Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dylan Redwine's Mother Tonight on Crime Wire 7PM EST

What questions would you like to have asked tonight, on Crime Wire?

Please list them, one at at time, in each comment section.

MARCH 5, 2013
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13 year old Dylan Redwine has been missing from Vallecito, Colorado since spending the Thanksgiving holiday with his father, Mark Redwine. It’s reported that Dylan’s family life was tumultuous and his mother and father had not spoken in several years.
As often happens in cases of missing children from broken homes, there tends to be blame cast on one parent or another. Mark and Elaine Redwine appeared on the Dr. Phil Show and faced each other for the first time in years. It wasn’t a happy reunion. In spite of the fact that their 13 year old son is missing, family drama is played out on national television when Dr. Phil offered Mark Redwine the opportunity to take a polygraph and clear his name. Mark Redwine had quite a few difficulties and stopped the polygraph.
“I do believe that Mark had something to do with Dylan’s disappearance. I do believe he knows more,” Elaine Redwine said.
Elaine and Mark Redwine came face-to-face for the first time since their son went missing. She and other family members believe Mark Redwine knows more than he is letting on and that he is not doing anything to help find Dylan….Our Colorado News.
Peter Hyatt and Statement Analyst and Private Investigator Kaaryn Gough will talk to Dylan Redwine’s mother, Elaine, and try to answer some of the questions surrounding her missing son.
• Did Mark Redwine have anything to do with his son’s disappearance?
• Is Mark Redwine being deceptive according to statement analysis?
• Why does Elaine Redwine believe her ex-husband knows where Dylan is?
• What does statement analysis say is deceptive in Mark Redwine’s conversations?
• What is going on in the family dynamic that may be hindering the investigation?
To read details about missing Dylan Redwine, the investigation, and the analysis of those close to the case, refer to Peter Hyatt’s site, Statement Analysis.



john said...

i would like to know,how long into Dylan's disappearance did Elaine believe mark was involved..?

Mainah said...

Thank you, Peter.

My thoughts and prays are with Elaine and Dylan. I admire her bravery and perseverance. Please express my support, thoughts and prays for her and Dylan.

My question for Elaine:

Describe Dylan's usual routine in the two or so hours prior to going to sleep each night?

TY again.

Mainah said...

What can she tell us about Mark when he was Dylan's age?

Note: If prompt "needed", I'm looking for significant influences by circumstances. The usual: parents, grandparents, siblings, school, relationships, hobbies/interests, ethics, religion. The big stuff going on in Marks life when Mark was turning 14.

Listening said...

It might seem insignificant, but I'd like to know what time Dylan normally went to sleep, and his texting/cell phone habits. Dylans last (publicly released) text was between 8-9pm, asking his friend if his grandma would be awake or care if he was visiting so early. The friend replied a few times, Dylan did not reply. He seemed much too excited and interested in the visit, to not bother to reply to his own question. Also, on the same train of thought - Does she think those last texts appear to really be written/typed by Dylan, or possibly MR (or someone else) pretending to be Dylan. We all tend to have a writing/texting style. I wonder if she noticed anything "off" about the texts.

rob said...

My question- Did Dylon tell whoever(judge/CPS worker) made him go visit his father that he did not want to go and why?
Why did they still make him go?

shmi said...

Please tell Elaine that my heart and prayers go out to her and Dylan. I have never been so upset about a missing child as I am about Dylan. He is a very special kid and I would like to see him come home to her.
On the topic of Cory, I am proud of him and that he stood up to his father on the Dr. Phil show and told him exactly how he felt. I did not see this as disrespect, but courage!

Did the police send in cadaver dogs? and what did they indicate?

I do have another question.

Was there any evidence that Dylan was in his fathers house on that visit?

Skeptical said...

What was Dylan's attitude about the visit? Was he sad, angry, depressed, resentful or was he accepting of the visit as something he would have to make the best of and just get through it?

S + K Mum said...

Did Mark often lose his temper with his sons? If so, what behaviour did Mark use (i.e. shouting, hitting etc)?

I hope with all my heart Elaine finds answers soon about her son.

JerseyJane said...

The biggest evidence to know if Dylan made it into the house would be that cereal bowl.... Were u told if any DNA places Dylan in MR's house? Especially from cereal bowl?
But keep in mind, a child his age would have no problem snacking on cereal the night before, which to me is more the case.. Don't assume it was early morning as MR is putting into everyone's mind...

Although it is easy to fake Dylan eating cereal... By placing a spoon in a dead child's mouth that's out in the
vehicle, pour few pieces of cereal in milk and letting it
sit.....Sorry, for raw language, work at morgue. The more unreal a scenerio the more real...
You may not have seen all of MR abuse to ur children, ask older son and Dylan's friends...Was dad known to wallop the children in their head?

Chessiegirl said...

I would like to know what the last thing Mark said or texted to Elaine's family before Dylan came up missing and the time it was said. Also the first thing that was said to her family after Dylan came up missing.

Deejay said...

What is in the realm of possible behaviors for Mark and Dylan? What sets Mark off? What does he do when angry? How is Mark when drunk?

Is he calculating enough to harm Dylan just to hurt the rest of the family? Or more impulsive? Does Mark have genuine regret when he has gone too far? Or does he justify his behavior?

Kippy said...

Mark has said Dylan's plane was late. I think it came in at around 5:45, but I believe Mark said he picked Dylan up between 6:00 and 6:20. Was the plane late or was Mark late, and if he was late did he offer any explanation? Was there any indication that he might have been drinking?

I read in another comment that the poster thought Mark may have "backhanded" Dylan in the truck. If that's what happened he may have been angry that Dylan was texting and otherwise preoccupied with his phone and not "communicating" with him. This is fairly typical behavior for a teenager but Mark may have perceived it as personal and that's what set him off. There may have been a "struggle" for the phone that led to violence. Mark said the purpose of the trip to Walmart was to pick up some provisions/snacks yet Dylan was rummaging through the $5 DVD bin, most likely on the other side of the store while Mark was shopping for food. So, Dylan wasn't with Mark the whole time at the Walmart--the picture of Dylan at the Walmart doesn't have Mark in it (they weren't walking together) and Dylan was texting before and after. Mark apparently fought for this visit with Dylan, yet when he got there he couldn't get Dylan to focus on him. Dylan preferred going to the McDonald's drive-thru, when Mark wanted to go to a sit-down restaurant. Mark may have thought if they went to a sit-down restaraunt he'd at least have Dylan's attention during dinner. Then add Dylan asking about going to his friend's house that very night. He clearly didn't want to be with/"communicate" with Mark. Mark snapped, and if alcohol was involved that probably made it worse. Given his history of physical violence I imagine he beat Dylan, fueled by years of anger towards Elaine. And remember, Dylan is described as 5' and 105 lbs., "like a pint-size"...he didn't have a chance.

Lemon said...

My question:

Was anyone else with Mark on the trip to town when he picked up Dylan at the airport?

JerseyJane said...

Kippy that is what I believe also about how things happened. Just cracking his head on a dashboard or window(damage to car may not be present)). An injury can happen without a show of a open wound or blood loss.. An example child falling down flight of stairs, many car accidents, youth motorbike accidents, etc....

Jen said...

I have so many questions for Elaine, whom I respect for her poise and strength in dealing with a controlling abuser, and seeking the answers which MR is working so hard to deny her.

Many of my questions echo others already mentioned about the authenticity of Dylans texts, normal sleep/text/tv habits, Dylan's attitude toward the visit, Marks history of drinking/escalating abuse, etc.

But I have a few not yet mentioned:

1. What paperwork was Mark consulting with his attorney about filing with the court on the morning he ran errands?

(He claimed it was related to the divorce. Did it have anything to do with custody, child support, visitation, etc?)

2. Did Elaine have a 'gut' feeling or apprehension about the visit, or Mark's volatility after she won custody?

3. Was Elaine anticipating more of a battle for custody, or did Mark seem to accept the ruling?

(either option may point to Mark's motivation...if he was planning to fight more, this may have sparked an argument with Dylan who didn't want his Dad interfering with his life. OR, if Mark was resigned to his defeat in the courts, he may have decided to take matters into his own hands concerning Dylan and 'remove him from the situation'.

Can't wait for the show. God bless Elaine and give her strength and courage to continue the fight for truth and justice for Dylan.

Anonymous said...

Diff Mark text or talk to Dylan very often?

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I meant to type did not diff. I am couriuos if mark and Dylan had a bonded relationship?

Pam said...

Does Mark drink regularly when not at work? For example, does Mark have a Bloody Mary or two in the morning when he has a day off?

Does Mark drink even one drink then drive?

Sus said...

Someone already mentioned the airport times. I would like to know about that, also. LE gives the time Dylan arrived as 5:45 and Dylan texted that he landed at 5:40. Yet Mark says he picked him up from 6:00 to 6:20.

Did Dylan have a plan, or had she discussed with Dylan what to do if he wanted to get away from Mark through the visit.

Could she please explain further the last known communication from Dylan. 9:37? In or out? What device was it from?

Why was the postal worker's sighting discounted?

Did Dylan use the fishing pole whenever he was at Mark's? Did he fish at your house? Is there a tackle box gone, also? Or just a pole?

Those are some of my questions. Thanks.

Sus said...

Sorry, about fishing...does Mark fish?

Jen said...

Hi Anon 1:53

I'm also interested in Elaine's/Dylan's view of the relationship with Mark.

Mark says in his long interview that he DIDN'T maintain contact/communication with Dylan, saying that he 'always TRY's at least once a week to contact him' but he's 'not going to nag him to death', or 'call him every 5min until he returns my call'. Mark says he texts or leaves a voice mail and 'leaves it up to Dylan to respond whenever he wants to'. Mark is making excuses and trying to pre-explain the lack of regular contact with Dylan and as always he blames Elaine by saying he didn't feel like Dylan's environment was conducive to keeping in touch with him.

Mark says that after his 'few weeks' long trip across the country last summer with Dylan to the baseballs stadiums, 'Dylan was in a hurry to get back', and 'WE' dropped him off in Colorado Springs and didn't see him again until day of the court hearing in Sept. Mark tries to paint a rosy picture of his relationship with Dylan, claiming Dylan was more bonded to him because Elaine worked, which contradicts reality since working 14hr days as a truck driver in combination with Marks drinking, leaves little time for bonding and quality time with Dylan. Cory confirmed this on the Dr Phil show telling Mark he 'has been NOTHING of a father' for the past 10 years (Dylan was only 13). Mark also says Dylan would 'come to me, before he went to his Mom', and 'that boy, didnt know the word NO when it came to me', which is also in opposition to reality as Dylan's texts show he told Dylan 'NO' the very night he arrived, regarding going directly to spend time with his friends. It seems clear Mark's reality is based on how he WANTS things to be, rather than how they actually are.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen for all your information as I didn't get to see the Dr. Phil show.
Anon 1: 53

equinox said...

Links to the Dr. Phil recordings for anyone who wants to brush up before the show.

Layla said...

1). I would ask about Mark's temper. Is he impulsively violent? Has Mark ever been violent to either son? If so, could she describe the incident?

2). What are Mark's interests? Does Mark have any survivalist type interests?

3). Is Mark an organized person or does he struggle to take care of his own basic needs such as being able to stock up on food, soap, shampoo for a week or so?

4). What does Elaine think Mark's involvement in Dylan's disappearancecis?

Layla said...

Oh, and yes I agree w Jen--Ask what paperwork Mark was filing.

Sus said...

Gosh darn it, I just lost my post. Sorry if you get two when I repost.

I am interested in Elain and Mark's past work and child support history.

When Mark talks about his work, he shows sensitive indicators. He slips into using "we" and the present tense. He talks about work like he has to, though he doesn't want to.

Then I read from Mark's exwife that he has a sporadic work history and that Elain paid him child support until she moved!

If true, Mark lost a means of support when Elain and Dylan moved away. Put that together with an appointment to his attorney the morning after Dylan arrived. And it was important to Mark that Dylan not go to his friends that night, but sit down and have a talk with him.

Was Mark going for a custody grab? He thought Dylan would want to live near his friends? But Dylan wanted nothing to do with it. As Mark said a couple of times, Who knows what goes on in the mind of a 13 year old? (Paraphrased) To an abuser, that's code for, "How dare you have a mind of your own!"

Jen said...

Anytime Anon-

When u have time you should watch the long 'uncut' interview of Mark Redwine w/Melissa Blasius. It's 39:04 long and a wealth of statements for analysis. He recounts the night of picking Dylan up from the airport and the morning he claims Dylan went 'missing'. Throughout the video his anger toward his ex Elaine is seething and he even leaves the interviewer flustered and unsure how to respond when he goes off on a rant about how Elaine doesn't want him to know where she works...but he does know, because its 'not a stumper' and he also announces it to the public.

Most striking to me was the fact that in almost 40min of interview where Mark could say whatever was heaviest on his heart/mind he barely mentions Dylan, and his present situation (where he may be, what he's going through). Instead he concentrates on his alibi building, where he was when Dylan went missing, that he texted and called Dylan while gone to town, drove home, then napped and eventually...LOOKED for Dylan. He has to be prompted by the interviewer to speak to Dylan and the kidnappers (at which point he says what he 'WOULD' say to the kidnappers, rather than speaking directly to the people he claims to believe Dylan is with. Saying he WOULD tell them to...'drop him off at Walmart, or 'DUMP' him off somewhere and leave him be). MR's use of 'would' here tells us he knows that no kidnappers are out there listening to his message...so he's saying what he would say IF kidnappers existed.

It's a long interview, but I've watched it several times and every time I learn more, from his words, by watching his facial expressions and even noticing where he stutters and trips up.

Jen said...

Hi Sus-

Right on...I really think the attorney appt/court filings are central to what happened here. Especially when Mark mentions wanting to go eat at and 'sit down' restaurant so he could talk to Dylan, filing papers with the court related to the divorce, that he believes Dylan is a peacemaker who tells his mom whatever she wants to hear, and how he and Dylan got along despite what others may believe.

By saying that Mark is admitting that he knows Dylan spoke negatively about him, but Mark won't admitting it's warranted criticism. Instead he once again blames Elaine for how Dylan/Cory feel, claiming Dylan is just trying to be a peacemaker and saying what she wants. Mark refuses to take responsibility for ANYTHING. He never gives a straight answer and blames everyone else for his problems. He is the victim in his eyes. Even when challenged by Dr Phil, that something is wrong with HIM...it's Elaine and Cory's fault...they pointed the finger at him from the start and he feels attacked (while his son is 'missing', HE feels attacked). He is pathetic and infuriating, even when watching from a distance. I can't imagine being in Elaine's shoes, having to rely on this spineless man-child for the answers to bring her son home!

equinox said...

I think we would all learn a lot by hearing what Elaine's worst fear is of what has happened to Dylan. It's a terrible hard question to ask but I think she's in a position to have a very important perspective on what might have gone on that night and morning.

Lemon said...

I agree Equinox.

VLW said...

Has Mark Redwine's house been searched for blood residue? His vehicle(s)?

Lynn said...

OT: This young boy is a hero but that's not why I'm sharing. I thought his 911 call showed a perfect example of a 911 call without deception. Introduces his sister by name and seeks help for her.

Anonymous said...


Yes. Early in investigation:


~ABC said...

What were the grounds of Elaine and Mark's divorce?

john said...


so many questions.Who divorced who.?

~ABC said...


I know. It's mind boggling isn't it?

I know what you mean too about the feeling you have about ER. I truly do not believe she had anything at all to do with Dylan's disappearance and my heart aches for her!. I do understand a bit better about the difference between deception and sensitivity. But, there are still a few other things that puzzle me. Things that seem to go counter to what I'm understanding about SA.

Cindy said...

My heart breaks for this beautiful boy- I am wondering what kind of a world I live in, where concerned people have to try to piece together the facts and wonder about unavailable information that is known but not shared, asking questions, seeking facts that should already be compiled in one place, found by simply googling "dylan redwine disappearance facts". I am also wondering why this father cannot be FORCED to take a polygraph. And why the lake involved can't be thawed with some kind of heater to speed up and hopefully eliminate that search.

Cindy said...

My heart breaks for this beautiful boy. But what kind of a world do I live in where concerned people have to ask questions about facts that are known but not available? All facts should be published if law enforcement wants help. Also, why can't this father be forced to take a polygraph test? Why can't the lake be thawed out to speed up and hopefully eliminate that search?

Anonymous said...

I watched the Dr Phil episodes as well as all the interviews on youtube with both parents. I believe he killed Dylan the first night - he is adamant about saying the postal worker saw him... so because of that I believe it is to throw off that he killed him the night before.
Questions are: What did he do at the lawyers office - has it been confirmed he was there. What was the exact status of their custody agreement at the time of Dylan's visit. Where did Mark go to look for Dylan? Who did he speak to? What was purchased at Walmart?

Lori R said...

I just watched the three posted episodes of the Dr. Phil show, and the entire time Mark was more concerned about himself and was in the "poor me" frame of mind. He did absolutely nothing to address the search for Dylan, in fact, he deflected from the topic as often as he opened his mouth. Do I think he knows something? Absolutely! I don't know why he has not been considered a suspect as of yet. His home and grounds should have been searched. His computer, his car. The people around the home should have been spoken to, the cameras at the airport should be looked at to see the "reunion". Was it a happy reunion, or was Dylan not happy to be there? Did Dylan go to bed because he just couldn't stand hanging out with Mark, and it was the only place he could be alone, and the phone may have been taken away from him as a control thing by Mark? Of course, Mark won't take a polygraph. He never feels well enough to do it. Well, bring him in under suspicion, and offer him the polygraph again.. Pass the test and go free, or don't and sit tight in the cell until we can rule you out. I mean seriously? This is his child? The child is out there somewhere in the February snow in Colorado and he's not physically hiking, digging and searching under every bush or tree to find him? He knows where Dylan is, and he knows it is not a good thing to find him. I pray I am wrong, but it just doesn't make sense that this man could sit there and let his son be out there in the Colorado winter and not lose a night's sleep to find him....

Anonymous said...

I live up near mark redwines home and he is always buying alcohol. He is a heavy heavy drinker

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori. I actually live up near mark redwine and his behavior is that of a guilty person. He is peraniid and is always at the nearby liquor store buying bottles of alcohol! He is as guilty as can be. I firmly believe they are building a case against him but without a body at this point it's difficult to attest him. If you arrest someone on their behavior alone he would be in prison.

lee ryan said...

i just want to know if the postal lady that witnessed dylan walking that morning is the ex girlfriend of the dad????are they the same woman???i think she is.

Anonymous said...

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