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Day Six in Search for Sidney, 14

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Day Six In Search For Walnut Ridge, Ar Teenage Girl

(Lawrence County, AR) More law enforcement, volunteers and rescue groups are showing up to help in the search for 14-year old Sidney Nicole Randall.
The teenager was last seen Saturday night at home in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas which is  ninety miles west of Memphis.
The girl was believed to be with her stepfather when she disappeared.
But John Cornell was found dead Monday and there’s been no sign of the girl.
No one wants Sidney home as much as her mother, Denise Cornell, “She’s a beautiful, beautiful daughter. And she’s sweet and she’s kind.
1.  She is beautiful
2.  She is beautiful
3.  She is sweet
4.  She is kind
Denise Cornell’s faith remains strong, saying Wednesday she expected Sidney to come  back home soon, “We need her home, because she has a pageant coming up.”
Friday marks day six in the effort to find the 14-year old.
Walnut Ridge Police Chief Richy Thatcher says the search has yielded few if any clues, “Yea, we are kind of getting a little down because we haven’t located any hard evidence or anything that’s actually giving us a direction to actually go in.”
Chief Thatcher says efforts to find Sidney have expanded to the north, west and south parts of Lawrence County.
He says there will be no shortage of people looking in the days to come, “People from all over the United States, really, calling and wanting to help. And we’re looking at different avenues to go down for next week.”
“It’s enough to make you cry.”
The story of Sidney’s disappearance has touched people who don’t even know her or her family.
Jim McMillon fears the worst as more days go by and Sidney isn’t found, “It’s hard for me to understand how the lord could let something like that happen. And I do feel like something bad has happened.”
Walnut Ridge Police are still urging residents to check their property, especially any barns or abandoned buildings, for signs of Sidney Randall.


Anonymous said...

“We need her home, because she has a pageant coming up."

How very touching, her mother doesn't want to lose the pageant fees. What better reason for the girl to come home?

Anonymous said...

OMG, get that beautiful, beautiful girl home so she doesn't miss a pageant. Also, so I can go on pretending my husband isn't raping her and socking her in the face. Better her than me.

I hate, hate, hate (very sensitive) mothers like this waste of DNA. Twat.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, step dad is dead. This mom's not upset about that either. Show must go on! Sociopath. Hey, I'm glad this dad's dead, don't get me wrong. I just think the mom is a sociopath. I have no theories and I won't pretend to be adding anything of substance here for SA. I just hope the mother rots in prison.

Anonymous said...

Misinformation in articles---one says she is an only child but she has a brother.

Another odd thing the mother said is that her daughter would not have left in the middle of the night without her makeup. Was she used to leaving in the middle of the night? What for, at 14? 5'4" and 85 lbs, must have been some growth spurt. Unrelated, I just wonder if that's normal for a growing girl or if this family was so fixated on her looks that she was starving herself.

I'm wondering, having listened to the mother, seen/heard her, she seems to have a low IQ or be kind of daft. I wonder how much of the srangeness of her statements have to do with being possibly below average in intelligence. Oblivious? Obeiscent?

BostonLady said...

, “We need her home, because she has a pageant coming up.”

Wow. That is why "we" need her home?? The mother couldn't put the reason in the "I" ? Who is we?

I'm stunned by this statement.

BostonLady said...

5'4" and 85 lbs,

That weight is way below normal. 85 lbs would make her anorexic.

This appears to be a very dysfunctional family.

Hobnob said...

No one wants Sidney home as much as her mother, Denise Cornell, “She’s a beautiful, beautiful daughter. And she’s sweet and she’s kind.

This caught my eye immediately order is important.
She is not MY beautiful. she is A which indicates distancing in this case.
Next is the word beautiful which is repeated twice making it sensitive.
Finally comes her being sweet and kind.
When describing her daughter she uses beautiful first, this is the most important thing she remembers about her daughter, it is important to her and fits in with the pageants.
Looks are everything, mom lives vicariously through her daughter.
Note also And at the beginning of a sentence indicates missing information.
It comes after beautiful and before kind and sweet, what is she not telling us about her daughter?
What is less important than looks and more important that character traits?

We need her home, because she has a pageant coming up
Who is the we?
Why doesn't she use the expected I as i would expect from a mother?
Because is used to say why something is done.
Here she doesn't say she wants her daughter home because she is fearful about her safety, nor because she is missing and her stepdad is dead by alleged suicide.
She wants her home to do a pageant that is coming up.
This is concerning as it tells me where her mom's focus lies.
It is not the safety and well being of her daughter, rather it is because she will miss a pageant.
Looks are the be all and end all of her mom's interest in her daughter.
Is she not worried her daughter is dead?
No she is worried about a missed pageant and any cudos and money that comes with it.

Interesting words statements of Mother -
"It was a regular, ordinary Saturday night," she said. "I keep going back to that night thinking what could I have missed.
When something is described as regular, normal or ordinary she is story telling, it was anything but,
Fairy stories begin with such words and the listener knows it will be anything but, theyre will be danger, excitement, everything but normal.
Was there a fight? did the daughter decide she wasn't going to do something?
Did the daughter say anything about the step dad?
Note the sensitivity around saturday.
Not only was it a regular saturday night it was also an ordinary one as well, the additional qualifiers weakening the statement
The mom knows what happened, why is she witholding information especially since the stepdad is now dead?
Is she involved in some way?

Peter Hyatt said...

Even for a very slight build, 85lbs at 5' 4" is alarming. BL has it right.

This family has some serious issues.

Anonymous said...

The whole case is strange! I'm telling you- the brother has made strange cooments as well.

Anonymous said...

It gets weirder. There seems to be a two hour lapse from the time she woke up till the time her husband got home. Why didn't she call the police then? When he got home she immediately accused him of foul play. So she WAS thinking he was up to something, she did know he was a threat. Did she try to contact him when she saw they were both missing? This did not come out of the blue.
I do not understand the father's statement that John always seemed to keep her close when he was leaving. Leaving where? How often? So he was afraid to leave her alone so she could tell. An unattributed quote from the article about the real father says, 'she was going to tell.' I presumed it to be from the brother.

Hobnob said...

Mom claims she last Saw Sidney inside her own house - that her last words, were, I told her Good Night - at or around 10PM.

This is not good.
When the subject introduces a farewell such as goodnight or goodbye, it often indicates the time of death.
Notice she uses the word TOLD which is stronger than said.
She didn't say goodnight which is the expected, it is a soft word, instead she uses told which is akin to a command, it is a dominating word not a passive word, she does not tell us Sidney replied.
She doesn't tell us the stepdad went to bed
3:30pm she wakes up, she doesn't tell us why she woke up.
3 is the liar's number and should be flagged as in this case we see the number 3 twice.
The bedroom light is on. when lights are introduced it can indicate sexual activity has taken place.
Why does she decide to check on the children?
Why call hospitals?

“It’s very hard to stay by the phone when your baby girl is missing and you want to be out there,” says Denise Cornell, who has been waiting by the phone for days.
They say the best thing I can do is be there and stay home in case she calls and needs someone to pick her up, or if they need anything.”

Why does she distance herself from her missing daughter with the word YOUR rather than the expected MY.
She tells us you(us) wants to be out there yet doesn't tell us I (she) wants to be out there.
The expected is for her to be out physically searching yet she isn't.
Who is the THEY telling her to stay home?
This is unexpected.
Here is close there is distancing.
What is the difference between being there and staying home?
Why does she say SOMEONE to pick her up rather than the expected ME
Some is used to concela identity and gender. why does she choose this word i wonder?

"My first thought was maybe she had gotten sick and he had taken her to the hospital," Denise said. "I called and they said no one had been in there, so I called 911." She said shortly after, her husband returned to the home

She doesn't tell us what second and subsequent thoughts were.
When the subject starts with first or firstly they have a mental list.
She doesn't explain why if the daughter was thought to be sick enough to go to hospital the husband didn't wake her to let her know.
So is used to explain why something happened.
Why did she call 911 immediately after hearing she wasn't in hospital?
Her daughter isn't there and neither is her husband, why did she feel the need to call 911?
Had there been indicators previously that would give her cause for concern?

"When he pulled up I thought there they are," she said. "But when I walked out, he asked me what I was doing up. I said Sidney's gone."

But compares the expected with what she saw, in this case thinking there they were and he was alone.
He asks why she is up?
Was he expecting her to be asleep?
Interesting she uses the word GONE rather than MISSING.
Gone can have different meanings, gone as in missing or Gone as in dead.
She tells him she has called 911 and he drives off.
There is missing information here what else was said between him being told she had called 911 and him driving off.
Note here she says she SAID Sidney has gone, earlier she TOLD Sidney goodnight

Hobnob said...

"My husband John pulled up and I ran out to him and hoping thinking I was going to see him and her," Denise said. "I told him she was missing, wasn't in her bed, and he said (explicative), (explicative) and put the truck in reverse and backed out and said he was going to the police station. I yelled at him and told him I had called 9-1-1. That was the last I saw of him."
It is interesting to see how her story evolves and changes.
Here we have a full and proper social introduction.
Now she runs out to him rather than went.
Hoping and thinking weaken the statement, additional qualifiers weaken the statement,
Order is important, she hopes before she thinks.
Note also him comes before her, (why her and not Sidney?)
Dropped pronoun in regard to wasn't in her bed.
She uses told which is dominant he uses said which is passive.
Why does she need to tell us he put the truck in reverse and backed out.
You can't back out in a forward gear.
this seems senitive as it contains additional info, further questioning would be required.
He again said (passive) he was going to the police station.
Now she yells at him then she told him she called 911.
What was yelled at him if she then only tells him she called 911?
Told is weaker than yelled.
That was the last i saw of him sounds like she wants to stop the questions, it's akin to that's all i know.
Expected would be i didn't see him after that or i never saw him again.

The mom needs to be polygraphed, something is off.
She may not have been involved in the murder and subsequent disposal, she may know what had been going on in regard to any sexual abuse, problems between Sidney and her husband.
It is a concern that Sidney's brother believes the stepdad could commit such a crime.
If the brother suspects it then so does the mom.
Why did she remarry?
What caused the first divorce?
How did they meet?
Has there been any propr contact with LE or social services?
Has Sidney confided in anyone?
Does she have a diary/ journal or a social netword presence?

The mom smells bad, there is something she isn't telling us.

dadgum said...

She is not valued for who she is, but her looks and competing in beauty contests. Sad...

85 lbs?? There was a woman on Geraldo last night, MeMe Roth founder of Action Against Obesity. She was extremely rude (her first name says it all), interrupting the other speaker, a state senator. he snapped her fingers demanding he give a quick answer. MeMe contends that 2/3 of the population is obese, and "only 8% of US care about our health"..

dadgum said...

'she snapped her fingers'. he did not, lol..long day..

Anonymous said...

Her name is MeMe? Wow, narcissistic much? :)

Anonymous said...

Hobs, I really like your posts. You're insightful and never get personally invested in other people's comments and you have great questions.

Anonymous said...

LOL, meme. haha, sorry. So where did she arrive at this 8%? The Statistical Abstracts at her public library's reference department or a voluntary poll from a woman's magazine requiring you send it in using your own stamp? Hey, I care. I may not do anything about it, but I care. So put me into the 92% please, mememe.

Vita said...

Sidney missing, NG is not covering any missing children, due to the Jodi Arias trial. No dirt dug nor said in the main stream news.

I have read many pressers on Sidney's missing and the only verbage of statements are of Mother and teen brother. Both to offer statements of odd and or (?) perplexing.

Her Bio father and his live in girlfriend to offer their own statements. Not truly emphasized (by LE) as they have said that they (bio D & Gf) felt, she Sidney was about to tell make it a known, what was to who already known?

She to Tell. Tell who? if he knew, the Bio Dad knew, it is boggling, everything said. That 14 yr old Sidney was being sexually molested and or abused by Step Dad.

Is this prophesy by bio Dad or the truth? LE aware of the alleged, the comments made by Bio Dad, said they (LE) have no proof. Well since Step Dad is dead, and Sidney is poofed, guess they do not have anyone to substantiate the claims.

Where does Denise fit in? Mother?
She mother of Sidney, her older brother same bio Dad, and younger sibling male,(father of youngest said to be step dad). They lived together, mother was or wasn't aware her daughter was being allegedly molested by her husband? These are some heavy allegations to make - easy though now Step Dad is dead?

Really confused by all of this, as I did view and read Sidney's twitter. She tweeting and re-tweeting up until Feb 5th, her twitter ceased. If anyone recalls missing, 15 yr old, Sierra LaMar's twitter, her tweets curled parent's hair. Sidney's tweets are no where the same, of content.

She is bright, articulate, and offers in the few tweets she did type out, to her female friends, positive words of encouragement. She a girl that in her own words boys are not of her life. She to tweet that boys basically suck. She wanting no part of them. If you go through her tweets, she sounds empowered and feet on the ground - when it came to boys. That she was one that didn't take any crap. This to me isn't a girl who would hide being abused by anyone, even her being slightly abused. She has a voice.

Jan 19, she wrote:
Sidney Nicole:) ‏@Mylifeas_Sidney
Who needs a boyfriend? I have my mom..And Lifetime.. #singleeee #Nolife

Her written in end December, she clearly was in some sort of relationship with a boy. Her own words tell it. She though was not weakened by their break up, break off, she grew from it, and was empowered by her choice.

Dec 1st, this her written:
Sidney Nicole:) ‏@Mylifeas_Sidney
#imSingleBecause Guys are stupid and just want sex #nothanks
November 27 - the saddest to become reality of her own typed, she is not here.

Sidney Nicole:) ‏@Mylifeas_Sidney
If I wasn't here anymore would you even care? #Doubt.It.

Nov 22th: Sidney Nicole:) ‏@Mylifeas_Sidney
..And this is why I dislike Thanksgiving #Myfamilysucks

No tweets about pageants, makeup, frills or follies - she her registered receiving tweets are of teen knowledge, she to retweet them to her friends.

Vita said...

Reading forums of missing and exploited as there are many online - that follow every missing child case. They have rules and regulations that your not allowed to dig on family members of the missing.

PH is not a forum for missing and exploited. This blog is about truth - seeking the truth via statements. Using statements and or factual information is the premise of this blog. I did look up the family of Sidney as she is a victim of obvious foul play stemming from her HOUSE. Who is in her house? her mother.

Her own brother stating in statements of the Step dad, he wouldn't hide (her body?) - he was unpredictable, not stupid.

"[Cornell] probably wouldn't hide it where everybody would think to look at," said Sidney's brother Ben. "You never know with him. He's unpredictable but not stupid."

He not shocked by his own said. His 14 yr old sister is missing. She was last seen by his mother as she stated. She/Sidney was inside the residential home, at or around 10pm - her mother's last words to Sidney, I told her Good Night.

Sidney is not mentioned though the hours before. All these cases start at the hour of the last seen. Why is this? what was before at or around 10pm in the house of Cornell. Where was STEP DAD? not said. What I cannot find in any presser is where he was, before, and or at or around 10pm. He does not enter the story line until Sunday, Dawn, 4:30-5:30 am - as mother said he arrived to the house, in his truck.

She Sidney poofed before he left the house - or after he came home or she was missing when? it is common sense to ask these questions, and yet there is not any answers - none. Who has the answers: Mother

Who is mother? Pageants to be of Sidney since the age of two. Mother's rent paid ? or her habits under the radar paid. Mother is licensed in the medical field, as a LPN. She her identity(s) online are as oblique as her statements. She has many names alias - that route her not only to bio dad first husband, but to dead husband by marriage and current, previous addresses. Names that are not NOT Denise Cornell, nor Denise Randall. Why so many names, different first middle names, than who she is named today. Her first names the mixed bag, Pharmacy ? scripts her mantra?

She, Mother, her speak, her shown, she views as she is a user, in face, she is 42 yrs old. Her eyes, her eyes a dead giveaway. No blinking and Pupils huge. She shows signs of deterioration as an aged woman. This did not happen in a weeks time. Her focal upon the Pageant to be in April of why Sidney needs to be home - vomit.

* I have empathy for missing children, no empathy for those who are responsible, yet call out that it was him, him the dead guy.. that is guilty of not said. She not providing a story line that is remotely of common sense - that her own statements are of incomplete info, she the last to see her daughter alive. She alive to testify she was the last to see her. Where was Sidney really at 10pm is my question, that she told her " Good Night"

It's not proven that John Cornell did indeed commit Suicide. I do not understand how one would be found 200 yards from their vehicle parked. Found with their newly purchased gun, from a tax return, he purchased with other new toys. This the gun that killed him. He found, a single gun shot to the head, with the gun underneath his body. * Gravity tells me this doesn't add. Not a rifle but a gun.

Denise: 3:30am I woke up, husband, checked on kids, no Sidney, defined her as GONE to her husband between 4:30 and 5:30am when he arrived in his truck. Her employer? "My first thought was maybe she had gotten sick and he had taken her to the hospital, I called and they said no one had been in there, so I called 911." * she had gotten sick, she a NURSE, he had taken her -without her knowledge. She to say Red flag how many times now. She is a walking red flag.

Laurie said...

I agree....I really like reading your analysis. You are very good and catch little details.

Anonymous said...

The amber alert said that Sidney was last seen wearing a brown colored aeropostle jacket(coat?). Denise Cornell has stated she last saw Sydney 3/9/13 around 10pm when she, Denise, told Sidney good night. Who wears a jacket/coat to bed? In another article I saw a statement by an officer that Sidney's family lived in a small house and several people were home, making it unlikely that Sidney was forced to leave without anyone's knowledge. So far all we have is hear-say from Sidney's mother as far as what the circumstances were the night and following day of Sidney's disappearence...she doesn't mention asking anyone else in the house where herhusband and daughter have gone while she was asleep (if it was me I'd have probly woke up the whole neighborhood if I woke up at 3am to find my teen gone). And what woke her up anyways? What about cell phones? John Cornell had recently received his income taxes and according to reports went on a spending spree, am I to believe that in this day and age that Sidney nor her stepfather had cell phones? Personally I don't know 1 teenager today that doesn't have a cell. Where are the pings? Why wasn't some other descriptions of Sidney's clothing given besides her jacket/coat?
The statements made about sexual/physical abuse made by Sidney's father Victor Randall and her brother Ben are disturbing. Victor seems pretty positive his daughter was being abused but did NOTHING and said NOTHING UNTIL AFTER his teen daughter is missing? What father just sits idle if he even suspects such a thing?
Ben Randall (Sidney's brother) statement made on " [Cornell] probably wouldn't hide it where everybody would think to look at, said Sidney's brother Ben. "You never know with him. He's unpredictable but not stupid." This statement has been bothering me for days.
1.) Probably wouldn't hide IT where everybody would think to look at.
*IT?? His little sister?
*who is everybody?
2.) You never know with him.
* seems like present tense language...I'm just guessing.
3.) He's unpredictable but not stupid.
* but negates what came before it, right?
Does that mean the step father in fact Was predictable?
Where was brother Ben when all this went down?
Why all the sudden abuse allegations from her father victor and brother ben now that Sydney's missing?
Why is Sidney's mother sounding like a cross between misty crosslin and Billie Dunn? Am I the only one who is seeing it?
questions questions.
Poor Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Sydney already gave the key clues in one of her posts where she says "my family sucks". She didn't exclude a single one of them, her post was all inclusive. She was also weary and defeated in her posts, not a happy young girl looking towards her future.

Poor, beautiful little girl, she didn't have a single member in her family on either side who stood by her or that she could count on. This includes all of them, also including her bio father and his co-shack up bed partner. She had no one to turn too. IMO, they are ALL suspects having guilty knowledge.

As to the beauty pageants being a money maker, they are NOT, not unless the little beauty queen is making paid commercials and sought-after, booked appearances and has a PR agent who also gets his/her cut. We haven't heard anything about Sydney being on public display as a paid beauty pageant commodity or model, nothing about a tutor, trainer, dance instructor, or agent, and no paid assignments or commercials.

These beauty pageants are very expensive for the parent(s); there are hefty non-refundable application fees, numerous costly glossy photography layouts, expensive costumes to be custom made, assorted expensive make up purchases, beauty salon stylists, treatments and costs, out-of-town travel and motel expenses borne by the parent(s)and in many cases paid tutors and trainers.

All beginning since Sydney was two years old? When all of this time she was never a money-maker? WHO WAS PAYING FOR ALL THIS?

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Vita, Sydney's mother is a walking/talking red flag. Thank you for posting the link. I watched her boney face, and those EYES! OMG, pure dope and lots of it. Her eyeballs are so dialated and fixed they will never move again on their own.

Who in the world would want to hire that woman as an LPN? Also, the quick glance of Sydney's stepfather's eyes behind his glasses reveals dialated and fixed eyes, again dope. Who would want to hire him either? I wouldn't allow people like them to set foot on my property.

Doped up couples more frequently are well accustomed to sexually abusing their children, with more often the mother participating, knowing all about it and allowing it. I wouldn't doubt for one minute that Sydney was being sexually abused and mommie dearest knew it. This girl was trapped.

Stepdaddy had a large income tax refund that he proceeded to blow as if it was all his own? From doing what? Why wouldn't it be joint family income? Mommie dearest worked, did he?

Poor Sydney never stood a chance in that home, neither do her brothers. What kind of lifestyle did Sydney's bio dad live, what kind of job did he have, are he and shack-up woman druggies too? They must be if they suspected (knew) Sydney was being sexually abused and did nothing about it.

Anonymous said...

My gut feeling is the stepdad was used as a scapegoat. These allegations of abuse after the fact, odd statements from mom and brother and biological father (plus I haven't seen one statement where any of them use Sidney's name) put that together with the mom being the only one to talk to and see either Sidney or her husband before everything went down. Just a theory but I wonder if big brother Ben is being protected.

Anonymous said...

Please watch the video starting at 1:10. Brother Ben is trying to 'comfort' mom, but she is having no part of it. Watch his body language as he yanks his hand away...VERY telling. He feels invisible? He seems to be trying to 'do the right thing', but it seems very awkward. Most likely his needs have been shut out most of his life. I see a young man who tries to reach out, hoping for something to finally change and get better, only to have his spirit crushed yet again. I do not like the dynamics of this family. It's heartbreaking.

Shelley said...

I am most disturbed by the comments made even by her own father that the step dad was abusing her.

WTF was he doing? I can tell you right now if me and my husband divorced and someone ever hurt our child, it would only happen once.

If it was step mom or step dad. I would NEVER happen again. We would never allow anyone to abuse our child.
So how can this dad say he knows this and not have done anything. In cases like this, even if he had nothing to do with the child actual abuse and death first hand, he is still responsible.

If you stand back while someone abuses your child you are just as guilty. More so as the bio parent.

Anonymous said...

I agree, in what I've seen I noticed immediately a lack of emotion from the Mom, especially in an interview after she knew her husband who supposedly took her was dead. Also she hasn't given any facts of what happened that night, and it's still hard to find stories about the night of her disappearance that aren't completely conflicting. Personally I'd think you'd want to get the facts of exact times and dates out so the local public who might have seen something during those times could give better leads.
And I think it's odd how little real information has been given by police and the Mom. I would love to read the Mom's account she gave to police. I've gotten the feeling the Mom and possibly the brother know more about this than they've given on. Who knows, I'm just hoping they find her immediately and it's very unfortunate but it seems most likely she won't be found alive, why else would step dad have shot himself?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that oddness in her Mom as well, and I keep getting a feeling she knows much more than she's telling.
And tons of misinformation in the media, differences in everything from the times she was last seen, the time the step dad supposedly came home in the AM, to the distance the step dad was found dead from his truck... You'd think they'd want to get this stuff right.
Also, reading the statements of police in the news articles show the Mom might be normal in comparison to the town, the police statements are all grammatically incorrect, sometimes to the point of being difficult to understand! You can tell what a small farm town it is.

Anonymous said...

"SHE was a sweet, caring person but SHE was keeping something. SHE never did tell anybody but SHE was keeping something from everybody." Ben Randall
"SHE told one of her friends John slugged her in the mouth. SHE was scared of him." Victor Randall
"SHE said she was going to tell." ?
"SHE has a pageant in April, and that's how I know SHE wouldn't have left willingly." Denise Cornell
"SHE would not have got up in the middle of the night and take off without her makeup"Denise Cornell
"[Cornell] probably wouldn't hide IT where everybody would think to look at. You never know with him. He's unpredictable but not stupid." Ben Randall
"She's a beautiful, beautiful daughter." Denise Cornell

"SHE" has a name. SHE is not an IT.
Why can't these family members say Sidney?

Anonymous said...

Mom- in on it-brother-possibly in on it- bio dad- could have been legally powerless- you would not believe how LE will dismiss theses things sometimes.. no doubt everyone was negligent...