Monday, March 25, 2013

Amanda Knox Awaits Word from Italian Court

Amanda Knox is said to be "anxious" in waiting to hear, perhaps by today, about her appeal in the Italian court. 

Prosecutors are asking the high court to throw out the acquittals of American Knox and her Italian ex-boyfriend in the murder of 21-year-old British student Meredith Kercher, and order a new trial.
Knox, now 25, and Raffaele Sollecito were arrested in 2007, shortly after Kercher’s body was found in a pool of blood in her bedroom in the rented apartment she shared with Knox and others in the university town of Perugia, where they were exchange students. Her throat had been slashed.
Knox and Sollecito were initially convicted and given long prison sentences: 26 years for Knox, 25 for Sollecito. But in 2011 the appeals court acquitted them, criticizing virtually the entire case mounted by prosecutors in the first trial. The appellate court noted that the murder weapon was never found, said that DNA tests were faulty and added that Knox and Sollecito had no motive to kill Kercher.
After nearly four years behind bars, Knox returned to her hometown of Seattle and Sollecito resumed his computer science studies.
In the second and final level of appeal, prosecutors are now seeking to overturn the acquittals, while defense attorneys say they should stand.
Statement Analysis has shown that Knox is not only deceptive, but has guilty knowledge of a sexual homicide. 


Mouse74 said...

Amanda: Cartwheels at the police station before questioning.

Jodi Arias: Headstand while during a break from questioning?

Sociopathic + Beautiful = DEADLY

Shelley said...


Also, my fear yet again is that sociopath+beauty=Innocent verdict

(I dont really see either of them as anything that great, especially Jodi but apparently the greater population does)

Lets hope they don't do it yet again with Jodi.

But I am very worried.....

That behavior alone to me is very odd and can not be explained ever as normal.

If I was arrested on murder charges I would be scared to death. I would be crying and doing anything to get myself cleared. Not acting like a crazy person doing cartwheels, headstands or lying and trying to hinder the investigation.

Innocent people just dont act like that.

I hope they do overturn the conviction. I think she is guilty.

john said...

I think this describes them well..

Narcissistic Sociopath.

We usually say that a certain person is defined as a Narcissistic sociopath when we see that he or she doesn’t care about other people. But it is really hard to spot them because they hide it very well. This is because they can learn this behavior even if they don’t feel it. They are like actors. From time to time they might show signs of affection, understanding and sympathy. This is very dangerous because by doing it they are gaining our trust and someday they will break it and we will be very surprised and even blame ourselves how we didn’t figured it our before. They are the masters of illusions and they are very good at it.

So what exactly a narcissistic sociopath is doing? Everyone wants something from life. So in this case they just use people, they have something they have to achieve and they will get it no matter what they have to do in order to have it. They will lie and hurt just to receive something. Also, after they got it, they will not care if someone else was hurt or even died. It is very similar to emotional freeze. They don’t really feel what most of the people feel when they are doing something wrong. This is why the early narcissistic sociopath definition was in fact the definition of psychopath. But the difference is that psychopath is usually a serial killer and sociopathy is more likely to be an antisocial disorder.

Ney said...

Shelley, I think they are very impulsive people, they do those strange things to calm themselves enough to be able to concentrate to get themselves out of trouble. It seems they don't care, but they do, just not about the horrible thing they have done, only about taking responsibility for it.
Just as jodi told on the witness stand, if she is not caught, she doesn't know if she would have ever admitted killing Travis.

You can see jodi sitting in court trying to control herself not to touch things, her eyes go all over the desk, folders, screen etc several time. She has to write everything down like a secretary, or draw or whatever she is doing there. I bet if she would have not been told by the attorneys to sit normal, she would be even more wierd.

Would amanda knox be required to be there during the trial in Italy? What if she doesn't want to leave the Usa? Would the country have to give her out?

Ney said...

It seems they don't care, but they do, just not about the horrible thing they have done. It seems they don't have guilt, they feel sorry only for themselves and only for being caught. They worry only about how to talk themselves out of the crime, and how NOT to take responsibility for it.

BostonLady said...

Now that Amanda is home safe in the USA, how would she be forced to go back? Extradition?

I'll be surprised if they can get the ruling to bring this all back to trial. And it's too bad because someone will be getting away with murder, literally.

violet said...

Fun Fact of the day: Who does Amanda Knox share a birthday with? OJ Simpson and Jodie Arias. All of the named murderers are fans of the knife.

violet said...

@Boston Lady: The US does have an extradition agreement with Italy. Also, Italian law does not work the same way as US law. The appeal to their Supreme Court was automatic. For more specific information see True Justice For Meredith Kercher dot org.

RIP Meredith.

equinox said...

BostonLady, they don't need a ruling. A second appeal is automatic in Italian law. That both Rafaelle and Amanda have been selling their "stories" before their legal process is even finished is a sure sign they are desperate to capitalize before they are once again imprisoned and unable to sell their lies.

As I understand it, while last appeal which overturned their convictions did find some good reasons to throw out some of the forensic evidence, they broke Italian law by ignoring all the rest of the conclusions of the first trial. They cherry-picked what evidence to consider and based their acquittal only on the forensics that were reviewed, finding them insufficient to convict.

The prosecutions second appeal is excellent and detailed review of the law, the original conviction and the limited basis upon which the final appeal can be based. No cherry-picking of facts, the entire decision of the first court must be considered and all the facts in evidence accepted. The prior appeal didn't even assess the multiple conflicting alibis, the proven lies, Amanda's written confessions, the wealth of circumstantial evidence and the remainder of the witness testimony - all ignored!

sidewalk super said...

so the difference between a narcissistic sociopath and a psychopath is how early in their careers they are diagnosed?

I see jodie so excited about
her notoriety and therefore her publicity, that she is doing handstands, etc. as the attention getting gambits of someone who just cannot contain herself..

Is Travis her only victim? Her last?

Have we noticed how many times she wants to see photos of dead Travis, crime scene photos, how on the way to his funeral wants to visit his house, wants to insult his grandmother with faux gifts?

Part of her revisiting is pure gloating, but I think a big part is looking for material for future lies.

Peter Hyatt said...

Great point, Equinox. I hope you are correct.

Skeptical said...

Amanda's ex-boyfriend, Sollecito, lives in Italy. The authorities will be able to arrest him once again if the acquittal is overturned. There is the possibility that in order to save himself, he could tell all that happened that night and throw Amanda under the bus.

Mouse74 said...

Equinox! Am I recognizing you from the PMF blog? I actually think you might have been the one to direct me to this site :)

Shelley....correct! Innocent people do not act like that.

She and Rafa, and very much guiltly.

AugustWA said...

I am not sure where I stand on this case. As for Jodi Arias, now she's as guilty as they come!!

Mouse74 said...


If this case was held in the US, you would find her just as guilty as Jodi Arias. It's very evident in her statements and behaviour.

This case was a tough one to convince folks of, because of how the media turned it into a "THEM v. US" kind of spectacle. Because the proceedings were all held in the native language of Italian, almost everything obvious about this case, was somehow lost in translation. It seems this happened for no other reason than PR and the best story that would sell the most. I refuse to read any American summaries regarding 'poor' Amanda's saga with Italy. It's a travesty to me how much our media in the US has spun this story :(

The Italian courts are very very different, nothing like here. I used to think they did a more thourough job, until AK and RS were aquitted. However, I still have hope that they will pay for their crime.

Anonymous said...

Knox had a pink hat with a bobble.

equinox said...

Hi Mouse74, yes I was on PMF for a year or more. Their photo and evidence file is superb. It was all the spying, backstabbing and subterfuge that was exposed there that convinced me thoroughly that a PR coverup was going on in the US. Then when Steve Moore came here to the SA blog pretending to be his own wife- I was so glad to finally find some humour in my study of this awful crime against Meredith Kercher.

veruca said...

Wait....what is pmf? And moore really did that here?

Excruciating Headache said...

Jodi Arias is no beauty. She's got crossed eyes, a big nose and an overbite. She's got the sociopath thing down to a science.

equinox said...

Perugia Murder File .NET
Perugia Murder File .ORG(strangely split into two a year ago)

Andrea Vogt following the hearing live in Perugia, Italy
Umbrian News Hearing Timeline

veruca said...

Thank you equinox

john said...


De'Marquise Elkins, Charged With Murder Of 13-Month-Old Antonio Santiago, Is Not Guilty, Lawyer Says.

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — The lawyer for one of the Georgia teenagers suspected in the shooting death of a baby who was in his stroller on a walk with his mother said Monday his client is "ABSOLUTELY" not guilty.

"My client is ABSOLUTELY, 1,000-PERCENT not guilty," public defender Kevin Gough, who represents 17-year-old De'Marquise Elkins, told The Associated Press. He made the comments Monday, while preparing for Elkins' first court appearance on a murder charge. It was scheduled for 2 p.m. Monday.

Elkins and another 14-year-old boy are charged with murder in Thursday's shooting of the baby, Antonio Santiago, and the wounding of his mother, Sherry West.

The 14-year-old appeared in court earlier Monday. The Associated Press generally doesn't identify juvenile offenders. Elkins is charged as an adult.

At Monday morning's hearing, the 14-year-old came into the courtroom shackled and wearing a baggy orange jumpsuit, The Florida Times-Union reported.

He glanced at the few members of the media allowed into the courtroom for the initial appearance as he shuffled to a lectern facing Glynn County Magistrate Tim Barton.

The magistrate told the boy he couldn't set a bond because only Superior Court judges can do so in murder cases.

"I'm going to see that you get a lawyer immediately," Barton told the boy.

The 14-year-old was in the eighth grade at Glynn Middle School before his arrest, said Jim Weidhaas, a spokesman for the Glynn County school system.

Elkins was last a student in the system in October 2011 when he left Ombudsman, an outsourced alternative school program, Weidhaas said.

The baby's mother said she was walking home Thursday morning when two boys confronted her and one of them opened fire. Police say she was shot in the leg, and her baby was shot in face.

Gough said he has demanded a bond hearing and filed a request for a speedy trial for Elkins.

"We look forward to our day in court," he said.

BostonLady said...

Thank you violet and equinox! And wow, violet, that is quite a fun fact. How creepy !

Jen said...

Hi Excruciating-

I agree, I find nothing attractive about Arias, and her claims of being 'hyper-literal', while adding..'well, I believe, I think, I feel like, if that makes sense, and other qualifiers to EVERY answer she gives, made me laugh out loud!

I agree with all the posters who noticed Jodi's narcissism and complete lack of remorse for the repulsive things she did to Travis. Jodi asked repeatedly to see the pictures of her handy work and participated in a sexual encounter with Ryan Burns hours later where she was the aggressor...she is/was turned on and excited by what she did, and she enjoyed the aftermath (while she believed she was fooling everyone) covering her tracks with fake phone calls and emails, giving her performance when 'informed' of his murder, attending his memorial, asking to drive by his home, sending flowers to his grandma and even calling the detective to enjoy her time in the spotlight and influence the investigation.

She loved the feeling of pulling the wool over everyone's eyes, and felt like the smartest person in the world. That didn't change when she was caught, she just embarked on a larger scale deception. To her this circus of a trial is her ultimate chance to prove how much smarter she is than the judge, jury, attorneys, and all of see how many balls she can keep in the air, while not knocking over any of her spinning plates!

Her enjoyment is on full display as she describes her sex play to the nearly all male jury, including dress up, tootsie rolls, pop rocks and KY. She plays word games on the witness stand... sparing with the pros. while claiming that he intimidates her to the point of 'shaking' and 'brain scrambling'...she claims memory loss, while correcting the pros. and her own atty on specific dates, times, sequence of events, and 'verbiage' used in her previous answers. She can barely contain her glee as she parses words and misdirects her responses to the pros. questions, even while her lies are being dissected.

IMO, Jodi knows her goose is cooked, yet she feels that whatever the outcome of the trial, she has 'won'. She has achieved infamy thru her lies and actions, she has placed the blame for her actions upon her own mother, father and her victim, and she exercised the ultimate control over Travis...going beyond destroying his body, to destroy his legacy. Considering her life accomplishments before murdering Travis Alexander were nothing...her aspirations to achieve fame by modeling or to have her 'art' featured in galleries were her murderabilia sells for $1000's on EBay and her name calls to mind one of the most notoriously brutal, sexual crimes this nation has ever seen.

Hobnob said...

LOL John, This is why attorneys and clients shoul stay silent till the trial.

john said...

Hi Hobs,

You would think they had more sense.

Then again,on second thoughts ..

Skeptical said...

Regarding Jodie Arias, why do they think the gas cans full of gas were for travel. I assumed she was going to burn Travis's house down to cover her tracks.

Trishapatk said...

@ equinox,

I went to the PMF sites and they are so huge now that I can't find my way to the earlier pages where there was so much information. Do you have any idea what the fastest way is to get to that part of the site?

I wanted to share it with a sister of mine who has formed an opinion of A.Knox innocence based upon US News/media and the Knox parents PR.

Thank you for posting those links anyway.

sidewalk super said...

Right on about full gas cans! I've always thought that, just maybe time or too many neighbors prevented her.

And the knife pretty much sounds like the dimensions of a chef's knife used for everything in restaurants and always kept dangerously sharpened.

As lying is everyday to jodi, poor Travis must have had very little real communication with her, other than physical. She is the experienced aggressor. Too bad that all we hear on the witness stand is her lies, probably the picture she's painting has no reality at all.

Anonymous said...

The Italian court will deliver their decision tomorrow....

shmi said...

Nicely written!

Jen said...

Hi Sidewalk & skeptical-

I too have wondered whether her intent was to burn the house down but I think the reason the Pros. has gone with the theory that she was using them to disguise her trip through the state of Arizona is due to the specific lack of receipts associated with that part of her trip (not just gas but also food), turning off of her cell phone during that period, etc.

When she was arrested receipts were found for every leg of her trip, except for inside the state of AZ, and she initially tried to deny that she was ever there..sticking with that story until the physical evidence placed her at the scene. If she had taken the camera and destoyed it, and known to remove the palm print then LE never could have PROVED she was there (of course the same could be accomplished by burning the house, but maybe she ran out of time and risked the roommates coming home any moment). This theory also helps the Pros. because the purposeful steps she took to obtain the gas cans, by calling her ex weeks earlier and then driving out of her way to borrow them, helps to establish premeditation...along with stealing her GrndF's handgun a week earlier. Plus, the fact that she was 'covering her tracks' and being sure not to leave a trail of receipts, video surveillance, cell records, etc...BEFORE she even committed the murder, proves without a doubt that this wasn't a spur of the moment loss of control or self defense murder.

shmi said...

What's the big deal with Jodi Arias having PTSD after the murder? Sure she did. She had it right after she pre-meditated Travis' murder.

Jen said...

Why thank you shmi!

I'm sure you can tell Jodi Arias is a hot button for me. I have an aquaintance who defends her endlessly, despite the despicable character she has displayed and her ever evolving 'truth'.

The funny/sad thing is, I see a lot of similarities in their personalities...they both never take responsibility for their actions and blame anyone possible, regardless of the plausibility... for their drama filled existence. The girl I know has even faked pregnancies and told major lies about deaths of family members, and suffering from 'blood cancer' (her words, not mine) to keep a man in her life or avoid repayment of money she owes....all the while laughing about the victim of her lies 'ignorance', and how they deserve what they get.

JerseyJane said...

A Jury question was asked to Dr. Fog(Samuels) what other test(disorder) did she test positive for? Dr. said, Personality Disorder.. Why didn't Martinez follow thru with that answer?Mmmmm.. Maybe later.. I'm just surprised it was passed over.

Jen said...

Hi shmi-

The PTSD is a the one pundit on HLN said, that's basically the same as saying....'I killed my parents, now feel sorry for me because I'm an orphan'.

The expert (Samuels) has been destroyed on cross examination. The Pros. has disproven his diagnosis, she didn't even meet the threshold or critiria until the expert made an addendum to his initial report and scored her more generously, (a fact he failed to include in the report). He miscalculated her score, hand graded her test rather than sending it off as he should, and even admitted to 'transcribing' her answers...aka, filling the test in for her. He admitted that Jodi lied on the tests that he based his diagnosis on, and he didn't re-administering them after she changed her story from the two ninjas. His diagnosis means nothing, and now that the Pros has revealed what a joke he is, I doubt he will have much clout as an expert in the eyes of this jury or any other in the future.

Jen said...

Hi JerseyJane-

I agree, because earlier he claimed she DID NOT have any personality disorder, but was suffering from the trauma of this event. We shall see if it's brought up again...or maybe the Pros wants to steer clear of it in case jurors confuse it with 'insanity'?

MizzMarple said...

There should be a decision tomorrow morning from the Supreme Court in Italy -- approximately 10:00 am their time in Rome, so sometime early am hours in the US.

Amanda is "hiding out" somewhere around Seattle and it was reported that Sollecito was "hiding out" in London.

I sure hope they get it right and overturn the Appellate Court's decision which let the killers -- Knox and Sollecito -- go free !

The Court of Cassation in Italy has already ruled that Rudy Guede did NOT ACT ALONE -- there were "others." These others are Knox and Sollecito -- therefore, the Supreme Court should stand by its previous decision and bring back Knox and Sollecito to serve their time just like Guede is !

equinox said...

Trishapatk, You are right, PMF is so vast it would take a year to read it all. It begins when the trial began in 2009 and continues to this day.
I learned the most from In Their Own Words a collection of all documents, diaries, letters, and trial testimonies from all the key players.

If you want a quick review of the basic facts from the "colpoviste" (those who believe AK and RS are guilty) viewpoint, this powerpoint is the best way to get up to speed. Share this with your sister and she is sure to change her mind.

Jen said...

Hi equinox-

Thanks so much for the link to the powerpoint. I am interested in the AK/RS case, but haven't been able to obtain much info that isn't slanted toward their defense and their supposed innocence. Actually this site and Peter's analysis was the first place I ever encountered the belief that they are guilty, which initially surprised me. I had seen 'Dateline' type shows and heard her parents/friends speak of her innocence, and their belief in the corruption of the Italian legal system, but something about her story always seemed off to me...I just didn't know enough to say why.

After reading Peter's analysis and learning the principle's of SA, I see this case as a perfect example of SA revealing the underlying truth, despite adamant and repeated assertions of innocence.

Ivanna-Anna said...

Excellent news for once! There will be a re-trial!

Anonymous said...

Italy's highest court overturns Amanda Knox acquittal in murder case, orders new trial

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Please help find Ayla
This is good news. On the site "In their own words" AK used the word "this" every time she referenced Meredith's murder. There's a lot of embedded statements of guilt too. The acquittal and trial news were difficult for me to understand as the Italians have a different judicial process.