Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mea Culpa: Understanding Tammy Moorer

I take at face value that investigators have clear and convincing evidence that Heather Elvis is dead, and her death was caused deliberately by Tammy and Sidney Moorer.

I weighed in with an opinion about Tammy Moorer that is contrary to the above sentence; that her ranting post did not show guilty knowledge of Heather's death.

I was wrong.

I was frightfully wrong.

The posting was not consistent with what we generally find in statements from the guilty.  The guilty will show contempt, or cast blame, towards the victim, but not openly.  Statement Analysis looks for the subtle disdain of the victim, (or blaming) after all, what guilty party wants to be seen in open hatred of the victim?

Tammy Moorer does.

I say that I was "frightfully" wrong because it is rare to see such a blistering hatred, posted for the public to see, while Heather's status was only "missing."

This hatred had to be all consuming for Tammy Moorer, who appears to have liked to portray herself as a seductress of sorts, with her sexed up photo-shopped photo, while being the spokesman of the family.  Her venom towards Heather as well as the little we know about her from reports, tells us that she is a powerful, domineering personality, one who is unafraid to collect welfare while making constant trips to Disney, an expense many of us don't have the luxury to expend.  She is said to be a "gamer", that is, one who finds ways to sue, or threaten to sue, for money, to maintain her fantasy lifestyle.  Her incessant posting shows a compulsive, narcissistic personality, all consumed with her own grandiose view of self, something she may have inherited from her father.

'Do not cross Tammy' is a lesson her younger, dominated husband learned...the hard way.

I was frightfully wrong, as Tammy's post haunts my thoughts.  Her rage and blistering insult, even to the taunting of Heather's father, tells us much about her sociopathic-like personality:  she does not care.

She did not care, perhaps, for the pleadings of a young, beautiful girl, who met all of Tammy's rage, all of her insult, all of her pain, her aging, her sagging appearance, so important to the uncultivated soul given to vanity, in one fateful last encounter.  She had threatened, able to articulate her rage, and was capable of not only following through with it, but was incapable of withholding her rage, even while it would draw not only the ire of the public, but the attention of investigators.

Imagine, for a moment, being a juror in the penalty phase of the murder trial and seeing this post. It is without compassion or mercy.  It shows no understanding of parental protective capacities, nor the pain that Terry Elvis experienced.

Tammy Moorer cares only for Tammy Moorer, with even her children living in filth and unsanitary disorder and madness.

Tammy Moorer did not likely sleep much, waiting, as it were, each day for "that knock on the door" that the guilty must experience, even if they feel no guilt.  For police to charge Tammy Moorer for murder, along with her husband, while having no body, tells us the evidence must be extreme.


As extreme, perhaps, as the posting of the venom within her poisoned soul.  For Tammy, Dorian Gray's portrait mirrored her own ugly soul, and the much younger, and beautiful Heather Elvis, represented to Tammy that her investment into her appearance, left her bankrupt in soul, with no loveliness to call her own.

Vile language, taunts, and even junior high like status about "having a boyfriend of my own", "so there!" revealed a stunted development in personality.  A middle aged woman, she had reportedly been a band "groupie", which to uneducated, means that she gave herself, randomly, sexually, her most intimate self, as if it was nothing, to strangers who happened to play musical instruments.  While others cultivate the beauty within, she was proud, where she should have felt shame, boastful, where she should have been penitent, and like all those who believe that sex is only a biological itch in need of scratching, was left void of character and inner beauty.

Heather Elvis, so very young, had gone astray from her upbringing, and got involved with the older man.  When she appeared free from Sidney Moorer, she went out with a younger man, and appeared to be on the track, once again, of an enriched and rewarding life.

This may have proved too much for the wasted, reprobated Tammy, who had to have her revenge; revenge not only for the affair with her husband (after all, she boasted of their "open marriage"), but revenge for her own internal ugly soul, her aging, and her icy cold heart, which could only burn hot when it hated.

Her unsanitary home was a window into the unsanitary soul that is within her.

She may be, like Pilate before her, incapable of doing the right thing and revealing Heather's whereabouts so that her family can honor her memory with a proper funeral.  Sprgeon told us that Pilate was fattened for failure, with all of his political opponents "gone missing" over the years, lies and deceit had left him without the strength to acquit the Innocent.

Tammy Moorer raged against Heather Elvis and given her public posting, I fully expect the details to shake us all, to the core, with the details revealing that Heather was afforded no mercy from one incapable of mercy.

I take at face value that investigators have overwhelming evidence in their murder charge.  I do not recall a case where the guilty raged so openly against the victim while missing.

I was wrong about Tammy simply raging against her husband's infidelity.


Jeff said...

I was initially suspicious with Tammy's posting, but as you said, Peter, there was nothing indicating guilty knowledge. So, I guess her post was a form of alibi building, i.e., trying to make it appear she didn't know what happened to Heather when, in fact, she did? And all of her rantings take on the form of one giant "But...because...so..." to explain her anger which was, indeed, guilty knowledge?

JoAnn said...

The mind of Tammy Moorer. There's an abyss, that I, for one, do not want to stare into.

John Mc Gowan said...

Liars tend not to draw attention to themselves.

For TM to come out so openly about her hatred for Heather, i guess, through us all off. As Peter states, it is not the expected. We may see subtle disparagement of the victim, but not to this degree.

It was almost like she was saying. Do you really think i would draw attention to myself like this if i was guilty. A double bluff if you like.

One more lesson learned, for me. And something else to look for in the language of possible suspects in future cases.

Nic said...


Everything we've seen/learned about Tammy has been about power and control. To "give up" Heather, would be giving up the last of her power/control.

Additionally, you refer to her being a groupie in bygone days. Interesting that basking in the glow of a star/touching a (rock)star has been reduced to keeping company and taking pictures with Disney characters.

Interesting how erosion is multifaceted/reflected in her life.

Justice and prayers for Heather and her family.

S + K Mum said...

Agreed Peter. I think, no matter what, she HAD to have the final say in all of this, she is not one who lets anyone or anything defy or humiliate her. If Heather and Sydney were over, even if it had been for years, it would burn inside of Tammy until she could get revenge.
I hope Sydney will find it within himself to let the Elvis's know where their daughter is.

S + K Mum said...

*Sidney - woops

Anonymous said...

I just posted this in the last thread, I didn't realize there was a new one up.

AnonymousMarch 18, 2014 at 8:58 AM

I think that Tammy set the whole thing up. I think she made Sidney call Heather and tell her he was leaving her (Tammy), and to meet him. I think she probably didn't let on to Sidney just how horrible the outcome would be.

Another thought that is a little more "out there", possibly it was actually Tammy who called Heather, to tell her that Sidney was leaving her (for Heather). She could have really been using his phone. Sidney could have really been using the payphone, and really didn't have his phone.

Idk if he was originally in on the whole thing, I think Tammy was in charge. Not that it matters at this point, because he's obviously deeply in it now, I'm just not so sure it was his idea or even that he knew beforehand what the outcome would be.

One other thing, on the "out there" theory, maybe he really did tell Tammy he was leaving her (maybe because of Heather, maybe not).

Nic said...

The picture of the two of them (with the gun) presented at the hearing. Wow. Neither look worried/remorseful.


GeekRad said...

I though Tammy did not have guilty knowledge as well. I thought her ranting were just that of a jealous, hateful woman. It wasn't untill much later, when it became apparent she wore the pants in the family that suspected Tammy was involved. For me that was after her arrest.

elf said...

Tammy mooorer is meaner than a snake. That is the truth. Don't beat yourself up too bad Peter. Around Missouri we have bullsnakes (non poisonous) and we have copper heads (poisonous) they look very much alike, so much so that if a person were to make the mistake of not looking very very closely, consequences would be fatal. Tammy is a copperhead: sneaky, dangerous, lethal.
Looking at Tammy's Facebook post we were all blinded by her transparent hatred. Your right, what kind of person that close to a missing person case would post something like that?!? A sociopath. A cold blooded being with no remorse, no conscience, no empathy, a snake in a human skin.
Peter, you are a gifted analyst. You are a good person. Your a voice for the missing and lost. Your humane. Your a kind person. Your a good teacher. Your not a psychiatrist. Tammy's post from Facebook wasn't a large enough sample, and you were right about it- Tammy wasn't being deceptive in that post. That was truly a cameo of the real Tammy Moorer.

Unknown said...

I have read this blog for many months now, as well as Mark McClish's books on the topic, and a few independent papers that have tested the claims. I am convinced of the effectiveness of these techniques to establish indicators of truth or deception in written statement.

However, as with scientific research and methods, there are sometimes freak results that sit outside the boundaries of the accepted norm. These fluctuations are particularly apparent in social sciences like psychology.

I would place statement analysis under the same social science umbrella. As much as SA is being shown to be accurate again and again, especially in this blog, there will always be exceptions to the rules.

Rather than let the statement haunt you Peter, and berate yourself for getting it 'wrong', accept it as an inevitable consequence of any study of behaviour and the mind. There are 7 billion people on this planet and there is only one universal rule that can be applied to every single one of them without exception; they will all die some day.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you were wrong. Again. At least you admitted it this time. Progress!

Anonymous said...

Tammy looks good in stripes!

Sella35 said...

Slightly OT-
Since Elvis’ disappearance, Horry County Police Chief Saundra Rhodes told the judge that the Moorers have called police 39 times.
“Most of the calls were threats made to them on social media,” she said. We have spent hundreds of hours on this case and immeasurable resources investigating it.”
She did ask the judge to deny bond.
“Tammy and Sidney Moorer are a danger to the community,” she told the judge. “When we responded to their home, we were often met by an armed Sidney Moorer and if released, in my opinion, we will have more violent confrontations.”

That is pretty interesting, since Tammy made threats via social media, then wants protection for receiving threats via social media.

Also of interest is the fact that no calls or text were made btw one another from Nov.1 until Dec. 17th.

According to hearing, on Nov. 1, Tammy Moorer sent Elvis an explicit and threatening text message telling her she had found out about the affair Elvis and Sidney Moorer had earlier in the year.
Elder said Elvis responded to Tammy Moorer stating, “I’m nobody you need to worry about anymore.”
No phone calls or text messages were exchanged between the Moorers and Elvis until Dec. 17, the night before Elvis disappeared.


Red Ryder said...

Why the mea culpa? Heather, in her tender years of youth and inexperience, could not have known the brutality that could exist in the heart of man (woman). I am more than twice her age and have seen awful things people have done to others. Peter, you even more have seen the betrayal of human against human. Even so, this is something beyond the pale. Who could have foreseen this heart of darkness? This is one of the most powerful articles I have read at SA. It doesn't ring with the truth, it hammers it.
An uncultivated soul given to vanity, left void of character and inner beauty~the heart of darkness.

Trigger said...

"Red Ryder said,…etc…the heart of darkness."

I agree.

rob said...

Tammy is evil. She has no love for anyone but herself. Her husband and children are her possessions. Don't mess with her stuff. You will live to regret it. She is proud and boastful of her life and property online. But don't come out to her home or you will see the real Tammy. Not too pretty.
All my opinion.

Shelley said...

I think Tammy did that post on purpose. I think she had a mission. I think she thought she was being smart.

She was not asked “were you involved with Heathers disappearance” or “did you kill Heather”.

In that post, I read it as someone focused on 1) making it appear she didn’t care about the affair and 2) that it was Heather who was the problem.

Her focus was not on answering questions or combating allegations. She was trying to act like she didn’t care and that Heather was the bad person in this case. Tammy was the innocent victim.

Had she been asked questions, I believe that would have given us the words that do show guilty knowledge. That may still be coming as the trial progresses. This will be interesting to read her words..

I think her post was done because she was getting questions.

I had an ex cheat on me, I called that girl all kinds of awful names. The B word, W word…. But I was 19 too. I would not react the same way today at my age now. And as a parent. But then I also don’t have a house full of guns and filth. I am more concerned about my childs happiness and safety than myself.

Tammy and Sidney clearly do not do that.

They put themselves first.

And that photo with the gun. That reminds me of wanna be gang bangers (high school kids that try to act like they are cool and tough). But being that they are adults and parents, that gave us a very good view of who these people are.

Red Ryder said...

My caveat, the heart of darkness is a novel by Joseph Conrad. I think it was the basis for Apocalypse Now, if it wasn't then someone did some big time plagiarizing!
It reminded me of how dark the human heart can become without cultivation (as PH says), without a gardener the garden grows wild.
So- again, props to Joseph Conrad for his amazing look into "The Heart of Darkness"

Unknown said...

Great article and comments!

I shudder to think what evil Heather met up with on Peachtree Landing, the early morning hours of Dec 18.

TM's rage was still SO intense at the time she wrote her despicable post, even AFTER she had exacted her revenge, taking literally everything she possibly could from Heather.

Knowing this, I'm fearful of the brutality Tammy would have been capable of, coming face to face with the girl who threw a wrench in her "dream life".

Doty said...

I said in the beginning that I was more suspicious of Tammy. Reminds me of a case 15 years ago when 2 hs students ( boyfriend and girlfriend) that were going to enter military academy after graduation murdered the girl he dated while the couple were broken up. The girl was the instigator and main perpetrator. Like Tammy, jealous of the other girls beauty. In that case the boyfriend turned states evidence, just like Sidney will. Bye bye Tammy. Rip Heather.

Shelley said...


Scotland Yard is really trying hard to find anyone else that could be responsible for missing Madeliene Mccann. Seriously they have become a joke to me.

It’s scary many still believe mom and dad are innocent and she was kidnapped.

But for those with half a brain, Scotland Yard is making themselves look like total morons. It’s just sad that even a law enforcement “agency” would stoop so low just to keep the parents from being held responsible.

I sure wish I knew what Gerry and Kate know or have that has kept them so protected.

Here is the link of yet another potential scape goat.


Shelley said...

I also found this to be humorous. Of course it will go to the “private” fund that is used for personal use by the Gerry and Kate.

And their spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "If they win the case every penny they receive in damages will go into the Madeleine Fund.."

Easter Bunny is a Myth said...

Heather was a victim. Most likely, the Moorers murdered Heather. If convicted, they should be punished to the full extent of the law.

We are attracted to what is "familiar" to us. "Likes attract". We are attracted to people with levels of mental health "equivalent" to our own. In other words, healthy people are not attracted to unhealthy people and visa versa.

This was a love triangle. All three participants played a particular role in the dynamic and were/are "narcissistic", "vain", and "grandiose".

Heather was not just "so very young" and "had gone astray from her upbringing". She was 20 years old. Her personality and level of empathy were hard-wired by the time she began the relationship with a married man, who had three kids at home. Previously, she had been in a relationship with a violent boyfriend. None of this is a coincidence. Some combination of Heather's genes, upbringing, and early life experiences made her prone to seeking out dangerous men and complicated relationships (married men). People with high self-esteem and empathy for others don't self-destruct and put themselves in harm's way.

Many of the terms you wrote about Tammy could also describe Heather ("seductress"..."sexed up photos"..."vile language"...) and Sidney ("fantasy"..."vain"..."aging"...).
Seeing things in black and white makes for great Disney stories and fiction writing, but it doesn't reflect reality. Most often, creating polarizing portraits is done to make us feel better about ourselves by painting a picture of a person or persons so far outside the norm that we cannot fathom that we're capable of the actions or crimes they commit. Words like, "venom", "vile", "poisoned soul", and icy cold heart" ought to be replaced with, "lack of empathy", "personality disordered", "sick" and "mentally ill".

This case is a tragedy for everyone involved, but especially for Heather, her family, and the Moorer's kids.

Doty said...

Bunny, so true, so true. It took many years of self reflection for me to grow and improve as a woman. Now I'm with a great man, not the type I used to attract and select. When I learn about Heather I can't help but think 'that could've been me, back in the day.' I wish she'd have gotten the chance to grow up. It makes me so sad for her.

Easter Bunny is a Myth said...


With arrested development, growing up is often painful. Usually, it takes a significant loss to cause a person to change and gain insight. Once one begins to feel for oneself, one can begin to feel for another.

"But for the grace of God, go I"...as well...

Nic said...

Shelley said:
Her focus was not on answering questions or combating allegations. She was trying to act like she didn’t care and that Heather was the bad person in this case. Tammy was the innocent victim.

Reading your comment was like an epiphany. She provided the "why" she did what she did, and was unapologetic for it. Tammy's actions were a means to an end. In her mind she was "right" in doing what she did. The end. Pointe finale.

somanyways said...

I agree with you easter bunny. ten fold.

saw mention of heart of darkness earlier -- one of the best books - IMO - is really about colonialism and how the evil "we" project onto the savage natives is really the evil in our own hearts,

in this case tho -- if indeed Tammy did it -- is is shocking how cruel she is - to me. So much so I have a hard time believing it until I see proof of actual killing. I think Sidney was genuinely trying to leave Tammy that night. I'm sure he did want to as controlling as she was. He doesn't seem to be such a participant in her plans -- she speaks for him claiming he's devoted to her, but does he ever actually help her when speaking for himself?

that military couple that killed the red head years ago --- they were both young and still fresh faced and really - a team. this - Tammy and Sidney don't have the same type or relationship.

I guess it's still to be seen. what went down. and all stil linteresting.

Anonymous said...

I realize it's a brand, but I really think Tammy should have worn something more appropriate to court instead of a top with "Xtreme" in bold letters across her chest. Just more strange behavior.

Nic said...

Here is an excellent report/timeline of events leading up to the Moorer's arrest.


News to me. I thought I read that they were having sex in Sidney's car.

[snip]...Warrants state the indecent exposure counts are tied to the Heather Elvis case, but they don’t specify how. ...[end snip]

Nic said...

Re the above-linked article.

...The report cites phone records showing Sidney Moorer and Heather Elvis were in communication as late as 6 a.m. Dec. 18.

6 a.m.!?!?! That is 2.5 hours later than what was presented at the bond hearing.

So there is a gap between 3:41 nad 6:00AM?

Nic said...

Re above. Actually I read earlier that Tammy sexted a picture of her vagina to Heather. (And her breasts and vagina to a minor.) So that would be "indecent" ... on someone else's property (recipient's phone).

Anonymous said...

gap, lull, nail painting time, interacting with a third party, or maybe just a wrinkle in time where absolutelu nothing happened at all?

Tania Cadogan said...

Regarding the mccanns

The PJ (Police Juicaire) by law cannot and will not discuss any part of the case with anyone especially the public.

SY ( Scotland Yard) are not going to go around discussing the case with anyone except the PJ.

Neither will discuss the case, their findings, tips etc with the main suspects in the case - the mccanns.

The mccanns hate this and have fought repeatedly to get access to the files so they know what evidence LE has pointing to them, and they know there is evidence.

They were made arguidos originally to give them legal protection.
In Portugal they were questioned as witnesses and as such, are not able to lie or refuse to answer questions on pain of 2 yrs jail. Since the mccanns lied and kate refused to answer 48 questions, the PJ made them arguidos which then legally let them lie and refuse to answer questions or co-operate wwith no risk of penalty.

When the case was shelved, it was noted with no great surprise, the mccanns refused the chance to have it kept open, they simply said nope close it. They perhaps believed they were home free even if they didn't know what evidence in the files the PJ had. They sued Leiccestershire police to get access to their files and won. They got back the files they and their attornies had sent to LE all 81 out of 11000. They also didn't realise that the PJ would amake the files public so anyone could read them, and read them we did with numerous Portugues speakers translating them for free and posting in forums ( the mccanns allegedly paid 1000,000 for their translations). Since then the mccanns and their spokespoodle have released sightings, new suspects along with dodgy e-fits and numeropus leaks as to how the case is going. This is a sign of desperation. It has become so farcical that many forums i play in have a spot the next sighting/suspect game. When something paintng the mccanns in a bad light is out , we get a sighting, a leak or a new suspect sometimes even combinations of.
The libel trial against Dr. Goncalo Amaral is going so badly wrong they have twice tried to come to a deal in order for him to end the case. It is almost unheard of for the plaintiff to offer the defendant a deal so the defendant agrees to end the case. Dr. Amaral has refused, he wants them in court and the truth to be out ther in the world.
The mccanns despite instigating the case, refused to actually tesitify and instead got friends to say hw badly they were affected etc, not even friends from the vacation.

Tania Cadogan said...

When they saw this wasn't working ( their witnesses did more to supporty Dr, Amaral than the mccanns) gerry rushed over demanding to testify ( knowing he would be rebuffed since he hadn't followed legal procedure) he tried this several times spinning it that the courts were cruel blah blah. Kate did the same thing wanting to testify. Dr. Amaral saw their game and said ok i want to testify as well. This was bad for the mccanns since them testifying opened them to cross exam and they didn't want him testifying as new evidence would be revealed . Kate backed down saying she wanted to testify by letter thus preventing cross exam. This was laughed out of court and rightly so.
Since then anyleaks to do with the case such as tractor man, chambermaid lady ( same story different suspect) 3 burglars ( pathetic i know and so obvious) upcoming arrests as in we know who they are and will be arresting them etc have all entered the media via the mccanns spokespoodle clarence mitchell. I strongly suspect, due to the silence of the mccanns (no chianti or fava beans just a nice NZ white)that as soon as the case was reopened in Portugal ( they wanted a police review not a reopening and were not happy when SY opened an investigation, and since the PJ said their case would only be opened if there was new and compelling evidence and have since reopened the case their side, the mccanns have no idea what new evidence has been found or wondering if a tapas member has talked) They were promptly reinstated as arguidos. As such they can't discuss the case on pain of jail. Thus all the leaks in the UK press have to come via a 3rd party ie clarrie. I wonder if he could face charges of obstruction of justice or peverting the course of justce for his antics) Anything you read in the media claiming arrests upcoming, new suspects, new sightings etc has to be taken with a large mountain of salt. The mccanns are desperately trying to learn what LE have on them hence their preempting leaks of possible evidence.

The best bit though is when a leak pops up, or a story we know something sensitive for them is going on and we then go looking for the hotspot, talking to our Portuguese friends to see what updates there are.

The media also know that Maddie on the front page sells newspapers to the sheeple and will happily rehash an old story to sell papers.

This story, especially coming from the mail is old news rehashed.

JoAnn said...

Hi Nic,
I have read that in numerous articles from myhorrynews.com as well, and just concluded that it was old information, not updated or something. They say it was confirmed, but yesterday in court the prosecution laid out the timeline in detail & said the last call from Heather's phone was at 3:41 am. I'm guessing there will be other facts and details that don't match earlier reports as either documents are released (which doesn't seem likely now) or trial begins.

Anonymous said...

calls were supposedly placed from her phone again at the landing at around 6? so -- maybe it's not a contradiction. maybe that's always been when they meant by calls all through night,

maybe the gap has always been there but they still used same wording "all through night" or hwatever wording they used. I'm not sure. but I could see that being the case,

Lemon said...

Thank you for your honesty and forthrightness. Kudos on an excellent post.

Red Ryder said...

Bunny, Doty, right! We all go through our journeys of life, sometimes having "arrested development". Some people have a rough road.
I don't know what TMs upbringing was, whatever it was formative but that's only part of what makes her her. There is her own choice, the one each of us makes many times daily whether we acknowledge it or not to love or to not love. Over time, it becomes our default behavior. I know people from wonderful, loving homes who are selfish and hateful. I know people from rough, uncared for homes who are kind and compassionate. It's a choice.
There but for the grace of God go I.

"But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander. These are what defile a person."

Matthew 15:18-20

C5H11ONO said...

Is it possible that her post did not show guilty knowledge because she was responding to someone and the question was not in regards to Heather's disappearance and she volunteered the information - leakage on her part to this person?

Anonymous said...


I don't understand why they are so intent in keeping the trial in horry county, if the trial is not moved and the moorers are found guiolty it would be super easy to appeal - saying they culdn't get a fair trial because of the local prejudice, the best way to make the conviction stick is to ensure them a fair trial from the start. moving the trial to another town shouldn't hurt them if the evidence is there.

Evelina said...

Thieves, cheaters, killers, child abusers, junkies, sosiopaths.

I have no sympathy for neither.

Heather knew her lifestyle would eventually get her in trouble.

As Agatha Christie once said (via Poirot): We must look at the murder victim, and how he lives, for therein lies the clue to why he was murdered.

(Evil Under the Sun)

Anonymous said...

So, she made calls from the landing as late as 6 am??? The more I think about this, the more I wonder what the heck really happened.

somanyways said...


That is one of my favorite movies!!!!! One of the best character reveals -- when that meek girl walks down the stairs glowing with self posession.

ha yay :)

Nic said...

LE doesn't say the calls were made from PTL - or by Heather. Just that there was communication between Heather and Sidney's phones.

It's been reported that Heather was taken against her will from PTL and that the Moorer truck was seen arriving and then leaving 4 minutes later back in the direction of the Moorer residence.

Maybe to pop somebody off before driving onto another location?

So someone used Heather's cell phone called "Sidney's" (in Tammy's possession) phone at 6:00AM.

Why? To report they were done and on their way home?

Who didn't have a phone? Sidney.

Just more speculation and opinion.

Nic said...

Here is a link rich in reporting/reference.


I'm still trying to find the reference I saw earlier to LE finding information on the Elvises at the Moorer's while they were executing the warrants. (Cause for concern.)

cat said...


State says Moorer's compound had many thing related to entire Elvis family like pictures, journal entries. #HeatherElvis #YourNews

JoAnn said...

OT: Michaela Wells
March 11, 2014


Federal authorities returned wells to Bellevue last weekend. But this week, a judge declared the Miss USA National Teen habitually truant from her home and ordered her to stay in custody because of a high risk of danger to herself or others, and a high likelihood to run away again.
The teen's family still has not spoken to her. Her mother, Theresa Norris, confirmed that in a phone call Tuesday night.
A placement review and arraignment hearing were set for March 18. Wells was also ordered to take a psychological evaluation.

(The hearing is supposed to be today)

Red Ryder said...

Nic said,"I'm still trying to find the reference I saw earlier to LE information on the Elvises at the Moorer's while they were executing the warrants. (Cause for concern.)"

Seriously? I didn't hear this before! Wow! I can understand wanting too but to actually go there!! If you find a link supporting this Nic, pls post it. I'll go look too. Thanks~RR

JoAnn said...

Red Ryder,
I think what Nic is referring to is a tweet by a local reporter yesterday that said the prosecutor stated that things pertaining to the Elvis family were found on the Moorer compound. The Elvis' did not go there....
Is that what you meant?

MemphisPat said...

Let's not forget the WHIP in Tammy's Valentine photo on Facebook. She's publicly proud of being the Dominatrix and it will take some time for meek hubby to get that out of his head enough to tell what happened. It seems there would be an incredible amount of premeditation/planning to kidnap someone in 5 minutes. I believe Tammy was in the back seat hiding and strangled Heather while Sidney drove off. I don't think they took her to their home but to a pre-dug grave.

Red Ryder said...

Hi JoAnn! "I'm still trying to find the reference I saw earlier to LE information on the Elvises at the Moorer's while they were executing the warrants. (Cause for concern.)" if Nic meant this other way,well,that makes sense:) Thanks for explaining it to me, I read Nic's post too literally.

JoAnn said...

Red Ryder,

Rebecca said...

What the fuck is this tripe? We are all dumber for having read this.

She should feel shame for being a groupie? Why? There are a million reasons to hate Tammy Moorer; this is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Memphispat wrote
It seems there would be an incredible amount of premeditation/planning to kidnap someone in 5 minutes.

Yes, this has signs that it was done by an organized killer who premeditated the killing.
1) The precise timing of the payphone call RIGHT when Heather got home and was alone.
2) She was "lured" and I believe it was by the payphone caller, I am not convinced she was lured to the dock.
3) No evidence left behind.
4) I believe the car was driven by killer and "dumped" at the dock. The car was, it sounds like, neatly parked (sideways) not haphazardly, and locked. (OCD)
5) I believe the killer visually stalked her, saw her arrive home, was prob not tracking her cell phone as someone suggested.
6) I believe the killer probably knew Heather.
From what I have studied on criminology I would sat this is an organized killer, OCD tendencies, my instinct is telling me the killer may have used a voice changing device to disguise his voice while speaking on the payphone.

Anonymous said...

Peter I just read your article, and I dont believe you were wrong in your analysis. Her fb post does not show guilty knowledge.
Have you looked at the 2 texts from Tammy to Heather presented at court? I thought it was strange how the texts contain very frequent elipses(....), however Tammy's lengthy facebook post contains no ellipses.

Nic said...

RedRyder, see cat's post above you @ 3:58PM


Thank you, cat! I thought I might have read it in the comments following one the umpteen on-line articles I have read -- and misguided everyone.

Chocolate? :0) http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/24000000/I-Love-Chocolates-c-D0-BD-CF-83-C2-A2-CF-83-E2-84-93-CE-B1-D1-82-D1-94-D1-95-24011424-1280-1024.jpg

Everyone help themselves! :0)

Anonymous said...

Just wondering aloud, why did the text sent from the Moorer phone 2 days after the rage-filled ellipses texts begin casually "by the way dad no longer oens a phone". Since someone on here had written that Tammy had actually said "you'd better tell me WHO you are" not WHERE you are" in the rage-filled text I am having a lot of trouble understanding why she would refer to Sidney as "Dad" if she did not even know who Sidney's "lover" was??

JoAnn said...

Thanks for sharing that! A guilt-free way to enjoy chocolate :)

patrice said...

When I read her facebook post all I saw was evil, and hatred and I was scared for Heather. I hope Heather is found and gets the justice she and her family deserves.

Nic said...


If life teaches us anything, it's that people will surprise you every time. Sociopaths are about pretending, trickery, manipulation and deceiving. They're about not being caught.

Simply put, she comes across as a boor. There are a lot of synonyms for boor.

an unrefined, ill-mannered person.
"at last the big obnoxious boor had been dealt a stunning blow for his uncouth and belligerent manner"
synonyms: lout, oaf, ruffian, thug, yahoo, barbarian, Neanderthal, brute, beast, lubber; More

If you think about it now, it's a pretty stealth facade.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:23
One reason not to change venues is that it is very costly to the court. In the county I live in, proof of bias is needed. If the county has access to a large jury pool, the decision to keep the case in-county is often made.

Nic said...

If anyone is interested, here is the board re "Disney" Tammy posted on:


Anonymous said...

Was that not a bullet proof vest?

Nic said...

Am I the only one who hasn't seen the "7 Reasons Why I Love You" list between Tammy and Sidney posted this past Feb 14?


For my husband Sidney....

7 Reasons Why I Love You More Than Ever

1. You are a phenomenal husband.

2. You always put me and the babies first...you are an amazing father.

3. You are an awesome chef. ;)

4. you have never lost your temper, hit me, or hurt me in any way.

5. you work hard and pay the bills on time, no matter what we have to live without.

6. You are the most gracious, kindhearted, compassionate man I have ever known.

6. You are Sidney!

Before I met you most of my boyfriends were rockstars. In '97 I was burnt out on that lifestyle and ready for a change. I tried so hard to forget about that life and concentrate on our marriage, and was successful for many years. In 2009 I reconnected with my past and that changed us. I begged you to leave and you stayed anyway. Here and now I want to apologize for running out on us. I wish I had never hurt you, and I want to thank you for always being there. You are my BEST FRIEND. You have and always will be the only rockstar I need. I love you baby!

Happy Valentines Day <3

[end snip]


Huh. So pardon me for being catty, but I guess he got his phone back? Or did she pass him his phone over the dinner he cooked so as to read her love list to him.

Seriously, it sounds like it was important for her that the world know ....that she left the marriage FIRST! And that he chose her and the babies. Note order of appearance and that is why he is a phenomenal husband.

Never doesn't mean no.

That's my impression.

Anonymous said...

She had a bullet proof vest on

Anonymous said...

Her phone never pinged again after 3:41 am
Earlier reports of communication til 6am may have been social media. Maybe SM and TM made the social media communication to make it look like HE was still alive

JoAnn said...

The police initially released information describing an "around 2 am" and " some time around 6 am" timeline. They deliberately didn't release exact times to the media/public, and were vague about times because they were in the midst of an investigation. They continue to hold back details, only releasing what was necessary during the bond hearing to ascertain that the Moorers would be held in jail until trial. We won't know the rest until trial.

Anonymous said...

And this why I call facebook "fakebook"

Anonymous said...

It's been popping into my head the 2 guys that did the fake texts and created a fake Tammy account and spoofed her phone number. I wonder what their investment in doing that was?

Doty said...

I think Tammy believed she would get away with the murder as long as Heather's body was not found. I think she believed Heather would never be found. That's why she felt smug enough to openly rage against Heather and her family. Tammy felt invincable.
LE should look into unconvential ways a body could be disposed of. For example, a murder victim in Michigan was disposed of by dismemberment then being fed to hogs on a farm, the victim was never recovered; other victims have been put through commercial sized wood chippers; Jimmy Hoffa was never found. Abandoned wells, cisterns, septic tanks should be explored; construction sites, newly poured concrete;sites with incinerators.
I think if the heat were turned up on Sidney he'll crack and give up the location. Correctional officers have many methods at their disposal to turn the crank.

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 8:26

Tammy to Heather: Someone’s about to get their ass beat down…your bitch is about to take his last breath…you can tell me who you are right now or I will find out another way…that way won’t have a great turnout for you..I’m giving you one last chance to answer before we meet in person..only one. -

The "who you are" could be in reference to picking up Sidney's phone and discovering the messages between Heather and Sidney.... and that she is going to kill him (and hurt her if she makes Tammy seek her out).

Tammy to Heather: I’ve been having Sidney followed since January 2012. It’s best you call me back and speak to me to save yourself. Hey sweetie you ready to meet the MRS?

(Warning shot across the bow.)

Interesting that she was having Sidney followed (passive) and whomever never picked-up on the affair.

She introduces herself to Heather as The Wife (MRS). (Alpha)

Heather's brother reported that LE told him that Tammy and Heather had a (physical) run in.

So Tammy "physically" drew a definitive line in the sand.

Nic said...

your bitch is about to take his last breath

Tammy objectifies Sidney the same way a "rockstar"/"rapper" does his 'bitch'.

She was talking to Heather like she was a peer. Could you image her shock when she learned how young and pretty Heather was? Her first thought would be, "I'm old enough to be her MOM!!" Hence the "dad" reference. (Heather had no business with her 'bitch'.)

Anonymous said...

Thinking this through, They wanted people to think Heather was pregnant and Tammy knew it and they both wanted her to leave them alone and that Sidney had met her at the dock to give her money to make her go away.
It's like there already was an arrow pointing at TM and SM but the text fakers were nervous about something. Were they nervous bc they had something to do with her demise? If they have demonstrated a penchant for faking communication, could one of them have been the payphone caller? Could one of them have called and said Sidney wants to meet you at the dock? But one of them showed up? Why would thry have interferred with the case?

Anonymous said...

Nic, she was addressing her as her peer which I thought was strange, almost like a compliment (you dominate Sidney too!)
The dad thing though is weird though if she didnt even know Heather's age.

Anonymous said...

I think it was a bullet proof vest that said tree...but I could be wrong!

Anonymous said...


Nic said...

Anonymous, the 'dad' comment was made a couple of days after the 'b!tch' comment.

I think the first text (discovery) was Tammy texting "woman to woman". Instead she discovered, "woman to kid".

JoAnn said...

Anonymous @ 10:21
Are you a person who could be on a horse farm, hearing hoofbeats, and still be looking for that zebra? Lol, you are wearing me out! I choose to laugh rather than be annoyed, maybe because I looked at pictures of chocolate tonight. ;)

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 10:21... reading about Heather's sister being threatened, supposedly the Moorers being shot at, (not proven but they reported it,) the (maybe) hoax texts from Tammy about Heather being pregnant and giving her money. For sure there is a lot of stuff out there and until the trial starts and evidence is presented, it's hard to say what's what.

I like that both have been charged so that neither can plead the fifth. The evidence is equally against the both of them. . Which maybe means that both were present at PTL, Heather was killed there and then moved. (Video was enough to garner warrants on both their behalf.)

Red Ryder said...

Hi all! I don't know where Mark Liverman gets his info about there being lots of stuff about the Elvis family at the Moorer's . I've looked and could only find reference on his twitter. However:

“Generally, even if it hurts us, we try to turn it over,” Richardson said of FOIA requests. “But, there are certain exceptions to FOIA and we believe this falls under those exceptions. There are still mounds and mounds of evidence. This is truly an ongoing investigation. We are certainly not trying to deny the public the right to see anything they are entitled to.”

Read more here: http://www.thestate.com/2014/03/17/3332207/horry-county-denies-request-for.html#storylink=cpy

That's the Horry County Prosecutor saying they have MOUNDS and MOUNDS of evidence against the Moorer's. So there is a good chance someone in LE slipped some info Mr.Liverman's way and he is right.

So prosecution "still" has "mounds and mounds" of evidence and it is "truly" an ongoing investigation.
Do you think the truly is sensitive? Is he worried about the lack of a body?

JoAnn said...

Red Ryder,
Mark Liverman was tweeting from the courthouse during the hearing. I thought it was odd, too, that his tweet was the only mention of the photos & journal entries about the Elvis family. And something about the way it was worded "found on the Moorer compound" made me think these things weren't inside their house, but maybe in the camper? Or TM's dad's home? But I wonder why no other news media picked up that info if it was stated in court?

Unknown said...

Lol Joann! Thank you, I needed that. Maybe I should check out the chocolate pics. smh

Shelley said...

Interesting they are sharing so any details about Michealas mental health but not a word about where she was found or how she got there. Clearly there is way more to this story

Shelley said...

They are so clearly guilty that it amazes me that many people still think they are innocent victims of a child kidnapping.

It's like a circus!

Shelley said...

How can the Mccanns sue him then refuse to testify..

Seems to be the case should be dropped unless they can prove he is wrong or that they stopped getting money because of his book.

But we all know they can't prove him wrong.. And proving the loss of income would require them to share all the financial data and we know they won't do that.

Shelley said...

"Mr McCann's sister Trish Cameron told the court last October that the family's pain over Madeleine's disappearance was "multiplied 100 times" by the book, while the trial previously heard how Mrs McCann had considered suicide in the aftermath of its publication in 2008"

So her daughter missing, year and year is 100 times less bad than a book blaming her is. And it's the book that almost lead her to suicide.

Sorry still makes her look like a selfish b#%<+! I mean who cares about a book.

If you want to convince us you are innocent Kate look for your child.... Answer questions.... Tell the truth....

This book should not be worse than your child being taken....

But clearly you continue to prove just what matters most. You and your reputation

Carnival Barker said...

I must be fluent in crazy because I just revisited my original comments about Tammy the Terrible's rant...

Carnival Barker said...

Her whole statement is a contradiction. She's very clear about being a protective mama bear and no matter what her Prince Charming does her kids are off limits. Okay, that's fair. But then why does she fault and mock Heather Elvis' father for being equally as protective of his child?? If her parental instinct is as strong as she makes it out to be, why does she not empathize with someone who is living Tammy Moorer's worst nightmare ... someone hurting their child??? Instead she belittles and attacks him. I understand her venom toward her husband's paramour; but the bashing of a father desperately searching for his missing daughter makes my alarm go off.

If you have the time, her DIS board posts are priceless. May I direct your attention to my personal fave when she was telling everyone how rich she is and how the landscaping on her "grounds" is far superior even the nicest hotels in Disney World. When the rest of the members jump on her for acting so elitist, her apology is the BEST! It's so condescending and backhanded. She apologizes to everyone who feels "unworthy".

What really fascinates me about her is that -- and this sounds awful -- but how does she manage to conjure up such high self-esteem? She was brazen enough to send naked pictures of herself as recently as a month or two ago. Let's put it this way, she didn't have a bra on in her first court appearance and if she was wearing open-toed shoes she could have shown off her cleavage.

Red Ryder said...

Hi JoAnn, thanks for the explanation. Maybe it was said in passing or no one thought it was that important vs the texts and timeline. Who knows? TMs dad's house was not included in the search if I remember correctly, so not there. Mickey camper sounds about right:/

Anonymous said...

It was stated at the bond hearing about the journals as well as pictures of the Elvis family on Tammy's computer. I live in Horry County and heard it directly from people who were in the courtroom. They know it was in fact Sidney who called Heather from the gas station payphone as well because it's on the security cameras at that location. It was also told at the hearing that after Tammy learned of the affair, that she made Sidney SIGN an agreement to be handcuffed to the bed every night for six months as so he did not sneak out while she was sleeping. It was also stated that she took his phone and locked it with a password that only she knew and he was only allowed to use it when she gave him permission and supervised his calls. It was also stated at the hearing that in Early Nov. she sat on the bed with a gun and threatened to shoot Sidney and then shoot herself. Tammy Moorer is a deranged lunatic! I do not know for sure if Tammy's parents house was fully searched but I do know that LE took her parent's computer.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous wrote:

Anonymous said...
It was stated at the bond hearing about the journals as well as pictures of the Elvis family on Tammy's computer. I live in Horry County and heard it directly from people who were in the courtroom. They know it was in fact Sidney who called Heather from the gas station payphone as well because it's on the security cameras at that location. It was also told at the hearing that after Tammy learned of the affair, that she made Sidney SIGN an agreement to be handcuffed to the bed every night for six months as so he did not sneak out while she was sleeping. It was also stated that she took his phone and locked it with a password that only she knew and he was only allowed to use it when she gave him permission and supervised his calls. It was also stated at the hearing that in Early Nov. she sat on the bed with a gun and threatened to shoot Sidney and then shoot herself. Tammy Moorer is a deranged lunatic! I do not know for sure if Tammy's parents house was fully searched but I do know that LE took her parent's computer.>>

thank you for the update. Her language has revealed an extreme need to control and the younger Sidney was acutely under her thumb. His affair was to dare to cross her and break free.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

john said...
Liars tend not to draw attention to themselves.

For TM to come out so openly about her hatred for Heather, i guess, through us all off. As Peter states, it is not the expected. We may see subtle disparagement of the victim, but not to this degree.

It was almost like she was saying. Do you really think i would draw attention to myself like this if i was guilty. A double bluff if you like.

One more lesson learned, for me. And something else to look for in the language of possible suspects in future cases.

Excellent summation.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Your a typical "American"SLUT".

Anonymous said...

Your a typical "American"SLUT".

RedRyder said...

Thanks for the suggestion to look at the Disboards. I skimmed through them and some are so odd. This one from April 2013 caught my eye especially.
Ya'll please keep praying for the doggies. No sign of them and we've been searching for two days now. (No sleep, but I'm seriously about to crash standing up) Bentley is about to go nuts without them around. (Our collie mix) We searched the pounds, followed every lead...this is a nightmare. I'm lost without our fur babies. "

Red Ryder said...

Carnival Barker asked, "What really fascinates me about her is that -- and this sounds awful -- but how does she manage to conjure up such high self-esteem?"
It's interesting how she can come across as high in self esteem. TM is a narcissist and has low self esteem, verging on self hatred (if not already there). Narcissists control all in their domain and the people within are their narcissistic feed (this props up the narcissist from within).
If someone challenges the narcissist vengeance is swift and thorough, manipulation, threats, punishment,violence, denial of "affection", mind games galore,whatever it takes to get them to comply. (God help her kids.)

Failure to comply will earn the offender permanent ostracization (she did this to SM's parents in 04/2008, calling them monstrous in laws, I bet they challenged her).

Narcissist self esteem is so low it can't bear any blow, real or imagined, and will nurture a grudge for years until they get their revenge.

Given this, it's not so surprising that she had a bunch of things about the Elvises at her house. She COULDN'T let the affair go and her hatred of Heather extended to her family.

I forgot all this about narcissists. I had a narcissist parent who is now dead. Like the Disney movie Frozen says, I let it go :) so it took me a bit to recognize the chilling patterns in TM. Even though TM is a narcissist, it may be that prison will be the best thing to happen to her. If all her sources of narcissistic feed are gone she may be forced to look within and "wake up" and begin to choose differently.

John Mc Gowan said...
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Kellie said...
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Anonymous said...

I am afraid that Tammy wanted nothing more than she wanted Heather to suffer. If what I read is true, and duct tape was found at the scene, I think she may have been bound and tape put over her nose and mouth so Tammy could watch her suffer. This would be the cruelest with no way for petite Heather to fight back. And no blood or other clues left behind.

I believe Tammy threatened Sidney's life and to spare himself he offered up Heather. I think she developed her plan while on the road trip to California just before Heather went missing.

Sidney is a coward. The poor children will need a lot of help after living with a monster and her henchman.

I hope the kids aren't with their maternal grandparents. They need to be with caring people away from the drama.

Randie said...

Do you have a link?

"I am afraid that Tammy wanted nothing more than she wanted Heather to suffer. If what I read is true, and duct tape was found at the scene, I think she may have been bound and tape put over her nose and mouth so Tammy could watch her suffer. This would be the cruelest with no way for petite Heather to fight back. And no blood or other clues left behind."

Doty said...

Red Ryder 1:09 You are spot on with the narcissist commentary. She also has the grandiose fantasy going on, and omnipotence.
You are incorrect, however, to assume prison will dry up her narcissistic supply. Sadly, narcissists do rather well in prisons. There are plenty of less stable, less healthy, inmates to manipulate in order to get her needs met. Not to mention the unethical guards; she will be able to trade sex for favors easily and still be able to claim victimization if discovered. Win win for a narcissisist.

Red Ryder said...

Doty, I know. You are probably right. I believe until death everyone can BEGIN to change. Would it be enough for us to notice ? I don't know. But perhaps in that initial shakeup there will be an opportunity for her to question herself~I have seen it. It happened with my dad right before he died and I believe it was genuine. It wasn't huge, just that spark of "oh God, how have I been living, what have I done?" And I think that's enough to get things going:)
TM, people like her, need to get hit with a big proverbial brick before they will look inwards if ever, but I know it's possible. I understand where you are coming from though, she has selfishly chosen hate over love so many times it is her default and almost hardwired by now.

Anonymous said...

mean, no disregard for human life or herself and dumb as a box of rocks.

lowcountreeladee said...

Agree with you on several issues. I think she did set this up. The only way he (SM) could shut her up was to contact Heather and ask him to meet her. Then Tammy took over. I don't think he realized what was about to happen but once it did, he was tight there in the middle.