Friday, March 1, 2013

Two Women Defending Mark Redwine

by Kaaryn Gough

Take a look at the two women who are defending Mark Redwine. "Karen" his ex-GF and "Angie" his mail carrier.

Notice anything?

They could be sisters.

Inline image 1

Angie (mail carrier) statement shown on the Dr. Phil show Pt 1:

"On the day Dylan went missing I saw two boys walking down the road not too far from where
Dylan lives. It was around 1:30 in the afternoon. When I saw the boys, I thought to myself ‘Hey,
there’s Mark’s son, Dylan’. The next day I talked to Mark and he said that Dylan hadn’t come home all night and he was really worried about him. I really don’t think Mark was the last person to see 
him that day."

"The next day I talked to Mark and he said that Dylan hadn’t come home all night and he was really worried about him."--not "has been missing since yesterday morning".

This suggests that Mark did not tell her that Dylan had been missing the whole previous day and that the last time he saw Dylan was at 7:30 in the morning. 

I would want to know exactly what Mark told her. I'm sure she's been interviewed by LE. Her statement could be very helpful

"I really don't think Mark was the last person to see Dylan that day." --not "I know Mark was not the last person to see Dylan that day. The mail carrier is not committing to this statement.

Logic tells us that if Mark had told the mail carrier that Dylan had been missing since the previous morning and that he had notified the sheriff's office that the mail carrier would have told Mark she had seen him around 1:30. Logic also tells us that they simply wouldn't drop the discussion about Dylan missing. They would have discussed the mail carrier's sighting and would have concluded that the mail carrier saw Dylan after Mark saw Dylan that day thus making her the last person, of the two of them, to see Dylan.

So why can't the mail carrier commit to believing she saw Dylan after Mark saw Dylan?

I would expect the authorities have questioned the mail carrier thoroughly and have even explored the possibility of a relationship between Mark and the mail carrier.


john said...


Have you put up an image of them both because it's not showing for me?

Mainah said...

Is this the other part of "we" MR spoke about?

john said...

I put this up in an earlier thread,and since you have mentioned karen here i thought i would repost it again.

Iv'e just watched the Vt again and MR's ex Karen said"Mark LOVED Dylan"

Does she believe Dylan is dead,or does she have guilty knowledge?

At 8;42 in the vt that's were she say's,"Mark loved Dylan"

Jinjer said...

I noticed the resemblance too! How would a mail carrier know what Dylan looks like if this was his first visit? She's lying! Mark needs help with his defense and alibi, so here she is! A jealous (of Elaine) ex girlfriend/mail carrier who is as narcissistic as Mark himself!

Baxtie said...

I also got an error on the image.

Layla said...

Good post! Agree--they look alike, and I bet he is involved with both of them. Very good point--why can't she commit to being the last person to see him.
I also noticed Mark said on Dr Phil "She knows the area better than anyone!". It seemed an unusual compliment to give a mail carrier.

john said...

Mainah said...

Is this the other part of "we" MR spoke about?


This opens up a whole new can of worms.

Excellent point..

Anita said...

I am confused. Is she saying Mark told her he hadn't seen Dylan since the night of McDonald's? Not, as he told us since, the morning when he left to go do his errands?

Can someone please clarify? Thanks!

MPA said...

Can´t see the image either.

Anita said...

I'm sorry, Never mind, I've got it now!... "The next day"...Thanks

Sus said...

Remember, Mark Redwine stated he wants the person who has Dylan to leave him off at a Walmart, POST OFFICE, or Police that order.

That shows where his mind is...on the sighting from the post lady.

BostonLady said...

I can't see the image. I see the space where the image should be but it only states "inline image". Maybe a glitch and it will load in at some point.

Pam said...

Layla; In rural areas the mail carriers know the roads, terrain, homes, farms and ranches better than anyone. They are out delivering the mail in their vehicles every day. The mail carriers know everyone and most everything in a rural area ;)

What I don't understand is why MR had Karen on Dr. Phil as his advocate. Karen dated MR for 6 months, and they are no longer together. Couldn't MR get someone, anyone, who has known him longer? She was a horrible character witness and was not credible especially when she started haranguing Elaine.

There is some scuttlebutt on Facebook about parts of the Dr. Phil interview being cut. There are several people from the studio audience that are saying that Cory and Dylan saw some "fetish" photos of MR. I believe that Elaine's sister verified it. This is all HEARSAY, I didn't read the actual Facebook stuff as I don't have it, but read copy and paste from another website. It's on the findmissingdylanredwine site on facebook.

Jen said...

I'm so glad someone else noticed this...I actually replayed my DVR a few times trying to decide if they were the same woman!

Jen said...

Good call Sus..

The post office as a place to drop off a kidnap vitim is beyond weird...mentioned it is another way he is clinging to this bogus sighting.

Anonymous said...

I can't see the image either so I am not sure if they look like sisters. =/

Jen said...

"On the day Dylan went missing I saw two boys walking down the road not too far from where Dylan lives. It was around 1:30 in the afternoon. When I saw the boys, I thought to myself ‘Hey, there’s Mark’s son, Dylan’. The next day I talked to Mark and he said that Dylan hadn’t come home all night and he was really worried about him. I really don’t think Mark was the last person to see him that day."

This statement from the mail carrier is very suspect to me...I believe she is just repeating what Mark Redwine asked her to say based on the inconsistencies in her statement.

She starts by stating: "On the day Dylan went missing I saw two boys walking down the road not too far from where DYLAN lives."

(First she would mark/remember the sighting by HER time and references, like...'About two hours into my route on Monday', or something similar with significance to HER. This is supposed to be HER experience but none of her language suggest that. She claims not to know that Dylan was missing before speaking to Mark the next day so she wouldn't have 'the day Dylan went missing' as her reference of time. Also she says the two boys were walking not too far from where DYLAN lives. Dylan lives with his Mom hours away...the cabin in Vallecito is Mark's home and Dylan was visiting him...he doesn't live there, and as the 'mail carrier, who knows the area better than anyone', according to Mark..she would know that.)

Next she says: It was around 1:30 in the afternoon. When I saw the boys, I thought to myself ‘Hey, there’s Mark’s son, Dylan’.

(How does she know it was 1:30? She didn't know at the time that this 'sighting' was of any significance so why does she remember the precise time? If she is basing the time on her route schedule, she could have been a bit earlier or later depending on traffic, weather, etc. Seems strange to designate such a definite time which just HAPPENS to be close to the time Mark claims he started trying to 'find' Dylan. I find her claim that she instantly recognised Dylan and thought to herself, "there's Mark's son", ridiculous. Dylan hadn't lived there for a while and teenage boys change their looks rapidly around Dylan's day they look boyish and a month or two later they look like a grown man. Also Mark claims to get home from his errands around 11:30 to find Dylan gone, at which point he took a NAP...he gets up about an hour-hour/half later and starts his search, so presumably Mark should have passed the same boys walking if his timeline was accurate)

Next she says: The next day I talked to Mark and he said that Dylan hadn’t come home all night and he was really worried about him. I really don’t think Mark was the last person to see him that day."

(So although Mark has reported his son missing, he tells her that Dylan didn't come home all night, making it sound like just a rebelious stunt on Dylans part (disparaging the victim)..yet he also states that he's 'really worried about him'. Most telling of all, if her story about seeing Dylan were true she would KNOW that Mark wasn't the last person to see Dylan. If it were true then she would have seen him, and so would the other 'boy' he was walking with, along with countless other motorists/residents (who have never come forward coincidentally). So why say she doesn't THINK Mark was the last one to see Dylan...because she doesn't know. She is just saying what he told her to say to try to establish that SOMEONE saw Dylan the day after he arrived. She didn't and nobody else did, because Mark harmed him the night before, a few hours after Dylan got there.)

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it interesting that she calls him Mark, not once, but twice?

I live out in the middle of nowhere, and I've never been on a first name basis with my mail carrier, unless we were friends.

Anita said...

Good catches, Jen - you are right, Dylan doesn't live there, and she would have known MR wasn't the last person to see him if she knew she saw him.

Maybe MR knows how to charm the lonelyhearts, which actually makes me sad for them and even angrier at MR, if that is possible. Psychopaths know how to spot their targets.

I saw some special once where they showed psychopaths footage of a different people walking down a hall, one by one, from behind, and the psycopaths were able to identify which people had been victims of a crime, JUST BY THEIR WALK. I don't remember the specifics, but that part stuck with me. I think the inference was that victims have a profile which lends them to becoming victims.

Has anybody else seen that? Maybe you will remember better the details if so.

Anyway, the point is MR knows a potential victim when he sees one.

Anonymous said...

Anita that's scary! All of the comments by you experts amaze me and I thank you all for sharing your vast knowledge with me!

Anonymous said...

And LE have already discounted the mail carriers claim. It was proven she had taken the week off of work...therefore was NOT on her route or working the day Dylan went missing. She is lying.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see that special.
Although I do remember something along those lines from school.

"Victims" do have a "profile", so to speak. Just as anyone else. Someone who sees people as prey develop an instinct for a victim. Bad people want the path of least resistance & see previous victims as a target.

That's why "victims" have high chance of becoming a victim again. (Unless they are able to change their mindset.)

Hopefully this makes sense. I'm trying to remember something from long ago without caffeine. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

If anyone knows of any links with a picture of the Ex-girlfriend and a link of a pic of the mail carrier-that would be super helpful. I would like to see if they resemble each other.

Peter Hyatt said...


good point.

Anonymous about the name: good point. Choose a name.

She appears quite friendly with him.

Kaaryn Gough said...

Photo of the two women:

I put the photos on this page. Sorry they didn't come through in this post.

Peter Hyatt said...

The photo appears okay...I can repost it separately.

Kaaryn has raised interesting discussion with this.

Peter Hyatt said...

any better now?

Juliette said...

I can see the picture now, thank you Peter :)

JerseyJane said...

Maybe it's not sisters in their looks but deceit sisters in their statements! Hehe Or both!!

Mark is such a puss to have not moved on in his love life. Pardon me, HIS EGO life...the P in puss is beyond pathetic, you are in the predator zone. Your EGO has reached way above the safety and love of your children. No amount of booze is going to soothe that empty pathetic soul of yours.

Anita said...

Anonymous said...

"Hopefully this makes sense. I'm trying to remember something from long ago without caffeine. Yuck."

Me, too! Only mine wasn't that long ago! :D

john said...

It's ok now peter.

There is a resemblance,some people do have a tendency to be attracted to people who look like their ex partner.

JerseyJane said...

Whoa, baby!!! I just saw the pics!! Holy Cow!!!

All that booze, he is seeing and living double!!! Amazing!!!!

john said...

When my brother split from his ex partner,he met another girl and she was the double of his ex partner,he didn' even notice until one day my other brother pointed it out to him and he nearly fell over when the realisation hit home.He his happily married now..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Peter!
They do look alike! I wonder what MR mother looks/looked like. He most definitely has mother issues.

john said...

Doe's anyone no the her full name i cant find it?

john said...

Forty min interview with MR.!

Vita said...

The witness report, siting of Dylan. Went back and searched November 2012, pressers.

11/21/2012: It is not known what clothing he may be wearing, but he may have a black backpack with him.

A resident who knows Dylan reported seeing him walking along County Road 501 in Vallecito Monday afternoon with another boy about the same age. Both had backpacks. The resident was not aware Dylan had been reported missing until Tuesday.


Five investigators from La Plata Sheriff’s Office are assigned to the case. Deputies and officers from other law enforcement agencies said they are responding to any report of a young person resembling Dylan.

Dylan’s father told investigators Dylan was at his house on County Road 500 when he left to do some errands at about 7:30 Monday morning. Mark Redwine said Dylan was gone when he returned to the house at about 11:30 a.m.

Mark reported Dylan as missing a little before 5 p.m. Monday after he was unable to find him during the afternoon.

A postal worker who knows Dylan reported possibly seeing him walking along County Road 501 in Vallecito Monday afternoon with another boy about the same age. Both had backpacks.

Investigators have not been able to determine who the two boys were that the postal worker saw. Both boys were said to be wearing hoodies and dark backpacks. The sheriff’s office is asking anyone who may fit that description and who was in that area around 2 p.m. last Monday, to contact La Plata Sheriff’s Investigator Tonya Golbricht at 970-382-7019. Whoever it may have been is not in trouble. Investigators just want to determine if it was Dylan the postal worker saw or if it was two other boys.

Vita said...

Ryan and Dylan - Texting
Starting about noon Sunday, the two carried on a constant stream of banter. The back and forth continued as the boys made plans to hang out as soon as possible.

Dylan wanted to see Ryan on Sunday night, but his dad wouldn’t let him and Ryan was heading back from Pagosa Springs that night.

So instead, Dylan promised to come to Ryan’s grandmother’s house in Bayfield at 6:30 a.m. Monday. The early hour didn’t surprise him, Nava said. Dylan was known to randomly show up. Ryan received his last text from Dylan just after 8 p.m.

Dylan was planning to come to Ryan’s grandmother’s house, and he asked if she would care if he came over. And then the conversation ends. Expecting Dylan, Ryan set his alarm and woke up at 6:30 a.m. At 6:46, he sent a text to his friend, asking where he was.

But Dylan never responded.

Nava said he would have expected Dylan to text him Monday morning if he overslept or at least to say when he was headed down to Bayfield.

Throughout the day Monday, Ryan texted Dylan, his messages becoming more and more urgent.

Ryan’s last text to Dylan was at 7:59 Monday night. “Are you alright dude? Dude you need to call somebody anybody asap we all worried about you your mom called and she’s worried bro,” it said. “Seriously when you get the message call someone.”

The following is a text exchange between Ryan Nava and Dylan Redwine that starts early afternoon Nov 18, 2012.

At 5:40 p.m., Dylan tells his friend that his plane has landed, and Ryan asks him how the flight went.

“Weired my head went numb from all the vibrations,” Dylan replies.

Soon after, they begin making arrangements to see each other. The texts, provided by Ryan, are unedited.

Ryan: (time 6:43 p.m. Nov. 18) Im in pagosa coming

Dylan: Cant come srry ill hang tommarow

Ryan: Ok

Ryan: (time 7:09 p.m. Nov. 18) Why

Dylan: idk

Ryan: (time 7:45 p.m. Nov. 18) Did your dad say no

Dylan: (time 8:01 p.m. Nov. 18) yea

Ryan: Oh ok

Dylan: can I come over early lkke 6 30 early tomarrow

Ryan: Yeah

Dylan: you better let me in

Ryan: I will

Ryan: im gonna be at my gmas

Dylan: i call (you) all day if you dont

Ryan: Ok

Dylan: will you gma care or be up

Ryan: Just come around to were the sliding door is were that room is and knock on it and i will wake up

Ryan: (Time 9:27 p.m. Nov. 18) Call me when you get here too

Ryan: (Tme: 6:46 a.m. Nov. 19) Where are you

Ryan: (Time: 10 a.m. Nov. 19) Come to nandos.

Ryan: (time: 4:12 p.m. Nov. 19) Dude your dads looking for ou

Ryan: you

Ryan: (Time: 7:59 p.m. Nov. 19) Are you alright dude?

Ryan: Dude you need to call somebody anybody asap we all worried about you your mom called and shes worried bro

Ryan: Seriously when you get the message call someone -

Trigger said...

Dylan died some time after the last text to Ryan after 8:01 Nov. 18.

It is clear that Dylan wanted to spend time with Ryan rather than Mark.

I agree that the mail carrier's story sounds bogus. She said that she saw Dylan not far from where he "lived."

Dylan did not live with Mark, he was on a court ordered visit. How would she know what Dylan looked like?

If she is co-operating with Mark on a fabricated story, it will be found out.

Vita said...

Forgo MR's Timeline
Dylan's timeline is of his texting with Ryan.

At 5:40 p.m., Dylan tells his friend that his plane has landed, and Ryan asks him how the flight went. LE's timeline, Dylan's flight arrived at 5:45 PM.

MR cannot remember what time DY's plane arrived. The uncut interview his said @10:20:
MR: His plane was late, (LIE) he didn't prob land until, 6'oclock, 6:20 something like that. I don't remember exactly what time it was, but immediately from the airport we went to Walmart.

What time did DY tell Ryan, our plans are a no go. 6:43-and then nothing again, not responding back to Ryan until: 8:01

5:40 confirmed to Ryan, I am here.
6:43: Our plans - can't

Within one hour, DY was told No.
That he wasn't to see Ryan that night. Did MR and DY argue from the moment he got into Dad's truck?
6:00-6:20 MR's sensitive time.

8:40 of YT interview: MR is asked what would he tell who has DY. He believes DY has been abducted. Shaking his head No, yet trying to be convincing. He interjects Hitchhiking, would this not be the opportune time, to say the MAIL Carrier saw him. She is of no mention.

Ryan Nava: (time 6:43 p.m. Nov. 18) Im in pagosa coming
Dylan Redwine: Cant come srry ill hang tommarow
LE: DY captured on Walmart Camera, 7:05pm

Elaine, last text I rec'd from DY came in @ 7:06pm, in her interview with same local reporter.

MR: Upon leaving Walmart, MR wanted to go to a sit down, with DY at a Restaurant, his said. Wasn't my first choice, McDonald's enters his timeline.

* this was MR's Plan* to sit down with DY and it didn't happen.

LE: McDonald's 7:22 PM - not said by LE how they confirmed this siting of DY, video capture?

MR: McDonald's - we left at 7:30 ish around there

Last Text to Ryan, 8:01 -which lasted a few mins, then DY ends. Ry continues to Text DY, no response from DY.

Last Text that evening, RYAN to DY: 9:27 that night. DY No Response.

Ryan was Dy's closest to him, this visit, that he was determined to meet, it was a deal, the next am, they would be together. Where was DY at 9:27? where was Dylan between 8:05-8:30ish according to MR.

See their texts my post above.

LE: DY Last transmission on record 9:37 PM, an electronic record which is sealed by LE.

Ryan: (time 7:45 p.m. Nov. 18) Did your dad say no
Dylan: (time 8:01 p.m. Nov. 18) yea
WHERE was DY after 8:05- that he did not respond to RY @ 9:27 - he was in his father's truck, in route to his fathers house.

MR 12:20: We left McDonald's around 7:30ish and it's about a 45 min drive, WE would have been here, about 8:15, 8:30ish somewhere about there.

My gut thought when DY was reported missing was " something happened" in the truck, en route, and MR chucked Dy's phone out the window. Maybe it wasn't the phone, but DY himself.

DY's end text to RYAN around 8:01 lasting a few mins, No more Dy post that point, No further contact with Ryan. Ryan held his end, he then was not the 9:37 receiver, last transmission.

He Ryan, texted DY, the next am at 6:46am, Where are you?

SAlurker said...

I didn't see the Dr Phil show. Was there anyone else besides these two women defending MR? Just curious.

Randie said...

What....I thought DR last post was at 8:01???

Officials revealed Thursday that Dylan arrived at Durango-La Plata airport at 5:46 p.m. Nov. 18; at 7:05 p.m., he was seen at a Durango Walmart; at 7:22 p.m., he went to a Durango McDonald's; and his last text message was sent at 9:37 p.m. on Nov. 18. They hope the information will yield new information.

Randie said...

The law-enforcement task force canvassing the Vallecito community for clues to the disappearance of 13-year-old Dylan Redwine has DISCARDED the possibility that he ran away Nov. 19 from his father’s home north of the reservoir, La Plata County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Dan Bender said Wednesday.

Mark Redwine, father of Dylan, said Wednesday at his home in Vallecito that he wants the media to focus on his missing son, not on him.

Sus said...

About the text messages: Ryan Nava is the only friend of Dylan's to release his text messages. According to him, Dylan texted him till 8:01. Ryan sent a text to Dylan at 9:37 which was not answered.

The question is was Dylan texting anyone else? Was there a text left on his phone or I -pad not sent at 9:37? LE statements seem to lead to that. I wish I could resee the Dr. Phil show. I think Elain said something like that, also.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7;29 posted: And LE have already discounted the mail carriers claim. It was proven she had taken the week off of work...therefore was NOT on her route or working the day Dylan went missing. She is lying.

Wow! any newslink to this info? This is pwerhouse stuff! Why wasn't Dr. Phil "in the know"? Wait, his researchers let him down. Heh.

"What webs we weave when first we practice to deceive" as Sir Walter Scott said.

SAlurker said...

I'm trying to get this right. DR sent a text @ 9:37 but the info about this has been sealed by the courts???

Trying to wrap my brain around all of this.

Sus said...

Also about Dylan's texting: I have to paraphrase here...Elain says Dylan lived on his phone and was always texting. That Mark's story about going to bed and leaving Dylan downstairs, yet there is no phone communication from Dylan does not make sense.

Dylan was texting all afternoon and early eve with his friend Ryan as he flew, making plans.

Mark Redwine interview with Melissa Blasius.
This is what Mark said about not finding Dylan at his house when he returned from his errands.

"I'm thinking well, if he ain't gonna return MY text messages and I ain't hearing MY phone ringing 'cos he ain't calling ME, I need to go find that boy."

I think Dylan was targeted the minute he got off that plane by Mark Redwine because Mark Redwine was in a drunken jealous rage by then. All Dylan had to do was ask to go to his friend's and say he'd been texting him. Then Mark knew he wasn't the center of Dylan's universe.

Vita said...

Breaking this down - Who is this woman? Karen. Her investing in being on the show, NOT who MR is, but what he does for a living, this is her invested.

She introduced at 8:20 by Dr. Phil

She was a 6 month fling? or SHE is a Truck DRIVER. MR did and does runs with, she a partner up, driver. 2nd Seat. This is WHO She is. I get it. It makes sense. She traveled to MR's House. She then is not a local. Dylan's last visit with MR was in September. This after, within the time range that Elaine was awarded temp full custody of Dylan.

She slings to Elaine, HOW DARE YOU, of not pointing Fingers at MARK, she doesn't say MR. Dr.Phil then engages and says to her, You have no right to say anything to her, the mother of a missing son. Dr.P, is is perplexed at her convictions, Karen's. So was I, until I listened to her, only her.

I get it. SHE does offer information, provides the why that it was important to her to be on the show. WHO she is and Her accounts are of DYLAN. The trip of a lifetime, MR blathers about, she was there, before, during and after. " WE"

She says in the clip prior to her being on stage, she Karen, I am a straight shooter, balls to the wall, take no prisoners. @8:53, how dare you Elaine point the fingers not at MARK, but
" somebody"

This situation for her ? is of what? it's not personal? She has zero empathy for Dy, who is a MISSING Child. HE, Dy the Victim.
What is personal? not said. Her intent was to destroy Dy's character, now why is this? WHY would this be important to her? What does she gain?

Who engrained into her head by messenger? that Dy was a selfish undeserving young boy? or MR didn't have to, as this was her personal felt.

Did she witness this? say on the ROAD trip of a lifetime?
She is defending, what is most important to her own self, standing for something for her own benefits, yes. Because this is her life, livelihood if MR goes down.

DY was " Taken" for weeks, WHEN? date/year unsaid by MR, he tells the Reporter, of the long distance cross country road trip. He says it himself, Dylan wanted to go home. MR did not take him home, he kept on, kept on the road. DY prob was at his breaking point, after a few days, that turned into weeks, " in a Rig" ???.. she, Karen to reflect he was uncooperative. He stole time from her and Redwine.

You have to go back to the beginning of his interview, it all adds.

I have more.

Jen said...

Seeing those pictures side by side I am almost convinced that it IS the same person! The first time it checked it out I was having to rewind and then compare on my TV...but look at the similarity in their wrinkles, the creases & pucker below her lower lip, the bags under her eyes. It looks like the same woman with a bit of a makeover. A little makeup and some highlights..a more flattering haircut, maybe I'm wrong but their resemblance is striking.

Trigger said...

"So why can't the mail carrier commit..etc.?"

If she commits to seeing Dylan after Mark then she will be the last person to see Dylan alive.

That means that she will become the prime suspect in this case or an accomplice.

Vita said...

She is a Truck Driver, herself? I do believe she is.

You cannot put lipstick on a pig. This why she views odd, dressed, makeup and earrings. She is a Roadie. @9:49 she is defending the J.O.B., MR the Driver, the Road, as it is her income? shared?

@ 10:01, I don't believe for a minute He KILLED his kid.
Not for a minute? she to introduce time again, then killed, not kill but KILLED past tense. His kid, not MR's son, but his kid - Dy was and is not of her purposes being on this show. He is irrelevant to her, as long as he remains missing.

Her tone in her voice, I believe they WORK Together as a TEAM. ( On the ROAD) her tone is disdain for Dylan. HE MR " HAS TO " she said, he files his payroll to an office, this then personal responsibility, does he own or partially own a Rig? is Karen is other 1/2 of this investment, she an investor.

She too gets her cut, when he puts his hours in, her pay. This what she is protecting, defending. This sensitive to HER, He being responsible of getting his hours in, making payroll - OVER being a FATHER to Dy.

1/26/2013 - MR: “I do a lot of things on my own,” said Redwine, a truck driver. Among his other activities, “every time I get (back) into Durango, I talk to other truck drivers” to have them keep fliers in their rigs, he said.

Pure disgust that Dylan acted the way he did during " her" visit. She claimed she spent time with Dylan. She traveled to Mark's home and spent a week with he and DY. This was in Sept 2012? um doubtful. She doesn't offer a when as in date/s. DY got in the way of their Adult time? or was it MR's stops to show DY the world, cut into her personal livelihood? as she goes on and on what a selfish kid he was. " HE did sleep ON THE COUCH" he would not wake up, she says @9:37 " WE" would do this for an hour, hour and a half, 2hours. He didn't sleep on the couch for the entire week. She given Authority over Dy, contends DY held her and MR back from what? What is sensitive to HER? Time and money = truckers PAY

She lost time because DY wasn't cooperative, or that he was selfish? She trying to convey DY was a difficult insubordinate not an enhancement to his/MR and her time spent. She and MR trying to get Dylan up, he unresponsive for up to 2 hours ! She actually believes she could not rouse him for 2 hours. Truckers are known to use, Mother's little helpers to stay awake, and to go to sleep on the Road. Was Dy ever aided? to sleep? this why SHE could not arouse him?

MR YT: He babbling and tearing up. 2:46 he, WE were kinda in a hurry to get back, we were in Buffalo. He in seconds says,, We'd been gone a couple of weeks, Dy wanted to go home, he actually wanted to come here first, but WE were driving in from the East, coming through Colorado Springs. (?) so where did the WE not go directly to? that they did not go homeward.

MR his said, I suggested, to DY, that WE should contact his MOM. So she would not have to drive. Where were they? They were not near MR's House, or they could not get to his area? as he says it, WE were not able to get to, because of where they were coming in from. He and DY traveled alone? no, he had to follow the Truck Route, this why. They are not an US. WE as in 3, " WE" as in two of Authority on the Road. He the Pronoun king.

@3:30 He then lays into Elaine with, that she is withholding her job, her employer. DY wanted to go HOME. WE doesn't take him home. Where is home? not said, SO ANYWAY " WE DROPPED Dylan off"

E didn't want me to know HER EMPLOYER. His confession? E didn't know, it was not I but " WE" were WORKING while WE had DY on the Road. He and Karen? WE/K need to contact his Mom to come get him! MR didn't want E to drive to him, so "they" dropped him off.

Jen said...

Also the woman in the 'Angie' the mail carrier clip on the Dr Phil show appears to be her talking to a webcam, or taping herself telling the account on a home video camera. It definitely isn't professionally shot footage by Dr Phil's cameras, so likely 'Angie' was never interviewed in person by Dr Phil or his producers. 'Angie' never looks directly into the camera and speaks in a very mechanical monotone voice almost like she is reading from a book and doesn't know where the emphasis belongs. It's very strange..even when she says, 'Hey, there's Mark's son', Dylan', her tone doesn't change at all. It's almost as if she is purposely disguising her voice by mumbling and removing emotion.

So many of the features are the same it's hard to dismiss. The heavy eye-lid over the left eye, the shape of the bags under the eyes, the shape of the mouth and the pucker below the bottom left lip and the bumpy chin..very suspicious! I wonder if it has been called to the producers for Dr Phil's attention...they could take steps to verify who this woman is. If MR or his ex-GF faked this tape in order to bolster the fake sighting, it shows MR and his supporters are deliberately trying to mislead the investigation and the search for Dylan!

Sus said...

Something to back that up, Vita...I've been trying to figure out why MR uses "I" in this entire statement except where he talks about his work.

"Well, when I got home and he wasn't here I didn't think much of it at the time, because it's not unlike him to go wandering off. He'll walk down to the river across the street or you know, he might go up into the campground where he can be next to the river up there. I didn't think a whole lot about it. And, I had laid down and took a nap, which is something I try to do as much as I can when I'm not working because WE always work, you know, 14-hour days. It feels good to be home. And it was probably 2:30 by the time I realized that Dylan still was not home and so I'm thinking well, if he ain't gonna return my text messages and I ain't hearing my phone ringing 'cos he ain't calling me, I need to go find that boy."

I put this here to show you the WE ALWAYS WORK, but I think this quote is very telling. MR does continue. I'll get that posted soon.

john said...


Has she been pulled in by LE?if not why?Something doesn't sit right here, and i cant for the life of me put my finger on it!!

Layla said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't mail carrier say when she sees Mark SHE mentions she had seen Dylan and a friend walking. THEN Mark brings up that Dylan is missing!!!
If the sighting is not valid, they concocted this story TOGETHER.
"She knows the area better than anyone!". Get ready for Mark to blame her.

john said...

WOW,Sus great spot,change of pronoun.

Its when he talks about work he uses the pronoun WE,who is the we he is talking about?

Layla said...

Could these women be identical twins? He is dating them both, and the mail carrier got jealous and kidnapped his son to get back at him? Maybe offered to give him a ride (if she saw him walking) in her mail truck? Kind of like the lady in "Misery" who she looks like. Either way, mail carrier was involved somehow I believe.

Sus said...

Continue Mark Redwine interview.
"So, I stopped by his friend Tristan's house, down across from the marina up here at the lake, and nobody answered the door. So, I'm thinking, well, I didn't see his fishing pole, you know, and I thought maybe he had wandered off and went fishing so maybe he was with Tristan at the lake. So, I'm driving by the lake looking for him and Tristan and didn't see anything."

Layla said...

It is more likely they are sisters or cousins than the same woman pretending to be 2 different women.

Jen said...

Hi John-

I don't's very strange though. I know the mail carrier sighting has been debunked, and was said to be unrelated long ago by LE (I think within about a week it had been ruled out, yet MR clings to this false info repeating it as often as he can).

I saw further up in the comments that it was proven the carrier who claimed to have seen him was not even working that week...which further convinces me the woman in the 'Angie' video is not the real mail carrier. I think the woman in the video is the ex-GF Karen, reading the original statement from the mail carrier as if it were her first person account. There are just too many similarities to ignore, along with the fact that the 'Angie' video is self shot.

I'm sure police are looking into all aspects of this, especially after the Dr Phil polygraph debacle..but if that video is faked it says a lot about MR's motives and actions.

Layla said...

Is it possible Mark did beat up his son and son took off after Mark left for errands, mail carrier sees him, picks him up, drives him sonewhere, to some place or drops him off on road somewhere? Then something happens to him? Mark doesnt want to take polygraph bc he beat his son up badly, maybe is afraid he died from the injuries?

john said...

Sus said...
Continue Mark Redwine interview.
"SO, I stopped by his friend Tristan's house, down across from the marina up here at the lake, and NOBODY answered the door. SO, I'm thinking, well, I DIDN'T SEE his fishing pole, you know, and I thought maybe he had wandered off and went fishing SO maybe he was with Tristan at the lake. SO, I'm driving by the lake looking for him and Tristan and DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING."

Note when the word's,So,therefor,because etc show up in a statement we give them the color BLUE noting high sensitivity.

Here we have a cluster of blue's, in fact we have 4.

When there is a need to explain outside the boundery's of what we need to know we take note of why they feel the need to explain.




Here is more sensitivity,anything in the negative is taken note.

why tell us what you DIDN'T see, unless you want people to know you didn't see it,and if so why?

Sus said...

Exactly John! This account is important to what happened to Dylan after he was killed.

Gosh, I'm trying to do two things at once...I'll get back to ya.

JerseyJane said...

Great posting, Vita!!! I hear ya..

Vita I was an anon back during the death of the sweet lil' American Indian boy, Carnel. I got info to u to look up the mom's brother that had more insight into the situation. I didn't have the means( cant see what I type) to communicate on here properly( still don't, my iPhone is the first originial and messed up). I just want to say, you have become one hell of an investigator and there is no room on here to "like" your comments, so just know I hear ya and appreciate your input and the brainstorming amoungst everyone that you help to create...

Jen said...

Another thing I just noticed while rewatching the end of the Dr Phil show part 2.

When Dr reads a statement from Mark about being upset about the show.. Mark states, "Everyone keeps saying that I was the last one to see Dylan, but that just isn't true..HOW COME NO ONE SPOKE TO THE MAIL WOMAN, she knows the area better than anyone and she saw Dylan".

So according to this statement by MR the Dr Phil show either was UNABLE TO, or DIDN'T speak to the mail carrier. Now, why would someone make the effort to tape and then submit a recording for use on the Dr Phil show, and then not 'talk' to the Dr Phil show? Maybe because the Dr Phil show already knows her as Karen, so she can't give them an interview as 'Angie'.

I believe this video was taped by the ex-GF to bolster the mail carrier sighting and at the time the video was taped she had no intention of appearing on the show in person (either as the ex-GF or the mail carrier). Maybe she speaks in such a monotone/robotic way so she can later claim that she was simply reading the mail carriers original statement and didn't mean for it to be perceived as her first person account? I definitely find it strange that the 'mail carrier' would tape and submit that recording and then not 'speak' to the show producers.

JerseyJane said...

I think MR went by lake but it was his second time there.. He is creating being there, in case, someone saw him during the first (dumping of body) time he was there.

His way of canceling out the first time, so he in his own way can be truthful that yes, I was looking around there( not dumping a body).
Or if someone did spot him at night or early morning hours, he can say, that person is mistaken, I was there knocking on Tristan door at this time... The Tristan family even though he did not see can say, well, Mark is right, we were out shopping during that time... Eventhough they not home, an alibi can be created by their absence...
Remember this was early on in the disappearance of Dylan, so he was covering ALL the foreseeable scenerios....

john said...


There was talk that the DR phil show edited a lot of it out.I don't know for sure if that is true?

No Longer Anonymous said...

@Anon 1:05 Regarding LE confirming that the mail carrier was off work that week....
It is not posted in any newslink...LE told the family..and the family told the supporters on the FB page

Sus said...

She has a facebook page. I saw it once, didn't go through it well, and didn't save it. I bet you can find it and go through her friends.

Layla said...

Maybe the mail carrier saw him while driving her car if she was off work.
Mail carrier knows something.

Jenn--Good point--Why does MR feel noone has "talked" to the mailwoman? Who made the tape of her?

JerseyJane said...

Jen and John you are on to something! Both have right droopy eye.. One has no or sparse eyebrows, others are penciled in...... One talks on show and it shows definition around mouth and other in webcam talks monotone no facial expressions to hide mouth definition that really is there.... One with dark dye job and other with blondish frazzled hair from the back to light dye, this is something else if it is true... So close, sooo possible, wowzers!!!!


Jen said...

Dr Phil read Marks statement at the end of the 2nd show. MR didn't show up in person to explain to Elaine/Cory why he didn't take the poly, and Dr read the statement showing MR was still stuck on the same tired point, although he rejected the chance to clear his name. He (Dr Phil) didn't correct or argue that he was wrong by saying that they didn't speak to her, but like you said, it may be due to editing. Still an interesting thought, taken with the similarity in 'Karen' and 'Angie's' looks.

Layla said...

I know this sounds weird but when Mark is about to refuse pokygraph, squirning in his seat, the part where he begins closing his eyes and rubbing his face and hair in anxious distress, I got the feeling like he does not want his "plot" busted cause he'll be in a whole heapload of trouble. I got the feeling he's hiding him somewhere and like the face rubbing/closed eyes conveyed "should I let them bust me?". I feel like if he had actually killed Dylan he would not have had this indecisive body language like should he let them bust him?

Sus said...

This is what I see in Mark Redwine's quote. MR's words in caps, mine small.

said in the negative and followed by "because". MR is now going to give four reasons he didn't think much of it. Obviously he thought much on how he would explain Dylan wasn't there.

in the negative, saying Dylan usually stays put. As a matter of fact, Dylan's mother says he would never wander in the woods. MR called a witness to the Dr. Phil show to say Dylan lay on the couch all day and would never get up. Hmmmm.

keep the "down" in mind

you know is to convince; he might does not mean he did; remember up; into is unnecessary. I really don't like the picture here of "into the - ground"; can insinuates he cannot be next to the river anywhere else...why does he need to be next to the river??; please notice another up.

second time to say this and with an explanation of why he didn't think about it. Deceptive.

begins with and...something left out; position mentioned...I assume he doesn't sleep standing up. This shows tension. Since MR says he wasn't worried about Dylan not being there, it is another cause.

To be continued...

Layla said...

I just rewatched the 1st 10 min of the 45 min interview with MR (Dad's Uncut Interview). It is strange but listen to the present tense language: All I need to know is where he is, how to get ahold of him"....."I'll pop in on him"..."I monitor him" "It's just me and him"........I am pulling these sentences out of context obviously, but listen to the present tense language and see if it doesnt sound like someone who could have someone kidnaped/ hidden away somewhere. Heavy emphasis thematically on the Dad and him versus friendships also.

Sus said...

Mark Redwine interview cont.

explanation for taking nap rather than looking for Dylan...unnecessary

the only time MR uses "we". I think working is sensitive to him. Maybe he sees it as what split him from Dylan?

MR has switched back and forth from past to present. This is present. He is speaking about his feelings right now. His son is missing, possibly dead, everyone is beside themselves with worry and looking for Dylan. Mark Redwine talks about how hard he works and how happy he is to be home.

Kaaryn saw how MR talked about deeper and deeper. MR also talks about up and down. I'm not sure if this is physically, emotionally, or both. I tend to think MR put Dylan's body in the river and panicked about it floating down to the lake, so he moved it to the lake. I also think he isn't complete unless he has those around him in an "up and down" state, thus the statement that "It feels good to be home."

BostonLady said...

I see the photos now of the ex girlfriend and the mail carrier. They sure do look like sisters!

Sus said...

Looking at the interview again, I can see that MR was in a panic about Dylan's body in the river and it going "up and down". He thought about the river across from him and then the river in the campground. He could stand next to it.

That all fits in with his saying he paced while Dylan watched the movie...I believe there was no movie, but I'm sure he paced.

More of the intterview...
begins with and meaning something is left out; changes from past to present tense in one sentence...he is telling a story.

Present tense...thinking on his feet...this is important as it is on his mind.

this is blaming; this is about MR (me, me, me); this is what MR raged at Dylan about.

No worry, instead "need"; MR has to do something, and it has to do with "that boy", a derogatory comment.

BostonLady said...

If Dylan's friend was expecting him at 6:30 a.m., Dylan would have been there. Just reading the texts, Dylan was clearly excited to go see his friend. Dylan would have been up and ready to go before his father "tried" to wake him up.

Something happened to Dylan after McDonalds and before the next morning. Dylan would have made sure to text his friend to let him know he couldn't make it. From everything read and stated here, I believe Mark was killed by his father some time after the 8pm text.

lane said...

9NEWS Investigative Reporter Melissa Blasius
Blog: Where is Dylan Redwine?

I find it insightful.

Sus said...

Mark Redwine interview cont.

so gives a reason for what he is doing; "stopped by" suggests MR was on his way somewhere else; gives location of marina and lake; here at lake suggests closeness; notice another down and this moving Dylan to the lake?

tells what didn't happen

so gives reasons...story telling. Jumps between present and past tense to further show deception ; tells what he didn't see...when he wasn't there no less.

second time to mention "wander off"...this is sensitive. It could be MR is seeing Dylan trying to get away from his beating, but I think put with his other statements he more likely panics about the body moving and surfacing. "up and down, wouldn't get up, deeper and deeper, pacing,"

Out of order...because Tristan wasn't home, MR thought the pole was gone and the two were fishing.

so and present tense...story telling; lake mentioned again; MR is now looking at the lake where before he said Dylan went to the river; telling again what he didn't see

Lemon said...

Mark Redwine reminds me of Justin Dipietro, always hiding behind the womens.

Sus said...

He had a woman speak up for him earlier in an article...Teresa Something. She stayed with him for two weeks over Christmas holiday.

This is a sign of a narcissistic psychopath. Mark Redwine may go on to new relationships, but he will keep his ex partners in the wings in case they are needed. And the narcissist always does the dumping. I imagine for Elaine to move on with her life angered Mark Redwine to no end.

Anonymous said...

"WE miss "him"BUT he will be ok now"PROOF HE'S DELLUDED.

Anonymous said...

If the mail carrier believes she saw Dylan, but being fishy about it, as it seems, hopefully LE checked her out, and her car as well. Did someone help MR to hide Dylan?

Jo said...

"Everyone keeps saying that I was the last one to see Dylan, but that just isn't true..HOW COME NO ONE SPOKE TO THE MAIL WOMAN, she knows the area better than anyone and she saw Dylan".

Why does he include that "she knows the area better than anyone"? How does that make her account of seeing Dylan anymore reliable? Order is important - it is more important to MR that she knows the area than her having seen Dylan.

I think when he went back to the lake "and didn't see anything", he was retracing his steps from the prior night in the dark to make sure nothing was left behind and that nothing had surfaced or washed ashore at the lake.

Dylan had spent the night texting with Ryan and was told he could not go to Ryan's that first night. Why did MR go to Tristan's instead of Ryan's house first? Was it because Tristan lived near the lake and Ryan did not?

Peter Hyatt said...

Jo's post is an encouragement to me because, like Mainah earlier today, it shows that words are not just slipping by unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

I've read most of the comments and gained nothing. The mail woman would have no reason to lie. If she thought she saw the boy she said so. It doesn't mean it was him, just that she thought it was him. Have they asked who all was walking in the area during that time period with backpacks on?

I did however gather something from this statement:I saw some special once where they showed psychopaths footage of a different people walking down a hall, one by one, from behind, and the psycopaths were able to identify which people had been victims of a crime, JUST BY THEIR WALK.

It must mean that psychopaths are videographers.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Does anyone find it interesting that she calls him Mark, not once, but twice?

I live out in the middle of nowhere, and I've never been on a first name basis with my mail carrier, unless we were friends.

The use of the word 'never' often infers a lie, not?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I did however gather something from this statement:I saw some special once where they showed psychopaths footage of a different people walking down a hall, one by one, from behind, and the psycopaths were able to identify which people had been victims of a crime, JUST BY THEIR WALK.

It must mean that psychopaths are videographers.

No, that would be have to be written as psychopaths' as in the plural possessive form. What is wrttin is not the possessive form, but the simple plural form.

OldPsychNurse said...

Knowing there were "interesting" sexual photos on MR's computer, perhaps Karen thought Dylan was selfish because his visit kept MR and her from participating in deviant sex.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me most about all of this is that the focus should be on finding Dylan. Period. If Mark had anything to do with it, figuring out what it was exactly that he did and where Dylan is now should'nt be difficult. After all, Mark is no Einstein.

Anonymous said...

I worry that Mark will commit suicide or die of a heart attack before the case is solved. If he did it, then he will never tell what happened. If he didn't, everyone will assume he did and close the case.

Anonymous said...

Tyya's dad won't secure anything honesty a possessions at the store - no ice cream, no candy, no cookies. But when the saleslady puts a valuation sticker on Tyya's nose, Daddy is conclusively feigned to suborn something correct

Alisa Massey said...

I thought they were the same woman.

Alisa Massey said...

I'm wondering how she knows what Dylan looks like too. Is he sharing photos with this lady?? Obviously they had some relationship other than her just being his mail carrier.

Anonymous said...

Good to see this. Alike and similar was my first thought on first & 9th DP viewing.

There is another woman named Teresa that appeared (for Mark) last week on Tricia's True Crime Radio. Teresa sounded just like Karento me! Would love to see SA on that very LONG interview. She spoke for Mark after Dylan was found.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone noticed but if you watch the mail carrier talk, it's like she is reading from a script, I don't believe her for a moment, I think mark set this woman up and I have believe this from the moment I heard her speak and now that I see the two pictures of the two woman, I belive that it's marks ex gf playing the part of mail carrier, all they have to do is take the picture to the post office and see if this person does in deed work there, if not, you know she is a fake!

Eric Way said...

I am Fascinated with this Case as it's Clear to me Mark Redwine killed his Son. Yes the mail carrier and the ex-girlfriend are the same Person. Mark Redwine begs for the Mail Carrier Statement to be Read. Why does Dr. Phil show the Video & also Allow the Woman as a Character Witness? I've never seen Dr. Phil bring a Character Witness on his Show. He does this because Dr. Phil caught this Coincidence