Friday, March 15, 2013

The Optional Tax

As our nation continues to be divided, and debt increases, I have decided to put an end to the division and pay off our debt.  

I have the answer.

I call it, "Optional Tax"

NYC has more than doubled the number of people on food stamps, causing some to decry, while others praise.

Locally, resentment over high taxes continues to divide producers from consumers, right down to disputes in grocery lines.

Abortion has divided a nation in half.

Immigration has become another divider, with calls of racism against some.

Here is my solution:

Optional Tax.

When you start a new job, you will pay taxes, with some, like national defense, law enforcement and highway maintanence, non-negotiable.  Everyone will begin at the same tax rate.  We will not punish success, but be equitable.  If you make little, you are taxed little; if you make a lot, you will pay a lot, but not more:  the same percentage for all.

Next, you will be allowed to Check a Box which will then allow you to choose:

Tax #1:  Social Security Tax

If you opt to not pay social security tax, you will not be eligible for social security payouts later in life.

Tax #2   Food Stamps

If you do not check the box to have food stamp tax taken out of your check, you will not pay for someone else's food.  By not checking, you are ineligible to apply for Food Stamps for Three Years after opting out.

Tax #3   Medicaid Abortion Tax

If you are pro abortion, click the box and you will help pay for medicaid abortions.
If you are against abortion, you cannot stop someone else from having one, but you will not be forced to pay for it.  Like Food Stamps, if you do not pay into Medicaid, you cannot seek benefits for three years after opting out.


Billions of dollars to keep people out comes to an end.  Anyone who enters the country cannot apply for any benefits whatsoever, for five years.  No free anything, or living off the labor of others.  This would then limit immigration to those who wish to partake of the blessings of our land, and have come to work.

Have I solved most of the major disputes in our country in the five minutes it took you to read this?


Lemon said...

~ golf claps ~

Anonymous said...

It came close, but not exactly.

What are hospitals going to do when illegal immigrants check in for emergencies that at times requires hospitalization, costly surgeries, and hospital stays. Are they to be turned back? No doctor would agree to such a thing. This means that there will be FREE healthcare for illegals - how can we fix that so that they too pay their share?

Hobnob said...

If you don't have illegals then you don't have to worry about them getting free health care.

Illegals will go where they get the best freebies, free housing. free healthcare, free education, free money is why they come to the UK even though they are in safe counties in Europe. They don't get the same benefits in europe as they do in the UK which is why they all head hear and europe doesn't stop them (especially the french who let them go to try again)

Will you try to enter a country illegally when you know you get no free housing, no free food, no healthcare of any kind, no education, no nothing.
Will you go to a country where you know you have to provide proof you qualify for benefits, foodstamps etc and if you can't you don't get.
Will you try knowing you will be caught and deported to your country of orign or if you decide to hide your country of origin then you are deported back to the country you just came from.
Would you try if you knew you will be asked at anytime for proof you are a legal immigrant?

Would you try if you knew you could never work and if you tried to work anywhere doing anything your proof of identity and permit to work will be demanded and failure to provide it means instant arrest and deportation.

NO you wouldn't.

What should be done is anyone wanting to immigrate should do so from their country of origin, they should have skills needed by their chosen country that are unfilled by the nationals. English (or language of desired country) should be spoken read and written fluently. You get no benefits no nothing untill you have paid all taxes etc for 5 yrs.
Any criminal act will result in instant deportation and banning from the country for life.

The national language will be the only official language used by the various authorities, if you need a translator you aren't welocme you just failed the language test.

You promise to follow all the laws of your new country, this includes clothing, religion etc.
You can follow your own belief as long as nothing in it breaks the host countries laws, this means no forced marriage, no burkhas, niqabs etc, no FGM and so on. If you want to bring your old countries laws to your new country then you will be deported back to your old country where you can enforce your laws etc.

You chose to want to come to our country, you are welcome if you agree to and follow our laws and allow others to follow them as well. If you don't like our westernised lifestyle, laws and beliefsand want us to become more like your old country then sod off back to your own country and work on changing it from the inside.

Reward all those who want to be legal and want to better themselves, deport illegals and prosecute those who try to bring in illegals or employ them. make it such that no one would ever consider aiding an illegal.

Also in the case of europe and the schengen agreement (pretty much open borders) once you become legal you may be able to work in other european countries however you cannot then apply to become a legal in a new country for 25 yrs and you cannot claim any benefits of any kind in any country other than the one you are legal in. This applies to natives of all nationalities in europe. You cannot come to the UK or whichever country and qualify for any benefits, housing, education or healthcare. If you fall ill etc an another country then you get treatment when your gov't pays up front otherwise tough.

annie said...

Hobnob, thank you for organizing my thoughts.

I would add that about those children, there is nothing for them either. Let the illegal parents see their children suffer for their crime.

Anonymous said...

Cutting off all of everything to illegals for five years sounds interesting until you mix in the humanity factor. Remember the case that was just in the news about someone who wouldn't do CPR on a lady because she lived in the wrong part of the buildings? She wouldn't hand the phone to anyone else to do anything, either. The 911 operator was begging for her to take action and show her humanity. The lady died. In that case, the family didn't mind because the woman did not wish to ever be resuscitated, but that was not known until after the fact.

However, what if there is a dying or drowning child at your feet and you knew you could save his life with immediate intervention? I am confident that you would start assistance (or stop a child from running out in front of a car) without verifying their legal status first. I'm just saying that many gracious people are too kind to disregard a person in emergent need. I know it happens, but what does that say about us as people if we stand by and watch someone die? It is so much more complicated than just saying no in the case of emergent situations.

I agree with you that solutions are desperately needed and that people are abusing the system with abandon. How about we start with securing the borders? We need to find a way to merge the law (in fairness and respect to American's who pay mandated taxes) while showing reasonable compassion to fellow humans (by giving them a hand up where appropriate, not just handouts to foster dependence that continues). If for nothing else, but to preserve our own humanity.

BostonLady said...

Peter for President !!! :)

Hobnob said...

Hi Anonymous

Where do you draw the line at humanity though?

If you let an illegal in because of one thing you then have to let all the illegals in who have the same thing.
What about those illegals who have a similar kind of thing, they will protest and demand you show humanity for their situation and so on down the line.

Before you know it anyone can come in as they are in a situation similar to those you already let in and if you don't you are racist, xenophobic, nationalist bigots.

It is harsh and will be very unpopular with the liberals, the extremists and general bleeding hearts, however rigid ground rules need to be laid.

How many people would say ok let all the illegals come in who want to, we will feed and clothe them, educate them, give them free healthcare, subsidised or free housing and a job or benefits so they have a reasonable standard of living, in fact let's give them your lifestyle if they knew that for every illegal they want to let in an American family ie themselves, lost their job, their home, their education, their healthcare, their social security etc since someone has to pay for it all.

Would they all be so keen if an illegal came in and took everything they had worked fo, paid for through taxes etc and tossed them out on the street?
Like hell they would.
They want someone else to fork out to support the illegals they want in whilst they talk the talk, it is everyone else that suffers.
Heck even the legal immigrants are saying no illegals no amnesties as they are invariably the first in line to feel the pinch.

If all the illegals left, there would be jobs enough for everyone, prices may rise a bit due to proper wages being paid, however the money would be recouped through less crime, less subsidising of immigrants, less money spent on interpreters, providing healthcare and education, housing for those who have never paid in.

Iam a firm believer in legal immigration if they have a skill which is not filled by a national and is an essential for the country, hairdressers and cooks are not essential medical staff and dentists yes.
They should only be coming in if every national has a full time job and there are vacancies to be filled.
If they want to invest in our country and have several million then sure come on in as they are providing work for the nationals.

There needs to be incentives for immigrants to make the changes in ther own countries, i don't know about the states, in the UK most of the illegals seem to be men, these are the ones who should be working to fix their own country not change our countries to be like theirs.

Hobnob said...

Peter for President, Heather for Vice President and can i be the Whitehouse pet? I am mostly house broke :)

Anonymous said...

You asked a question Peter, and I answered it. I said no, NOT. You deleted my answer. Why? Because I didn't agree with you? Not fair. It was not an insult to your intelligence, it was just my opinion.

There are several reasons this will not work, I just didn't see the need to go into detail.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Hobnob,

I was the anonymous one who was talking about the humanity issue. I am from a healthcare background and am looking at it only from an immediate/emergent viewpoint. I do agree with you on many, many points. Illegals should not be in the US unless they are on a path to citizenship. Then, they wouldn't be ILLEGAL. The US failed to stop this decades ago and what they thought was a minor issue has now become overwhelming when they chose to and forced others to look the other way. You are right, it isn't fair to those who worked so hard all their lives to support capable, healthy people who just want free handouts. Instead of giving them fish, we should have been teaching them to fish, so to speak.

If Peter is President, could I please be the White House cat? I appreciate Hobnob's posts and am litter box trained, although not "fixed." :)

Anonymous said...

The above humanity comments are from Anon "I"

Hobnob said...

Anonymous said...
If Peter is President, could I please be the White House cat? I appreciate Hobnob's posts and am litter box trained, although not "fixed." :

~hands over duct tape, wd40, superglue, sellotape~

There you go all fixed hehe if it moves and shouldn't, you have all the stuff to stop it moving If it doesn't move and should, you got the wd40

Anonymous said...

Oh,no Hobnob! You are being baaaad today! ROFLMAO And, may I just add, "OUCH!!!!"

Anon "I"

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it's still true today but years ago if you moved to Costa Rica you could not work there unless you owned the business,you could no take a job that from a Costa Rican.sp? If you wanted to become a citizen when your visa expired you had to contribute to the economy either by buying a home,or putting a large amount of money in the bank,can't remember how much it was. You also had to show proof of income to support yourself and family,if any.
I like your ideas Peter and Hobnob's as well.
In 2009 my tax bill was over $36,000.00 dollars because I sold some stock to pay off my house when I retired in 2008. Had I waited until after the election I could have saved a great deal of that bill. I worked hard and God has blessed me in many,many ways. He has always provided for my needs.

Lis said...

You are laboring under the assumption that the powers-that-be want to see these problems solved, Peter. What would be in that for them? ;-)

Anonymous said...

You haven't provided any solutions. What kind of country would we be if we stepped over hungry people in the street and said, "Oh well, you should have paid for food insurance!"? And if they choose not to, then they have to wait 3 years to apply for food stamps? Why 3 years if they're just going to get it for free after 3 years? It's entirely arbitrary and makes no sense.

Peter Hyatt said...

you would step over hungry people?

I dont know anyone who wouldn't stop and empty their cupboards to help the hungry.

It is up to us to feed the hungry, not bureocrats who waste money to let 1 dollar of 10 reach the hungry.

Anonymous said...

I support the Optional Tax !