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Cell Phone Pings in Hailey Dunn Case

This map shows the cell pings and loss of or break in service...the blue lettering indicates a ping..which is just south of the area
where the remains were found...on the edge of Scurry Co. 

Shawn Adkins left work, abruptly, took the roads where the red is--going south.

He either went on to Colorado City to get the body or dropped the body before he went to Ccity..then traveled the 350 to Big Spring to avoid being seen on I20 because of the DPS cameras on the interstate.


Nanna Frances said...

Billie Jo appears to be talking more than she did when the body was found in Big Spring. Her talking may indicate that she knows it is Hailey.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Good point, Nanna.

I also wondered that if she knows it is not, she might feel comfortable talking it up, and enjoying the spotlight.

What is remarkable is that John Young said she would not be speaking to media. Of course, this may be selfish on his part, wanting to be present, or...

it could be he is wanting to protect his client. He is well aware of how carefully people listen to her.

The PI said that whenever BJD spoke of me, she slowed down her speech and shortened her sentences, as if she was aware of the analysis.

He cautioned that she is not stupid.

I have always held that she is a survivor, and although she may not be educated and butcher the English language, she is smart.

Nic said...

What does this mean:

"break in usage UNTIL 9:38am to 2:40pm. "

Does it mean that there was no usage FROM 9:38 to 2:40. The word "until" has always had me read, re-read and read again. I've always ASSumed that it meant *from*.

Thanks in advance.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


I should have added that I did not write this, but it was sent to me, and I did not seek any explanations.

Anonymous said...

Affidavits showed Adkins' phone was used in Colorado City from 6:35 to 6:56 a.m.

It was then used in Big Spring several times between 9:38 a.m. and 2:40 p.m.

Anonymous said...

PDF of affidavit detailing pings:

Anonymous said...

This is a great graphic although it may have reversed pings from the Colorado City tower? I recall reading the affidavits (or somewhere)that said the pings on the Colorado City tower were from about 6:30 to 8:30 am and there were no pings from around 9:30-2:30. Not knowing the tower coverage it didn't mean as much to me. Now that I see the coverage he could easily have traveled 208 from Colorado City to Snyder and the 350 to Big Spring and left the body in the location they found the bones in the times indicated here. As I said in an earlier post, I know these roads, this area, but to see it in the perpective of the tower coverage places Shawn in the area where the bones were discovered, albeit a large area. Local ana in the Hailey Dunn case, and again I apologize for spelling errors. Too dependent spell check

Skeptical said...

The following time line was taken from the Big Country Reporter of October 19, 2012 that might help explain the cell phone usage.

"Monday, Dec. 27
Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn, says live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins is fired from his job after some sort of blow-up
Affidavits show Adkins arrived to work in Snyder at 6 a.m. and left without saying anything at 6:10 a.m.
Adkins tells authorities he went straight to his mother's home in Big Spring. However, cell phone records show Adkins phone was used at 6:35 a.m. and 6:56 a.m. in Colorado City.
Nearly a dozen call were made from Adkins' phone in the Big Spring area from 9:38 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.

I am assuming the break in phone service referred to is the time period from 6:56 a.m. until it picks up again at 9:38 a.m.

There is more of the time line during the early part of the investigation at:

Shelley said...

I just googled the news on this and found this article.

Looks like another family has a missing child that it could be.

What I noticed right away, was how different this mothers reaction is.

Below I pasted a couple tid bits from this article:


Vikki and Jack Wilkerson of Hobbs, N.M., have been waiting for answers in their daughter’s disappearance for nearly nine years. Families like the Wilkersons find themselves dealing with increased anxiety every time the media reports a body found.

South Plains college student Jennifer Wilkerson was last seen July 13, 2004, and investigators still aren’t sure what exactly happened to her.

“I’m on pins and needles until I find out,” Vikki Wilkerson said Wednesday evening, March 20

“When you find out it’s not (her) your heart hurts, but there’s a sign of relief that it’s not Jennifer,” Vikki said.

When Vikki Wilkerson heard the location of the body she said she got out a map to see if it was near any of the areas where searches were conducted for Jennifer.

“You start going through it,” she said. “I don’t want it to be anybody.”

Shelley said...

I found a site with information about this case I mentioned above.

Here is some cut and pasted words her mother wrote on the website they have for her. This is such a contrast to Bille, Casey, and all the others.

And this was written 5 YEARS after she disapeared. You can tell she has not moved on like the others have.

Link first then the moms comments.

Jennifer has been missing now for 5 long years, as of July 13, 2009. Jack and I cling tight to each other and our hope that we will some day find our daughter. With each passing day, that hope becomes harder and harder for me to hang on to. I would like to ask each of you to continue to keep Jennifer in your prayers, and if you would, send her flyer and her website information to everyone on your e-mail list asking them to do the same. Together we could form a network of Jennifer�s Angels. What better way to get her face and story out there? Also, every single day Jennifer would go to the Sonic drive-in and order a �Super Sonic Dr. Pepper with extra ice�. I can still hear her voice, as I have witnessed this ritual many times. If she is still alive I guarantee she is getting her Dr. Pepper. If each of you would print out a few flyers (Flyer Link) and post them at your Sonic Drive-ins and possibly at any truck stops in your area, we might just be able to bring her home!

Shelley said...

I just looked.. The case above... There is 7 hours betwen Lubbuck where Jennifer went missing and where they found the body. So I think the odds are more that it could be Hailey.

Shelley said...

I promise, last comment on this...

Peter - This link for Jennifer. So many statments made by the parents that to me are the example of "truthful" parents to use to compare to the "deceptive" parents.

So clear as I read the parents comments.

Nic said...

Thanks, Peter. I know it's not your fault. :0) I'm a laggard when it comes to technology and associated terminology so I thought I was just out of the loop. (I'm not a "twitter" and I don't do Facebook, either). I know, I know, 'Luddite'! LOLOL...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posting for the affidavits with the pings. I got that time sequence wrong trying to remeber back to what i read in early 2011. Still a great graphic and Shawn could easily have travelled to work and Big Spring and Colorado city where the pings put him and dump the body at the site the remains were found. Local Anon

Anonymous said...

@ Skeptical--- he had a body to hide??

Skeptical said...
The following time line was taken from the Big Country Reporter of October 19, 2012 that might help explain the cell phone usage.

"Monday, Dec. 27
Hailey's mother, Billie Dunn, says live-in boyfriend Shawn Adkins is fired from his job after some sort of blow-up
Affidavits show Adkins arrived to work in Snyder at 6 a.m. and left without saying anything at 6:10 a.m.

Anonymous said...

Nic, you are the only person I have ever heard use the term Luddite. I refer to myself as a Luddite. Local anon in the Hailey Dunn case

Jo said...

If he went back that morning to get the body, would he have been back to Billie's house before Billie got a ride to work? And that may explain Billie's comment about seeing Hailey in her bed but not touching her. She knew to have all trace evidence be Shawn's and not her own.

Anonymous said...

I have thought that BD and SA are responsible as do most people but I no longer believe they will ever be arrested even if Hailey is found. This case was NOT handled correctly, it's as bad as the murder of Jon Benet.

Even if they were arrested them, there are too many idiots on Jury's these days like those who found another child killer (CA) innocent.

I am ashamed of and disgusted with our justice system!

Nic said...

Waving at fellow Luddite! :0)

Jo, I figure there are a few "chapters" to that morning. i.e., who really drove BJD to work that morning? It's never really been established. She said her ride was late so she went back into the house to call her (on her cell? Why go back into the house to use the cell?) In any event, Shawn pinged about the time that she was leaving for work (late). So maybe BJD called him to find out where the 'f' he was. It was December so dark that time of the morning. Both of them could have loaded Hailey into the car.

Part of me used to wonder if BJD was only at work long enough to log on (time stamp to prove she was "at work") only to leave for a few hours without notice b/c it was Christmas and skeleton crew. But pings say SA was on the phone half a dozen times, so who else would he be talking to/taking direction from but BJD.


Anonymous said...

From Lubbock to where the body was found is approximately 1 to 2 hours, not 7. So there is a chance it could be the girl that is missing from Lubbock area!

Anonymous said...

pinged colorado city until 6:59, left service area(break in usage), but entered back into service per the big spring tower. but if you stay with in scurry county while being out of tower ranges.... that is where the lower white arrow points to, the very place this body was found.

Randie said...

"skeletal remains were found last week in an area that was once underwater.

~ABC said...
"Its just tough to say, really," Dunn said. "We're just in a bad situation. We're gonna be stuck for another two or three week wondering if it's her, hoping its not."

When I read these statements from Billie Dunn I think and why don't you EVER say something like So Hailey if you can hear me PLEASE come home! PLEASE let us know where you are. BJD never speaks to Hailey, she never gives it the benefit of the doubt that she's still alive out there somewhere. Because she knows.....

Anonymous said...

I remember reading that Hailey's scent was lost down the road in that hotel (I forget the name)'s carpark. Supposing then that Shawn drove Hailey's body to that carpark and then brought another vehicle and moved her into it, and then drove off? That way the scent is gone...what kind of car was he driving and did he have access to a work vehicle and was it handed back at work when he went in to quit? There must be some reason other than alibi-establishing that Shawn went to his work, because he must have known that his boss would attest that he only came in for five minutes and left again, so it's not much of an alibi...

Anonymous said...

ok, if it makes any difference, i created this map on
Sunday, September 02, 2012, 8:13:17 AM


Anonymous said...

Anon @10:12
Like you, I've always wondered what SA's reason was for going into work just to leave again. All I can think is that he didn't want anyone checking on his absence. But quitting his job for no apparent reason, the very morning of the day Hailey went "missing", is still so suspicious I can't imagine what he accomplished or thought he would accomplish by quitting and then topping it off by lying about it.


Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...
ok, if it makes any difference, i created this map on
Sunday, September 02, 2012, 8:13:17 AM


Aww shawn did they let you play with the safety crayons?

Just like you, they are pointless

Anonymous said...

yeh, well it took a lot of work to gather the facts and determine where the lines should be drawn. not to mention i had the intelligence to realize that he left the colorado city tower range and then entered back into the big spring tower range, and the break in usage meant he didnt go from colorado city to big spring or he wouldn't have had the break in usage as teh other tower would have picked him up with out loss of signal.

then i was smart enough to go north instead of south because of his statement about scurry county. then i seen that left just that small corner of scurry county as the best place for searchers to take a look around.

i guess someone should have listened to me huh?
if that is Hailey, she laid out there for an extra 6 months.


Lemon said...

Ok Shawn, you get all the credit.
And for your little map, too.

Anonymous said...

In consideration of these pings and the whereabouts of SA and BD, who then sent the text message "WRUD" to MB?

Skeptical whereas the brother is concerned. His absence, alibi, convenient during these crucial hours. CD had the same concern.

Anonymous said...

Ske is not shawn. Too funny if some actually think that!

Anonymous said...

Ske, I wish I had seen your map a long time ago. Lake Thomas is right there outside of cell range yet it looks like the closest place in Scurry County to Colorado City outside of cell range. Great job, Ske. If you have a revised map, please share it.

Anonymous said...

SKE is not Shaw, he doesnt even live in Texas, lol

Anonymous said...

Yes and good job SKE, its sad nobody would listen to you. :(

SKEoD said...

thanks guys !
one search team i talked to about this was having health problems at the time. besides the area had been searched by plane, and i did find proof of that.
and i was assured that local LE had been forwarded this map and map/theory explanation by someone who claimed to have close contact with local authorities.

SKEoD said...

Very interesting......

the blue lettering indicates a ping..which is just south of the area where the remains were found
then traveled the 350 to Big Spring to avoid being seen on I20 because of the DPS cameras on the interstate.

yes indeed, very interesting. because of the information given in these comments, i know who sent you this map.

because she let the cat out of the bag about the ping... lol, i guess i can talk about it now huh. that ping was at the Graham property, you know, the one that PT was all upset because they wouldn't let her search that land. it is about ten miles away from the lake and that phones GPS is accurate within ten meters. after looking at that property on google maps, i noticed there was an electric highwire going over the road, aint no wonder his phone lost signal and had trouble reconnecting his service. while mapping the drive times to try to figure out what he was doing there at that timestamp, i realized he couldnt have gotten to his mom's house before 8am if he was at the Graham property during the timestamp given. that is when i realized the ping timestamps were off by two hours. so i mapped the drive times with the corrected timestamps and it matched perfectly to when he left billie's and when he arrived at work.
the other map i made, the white one showing alternate routes to big spring, it was leaked by billie that shawn gave her a ride to work, that takes up or fills the time, that shawn would not have had time to go to the lake and still be at his mom's by 7:38, (before 8am). even if he did take 350 to big spring as indicated by the person who sent you this. to back that up, she let us know that LE did not have any camera shots of shawn on i20, therefore shawn did go straight to his mom's as he first claimed and did not go through colorado city and did not return to billie's where hailey was home alone between 6:35 and 6:59 as LE indicated in the affidavits. (4:35-4:59 corrected timestamp, before he left for work)

SKEoD said...

oh yeh, the ping timestamp is given in military time. Alpha. now because 00:00 is not a valid time and will error a computer, military time is used. Alpha is minus one hour, meaning you have to subtract one hour from the time given. and because it was winter and during daylight savings time, you have to subtract another hour from the time given as the computer database does not observe daylights saving time or there would be overlapping timestamps that would cause errors.
the app on your phone will show you what time it is, the app does that subtracting and calculation for you. same as when they print your bill, the program adjusts for your convenience.

SKEoD said...

because his phone pinged under the highwire during the "break in usage" time frame, it shows us that his phone battery was charged and the phone was not shut off.
if he had went to the lake, where there is no service, his phone would have pinged coming and going from the service area.
must not have because LE turned TES away due to they had no clue or reason to search any bodies of water, and LE did not find hailey long ago.

SKEoD said...

if you look real hard, you will find old posts that Shawn arrived at his mother's house at 7:38. that is before 8 o'clock for her to leave to work.
amazingly, after LE got a hold of the cell phone pings, they claimed it was 9:38(exactly two hours difference) when Shawn pinged at his mom's.

6:35 and 6:56 pinged the northern tower as someone at billie's house would.
that "tower" is actually two towers at the same location, a northern tower and a southern tower. verison rents or w/e.... the northern tower.left work at 6:10, dropped billie off at work, went to ccity/hailey's home by 6:35? from work, past billies work, to hailey home = 27 minutes. could have barely made it. 6:56 from Haileys home to lake = 34 minutes == 7:30.from lake to mom's 40 minutes. 7:30 + :40 = 8:10 (again, could not been at his mom's before 8am... but he was.) and also, no decomp hits by dogs or evidence found by LE in car or home.

shawn called his mom that morning to see if he should quit his job and could he come to her house and use computer that day. imo, he wanted to know that answer before he got ready for the day.
gets up at 6 normally, leaves at 6:30 normally.(per billie's daily timeline). but that day he had to go in one hour early if he was going to still work.
so getting up that one hour earlier....., he called his mom before 5:00 at 4:35 -4:56(exactly two hours difference of LE fubar) before going on with his normal routine of getting ready and waking billie.
going to his work first for a change he takes back roads, cuts ten minutes off his drive time, gets to work early.
at 5:30 shawn heads to work on the normal :30 mark.
at 5:41 he pings "graham property".
at 5:55 he arrives at work.

at 6:10 Shawn left work.
10 minute drive to billie's work to drop her off.
= 6:20ish.
40 minutes pass?
Billie clocked in before 7:00.
taking TX-350 highway past the lake to get from Billie's work to his mom's place takes 52 minutes to drive.take it from the reverse direction.
7:38 at mom's
- :52 min drive to mom's
- :05 drive to billie's work
6:25 <-------10-15 minutes UNACCOUNTED for.
left work at 6:10 takes 10-15 minutes to jump off highway 350 and stop at lake.
is this the unaccounted for time?

1% chance he did.
to account for those 10-15 minutes, i need to know exactly what time shawn dropped billie off and exactly what time he drove away and what or why did it take that much time?

are LE ping times correct = no.
leaving billie's home, normally shawn would leave on the :30 mark and be ten minutes late for work due to dropping billie off first. that day he went to his work first. but more than likely left at the same :30 mark as usual, (only an hour earlier) arriving at work 5 minutes early.
5:30 - 5:41 from billie's to graham property,
5:41 - :5:55 from graham property to shawns work,
shawn was 5 minutes early of 6:00 getting to work that day.

from graham property to his mom's is 44 minute drive. if you stay in keeping with LE timestamp fubar, calculate 5:41 + 2 = 7:41....
+ :44
he would not have arrived at his mom's at 7:38 nor before 8. LE knew i was right by me saying shawn couldnt have gotten to mom's before 8am... but he did.

SKEoD said...

seen on I20 because of the DPS cameras on the interstate.

????????then traveled the 350 to Big Spring to avoid being seen on I20 because of the DPS cameras on the interstate.????????????????
leakage of confidential LE info or just a guess?

Hailey wearing? a turquoise t shirt, laying on a red dirt back ground, plane searchers did not see her at the lake on jan 21. but they did spot a white t shirt hanging on a fence elsewhere.

well before Billie told what shirt Hailey went missing in, that same description of Hailey's t-shirt including the word, was given to a searcher by a witness who saw Hailey get in a van on the main drag monday night.

could "they" have killed Hailey between 10pm and 6am? no decomp found. that means Hailey left home and/or car while alive.
if Hailey was not at the lake before jan 21 and moved there later, at what time did shawn and/or billie supposedly kill her?

proof of 7:38 being the original time stated:
02-07-2011, 03:44 AM
SmoothOperator SmoothOperator
posted photo of google map.

*(D)- Big Spring
7:38am- Arrives at mom's before she leaves for work at 8am

shawn and billie's pings timestamps wher both obtained in the same manner.
MB's text was sent at 12:18, not 2:18. and a witness saw Hailey using the phone in her back yard around noon, not 2.