Monday, March 18, 2013

Update: FBI, DA on Scene in Texas Where Body Found

Report:   Ann Reed, District Attorney, along with a DA investigator, were on the scene where the remains were found on Saturday, in Texas, fueling speculation that the remains may be that of missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Hailey's family en route.

Today, the FBI is there and it has been declared a Crime Scene about an hour ago.

Extensive statement analysis of the public statements and interviews given by Hailey's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, indicate:

*Hailey is dead
*Both are deceptive about what happened to her
*Both are involved

Crime Wire will cover this story, as well as the recent revelation about Mark Redwine's perversity, tomorrow at 7PM EST.


MeagIn Manhattan said...

Perhaps this is the moment we have all been waiting so patiently for - and praying for!!!


I bet Billie & Shawn are really squirming now!!!

Most Sincerely,

Peter Hyatt said...

Meag, it very well may be.

The FBI now says it is a crime scene.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Peter ur working in ur resources for the search and truth and justice Hailey Dunn . So body wasn't in no grave her body was laying this whole time of elements!!!!!!!!

Dee said...

"Meanwhile, an SUV from the 32nd Judicial District Attorney could be seen at the scene Sunday. The 32nd District represents Nolan, Fisher, and Mitchell counties.

Although officials are being tight-lipped, Hailey Dunn – a teen who has been missing since Dec. 27, 2010 – was from Colorado City (Mitchell County)."

The DA from Mitchell County, the county CC is located in is there, the FBI is involved in the recovery and has said it's a crime scene, it is reported as bones and not a "body", the family is now reported to be travelling there...hmmm. I thought it was Hailey before at the airport and was wrong so I won't jump to early conclusions. I do however hope this development is causing Billie and Shawn angst - they deserve it and so much more. Peace to Hailey, wherever it is her earthly body resides.

Peter Hyatt said...

Some of billie jeans fans posted that the body was male util they say the DA's vehicle and deleted

Anonymous said...

Who is reporting the family is en route. Fasten your seatbelt s is right!

BostonLady said...

The news reported the family is en route. But when they say family, they mean Billie Jean and maybe David Dunn. Connie Jones, Clint Dunn, Connie Ostrander and Billie's brother all live in Snyder so they are already local.

john said...

I am so nervous about this.
Has there been any video statement release by LE etc.

Anonymous said...

If indeed Hailey is deceased, which I believe she is, I hope the remains are hers. It's past time that that baby girl gets a proper burial and may justice be done in her name!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Boston lady. Can't wait for the Billie interview

BostonLady said...

I guess one would expect after 2 years that the remains would be skeletal. We had a young girl go missing in Mass, Molly Bish, and her remains were found in the woods nearby the location she was last reported (she was a lifeguard at a local pond) Her remains were skeletal and they were able to identify her after 5 years.

If this is Hailey, they should be able to identify her remains.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it is more than the local yocalls on the scene.

Peter Hyatt said...

We can expect quite a bit of nonsense out of them on FB.

Billie writes like she has her "own" "FBI guy" yet her fans don't question her.

Lemon said...


A special FBI forensics team is working today to locate skeletal remains found Saturday in Scurry County.

Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Sparky Dean said the body isn’t intact and that the FBI group, which has expertise in recovering remains in criminal cases, is diligently working to recover the bones of the deceased.

“This is being treated as a crime scene, so it is slow going,” Dean said.

The remains were found Saturday afternoon near Lake JB Thomas. The reservoir is off County Road 3236 and Farm to Market 1298.

Dean said the remains weren’t in a grave, but instead have been found in a mesquite, thorn, cactus-riddled area where authorities have only had access via foot.

sustained said...

i am glad it is more than locals too but the fbi stuff in the news lately about sexting and dating drug dealers doesnt go a long way in making me feel confident either

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and they all hang with locals

Katprint said...

The identity of the body has not been officially released, but when one county's law enforcement brings in the DA from another county then that is a strong indication they think the body came from that other county. DAs don't like being dragged out on wild goose chases at night in the middle of their weekend any better than anyone else does.

I expect the initial investigation of Hailey's "disappearance" included getting identifying data like dental records and DNA samples especially since Hailey's father was cooperative. If the remains found included a skull with teeth then a preliminary identification based on dental record comparison could be done very quickly even if a conclusive identification based on DNA match would take much longer. Kind of like how Caylee's remains were found but not officially ID'd for several weeks, yet the proximity of the body, the age, the gender etc. were pointing directly at it being Caylee.

john said...


Casey Anthony May Tell Her Story To Pay Debts.

The acquitted Florida woman, who owes nearly $800,000, has never told her side of the story despite massive media attention.8:13pm UK, Monday 18 March 2013
Casey Anthony leaves jail in 2011 after her acquittal

The trustee overseeing Casey Anthony's bankruptcy case wants to sell the rights to her story so she can pay her debts.

In a motion filed Monday in federal court in Tampa, Florida, trustee Stephen Meininger asked Judge K Rodney May for permission to sell the "exclusive worldwide rights" of Ms Anthony's life story.

Anthony, 26, was acquitted in 2011 of murder in the death her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Anthony filed for bankruptcy in Florida in late January, claiming about $1,000 in assets and $792,000 in liabilities. Court papers list Anthony as unemployed, with no recent income.

During a meeting with creditors in the bankruptcy case earlier this month, Anthony said: "I don't pay rent. I don't pay utilities. I guess you could say I'm living free off the kindness of others."

Anthony reportedly owes $792,000 and has assets of just $1,000.

Caylee Anthony's body was found in a wooded area near her family's home
Her debts include $500,000 for attorney fees and costs for her criminal defence lawyer during the trial, plus more than $275,000 in combined law enforcement investigative fees and Internal Revenue Service taxes, interest and penalties.

She said she was unemployed and has not received any money to tell her story.

Anthony's trial, which was televised, drew massive media attention in the US. But she has not spoken publicly or given her side of the story since being found not guilty.

Before the March 4 bankruptcy meeting Anthony had not been seen in public since she left Orange County Jail in July 2011, 12 days after her acquittal.

David Schrader, Anthony's bankruptcy attorney, did not immediately comment on

Dee said...

I don't think I'll ever understand the mindset of BJD's fans (nor do I want to). How can anyone support her? I saw one post that there was never any porn found, it was all a big misunderstanding. Everyone offering up their sympathies and prayers. Shawn is the boogeyman and the only POI in the case while BJD is a forlorn grieving mother. Maybe all they've ever followed is her supporters and her own postings and know no better but they really should educate themselves about the woman they're supporting.

Lemon said...

Dee, people believe what they want to believe, unencumbered by facts. They are educated, but choose anyway.

People still want to marry Manson.

Billie could confess at high noon in the Snyder town square to a recording news crew with witnesses, and some would still contend evil conspiracy to bring down a 'great mother'.

Dee said...

You've got a point Lemon. "There are none so blind as those that will not see."

Dee said...

sustained said...
i am glad it is more than locals too but the fbi stuff in the news lately about sexting and dating drug dealers doesnt go a long way in making me feel confident either

March 18, 2013 at 4:08 PM


I agree sustained. My confidence in the FBI has diminished greatly.

Peter Hyatt said...

nothing yet, John, other than something about not sending over little pieces at a time. Very awkward statement.

Strange enough, Billie Dunn's statements and press conferences

Lemon said...

"Dean declined to pinpoint the location where the body was found, but said it was well off the beaten path and out of cellphone range."

Peter Hyatt said...

Overall, there is a crisis of confidence in law enforcement. The FBI scandals mentioned before are only the latest. The use of drones against citizens is frightening but I think the most frightening of all is the prosecutorial fear we have seen; even more than the Casey Anthony verdict!

109,000 deviant images and yes, there were several counties and yes, Shawn's grandma had access to the computer, but be reasonable and file charges and see if one of the cowards plays "let's make a deal"

Anonymous said...

I don't know Texas geography at all - is this location near Shawn's whereabouts on that Monday morning? How far from his Grandma's, work, etc.?

JerseyJane said...

I'm hoping the authority's strategy was that the body was in their playing field meaning the confidence that they had in the cell pings, the possible time stamps of a moving vehicle, the trashed polys, physical evidence we don't know about, etc. etc.. That the authority rode it out so that major and complete charges can be dished out to ALL guilty parties in this horrendous crime to a child.. I look forward to this being a major takedown with a web of other predators in the computer world getting wrapped up and exposed...

Anonymous said...

The remains were found Saturday afternoon near Lake JB Thomas. The reservoir is off County Road 3236 and Farm to Market 1298.

12 miles southwest of Snyder, Shawn Adkins had more than enough time to travel there and back again

Anonymous said...

FYI the US military has been extrajudicially killing terrorists for DECADES and law enforcement officers are forced to routinely kill AMERICANS suspected of crimes before they're arrested and charged, it did not start under Obama you lying racist fucking piece of shit [peter], how dare you [peter] turn an entry about Hailey Dunn into a bash-a-thon against Obama you lying racist fucking piece of shit

Anonymous said...

I guess u wouldn't like our Texas sen Ted Cruz!!!! Or Rand Paul!!!! Screw obama!!! Also Justice for Hailey!!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone is a bit sensitive.

The whole yoi don't agree with Obama-you must be racist argument holds no merit.

So what do you think of the remains possibly being Hailey's???

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with Obama? Where did Peter say anything about Obama.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:34, Peter did not say one word about his displeasure with the Obama Admn or anything else politically slanted or motivated.

Also, he has made it clear a number of times that he is a registered independent voter and tires to keep his personal political opinions out of Statement Analysis other than to occasionally analyize various statements made by different politicians, some repugs and some dems.

You've got some nerve coming on here raving and ranting at Peter like you're some demon from hell. You need to let Jesus into your heart and find some peace. Amen?

Shelley said...

Has Billie made any comments herself about this development?

I am curious if she is appearing worried. Like with Casey, when they found a body before Caylees, she was so calm even before testing was done. Because she knew.

But then when they found the body that was actually Caylee, she was hyper ventilating. Before it was even confirmed. Because again, she knew this time it was Caylee.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the links for Billie's statements and press conferences? Or the link to "not sending over little pieces at a time"?

I'd wager a bet with anyone here that Shawn did not lug Hailey's body all the way over to the dumping site (wherever that may be) without some help. Billie Jean's help.

Anonymous said...

I agree Shelley. Billie already knows whether this is Hailey's body or not. Can't imagine why she's in such a hurry to get to Snyder other than to make herself look like the innocent caring doting mother she claims to be to the few fools who believe her to be.

john said...

Updated: Decomposed body found near Snyder.

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013 5:52 pm
John Mangalonzo | Abilene Reporter-News | 0 comments
UPDATE: A team of FBI agents including forensic specialists are assisting the Texas Rangers in collecting evidence at the scene near Lake JB Thomas off of Scurry County Road 3236 and FM 1298 where a badly decomposed body was found.
Texas Department of Public Safety and Scurry County Sheriff’s deputies also are expected to remain at the location for much of the day.
An FBI spokeswoman said Texas Rangers requested the assistance. The federal agents belong to the agency's ELITE EVIDENCE RESPONSE TEAM.
The remains have not been taken to a medical examiner.
DPS described the terrain as “cactus country.”
SNYDER — Local and state authorities spent much of Sunday trying to exhume a badly decomposed body found just south of town.
Senior Trooper Sparky Dean, Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman, said someone called the Scurry County Sheriff’s Office just after noon Saturday after finding the remains. No information was released as to where the exact location was.
The sheriff’s office in turn called DPS and the Texas Rangers.
“Today (Sunday) they are in the process of exhuming the remains and they are treating (the location) as a crime scene — anytime you have an unattended death,” Dean said Sunday. “The body has been so decomposed it (looks like) it has been there a while.”
Dean said due to the extent of decomposition, investigators couldn’t yet determine the gender of the body or whether it’s an adult or a child.
“They are very meticulous as they remove things, making sure that any type of evidence is not disturbed,” Dean said.
The body will be sent to a medical examiner either in Lubbock or Fort Worth for an autopsy, Dean said.

Read more: Updated: Decomposed body found near Snyder - Top Stories
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

Suzanne said...

"Dean said the remains weren’t in a grave, but instead have been found in a mesquite, thorn, cactus-riddled area where authorities have only had access via foot."

Sounds like Billie's "UGLY fields and UGLY creeks"..doesn't it?

Skip said...

Those ugly fields... hmm.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being attacked on this site please allow me to give my perspective. I am local, 90 miles from Colorado City and work on a site there. I know many locals and the FBI
In a near real town. FBi
I here interviewed pretty much the whole town when went missing. No doubt in their minds that Shawn killed Hailey. However, in the absence of a federal charge they were asked to back off. So now, FBI back in, but Abilene. So sorry, I live here but can you understand. Very rural issues. I just want to point out we should not get too excited. I am sitting on nails. And please, would you rude bloggers allow me some slack? No spell check on this post. Local anon in the Hailey Dunn cass

Anonymous said...

It would be very easy to get from Snyder to Big Spring and go right past this location. I suspect someone who worked in the oil fields ( Shawn) would know the road very well.

Anonymous said...

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5emerald29 said...

Is there any information on who found the bones. Exactly how did someone come across this. Was this a tip?

BostonLady said...

anonymous 6:34 .... sensitive much? Talk about an overreaction. I didn't see anything racist posted.

You do realize this is statement analysis, right? You need to take your racist show on the road.

BostonLady said...

5emerald29 - Supposedly the remains were found by someone looking for arrowheads who came across something and called LE.

Katprint said...

from posted today around 3pm PDT:

"Human bones were found at a location south of Snyder near Lake J.B. Thomas, Senior Trooper Sparky Dean reported Monday.
Billie Jean Dunn, the mother of the missing teen, was in contact with investigators following the discovery of the bones.
Dean did not know what types of bones had been discovered. However, Billie Jean Dunn said via text message investigators said that “as soon as they can compare dental records they (investigators) will let me know.” "

So, it sounds like the investigators have something sufficient to compare dental records against.

Anonymous said...

PETER~ HEY! :D Its Evrli~~ You state that 'both'are Who killed Hailey? Both of them? one of them and the other one covered?

Juliette said...

Katprint said..(10:58 PM)

Billie Jean Dunn, the mother of the missing teen, was in contact with investigators following the discovery of the bones

So, when she wrote on her Facebook that her *FBI GUY* got in touch with her, was it was because he was assigned to return her call? Lol :P

It sounds more like she called them when she heard, according to this statement.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone here now were Shawn Adkins is, is he with Billie or with his family !!! I assume Billie and Sacid are there way from Austin to Snyder, I'm just worrying if Billie goes maybe she knows this is not Hailey!!! I donrember when they found the body in big spring Both were there like they cared but it was all a front!!!!! They knew it wasn't Hailey !!! This time I really don't what to think!!!! Do y'all think Billie knows we're Hailey is or Shwan the only one that knows we're Hailey at!!!!????

Skeptical said...

I find it disturbing that they are talking about finding pieces of bones. The recollection of Shawn Adkins words about cutting up a person was like gutting a deer. Hopefully his laziness would prevent him from putting forth the effort to dismember a body.

Anonymous said...

Hailey Dunn's Mother Speaks on Speculation of Body ..
20 mins ago
Josh Navarro
NewsWest 9

SCURRY COUNTY - There are growing speculation over human remains that were found in Scurry County over the weekend. Every time a body pops up, alot of people question if its Hailey Dunn. NewsWest 9 spoke with Hailey's mother about the discovery.

The mystery of determining what the gender could be of the remains found over the weekend will be the task at hand for the medical examiners office. A badly decomposed body was found on Saturday near Lake JB Thomas, about 45 minutes northwest of Colorado City. Speculation has already begun as to whether the body could belong to missing teen Hailey Dunn.

"What does get frustrating to me is, people who just say that they have inside knowledge when information they're putting out is completely wrong. It's aggravating when people just blatantly lie saying, they have inside knowledge or they have contacts. I know the FBI isn't talking to anybody outside of law enforcement besides me," Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn, said.

According to Dunn, a DNA test will not be done on the remains. Instead she said authorities will be comparing dental records for a faster result.

"They'll go ahead and let me know whether the dental records, hopefully, rule her out or God forbid, a match," Dunn said.

The Texas Rangers, the FBI and Scurry County Sheriff's office are investigating the case. A 32nd Judicial District Attorney's Criminal Investigation team were also on scene. They cover Mitchell County, which is the same county were Hailey went missing. Dunn says every time a body is found in these parts, she worries that it could possibly be her daughter.

"That pain is always there and every time a body is found, of course, I'm scared to death that it's her all the time. I'm looking for answers and closure but then, again when a body is found, I'm praying it's not her," Dunn said.

Hailey has been missing since December of 2010. Dunn says she still hopes her daughter is alive as she makes her way back to Snyder on Monday evening.

No word yet if the remains will be taken the medical examiners office in Lubbock or Tarrant

BostonLady said...

Here is a new article. Billie Jean is quoted in this one. Please notice what she is frustrated with. Not even NOW, when there is a chance this might be her missing daughter's remains can she put Hailey first!!! Seriously. She took time in this article to slam someone ? Wow.

"What does get frustrating to me is, people who just say that they have inside knowledge when information they're putting out is completely wrong. It's aggravating when people just blatantly lie saying, they have inside knowledge or they have contacts. I know the FBI isn't talking to anybody outside of law enforcement besides me," Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn, said.

According to Dunn, a DNA test will not be done on the remains. Instead she said authorities will be comparing dental records for a faster result.

"They'll go ahead and let me know whether the dental records, hopefully, rule her out or God forbid, a match," Dunn said.

~ABC said...

Billie Dunn said, "I'm scared to death that it's her all the time."

I think this may be the most truthful statement ever made by this woman. I suspect her fear has nothing to do with Hailey tho...

Lemon said...

Thanks for the link, Boston.

Billie Jean Dunn aggravated by people who just blatantly lie. . .that's rich. Even at a time such as this, you're too much.

A great mother would be focused on more than what others are doing to "aggravate" her now. You're a festering and feculent character, Billie Jean, and people know you by your words. You're appalling.

I hope your "my guy at the FBI©" is the one to slap the cuffs on you, and soon.

equinox said...

"What does get frustrating to me is, people who just say that they have inside knowledge when information they're putting out is completely wrong. It's aggravating when people just blatantly lie saying, they have inside knowledge or they have contacts. I know the FBI isn't talking to anybody outside of law enforcement besides me,"

I totally agree BostonLady, her self-absorption leaps out of everything she says. Who thinks about things like this when your daughter's dead body might just have been found?

She's out there reading and listening to what every one is saying. Now isn't that interesting? Why would she do that? She's desperate to know if anyone knows more than she does right now I'd say. And when it turns out that posers are claiming facts not in evidence she is "aggravated." Meaning, she is frustrated that she is not able to control talk, speculation, facts and the media like she did when Hailey first went missing. Remember her "press conference"? Narcissistic, control-freak, ego-bitch, and those are her nice qualities.

And how exactly does she KNOW that the FBI isn't talking to anybody but HER? I don't think she knows that at all, she's probably panic stricken to imagine that they might be talking to anyone right now. She's probably thrilled every time she discovers a poser has their "facts" wrong, confirming her ridiculous belief that she has an inside track with the FBI and knows everything they know right now.

They'll go ahead and let me know whether the dental records, hopefully, rule her out or God forbid, a match

.. and looky here! "rule HER out" - she seems to already know the gender of the bones. Now isn't that interesting!!!

Lemon said...

Does John Young count? Let's hope he leaves his gun at home...


Billie Jean Dunn’s attorney, John Young, said he is in contact with the FBI and Texas Rangers and “when they have information that they can release, and then I’m sure they’ll be in touch with me later.”

“We have been through this at least twice before,” Young said. “And I have advised and encouraged Billie not to or at least try not to get into the emotional roller coaster again. This is a tragic and difficult event to keep dragging this mother through.”

In April 2012, remains were found on the southwest side of Big Spring. That also caused a stir but proved to be of a male, who has yet to be identified.

Colorado City Mayor Carol Sue Daken on Monday said the city’s police chief informed her the investigation regarding the remains is under Scurry County’s jurisdiction. She said the Hailey Dunn case has long been turned over to the FBI.

“I understand law enforcement is doing everything they can to try to determine the identity of the remains in Scurry County,” Young said. “At this point, we don’t know anything: It’s all speculation.”

Skip said...

Does she say Hailey, even once?

Anonymous said...

We're is Shawn Adkins tointe???????

Anonymous said...

Do you have a link to her fb? I found one but it only has one pic of Hailie.

Katprint said...

@ Lemon - I know that if Billie Jean Dunn or Shawn Adkins were MY clients and I ever had to meet with them alone outside of jail, court, or other security-screened facility, I would want to have a gun with me if I owned one. Or else a big burly bodyguard (which my firm actually hired to accompany me to and from hearings in one memorable case years ago.) Or maybe both.

Lemon said...

Katprint :)

Anonymous said...

Well, didn't Shawn tell LE that they'd find Hailey in Scurry County? Or told them to "look in Scurry County" for Hailey.

brosnanfan said...


A restaurant/bar in Indianapolis is in big trouble after a party over the weekend, where alcohol was served to minors, some as young as 13:

From the article:

'"A 13-year-old's party? I didn't know nothing about that," Tamayo [the owner] insisted. "I didn't do anything. These people, it's killing me right now. It's killing me."'

S + K Mum said...

Is anyone worried that if this is indeed Hailey's remains, that so much time has passed, that they cannot determine a cause of death, find anything connecting it to the killer(s) therefore be back to square one -no charges?

MeagIn Manhattan said...




Anonymous said...

"That [pain] is always there and every [time] a body is found, of course, I'm scared to death that it's her all the [time]. I'm looking for answers and [closure] but then, again when a body is found, I'm [praying] it's not her," Dunn said.

What is the pain that Billie Dunn refers to here? She is seemingly concerned with time? Why is she looking for closure and at the same time praying it's not Hailey?

~ABC said...

Hi Anon @6:27

Good question. Why is she seeking closure instead of seeking her missing daughter!

Anonymous said...


In my opinion, to seek closure is to lay the deceased to rest. This is yet another tell tell sign she knows Hailey is deceased. Time has taken a toll on Billie Dunn. The pain, the disruption to her freedom. I doubt that she gave thought that Hailey would have touched and held the hearts of so many for so long. I doubt that Billie Dunn is of faith to speak of prayer or praying.

Anonymous said...

Billie and Shawn are only shaken if it's her.

~ABC said...

Exactly Anon @ 10:51. She is ready to get past all of this. And she is waiting for something to assure her that she won't be found out. To be absolutely certain that she has "gotten away with it".

Anonymous said...

Please excuse the repost...I didn't see ths most recent thread.
I live in this area of Texas. It would be close to a thirty or forty minute drive from where Hailey was last seen to this area where the remains were found. It is possible that it may be her, but we have several other missing persons reported in the West Texas area during the last few years. These peoples' cases didn't have the same publicity that the Hailey Dunn case had. The FBI were invited by local law enforcement to join in this investigation because this could possibly be evidence in a murder case and they want the best. It was a smart decision. You can also count on the Tex Rangers being on the scene. In my experience they are very professional and thorough. The bones have been found in different areas suggesting a shallow grave or body dumping that animals ( we have ferel hogs, ferel dogs, coyotes, etc. in this area) have scattered over time. Law enforcement has little flags sticking up where bones have been found. I am betting that a circumstancial case will be built against the "only suspect" and tried if this is indeed Hailey.

Anonymous said...

Billie and Shawn already know if this is Hailey. They know where they dumped her.

They're not in a tither to find out anything, other than whether they will be prosecuted if forensics reveals this is Hailey.

P.S.. (Some of you want all anons to take a name? I am The Midnight Lurker and a fan of Peters').

Anonymous said...

Since it remains to be proved whether this is Hailey or not, and like Peter has said all along, Shawn already revealed that Hailey is in Scurry County and that both he and Billie should be questioned. A true statement.

Probably the only unabaited 'truth' he's ever told in his entire life, which I do believe he was telling the truth. But also a way of keeping Billie in line and playing the 'stand-by-me' clever denial game, else he might reveal more, and likely will, since he did NOT do this alone.

Midnight Lurker

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the "closure" Billie Dunn refers to is closure of any type of case against her? She wants to know that she no longer has to be looking over her shoulder to see who is coming to arrest her, IMHO.

Anon "I"

~ABC said...

Exactly Anon "I"

That is the closure she seeks. To be able to cement in her own mind her success in getting away with what she's done.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if "Anon @ 6:34" is Billie Dunn......

Just saying... maybe shes trying to stir peters pot and change the subject off her. You know she hates this man for calling her out.

Anonymous said...

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