Sunday, March 17, 2013

Body Found In Texas

recall last year how many on the scene felt that the body was Hailey Dunn.  No such report on this body. 

A body was discovered Saturday afternoon in Scurry County, according to DPS officials.

Someone found the body in an area southwest of Snyder and reported it to the Scurry County Sheriff's Office, who then contacted the Texas Rangers and the Texas Dept. of Public Safety, said Trooper Sparky Dean of DPS.

Law enforcement personnel from all three agencies have been at the location attempting to recover the body since Saturday afternoon and were back at what they are treating as a crime scene on Sunday.

The body appears to have been there a while, judging from how much it has decomposed, and authorities have not been able to yet determine age or gender, Dean said.

After it is recovered, the body will be send to the Medical Examiner's office in either Lubbock or Ft. Worth.


Lulu said...

Please let this be the end of this. Poor Hailey needs justice and a proper goodbye.

Anonymous said...

The media should camp out at Billie's and demand an answer, is this Hailey? She'll squirm and lie and give all manners of interviews, (which you could do
SA on, Peter) but she WILL know if this is where they dumped Hailey.

JerseyJane said...

I am curious if this location was ever on their search grid. Of course, though, remains could be moved at anytime.

Sella35 said...

Chief of Police, Owens, speaking of Adkins, and the fact the body was found 1 mile from Adkins mom's house.

"He's the only person of interest that we've had," Owens told HuffPost. "Right now he remains a person of interest. Once Big Spring finishes their deal, hopefully we’ll be able to put some more information out there."

I hope he isn't the ONLY person of interest, because BJD should also be of interest in the case.

Jo said...

The fact that it is described as a body and not bones tells me it is not Hailey.

Anonymous said...

But they said it could takes weeks cayse it is bones!!! I think I want to know if it's a body or bones????? Please god give us a break in this case!!! We need closure!!!

Jen said...

Hi Jo-

I don't know... It depends on how close to the vest LE wants to keep the info, to see how BJD & Adkins react. (Plus the journalist may have decided which word to use). They say they have been 'working' to recover the remains since Sat. and AFTER they are recovered they will be sent to ME. If the body was intact they would likely know the sex and they wouldn't need to spend days recovering it. To me it sounds like they are sifting to recover bones.

Plus, Adkins told them to look in Scurry county and what are the chances on a proximity that close to Adkins home being someone else, again!? We shall see...I hope Billie is shaking in her boots and mini skirt tonight!

BostonLady said...

I read that this location is on the way from C City to Big Spring. The reports are saying that it is badly decomposed and they have been working to exhume them. They have blocked off a very large area to preserve the crime scene. I think with the last body found at the airport, there was not a big crime scene.

LE is reporting it could take weeks to identify. Also, Billie posted on FB that her FBI guy called her and told her that they could not identify the "remains" as it was so badly decomposed and that there were no clothes or other identifiable items.

I don't think this is an intact body but rather bones which appear to be scattered. Thus the large area blocked off.

Katprint said...

Posted as a comment to this news report:

"Samantha Everett · Odessa, Texas
I'm reading that there is a body found buried by Lake Thomas. If anyone finds out any details, let me know. Last time I was at my old house by the lake, I was walking around the area and saw a disturbed piece of ground that resembled a grave, so because I knew Shawn Adkins knew where I lived and knew it was abandoned, I thought about Hailey Dunn and tipped the FBI online. I wanted to know if they actually went and looked. The FBI has not contacted me. It could be another area and totally unrelated, but keep me updated!"

equinox said...

They are wise not to permit another media frenzy. Since both BJD and SA knew the last body wasn't Hailey's it allowed them to pose and posture and pretend - to the delight of their frenetic supporters. I think not saying anything to anybody is a great plan. Let them sweat it out.

Katprint said...

@ BostonLady - What an odd thing for Billie Dunn to post on FB! Even very old bones generally can yield DNA. They wouldn't know for sure until they tried, which would take several weeks. I wonder if the FBI told her that (assuming that they really did tell her that as opposed to her just making it up) to keep her from fleeing in anticipation of the remains being identified as Hailey.

equinox said...

Lake JB Thomas is SE of Snyder. It appears very remote. I used the location identified in the news report to pin this map. The actual crime scene could be anywhere off of these roads. What's interesting is that by zooming the google map in and out, you can see that sometimes this reservoir is filled with water and at other zoom levels it appears dry.

The Map

equinox said...

..and a photo of the area where the photographer confirms that the area is seasonally under water.

Lake JB Thomas Area

equinox said...

I did mean SW of Snyder, right in the middle of a big triangle of Snyder, Big Spring and Colorado City, just off the highway that SA eventually admitted he drove on the day Hailey was reported missing.

Here's video and reporting from the crime scene. Body found near reservoir

equinox said...

My final post for the night. Several of the news articles quote the authorities using the word "exhume" being to unearth or disentomb a corpse. So this appears to be a buried body, and this is why it is a crime scene and multi-agencies called in.

Of note, perhaps coincidentally, but the DPS Trooper mentioned to be on the scene is Sparky Dean who was also a lead in the Hailey Dunn investigation.

Sparky Dean

Hobnob said...

To an experienced eye the pelvis will tell you if the remains are male or female.

depending on how the body was buried (location, materials on the body, anything used to cover the body, seasons etc can affect decomposition.
In the right conditions a body can in effect become mummified, in other conditions there can be nothing left but scraps of bone.

Teeth survive surpisingly well and can be a good source of DNA as well as a tool for identifying remains.

There could be partial decomp if the body has been well wrapped and the environment allows for it so there would be tissue and hair, there could be nothing but hair and bones or just bare bones.

It will be interesting to see if pillbillie and shawn do or say anything given its location.

Yukari said...

Hobnob - that is true, but with children and adolescents it is much more difficult to tell whether the skeleton is male or female, because their skeletons are not yet fully developped, and neither are some of the criteria used to determine the sex.

Anonymous said...

How would it matter if this is just scattered pieces of bones, a full or partial skeleton or a badly decomposed body, when forensics can identify bones or body parts from centuries ago? Even bones of multiple bodies dumped together can be separated and identified individually.

Soldiers bones, regardless as to their condition from WWI who were discovered as MIA are identified and brought home frequently, as are bones/body parts found at the bottom of the ocean, even body parts discovered by archeologists going back 2,000-3,000 years ago are identified. It might take a little longer in some cases, depending on the condition of the remains but these bones will be identified too.

I doubt Billie Jean is shaking in her boots if this is not Hailey, considering that she already knows where Hailey was dumped and if this isn't the place she would have no reason to panic. The point being, Billie already knows whether this is Hailey or not and her little game of being a close confidant with her buddy FBI agent is just a game of the 'I-know-more-than-you-do wits she thinks she's playing.

I would question whether there even is an FBI agent or anyone else who keeps in close touch with her. Why should they when they already know what a liar she is and all they want to do is nab her and Shawn? If anyone is keeping in touch with Bully, it would only be to play her little game so they can trap her and Shawn, and not as her 'friend' as she leads people to believe.

While it is true that Shawn was pinged in that area and spent his day the morning he quit his job traveling to his grandmothers and in that general area, I would rather question that this is where he dumped Hailey, knowing this would be a target area since it is so close to his grandmother's home; but then, killers are stupid people no matter how smart they think they are and do hang themselves eventually with their own stupidity.

I just wish Billie would give some pertinent interviews then SA could analyize her remarks and we would already know if this is Hailey prior to the outcome of the forensics testing.

BTW, where is Shawn these days? And Billie's son? I would guess ole squatter deadbeat Clint is still off in la la land panhandling and begging off others under the guise of searchig for Hailey?

Peter Hyatt said...

I think that BJD does NOT know where the body was dumped; only the general vicinity. I think she told Shawn Adkins NOT to tell her.

Anonymous said...

Are you basing that opinion on Billie's denial that she doesn't know where Hailey is or other comments she has made? Then I wouldn't be so sure about that.

As opposed to what you think Peter, I think that would be one of the first things Billie would want to know from Shawn, (if she wasn't there); where did he dispose of Hailey? I think just based on her having to be 'all-seeing' 'all-knowing' and her belief that she is smarter than everyone else, she would demand that he tell her, particularly since she is the one running the show.

But then, I still haven't ruled out the possibility that Hailey was dumped by the both of them on the night they killed her and not just by Shawn the next day. It was obvious neither one of them had slept that night.

It would have been too risky to have her dead body lying around the house overnight, plus there would have been the decomp odor being left behind; of course, they could have stashed her in Shawn's trunk overnight and he dumped her the next day.

Anything is possible with these two, but it is my gut feeling (not that gut feelings matter because they don't) that she was dumped that night and it was a joint effort. Shawn's work laundry and other clothing was washed in the early morning hours to conceal the evidence, then Shawn drove up there the next day to make sure she was well concealed, likely planning to dump some sort of chemical on her body but was unable to snatch some from his job site when he turned in his clean workclothes that he was NOT responsible for laundering. Dead give away of Hailey's blood and other tissue already on his clothing from the night before.

But of course, what do I know? I'm just speculating based on facts we do know.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they are treating this as a crime scene suggests they think it could be Hailey. When to body was found last March near Shawn's mother's house it was not treated as a crime scene.

Light the Way said...

I wonder if finding the body is what it will take for LE to finally move on the child porn found on Adkins' computer and his and BJD's cell phones...

The sad fact is:
Hailey's murder aside, these two could've ALREADY been behind bars for a very long time!

JerseyJane said...

All remains and found bodies ARE treated as a crime scene even if deemed as looking like natural causes... THAT is why u have body bags! LoL What do you think that they just chuck the body in the backseat lol cuz someone comes on the scene and waves their magic wand and declares it not a crime scene?!?! O my!!
I work for and with M.E.

Anonymous said...

I just hope they put them jailbirrds in the pin Pilly Billie and Shawn Adkins god I hope it's Hailey so we all can have closure god please let this be the big break in this case!!!!!! Remover in the poly Graf that Shawn took said to look in scurry county!!!! And Billie saying don't look in those dirty ass fields!!!!! I pray It's Hailey body!!!! I'm so sick LR FBI TR not doing a dam thing!!!!! Make some arrests!!!!!

S + K Mum said...

It would be great news if they have found Hailey.

It would be very sad but it would mean closure and hopefully some arrests and justice.

I am intrigued as to the behaviour of SA and BJD right now.....if they think Hailey has been found would one rush to throw the other under the bus?

Anonymous said...

I agree light the way. There should have already been arrests on the child porn. Or a statement that there is, in fact, no child porn.
Local media are doing their usual lazy job on reporting. Most still reporting the body is being exhumed and will be sent to Lubbock or Ft. Worth. One report that it has been sent to Lubbock. One report calling the body decayed. Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case

Anonymous said...

We don't KNOW if it's Hailey yet BUT I have prayed this child would be found and those two killers finally brought to justice.

I have to say I don't have faith in justice anymore, I mean look at the child killer that walked away when a jury decided she was innocent. That was disgusting! So far in the case of Hailey Dunn. NOTHING has been done.

From the start we all knew that a parent of a missing child doesn't move away OR sneak around to see the person of interest in the case....PLUS they both failed the polygraph! Then there were lies and drugs and porn but no justice and since they Lawyer-ed up, they didn't even get brought in and questioned! BUT they partied on New years and the eyes of CC were constantly upon them so they moved so they could continue to live their lives however they wanted while that child's life was taken!


Anonymous said...

Who knows, if it's NOT Hailey, maybe SA has killed again....

Sella35 said...

@anon 12:24pm-

quote,"I have to say I don't have faith in justice anymore, I mean look at the child killer that walked away when a jury decided she was innocent. That was disgusting! So far in the case of Hailey Dunn. NOTHING has been done."

I think this is a true statement for myself as well. DNA is a great tool for prosecuting criminals, but it also helps get reasonable doubt when DNA is not present.....

I often wonder if DNA is too important these days. Prior to DNA people would and could be convicted on circumstantial evidence.

Bodies that lay out in the elements for a year plus often lose any dna, hairs, fibers, fluids etc. Now a days, it seems that too much weight is left to DNA that may no longer be present...

Hide the body, claim "abduction" or "runaway" and hope no one finds it for at least a year or more...

C5H11ONO said...

OT: I apologize for Off Topic.

Because Peter had indicated that Avinoam Sapir was going to do SA on the old testament, I found it interesting yesterday at church when our priest was giving the mass from the Passion Sunday and he said that he had a female parissioner 25 years ago tell him that nowhere in the bible does Jesus state "I am the son of God".

He indicated that Jesus would not go around bragging, but mentioned that from the Gospel he was going to share on Sunday, it was one of the 3 or 4 instances he stated that he was the son of God. He explained that it was while Jesus had spoken to the jews when they said to him that Abraham was dead and how could he talk of any man keeping his work shall not taste death for ever. Jesus had responded "If I glorify Myself, My glory is nothing; It is My Father that glorifieth Me, of whom ye say that He is your God..."

So by sharing this he indicated that Jesus had said "My Father" and therefore being the son of God.

I noticed that he still didn't say "I am the son of God" though. I was very bothered by this because the words "I am the son of God" do not appear as something Jesus had said.

I did research on line about this and found that someone had written, that the President of the company he works for does not go around proclaiming "I am the President of this company", but all the employees are aware that he is. Would the "expected" then be that he wouldn't say "I am the son of God"? I wish Mr. Sapir would continue on from the Old Testament and do SA on the New Testament. I am so intrigued by this.

Katprint said...

Update as of 9am PDT:

"UPDATED: FBI joins probe of body found in Scurry County"

The FBI doesn't normally join local law enforcement investigations of garden-variety murders. In my opinion, this weighs in favor of the investigation looking like it might involve a minor child (like Hailey Dunn.) Additionally it shows that law enforcement doesn't believe the remains are from a natural noncriminal death.

BostonLady said...

A news agency has reported that the family is on their way to Snyder. I'm assuming they mean Billie and David because they are out in Austin. Also, a 32 District car was seen heading out to the crime site. I believe that is the district which will prosecute Hailey's murder, if this is her.

Anonymous said...

Family of Hailey Dunn On Their Way to Snyder 3/18/13
Updated: 15 minutes ago
Tatum Guinn
CBS 7 News
March 18, 2013

Snyder - The family of Hailey Dunn are on their way to Snyder this afternoon.

Spokespeople for Hope for Hailey tell CBS 7 that the family will be in town by tonight.

They offered a statement saying, "We ask everyone to come together and pray for the family of whoever this body belongs. We are praying that it is not our Hailey. We appreciate the outpouring of kindness and prayers over the past two years."

Investigators from local and state law enforcement are still processing a crime scene where a body was found in Scurry County over the weekend.

DPS officials tell CBS 7 the body is decomposed to the point that they cannot determine an age or gender of the remains.

The body will be sent off to either Lubbock or Ft. Worth for an autopsy.

DPS officials say it could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks before an identity is released.

Stay with CBS 7 and for more on this developing story.

Anonymous said...

They offered a statement saying, "We ask everyone to come together and pray for the family of whoever this body belongs. We are praying that it is not our Hailey. We appreciate the outpouring of kindness and prayers over the past two years."
1.We ask everyone to come together and pray for the family of whoever this body belongs.
2. We are praying that it is not our Hailey.
3. We appreciate the outpouring of kindness and prayers over the past two years."

Does order here tell us they already know this is not Hailey. Praying for the family before praying that it is not Hailey.

Anonymous said...

I've hope u wrong it needs to be Hailey and remover one they found the body in big spring that a friend of billies told her !!!! This time LE call there family big difference why would they call the family!!!! Some kind of I'd!!!!!!!

Lemon said...

Re: Boston's comment:

"An SUV from the 32nd Judicial District Attorney could be seen at the scene Sunday. The 32nd District represents Nolan, Fisher, and Mitchell counties."

BostonLady said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They offered a statement saying, "We ask everyone to come together and pray for the family of whoever this body belongs. We are praying that it is not our Hailey. We appreciate the outpouring of kindness and prayers over the past two years."
1.We ask everyone to come together and pray for the family of whoever this body belongs.
2. We are praying that it is not our Hailey.
3. We appreciate the outpouring of kindness and prayers over the past two years."

Does order here tell us they already know this is not Hailey. Praying for the family before praying that it is not Hailey.

March 18, 2013 at 2:34 PM


I wouldn't put much stock in this statement from Hope For Hailey. The person who stated this is also the same person last year telling people that it WAS Hailey at the airport. They are getting their info from the same source as everyone else.

Anonymous said...

I live in this area of Texas. It would be clse to a thirty minute drive from where Hailey was last seen to this area where the remains were found. It is possible that it may be her, but we have several other missing persons reported in the West Texas area during the last few years. These peoples' cases didn't have the same publicity that the Hailey Dunn case had. The FBI were invited by local law enforcement to join in this investigation because this could possibly be evidence in a murder case and they want the best. It was a smart decision. The bones have been found in different areas suggesting a shallow grave or body dumping that animals ( we have ferel hogs, ferel dogs, coyotes, etc. in this area) have scattered over time.

Anonymous said...

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