Saturday, March 30, 2013

Charlie Rogers: An Invitation for Crime Wire

Charlie Rogers reported that three men broke into her home, carved hate slurs into her flesh, and set her house on fire.

She then appeared on television for just under 5 minutes, speaking under 500 words.

Statement Analysis of her words concluded deception. The public responded with overwhelming compassion:  donating money, holding vigils and even getting Charlie Rogers memorial tattoos.

Weeks later, she was arrested for filing a false report.

She pled "no contest" to the charge and faces a year in jail along with some hefty fines.

She also maintains her story.

This is an open invitation for Charlie Rogers to tell her story on Crime Wire, and field questions from the chat room.

As with all guests, she will know our position from the start and will be treated respectfully and be allowed to freely share.

Questions will include asking about her account, her legal representation, and if she believes she has done any harm to those who are victims of hate crimes, and if she felt that she had a good lawyer.

What will you do in jail?
What plans do you have for after your sentence?
Will you continue to crusade?
Are you being supported by anyone?

Ms. Rogers, if you'd like this opportunity to appear on Crime Wire, please get in touch via Facebook.


equinox said...

If she wouldn't defend herself at trial, why would she do so on crime wire? We can't roll out the rainbow carpet for her. I would love for her to come on.. after sentencing and then tell us the real story. Why did she do it? Why did she persist to the point of being imprisoned? How will she recover respect from her community? How does she think she can make ammends for the damage she has done?

Lis said...

What would she have done if police had arrested some "suspects" who matched her description?

Mouse74 said...

Her support is dwindling. The mutual friend of mine that supported her no longer talking to her and has cut her off. The reason: All she did was complain and feel sorry for herself, never once trying to improve upon her current situation. Even when people supported her, it didn't seem to be enough, and she was always wanting more.

Although my friend did not admit to no longer believing Charlie...I suspect this was the case since she has totally cut Charlie out of her life. This friend I mention, also bears the NOH8 tattoo that was inscribed in support of her.

I feel so bad for the friends she manipulated as well. She hurt them too by dragging their emotions thru the mud.

Vita said...

Mouse74, maybe your friend should be a guest on Crimewire. She/He to offer their own feelings of this, as they did go forward in belief of Charlie's said accounts.

They in her honor, be tatted.
This is the worst case scenario to be in believe of a victim, their said, and to do something this permanent. The tatt though is not in Vein. As there is countless real victims in real life.

Those who were tatted for Charlie I would think they would be crushed to find out, she lied. There is no worse feeling than to be lied to, when someone pours out their empathy and are in full belief, their said account did happen. Maybe they will have the TAT augmented to make it personal to them, that it is not the stamp of Charlie's lie.

Victims within the LGBT community is a reality. Victims that have been personally affected, hurt, harassed, who are victims, that are the silent.

* I know a victim of violence, due to their sexuality. They this person was set up. I will not disclose their gender as male or female as it's not important. What is significant is they were set up and beaten due to who they are.

This person was beaten 1/2 to death. Had this person not survived this beating, and was found deceased, it would be a loss beyond, as this person is valued and loved because of who they are. This person I claim family. I believe this person's account. I saw their body 2 weeks later, and the bruises so visible as they were that deep, they to be so humiliated, and crushed as a human being, that they kept silent. They felt it was their fault, as they allowed themselves to be put into this situation. This person to not take on the mention the dislocated shoulder, not to mention the elbow pulled out of it's joint -as what was done to them, but it was their fault they entrusted someone else. Not to mention the cracked ribs. This person did not tell anyone, as this person was beyond traumatized from that moment on, and will always carry it with them, what did happen. The set up happened in a public place. This set up was of many peeps who turned into perps, taking their jollies out, all were wasted drunk, none to know my friend, this person became a cat toy, they fists upon this person, their feet, they to treat this person as a human pinata.

This person to be bodily dragged UP a flight of stairs after the beating - to be HUNG out for all others to see. As this person was with a friend prior sitting alone together, minding their own business, in a celebration.

The friend who heard a commotion to run to, to see their best friend of 20 yrs, being dragged,nothing left of this person, this person a rag doll,

* this person who was kicked in the face, as they attempted to cease their best friend, from being dragged Up a flight of stairs.

" Not knowing this person had been frisbee'd out of the private room" then to be dragged, nothing left.
Precedence: The friend to think nothing of it, this weekend to be of a city wide celebration, a huge known, that the friend was taken by the hand and led away, that this person was being honored by or was asked to be met, this private party requesting the presence of them.

This happened in 10 minutes, around this, 10-15 mins, end result both of them thrown out into an Alley, the back door -no one to offer aid, nor rescue.

The place where this occurred to be of a neutrality, a well known place, establishment that all were welcome. The private party was a paid for party, and none of them were locals, none of them were of the area. They to be of port - to find this place upon a local, to set them up in a place they could go wild. Had they been mixed in within the normal crowd, they would have been the stand out - these who had the private room.
This is a serious subject, and one to lie, and use it for a platform - it's undeniably sick on their part.

Mouse74 said...

Vita, I don't know that I have the courage to ask my friend to participate. Reading this blog is my little side hobby, but to her, I'm not sure it would feel as inviting. She's the type to let things lie instead of stir em up, so out of respect, I can't ask. Out of respect, I didn't ask her any further questions.

Charlie not only spit in the face of her friends, she spit in the face of the real survivors out there.