Monday, March 17, 2014

Tammy and Sidney Moorer Denied Bail

At a hearing Monday afternoon, a judge denied  bond for Sidney and Tammy Moorer, accused of kidnapping and killing 20-year-old Heather Elvis.
Judge Steven John said due to the seriousness of the charges, the nature of this case, and the potential penalties the defendants face, bond was denied. 
Tammy Moorer, 42, and Sidney Moorer, 38, face other charges as well in connection with the case of the missing Myrtle Beach woman who was last heard from December 18. While Horry County Police charged the couple with murder, Elvis' body has not been found.
Heather's car was found abandoned at Peachtree Landing along the Waccamaw River on December 19. Horry County Police say they believe Elvis was murdered.
In the hearing, which was scheduled for 2 pm and lasted until 3:30 pm, the prosecution made a Powerpoint presentation to the judge.
Also during the hearing, Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes said that her department is committed to keeping resources assigned to Elvis case and search. She asked the court to deny bond due to flight risk and danger.
The prosecution's presentation outlined communications between the Moorers and Heather Elvis starting as early as November and up until the night Heather vanished on Dec. 18.
The prosecution said that a relationship between Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis started in June 2013 and ended in October. Later in the bond hearing, an attorney for Sidney Moorer said a relationship between Sidney and Heather Elvis ended in October.
When Tammy Moorer learned of the relationship, she contacted Heather Elvis multiple times, sending photos and messages to Heather, the prosecution said.
In court Monday, the prosecutor introduced two messages from November:


Always Curious said...

Following the time table in this article, it would appear Heather was likely killed in the 6 minutes when the Moorer vehicle was seen on the surveillance camera driving TO the boat landing at 3:39 am and then FROM the boating landing at 3:45 am. Heather's phone data ended at 3:41 am.

So horribly tragic. A young life cut short in minutes. Less than 6 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Or they took her back to their home..

Anonymous said...

LE had already stated she was killed at PTL

Anonymous said...

if the did it at the landing -- it was done super fast, with no time to clean evidence.

Red Ryder said...

I wonder who's idea it was to bring the Moorer kids to the bail hearing?

I wish someone would step in and protect the Moorer kids.

I expect the prosecution will have evidence that strongly supports the events taking place at the boat landing yet it was after LE went through the house that the evidence of the murder was found. We will find out at the trial.

Unknown said...

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