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Shawn Adkins Interview 2011

Shawn Adkins did two short interviews with BigCountry News. They are found here:

She's very outgoing and she loves her family. That's her number one thing. She's very involved in school, loves sports, and she's just overall a wonderful girl," he said on Jan. 3.

According to police, Shawn Adkins described her as promiscuous, boy crazy, on drugs, and mother had to talk to her about birth control in spite of being only 13 years of age.

Her number one thing is she loves her family, not that she is missing.  This is a veiled attempt to portray the "family" in a positive light while the child is missing.   Note the use of "wonderful" in comparison to what he told police when he disparaged Hailey. 

"I didn't see anything out of ordinary other than the police saying she didn't take anything. That raised some red flags to us and really, really worried us."

Note that he, singular, didn't see anything out of ordinary but what the police said raised red flags to "us" (plural) and "really really" worried "us". Note the sensitivity of "worried" along with the fact that Hailey "left" without her favorite jacket and her mp3 player.

1.  Note that he "didn't see" is in the negative, making it sensitive.  He denies what he saw, but this was next addressed with not what the police saw, or didn't see, but said. 

2.  "some" red flags reduces the number = minimization, yet he contradicts this with "really really" worried, making worried a highly sensitive topic to him.  Since anyone would "worry" over a missing child, why would "worry" be sensitive?  This is indicative that the "worry" is not for Hailey. 

3.  Note the use of the word "us" here, in "worry", yet he began with the pronoun, "I", in what he didn't see.

Note also that he speaks to the emotion/thoughts of others who are not present nor in the room with him (see video). This is an area commonly associated with deception.

Note in the January 4th interview, he uses a "self reference" which tells us that he is not working from experiential memory but from his previous statement. This is common in deception since the liar wishes to keep track of lies.
The self reference is "like I said" which means he was not working from experiential memory, but from what he said that day before.

Note also the introduction of the word "normal" regarding the day.

When someone uses the word "normal" always flag it as sensitive. If a person says "I am normal" it is an indication that they have been held out to be "abnormal" as some point in life, either by their own accord, or by the opinion of others.  When someone introduces a day as "normal", you can safely assume that it was anything but normal.  Even a 2nd grade reader knows that when a story starts out with it being an "ordinary day" or a "normal day", they are heading towards something extraordinary or something out of the norm. 

Shawn Adkins, "my main focus is hailey. we just want her to come home safe" shows change from singular to plural.

Note that he has other things to focus on, but Hailey is his "main" focus.  What other things is he focusing on, other than a missing 13 year old?

"like I said she was just sitting in the living room watching TV like a normal day... and she said, 'Shawn, I'm going....'

1.  As a self reference, it is not from experiential memory and I believe this is completely fabricated and not from any part memory.  In listening to the "raw video", he does not appear to have said this to the interviewer, but, perhaps, to the police, indicating his need to 'stay to script' of what he and Billie Dunn had agreed upon as their story. 

2.  Shawn Adkins needs to tell us "sitting", which, in Analysis, is indicative of tension.  Body posture often enters statements indicating an increase in tension for the subject.  What causes tension at this point in the story, if Hailey is okay?

This particular time is sensitive; and is allegedly about an hour before the brother, David (16) had to climb through a window and said Shawn looked like a "deer in the headlights". This is tense and the fact that he feels it necessary to recount that she used his name may indicate that he is not only deceptive, but fabricating this exchange entirely.

"As far as me, Hailey, Billie and David, we get along fine. I would never do anything to that little girl. I love her with all my heart."

Note the order:


He and Hailey listed together, and Billie and David.  This is, especially now, quite telling.  We have learned how bonded David was with his mother, to the point where he, instead of searching for his baby sister, stayed back and played video games while his mother watched TV.  Most 16 year olds would have gotten their entire school mobilized for searching, passing out flyers, hanging up posters, or anything the police would allow them to do.  

The private investigator spoke how bonded the boy is with his mother, and would protect her at any cost.  

Note that Shawn lists Hailey as next to him.  Speculation from Hailey's own grandmother was that this was a sexual assault by Shawn that Billie came upon, in anger and lost her temper, but covered up for Shawn Adkins.  Many believe that Billie Dunn could not be reported by Shawn since Billie could report that Shawn was sexually involved (abusive) with Hailey, as just 13 years of age.  Note that child porn, along with home made porn, and bestiality were found in both of these people's possessions.  Dr. Glass opined that Billie Dunn viewed Hailey as a rival for Shawn Adkins's affections.  Take this with Adkins' description of Hailey as sexually promiscuous, and couple it with drugs and the de-sensitizing impact of drugs. 

Note the unreliable denial of harming Hailey.  
Note that the word "to" (it is not "with" as the article shows) that little girl shows distance ("that").  In terms of listing them as getting along, he and her are close; but now when it comes to harm, he distances himself from "that" little girl.  In harm, she is "that", which is far away. 

Interviewer:   " the people pointing their fingers at you"

Adkins:   "they're entitled to their opinion"

Innocent people do not allow for guilt that does not belong to them. 
Here, instead of issuing a simple denial, he allows for people to own an opinion.  This is not what innocent people do.  They cannot allow people to think they killed a child, lest the search and hope end. 

It is polite and accepting language; not something associated with innocents. Innocent people do not allow for another opinion or view. Whenever you hear someone allowing for guilt to be placed upon them, the acceptance is an indicator of guilt itself. For more on this, see similar reactions from Tiffany Hartley when posed with the same indication.

For Shawn Adkins, his involvement is not denied, but he allows for it to be an opinion that people are actually "entitled" to.  

When he said that police should look at "the two of us", he was telling the truth. 
When he said that police should look in Scurry County, he was telling the truth. 
When he avoided saying that he did not harm Hailey, it should be believed.  When he said he "would not", future, conditional tense, "harm" Hailey, it is also true.  He could not, at this point, nor in the future, harm her. 

He is unable to bring himself to say "I did not harm Hailey" which would have been very strong.  Instead, he uses the most common deceptive denial:  "would not" as a substitute for "did not."

In subsequent appearances, Shawn Adkins continued to avoid a reliable denial. 

If a person is unable to say "I didn't do it", we will not say it for him.


Local anon said...

I hope that all of you know that peter, and all of you keep the information out and the heat on. I know that local LE are doing their best, but local media are not engaged. Report, but ask no questions, make no waves, not their priority. It frustrates the heck out of me. Thank you peter, heather and dedicated bloggers that this will not be swept under the west texas carpet. My many thanks for peter and all of you.

Anonymous said...

The local news people in the Big Country are stupid beyond belief. I found it quite appalling that some of these "reporters" sit across from an alleged murderer and treat these pond scum freaks like victims. Maybe one of these days, if the remains belong to Hailey, the amateur reporters will think twice about what they did instead of what they could have done. One of my family members worked with the Big Country media, and for a while, I thought my relative was talking about goats.

Aside from that, I am praying this all comes to an end and Hailey can rest in peace or be found.

shmi said...

My thoughts on why nothing has been done in this case. 109,000 images of porn, child rape and beastiality. Must be that the majority of law enforcement, judges, lawyers, heck everyone in town, has a lot to lose if the trail of porn is followed. And the drugs that go along with it, as well as $$! moo

Anonymous said...


I agree. Everyone defends local LE , but you tell me what other reason is there that they would sit on such hard evidence all this time.

Wreyeter72 said...

Mmm. The thoughts on the media put me in defensive mode. In my experience, working for a mid-size newspaper, I'm not supposed to do anything other than report. Media has changed over the last decade or so with non-stop television "news" coverage and newspaper reporting - most newspapers but some are more progressive - hasn't changed much. People like Nancy Grace aren't reporters. Grace and every other television "reporter" aren't reporting as much as they are editorializing - which is a big no-no for reporters like me if I'm to stay neutral - which a true reporter does. On the other hand, I like the idea of using statement analysis to guide my questioning during an interview. I think there's a line that shouldn't be crossed though. For one thing, I don't report what I say during an interview. Reporters are behind-the-scenes, not part of the story. Maybe I'm too old school. Nancy Grace has a role in the news - and an important one - but it's not reporting.

Anonymous said...

What about investigative reporting?

ellish said...

shmi said...
"My thoughts on why nothing has been done in this case. 109,000 images of porn, child rape and beastiality. Must be that the majority of law enforcement, judges, lawyers, heck everyone in town, has a lot to lose if the trail of porn is followed. And the drugs that go along with it, as well as $$! moo"

It does make you wonder, doesn´t it?
Good point.

Miel said...

" Anonymous said...
What about investigative reporting?"

Investigative reporting is dead, as are many reporters who asked the wrong questions.

Justice for Hailey said...

local le is about the same mentality as the casey anthony jury anybody who backs them isn't paying attention!

equinox said...

Do you recall the text message from Hailey's cell phone to her little friend Mary Beth? "what are you doing?"

It was sent from Billie's cell phone at around 2:00 on the afternoon that Hailey "went missing." (Not the day she was reported missing, this was the day before when she actually went missing but nobody seemed to care or notice. Perhaps we should repost the timeline.)

It's interesting that we have a lot of information about the phone pings for Shawn Adkins personal cell phone that day, but none at all for the phone about which Billie said: " I left the cell phone at home while I was at work, for the kids.."

In fact, a single affadavit for a search warrent took all three phones, so why, even after a Freedom of Information Act request for the information are we not privvy? Why?

We know that Shawn went first to his work in Snyder, about which he lied and said he was fired from his job. When that was proven false he revised his story to lie again and this time claim that he quit. Then he said he drove directly to his mother's house in Big Spring and spent the day there. That was until his cell phone pings showed this was a lie too. He actually spent about a half an hour back at the Colorado City home between 6:35 and 6:56am and made a few phone calls from there.

We don't know yet whom he called, but I'm sure its of big interest to LE. In order to explain his presence in the Ccity area he lies again, claiming conveniently, which can't be disproven, that he went to his grandmother's home, knocked on the door, no one was there so he left. Interesting that his grandmother said later she was at home that morning and he has a key.

He disappears from the grid until 9:38 where his cell phone finally connects with the Big Spring tower as he makes calls throughout the day until 2:40. There's that 2 1/2 hours where he doesn't seem to be in cell phone range of a tower tho. Where was he? That's another big question. He returns to Ccity around 3pm where David, strangely locked out of the house, climbs through the window and surprises Shawn in the hallway "like a deer in the headlights," after coming from the area of Hailey's room.

The big unanswered question still is where did the call originate that was made to Mary Beth on Hailey's phone? Using reverse inference: If the text message pinged from the Colorado City tower indicating it was made by Hailey or someone in the area of her home wouldn't this fact have been made very public early on?

We were all desperate to know she might have been alive that day. We heard about a series of eye witnesses to Hailey that day. One who ended up having the wrong day in mind, and another who never actually saw her at all, who was lying probably for a drug payoff and then disappeared. In those early days there was a desperation to prove she was there at the house that day. The cell phone ping would have gone a long way to proving it. But we never heard a word about it. Where Oh Where did it ping?

I'm betting it didn't ping at the CCity tower, and that's why we aren't allowed to know about it right now. But damn, if it pinged in Big Spring that's so incriminating! This makes my head spin.

Lis said...

Investigative reporting isn't dead, it just isn't mainstream.

john said...
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john said...
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Peter Hyatt said...


In analyzing Billie Dunn's statement about the cell phone:

highlight as the highest level of sensitivity two things:

1. The verb "left" (or departed)
2. The reason why ("because, so since, therefore..."

In her statement, she told Nancy Grace WHY she leaves her cell phone home. She was not asked "why?", making it the highest level of sensitivity.

You have seen the reason why it was so sensitive.

I will repost.


dadgum said...

And now, something completely different..

john said...


Berezovsky Found With 'Ligature' Around Neck

Boris Berezovsky was found with a ligature around his neck but "third party involvement" cannot be ruled out, an inquest hears.10:39am UK, Thursday 28 March 2013
Boris Berezovsky was found dead at his home in Ascot, Berks

The exiled Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky was found on his bathroom floor with a "ligature around his neck", an inquest hears.

Detective Inspector Mark Bissell, of Thames Valley Police, said that a similar piece of material to that used for the ligature was also found on the shower rail above him.

Speaking at the opening of Mr Berezovsky's inquest at Windsor Coroner's Court Insp Bissell confirmed that the cause of the 67-year-old's death was "consistent with hanging".

He said that there was no evidence of a violent struggle but that the involvement of a third party "cannot be completely eliminated as tests remain outstanding".

Mr Berezovsky's house in Ascot, Berkshire
Insp Bissell said that police were continuing to search the businessman's home in Ascot, Berkshire, and that further toxicology tests would be carried out on his body. The results would take several weeks.

The coroner, Peter Bedford, heard that Mr Berezovsky's body had been formally identified by his daughter Elizaveta Berezovskaya.

He was referred to during the inquest as Platon Elenin, as he changed his name by deed poll in 2003, and this is the name that the coroner's court will use.

Mr Berezovsky, who made an enemy of the Kremlin when Vladimir Putin became president, died last week at his home in Ascot. He was last seen at 9.05pm on Friday, March 22 by an employee. His body was discovered by the same man at 3.20pm the next day.

Police will continue to search Mr Berezovsky's home
Mr Berezovsky made his fortune in Russia in the 1990s when he bought up state assets which were being sold off cheaply.

He had lived in the UK from 2000 having fled from Russia after falling out with Mr Putin.

In 1997 Forbes magazine estimated Mr Berezovsky's wealth at US$3bn but in recent years his wealth had been considerably reduced.

It is thought he had done badly in the financial crisis. In 2009 his wealth was estimated at £450m but he is thought to have spent £100m on the £3.7bn lawsuit against Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich last year, which he lost.

Mr Berezovsky's death has raised suspicions, not least because of his closeness to the former FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko, whose death after consuming radioactive Polonium in London in 2006 has been the cause of tensions between the UK and Moscow.

Mr Berezovsky with his former lover Elena Gorbunova
Fellow Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovksy, the former head of oil giant Yukos who also made an enemy of Mr Putin and was jailed for fraud in 2005, has said that while they were not friends it was hard to believe Mr Berezovsky was dead.

In a brief statement Mr Khodorkovsky, who will remain in prison until 2017, said: "We knew each other for more than 20 years. That's a long time.

"It's hard to hear that Boris is gone forever. He loved life in all its manifestations, he made mistakes, he sinned, then repented and sinned again. I was angry at him a lot, and now he's gone, and it hurts me."

The businessman survived a number of assassination attempts, including a bomb in his car which decapitated his chauffeur.

The inquest has been adjourned.

john said...


john said...


Pistorius Can Leave South Africa To Compete
11:22am UK, Thursday 28 March 2013
Oscar Pistorius wins an appeal against his bail restrictions

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius, who is charged with murdering his girlfriend, has been allowed to compete overseas.

The 26-year-old, has won an appeal over his bail restrictions, permitting him to leave South Africa to compete in international competition, with conditions.

His lawyers told the North Guateng High Court that while the Olympic and Paralympic athlete had no immediate plans to compete, he might in time need to run at track meets again to continue earning a living.

Judge Bert Bam agreed to ease Pistorius' bail restrictions, but said the runner must provide authorities with his travel plans at least a week before he leaves the country.

He must also return his passport to the court within 24 hours of returning to South Africa.

Pistorius was released on bail on February 22, a week after he was arrested on charges of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

More follows...

john said...


I think Deception is written all over her words and body language..

Wreyeter72 said...

Well said! It's true there are bigger media outlets that still have investigative reporters - but for those newspapers struggling to stay afloat in an ever-changing media world, it's all they can do to keep enough reporters on staff to cover the basics. I work for the third largest paper in the state, and we rarely get the opportunity to spend time on investigative reporting. Unless it's the biggest, hyper-local story in the state, we don't dig too deep - because of quotas. Yup - we have to write 10 stories a week and not get a minute of overtime doing it. Doesn't leave much time for investigating sadly. Our paper has four reporters. 5 years ago we had 14. And it's not only us - the second largest paper in the state let go of more than half it's reporters last year. People say newspapers are dying - which makes me sad not only because its my beloved livelihood but because it's hard to watch something so ingrained in American history go away.

Anonymous said...

- According to LE only two photos of a naked child and the photos were the same photos and the imagewas not child pornography. The image was a "cutsey" photo of child of a family/friend in the bathtub, the photo was originally sent to Shawn's grandmother, and per LE and one of the prosecutor's Shawn forwarded it to his mother.

- LE determined the rest of the images were all adult pornography (legal)

- according to Texas law the images of bestiality were legal

Which is why Shawn and Billie were not arrested on charges of child pornography and bestiality

Local anon said...

Thanks anon 9:36. I wondered if that was the case. Would have been nice for LE or the local idiot media to report on that and put that issue to bed.

Local anon said...

Hello anon 11:42, do you have a link to a report from LE that there no child porn? I am not questioning they did, would just like to see what I missed. Thank you

Peter Hyatt said...

Law Enforcement did not make a statement saying there was no child porn.

there was child porn.

billie may be now speaking for law enforcement.

Lis said...

I have a question about
"he's seen Hailey."

The way it is worded, it only means that in some time in his life, Shawn Adkins has seen Hailey. It's not specific to the time and place. It doesn't say "he saw Hailey there." Then it seems she tries to correct it with "Hailey was there" which also does not seem reliable to me.

Anonymous said...

No child porn:

Toombs says child porn was not discovered in the home of Hailey's mother Billie Dunn.

Local anon said...

Thank you for the link. That is correct toons did say there was no child porn in billie's house. However, as I understand it the FBI and a local computer expert are looking at all of the other devices Shawn had access to. That is why I still think there could be child porn and believe that is why Peter also maintains there is.

john said...

Child Pornography Found In Hailey Dunn Home
By Merlin Mann
POSTED: 1:15 AM Feb 25 2011 UPDATED: 10:44 AM Feb 25 2011

A digital memory stick containing images of child pornography was discovered in Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins? bedroom as law enforcement searched for evidence pertaining to the disappearance of Colorado City teenager Hailey Dunn, according to Mitchell County Sheriff Patrick Toombs.

Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn not only missing person in...
HAILEY DUNN: Missing Colorado City teen's mom now questions...
Mother of missing Colorado City teen talks of agonizing...
Dental records to determine if Scurry County remains are...
Past articles, videos: Missing Colorado City teen Hailey...
In addition to the digital images found in their bedroom, more than 100,000 pornographic images were found on a computer that police seized as evidence from Adkins? mother?s residence in Big Spring on Jan. 7.

This information was revealed on a return on warrants to the office of Judge Glen Harrison, 32nd District Court for Fisher, Mitchell and Nolan counties. The judge's office is located in the Nolan County Courthouse in Sweetwater.

A return on the warrant is information returned to the judge after a previous search warrant was authorized by that judge. Warrants and return information on warrants is a judicial system that protects citizens from unreasonable search and seizure.

The return on warrant information was received Friday morning by KTXS News after a request was made to the district court judge through a Freedom of Information request.

No arrests had been made in connection with the Hailey Dunn case Friday morning, said Pete Kampfer, city manager of Colorado City.

There was no information available on whether any arrests were pending in connection with the pornographic images discovered. Big Spring is in Howard County, a separate judicial court, than that of Mitchell County, where Colorado City is the county seat.

The return on warrant describes a 2-gigabyte PNY Attache memory stick found in the bottom right-hand drawer of a four-drawer dresser in the master bedroom of the Colorado City residence shared by Billie Dunn and Adkins, her live-in boyfriend. Officials also found a 700-megabyte Memorex CD disc that was also seized as evidence.

The return on warrant indicated that these devices in the Dunn home contained ?approximately 320 images and videos of a pornographic nature.?

The computer seized in Big Spring contained ?approximately 108,498 pictures depicting deviant acts,? according to the document. The computer was described as a Dell Inspiron 530 containing a Western Digital 500-gigabyte hard drive.

City Manager of Colorado City, Pete Kampfer has been close to the investigation from the beginning. He says while these new developments aren't necessarily connected to Hailey's disappearance it could help connect the dots.

"Folks that have arrest warrants against them may make statements or confessions so it may move things along a lot faster," Kampfer said.

The District Attorneys for Mitchell and Howard Counties where the evidence was found could charge both Billie and Shawn in the future.

"It's up to prosecutors whether they want to incorporate that into the investigation as far as where we come on a charge basis," Kamper said.

Clint Dunn, Hailey's father, recently told KTXS he was doubtful of the involvement of the only named suspect in the case, Shawn Adkins.

Today Clint's brother-in-law released a statement on his behalf about the child pornography found today saying, "We acknowledge the new information and are choosing not to comment on it at this time.

john said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Peter Hyatt said...

Child Porn was found among the 109,000 deviant images. Coombs was referring to the material in BJD's drawer. The Child Porn that was found was not said to be specifically located, but was among all the material found between the locations and persons of Bilie Dunn and Shawn Adkins.

This makes prosecution tricky.

Local anon said...

Thank you Peter. That is what I understood too. I did not think I missed a report of clearing the child porn. Best regards, local anon

ytjwrth4tqeh said...

October 11, 2011
Initially, investigators indicated child pornography was found on electronic devices during their investigation. Throughout the process, Adkins and Dunn denied that claim.
Toombs says child porn was not discovered in the home of Hailey's mother Billie Dunn.

lane said...

Hailey Dunn latest: Grand jury will decide on arrests for child porn images
February 26th, 2011 by Cindy Adams

Colorado City, Tex. - On Saturday, authorities told local media that a grand jury will decide whether the mother of missing Colorado City, Texas girl, Hailey Dunn, and her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, will be arrested for pornography found at the family home.

A computer found at the home of Adkins’ mother and a memory stick discovered in Billie Dunn’s house both contained thousands of images of bestiality and child pornography, according to police. The items were seized during the investigation into Hailey's disappearance.

Colorado City Manager Peter Kampfer told KTXS Saturday that no arrests had been made, but prosecutors were examining evidence that will likely be presented to a grand jury to determine whether charges for the pornography are warranted.

“Pending their deliberations and what the prosecutors present and their timing, we’ll probably effect an arrest or however that will go at that time. But that’s contingent on a grand jury and what prosecutors carry to them,” said Kampfer.

Billie was slated to speak Sunday at a rally that was to bring awareness to human trafficking. After the recent revelations regarding the pornographic images, she will not be present at the event, however, Hailey’s father, Clint Dunn will speak.

lane said...

Hailey Dunn’s mom won’t speak at rally after news child porn evidence found
February 26th, 2011 by Cindy Adams

Colorado City, Tex. - Friday it was announced that Billie Dunn, the mother of missing Colorado City, Texas teen Hailey Dunn, would not appear at an upcoming rally dedicated to ending human trafficking. The announcement comes after news that pornographic images were found on a computer and memory stick seized during the investigation into Hailey’s disappearance.

A Dell computer was taken from the home of Adkins’ mother in Big Spring. It contained “approximately 108,498 pictures depicting deviant acts,” according to a search warrant. In addition, a memory stick containing “320 images and videos of a pornographic nature,” was found in the master bedroom of the Dunn residence during the investigation.

Mitchell County authorities noted that both the computer and the memory stick contained images of bestiality and child porn. The local district attorney is reportedly being consulted to determine if criminal charges are warranted regarding the images.

The Traffick911 rally is scheduled to take place in Mansfield, Texas on Sunday and the organization is disheartened by the recent news about the pornographic evidence found.

“Traffick911 is deeply saddened by this revelation,” said Deena Graves, executive director of Traffick911. “Any child in a pornographic image is a trafficked child and our organization is driven to stop the trafficking of children in any form.”

She added, “The images found underscore how critical it is to focus on demand and help people understand how pornography drives this horrific crime against our children.”

Anonymous said...

Child pornography was NOT found, repeatedly deleting the OFFICIAL comments of LE does not magically mean child pornography was found:

Toombs says child porn was not discovered in the home of Hailey's mother Billie Dunn.