowan said...

Thank you for clearing that up VioleyBaby. )

VioletBaby said...

One thought on the Moorer children being at the bond hearing. This to me shows yet another glimpse of the depravity that is the Moorers. Their presence is no doubt a sympathy ploy by the Moorers to get bond. The selfishness you have to have to allow your children to hear the details of the crimes and how traumatic that must be for sickens me. Just to have a slightly increased chance of getting bond. These children are also victims of these sick individuals

VioletBaby said...

No problem :)

VioletBaby said...

One must also not forget common sense when listing possibilities. Scientific Theory involves turning raw information into something comprehensible. It often involves creativity to explain a phenomenon or predict a phenomenon. A theory is based on observations of phenomena(facts), rather than a spewing forth of a stream of consciousness. There's nothing wrong with asking questions. But doing so haphazardly, without regard for facts revealed is counterproductive in my opinion

VioletBaby said...

Yes, that is likely part of the frustration. That we are talking about real people and haphazard possibilities with no evidence to back it up about an individual is irresponsible. My frustration is the ignoring of facts revealed and opting for a more far fetched possibility rather than one that is logical. I've seen some very intelligent brainstorming on here in the past, this is not an example of this. My intention is not to be rude or unkind with my comments. I have high expectations from the readers in this blog after having witnessed sharp minds thinking through problems and mysteries on here. The comments and speculations were chaotic, not something I'm used to on this blog

GeekRad said...

Good luck with your surgery im a grandma. I haven't made it through all the posts yet.

GeekRad said...

Good luck with your surgery too Florida mom.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is grasping at straws... must be a lawyers point of view

JoAnn said...

That is it exactly. I had to shut it down for myself last night, as the pleasure of talking intelligently with so many active minds was replaced by frustration. Speculation based on known facts (facts released by LE & reported by reliable news sources) is one thing, but wild speculation is another. Ignoring the facts altogether to create a "story" of events is irresponsible, and the degree of anonymity provided on a blog like this should make us more circumspect, not less. I have deleted my own comments when I "blurted" in haste.
I have learned & continue to learn so much from Peter & posters here. I find myself applying SA all the time, and it gets pretty funny when I'm watching Law & Order & I say "That's not a reliable denial!" I wonder how much the writers of these shows know about SA!!! Maybe some of it is just instinctive.

Anonymous said...

This is good story but non of it makes sense even though you'd like it too. They have the right people....
Sounds like more talk of a lawyer making a defense...

Nic said...

Interesting to read about the cuffs this morning.

It's obvious now.

Cuffs = bondage

Tammy is a dominatrix.

Sidney is submissive and branded "her's" (tattoo of her name over his "happy trail").

Anonymous said...


Nic said...

For someone who has been so emotional, Tammy sure appeared "docile" at yesterday's hearing. Most likely she's been medicated?

JoAnn said...

When I look at photos from yesterday's hearing, Tammy looks to me like the cat who swallowed the canary. Sidney trudging behind her, with his lip poked out, looks alternately sullen & scared to death (in his ridiculous Mickey Mouse tie, was that a message to his wife?)
The certainly seem to have had a sadistic/masochistic relationship - the older, powerful woman calling him demeaning names, handcuffing him to the bed; and the younger, "misbehaving" man agreeing to be handcuffed. No doubt their children were exposed to something much more harsh & damaging than the dirty physical world they inhabited.

Nic said...


Tie - you're probably right. Subliminal message of solidarity/unity.

I thought Sidney Moorer was a brunette. It looks like he dyed his hair.

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