Friday, March 7, 2014

Michaela Wells Found Alive!

Sixteen-year-old Michaela Wells, missing since last weekend, has been located. Authorities say she’s been found at a residence in Indianapolis and is now safe in police custody. She is reported to be in good health and her parents have been notified.
Miss Wells was reported missing on March 3.
Police say she was located at 8:20 p.m. Thursday. There was no immediate word on the circumstances of the case or how she wound up in Indiana. Police have not specified where she was staying, only that she was located in a residence there.
Bellevue Police say the investigation is still continuing in Indianapolis.
Prior to being located in Indiana, Michaela had last been seen at her Grandmother's home, in the Golden Hills Subdivision at 36th and Highway 370, on Sunday evening, March 2. Her mother told WOWT 6 News Michaela took the trash out around 8:30 p.m. and didn't return.
Bellevue police confirm Michaela was reported missing on March 3. Officers said she has been entered into the database as a missing juvenile but they didn't have information indicating that she was in danger.


S + K Mum said...

Good news!

elf said...

The world needs more happy endings. I'm glad this case was one.

polywog said...

What State is she from? I'm very happy that she is Going home safe And hopefully she and the family get some counseling and can work out the problems leading to her leaving.

Sella35 said...

@Polywog, she is from Nebraska, near Omaha

JoAnn said...

Thank you for posting this update. It makes me think police had some inclination of what was going on here, and the seeming lack of urgency their press conference makes sense.

Eliza said...

Thank God, I'm glad she was found quickly and in good health!

F said...

Good to hear good news.

I grew up right around that neighborhood at 36th & Highway 370 (I wrote a song about Highway 370 years ago: and it couldn't have been safer.

The neighborhoods and shopping centers around that intersection have grown quite a bit in the last 10 years, so maybe things are different now, but it was a very safe place to be.

Shelley said...


Bellevue, NE- Bellevue Police say a missing teen left on her own accord Sunday night.

Michaela Wells was reported missing from her home in Bellevue Monday. On Thursday, Michaela was located at a home in Indianapolis, Indiana. Michaela’s mother, Theresa, was notified about 8:30 Thursday night that her daughter had found and was safe.

Bellevue Police say during the investigation of Michaela’s whereabouts, detectives were able to determine that Michaela may be with an unknown person in the State of Indiana. Bellevue PD had previously briefed the FBI on the investigation. When information indicated that Michaela was likely out of the state, the FBI was requested to assist in her recovery.

With the assistance of the FBI in both Omaha and Indianapolis, the exact location of Michaela was discovered inside a home in Indianapolis.

FBI Agents in Indianapolis found Michaela to be safe and took her into police custody. She was with a male juvenile and in statements to officials, she indicated that she left her home in Bellevue on her own accord and was not taken against her will. Michaela is currently in the custody of the Indiana Division of Family and Children.

The Bellevue Police Department and the FBI are working jointly to arrange the return of Michaela to the State of Nebraska.

Anonymous said...

I desperately want to see an equally positive update on Myra Lewis. If only the same end could come from a search for a two year old. Though I assume the Wells family has hell to go through, she's alive and they will be okay. That's what I wish for little Myra.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone here suspect a publicity stunt?

polywog said...

Thank you Sella, That is quite a distance!

polywog said...

I think we all know a boy is involved in this probably an older boy.

Lily said...

Sorry, on my phone so can't cut and paste. But this is a statement crom the parents (using Michaela's fb account) on the missing group page. Maybe someone could bring the full text over? This is the second time the dad has mentioned disciplining her. Interested in hearing other's thoughts.