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Baby Ayla: Enough for Grand Jury Indictment?

Is there enough evidence for a Grand Jury to hand down an indictment, in some charge, in the case of missing toddler, Ayla Reynolds?

There is.

In December of 2011, Justin DiPietro reported his child missing, and from that point, his story began to disintegrate.

Police have given a great deal of information to the public; information that has confirmed what Statement Analysis of the words of those in the case, had revealed.

1.  The father lied about a kidnapping.  There was no kidnapping, no sign of entry, no DNA, including trace DNA, left behind, no disturbance to

Statement Analysis of the father's words show deception and that he knew Ayla was dead, from the beginning.

2.  That Ayla's blood was found, in significant amount, to conclude Ayla's death.  This will be argued by defense, regarding time of blood; that is, can prosecutors prove that the blood found was spilled in one event, or was it ongoing.

It won't matter to a Grand Jury.

3.  That although not admissible in trial, unless stipulated by both parties, the Grand Jury will hear the results of the polygraph tests, including the father's "smoking" of it, and the sisters, "fine" result.  The Grand Jury will know that they failed and specifically, what questions they failed.

4.  Circumstantial and Behavioral Evidence.

The Grand Jury will hear how the police set up media time for Justin DiPietro to "negotiate"via media, with the "kidnapper", but DiPietro refused.

5.  The Grand Jury will see (and ask questions) the communication, including text messages, of DiPietro telegraphing (or foretelling) Ayla's disappearance.  They will wonder whether or not her death was planned, via the Life Insurance Policy, or if there was a plan to sell her.  The Grand Jury can see that DiPietro did not purchase a policy against his other child, and allow this to be processed through, intellectually, on why the one child had a policy, not for her, but against her, in a bundled policy, yet the other child, untargeted, was not "bet against" in a policy.

6.  The Grand Jury will hear testimony that will show a pattern of abuse, including Ayla's prior injuries, x-rays, medical visits, and so on. The Grand Jury will be able to question Maine's top medical forensic experts in their opinions on said injuries.

This is something that I believe would cause Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts (girlfriend) careful consideration:

any one injury can be explained away, but the Grand Jury would be confronted with what appears to be a pattern of indifference towards Ayla's safety and well being.

Yet, as each injury is put out to the GJ, child abuse experts will talk about how such and such injury could have happened; how legs are wrenched during diaper changing, or how toddlers do not "get into fist fights" (or how Chuck E Cheese does not have a ball pit...this reminded me of Mark Redwine's "Nickolodeon" comment), or why abusive parents avoid timely medical intervention, and how much a fracture hurts...and so on.

7.  The Grand Jury can duly note the invocation of the rights afforded by the 5th Amendment, and its need, when DiPietro is asked questions about drug use, drug involvement and any other nefarious, illegal, or inappropriate activities committed while being a father.

8.  The Grand Jury will learn what we, the public does not know; the things that caused police to conclude that Ayla was dealt, was met with foul play in the house, and why they concluded that the three adults in the house are deliberately withholding information.

They do not need to conclude that the death was intentional, or accidental.  They do not have to hand down murder, or even manslaughter charges.  They could hand down an indictment of child abuse, neglect, lying to law enforcement, filing a false report, or a myriad of other charges against Justin DiPietro, Elisha DiPietro, and/or Courtney Roberts.

Indictments, or even the threat of indictments, would impact the custodial rights of both Elisha DiPietro and Courtney Roberts.

This, also, should cause them to pause, and consider making a deal.

I believe a deal would allow the two women to avoid jail time, and would likely be an account of an "accident" in the house that led to panic.

Regardless of how palatable this theory may be to a public who'd rather believe it was an accident and panic, it is impossible to ignore that bizarre circumstance of a single, unemployed father taking a life insurance policy against only one of his children, who then goes missing 6 weeks later.

I expect the DiPietros to continue to blame mother, of whom I expect to hear, "we had panic because we knew she would accuse us.  She always did..."

I do not expect Justin DiPietro to take responsibility of much, that is, until sentencing, and then he will take only what his lawyer tells him to take, and not a stitch more.  He simply isn't "emotionally capable" of being a man.  The behavior post-report confirms this, but it is the purchase of a life insurance policy, with its attendant circumstances,(such as telegraphing plans via text messages)  that is impossible to ignore.  As Pat Brown pointed out, even if was not the direct motive, it would have had an impact on behavior, on some level.

The Grand Jury will have this continually in the back of their minds throughout.

From the Nancy Grace Show, January, 2012

SUSAN CANDIOTTI, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, we found out over the weekend that, in fact, blood was found in the basement of that home, the very same basement where Justin DiPietro, Ayla`s father, lives and sleeps.

Now, we don`t know exactly where in the basement the blood was found and we don`t precisely -- we know part of it was Ayla`s. The rest of it, authorities are still waiting for lab results from other blood they said was found that was not visible to the naked eye. Some was, some wasn`t.

GRACE: You know, Susan, this is a huge development, but I`ve got even more questions every time I hear an answer. Let me just go through what you`ve just told us because you told us volumes. And one quick sound bite. OK, first of all, I`m hearing this. Part of the blood was visible to the naked eye. That means other blood was invisible to the naked eye. They had to use luminol.

Now, when blood is invisible, that typically means, Susan Candiotti, that it is not a smear, it is not a blood drop -- like you got a nosebleed and blood drops from your nose. That`s a very different marking than a blood spatter. Very typically, when blood is invisible to the naked eye, Susan, that means it is blood spatter.

Where do we get blood spatter? We get it from a high-velocity impact. We get it from a gunshot wound. We know it was not a gunshot because no one heard a gunshot.

That leads me to another question, Susan. Number one, the blood that was invisible to the naked eye, what type of a blood marking was it? And also, this revelation that someone else`s blood may have been mixed in with Ayla`s, or they found other blood that is not Ayla`s -- tell me again, Susan.

CANDIOTTI: Yes. There are just -- you`re right, Nancy. Every time you hear one thing, it leads to so many other questions. We don`t know all the answers. Police are only saying so much, and other sources that I`m talking with.

yes, I can`t answer what form that other blood took, but you certainly laid out a number of possibilities. Some of it, they said, was visible. And that amount, evidently, according to Ayla`s mother -- she posted on her Web site that it was more than the amount that would come from a cut. That`s all we know. And police will not confirm anything that she is putting out about how much blood was found.

The blood that was invisible -- police went in there, as you know, on day one and did a search. That`s when they found this blood. And they`re only revealing now that they found it. So that`s another question. Why now? But they found it using, as you said, that chemical luminol. And it turns a different color and makes it visible to the authorities.

GRACE: Straight out to Woodrow Tripp, former police commander. Exactly how does luminol work, Woody?

WOODROW TRIPP, FMR. POLICE COMMANDER: Well, Nancy, it`s sprayed and it`s placed on areas where blood is suspected or some other bodily substance is suspected to be.

GRACE: Back to you, Susan Candiotti. The statement that it was more blood than would come from a cut -- it`s my understanding police have said that, as well. That`s where the mom is getting it.

CANDIOTTI: That`s right.

GRACE: Police said this was more blood than would come from a normal cut. Now, I find that very, very disturbing because if it didn`t come from a normal cut, where did it come from?

And also, Susan Candiotti, you`re stating that police found this but are just now revealing it. Let`s talk about what we were just looking at, the layout of the home. What do we know about the layout of the home?

Susan, at the very beginning, we heard two babies sleeping in one room. We know Ayla`s dad`s girlfriend there, his sister there. And both of them have a child with them. There are three adults and three babies. We were told baby Ayla in the room with somebody else. But now we`re getting a different story.

Where`s Daddy saying he was that night, and where was baby Ayla?

CANDIOTTI: Sure. We were led to speculate a lot of things in the beginning because police weren`t putting out information. I`ve been in the house. I can tell you this. It`s a very small house. It`s a one-story house.

Here`s the setup. You were showing that graphic. You have Justin, who lives in the basement, and then you have three bedrooms that are upstairs. You have baby Ayla`s bedroom. After she disappeared, I was told that Ayla and her cousin both had bed set-ups in there. But at the time, police are now saying that Ayla had her own bedroom and was sleeping there. Across a very small...

GRACE: Well, hold on, Susan.


GRACE: Susan, let me add into what you`re saying. I want you to add this into the mix.

Everybody, we are taking your calls tonight. Bombshell. Baby Ayla`s blood, a 1-and-a-half-year-old baby girl, has been found in the basement of Daddy`s home. Daddy sleeps in that basement.

I want to go back to what you were saying, where everybody was sleeping that night. You got Daddy, Daddy`s girlfriend, Daddy`s sister. They`re all in the home. Each one of them has a separate child.

CANDIOTTI: That`s right.

GRACE: According to ABC News, the father told them he was sleeping with Ayla that night. Now, I know a lot gets lost in translation. But by my count, you`ve got that story, according to ABC News. You`ve got the story that the two infants were sleeping together in a bedroom. Now we`ve got another story, Ayla is upstairs sleeping by herself, where Daddy and girlfriend are sleeping in the basement with her son.

Is that the most recent story you know, Susan?

CANDIOTTI: That`s the most recent story I have. Plus, you also have Ayla`s aunt, who also has a little girl, and she was sleeping with her daughter in her first floor bedroom. So you`ve got three bedrooms upstairs and Justin downstairs.

GRACE: With me, CNN national correspondent Susan Candiotti. She has been in the home. Susan, when you went into the basement, what did you observe?

CANDIOTTI: Didn`t go down to the basement, but I could see into the basement. And that is where Jason (SIC) spends his time. He was down there, but didn`t invite me downstairs.

GRACE: Got you. Susan Candiotti joining us and taking your calls.

To John DePetro, WPRO host. John, not only this, Mommy and Daddy unite just recently at a public appearance, and they look like they got along great. I mean, if the baby daddy in my life wasn`t coming clean, oh, you know, I`d have a few words with him.

But also we learned that when police confront Daddy with the crime scene photos of Ayla`s blood, he gets so freaked out, he gets up and leaves the police station, DePetro.

JOHN DEPETRO, WPRO: That`s right, Nancy. That`s the word, that when they first confronted him with those photos, that he walked out. It was interesting to see the parents for the first time since little Ayla went missing, that they were together, they had some very private conversations. But make no mistake, Nancy, Justin DiPietro did not want to talk about the blood on Saturday.

GRACE: I noticed that. People kept asking him questions and he wouldn`t comment on it. And he and the mom were all hugging all over each other. Whatever!

GRACE: Well, Lorna, how about asking questions about it, asking questions about how it got there, what kind of blood evidence was it, crying, you know, showing grief, instead of jumping up from the table and taking off? What about that?

GRACE: All right. All right. I`ll go with that. With me right now is a special guest, Stephen McCausland, spokesman from the Maine State Police, just joining us. Sir, thank you for being with us. What can you tell us about the blood evidence that we`re hearing about tonight?

STEPHEN MCCAUSLAND, MAINE STATE POLICE (via telephone): Thanks for having me on, Nancy. And I want to compliment you. I know last week, you devoted 40 minutes one night to this case. It means a lot to the people of Maine that it`s still in the headlines and still being discussed nationally. And I thank you for that.

I want to -- the blood -- Susan basically revealed what we`ve talked about. We`ve confirmed there was blood in the basement, and we`ve confirmed that some of those samples were Ayla`s. We haven`t discussed the quantity, nor am I going to tonight. But we find the discovery of the blood troubling.

GRACE: I agree with you. With me, spokesman from the Maine State Police, Stephen McCausland. They`ve been looking 24/7 trying to find baby Ayla. They have revealed one way or the other that they do not buy the family`s story that there was an intruder that took the baby. Nobody heard a thing, no forced entry. In fact, they say they don`t believe baby Ayla was ever kidnapped or that she walked off on her own.

Stephen, I understand you`re not -- you can`t give me a lot. But can you tell me what type of a blood stain was it, was it a drop, was it a smear or was it spatter?

MCCAUSLAND: I can`t get into any of those details, Nancy, other than I can confirm some of the blood was Ayla`s.

GRACE: Was it in a bathroom?

MCCAUSLAND: Again, same answer. Sorry.

GRACE: OK, Stephen. I`m going to try again. You can`t accuse me of giving up easily. Was it in Daddy`s bedroom?

MCCAUSLAND: Don`t mind the questions, but don`t mind my answers. We`re not getting into that, Nancy.

GRACE: With me, spokesman for the Maine State Police, Stephen McCausland.

Bombshell tonight. After weeks of looking and trying our best to help find baby Ayla, the sobering discovery baby Ayla`s blood is found in the family basement where Daddy sleeps.


Lemon said...

Locals should be on the lookout for Heidi Tudela shopping for new outfits/shoes/accessories, with her own Boy Wonder and Peaches in tow as well, indicating a possible appearance at a Grand Jury proceeding.

If State Farm business has indeed fallen off as rumored, then expect an increase in dry cleaning, of already purchased and gently worn clothing sent in to be spiffed up. It is not known at this time if Mrs. Tudela will be wearing large skirts or not for the Spring Season. Calls to the Manor were not returned as of this printing.

Anonymous said...

The grand jury met last week.

Anonymous said...


If only I was size "zero" with an appetite for uptight call girl clothes, I'd surely find some good deals on Heidi's old duds at the local thrift stores.

Laurie B said...

Another great post, they always get me thinking. I always share them on Ayla's facebook page. I have often wondered if LE may have done drug screening on those involved right after Ayla disappeared or maybe that isnt allowed under the law?

Anonymous said...

Justin appears to have become an epic crier for want of being a better liar.

How common (and convenient) for a suspect (yes suspect, Justin knows, as anyone would, that he MUST eliminate himself FIRST, whether guilty or innocent) to be able to shrivel up like a dying little pansy, too "emotionally incapable" to speak for his daughter, or any innocent and vulnerable baby?

There seems to be no shortage of lonely desperate women desirous to eat that @#$# up, claiming he's some different kind of sensitive person and he deals with "things" in his own deep mysterious (quiet, isolated, hiding) way that only they can understand, and continue to defend. That is an additional miscarriage of justice against Ayla Reynolds.

I suspect charges are pending upon discerning through the classic he says/she says at this point. The truth will be revealed. I suspect it already has revealed itself to the LE pros. Fairly soon the charges will come and it's ever hack for him/her self.

Going back (for some additional 40%), what stands out to me is two things:

1) Elisha, Justin and Phoebe say: "my family", "our family", etc. This excludes COURTNEY ROBERTS.

Hidey refers to them now as "the paternal family" (I can't think of a way to communicate more distance than that. They are not her friends and she makes that clear early on when she gave reasons/excuses for putting them up at her house for the first two weeks of the investigation. Although she has known them for near 20 years and will speak to Justin's defense, she does not say they are friends, and we can't say it for her. She viewed them only as street people who had no other place to go and lifted herself in praise for her deep humanitarianism. What is missing- A word about COURTNEY ROBERTS. Not one word from anyone...

2) The above noted, what's missing- not one person, not her own mother, father, sisters, brothers, extended family, a friend, or acquaintance(s); no co-worker, co-ed, neighbor, teacher, lawyer or clergy, has come out to say a word about COURTNEY ROBERTS!

I've considered Justin developed on the fly, a "justin case" plan for when as he knew, Trista's alibi would check out. That leaves him with COURTNEY ROBERTS to throw under the bus, as she has been by so many men in her short adult years.

Anonymous said...

...should be "every" hack for him/her self...

...I guess what is standing out to me is one thing, not two...

Courtney Roberts: Where is Ayla? You should tell LE everything. 1) They know already and 2) Justin is telling people what he wants them to think, and that includes info about you behind your back.

JerseyJane said...

Excellent Lemon! Quite a spin on the catwalk there!! Bahahahaha!!

Maine State Police says the discovery of blood is troubling. Well, that don't sound too good, now, does it?

"Me thinks me boy needs to pull up thems there pink panties and start talking, boy!" Momma says.

^ that would be the start of my interrogation, something he can relate to...bahahaha!!

Jazzie said...

"...the Major Crimes Unit has turned its focus on Ayla Reynolds, a 21-month-old girl who was reported missing Dec. 17.

The unit took the lead role in the investigation on Dec. 30, almost two weeks after Ayla was last seen...

There are three reasons for the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit to get involved in an investigation. The unit handles homicides, suspicious deaths and major investigations, McCausland said."


"The Office of the Attorney General has exclusive responsibility for the prosecution of homicide cases statewide. The Homicide Unit is part of the Criminal Division of the Office of the Attorney General."

LE has been guarded as to what information of the Ayla Reynolds' case is made public. Justice seems to move at an excruciating slow pace for any victim's family but remember:

"The most recent FBI Uniform Crime Reporting stats for the state of Maine, along with a retired police chief from Portland, beg to differ with naysayers wondering if Ayla Reynolds’ case will be cleared.

On Jan. 31, 2012 NECN reported that retired Portland Police Chief Joe Loughlin expressed confidence that the Maine State Police would get to the bottom of the Ayla Reynolds disappearance."

Apple said...

Dear Lord, please bring Ayla home. Please don't leave her out the elements. It is not where a baby should be.

Anonymous said...

It been reported that Courtney and Justin are still together by posters on blogs who seem to know this is a fact.

If it is true that Courtney is still with her "stud", as she called Justin, then, he hasn't emitted any bus exhaust vapors in her presence, yet.

The Justin female defensers online remind me so much of the Ronald Cummings defenders. Some women just like the bad boys!

Anonymous said...

As a (mature) woman, I understand the attraction to "bad boys" however, "emotionally incapable" boys - ewwww!

Anonymous said...

A child murderer is NOT a desirous "bad boy".

Gonna go vomit now. YUK!

Anonymous said...

If there is enough evidence for an indictment, then why hasn't there been one????????

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what I'm wondering, if there is enough evidence why not an arrest. What does LE need, a video of what happened. I can't believe all the LE agencies all over the country can't or won't do anything. Think about Kyron Horman, Lisa Irwin, Holly Bobo, Isabel Celis, Hailey Dunn, Haleigh arrests...nothing just forgotten about. This is unbelievable that none of the LE's do is frustrating, just shows it must be pretty easy to disappear somebody & nobody pays !

Elisha said...

Anonymous 11:15 am

I'd say you have answered your own question.

Anonymous said...

Elisha: Then why beat a dead horse?

Vita said...

Going back to NG transcripts, of the first days, Ayla's missing.
Monday, Dec 19th, the two cars in the driveway were seized, removed by LE. The kidnapper may have driven one... to transport Ayla.

NG aired on 12/20, she aware, the cars were towed. A local Maine Radio host on NG the show,..

KEN ALTSHULER, RADIO HOST, WGAN MORNING NEWS WITH KEN AND MIKE: Very little, Nancy. They are talking very little about it. They ,in fact, we did not even know there was another child in the house until yesterday. And we don`t know where any of the family is. Nobody is talking. They said dad is cooperating but that`s all we`ve heard.

GRACE: Well then, Ken, if you`re saying daddy is cooperating, how can you also say we don`t know where he is?

ALTSHULER: That was when the investigation first started they said both parents were cooperating. Now we don`t know where dad is. They surrounded the house but we don`t know who is in the house and we`ve only seen one child. We`ve seen no girlfriend. And we`ve seen no Justin.

GRACE: Speaking of the girlfriend, what can you tell me about the cars that were towed away, Ken? To whom did they belong?

ALTSHULER: Both of the cars were registered to the father, Justin.

GRACE: Who drove them, do you know?
ALTSHULER: No. They have not revealed those details. But we do know that one -- the one that evidently had a bumper sticker saying "U.S. Marines" did belong to Justin and was registered to him.

GRACE: When did they get towed, Ken?
ALTSHULER: Yesterday.
GRACE: And are they still in police custody?

ALTSHULER: Yes, they are, Nancy.
GRACE: So that tells me, Joe Lawless, Renee Rockwell, that the cars have been impounded and they are being combed over for scientific evidence. Evidence like what, Renee?

RENEE ROCKWELL, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Blood evidence, Nancy. And that`s not anything that you can clean up.
The said by Jeff Hanson on United for Ayla, his new learned from LE.
Justin told LE, he and Ayla were hanging out on Friday, Christmas Shopping. His words here:

Courtney arrived at 8pm, she with the kids in the basement, he Dip went to the store to buy wine, no party, no drugs, no nothing, this Justin told LE.

Christmas shopping can mean a lot a things, proverbially one doesn't have to go anywhere to Christmas shop. He could have been Online in the house, on his laptop. No need to fight the season, if you are online in the comforts of your own home. Ayla has always been said on the Normal Night, she was put to bed at 8pm, checked on at 10pm.
Now it is that Courtney arrived at 8pm, she in the basement with the kids, Dip to the store for Wine.
* the speculation of who's car he drove that night, Courtney's or his. I guess it is, BOTH cars are his, as it is said above in the NG program that aired 12/20/2011,

BOTH Vehicles are Registered to the FATHER - he has the title of the 2002 Hyundai? or he is the Insured of the 2002 Hyundai? this when he went to his Best Boy Derek to ADD to his Policy in October 2011. Derek says it in the MSN article he ADDED to his policy.
You cannot ADD to a policy that does not exist, there it is, that he did have his SUV insured with SF, yet added his car, moving back to Waterville, or CR's CAR?

DiPietro agreed. He said he switched car insurance carriers shortly after moving back to Waterville. Tudela encouraged him to add the policy at that time.
The insurance holder is the liable.
Not the Driver. He to drive his car, as it legally is his car, by liability. If he is the Insured. No meaning then to Courtney, the cars towed. Possession doesn't count, not on paper. Both vehicles are his LIABLE. Who has the title? of the car Courtney drives, not said. An assumption made by all that since she was driving it, she owns it?


Jazzie said...

I will keep posting this:

"There are three reasons for the Maine State Police Major Crimes Unit to get involved in an investigation. The unit handles homicides, suspicious deaths and major investigations, McCausland said."

RE: Ayla Reynolds
"...the Major Crimes Unit has turned its focus on Ayla Reynolds, a 21-month-old girl who was reported missing Dec. 17.

The unit took the lead role in the investigation on Dec. 30, almost two weeks after Ayla was last seen.."

I don't think they send out the Major Crime Unit for minor mishaps.

It is either: 1. Homicide, 2. Suspicious Death, 3: Major Investigation (Kripes... what in Maine is that?)

Jazzie said...


But isn't it who commits the crime with the vehicle ultimately responsible?

Insurance may cover both under one name, titles could be under different names due to whoever purchased vehicles?

Jazzie said...

OK, I went to the source:

"Major Crime Units
The State Police criminal investigation division (M.C.U.) is responsible for major investigations including homicides, suspicious deaths and child abuse cases. MCU investigates all homicides in Maine, except in Portland and Bangor. The Maine Attorney Generals Office prosecutes all homicides in the state and detectives work closely with those prosecutors."

Jazzie said...

Apparently, the Major Crime Unit appearing on your doorstep is not a good thing in Maine...

"Maine’s FBI stats reflect that in 2010 the case clearance rate for the state for murder crimes in Maine was as high as 91.7 percent"

I know, I know... Ayla's disappearance could be something other than a homicide. But if it isn't, I wouldn't gamble on those FBI statistics.

Listening said...

How much money would be saved on auto insurance from moving from Portland to Waterville (on the car)? Would adding the car AND lip(s) to his "bundle" save him money?

IF both vehicles are registered to Justin, I'd like to know when he acquired the car. Is this (another?) insurance scam? To save either Courtney or Justin money?

Listening said...

To be fair, quite a few details were wrongly reported in the begining. No one even knew for sure who or how many were (supposedly) in the house that night, or where they slept. Not that we know the truth now, but there were quite a few different stories. Do we know for sure both vehicles are/were registered to Justin?

MeagIn Manhattan said...

Hi Gang ~ Does anybody know if Justin actually made a 911 call????
There is a rumor "floating" around out there that he "tried" to call and got cold feet - - - and tried again and chickened out - SURPRISE - and so the police just showed up at his home.
Any truth to this claim? Anybody?

Most Sincerely,

Listening said...

Supposedly there are three 911 calls. Trista was able to listen to 2 of them, but not the 3rd. It's been said that he did call, but either hung up or lost the calls, and 911 called him back. It's also been said that he barricaded himself in the bathroom upon LE's arrival.

Vita said...

Above are basic questions and answers of liability. State to State, Auto insurance varies.

My youth, my bro and I, our insurance was in our names, typed out on the policy card held. This when we gained our driver's licenses, high school. Our parents paid our premiums until we were working and then we paid them. My mother paid the bill, as we paid her cash, it was 3 vehicles *cheaper* at one residence, she though was the primary insured, we under her. My father drove company cars, his was insured through his employer.
Zip Code is everything no matter what State you live in. That your insurance rates are dependent upon. If you live in a high crime area, stolen cars, your insurance will be higher. Would be less if your insured address is a sleepy residential area. If Dip did have his insurance in Phobic's address, his insurance would be lower comparative to Portland.

He to change his address, on insurance, would be a higher rate, Portland being a major city. His coverage would remain the same. It makes no sense that he would change his Auto insurance over to the Portland address. If he has a clean driving record, why would he change his address? he not being a perm address, his apt shared. Everything walkable on foot. Pay more, to drive less? If his driving record is not clean, add in his age, not only would it go up in rate, it would go WAY up. His coverage the same, yet he penalized by the zip code. This a benefit to leave his address, Waterville. My question is when he changed over his insurance Oct, is this true, or he added CR to his existing policy to lower her rates? This makes sense. It's not illegal to do this, as he was not living in a perm address. It does though put him in the position of liability unless she is insured under him. Is Phobic the primary insured by the main policy, she discounted by Justin's SUV (as my mother was once). People do not leave their homes or work, with intent, I am going to cause an accident. She, Phobic, would or would not care, she being reimbursed, the car added under her, under Justin - if this is the case, was she informed?, as the calender at this time was a hot mess. This though prompts more questions of the LIP, which I will add next post.
My questions are of the Silver Car that was seized and towed. She is not speaking Courtney is not. She has never said a word in press, of Ayla, of what happened. Is the car the key of why?

The Car? it's not hers? she out of it, on a technicality? this the 48th hour of investigation. If the car is insured by Dip, in the Waterville address, it does leave CR out of the liable, upon the policy. Which is or isn't moot, as it would have to be an incident, had she been driving. She wasn't driving, the car was parked.

The Search Warrant to seize the autos would have who's name on it? the owner of the vehicle correct? Say if the car was titled to one of CR's relatives, then the Search Warrant would handed to them, not her. Something tipped off LE, something found, that lead them to 36 Pine Street. There is countless questions, with no answers. Something found inside of it? she to tell LE, her sister was driving the car primarily? the car shared between she and her.

Say drugs or anything illegal, an open beer can the weakest of example, from that night was found. Who was driving the car primarily or last drove it is a differential? that CR could, did prove? she wasn't the primary driver? there was something visible, viable was found, detected? that led to the seizure? dogs hit or ? that was within Ayla's missing no answers.

Open intoxicants would be a separate, tossed out, as Ayla was the priority. Drugs found, a totally different animal. This is another question was the Silver CAR known to Portland LE? within Briana driving it. Neighbors of 36 PINE in the press, that the apt was known for high traffic of people, suspecting dealing. Was it a marked car, under surveillance?

Vita said...

The Life Insurance Policy upon Ayla. From online: Police allegedly told Trista Reynolds, Ayla's mother, the insurance policy was taken out within a week of Oct. 17, 2011.

From Derek quoted: The insurance policy, On Feb. 13, Ayla’s maternal family released a statement that DiPietro bought a life insurance policy on Ayla shortly after she moved in with him in October.

Derek Tudela said he sold DiPietro the policy. “He didn’t ask for it, I approached him about it,” he said.

DiPietro agreed. He said he switched car insurance carriers shortly after moving back to Waterville. Tudela encouraged him to add the policy at that time. The premiums for both the car and life insurance policies are paid in one monthly bill.

McCausland said investigators are aware of the policy, but wouldn’t comment further.
Week of Oct 17th. According to Lewiston Police, both of Lauer's statements are correct. On the evening of Oct. 17, a few days after Trista Reynolds entered drug rehabilitation, DiPietro, of Waterville, arrived at the Lewiston police station.

At 6:06 p.m., a police officer spoke with DiPietro in the lobby, according to Lt. Mark Cornelio.

Police declined to release a report of the service call because it pertains to an open investigation in Waterville, but Cornelio described the dispatch log Friday in a phone interview.

"DiPietro said he was going to retrieve his daughter and wanted police to go," Cornelio said. "He explained that he and the mother had an agreement that if she went into treatment, he would take custody."

Cornelio said police called Maine Department of Health and Human Services and confirmed that the state agency had authorized DiPietro to take custody of the daughter.
From Jeff Hanson, his said, the night of Oct 17th, 2011.

Answers for Ayla said: October 17th 2011, 7pm – Lewiston Police and Justin (who waited downstairs) arrived at Jessica’s apartment and demanded on behalf of DHHS that they turn Ayla over to them. After Ayla was turned over to Justin by the police, it was revealed to Jessica (via phone) that the CPS supervisor had given the police authorization (and Jessica’s address) to retrieve Ayla. Ayla was kicking and screaming when turned over to Justin. While that may qualify as ‘without incident’ on a police log it was traumatic for everyone else involved.

Justin was in the apartment when the officer handed Ayla over to him; his mom Phoebe waited in the car and Ayla tried to bite the officer as he was handing her over to Justin. After Justin and Phoebe left with Ayla, the officer stated to Becky that: “if he had his way, he would not have let Ayla go with Justin”.

Vita said...

This was once online, The Focus On Facts, cannot find the original, someone in discussion of Ayla's missing copied it, placed it on a forum. The timeline of Ayla, this from Trista, and her family.

An account of events that transpired prior to the disappearance of Ayla Bell Reynolds on 12/16/2011 as remembered by Trista Reynolds, her Mother Becca Hanson, her Sister Jessica Reynolds and her Brother Ronnie Reynolds.

August 27th 2011 - Justin took Ayla for the day to see the Navy's Blue Angels in Brunswick and nothing was amiss with the visit aside from Ayla had a slight sunburn.

About Mid-September - Justin took Ayla to Chucky Cheese and she was returned with black and blue bruises the right side of her face and ear, photographs were taken. Justin said that he had put her in the "Ball Pit" and she got into a fight with two little boys.

About the end of September - Justin took Ayla on a Thursday and brought her back Friday. Later that evening, Becca noticed that she could not walk without difficulty and after a few days she was not getting any better, favoring her left foot as she walked. Trista asked Justin what had happen and he said they were," horsing around". The subsequent visit to the doctor found it to be a pulled leg muscle... and it took three weeks before she could walk normally again.

October 12, 2011 - Trista becoming increasing more dependent on alcohol relating to her personal life and the stresses of being a single mom with two babies had an altercation with her sister Jessica, resulting in the police being called. No charges were filed and The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) was notified.

October 13, 2011 - DHHS gave Trista two choices: kick the alcohol, or lose the kids. Realizing the adverse affect alcohol was having on herself and her children she admitted herself into a substance abuse treatment facility in Lewiston that afternoon. Justin was never given sole custody of Ayla . No complaints were filed with any courts or agencies. Trista never went to court and never saw a judge. DHHS had put Ayla in the joint care of Becca and Jessica while she was undergoing treatment.

October 17th, 2011, 3pm - DHHS case worker and supervisor for child protection services (CPS), called Jessica demanding that she turn Ayla over Justin. When Jessica asked," Why now?" she was told that, "he's the father and he has the right to take her" and went on to say that "dad trumps the aunt - any day".

Jessica refused to give Ayla to Justin.

October 17th 2011, 7pm - Lewiston Police and Justin (who waited downstairs) arrived at Jessica's apartment and demanded on behalf of DHHS that they turn Ayla over to them. After Ayla was turned over to Justin by the police, it was revealed to Jessica (via phone) that the CPS supervisor had given the police authorization (and Jessica's address) to retrieve Ayla. Ayla was kicking and screaming when turned over to Justin. While that may qualify as ‘without incident’ on a police log it was traumatic for everyone else involved.

read more:

Listening said...

Hi Vita! Thanks for your posts, I always enjoy reading them.

I'm confused on the auto insurance info. Justin was in Portland for 5 years, no? That would seem more permanent, than not. He really was not living in Waterville, he was definitely living in Portland, at the shared bachelor pad, that was not appropriate for Ayla, which is why he moved back to Mommy's basement. This was when he changed his insurance. Changed what exactly, is not 100% known, of course. Was it to only add lips, or did he change his address to Waterville, as well, to save more? Or did he never change his address from Waterville, as you suggest?

As far as legality, I'm pretty sure, the auto is to be registered, insured, etc., where it is "garaged", most of the time. I don't think it's the same thing, at all, as being on your Mom's, as a teen, when you are really living with her. Justin was not living in Waterville, his auto was not "garaged" in Waterville. I do think it's illegal/fraud, if he never switched his license, registration, insurance, etc. It definitely is, if when he moved back to Waterville, he had Courtney's auto insured at the Waterville address. Unless he took ownership, hence reports of him owning both. If they were really both registered to him, I'd love to know when he took ownership of the car.

These things really don't have anything to do with Ayla, directly. Having to do with Justin, Courtney, Derek, and who knows who else's morality, yes it sure does.

Vita said...

Thank you Listening, breaking this down by the press, and what has been stated, the events leading up to OCT 2011. My post won't fit, have to break it apart.

There is confusion within the timeline first stated, to then what came out. The said by Trista herself? was it confirmed by her? or she was outed? IDK, trying to make sense of it, on her past leading up to, defining her relationship with Justin.

This offers an incite of why Justin felt his rights were being discounted, 10/17. It doesn't make it right how it went down, nor does it make it in the best interest of Ayla (she the innocent). The said that Trista and Justin were dating, were intimate during the months of May 2011 leading into Oct 2011. They ending " their relationship" right before her going into Rehab, is not damning, it is significant.
This the end months of Trista's height of alcohol abuse, he was in the picture before/during her choosing Rehab.

What his involvement was with Ayla at this time, as an individual is stated in Trista's accounts, my post prior. It's not hard to decipher, - both she and he were in neglect, both were accountable, being the Adults, the parent of Ayla, as individuals, as it her own testimony. August, Sept and Sept, Ayla was with him, in his care, Trista not present, doesn't matter. She was returned to her, and it was her that was, at the time, the custodial parent. Every action causes a reaction, period. Outcomes may vary, depending upon what the action/reaction is gauged upon as the normal.

The photos are online of Ayla at the Air Show, August 2011.

Who is present? Ayla, Justin, Courtney, her son, Elisha, her daughter. Ayla looks as if she has been left in a hot car. Her skin, her hair, her skin hot red, her head soaked, everyone else looks fine.

Elisha sitting in a lawn chair, and everyone else on the hot cement. This was planned? or a wing it? the children to sustain the hot heat, no comforts provided. Courtney knew they were going to the Air show or it was said, we will pick you up? as Ayla then lived in Portland. This a visitation day, for Dad.

Justin views as distracted, not participant towards anyone, in any of the photos.

The photos of the Air Show, only one person offers Ayla care, concern and this was Courtney, the few photos of that day - she shows herself as the responsible for Ayla. Was this a new relationship he and Courtney? around Aug 2011?
She felt obligated? bec Justin and Ayla didn't know each other, and E well..she is who she is. Caretaker all day long? No gray in her world, only black and white, I will explain.

Anonymous said...

Is Superwoman well?

Anonymous said...

"The photos of the Air Show, only one person offers Ayla care, concern and this was Courtney, the few photos of that day - she shows herself as the responsible for Ayla. Was this a new relationship he and Courtney? around Aug 2011? "

I gather it was a rather new relationship because Courtney on a blog said she wondered if she was ever going to be able to find a man to love her and her baby.

Courtney's baby daddy was a low life who had impregnated another woman at the same time as Courtney.
She moaned about his cheating on her, yet said she was thinking of taking him back for her baby's sake. And then , I assume, she met stalwart, faithful Justin! Who had impregnated two women without a stable relationship.

Although frienda of Justin's insisted on calling Courney Justin's "long-time girlfriend." She was not. Just when she met Justin, I'm not sure, but after CR's baby was born, for sure.

These are not mensa candidates we're dealing with here, folks.

Anonymous said...

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