Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hailey Dunn: Cell Phone Text Message

Recall the report that there was a text message sent by "Hailey"?  Let's review the text message from a cell phone with Billie Jean Dunn's statement about the cell phone to Nancy Grace.

Projection:  Hailey could not have died the night before because she sent a text message from her mother's phone.

Response:  This text message was part of a planned alibi by Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins, sent by Adkins since Hailey was already dead.

I.  The Sleep Over

Cecilia Garcia says she was shocked when Shawn Adkins, the live-in boyfriend of Hailey Dunn's mother, claimed Hailey was going to a slumber party at her family home on the night she disappeared.
"Obviously he's not telling the truth about her spending the night at Mary Beth's," said Garcia.
Garcia says at her house, it's not like these parties would happen out of the blue.
"Hailey has never spent the night here," she said.

Note that the subject attributes the statements to Shawn Adkins.  

Hailey lives just a few blocks down from Mary Beth, and four weeks later, Garcia says her daughter still hurts.
"It's been real hard on my daughter," she said, "and she fears for Hailey."
So much, that Mary Beth would not talk to us on camera.
"She fears for her own life also," Garcia explained.

This is wise.  One child was dead and she could not know what they could have done to her daughter. 

Garcia says on the day Hailey disappeared, Mary beth received a text message that said "what are you doing?"

She says the message was sent from Hailey's mother's cell phone at about 2 o'clock, which Hailey always used, but Garcia says she worries that there is no evidence to prove Hailey sent that message.
The Garcia family says authorities have taken that text message as evidence in the investigation.

II.  Billie Jean Dunn's Statement about Cell Phone

I contend, based upon the language, behavior and who took the lead to present the sleepover story, that not only was the story a fabrication and that it was copied from Carlie Brucia from Nancy Grace's associated True Crime library where Billie Dunn had read and downloaded from, but that in Billie Dunn's own statement to Nancy Grace, we see how she knew this text message was deliberately planned and sent by she and/or Shawn. 

In the SCAN technique of Statement Analysis (SCAN is the basis for all Statement Analysis today), there are two words which are given the highest level of sensitivity:

a.  Left
b.  Because

a.  Left.   When someone goes to a place, but mentions the leaving of the initial place, it indicates that there is missing information, that is, the person's mind is at the place departed, rather than the place arrived at. 


"I went to the store" is straight forward.  The most important word is "store" to the subject. 
"I left home and went to the store" shows that the subject's mind has included the leaving of the home, meaning that there is missing information about what happened at home that is sensitive enough to the subject to mention it.  

In SCAN, this is given the color coding of blue as the highest level of sensitivity and it stands out when the paper is held out.  

b.  Because

When a person, in an open sentence, goes beyond simply telling what happened, and feels the need to explain the reason why something was done, the need to explain, itself, is also given the color blue as the highest level of sensitivity.  

This simple color coding, all by itself, solves many crimes and cases.  

Therefore, if a person uses the word "because", or something similar ("so, since, therefore, to, hence...")  it is very sensitive.  This is negated if the person is asked "Why did you..." since the response is to a direct question. 


A garbage man was accused of robbing a house on his route.  He said, 
"I went to 20 Smith Street to pick up the trash..." showing the need to explain the reason for being at the location when there is no need to:  he has to go there to pick up trash. 

Anywhere we see the word "because" or "so, since, therefore...", we immediately highlight this as very sensitive. 

In criminal acts, we often find the time frame of the crime by what is called by LSI a "cluster of blues"; that is, 2 or more areas in which the color blue is seen.  We 'aim' our interview in between the blue area for the most sensitive portion of the statements.  Investigators who learn little about Statement Analysis but grasp this principle, all by itself, found an increase in crime solving.  

It is not difficult. 

When Billie Dunn appeared on Nancy Grace, within the first moments, we learned from her language that Hailey was deceased, and Billie Dunn was in need of establishing an alibi.  (see prior analysis). 

GRACE:  Miss Dunn, how far did she have to go to get to the little sleepover? 

Simple Question:  How far did she have to go?  

DUNN: Four to five blocks. It wasn`t rare for Hailey to walk a short distance during daylight. She wasn`t allowed out after dark especially to walk, but she only had four to five blocks to go. 

Heather and I watched this live on January 3rd.  She asked me if I heard what the mother just said.  I had, but it was not what I wanted to hear.  "Not another!"  

Not once, but twice the mother of a missing child, in her first answer, referenced the child in the past tense. 

When the parent of a missing child references the child in the past tense, it is an indication that the parent knows or believes her child is dead.  Susan Smith, Casey Anthony, Haleigh Cummings' step mother, Baby Lisa's mother, Baby Ayla's father...and on the list goes. 

As of January 3, 2011, had police said anything to the mother to make her believe her child is dead?  This goes against the natural denial aspect of a mother's protective instincts.  Even after a child is found dead, an innocent mother will still reference the child in the present tense as it goes against her own instinct to accept that her child is dead. 

Billie Jean Dunn has given two linguistic indicators that Hailey is dead.  What she says next must be understood in this light. 

GRACE: Tell me what happened the day she went missing, Miss Dunn. 

"What happened?" is the best question to ask. It is the perfect question that allows the subject to:

1.  Begin the account wherever she chooses.  The first sentence is always important.  She could choose to start it anywhere, but where she chooses is critical and shows priority.  
2.  She will choose when to end the account. 
3.  Her words are her own.  Nervousness is expected, which is why courts find the nervous 911 call so reliable and label them "excited utterance"; that is, to the courts, their words are, to the court, the most reliable, since the person is upset.  
4.  Free Editing Process makes Statement Analysis reliable.  We do not interpret, we listen.  

DUNN: She went missing on Monday while I was at work. My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00. And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there. She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know. 

So that evening when he picked me up from work, we got home, we were getting ready for bed. I didn`t get worried when I hadn`t heard from Hailey. I thought she was at Mary Beth`s. I was kind of upset that she didn`t call and confirm it with me, but not worried at that point. 

Tuesday, I was at work again, I left my cell phone at home for my kids to use when I`m working. So Tuesday, I called my son. I said tell Hailey text the little girl, her friend, tell Hailey she needs to go ahead and get home. This was around lunch. My son called me back within a few minutes and she said, mom, she said Hailey never made it over there. She never spent the night. 

So at that point I called Hailey`s dad and found out she didn`t over there and she didn`t stay the night with him. I left from work and went to the police station in Colorado City and reported her missing. 

Here is the same response with emphasis added.  Notice where the blue coloring stands out as the most sensitive portions of the statement.  Where would you aim your interview questions?

DUNN: She went missing on Monday while I was at work. My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00. And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there. She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know. 

So that evening when he picked me up from work, we got home, we were getting ready for bed. I didn`t get worried when I hadn`t heard from Hailey. I thought she was at Mary Beth`s. I was kind of upset that she didn`t call and confirm it with me, but not worried at that point. 

Tuesday, I was at work again, I left my cell phone at home for my kids to use when I`m working. So Tuesday, I called my son. I said tell Hailey text the little girl, her friend, tell Hailey she needs to go ahead and get home. This was around lunch. My son called me back within a few minutes and she said, mom, she said Hailey never made it over there. She never spent the night. 

So at that point I called Hailey`s dad and found out she didn`t over there and she didn`t stay the night with him. I left from work and went to the police station in Colorado City and reported her missing. 

This statement is important enough to view by itself piece by piece: 

DUNN:  She went missing on Monday while I was at work. 

She chooses to begin her account by establishing an alibi.

Dunn was not asked "when did she go missing?" which means the question, "What happened to Hailey?" is "sensitive" to the subject.  

To an innocent parent, the question is not "sensitive" within itself.  The entire topic is very emotional, but "sensitive" is a word used in analysis.  When the father of Hailey Dunn was asked the same question, his answer showed no sensitivity indicators, though he was upset out of his mind.   

To now be introduced to this case, the reader/analyst is immediately confronted with a mother who has indicated her child is dead, and is establishing an alibi for herself.  

On January 3, 2011, the mother of Hailey Dunn indicated:

1.  Hailey is dead
2.  Mother needs an alibi

My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00

1.  ISI: Incomplete Social Introduction (LSI)

Note first that she introduced Shawn Adkins without his name.  This is an improper social introduction and it is indicative of a troubled relationship.  That she takes ownership with the possessive pronoun, "my" shows that they are together, but in relation to the missing child, there is something less than good, as evidenced by the missing proper name.  

Note that she knows how to use present tense and past tense verbs and uses past tense here.  

2.  Note that she chooses the time "3:00".   We note this as the liar's number meaning from Mark McClish's research, when someone must choose a number between 1 and 9, in a deception, they often choose the number 3.  (not part of SCAN)

 or he got to my house about 3:00

She allows for an "either/or" possibility reducing commitment to the story.  This allows for changes to be made later and shows the uncertainty of her account.  Why would the mother of a missing child, on high adrenaline alert, not have established, a week later, what happened and where her boyfriend was, or what time he got home?  This uncertainty is taken in context with the indication of death, and the need to establish an alibi.

Note it is "my house" which is expected.    

And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there. 

1.  A sentence that begins with "And" indicates the need for a connecting word = missing information.  It is a jump in an account. 

2.  Redundancy means sensitivity. 

"he's seen Hailey."  She establishes that Adins laid eyes on Hailey.  Extra words give us additional information.  This is critical. 

"Hailey was there."

If he "seen Hailey", wouldn't she have to be there to be seen?

The extra words indicate deception.  It is the need to emphasize that Hailey was there, (alive is the presupposition she hopes the listener will accept, even though she spoke of her as dead) which shows deception.  

My assertion:  Hailey was not there at 3PM to be seen alive.  This is why it is needlessly repeated; nervousness about the story is causing her to give additional words.  If he "seen Hailey", she would have to be there.  Her need to emphasize Hailey's presence means that Hailey's presence is in doubt.  

Hailey was not alive to be seen at 3PM.  

She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know.

Communicative language is important.  We note that "said" and "told" are different. 

"My boss said to take this to Main St." is one way of saying something but with more authority, "My boss told me to take this to Maine St." is another.  

Here, she uses the more authoritative "told" regarding a 13 year old child speaking to an adult. This is not the expected. 

As to the story of going to a friend's house, we later learned that Billie Dunn told Nancy Grace that she had "true crime" literature in her home, and it was the same material that Nancy Grace, herself, was associated with.  What is this reference?

It is reference to the case of Carlie Brucia who was abducted and killed.  The story line is the same. 

Billie Dunn referenced where the case came from and gave a similar story.  

So that evening when he picked me up from work, we got home

She then uses the very sensitive word "so" explaining her actions.  Why is this so sensitive?  It is so sensitive because she has the need to tell us why she did something.   Is there something missing between being picked up at work and getting home?  

Missing time gap noted.  What do we know about what Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins like to do after work, before they get home?  We learned on the Nancy Grace Show, and from the affidavit about stopping off at an ATM machine to withdraw money for narcotics. 

Note another needless statement:  "we got home."  

Look at the awkwardness of the entire statement.  What is the reason she has to explain that while driving home they got home?  This is missing information, in her mind, making her nervous.  

we were getting ready for bed. 

We listen to what someone tells us.  She only says "we" were getting ready for bed.  She does not say they went to bed, nor does she say they went to sleep.  

Did they get home so late that it was bedtime?  No.  This is another gap of time where there is missing information.  

What they did, or talked about, is very sensitive to her, therefore she attempts to skip right past it, yet it still shows up in her language.  She jumped from getting home, to getting ready for bed.  No dinner?

What about "getting ready" for bed?

There is a reason to everything that is said.  Always note when people say that they were getting ready to do something as it does not mean they did something; only that they were getting ready to.  There is a need to give a sentence of beginning something but not doing it.  When people do something, they say so.  When they may not have done something, they will often say they began to do something.  Did they finish it?  If they did not say so, we cannot say so for them.

Next, when speaking from memory, a person can tell us what they did, and what they thought.  If they tell us what did not happen, what they did not see, what they did not think, we are on high alert for deception:   

didn`t get worried when I hadn`t heard from Hailey. 

We now have a dead child, a mother establishing an alibi, and now she tells us of what emotions she did not have.  

Deception indicated. 

Question:  Where were you when 911 attack happened?
Answer:    We mark time by events that happen.  We don't mark time by things that did not take place. 

Question:  Where were you when President Obama was not shot?

Answer:  Huh?

The question is illogical if there was no attempt on the President's life.  

Question:  Where were you when the Mets did not win the World Series?

Answer:   Which year?  

The question is "sensitive"; that is, it is answered by a question because it is not understood.  We do not mark time by what did not happen.  

Here, we have the 'double' sensitivity:  she tells us what she did not feel when something did not take place. 

This is indication that she is speaking from a deceptive script and not from memory. 

I thought she was at Mary Beth`s. I was kind of upset that she didn`t call and confirm it with me, but not worried at that point. 

In her story, the caring loving mother who would not let her daughter out after dark, does not realize that in her story, the caring, loving mother does not bother to pick up the phone to call the daughter whom she was not worried about, but then kind of upset about.  This is an example of the illogic of lies. 

Since Hailey didn't say to Adkins that she was staying at Marybeth's, but "told" him, if the language was consistent, there should have been a report of a fight, or disagreement.  This inconsistency is noted.  She again reports what didn't happen:  Hailey "didn't call."

This is a truthful sentence and an example of how a sentence can be truthful while being overall deceptive. 

Tuesday, I was at work again

Here is another case of a seemingly unnecesary word becoming of vital importance.  

Why the need to say she was at work, "again"?

1.  It could be that she rarely works, and was per diem, and found herself surprised to be called in.  This is something a substitute teacher might say. 

2.  She is continuing to work her alibi.  

Since we have, in context, her establishment of alibi, the analyst/reader should see this as the subject seeking to affirm her alibi.  Later, we learned that this was her regular job and not a per diem or temp. position. 

Here is the critical point of the "blues" close together, making it a very sensitive point for Billie Dunn. 

I left my cell phone at home for my kids to use when I`m working. 

She now tells us why she did something, making "what happened?" into "why something happened" meaning high sensitivity.  She is setting up a scenario and explaining why she did something. 

She is portraying herself as a caring mother.  
Question:  Who portrays themselves in positive terms?  
Answer:  those who have been negligent and have a need to persuade.   

We know the cell phone is sensitive to her.  She felt the need to explain why she left the cell phone home, even moving into present tense "when I'm working" as if she adds in how caring and responsible a mother she is.  This should have been a straight forward past tense statement.  She should not have to explain why Hailey had a cell phone on her.  But in this case, she needed to let the audience know that Hailey had a cell phone on her preparing for the fake text message sent, by Shawn Adkins, in order to solidify their alibi, their copied story from Carlie Brucia.  

So Tuesday, I called my son. I said tell Hailey text the little girl, her friend, tell Hailey she needs to go ahead and get home. 

1.  "So" explains why she did something, highly sensitive, rather than answering the basic "what happened?" question.   She explains why she called her son, making it sensitive.   This is a sensitive part of the statement. 

Is calling David so rare that she felt the need to explain it?

Why not call Hailey herself?  If she is such a "wonderful" mother (this is the word Billie Dunn used to describe herself as a mother; a classic signal of negligence), why didn't she call her only 13 year old child to check on her that night?  Say "goodnight" and "I love you"?  

Do you know many parents who would not have done this, especially since the child was alleged to have gone to a sleep over without permission?

Why did she not call Hailey directly this day?  If she can pick up the work phone and call David, she can pick up the work phone and call Hailey. 

This was not part of the script.  

This is an attempt to distance herself from the account.  This is consistent with "she went missing while I was at work."  

She establishes an alibi for herself, and distances herself from Hailey by all means.  

2.  Note the communication of what she said to her son:

a.  Tell Hailey
b.  Text the little girl
c.  her friend
d.  tell Hailey

The sentence begins strongly, with "I" indicating that she should be able to say what she said, but she isn't.  Why the confusion?  Tell Hailey via what means?  The phone?  She already said she left her phone home for her kids.  Text?  The "little girl" which is then explained as "her friend", and then back to "tell Hailey."

This was around lunch. My son called me back within a few minutes and she said, mom, she said Hailey never made it over there. She never spent the night. 

She "said, mom, she said..." uses her title, "mom".  Note that economy of words from truthful statements are short: "he said..." yet she adds in "mom" as if story telling.

"never made it over there" is one thing but for the third time she gives us useless redundancy:  "she never spent the night".  It is useless since if she never made it there, she never spent the night. 

"My son called back" also shows that Billie Dunn could talk on the phone from work.  She could have picked up the phone and called Hailey, but that would have left her as the one having to be involved. 

At this point, would you have called Hailey's cell phone?  

Do you even know a parent who would go this far to avoid calling her own child?

So at that point I called Hailey`s dad and found out she didn`t over there and she didn`t stay the night with him. I left from work and went to the police station in Colorado City and reported her missing.  

She returns to the explanation of why she did something.  In the SCAN tecnigue is colored as "blue", or the highest level of sensitivity.  A single indication of "blue" is sensitive, but where there is 2 or more, the analyst holds the paper up to the light and sees that in this area, between the "blues" is the most critical portion of the statement and where deception
is to be found. This is critically sensitive information. 

In just where Hailey Dunn's mother spoke for only a few moments this is what we learned about a missing 13 year old:

1.  She is dead
2.  The mother has a need for an alibi
3.  The mother is making up a story about what happened:  she is deceptive. 
4.  There is trouble with the boyfriend.  

All this in just one answer to one question.  

Without knowing anything about the police affidavit, investigation, or anything else, you already know that this is not a missing child case, but a homicide. 

You also know it is a domestic homicide. 

This is why defense attorneys do not let their clients speak. 

Here we see why the cell phone information is so sensitive to Billie Dunn.  She knew it to be part of their script to follow, yet she could not help reveal this in her words, and in her refusal to call Hailey herself.  

A child learns early how difficult lying is.  The internal stress does not necessarily come from a conscience. 

It is difficult to lie because the brain has no sensory connection to the lie and it is taxing to the brain to keep track of the lies because if "A" is a lie, then "B" must follow, keeping it going.  It can become very stressful (sensitive) to the liar to keep track of these things. 

Billie Dunn and Shawn Adkins sent a fake text and had to incorporate into the story, so when Billie Dunn was on Nancy Grace, she kept it in as part of the script.  Nancy Grace's reaction to this (and other holes in the story) show that she did not believe it.  Had she said, "Why didn't you, yourself, call your daughter?" Billie likely would have landed on her feet.  She has done it for almost 4 decades, but her answer, no matter what it was, would have given us that famous Nancy Grace eye roll as she said, "well, okay than.  Okay" and moved on to her next question. 

If you take the account of Hailey's death given in Statement Analysis, the bizarre, awkward wording of some of the statements begin to make sense:

"She looked like she was sleeping" while viewing a dead body.
"I didn't touch her"  as people don't like to touch dead bodies. 
"He seen Hailey.  Hailey was there."  Attempt to persuade because Hailey was not there, she was already dumped by Adkins. 

Statement after statement by the voice of the two, Billie Dunn, all make sense when we consider that Hailey had already lost her life.  

Hailey Dunn's remains will be found in Scurry County.  I believe Shawn Adkins.  Whether or not the remains are Hailey's or not, the case is not going away. 

Next:  Will there be arrests if the remains are Hailey's?


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Anonymous said...

I have had this question since the beginning. Hailey went missing during Christmas break. Will the phone records support Billie's claim of leaving her cell home for the kids use beginning the day after Christmas break through that Tuesday? I will bet the records will not substantiate her claim. Most children I know with unrestricted access of a cell phone would be texting every few seconds instead of just once.

Anonymous said...

Billie Jean left the cell phone with Shawn and Shawn texted Hailey's friend late in the afternoon to make it appear Hailey was alive

Local anon said...

Like anon 8:57, I have always wondered if Billie's cell phone records will sustantiate the claim that she always leaves her cell phone at home for the kids to use when she is at work. Perhaps that is true, they may not have had a land line. I sure haven't seen anything from media or LE that addresses that question. As Peter points out, and after over two years of following statement analysis, Billie's statements try to establish an alibi and she speaks of Hailey in paste tense. I do believe she knew Hailey is dead. She'll be talking again soon enough when they announce whatever it is they will announce about the remains.

Local anon said...

The story that she went to Mary Beth's isn't even a remotely reasonabe story. At Hailey's age my friends and I had plenty of sleepovers. Never did any of us go one without our brush, toothbrush, and PJs. Hailey took nothing with her, not even her contact solution and case. Who goes for an overnight without anything? She had a brand new MP3 player she didn't take. It was very cold over Christmas that year- highs in the 30's lows in the 20's. In West Texas that is unusually cold, yet she didn't take her coat. Nothing adds up to make that story remotely believable.

Skeptical said...

The text was sent at 2:00 p.m. Do the pings indicate where texts are sent from as they do for calls from a cell phone? If the ping came from the tower near BJD's house, then Shawn was at her house before the 3:00 p.m. time indicated by BJD. If the text came from one of the towers associated with Shawn's travels that day, it will show that the phone was not at BJD's house as she had indicated.

stopplayingdumb said...

Why does she even need to mention that they "went to bed?" Very suspicious. Did they have sex all night after doing their drugs? Was he pumped up over what he had just done to Hailey which was likely rape her? Of course, she thought her daughter was over at her friend's house so it would have been OK to party like crazy while she's out. What about her son? Didn't he live at home?

stopplayingdumb said...

Sorry, she said "we were getting ready for bed." Why even mention this unless "bed" is important.

Anonymous said...

I am interested in the point you made about information between the blues as being highly deceptive. If I am interpreting your point correctly, then the sentences between Shawn picking her up from work and the part where she says she leaves the cell phone for the kids is the most deceptive of her tale? Also I would like for you to revisit Clints statement analysis just so readers will have something to compare.

Local anon said...

I would also like Peter to revisit Clint's statements for comparison!

C5H11ONO said...

Sorry about being O/T, but I had a field day with SA on this!

Matt Lauer Apologizes to former intern over Twitter

Here is Twitter "apology":
@MarkZinni huh? Always tried to be nice Mark. Sorry you didn't think so. Hope you're doing well. Matt

-huh? -- The issue of not being nice was sensitive to him, even in a Twitter tweet.

--Always tried to be nice Mark. -- He didn't say I always tried to be nice, so we can't assume this is what he meant. He tried to be nice. That means he attempted but failed. He added Mark at the end which was unnecessary since he was tweeting him. He knows he was an ahole.

--Sorry you didn't think so. He didn't say I am sorry you didn't think so, so we can't say it for him.

--Hope you're doing well. Matt -- he didn't say I hope you're doing well so we can say it for him.

Would lack of pronouns in a twitter reflect the lack of commitment? I guess one would have to see what Lauers tweets look like to see if he includes pronouns?

BostonLady said...

Anonymous stopplayingdumb said...

Sorry, she said "we were getting ready for bed." Why even mention this unless "bed" is important.

March 28, 2013 at 11:48 AM


I believe the reason she mentions getting ready for bed is to imply that they went to bed and slept. Before coming to this blog, I would have thought exactly that. But now after reading here for 2 years, I see that it is deceptive and she does it on purpose. It misleads people to think that she went to bed and slept. But all she tells us is that they got ready for bed...

Lis said...

I posted this on the wrong article by accident so I'm reposting here-

I have a question about
"he's seen Hailey."

The way it is worded, it only means that in some time in his life, Shawn Adkins has seen Hailey. It's not specific to the time and place. It doesn't say "he saw Hailey there." Then it seems she tries to correct it with "Hailey was there" which also does not seem reliable to me.

BostonLady said...

Hi Peter, the first post by anonymous at 8:47 am is a robot, autogenerated message. Don't click on the link. I only held my mouse over the link and what it links to is "young orgies" dot net. You might want to delete that or report it to the blog admins..

Have a good day !

Lis said...

Good one, C5H11ONO. It reminds me of the old "I'm sorry you got your feelings hurt" instead of "I'm sorry I said that"

Lemon said...

~ Clean up on Aisle 8(:47) ~

Word to Boston.

Apple said...


Another family member arrested for tampering with evidence in the GA baby shooting.
I hope the waterville 3 read this....

Anonymous said...

What does BD find attractive in SA? He isnt successful, or even very bright. He isnt attractive, she even referres to him as retarded. He wasnt faithful or family orientated. The only thing i can think of is a shared interest in child porn, beastiality, and serial killers.


john said...

I guess the big question still remains,why did they do it?.

Was it just for money, or something more sinister?

Jesset said...

I'm with lemon & Boston!!!!
Delete delete delete

Nic said...

DUNN: She went missing on Monday while I was at work. My boyfriend - - he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00. And he`s seen Hailey. Hailey was there. She told him, I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know.

The thing that is striking me odd when I read back on these statements, this one specifically, is that BJD wasn't reporting. She wasn't saying things like, "Hailey told Shawn she was going to her dad's and then to Mary Beth's to spend the night." Instead it was like she was reciting a story and recanting what Hailey said in the first person which is odd.

Also, this: "he came home from work about 3:00 (liars number) -- or he got to my house about 3:00".

1) 3:00 is repeated, so imo, it's sensitive. It's like that's when the show started.

2) We didn't know about Shawn's employement status but as Peter pointed out, she corrected herself about the work thing making what she reported as happened weak. Although if the story was concocted together, why not be emphatic and clear about what happened? Did they not think that LE would follow-up with their employers to verify their whereabouts? Or did they just think that being seen by a supervisor was enough of an alibi? The whole work thing has always been fuzzy to me.

Also, what time was it that David got home that day? (The day that Hailey was supposedly sleeping at Mary-Beth's). I forget.

Lastly, "I`m running across the street to my dad`s house for a few minutes but I`m going Mary Beth`s, and I`m staying the night there. Let my mom know."

Why did BJD say "but" instead of "then"? Why negate Hailey's dad? (Subliminal) red herring? :0)

Hobnob said...

off topic

By Rohit Kachroo and F. Brinley Bruton, NBC News

PRETORIA, South Africa -- A South African court eased bail restrictions on Olympian Oscar Pistorius, who is charged with murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, with the judge saying he should be allowed to travel abroad.

"I find no reason why Pistorius should be forbidden from leaving (South Africa) if he's invited to compete in athletic events in other countries," Judge Bert Bam told the court on Thursday.

Pistorius, a double-amputee who is also a Paralympic star, and must provide authorities with an itinerary before he leaves the country, Bam said. He must also return his passport to the court within 24 hours of returning to South Africa, The Associated Press reported.

Advertise | AdChoicesPistorius' lawyers said the athlete had no immediate plans to travel or compete abroad, but may need to in order to make money.

Olympian Oscar Pistorius has not been seen since he left a South Africa courtroom in February, holed up in his uncle's mansion. His defense is now asking the judge to allow him to travel outside the country. NBC's Michelle Kosinski reports.
His legal team had objected to him not being allowed to travel outside of South Africa even though a magistrate said he was not a flight risk when granting him 1 million rand ($108,000) bail.

The court also reversed the ban on Pistorius visiting the gated housing estate where he shot Steenkamp dead early on Valentine's Day.

The sprinter denies murdering Steenkamp and says he shot her by mistake, fearing an intruder was in his home. Prosecutors say he killed her intentionally following an argument.

There was no sign of Pistorius or his family in Pretoria High Court on Thursday. Pistorius was not obliged to appear.

On Wednesday, the sprinter's brother also appeared in court on trial for the death of a woman in a road collision in 2008.

Carl Pistorius arrived Wednesday at the Vanderbijlpark Magistrate's Court in Johannesburg to face a charge of culpable homicide, or unlawful, negligent killing.

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

How long before he does a runner to a country that doesn't have an extradition treaty with South Africa?
How long before he scarpes and South Africa have to extradite him?
If he makes it to Europe or the UK then he has a good chance of wonning against extradition on the grounds of his human rights (cruel and unusual punishment) Heck shrien dewani who had his wife murdered on honeymoon is managing ok claiming mental health issues and he will be raped and attacked in a SA prison.

I wonder if the judge took a bribe especially given murder cases are rarely given bail let alone allowed to travel out the country.
My guess if he does a runner the will have to freeze all his accounts to have any effect so even if he wins he can't access the money an make sure they try an extradite him from any country he goes to.

john said...

He will probably head here hobs,we cant get rid of anyone..

Abu Qatada,springs to mind!!!

stopplayingdumb said...

Interesting that BJD speaks the voice of her daughter even when she would have heard that story about going to Mary Beth's from Shawn. She uses the same storytelling voice (but it's her OWN voice) when she remembers what she told her son about texting Hailey. She should only be using the voice of Hailey IF she heard or read those words from Hailey herself. Everyone knows she did not. Either she is repeating the words she heard from Shawn (which she wants people to believe) or she made up this as a script with Shawn.

Jo said...

I find it interesting that "the story" they came up with included Shawn being the last to see Hailey. Why not say she called Billie with plans for a sleep over and was gone before either of them got home? I think Billie was already setting Shawn up to take the fall if Hailey was found.
There must have been a reason why Hailey needed to be home until 3:00, maybe David and a friend were home until just before that time so they could not claim she left earlier. It just seems to me that it would have been better to have had a work alibi for both of them rather than just Billie. Other than Shawn no longer had that alibi after quitting his job so maybe he agreed to saying he saw her that afternoon. Either way, I think he foolishly fell into Billie's trap.

DUNN: Four to five blocks. It wasn`t rare for Hailey to walk a short distance during daylight. She wasn`t allowed out after dark especially to walk, but she only had four to five blocks to go.

This comment has always seemed odd to me also. "after dark, especially to walk" She departed at 3:00 so why did "dark" enter her statement. If Hailey was not allowed out after dark, how was a sleepover acceptable? "especially to walk" implies that was just one of the conditions of her not being allowed out after dark. Was it because Hailey was taken out after dark, unable to walk?

Nic said...

Jo said: "This comment has always seemed odd to me also. "after dark, especially to walk" She departed at 3:00 so why did "dark" enter her statement. ... especially to walk" implies that was just one of the conditions of her not being allowed out after dark. Was it because Hailey was taken out after dark, unable to walk?"

That's an astute observation, Jo.

It was still dark at 6:35 AM when Shawn's phone pinged at Chestnut Street (after he walked off the job).

Anonymous said...

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ME said...

Hobnobs johns comments are teaching me!!! THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Billie Jean selected Shawn for the sole purpose of grooming him to murder Hailey and take the fall for it

She admitted to scouring myspace to find a guy with the same "interests" as her

The guy she was *really* looking for was a guy who:

- had "Red Flag" interests: slasher horror films, adult pornography, brutal true crime cases, S&M rock bands, etc, Red Flag interests that would automatically cast suspicion on him should his girlfriend's daughter go missing
- a shy guy and loner: easily manipulated and led
- a pothead: open to drug experimentation; nudge him to try pills, makes him easier to manipulate and lead and dependent on her (Billie Jean)
- a guy "on the peak of his manhood" because he would by default be sexually aroused by any female he encountered, whether she was 20 yrs old or 15 yrs old or 11 yrs old or 40 yrs old, and would likely cheat and cheat a lot thanks to being at his sexual peak, which would cast suspicion on him as a sexual predator/sexual evident
- a young guy with a steady income but living with mommy/grandma because a guy with a steady income stuck with mommy/grandma would jump at the opportunity to move in with a girlfriend who has her own place

Hobnob said...

off topic & funny as heck BBM

'It does NOT prove the existence of UFO': FBI debunks the myths of memo on 'second Roswell' UFO crash
The 'Hottel memo' details a report of crashed UFOs in New Mexico in 1950
FBI says in its blog that the report was never investigated
Above Top Secret says the memo was based on a hoax carried out by convicted scammer Silas Newton

Memo among documents that first appeared on the FBI website in 2011
By Daily Mail Reporter
PUBLISHED: 03:29, 28 March 2013 | UPDATED: 04:12, 28 March 2013
Comments (32) Share

..The FBI never conducted an investigation about a reported crash of several flying saucers in New Mexico detailed in a memo 63 years ago - which is now believed to have been an elaborate hoax.

The memo from Guy Hottel, the special agent in charge of the Washington field office in 1950, was released publicly via the FBI's website in April 2011.
Of all the agency's documents that have been made public on its website, the so-called 'Hottel memo' is by far the most popular, with nearly a million views.

Popular: Of all the agency's documents that have been made public on its website, the so-called 'Hottel memo' is the most viewed, with nearly a million hits
But as the FBI admits in a blog post appearing on its website, agents never took a second look into the bizarre report.

In the memo, whose subject line is 'Flying Saucers', Agent Hottel says that an Air Force investigator had stated that 'three so-called flying saucers had been recovered in New Mexico.'
The investigator gave the information to a special agent, he said. The FBI blurred out the names of both the agent and the investigator's identity.
Agent Hottel went on to write: 'They were described as being circular in shape with raised centers, approximately 50 feet in diameter.
'Each one was occupied by three bodies of human shape but only 3 feet tall,' he stated.

The bodies were 'dressed in a metallic cloth of a very fine texture. Each body was bandaged in a manner similar to the blackout suits used by speed flyers and test pilots.'
Despite the elaborate description, the Hottel memo has been exposed as nothing more than misinformation provided by a scam artist named Silas Newtwon, NBC News reported.

Above Top Secret honcho Mark Allin told the network: 'The memo is based on a hoax that was carried out by a convicted con man named Silas Newton, and it was debunked years ago.
'It's a pretty good and interesting hoax story, to be certain, but there is no value in it beyond that.'

john said...

Ahh the pesky number three strikes again..

Skeptical said...

O.T. This is just for fun. I am curious if it is possible to solve Forest Fenn's clues to his hidden treasure using Statement Analysis. These are the 11 clues he has given so far.

As I have gone alone in there

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Hobnob said...

Agent Hottel said that the informant claimed the saucers had been found in New Mexico 'due to the fact that the Government has a very high-powered radar set-up in that area and it is believed the radar interferes with the controlling mechanism of the saucers'.
He then stated that the special agent did not attempt to investigate further.

The FBI writes in its blog that Director J. Edgar Hoover authorized agents to verify the existence of flying saucers at the request of the Air Force.
It adds: 'That practice ended in July 1950, four months after the Hottel memo, suggesting that our Washington Field Office didn’t think enough of that flying saucer story to look into it.'
The blog goes on: 'The Hottel memo does not prove the existence of UFOs; it is simply a second- or third-hand claim that we never investigated.'

Agent Hottel died in 1990.

The town of Roswell in New Mexico became infamous after reports that a flying saucer had crashed in the desert near a military base there on or around July 2, 1947.
The bodies of aliens were said to have been recovered and autopsied by the U.S. military, but American authorities have been accused of covering the incident up.

Read more:

I posted a comment which has stayed up for once yaya :)

Three is the liars number (Mark McClish) we have 3 saucers each with 3 occupants and each occupant being 3 feet tall. Statement analysis rocks :)
- hobnob, uk, United Kingdom, 28/3/2013 10:25

unsurprisingly it got 4 thumbs down hehe.

Given the size of the universes (yes we are one on umpteen miltiverses) and the age of our universe, it is a mathematical impossibility we are the only life in the universe currently, have been the only life and will be the only life.

This universe is something like 14.5 billion yrs old, we have had earth for 4.5 billion years and life for several hundred million from the first microbes to today.
Logi dicttes life has formed elsewhere, is currently somewhere and was somewhere before extinction.
We are carbon based, however there are 103 elements all of which could in the right circumstances support life, we are carbon, life could be silicon based, helium based and so on.

Life is out there, where? we don't yet know but Europa is a good candidate for microbial life in the sea under the ie, and microbial life on mars.

It would be awesome to meet an extraterrestrial life, however given our warlike nature would they want to meet us and if they are more advanced would be survive the meeting (think primitive tribes or even us in relation to ants)

Mother nature is amazing :)

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that all of a sudden BJD makes a statement saying she now thinks SA was involved in this and that she finally broke it off with him.

Why do I find it funny? He was the POI that failed his polygraph (so did she) she was sneaking around meeting him while her child was missing and Police said they thought SA was involved. She lied to Police saying she didn't know where SA was and was arrested because he was hiding in her home. They continued to party and do drugs and finally moved to the Austin area so the Police and people of CC couldn't keep an eye on them. LOVING, Innocent parents DO NOT move away!

Here is what many of us THINK may have happened.
Hailey died that evening after her brother left for his friends.
SA put her body in the trunk that night so nobody would see him. The next morning he stopped by work, grabbed a Dr. Pepper and Coveralls?
He dumped her body like trash, later he and BD went to the ATM and partied, he told people the story about Hailey going to spend the night with her friend. And we all know what all went on after that.

I will never understand why they were questioned. I hear they Lawyered up, if that prevents questioning then NO criminal could ever be questioned.

Then we heard there were LOTS of porn and child porn which carries a major prison sentence but they were NOT even questioned!

I pray every single night that someone somewhere will finally seek JUSTICE for that poor child that never stood a chance!

My biggest fear is that they won't hold both responsible!

If this turns out to be Hailey maybe they will throw each other under the bus and we'll finally hear the truth BUT I really doubt that BD will ever admit to her part in it.

Pak31 said...

The one thing from this case, from day one, that always has bothered me is that Billie came home from work that night, and never contacted her daughter. She just assumed she was at the friends house. How any mother could be at work all day, not see her young child and be able to go to bed without any contact at all just astounds me. If Hailey was 18 that is one thing but I just don't buy this at all. I guess if she isn't guilty, she is just a terrible mother.

Anonymous said...

IMO she already knew her daughter was deceased.

Anonymous said...

Hailey was last seen alive by someone other than Billie and Shawn on Sunday night(David). On evidence presented that Shawn went to work. Billie did. Billie's words make me question whether Shawn was at work on Monday..(he came home from work about 3:00 -- or he got to my house about 3:00.)To me that implies he was at work. David, on Monday, saw Shawn with the deer in the headlights look. Was he cleaning up from what happened the night before? The not walking at night was a big Huh? for me since it was daylight when Hailey supposedly left. ATM and drugs on Monday night, the implied went to bed. Tuesday morning... No word of who the co-worker was that took Billie to work. He never planned on staying at work, therefore, he left the car running or was Billie in the car? JMO what happened between Sunday night and Monday morning is the key timeline for when something happened to Hailey. Was she gotten rid of then? or put somewhere until Shawn could dump her near the lake on Tuesday? When Hailey was dumped near the lake, did it have water in that area at the time of dumping? Is this the reason why Billie never called Equinox for them to use their solar equipment? Our pondering continues....

S + K Mum said...

SA & BJD weren't ready to report Hailey missing so there's no way she could phone her at her friends yet.
They were busy cleaning up (not sleeping as confirmed by statement analysis) and steeling themselves to make that all important call then deal with LE.

Poor Hailey, I hope there has been an identification on the remains found. Whether SA & BJD go down for it or not, at least if it's Hailey, she will finally get laid to rest.

Anonymous said...

Hailey Dunn: Cell Phone Text Message

At first, I thought this analysis was going to be about Hailey’s supposed “WRUD" text message.
I do not see any reference in the article or in the comments above, so, I’ll bring that up.

Mystery Text in Missing Hailey Dunn Case
Aired January 18, 2011 - 20:00:00 ET

ALEXIS WEED, NANCY GRACE PRODUCER: Billie Dunn is telling us that she saw herself that text, that she saw it before police seized her phone, which they still have. Her phone has not been returned. So she`s saying that she saw it with her own eyes, that "WRUD," what are you doing, to the friend.

GRACE: Do you know, Alexis, what time of the day that text was sent?

WEED: Billie Dunn said it was just after 2:00 o`clock in the afternoon.

GRACE: At 2:00 PM. Now, let me get something straight. Rupa Mikkilineni, what time does the live-in say he came home that day from his mother`s?

MIKKILINENI: He says he came home at about 3:15, that he was on his way into the house, and he said Hailey was on her way out, saying, Hey, I`m going to go see a friend, then go over to my dad`s and spend the night at a friend`s house.

GRACE: And back to you, Alexis Weed. The pings off the boyfriend`s cell phone -- and everybody, I`m just asking questions about this live-in boyfriend. He`s now moved out. Billie Dunn told him to leave. He has apparently cut off contact to her. I`m not saying he`s the only person that should be looked at, but I`ve got a lot of questions about his behavior.

Alexis Weed, I want to talk very quickly -- let me see the map, Liz, of the pings. Do the pings tell us where he was at 2:00 PM that day?

WEED: They tell us that between the hours of 9:38 in the morning and 2:40 in the afternoon, that Shawn Adkins was pinging around the Big Spring, Texas, area. That`s where his grandmother lives. But before that, Nancy, between the hours of 6:35 and 6:56 in the morning, that`s when he was pinging around Colorado City where Hailey`s -- Hailey`s home is located.

GRACE: So at 2:40 PM, I`ve still got him at his mother`s house, right?

WEED: Right.

There has been NO information released from which cell tower the “WRUD" text found on BJD’s cell phone was transmitted from.
I would love to see more detail regarding that text, especially the exact times regarding BJD’s cell phone whereabouts that day.
Never assume anything until one has ALL of the facts. -mo

-Not anonymous missing details

Anonymous said...

God is pissed at sa- and Billie dunn-a special place in hell awaits the two of you.

Anonymous said...

GRACE: So at 2:40 PM, I`ve still got him at his mother`s house, right?

RIGHT, according to the police affidavit Shawn Adkins' Verizon cell phone records PROVE he used HIS cell phone in Big Springs at 2:40pm

Shawn used BILLIE'S cell phone to send a text to Hailey's friend at 2pm to make it appear Hailey sent the text to make it appear Hailey was alive at 2pm

The Nancy Grace transcript excerpt:

Alexis Weed, I want to talk very quickly -- let me see the map, Liz, of the pings. Do the pings tell us where he was at 2:00 PM that day?

WEED: They tell us that between the hours of 9:38 in the morning and 2:40 in the afternoon, that Shawn Adkins was pinging around the Big Spring, Texas, area.

HIS cell phone usage PROVES he was in Big Spring at that time

But he used BILLIE's cell phone to text Hailey's friend to make the world believe Hailey was still alive in the late afternoon, just as he claimed he last saw Hailey after 3pm, to make the world believe Hailey was still alive after 3pm

Anonymous said...

Bingo, anon 1:59pm.
Billie’s cell phone whereabouts is an unknown factor.

"pinging around the Big Spring, Texas, area.”
Means eaxactly that, in the RADIUS of the cell tower region, not AT a dedicated location, or, specifically, at his mother’s house.

Also note, Shawn’s mother has never publicaly claimed any alibi for her son.It was her son that stated where he was, never his mother.

Anonymous said...

imo, the cell ping timestamps were wrong. to prove that, Shawn was at his Mother's home before 8am.
so now people are trying to prove he wasn't at his Mother's house before 8am. ??? lmao.
anyway you look at it, i am right.
the same way they tried to claim the 11:30 Xbox snap time was wrong. and on and on...
too bad, i am right.
w/o the rest of the cell data, i can't prove he didn't do something at a different time, but i do know the window of opportunity that LE wants it to be ... isn't there.

Anonymous said...

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